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Fourth poem by my Mistress
An Animal

We connected, bonded….
Our eyes spoke to each other
It was good….
We laughed, teased,
Chatted Like old friends….
We shared our interests
Argued our differences
All the time comfortable with each other
Was this a mask you wore?
did your eyes lie?
Was your tongue forked?
If your answer is No….
Then why are you throwing this away
Are you scared… then tell me so….
If your answer is Yes…
Then I accept you for the animal you are
I will treat you with the disdain you deserve
Write you out of my life….
If you should come running back
With your tail between your legs
If I should ever accept you back
Know this…
I will punish you…
I will treat you like the animal you emulate…
My collar will be tight – my leash short
You will beg for my kindness
It will be withheld..
You will long for my mercy…
You don’t deserve it…
At my feet you will wait
Naked, bound, gagged and beaten…
Till maybe I decide….
You have suffered enough…

Big Willy.Report

2010-05-19 19:58:03
But you only get a tame wimp who acts-up in order to be punished, a real animal would shove your whip up your ass, fuck you inside-out and piss down your throat. Then kick your ass out to buy him a fucking big steak and a case of beer.

master youshiefoxReport

2010-04-22 21:43:30
Nice work in training your slave, so they are like animals, and you treat them like one, until they submite to your will,? So I thank you for your teaching onece again, I will apply it to my slave ? Thank you again hun?

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