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A poen I wrote for people who are addicted to posting on forums
What do you think in these forums you will find?
A perfect somebody, a precious mind?
A fast fuck... maybe on your way to making a buck?

What is it on this pages that you hope to see?
A kind word, or a compliment unheard?
A picture of dick and pussy, as they maybe fuck?

After so many words in the forum, is everyone unnaturally kind?
Is it still interesting or has it become a grind?
Have you found the dream cock, the big one hard as a rock?

What is it on these forums you wish to find?
You have given them your body, your soul, your mind.
Have you found your happy spot? I know I found mine.

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2013-03-01 07:55:53
I'm all wrap up in Delaney's story and I've only this week found out she exists! As for the time suck Gosh don't I know. Life ofrfes too many fun and exciting thing to do, not to mention that responsibility word. I tried cancelling sleep, but it doesn't work. The muse does not respond to sleep deprivation.


2009-12-03 21:52:27

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