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A group of College friends get together for food and fun.
A reunion of old college friends was taking place. Jim was our host and the only guy who remained single in our little group. Over the years, people had mentioned in conversation that they knew Jim and when the topic of him being a bachelor came up; it was often the opinion of others that he was gay. I knew better because he and I used to double date a lot in high school and later in college. We lived in the same neighborhood, one block apart. I guess you could say we grew up together, as close as brothers. My actual brothers were 10 years younger than me. During the summers we played tennis together at a neighborhood public park.

Once when Jim was staying at my house to keep me company while my parents were out of town, I got him a blind date with a girl I knew. I warned him to go easy because this girl was very shy. Well the short version of the story is, I was looking for him and his date around my house and I slowly opened the bedroom door of the room he was using and got to see the back of his blind date as they kissed and all she was wearing were her panties! I closed the door quietly and they didn’t come into the den for a couple of hours. His only comment was that she got her first taste of black meat! Her words, not his, he replied!

Being single and having a very good job, Jim had an extremely nice house, pool, and yard. In a discussion, we’d refer to it as a “very nice spread”.

Swimming, eating and conversation consumed the day. Late evening we started recalling funny and embarrassing moments and events. Some of what was told wasn’t known by the wives and visa versa.

The subject of white women having sex with black men came up and I asked Jim if this topic insulted him! He replied it didn’t, in fact he liked fucking white women especially white wives because they were used to having their white husbands and he was so much larger in equipment and better in bed! Jim smiled broadly when he said this. He liked to brag and everyone knew it. One of the wives then stated that she had a sexual relationship with several black men in college, one which she was once engaged to. She admitted to spending several weekends sleeping with him at his apartment and any wife in the group that would deny ever fucking a black man to speak up! She said that she had read in an article that the majority of college coeds let a black man fuck them at least once before they left college to see what it was like.

She then asked me if I thought my wife had let a black man fuck her.

I laughed, and everyone looked puzzled at me including Lynn, but she had a scowl on her face! She knew what I had on my mind to answer!

I gathered my thoughts and nerve because my wife would go ballistic at what I was going to say! At this point, with the alcohol in me giving me courage, I just let it all hang out! “Lynn would never fuck a black guy because she doesn’t even fuck me! We’ve been married a little over ten years and she stopped letting me fuck her over six years ago! She wears a long night gown and panties to bed every night! I can honestly say I haven’t seen my wife naked in over eight or nine years! In order to fuck her, I’d first have to beat the crap out of her and then it’s simply not worth the trouble!” I looked at her as I said it! She was livid! At this point in time, I didn’t give a hoot! Lynn would go on company trips often and I didn’t know if she was cheating on me or not. She’d always call me being very friendly, but never romantic and would arrive home in a bitchy mood!

Some of the other wives gave a few funny accounts of sexual adventures with black men. None of them ever regretted letting a black man fuck them. They all enjoyed it, except my wife who never admitted to being sexual with a black man or who never enjoyed sex at all!

Gradually the party ran down and couples left, mostly to go let the baby sitters go home. Lynn and I were the last ones to leave. From the den, I noticed Lynn talking to Jim in the kitchen. She turned my way while still talking to Jim and I walked to them.

“Something I should know about?” I asked.

Lynn replied, “I’ve been talking to Jim and I’m going to spend the night with him. Since I’ve never been with a black man, I’m going to try it!”

“You don’t have any cloths with you!” I answered.

“I don’t need any!”

“You’re telling me you’re going to spend the night sleeping with Jim and stay naked!’

“Yes, that’s right! I’m going to stay here with Jim and let him fuck me all he wants and I'm going to stay naked! I’m going to be his whore for the night! I’ll do anything he wants!"

“Good luck Jim, you’re going to need it! Tell you what; I’ll see you two about 10 tomorrow morning, unless Jim calls me earlier to come pick you up Lynn! Well Jim, enjoy yourself fucking my wife, if she’ll ever get naked and spread her legs!”

I left and went home a little confused, but glad. Maybe my wife would actually get naked with Jim and let him fuck her good and she’d like it and it’d wake up her female desires where feeling for her husband are concerned!

I didn’t set any alarm clock, I just rested. I awoke a little after seven, got up and went to shower and shave. Nobody called last night so I guess Jim had no problem fucking my wife. He was a lot more successful than I was. I made coffee and breakfast, taking my time getting to Jims.

I arrived at Jim’s front door about ten after ten and he answered the door bell. He led me to the kitchen where they were drinking coffee. Jim walked behind Lynn and put his hands on her shoulders. I was surprised at what she almost was wearing. Lynn wouldn’t own any sexy night wear, yet she had a see-through teddy nightie top and no panties! Lynn looked up at Jim as he slid his hands off her shoulders and down to caress each of her bare breasts! He leaned down to kiss my wife and she met his lips with hers in a long lasting passionate kiss! I hadn’t had one of those in years! As the kiss went longer and longer, he moved one hand down her tummy and she uncrossed her legs in anticipation of Jim’s hand rubbing her pussy! They kept kissing as he slid his fingers in and out of my wife’s pussy, where she hadn’t let me touch her in years! I was getting jealous of my friend! He was getting farther sexually with my wife than I could!

It was hard for me to believe that my wife who hadn’t let me touch her in any way in years, was sitting in the kitchen naked and letting our black friend finger her pussy after she’d spent the night with him naked in bed letting him fuck her all he wanted!

Then another shock!

Lynn said since she had Monday off as a holiday, she wanted to stay with Jim until Monday afternoon. She asked me if I’d let her stay and pick her up Monday afternoon.

“Do I really have a choice?”

“No you don’t! I’m staying here at Jim’s, naked and fucking him and any friends he wants to invite over! I know that galls you and that’s why I’m doing it! You should never have embarrassed me like you did! I don’t fuck you and I won't ever again, but that’s our marriage problem and its private!”

“Look, I know I lost any say-so in your life a long time ago! Just stay and fuck Jim all you want! In fact Lynn, why don’t you get Jim to invite some of his black friends over for a group fuck! I’m sure Jim isn’t enough man for you! I hope you get pregnant!”

“You’re just jealous that Jim has a bigger dick than you do! You don’t have any right to get jealous because I want to fuck other men!”

“Well, may I remind you that I am your husband and you haven’t fucked me in years and wouldn’t fuck me no matter what I did! Why did you marry me anyway?”

“Weak moment on my part and you asked me to marry you!”

“Ok, I’ll come get you Monday afternoon,” I said as I left. As I got in my car to drive home, I wondered what it looked like viewing Jim's naked black body fucking Lynn! I’d really enjoy watching them in action, especially if my wife was vocal on her feeling as Jim blasted his sperm in her! Oh well, I can only dream!
No phone call Sunday from either of them. I guess Lynn was satisfying Jim in every way he asked for. I did some house cleaning, cooked and then ate dinner. I figured to go to Jim’s late Monday in the afternoon. Maybe I’d catch Jim fucking my wife. If I couldn’t fuck my wife, at least she could do is let me have the pleasure of watching!

It was dark when I arrived at Jims around eight o’clock Monday night. I rang the bell and Jim opened the door after a few minutes.

Is Lynn ready?

She’s in the bedroom, follow me.

I entered the bedroom and she’s lying on the bed. She uncovers herself and spreads her legs displaying her gaping open pussy full and overflowing with Jim’s cum! The muscles in her vagina were very relaxed from all the fucking she’d been having and that allowed her pussy to be wide open! She has a broad smile of satisfaction across her face!

“How do you like my cream pie pussy? Would you like to lick me?" Lynn smirks and asks!

“No way in hell!” I respond! “You refuse any sexual contact of any kind to me, your husband and you expect me to eat the cum of another man out of your pussy after you’ve spent three days letting his cock fill your pussy full of his cum? You must think I’m really stupid! I’ll wait in the kitchen for thirty minutes for you to get ready and then I’m leaving with or without you!”

Jim and I headed to the kitchen. We got coffee and looked at each other and smiled. We shook hands and Jim said, “It worked! In a couple of months you’ll be rid of that selfish frigid bitch!”

“Did you have any trouble fucking Lynn?” I asked.

“No, she was quite easy! I think she was more horney than she realized! Once she got started, she almost raped me! I have to say, she is a very passionate woman, but too controlling to give in when it comes to sex!”

At thirty minutes I started for the door. Lynn came running up, still putting her clothes on after taking a quick shower. I didn’t say a word; I just opened the door and walked to my car. I purposely didn’t say anything to either of them.

At home, Lynn headed to the bathroom to soak her sore pussy in the tub and I went to the kitchen to get a glass of orange juice.

I waited for Lynn to bathe and get into bed and then I went to shower. I was curious to see if she wore her typical night cloths. In bed I gently moved my hand over to touch her and she was wearing her long night shirt and panties as usual and responded to my touch by telling me to leave her alone! Now, here was my wife who had just spent three days naked fucking a friend of mine and she didn’t want me to touch her. Well, what a bitch! She only proved one thing to me the past three days, she wasn’t frigid!

Over the next week nothing between us changed except her phone use. Lynn would go to opposite ends of our house to talk on her cell phone in private. I could guess that she was talking to Jim. She started coming home from work later and later. I guessed that she was meeting Jim someplace. I really didn’t care; I was looking forward towards our divorce.

Lynn beat me to it! I came home three weeks after Jim’s party and most of Lynn’s clothes were gone. There was a note for me in the kitchen by the coffee pot. She had been talking to a divorce lawyer planning to divorce me. On his advice she had gotten her own apartment and would be moving the rest of her things within a week. She said Joe wanted to marry her and she wanted him, so I was history.

Our divorce went fast and smoothly. No children and no arguments on who got what.

Lynn got a shock! She went to Jims with her divorce papers in hand, but no Jim! The house was empty except for the painters and carpenters! The new owners were doing a little sprucing up before moving in.

Jim had done this favor for me before he left for his new job abroad, and I didn’t even know where. He couldn’t lose in the scheme. He’d get to fuck my wife if everything went as planned, or he wouldn’t. When she called his cell, he wasn’t actually in the United States anymore. His house had been actually sold the week before the party and the carpenters were supposed to tell the tale of a simple remodeling job for Jim. Nothing would be suspicious in Lynn’s eyes.

Now the HAPPY ENDING for all. Jim is in his new job overseas, I’m rid of frigid bitch Lynn and Lynn is free to fuck or not anyone she wants for a while anyway! I got word from a mutual friend that Lynn was pregnant! Guess what, it can’t be mine!!!

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2014-04-27 21:23:58
Understand the plot: To get a non-cooperative, frigid wife to just take off for another man, and this one did just that!

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2012-02-09 02:52:18
serves the cheating pig wife right............ thought she was so smart.... she got what she deserved fucking a black cock... any white woman who fucks a black has no self respect in the first place

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2009-12-07 12:25:48
what the fuck?!? there is no way his "best friend" would sandbag him like that . And for him to just leave his wife there?!? What the fuck? Seriously, what the racist, woman-hating Muslim fuck is wrong with you?


2009-12-06 13:57:00
best d guy...such wives should get such n deserve it..... nice scheme...he hatched..


2009-12-06 13:08:52
OK, I'll try! The next story will be from a female's view, a female named Debra. Hey, I'm an amateur, totally (look it up in websters). I'm not a professional, but comment all you like, welcome and thank you!

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