I was excited.

For a man of only 38 years, I felt like my life was going nowhere. Who knows? Maybe it was all just a mid-life crisis of sorts. One thing I knew was that things needed to change. Fast.

Each day I woke at 5 a.m. to get ready for my seemingly meaningless job at the office. The pay was good. I was able to afford a two bedroom apartment in one of the high rises that dotted our small city.

I guess my biggest problem was that I always felt so damn lonely. My wife, the love of my life, had passed a few years back as the result of a drunk driver. I missed her so much. Thankfully, through our daughter, I was able to see glimpses of her everyday.

We had named our child Rayne. Rayne was 20 years old now. It was so hard to believe that my baby had grown up so fast. If you're doing the math, yes, Rayne was conceived while her mother and I were still in high school. Back then, it seemed like a mistake. But now, I couldn't imagine life without her.

Rayne had had a tough time dealing with the loss of her mother and decided to live with me while she went through college. Having each other around seemed to ease the pain somewhat. She definitely had some of her mothers best features. Her eyes, her thick hair, her smile. She was beautiful.

My daughter stood quite a few inches below my own 6'2 frame. She'd dyed her hair that dark brown color that seemed to be all the rage these days. It was a good look for her. It really complimented her dark skin.

I didn't have as much time for the sun as she did. I wasn't pale by any means, but I looked it when I stood next to her.

Sitting on the couch, I ran my hand through my dark black hair. I couldn't help that a few grey hairs had began to show up. That was life.

I stared out of the window to the bustling streets below. If only these people knew what I had planned for the evening.

I'd had a lot of trouble with relationships since my wife died. Maybe it was just too soon. Whatever the case, every relationship I'd embarked on turned into a total failure.

Friends of mine had set me up numerous times with all kinds of different women. None of them clicked for me. I had only had sex twice since the accident. That was enough to drive some men crazy.

In reality, even though I'd only been intimate twice, the events were relatively recent, within the last month or so. I had decided that since my ability to maintain a relationship was gone, I'd focus on pleasure only. I knew women that didn't want to be tied down. They just wanted sex. That worked for me.

That's the direction this night was taking.

I was still a kid at heart. I'd never grown out of it. Because of this, I was pretty good friends with all the interns that came in and out of the office. One of the young guys had told me about the parties at his college. Man, sounds like I missed out on a great time.

He knew my situation...the lack of a permanent women in my life, that is. According to him, his fraternity had a habit of hosting 'anonymous' sex parties.

When I pressed him for details, he said it was simple. Everyone wore a costume and found a partner. End of story.

I had to admit the whole concept excited me. Leave it to the young people that thought only of getting off to come up with such a thing.

That was my plan.

With my face hidden, I was Joe Blow, unknown college kid.

I smiled to myself, envisioning the night ahead. I had to wait until Rayne left for the evening. I couldn't let her know what I was up to. She'd freak out.

"Hi, daddy." Rayne's voice came from behind me.

"Hey, sweetie." I said, turning around in my chair. "Heading out?"

"Yeah, but I'll be back tonight. I'm just gonna go hang out with some friends." She said.

"Alright, honey. Be careful." I smiled.

Rayne smiled back and kissed my cheek. Just like that, she was gone.

I hurried into my bedroom and grabbed a bag from my closet. Unzipping it, I saw my costume: SWAT team member.

It was perfect. A big face shield mask, hiding my identity, and the rest of my body. I would be totally unknown. Just the way I wanted it.

I pulled the entire outfit on except for the mask. I'd put that on when I got closer.

Knowing the night almost guaranteed at least one sexual encounter, I slipped a condom into my pocket.

Heading to the elevator, I felt legit. Neighbors of mine stared at me with looks of confusion. They knew I worked a boring office job and here I was dressed like I was ready for war.

I made my way outside into the darkening night. Finding my car, I hopped in an peeled away. I knew where the frat house was just because I'd lived in the area my entire life. I parked a few blocks away, just in case.

Before getting out, I slipped my helmet/mask on. I was ready.

The sound of loud music came thumping from the frat house. Typical. Other guests were making their way in and out of the building. Some people hadn't even bothered putting a costume on. Others had went way overboard with it.

Stepping in the door, I was smacked in the face with the smell of pot and stale beer. My eyes widened at the site before me.

Dozens of couples were already hot and heavy. Everything from gentle, awkward kisses to full-blown sucking and fucking was going on around me. This was my kind of place.

I stood alone for a few moments looking around. According to the intern, there were no rules or standards. It was as simple as picking the best of the bunch and going at it.

And I found the best.

Standing across the room, her back to me, was a young goddess of a girl. Her ass was wrapped tightly in a leopard print skirt. That was her costume. A tight leopard top stretched across her back. I could tell she was wearing some kind of mask that covered the top of her face.

Her feet were tucked into, you guessed it, long leopard print boots. About 3 inch heels below.

I had to make my move before someone else did.

I walked across the room, I think some people that I was a real cop. Getting close behind her, I went for broke. I stuck my hand out and gave her ass a little squeeze.

Turning to me, the girl smiled, revealing her white teeth. She raised a red plastic cup to her lips as she wrapped her free arm around me. God, this was easy.

My own hands trailed down her back, resting on her ass. I squeezed and massaged her backside thinking how great this was to get a young college girl.

I slipped my hands beneath the skirt and felt the flesh of her ass. Exploring, I found no trace of panties.

Sitting the cup down, the leopard girl slowly fell to her knees. I wanted to scream for joy as her fingers came to my zipper, pulling it down.

Reaching in, her small hand gripped my stiffening cock, pulling it out for the world to see. Except the world didn't seem to be paying attention.

Her soft hand began working my cock with expertise. She tugged and tugged it, bringing it to it's full, 7 inch life.

I felt giddy as her lips wrapped around the head of my shaft. Her eyes peered through the half mask to my own hidden face. I brushed her hair lightly as she sucked.

I didn't remember anything like this from my own college days. I was too busy changing diapers when I wasn't working trying to support my new family. Those were bad times. These were the good times.

The sound of lips smacking filled my ears as her mouth pulled away from me. Standing up, she pulled the top of her skirt, lifiting it even higher on her body. The bottom of her slit was visible.

I reached into my pocket with excitement. I pulled out the condom and held it between my fingers. Taking it from me, she peeled it open and discarded the wrapped on the floor. Gripping my hard cock, she rolled it on slowly.

Say what you will about these college kids, at least they were responsible in this fashion.

As she turned around, her head turned, looking over her shoulder at me.

I ran my hands down to her skirt and lifted it over her ass. God, what an ass. With one hand on my cock, the other on her shoulder, I pushed in.

Moans wanted to rip and tear through my body, but I wouldn't allow them to. She wasn't so prude.

Moans echoed out of her as I pushed myself in fully. My hips ran back and forth slowly, savoring the moment.

Her pussy was tight. She wasn't a virgin, obviously, but she wasn't worn out to the point where sensation was lost. Not by a long shot.

The elasticity of a young body was one of natures greatest wonders. I had to remember to thank God one day for that.

I looked down at how my hard cock disappeared into her young body. I sped my hips up a little more as I grabbed her ass.

My wandering hand left her shoulder and found it's way up her shirt. My fingers teased her nipple. This girl was amazing.

I was finally regretting that this all had to be anonymous. Had it just been a mutual attraction, I could do all the things I wanted to. I was aching to tongue her sweet pussy, but I couldn't. I'd blow my cover.

That's not the only thing I was about to blow.

The sweet, young pussy I was fucking just blew my mind. I had been going pretty hard for a few minutes now, and I knew I was getting close.

Using my hands to grip her hips, I slammed my hips with great force, my balls smacking hard.

I almost fell over when my cock exploded into the condom. I pumped like a madman, knowing this could be the one and only chance I got with such a young vixen.

Pulling out, I peeled the full condom from my red cock and let it fall to the floor.

God, I wanted to take this girl home with me. Forever, if I could. But I knew that was simply out of the question.

Zipping myself up, I nodded my head to my partner. She smiled.

Just like that, I turned and left the frat house. Finding my car, I hopped in, removed my helmet, and sped off back to the apartment.

I hurried to the elevator, I had to get out of this crap before Rayne came home.

Getting to my floor, I stepped off the elevator and got to my door in record time. As soon as I got to my room, I removed my costume and stuffed it back into the bag. I jumped in the shower and knew I was home free.

It had been a good night. I enjoyed myself, at least.

I threw some sweatpants on and dried myself with a towel as I walked out to the living room. Something was different. I noticed Rayne's door was shut but light was peering out from underneath it.

I walked over and knocked on the door.

"Come in." Rayne answered.

"Hey. When did you get home?" I asked.

"Just a few minutes ago." She said as she began folding clothes.

"Oh. Good night?" I asked.

"Mmm. It was ok." She smiled. "How about you?"

"Pretty boring." I lied.

Rayne nodded her head.

"Well, sweetie, I think I'm gonna go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow." I said.

"Ok, Daddy." Rayne smiled.

As I began to shut her door, my stomach dropped. Laying on the floor was a small, leopard print skirt...

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