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third poem by my Mistress
Come slave…
Come, slave come let’s go to bed

Bring the rope and a couple of pegs

Come, slave, come lay down on the bed

Let me bind your arms and now your legs

Come, slave come be still on the bed

Let your eyes reflect your need as I position the pegs

Come, slave, come and writhe on the bed

Feel the exquisite pain as you fight your bound legs

Come, slave come, cum all over the bed

Gushing and squirting all over the pegs

Come, slave Come……..

Beautiful slave man

Strong , Blonde, Sexy

His willingness to serve

So erotic so irresistible

Kneel at My feet slave

With pleasure Mistress

Like a deer caught in lights

He was frozen in his tracks

His will to resist was absent

Beautiful slave man

Ready to taste pleasure

Eager to give pleasure

Beautiful slave man

You will be Mine…

master youshiefoxReport

2010-04-22 21:31:13
Nice poem is that the way you teach your slave to obey you by binding them with ropes, with out punish them, good stratergy, I thank you for the teaching hun?

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