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second of poems from my Mistress

The sight of it makes my mouth drool
So tempting, so irresistible
I take it in my hand
Lick my lips in anticipation
Pulling back the cover
I gaze at the hard, red head
Sweet pleasure expected
My tongue reaches tentatively
Licks round tasting, savouring..
My saliva lubricates it…
My lips lightly touch its head
My tongue peeping out between
My mouth engulfs it…
Surrounds it, draws it in
Sucking hard to moisten
To release its juices
My tongue swirls round
Licks up the sweet nectar
Suck, lick, taste, mmmmm
I close my eyes …ecstasy
I am in heaven when
My favourite lollipop
fills my mouth….

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2014-11-19 12:38:37
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master youshiefoxReport

2010-04-22 21:54:03
Nice way of teaching to lick and suck all around it, to pleasure your mistress in many ways? I'm going to teach my slave how to please me in many ways I want to be pleased? So I thank you onece again for your teaching hun?

Anonymous readerReport

2010-03-28 11:42:54
I enjoy all mouth watering sexual favors like thi

Anonymous readerReport

2009-12-01 12:22:11

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