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We have some fun in the midst of an innocent school play.
Rubbing my eyes groggily, I awoke to the sound of my glowing red alarm clock beeping. I strained my arms and legs which were stiff from the night, and opened my eyes to the pool of sunlight spilling through the window adjacent to my desk. It was going to be a good day.

It had been three days since that fateful Chemistry class in which I'd risked everything and succeeded, making Katie Quinn, the sex goddess of my high school junior year, cum her sweet juices all over my hand in the middle of our lab presentation. Since she hadn't even been particularly angry, maybe even satisfied, I hadn't worried about the consequences after school that day, and rightfully so; since then, we hadn't had time to be alone, but that certainly didn't refute flirting and body language. It had become a regular occurrence for Katie to peel off her panties and lean over so that her sweet, bald pussy was revealed to me in the back of our science class. In addition she would allow me to cup her tight ass and trace the outline of her pussy lips through her pants with my hand, while she stealthily reached over to rub my swollen cock through my jeans.

I knew that us fucking each other's brains out was inevitable, we just had to find the right time and place. We both had our social and academic obligations; lacrosse, school politics, and other extra-curricular activities, but I could tell how bad she wanted it, and the feeling was mutual.

It so happened that our activities intertwined in the form of our upcoming school play. Katie was a junior director and I was a stage hand for the performance. It was a small thing that took place annually during an hour long period, and fewer than 20 people were involved. This, I knew, would provide the perfect setting for us.

In the long run I chose not to tell her, to make it a surprise, because I knew it would make it all the better for that. I would take Katie right in the middle of the play, but in the perfect spot so as not to be detected.

The play grew nearer and nearer and our playful touching and flirting increased, became more daring. In those long, arduous Chemistry labs we had there was copious time and opportunity to secretly express our lust. Katie would take her panties off and bend over to pick up a graduated cylinder, exposing her tight hole to me; I would pull down my pants and stroke my dick under the desk before placing in back inside; she would grab a particularly long glass test tube and carefully slide it into her teenage cunt, moaning inch by inch. One class I even finger fucked her while she made small talk with her friends, trying to hide the gentle "ooh!"s and grunts. This only built up my desire for her, and vice versa, but I knew it would be satisfied soon.

The day of the play I was in a noticeably better mood, and incredibly horny all throughout school before it happened. I gestured to my English teacher that I had to leave early to help out with the stage, and made my way down to the auditorium where Katie stood in aisle in front of me. As the actors, directors and writers were supposed to dress up, she was looking incredibly hot, wearing a tiny crimson dress that came down about 4 inches below her waist, emphasizing her voluptuous round orbs and heart shaped ass.

"Hey there, stranger!" She greeted me warmly.
"Hey, all ready?" I replied.
"I think so. I just hope this isn't as big a fiasco as last year's. Remember when Michaela Roberts slipped with no panties on?" she said grimly. "She had a nice pussy though." Katie added playfully.
"I'll say." I remembered the event vividly, as did every other boy in that audience most likely. "Hey, meet me backstage after the second act, I need to tell you something."
"Um, I'll try to. I'll have to help out with scenery if one of the crew is sick or something." said Katie.
"Believe me, you'll want to." I said, smirking. I gave her ass a playful slap and left for the staircase leading up to the stage.

Looking around the stage I could picture it happening now. With a big budget for Drama at our school, the auditorium was rather upscale, and the stage in particular was enormous. It had three sets of curtains that could be drawn up fully or partially independently from each other, and a complex system of buttons and codes in the very back for lighting and elevator machinery for more complicated performances. I'd take advantage of this system.

The play began and I assisted the crew with smaller tasks like sliding scenery across the floor into the stage room in between acts, but my mind was elsewhere. All I could think about is that in less than an hour I'd be deeply embedded in Katie Quinn's tight pussy. As the second act started I looked for Katie and found her chatting with a senior stage hand about the lights overhead. We locked eyes and I pointed at my wrist, signaling for her to remember our meeting. She gave me a quick smile and nod and began talking again with the stage hand.

It went mostly as I had planned; there wasn't a soul in between the second and third curtains, a space of about 5 feet but ample enough. The second act ended and I quickly worked the control board in the back to drop all the lights in that area, bringing it extremely dim. As I went back in I saw Katie's black high heels glinting and made my way towards her.

"Chris? Hello?" she whispered, peering curiously around.

I came behind Katie and lodged the hardness of my cock through my jeans in between her supple ass cheeks, savoring the feeling, then reached up in front of her to cup one heavy, round tit.

"Oh g-god. A-are you sure we c-can do - Ahh! - this?" she asked nervously.
"Should be able to. This act is the longest, around 25 minutes, right? And no one's back here." I replied, squeezing her breast roughly and planting rough kisses on the back of her neck.
"Ooh! If you say so", she ground her hips into my dick, moaning.

I unclasped her dress in the back and nearly tore it off with animalistic lust. Then, breaking apart the intertwined ends of her bra, I spun her around and buried my face in her beautiful tits. I hadnt seen them naked as of yet and, though the light was dim, I could tell they were as perfect as I'd ever see in my life. They jutted, perky and round from her chest, covered in smooth, milky skin and topped off with two identical, hard pink nipples. I took one of them in my mouth, suckling and biting gently, making her moan quietly. They tasted like strawberry and some other unidentifiable but delicious taste. Katie squealed as I devoured more and more of her scrumptous tits, and the feeling of her cool skin on my cheek was amazing. I let my tongue envelop both of her tasty nipples again before tearing off and moving downward.

I kissed her perfect, flat, warm stomach and worked my way down to her pussy gradually. Seeing it for the first time in full exposure, I was amazed. Everything about it was perfect. Her swollen lips barely covering the rosy pink inner ones, the shimmering moisture of the inner folds and the way it formed a perfect ovular hole, tight and distinct. Without further hesitation, I jabbed my tongue out and buried into her hot cunt.

Immediately Katie's juices flooded my mouth, giving a sweet, tangy taste that drove me crazy. Apparently it had the same effect on her as she squirmed and moaned beneath me.

"Oh yes! Yes! Fuck, don't stop Chris, keep going!" she let out in a high pitched moan. I continued to jab my tongue in and out of her slit, tracing the edges of her lips with it. As she writhed underneath me I could tell she already was near her first climax.

"Oh Chris... oh, fuck! You're making me c-cum...I'm cumming!", she squealed. I felt a torrent of her warm juices gush into my mouth and I gulped eagerly, loving the taste. As I kept swirling my tongue inside her, I reached up to massage the soft flesh of her round tits, tweaking each nipple and cupping them firmly. "Yes! Mmm...oh fuck...lick my p-pussy! Y-yes!" Katie cried, shuddering with another shattering orgasm. Luckily her screams of pleasure were drowned out by the applause behind the curtain; the third act had started. I kept this going for another 5 minutes or so before lifting her off the ground and guiding her silently to a scrap piece of scenery nearby, and leaning her over it.

Through the dim light, I fumbled with my zipper and wrenched down my pants, revealing an already fully hard dick aching to fuck. Katie saw it this way too and braced herself on the wood. She looked back at me longingly and reached back to give her tight ass a slap, and spread her pussy lips. This made my dick pulsate harder and harder, and I guided it towards her hips. Laying a hand on her ass, I savored this moment; I was fucking the girl of every guy's dreams. Then in one, swift motion I slammed my hips into hers, embedding my cock 5 inches deep into her sweet teenage cunt.

Katie's mind was reeling. She had felt me grasp her hips in preparation, my cock first touch her swollen lips, but after that, nothing but pure bliss, but the feeling of being completely stuffed with cock. Her pussy clamped around my meat tightly, and she felt the head prod the deepest cavern of her pussy, invoking another wave of earthshattering pleasure.

"Oh fuck, that feels amazing...s-so big...AhH!" Katie cried as I pounded deeper into her. I slowly pulled out and then pushed back in, further this time. Katie wiggled her hips, squirming, trying to take me in all at once. As I slammed in harder and harder, only millimeters deeper each time, I felt my long shaft slide coolly against the slick folds of her pussy. "Fuck." I said, breathless, taking in the feeling of her warm cunt walls.

Katie shuddered each time I pounded further and further into the snug depths of her tight hole, biting her lip and trying not to scream as immense pleasure blasted her with each thrust. "Oooh! Oooh! Oh fuck, Chris, mmf!" she squealed as my cock bottomed out in her repeatedly, its girth pushing in and out, in and out. Her pussy leaked sweet juices, and they flowed across my dick, easening my way in and out of her.

Continously thrusting into Katie's pussy, I reached up to grasp her hair and stroke it roughly as I continued my assault. Looking down, I loved the way her perfectly round ass shook underneath me, and the sound of my hips slapping against her skin with each pound. I could also hear the performers in front of us, and the audience laughing and clapping.

Katie panted and let out tiny screams of pleasure as I kept pushing into her cunt, "Oh f-fuck! Yes! Yeess! Fuck me harder! Fuckk!".

And I did; I began pounding even harder into her with piston-like movements. "Ooh! AhhhH!! FUCK!!" she cried, louder. I felt her juices coat my midriff and felt the miniscule fuzz on her pussy rub against me with each movement. Suddenly I pulled out of her throbbing pussy, and spun her around, then laid her on the ground, leaned up against a cushion in front of the scrap of scenery.

I gripped both of her perfect round tits and squeezed gently, while positioning my still rock hard dick at the entrance to her swollen cunt. As I thrust in, her tits jiggled and I pinched each nipple softly with my thumbs and forefingers, rubbing. Once I had gotten back into rhythm with my movements, she cried out in pleasure, "Ahh! Fuck! Fuck...harder, Chris! Fuck me! Yes! Fuckk! Mmmf, ohhh yes! Fuck my pussy!". Katie humped back into my cock as I fucked her steadily and quickly.

We had been going for quite a while now and I recognized the performers' lines wrapping the show up. I made to finish up, fucking Katie's tight teenage pussy faster and faster, harder and harder. Her body writhed under mine as she convulsed with pleasure, her drenched pussy dripping juices onto the hardwood floor below us. I felt my loins starting to stiffin as I became close to cumming.

Suddenly I heard the audience's applause end, and the lights switched on. Panicking, I lifted up Katie's petite body and lowered her down, impaling her pussy on my cock. Still thrusting wildly in and out of her, I gathered our clothes with one hand, my other gripping her firm ass as I supported her, and kicked them under a table adjacent to us, then hobbled carefully to the back door to the stage area.

Just as I heard someone come into the room, and both curtains rise, I kicked open the door and brought us out into the storage room. Sighing with relief, I bent Katie over a prop and pushed back into her gripping pussy, easened by her dripping juices.
Oh shittt! Oh god! Yes! Fuck me! Mmm, oh god fuck me harder!" Katie moaned, all desire to keep quiet gone given our new location, as I pounded once again into her throbbing, sopping wet cunt. I with drew one hand from her ass and gave it periodic slaps, matched with my thrusting. "ooh! Ahhh!", she let out with each.

"Close..." I said, out of breath. Katie turned to look back at me and nodded, face contorted with ecstasy.

"Yes! Oh FUCK! F-fuck my pussy hard! Cum inside me! Fill me up!" Katie cried, and I felt her tight hole contract around my cock. With all the strength still in me, I slammed once more inside of her, and spurted jet after jet of my hot cum deep within her. As my seed filled her up, I felt her shudder hard cum violently, and her juices were projected out of her dripping pussy onto my waist and the floor below us.

It was done. Both of us, panting, laid against each other on the cool floor of the storage room. Her chest heaved and I admired her perfect body tiredly, stroking her thigh gently. "Jesus, Chris.." she said, smiling. "I know." I replied, and pulled her against me.

From the stage we heard the microphone buzz "...and we'd like to thank our Junior Director, Katie Quinn. Come on out, Katie...Katie? Katie?". We both laughed.

As I peered down at her glistening, tan, smooth thighs, drenched with pussy juice, I smiled again. There would be issues to come, where to get clothes to get home, and much fucking as well. But for now, I just savored the feeling of her silky hair against my skin, and closed my eyes.

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