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My mother’s best friend becomes my lover.
Fbailey story number 454

She Slips Away Safely

When Mom got pregnant I was fifteen years old. Since she wanted my room for the new baby Dad finished off a room in the basement for me. He made sure that I had an outside exit for safety and even installed a bathroom for me. I talked Mom into a small refrigerator and a microwave oven too. I literally had my own apartment down there with my own entrance.

Mom is a really good friend of the lady that lives directly behind us. Terri’s house faces the next street but we share a back fence and we have a gate in it that we both use.

Terri had been very interested in my basement apartment and had watched the construction of it. In fact it was her that helped me convince Dad that I needed my own bathroom and Mom that I needed my own refrigerator and a microwave. Terri had also been responsible for Mom taking over my bedroom and being sent into the basement in the first place.

Terri was quite a good seamstress and made my curtains and drapes. Those old basement windows are not something that you can purchase curtains and drapes for. She put a black felt on the back of my drapes so that the sun would not wake me. She added that it would also keep anyone from peeking in from the outside even at night with my lights on. To prove it she sent me outside to see if I could see what she was doing. I couldn’t see her so I came back inside. Her back was to me, her front was toward the window, and her blouse was being held open. I coughed and surprised her, she was startled and turned toward me, and I saw her tiny lacy bra. It was a light blue and just barely contained her breasts. She didn’t close her blouse and I continued to stare at her. My cock swelled in my blue jeans at the sight.

Terri smiled and said, “You like my new bra. I bought it especially for you. I’ve been planning this ever since your mother told me that she was pregnant.”

I looked at her and couldn’t believe that she was still holding her blouse open for me. So I walked closer to her and reached out a hand and cupped the side of one breast. She sucked in a deep breath of air and let her blouse fall to the floor. I placed my other hand on her other breast and held them both. Terri reached up her back and unhooked her bra for me. I watched as she slipped her arms out of the straps and backed up leaving me with her bra in my hands.

Her naked breasts were directly in front of me. She took the bra from my hands and stepped back into my hands so that I was cupping her bare breasts. I reached my thumbs over to flick at her nipples making them harden to my touch.

Terri said, “I am so sorry, but I have to go home. My husband will be home any minute. Can I come back later, after he is asleep?”

I replied, “Yes, but I might be asleep.”

Terri said, “Leave your cellar door unlocked and I’ll let myself in.”

Then Terri hugged me and kissed me. She put her arms in her bra and turned around asking me to hook her back up. She put on her blouse and let me button it up for her. I got another hug and kiss before she left. Then I jerked off and went up to dinner.

I had trouble sleeping that night wondering when Terri would come in and wake me up. She never made it.

The next day after school she was sitting on my porch when I arrived. She told me that Mom had gone to the grocery store and that we had about a half-hour if I wanted to play with her breasts again. Okay.

We went right down to my bedroom, she closed my drapes, and locked my door. Then she stood before me and told me to undress her, telling me that I needed the practice. I unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off her shoulders then started to walk around to unhook her bra. Terri turned with me and told me that I needed to learn from the front as she hugged and kissed me. With her hugging and kissing me like that I could hardly get it unhooked, especially with her pressing her pelvis into mine.

When I got her bra off I reached down to her white jeans and unbuttoned them. She never told me to stop so I unzipped them and then struggled to get them down. God, her jeans were on tight. When I finally got them to her ankles I had my nose in her crotch and it smelled like perfume, just a faint rose smell. I hooked my fingers in the side of her panties and pulled them down to her jeans. Before me was the only pussy that I had ever seen. It was neatly trimmed above her slit and shaved bald from her clit down. I leaned in and kissed it. She placed her hands on the back of my head, gently. I stuck my tongue out and slipped it into her slit, up at the top and touched her clit giving her a big thrill, and me too. Then I stood up and sucked each nipple into my mouth.

We heard Mom’s car door slam. Terri sent me up to help my mother so that she could get dressed and go out the cellar door.

I helped Mom with the groceries and then Terri knocked on the back door and I let her in. She asked if Mom had remembered to get her a bag of sugar. Mom had, Terri thanked her, and then went home.

When the groceries were put away Mom sent me over to Terri’s house to return her change. She was waiting for me and opened the door so I could enter. She only had a short robe on and she let it drop to the floor after she closed the door.

Terri said, “We need to go into the living room so I can see my husband coming down the street and rush up to the shower before he comes in the house.”

I laughed and said, “I thought that you enjoyed almost getting caught.”

Terri said, “I do, but I don’t actually want to get caught. I don’t want to loose my husband. At least not with a teenage boy.”

That pissed me off so I tripped her and put her on the kitchen floor hard. I said, “Listen Terri you have been teasing me, letting me see your naked body, and letting me feel you up. Now you don’t want to loose your husband over me. You can’t have it both ways.” I then stuck my cock into her wet pussy and fucked her hard and fast. She only moaned and clutched at my back as I forced myself into her. When I cum in her it was the best feeling ever. I lost my virginity and I knew that I could never go back to masturbating again. I pulled out and said, “Now get upstairs and take your shower. I want you clean when your husband comes home. I’m not going to give you up. I want to fuck you everyday after school and any time in between that we can get together. Understand?”

Terri smiled and said, “Yes, Master! Wow, I love to be dominated.”

I kissed her and slapped her ass as she scurried away.

I looked back as I passed through the gate in our fence and saw her husband pull into his driveway. I knew that she was going to fuck him but I smiled knowing that I got there first.

As I walked to the house I knew that I had power over Terri because she liked to be dominated by me.

When I entered the house I also realized that Dad had that same power over Mom and I wondered how I could get some of that power over Mom. Perhaps Terri could help me.

The End
She Slips Away Safely
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