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Paul was back at the pub and had only one thing on his mind........carrying on from where he left of last time...........but this time he was hell bent on fucking his slutty employee..alice
It was Sunday night about 10:30pm I was on my way back from cottage lane with Alice in the car, the farmer had had his wicked way with her again and flooded her tight little pussy with more of his old strange come, when her mobile went. It was her boss Paul.

“Hi Alice, Paul here”

“Hi Paul, what’s up?”

“Well Alice, I’m back in work tomorrow and I’d like you to dress how you did the other times. Remember like we discussed?”

“Yes yes I remember Paul”

“Good. I might need you to stay late tomorrow as well Alice, that won’t be a problem will it?”

“No Paul of course not”

“See you tomorrow then Alice”


I heard the conversation clearly as I made Alice put it on loud speaker. He wanted her to stay late alright; Paul couldn’t wait to get his hands on Alice's smooth young body. I needed to be in the pub when he cleared out, just in case I missed out on the action. I couldn’t wait to see Alice being touched by her boss.

I dropped Alice at the pub at around 6pm for the start of her shift. I’d watched and helped her dress earlier. As requested by Paul she wore no bra so her perfect firm 34c’s were clearly visible through her regulation white blouse. Her lovely areola and hard little nipple strained against the white fabric. She wore her black uniformed trousers that snugly fitted her perfect tight ass. I picked her a sexy pair of white lacy French knickers that clung to her neatly trimmed pussy lips and showed of her thin landing strip of pubic hair. Dirty bitch, my cock was hard at the sight of her.

I watched Alice enter the pub then shot home to drop the car off before walking back to the boozer.

Alice was working the restaurant side, fetching and carrying meals to the customers eating, processing bills at the till and helping out if needed at the bar. Paul served me a pint and I sat at the bar on a stool observing Alice as she worked. I wasn’t the only one, Paul the dirty bastard couldn’t keep his eyes off her tits and ass, and rubbed himself past her at every opportunity, grinding his crotch into her ass. His antics went on pretty much all night.

Drinking in the lounge were about 5 or 6 regulars from the village, all aged between 40 and 60 years. I watched as they too blatantly ogled Alice's young charms. These were old blokes from the village who knew Alice, knew her useless farther and knew Fiona, the respectable woman with a good job.

Not the whore that she had turned into a year or so ago, the way her daughter was fast heading.

The women at the restaurant tables shot their husbands ice cold stares every time the eyes wandered over Alice's near naked tits as she served the tables. A table of 4 lads repeatedly called Alice to the table asking for more of the condiments openly looking at her tits as she tendered to their needs. One of the lads grabbed her ass as she cleared the table, leaving his hand lingering for a good few seconds before Alice left the table.

None of this went unnoticed by Paul of course.

The restaurant finished serving at 8pm and after cleaning up the chef left and Alice worked the bar much to the delight of Paul and the other regulars who enjoyed 2 hours of Alice's breasts on display. At about 10:30pm I went and hid in the disabled toilet, the pub had all but emptied and I knew Paul would be moving in on Alice as soon as the last punter left.

I heard Paul out near the back door as he saw Steven off. He then locked and bolted the back door and I waited a few minutes until he’d disappeared into the lounge. I sneaked quietly back into the pub area and stood in the corner between the bar and lounge area, a gambling machine hid me if Paul was to look around but I stayed quiet and he was more than occupied by his sexy employee.

Paul was perhaps in his early to mid fifties, maybe around 53. He was about 5’7” and quite stocky. He had black greying hair that he normally combed back and had a very tanned complexion. Gained from spending plenty of time sunning himself at his villa abroad some place in Europe, south of france I think.

Alice was cleaning up behind the bar, wiping the tops down and putting clean glasses away when Paul shouted her over.

“Alice leave that now, come over here”

He was perched on the arm of a chair in the middle of the lounge. Alice came and stood in front of him, maybe 3 ft away. Paul stood up off the chair.

“Closer Alice”

She was now within arm’s length of her boss. Paul reached down to the top of Alice's black trousers, all the while looking into her eyes and without speaking her unbuttoned the two buttons at the top off her waist band and eased down her zipper, her trousers gaped open at the front but didn’t fall down as the clung tightly to her size 8/10 figure. Still no words were spoken as Alice allowed her boss to begin unbuttoning her blouse. Three buttons down her smooth tanned cleavage were on display to her older boss. Paul then tugged her blouse up from be tucked in her trousers and continued opening the last 3 buttons.

Alice was now totally exposed from the top up as Paul pushed the blouse off her shoulders and down her arms until it fell in a heap on the floor. Without her blouse on the top of her white French knickers were visible under her trousers.

“Nice fucking tits Alice” Paul leered as he reached out and cupped her pert left breast.

Alice flinched a little as yet another man’s hands mauled her young body. Paul stooped and closed his lips over her nipple and sucked it hard, making Alice gasp a little. Paul then sucked her other nipple in exactly the same way. After standing back and admiring Alice for a second he got down on his knees in front of her. Hooking his fingers over her trouser waistband he eased her trousers down over her thighs and round her ankles. After removing her slip on shoes he urged Alice to step out of the trousers and flung them aside. His face was now level with his employees’ panty clad damp gusset.

Paul put his hands behind Alice, one on each smooth cheek and stuck his face into her gusset and sniffed deeply,

“Hfffff hffffffffffffff fucking hell Alice you smell so sweet, I bet you taste delicious”. Alice didn’t respond she just stood looking down at her bosses thinning hair as he stuck his face into her gusset again for another deep intake of her sweet aroma.

Before standing up Paul ran his long tongue over Alice's panties all over her pussy area forcing his tongue into her tight slit. He then stood up and removed his shirt, Pauls chest was covered in a thick mat of tangled black and grey hair and he had a small beer belly. He then sat back on the edge of the chair.

“Get my cock out Alice and suck it”

After a moment’s hesitation Alice reached forward and undone her bosses jeans, she removed them completely leaving Paul in his black y fronted underpants. He did have a considerable bulge fighting to break free from the confines of his underpants.

“Get your bosses cock out Alice and suck me off with that sexy little mouth of yours”

Alice had still not spoken and submissively followed Pauls orders,

“I....I.......I.....don’t know Paul”

“Listen your fucking little slut, take out my cock and suck it or I tell everyone that I fucked you anyway, maybe let your girlfriend find out as well. Now fucking suck bitch”.

Reluctantly Alice pulled his pants down and off exposing her boss’s long 8” cock, it wasn’t overly thick but looked solid and his helmet had a string of pre come dangling down from it. Alice looked at for a moment, pointing up angrily from two swollen hairy bollocks.

“Come on slut, suck my fucking cock”

Paul reached up and gently pulled her head down towards his helmet, as Alice bent over further her mouth opened and the cock head got nearer to it’s wet warm target.

“Oh yes........oh yes there we go Alice.....oh yes that’s good...that’s real good Alice, whoa fuck thats it suck on my big cock.....yes Alice...faster....faster.....yes like that really are a good little cocksucking whore aint you hey?..........a dirty cocksucking whore.....that’s what you are Alice......a filthy little slut that’s only good for sucking and fucking cocks”

Paul continued verbally degrading Alice as she bobbed her pretty little mouth up and down his penis, dictating the pace, telling her where to lick or when and how hard to suck. Making her kneed his come heavy bollocks at the same time. Occasionally he’d reach over and slap or caress her smooth ass, or he’d reach under and maul her tits pulling on her hard little teets.

“Good girl Alice....suck my come from my cock......that’s it faster faster make me come all over that pretty little face of yours.........make me come in that cocksucking I come whore here I fucking come.....aaaarrrrrgggggghhhhhhhhh”

Paul shot his first stream into her mouth then pulled his cock out, it twitched 5 times, each time firing a thick blob of spunk onto Alice's face. She had it on her forehead, across one of her eyes, all over her nose and cheeks. The come from her mouth ran down her chin and onto her breasts. She was fucking plastered in the stuff and looked fucking sexy. My cock was hard and I had to wank myself slowly. Paul then reached behind him on to the chair and pulled up a digital camera, he quickly fired off 3 shots of Alice covered in his spunk.

“Just a little insurance” he said with a big grin on his face.

Paul then picked Alice up and sat her on the bar and pushed her legs wide open, he roughly ripped off her knickers throwing them to the floor. Alice's pussy was clearly glistening with her own juices, and her pussy lips were beginning to plump up. Paul wasted no time and buried his head deep into her young wet cunt. He licked and sucked her clit like an expert until Alice screamed and shuddered out her first big climax.

“You dirty little tart Alice, coming all over your bosses face, you like my tongue in your pussy don’t you, you little slut?”

He worked 2 fingers in and out of Alice's wet hole and rubbed her sensitive clitty at the same time; Alice could do nothing but moan as Paul worked her into another orgasmic frenzy with his mature fingers. I fired a load of come down the back of the gambling machine as my thick cock went into spasm in my palm.

Paul had had enough of eating Alice's cunt and hoisted her up again from the bar and carried her to one of the armchairs, he set her down and hooked each of her thin tanned legs over an arm, her sex was now totally vulnerable and at his mercy. Paul stood between her open legs looking down on her like the hunter catching his prey, his long 8” cock his weapon pointing dangerously at Alice tight little pussy hole.

“Are you ready for my cock in your pussy slut, oh Alice I’m gonna enjoy fucking you, let me hear you ask for my cock, come on whore beg for my cock”.

“Please fuck my pussy Paul”

“Again Alice tell me how hard you want me to fuck you”

“Please Paul, fuck my tight little pussy, and fuck it hard with your big cock”

I was almost coming again listening to Alice beg for her bosses cock in her cunt. She didn’t have to wait much longer, I had to quietly move a little too behind another games machine to get a decent view. Paul crouched a little at the knees and bumped his purple dome into the top of Alice's wet slit, he then crouched and stood up 3 or 4 times rubbing his hard shaft the length of Alice's hairless slick entrance. He then forced at Alice's velvet entrance and her puffy engorged lips parted around her boss’s helmet.

“Ah ah ah oh oh myyyyyyy goooooooooood oh shit”

“Take my cock you slut....that’s it all the way in like a good whore”

“Fuuuuuuuccccckkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!! Ohhhhhhhhh shit arrrrrrrrggggghhhhhh”

Alice came hard as Pauls 8” cock bottomed out in her womb, her legs shook and her face screwed up as Paul withdrew and slammed back into her vulnerable hole, fucking her as her orgasm subsided in her young whoring body.

“Yes Alice that’s it come on my cock as I fuck you, god you are filth Alice I think we may have found your speciality. We might have to make this a regular addition to your work criteria Alice, what do you reckon you tart?”

“Umm hmm...mmmm...hmmphhh....mmmmm”

Unable to talk properly as the assault on her pussy continued to bring on another intense orgasm which again coated Paul’s solid shaft, much to his delight.

“ I’ll take that as a yes you whore, coming on my cock twice like some sex crazed little hussy, you fucking love it don’t you bitch?”

Paul then pulled his shiny slimy cock from the depths of Alice's womb and walked over to the chair with the camera.

“Keep your legs open slut, just a couple more for insurance purposes, you don’t mind do you Alice?”


“Didn’t think so, keep your legs open, that’s it nice and wide now”.

He took 4 snaps of Alice's exposed pussy hole and puckered anus; the snaps would clearly show that her cunt was freshly fucked and wet. Paul then popped his helmet just into her hole and took another shot, as he eased his 8” into her he took a inch by inch snap until the last one would show his hairy pubes, mashed into Alice's sweet shaven pussy. Chucking the camera aside he got back into a furious fucking rhythm pounding into Alice and making her scream loudly, her third orgasm fast approaching. As Alice nosily came for the third time Paul could hold out no more and filled his young employee’s tight womb with his seed.

“Ohhhhhhhhh fuck Alice yes..........oh oh milk my cock you slut.............fucking drain me of come”

He was spent, he flopped down on top of Alice his sweaty, matted hairy chest rubbing all over her sweaty smooth breasts. He eventually pulled his limp cock from her well fucked hole and stood up, come hung from his helmet and dripped onto the carpet.

“Stay there a minute, keep your legs spread”, he reached for the camera to get his final shot, the completion shot for his pervy private album. He took about five snaps of his come running from Alice's hole and down over her puckered smooth anus.

“Get yourself dressed slut, let yourself out the front I’m going to make a drink, I’ll lock up when your gone. See you tomorrow my little whore, same dress code as normal”.

Paul wandered off gathering his clothes as he went to fix a drink, Alice grabbed her clothes and quickly dressed. I popped out from behind the gambler with my finger to my lips telling her to be quiet. We let ourselves out the front and headed out into the night. I hurried Alice away from the pub as I didn’t want Paul to see me and led her down the road at the side of the pub. Down her was a little jitty and a bridge.

I pushed Alice onto her hands and knees on the metal bridge, undoing her trousers from behind I then peeled them and her wet knickers down, over her arse and down her thighs as far as possible.

“I watched you tonight Alice fucking Pauls cock like a whore, coming all over his dick. You fucking liked it didn’t you hey?”

“Yes yes I liked it”

My thick 6” easily slide into her wet sticky cunt, already loose after Paul’s 8” violated it. I pummelled into her from behind fucking her hard and stretching her tight pussy with my thick shaft.

“You know Paul is going to be fucking you all the time now don’t you Alice?”

“Yes yes.....mmmmmmmm hmmmmmm ummmmmm”

“If I cant sneak into watch Alice you must tell me every detail of the fucking he gives you ok”

“ um um hmmmmmmmmm oh fuck yes yes yes make me fucking come again”

She came all over my dick and 10 minutes later I couldn’t hold out any longer and spewed my sperm into her already sticky come soaked hole. We straightened up and walked home in silence which gave me 15 minutes of thinking time.

Of course I didn’t want to miss out on Alice getting fucked by Paul, I wanted to watch and join in, and I certainly wasn’t going to be able to hide in the disabled toilet every night without eventually getting caught.

I had to let Paul know that I too was fucking Alice, and that I’d seen him take advantage of her. Maybe we could come to some sort of arrangement.

More stories from the family of whores to follow............................

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