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She was prey. Captured and bound , the woman knew she no longer had any choice in her fate anymore .Her life was forfeit , and the outcome of the events to follow were all in the hands of her captors now ……

The men eyed her hungrily, their eyes shining a demonic lust behind the cotton balaclavas, men possessed by a primal need to injure, to hurt, to take something that wasn’t theirs to take, and bend it
To their will, 12 in all, all of muscular build, from 6 ft to 6.5, all naked, with hard and battle tested cocks standing to the Attention of their masters,

She couldn’t remember how she had gotten here, as she took stock of her surrounds, she failed to notice any distinguishing signs that defined where she was, it was dark, it was musky smelling but
Not offensive to the nose , but a familiar smell all the same , then there was the cologne , A strong masculine scent , full of danger and malice , it was a smell that she would never ever forget , a smell that if ever again recognized , would violate her senses , make her knees tremble and her bladder lose its

She was snapped out of her reverie by the sound of shackles rattled, as one man climbed upon the
Strange contraption she was lewdly strapped to, a sub frame of gleaming, well looked after steel
And padded leather held her naked body in place, with leather straps running over her belly and shoulders tying her torso to the frame, her legs, held tightly in stirrups were strapped at the ankle
Knee and upper thigh, again with leather straps .she felt the device spinning gently and realized with some disgust that the device was in fact a large rotisserie she could be rotated a full 360 degrees to whatever man wanted her service next. Her neck and head were turned to one side, with a
Strap keeping her head to the cushion, it was here she noticed the men were beginning their preparations,

They came up to her all silent, professionals in their horrific field of expertise, some holding extremely
Strange looking objects in their hand, She let out a whimper and one of the men grinned in earnest.
The grinning man went out of her vision, but she could sense his presence near her exposed cunt
She heard the rattling of a can, then heard the hiss and instant cold as he sprayed her groin with
Ounces of shaving cream , he rubbed the cream into every crevice and inside her ass cheeks and over her puckered asshole , he then pulled out a fresh razor and methodically shaved every inch of her pubic and anal regions till he was sure he had cut every hair , he then washed the remaining cream off of her
Vagina , and then plucked the stray hairs with tweezers , every time making her gasp in a short spasm of pain , she felt the man move away , but was instantly replaced with another , this one rubbing
In something sticky onto her asshole, then she let out a groan as a tube was pushed inside her rectum.

She felt what seemed like liters of warm water pushed up inside her anus, and she shuddered as she felt the water doing its job, she sobbed as the man removed the tube and held a bucket underneath her
Waiting for the eventual flow that she was desperately trying to hold inside, finally she couldn’t hold it
In any longer, and crying with shame and humiliation, she emptied her bowels in front of the 12
Demonic men

The final humiliation was also the most terrifying for her , a man came to her head , his hard cock swinging right in front of her lips , the man crouched and looked at her , then proceeded to fit a strap around her neck , with a silver ring in the middle , confusion addled her mind until she realized with
Horror what the ring was for. The man held her nose tight, and when she gasped for air, he quickly
Stuffed the ring behind teeth, forcing her jaw wide open, ready to be abused and defiled as they saw fit
The last man to come forth was the least threatening of all , he carried a very large bucket , the contents within sloshing gently at the brim , he went to the end of the contraption , and opened the hollow tube with the funnel end and began to pour liter after liter of the fluid into the bowels of the machine , he then hooked up clear plastic lines to small nipples near the leather seat , and taped a tube to the top of her vunerable cunt , just near her pubic mound , and the other to the inside of her ass cheek , then standing up , he nodded at the others , who quickly gathered round the chair , and began to massage their thickening cocks ………………………………………….

A man came towards her face, rubbing his hardening cock while staring at her slutty body glistening
Under the giant spot light, he started slapping his cock on her cheek bone, taunting her, terrifying her,
He let out a small grunt , then grabbed a fistful of her hair , angled his cock to her opened mouth , and teased the head of his cock in and out of her lips , her eyes watered as the thick head of his cock raped her unwilling mouth , trying to move her head away , she realized the futility , her entire body was frozen solid , no muscle in her entire body could move , she could only take and take and take , never saying no , never able to resist , the man tired of the taunting , grabbed her head in both hands and brutally stuffed his entire cock down her throat , ripping the sides of her lips and making her eyes bulge out of her skull , he began pumping her throat , his fat cock sluicing in and out of her , dragging the deep spit from her throat lining , covering her lower cheek and chin in slimy spit , he kept grunting
And thrusting and pushing his cock deeper and deeper, till she was sure she would surely choke,
Only for him to pull it out, and ram it back in again, over and over, till his cock was glistening with her spit, he finally slid his cock out of her throat, and it hit the leather with a wet slapping noise, and then he spun the chair around so he was at her groin, she felt her relief short lived as another man stepped up and began abusing her throat. The curiosities about the tubes near her groin were answered, when the man pushed a button, a humming noise erupted from the machine, and slippery fluid ran over her anus and groin SHE WAS BEING LUBED AUTOMATICALLY?!?! , the man aimed his fat cock at her asshole, and grabbed her hips and drove his cock right up her tight puckered asshole, behind the cock ring and the cock buried in her throat, she screamed the most guttural and primal scream, as the burning and ripping sensations churned in her ass, and the man kept pushing his cock in and out of her torn asshole
She began to cry , and kept screaming as the men laughed at her pain , over and over he pounded into her anus , the head of his cock pushing open her rectal muscles and searing her torn rectal wall , as the precum started to leak out of the eye of his cock the salty residue began to sting her asshole , the man
Let out an explosive roar, and emptied his balls deep inside her plunging in and out rapidly as he pumped her asshole full of rapist grade cum, he pulled out with a grunt and his cum emptied out of her ass, leaving a trail in her ass crack, the next man quickly grabbed her and spun her round to him, this one taking a fancy to her well lubed cunt, he slid himself into the hilt, and began to rape her intently
He bent over her and took one of her nipples into his mouth, and started to savage it, chew it and grind his teeth into it, while his hips ground his cock in and out of her cunthole. the man fucking her face started to buck harder and faster, before pulling his cock out and Cumming all over her face…aiming for her eyes, she felt the semen start to burn and sting horribly, he laughed as he jacked the final spurts of cum into her throat, again another man took his place, jamming his swollen cock into her mouth,
And jacking in and out of her throat ………………….

One by one, the men took their turns inside her abused and swollen holes, fucking her
Raping her, filling her orifices with fistfuls of cum, treating the woman like a piece of
Slutty meat,

The last 3 men not to have cum, took her body at the same time, making her grunt like a whore
One man started to plunder her asshole, while another raped her cunt, and the 3rd fucked her face
she was lost in a sea of pain, and suffering, the men were breaking her body and crushing her
Mind , they abused and fucked her for what seemed hours , all of her orifices fully plugged with unsheathed , fat cocks , ramming inside her , until finally almost at the same time , they all came
In unison, emptying themselves into her slutholes, and leaving her full of cum, until it started to empty out of her…dripping onto the cold concrete floor …..

She was in a daze, floating in and out of consciousness, she didn’t register the sound of
Wheels on concrete coming towards her, didn’t feel the machine connecting to the base of the chair,
She awoke, and saw a man plugging in some evil contraption that was aimed directly at her cunt…
Her poor swollen, oozing, sore and used vagina was aching, …..

The frozen penetration of her asshole and vagina snapped her out of her daze , the fucking machine in front of her , loaded with dual dildos , seemingly frozen solid , were pounding in and out of her ,
She gasped and squirmed as the ice rubbed against her abused holes, dripping into her, freezing her,
A bucket appeared, and ice water was thrown over her body, sending spasms down her entire body, as she shook and bellowed and rattled the entire chair, every nerve on fire.

The men gathered round, to watch the slut get fucked stupid, her own body betraying her, she began to grunt like a slut, and her pussy swelled with blood, before she gasped and squirted all over the machine and its toys, her anal passage thoroughly used up, the ring hanging loose around the toy, as it slid in and out of her asshole,

she passed out again,

She awoke to pain, suffering and utter despair…..she heard the lube machine whine and felt like what
Seemed liters of lubricant pour onto her cunt and ass, the biggest of the men, came up to her, and without any warning or preview, jammed his fist inside her anus, tearing at muscle, straining her ring
Making her cry out in sheer, unadulterated agony, she cried, and bellowed, and begged behind her
Gag, to no avail, the man kept stuffing his hand in and out of her asshole, with each thrust threatening to prolapse her abused bowels. Just as she was about to pass out, another man stepped forward
And stuffed a fat cock down her throat, duct taped it to her cheek, leaving her throat full of plastic, hard cock. and finally a 3rd man stepped forward , to the other side of the first , and punched his fist deep inside her swollen cunt , and she finally lost every sense…she shuddered , she bucked , she went to the edge of insanity and over it , her entire being had been raped , used and defiled , she could only feel pain and terror and sheer inhuman cruelty , at the hands of the masked deviants . they pounded her cunt and anus repeatedly , over and over , violating her body , bruising her cervix and intestines , till the pure pain took hold again and her mind collapsed upon itself…….

She awoke in pitch black ….. Nothing ….no noise …no vision….there was nothing, she could see no light
Hear no sound, deprived of the basest of senses, she began to feel her sanity slip…….

A hatch opened…..right on top of her…a grill…she realized her head was in a box ….

The men stood in a full circle around her, all aiming their well used and throbbing cocks at her
Then they unloaded. Emptying bladders full of cum soaked urine, onto her exposed and upturned face
Hitting her in the eyes , running over her open mouth , she gasped for air , as the piss ran down her throat , her disgust at drinking piss , put aside by the pure need not to drown , the box filled quickly , and soon her hair was floating in a sea of piss , the clear fluid the final sufferance of her ordeal ,
The lid shut again , and darkness ensued , she heard the men packing things , she tried to talk , but her throat betrayed her , she heard the noise of a door opening , footsteps , then the shutting of the very same door , and finally the sound of the lock turning ………


Not a sound, or voice,

Darkness, no light or vision

Alone, Deserted

She was alone in her insanity,

No Rescue

Nothing at all…………..

Written By James M. 25.11.2009

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Very good story! I came several times.

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Wow! Came several times to this....mindblowing!!!!

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2012-01-23 03:46:47
Maybe I am a twisted young woman, but I loved it... it made me soaking wet, and I fantasize about being gang raped like that.


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I love it!!

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It should stay at a hundred. Rape to the max.

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