With my mind at ease, my plan having worked, I was able to finally give Aly what she had deserved all along; a good fuck.

We giggled our way through it, remembering Jett's honest attempt at pleasing her.

"It's not like it's too small or anything." Aly said. "He just should have been using it a long time ago."

I took my face away from her chest long enough to say I agreed with her.

"He'll get better, though." She giggled. "And at least he's good-looking. He's got that going for him."

"It was weird watching him do that to you, though." I said as my cock continued creeping in and out of her pussy beneath me.

"Mmm. Yeah." She sighed. "Just so you know, how about from now on you let me know ahead of time that your friends are going to watch us. Or that you want me to have sex with one."

"I think that was probably the one and only time." I laughed.

I kept thrusting myself in and out of Aly, thinking about what a great friend I really was.

Aly and I were at the point in our relationship where instinct just took over everytime our clothes came off. I knew what she liked, she knew what I liked. We were so comfortable with each other, it was like a dream.

I started thinking about what I had just told Aly. 'The one and only time'. For being as protective of Aly as I was, the thought of watching her and Jett go at it still excited me. Two good looking people having some sex just turned me on. If only Jett was better at it...

"It was pretty hot." I said, looking at Aly's smiling face.

"Huh?" Aly was lost.

"You and Jett." I smiled. "You guys just looked good."

"Oh." She laughed.

I pulled out of Aly and rolled her to her stomach. Gripping my cock, I laid down on her back, pushing myself back in.

I kept fucking Aly that way until her pussy clamped on me, her moans muffled by a pillow. I kept thrusting until I came as well.

We laid together in silence, staring into the eyes of each other. Pulling a blanket over our bodies, my arms wrapped around her, we fell asleep.

I was naturally in a good mood the next morning. Rubbing my eyes, I noticed that sunlight was starting to fill the room.

Once the sleepy-eyed feeling started to go away, I stood, fully intent on taking care of my screaming morning bladder.

Pulling the sheet from my naked flesh, I stood and walked toward my bathroom. I stubbed my toe, sending some questionable words from my mouth. I looked to the cause of my pain. A laundry basket.

To be exact, it was the laundry basket which contained the same pants my mother had talked to me about the day before. The ones containing Aly's panties.

It started to make sense. I looked at my door. It was half open.

Pushing it shut, I turned the lock and rushed to Aly's side.

"Aly!" I whispered, shaking her. "Wake up!"

"Hmm?" Aly was disoriented.

"Aly!" I persisted.

"What is it?" She asked, rubbing her eyes.

"We're fucked!" I exclaimed.

"What are you talking about?" She was completely lost.

"After Jeff left last night..." I said, "I came back and didn't lock the door! My mom was in here! She caught us!"
"Shit..." Aly sighed.

"What are we gonna do?" I was freaking out.

"Not much we can do." Aly said, running a hand through her hair. "If she caught us, she caught us."

I threw my hands about violently, angry with myself. How could I be so careless?

Walking to my bathroom, I threw the toilet seat up to piss. Frustration and fear washed over my body.

Finishing, I ran water from the faucet and splashed my face. I screwed up.

When I came back into my room, Aly was sitting up, the sheet falling from her chest, arms raised above her head, stretching.

Sitting on the bed beside her, my shoulders against the headboard, I stared into her eyes.

"What if I'm not allowed to see you anymore?" I asked, scared.

"Why wouldn't you be allowed to see me?" She asked.

"Just...what if Mom freaks out or something? What if she says you're not allowed over here?" I asked.

"Ric..." She said, grabbing my arm, "it'll be fine. We'll figure something out if we have to."

I sighed deeply. The last thing I wanted was to have Aly taken away from me. I felt like I loved her so much. How could I even live if I could only see her at school?

Aly's head leaned against my shoulder. She could sense my fear. Aly wanted to comfort me the only way she knew how; she wanted to please me.

Her hand began rubbing my lower stomach. The smile on her face turned to puckered lips, heading for my own. Not knowing anything else to do, I mimmicked her gesture, kissing her.

Her hand crawled lower and lower down my body, reaching my soft cock. Fingers wrapping around me, she tugged slowly while her tongue slipped through her lips and past my own.

As frustrated with myself as I was, the simple touch of Aly calmed my nerves.

Against all odds, my cock started to harden in Aly's soft hand. Our tongues danced inside my mouth. I knew this was probably the last thing we should be doing given the circumstances, but how could I refuse?

A trail of kisses left my lips and worked downwards, hitting my neck, my chest, my stomach, and stopping at the head of my cock.

My head tilted back, I breathed deeply, closing my eyes, trying to enjoy the sensation. I felt Aly's lips part, my shaft slipping into her warm mouth.

"Oh, man..." I sighed, my cock coming to full attention.

The gentle sucking and tongue-lashing my cock was receiving allowed the tension to begin to fall from my body.

Aly's dark hair tickled my thighs as her head bobbed up and down. Brushing the hair behind her ear, I watched in awe as my cock continuously disappeared between her lips.

Flexing my ass muscles, I lined thrusts up and down in synch with the motions of my girlfriends head.

Aly's mouth released my cock, but kept pumping me. Her beautiful face came to level with mine, a smile appearing.

"How else can I make you feel good?" She whispered.

I didn't have to think about it. I smiled back.

Reading my mind with a giggle, Aly got to her knees and straddled my waist. I wrapped my hands behind her back and kissed her chest as I felt my cock slip into her. God, she still felt great.

Aly's hips started grinding on me. My hands weren't content staying in place. Instead, they danced their way down her back to her ass. As her hips began bucking up and down, I ran my middle finger between her cheeks, fingering her 'other' hole.

It was easy at first. Aly and I hadn't explored that particular area, and I didn't want to surprise her with anything. I just rubbed around and applied a little pressure as my cock impaled her.

Sensing no apprehension, I applied a little more pressure, my middle finger slipping in to the first joint.

Instead of fighting me on it, Aly let out a soft moan and a smile. She was enjoying it.

I couldn't help but grin at the somewhat naughty situation. I worked my finger in a little more before pulling it out and shoving it back in.

Somehow, this seemed to bring another level of excitement to us. Although I couldn't explain it, we were definitely having a better time.

"How's that feel?" I finally asked.

"I kinda like it." She smiled back.

If she liked that, I knew what she might like later.

We were both really getting into it, on our way to a great mutual orgasm, when something terrible happened.

"What was that?" I whispered, bringing our movements to a sudden hault.

"What?" Aly asked, confused.

"I just heard footsteps." I mouthed.

Aly squinted her eyes at me like I was crazy.

I slipped out from under Aly, leaving her unsatisfied, and crept to the door, listening. The sound of nothingness filled the air.

Due to my own imagination, I began losing my erection.

"Just come back over here." Aly patted the bed.

"Aly...I'm sorry. I can't. I just can't." I said, running my hand over my face.

A long sigh told the story of Aly's disappointment.

"Let's just get dressed." I said, defeated.

I walked to my dresser and pulled out some boxers. I pulled them on and watched as Aly slipped her panties on and searched for her other garments.

By the time I found some suitable shorts and a t shirt, Aly was ready to go as well.

My mind fought with the thought of having to go face my mother. She had been the one that pretty much gave me the 'ok' to have a real relationship with Aly, but I had went behind her back in having Aly spend the night. May God help me.

Unlocking the door, I turned to Aly, whom, in turn, kissed my cheek, reassuring me that everything would be fine.

The walk down the stairs seemed to be the longest and shortest of my life. Coming into the living room, I saw her. There she was.

"Good morning." My mother greeted us, flatly.

"Hi, Mom." I said. Aly waved.

"Sleep well?" I couldn't read her emotion.

"Yeah, I guess." I answered.

We stood there in an awkward silence a little while before Aly spoke up.

"I think I'm gonna go home. I'll see you tonight." She smiled at me.

Then, the unthinkable happened. Aly looked up to me and kissed front of my mother.

My face ran red as Aly disappeared out the door.

"Have a seat." My mother said.

Ah, shit. I sat.

"So...slumber party?" Mom asked.

I didn't answer.

"I know I said she could stay Ric," Mom started, "but I expect you to let me know these things."

My stomach burned.

"I'm just glad you were smart." She said.

I was totally confused.

"What?" I squeaked out.

"I saw what was in the trash. That's what they're for, I guess." She said.

It took me awhile before I figured it out. The Jett's used condom was in the trash. She thought it was mine.

"Oh." I whispered. "Yeah."

"No more secrets. Ok?" She looked at me, intently.

I nodded my head.

"So, big plans today?" She asked, shifting the conversation.

I was so excited that she didn't blow up in my face, I rambled on and on about how I was going to the movies that evening with some friends.

"...and...I don't know...Aly might come back over." I finished, pushing my luck.

To my excitement, Mom simply nodded her head. It was on.

The rest of the day passed in typical Saturday fashion; nothing was going on. I spent my spare hours relaxing and saving my energy for the night at hand.

Finally, the clock nearing 6 P.M., I decided to start getting ready. First on my list was a shower. I wanted to be as clean as possible before I got down and dirty.

With the hot water storming my body, my mind raced back to the feeling of Aly's 'forbidden' zone. I wondered how far I could go with it before she became apprehensive. Or would she?

I thought back to camp and how Rudy was so against fucking Tiff's ass. I remembered how much he liked once he overcame his fear. Would it really be that good?

I was rock hard when I stepped out of the shower. All I wanted to do was lay down on my bed and beat my cock into submission. But I couldn't. I knew that if I fought instinct, the sex would just be that much better.

Forcing my stiff member beneath the fabric of my boxers, I pulled my lower garments, simple shorts, into place. On top, I pulled a white tank top down, followed by a blue t shirt. I was ready.

A quick text conversation with Aly let me know she was ready as well.

Walking downstairs, I looked for my mother to tell her I was leaving. Not being able to find her, I left my house and walked down to Aly's.

Even though Gary was somewhat aware of the situation between his daughter and I, the 'dating', that is, knocking on the door still made me nervous.

Luckily, Aly had been waiting for me and slipped out quickly before her father could be seen. Hand in hand, we were off.

"How was your day?" She asked me.

"Great." I answered. "What about yours?"

"Pretty good. Could have been better." She said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Well, see, I was having sex with this guy I like this morning, and he got all freaked out and quit halfway through." She smiled.

I rolled my eyes.

"I'm just kidding, jeez." She laughed. "I did have to 'take care' of myself, though, when I got home."

"What'd you do that for?" I asked.

"I was still horny, duh." She answered. "I wasn't going to, but I got excited when I started shaving. Did wonders for me."

We walked in relative silence from then on.

Coming up a blacktop driveway, we looked at the house in front of us; Jett's.

Now, Jett had a room in the house, but his parents had converted their garage into a small apartment of sorts. A better party spot there never was. There were couches, chairs, a bed, bathroom, basic utilities, and a pool table inside. Anytime the Jett had friends over, that's where we went.

We decided to check the apartment first, avoiding the chance of knocking on the door to the house and having to speak to his parents. It's not that they were mean or anything, we just didn't want to talk to them if we didn't have to.

With luck on our side, we walked into the apartment and saw Jett and Sam sitting on one of the couches, their mouths fighting pretty hard.

"What's up?" I called out, breaking the silence.

"Oh, hey." Jett laughed, wiping his mouth.

His girlfriend, the raven-haired girl named Sam, turned toward us. She was wearing a strapless pink top and a denim skirt. Her eyes shown brightly against her tan face. She was beautiful.

Jett was in a white t shirt that had some kind of phrase on it in blue lettering. His shorts were identical to my own. His blonde hair, as always, was spiked like a porcupine.

Jett's right arm was wrapped behind Sam's back, her hand on his chest. I sat down in one of the recliners, Aly on my lap.

"So what movie are we gonna see?" I asked.

"I dunno yet. We'll have to decide when we get there." he answered.

"Are we doing anything afterwards?" Aly's cheerful voice rang out.

"Mmm. We are if I can help it." Sam smiled. I'm pretty sure she said it a little bit louder than she had planned.

Jett kissed his girl and smiled.

"We better get going." He said.

Being such a star athlete, Jett's parents catered to his every wish. He had a nice car in the drive and that was our mode of transportation for the evening.

Aly and I hopped in the backseat, letting Sam and Jett ride up front. It was a quiet trip to the theater.

We ended up going in and watching some low-budget movie that was shot in the same fashion as the "Blair Witch Project". It was supposed to be one of the scariest movies of all time, but I didn't see what the big deal was.

While Aly and I watched the movie, the Jett was priming himself up for later. He spent his time sucking face and copping feels on Sam.

When the credits rolled, we had to break the two of them up. They had no idea it was over.

We walked outside into the darkness. Getting into the car, we all took the same seats we had on the way there.

"So how'd you like the movie?" Aly smirked, asking Jett and Sam.

" was ok." Jett answered.

"Yeah. Not the best." Sam smiled.

I decided that I'd been a 'good boy' long enough. I pulled Aly close to me and grabbed her breasts. I heard a slight giggle as our own lips met.

By the light of the car's clock, I could see Sam's hand in Jett's lap.

"Suck me." I whispered into Aly's ear.

Aly looked to the front of the vehicle. No one was paying attention to us.

Unzipping me slowly, Aly pulled my cock from my shorts and bent her head down.

She sucked me slow, being careful not to draw attention to the scene going on behind the other two passengers. I dropped the ball on that one.

I couldn't help it when a small moan escaped my lips. Jett's eyes hit the rearview immediately.

"What's going on back there?" He laughed.

"Nothing." I tried to lie.

Flipping on the dome light, Jett turned his head back and started laughing.

"Yeah. Let's get this party started." He said, turning the dome light off and unzipping his own pants.

Sam was quick to act. In no time at all, her lips were wrapped tightly around her mans shaft.

"Oh, God...yes. That's good." Jett moaned.

Aly and I thought it was kind of funny. But we'd been there before.

By the sound of Jett's breathing, it's a good thing the drive was a short one. Pulling into his driveway, Aly brought herself back into a sitting position, Sam following suit.

Jett and I stuffed ourselves back in our pants and the four of us hustled into the apartment. As soon as the lights came on and the door closed behind us, the lock flipped and everyone had their arms wrapped around their partner.

Aly and I didn't have a problem with any of this. We'd performed in front of other people before. No big deal.

Jett and Sam collapsed onto one of the couches, her underneath him. Aly sat on the edge of the pool table, her back to them.

With her legs spread, I drew myself close to her, kissing every inch of her I could. I ran my hand between her legs where I knew her pussy to be.

Aly laid back on the pool table. I grabbed the sides of her shorts and pulled them down with her panties. She was bald as a baby's ass.

I dropped to my knees as Aly came back into a sitting position. I placed my hands on her thighs and squeezed as my tongue whipped over her slit.

Jett, who had been watching closely, was taking his cues from us. Sam's skirt was now laying on the floor, her panties lost somewhere. Jett's face was pressed against her crotch, attempting the fine art which I felt I'd mastered.

After sinking my tongue in deep a few times, I stood, pulling my own shorts and boxers to the ground. I decided to go ahead and take off my shrit and tank top, too.

Aly's nails brushed over my chest, sending chills through me.

I watched in amusement as Jett scrambled out of his own clothes. Taking it a step further, he pulled Sam's top from her. No bra in sight.

Hot damn she looked fine naked. I gulped hard as I stared at her body. I wondered why Sam couldn't have come to camp with us...

Focusing back on Aly, I pushed the head of my cock against her slit, teasing her.

Leaning back, her pussy was more accessible to me. I looked over her shoulder back at Jett and Sam.

"Ah, Sam...I don't have a condom." Jett said. I half-wondered if he didn't just have cold feet.

"I don't care." She whispered.

As I pushed myself into Aly, I watched with pride as Jett gulped hard and pushed his own cock into Sam.

His eyes shut tight and he didn't move. Come to think of it, I wasn't moving either.

I quickly began thrusting into Aly, making up for my lack of work.

Aly bit her lower lip seductively. She was so damn cute. I knew I was a lucky guy.

I kept sneaking glances over at Jett. His hips were moving in a pretty shaky fashion, but he seemed to be getting the job done. He stared deeply into the eyes of the body underneath his own. Sam seemed to be enjoying herself, too.

I pulled Aly down from the table and turned her around. Her hands ran over the felt top of the table as she bent over. Grabbing my cock, I pushed back into her.

Looking down at the action, I eyed the next possible step in our relationship. I used my thumb to apply the same pressure I had that morning. Aly's moans again told me that she didn't hate the idea.

I noticed that Sam and Jett had switched it up to. Jett was now on his back, his left leg falling off the side of the couch, Sam riding him hard.

My free hand began gliding up Aly's side, under her shirt. Pushing it up as I went, it fell over Aly's head. Her bra was easily removed as well.

Finally, everyone was totally naked. My hand cupped Aly's breast as I pumped into her.

My thumb worked it's way deeper inside her. Still, she never gave a sign for me to stop.

I was really getting into it when my concentration was destroyed.

"OH, GOD!" I heard from across the room.

Sam's hips were bucking wildly. Jett's mouth was wide open, his eyes closed. He was cumming.

Aly and I laughed as his body shook. We remembered those times.

I wrapped my arm around to her front and pulled her back with me. I sat down in one of the chairs, Aly took over the fucking.

Instead of staying facing away from me, she turned around and straddled me, her arms around my neck.

My hands gripped her ass cheeks, my middle finger working on her 'special' hole.

Her bucking sped up. I knew she was excited.

Soft moans began running from my own body. Her bucking went wild as her pussy viced my cock. That's all it took for me.

As her moans left her, my sperm left me.

Our bodies spasmed and tensed all at the same time. Hot juice surrounded the head of my cock.

I kissed her cheek and smiled at her.

"So..." She whispered between breaths, "Are you gonna fuck my ass or what?"

"Are you staying at my house tonight?" I asked.

"Duh." She answered.

"We'll talk." I said.

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