Darlene let herself and Penny into the back door of the house, and led the way into the kitchen where she told Penny to have a seat, and she would be back momentarily. Then she went through the den and into the living room where she stopped at the stairs and shouted up to her father -in-law, to let him know they were there, and then she went back into the kitchen. Darlene poured herself and Penny a cup of coffee and they were sitting at the table talking when David walked in. Darlene got up and gave him a kiss and hug, then offered him a cup of coffee too.

“Good morning Dad, I bet you could use this.”

Taking a sip, David said,

“Mmmm this coffee tastes as good as you look this morning Darlene.”

Laughing, Darlene said,

“Thanks Dad, but you don’t have to flirt with me; I would have made it for you anyway.”

“You didn’t make it, I did. But, I would have flirted with you anyway. You’ve always been the prettiest one in the family, and this must be the famous Penny you’re always talking about.”

“Yes it is. Penny this is my father-in-law David Cooper; Dad, this is Penny Baxter, my best friend.”

David took Penny’s offered hand, and shook it as he looked her over. What he saw was impressive; a beautiful thirty year old woman who was about 5’6”, and if he was any judge, she was about a 36C in the chest. She had blue eyes, and brunette shoulder length hair. He winked at her and then looked at Darlene.

“You didn’t tell me you two were twins.”

Laughing, both women sat back down and Darlene said,

“That’s how we first met. In the dorm at college, everyone was getting us confused, and we even got each other’s mail. When we did meet, we learned that we were the same in a lot of ways besides just looks, and we just really hit it off. As a matter of fact, she was dating David Jr. when we met, and when they broke up, I was there to pick them both up and, well you know the rest of the story about David Jr. and me.”

“Yes, I believe I do. How is my granddaughter anyway?”

“She’s fine, spending the weekend with Sandra.”

David Pretended to shudder,

“Ouch, you could have gone all day long without mentioning that name.”

“Come on Dad, you two were married for nineteen years, surely you had something in common with her.”

Smiling, he said
“Yeah, we both loved hot sex.”

Penny choked on her coffee, and had to place the cup back on the table because she was laughing so hard she spilled the coffee. Darlene gave David a fake glare.

“Now look what you’ve done. You’ve shocked my best friend, and made her spill her coffee all over.”

“Oh if Penny is anything like you, I doubt she’s shocked very much. So Penny, are you looking forward to the Fall Ball?”

Recovering from her coughing, she smiled at him and said,

“Ohh yes, Dar told me she always has a blast at the party, I’m really looking forward to it. Are you going to be there?”

“Darlene wouldn’t let me get out of it, so I guess I will be there if I can find a suitable costume to keep me hidden from my ex-wife. You’ll have to save a dance for me.”

“I’d love to. Dar tells me you’re a wonderful dancer.”

“I don’t know about that, she loves to dance so much, I doubt if she notices how bad I really am. What are you going as?”

“I’m going as a mime, and Dar has the cutest clown costume you ever saw.”

David looked at the two women as he sipped his coffee and they discussed the party, and he smiled. They were excited about it he could tell. He also took the opportunity, while they talked to look both of them over. He always enjoyed looking at sexy young women, even if one of them was his daughter-in-law. They were both in great shape, with nice firm asses, and firm tits as well; he could see Penny’s nipples pressing against her shirt, and it made her look even sexier. They were slim in the waist and had shapely legs.

“What’s David Jr. coming as? Since your coming as a clown, I guess you are going to make him dress up as one too.”

“No Dad, Dave has to leave this afternoon on a buying trip to South America. He’s going to be gone for the next two weeks, but Penny is going to stay with me and visit while he’s gone.”

“Bet his mother just loved that.”

“You know she did, she bitched at him all last night; she acts like she owns him sometimes?”

David believed he was the only one who knew that the reason he and his ex-wife, Sandra, had gotten a divorce is because he had walked in and caught her and David Jr. fucking. What he had seen when he walked in was his wife naked, in the middle of their bed, with her legs up and spread and his son naked on top of her thrusting so hard into her that David could hear his son’s balls slap against Sandra’s ass each time he thrust into her, and he could see her tits bounce with each thrust also, and she was screaming for him to fuck her harder so loudly that neither one of them heard him come into the room. He remembered the scene, and the fight they had when his wife and son did notice he was present. He remembered the pain of the divorce, and the continuing anger at her for allowing her own son to fuck her.
He had eventually reconciled with is son, but he could not get past the anger at his ex-wife and her betrayal of him. He wondered, now that David Jr. was married to this lovely woman, if his son was still fucking his mother, and if that could be the reason for her anger at him leaving the country for two weeks.

“Are you still with us Dad?”

“Sorry, I was just lost down memory lane for a moment, but I’m back now. As to your question, I guess Sandra just has to be in control. Hey, I have to go find a costume. Are you two here for anything in particular, or did you just come over to drink my coffee?”

“I just wanted you to meet Penny. I really like it when the people I love like one another.”

“Well sweetie, I like Penny just fine, so you don’t have anything to worry about. How could I not like her, she’s the best friend of my favorite daughter-in-law.”

“Your only daughter-in-law; Come on Penny, let’s let David go get a costume so he doesn’t have to come to the ball naked.”

Laughing, Penny got up and again shook David’s hand. Looking him over, she decided that she liked what she saw. He was much older than anyone she had ever dated before, Darlene had said he was sixty, but he was in great shape, a very handsome man, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She thought, this is going to be fun.

“It was really nice meeting you David, and I’m looking forward to dancing with you.”

“Penny, the pleasure was mine, and I’ll be sure and look for the mime for my first dance.”

“And Darlene, say hello to that gorgeous granddaughter of mine.”

Smiling, Darlene said,

“Watch it you dirty old man, she’s only eleven.”

Darlene stood on tiptoes and gave her blushing father-in-law a kiss on the cheek, and then he watched as the two beautiful women started out the patio door. Penny was half way out the door, when she stopped, turned and looked at David, and then returned to him, pulled him down and gave him a kiss on the lips. Smiling she said,

“It’s not fair that Darlene is the only one that gets kissed this morning, is it?”

Then she turned and followed a smiling Darlene out the door.


The party had been going for a while when David arrived, and it looked like everyone was really enjoying themselves. He saw his ex-wife on the dance floor with some young guy, probably trying to seduce him, and he saw Darlene in her multi colored clown costume chatting with friends. When he saw Penny in her mime costume, it just about took his breath away. The costume was black and white diamond shaped patches and was made of tight, form fitting, spandex type material. If it had been flesh colored, and she had worn a blonde wig, she could have come as Lady Godiva. She was dancing with some lucky young guy, and David felt a pang of jealousy. Where’d that come from? He made his way across the room to where Darlene was chatting with her friends, and as he approached, she turned.

“Well, if it’s not Zorro.”

“Hi sweetie, don’t clown with me.”

She laughed and gave him a hug, and then followed his gaze to Penny.

“You’re not going to stick anybody with your sword tonight are you Zorro?”

She laughed as his attention came back to her and he blushed.

“Your shameless you know that little girl?”

“Come on Dad, she’s a woman and you’re a man. Go for it; I know she likes you. Go cut in.”

With that she gave him a shove toward the dance floor, and he slowly started toward Penny, watching her beautiful body as he approached her. He tapped the guy on the shoulder she was dancing with and then slipped his arm around her waist. For the rest of the evening, David and Penny danced almost every dance together, only interrupted by Darlene who insisted that David dance with her for a couple of dances, and once when Sandra appeared and wanted David to dance with her, for old times’ sake she said, but David could tell that she had too much to drink when she started coming on to him.
When David held Penny in his arms as they danced, he could feel her breasts pressed against him, and it was amazing how horny he got as the orchestra played a slow dance and he looked into her eyes. When he danced with Sandra he tried to stay with small talk, and when the dance was over, he moved away from her as quickly as courtesy would allow. Dancing with Darlene was always a pleasure, he loved her like she was his own daughter, and they had always had a very close relationship. He loved holding her in his arms, and the feel of her breasts against him had its effect also. It was a good thing he came as Zorro, so he could hide the bulge in his tight costume behind the long cape he wore.
David and Penny chatted and laughed together throughout the evening and when the last dance was over, Penny walked with David to the door.

“I have to stay and help Dar clean up, but I would love to see you again David.”

“I would like that too Penny, anytime.”

Penny then removed her full faced mask and, as Sandra walked past, she grabbed David’s cape and pulled herself up until their lips met and she gave him a passionate, lovers, kiss, pressing her body into his. When Sandra had gone, Penny released David, and blushed as she said,

“I’m so sorry David, but I don’t like your ex-wife much and I just wanted her to get an eyeful of what she gave up.”

With that she replaced her mask and, as David watched with a slight smile, she hurried away to help Darlene put things away and clean up.


David went home and showered, slipped his robe on, and went down stairs for a glass of wine to relax after the long day, but before he could take his first sip, the doorbell rang.

He opened the front door, and was surprised to see Penny, still in costume, standing there. Without a word, she stepped inside and waited while he closed the door. When he had closed it, and turned to face her, she very slowly, almost as if she were frightened to be doing it, reached up and hooked her thumbs in the shoulders of her spandex costume and then slid the costume down, exposing her soft shoulders. She continued her pull until the costume slid down and revealed her firm breasts as first one and then the other freed itself from her costume and bounced back as it came free. What David saw were two firm breasts, with soft pink areoles that topped pale white beasts, and nipples that were visibly hardening as he watched.

With Penny, now naked from the waist up, standing quietly in front of David, she took his hand and placed it on her naked breast, rubbing it up and down across her hardening nipple. She then turned and started up the stairs to David’s bedroom, and as she went up the stairs, she slipped the costume down passed her hips and kicked it free, then she left it laying on the stairs as he watched her naked, well shaped, young ass disappear into his bedroom, stopping only briefly to drop her mask at the door.

David slowly followed Penny up the stairs, picking up her mime costume as he went, and then he too went into his bedroom. Penny was sitting in the darkened room on the edge of his bed, and as he untied the belt of his robe, he could just barely see her as she slipped off the bed and onto her knees. She reached forward, and let her small delicate hands encircle as much of David’s cock as she could, and then bent to take it into her mouth.

For the next few minutes, David felt the most incredibly warm, and the softest, lips he had ever felt, sliding over the length of his cock as Penny sucked him deeply into her throat, and then slid his cock back out until only the head was still in her mouth. She continued this slow, almost loving, sucking of his cock into her mouth, building the tension inside him. His balls were beginning to tighten when he felt her small hand close gently around his balls, he exploded into her mouth with streams of cum which she didn’t waste, but swallowed, and then licking his still hard shaft to make sure she got it all. David reached down and pulled her up onto the bed and then he spread her legs, he began kissing slowly from her knees, up her inner thighs to her womanhood, and he heard her gasp as his tongue slid between her labia and teased her clit. She began slowly rotating her hips, and pushing them toward his tongue, moaning, and then she began to thrust her hips forward slowly as he slid a finger inside her tight moist pussy. She grasped his head and pressed it into her, moaning with desire, and then she pulled him up until he was laying on her with the head of his hard cock touching the entry to her. Wishing he could look into her eyes, he slowly continued his assent into her hot moist incredibly tight pussy until his balls were resting on her ass. Her legs rose and wrapped around his waist as he pulled back and then thrust into her again. She moaned and pulled her legs tight around him as his cock filled her pussy, and then he felt complete and utter shock as he heard her say,

“I love you Dad.”

David reached over and turned the bedside lamp on and got the shock of his life. His cock was buried to the balls inside Darlene’s pussy, not Penny’s. He lay there, trapped; with her legs around his waist and with his hard cock inside his daughter-in-law as he listened to her explain.

“I know why you and Sandra got a divorce dad, and I’ve had my own struggles with it when I found out that David Jr. is still screwing around with his mother. At first I was hurt and angry, and I almost divorced him, but the more I thought about it the less I was angry and hurt, and the more turned on I became. I started thinking about you, and how much you mean to me, and well, to be honest, I just started having fantasies about you fucking me. I know you’ll think I’m terrible, but I’ve even had a fantasy that I’m lying naked in bed next to Sandra, watching David Jr. fuck her, and he watches you fuck me.”

“Does David Jr. or Sandra know how you feel?”

“No, the only other person in the world that knows is Penny. I don’t think I want them to ever find out either. Right now I don’t want to share you with anyone, except maybe Penny.”

David had unconsciously and very slowly begun to move in and out of his daughter-in-laws hot pussy, and she had begun a slow rotation of her hips. He lowered his lips to meet hers, and they kissed deeply, tongues intertwining in a dance of passion and lust as he continued to fuck her. Darlene’s legs rose, and wrapped around David once again, and then he rolled onto his side so he could continue to slowly fuck her while they talked and fondled one another.

“Would you like to turn the lamp off?”

“No, I want to be able to look into the beautiful eyes of my daughter-in-law as I make love to her.”

Darlene’s arms slipped around David, and she began to cry softly.

“Thanks dad, I know what it is, but I prefer thinking of it as making love, not just you filling my pussy with your cock and fucking my brains out.”

“Well, you’re pussy is so tight, that my cock is pretty much filling it.

They both laughed and Darlene hugged him again.

“Ohh Dad, I love you so much. I’ve wanted you to make love to me for so long, but what are we going to do? This makes us as bad as David Jr. and Sandra. Don’t get me wrong, I love you being inside me, but, well, I’m just confused. Where do we go from here? Penny says just go with it, but I-”

Placing a finger over her lips, David smiled at her and said,

“If I had known you were going to talk this much, I’d have left my cock in your mouth.”

Darlene laughed, thrust her hips at him and said,

“You are a dirty old man; you may get tired of me sucking your cock after a while.”

“I’m sorry you think of me as a dirty old man, but I do love fucking you.”

“Oh dad, I don’t really think you’re a dirty old man, I love you, and you’ve been like a real father to me.”

David smiled and looked down to where his cock disappeared inside his daughter-in-law, then he looked back up into her eyes. She looked down to see what he was looking at, and as she realized what she had said, she blushed and started to stammer.

“Oh dad, I didn’t mean my own father fucked me, I just mean-“

She saw him smiling at her and she blushed again.

“You are a dirty old man.”

She gently hit him in the chest with her small fist, and then hugged him closer laughing.

“Okay daddy, fuck me good.”

David rolled Darlene over onto her back and began to fuck her harder and faster, sliding his cock almost all the way out, and then thrusting hard back into her. Darlene began whimpering and begging him to fuck her even harder, and faster.

“Ohhhhh yeahhhh, do it daddy, fuck me good, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Ohhhhh, Ohhhhh yeahhhh.”

When Darlene began to climax, it felt to her like she would surely lose consciousness, but the ecstasy just went on and on. Her pussy clamped down on David’s cock and he thrust one last time into her and held himself deep inside her pussy as her eyes rolled back and his cum filled her. She could feel the throbbing of his cock with each explosion of his cum into her wet cunt and it made her climax even stronger, and last longer. Darlene couldn’t remember any time in her life that she had a climax this prolonged or wonderful.
Totally exhausted, they lay in each other’s arms, gently kissing, and fondling each other. Darlene, running her finger around David’s curly gray hair, and David kissing her soft shoulder and sliding his hand up and down the length of her warm, smooth thigh. With one of her legs under his waist and the other across him, and his now soft cock still inside her, she smiled up at him, and then placed her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. They drifted off to sleep, holding each other and feeling completely satisfied.

The next morning, David opened his eyes to the sight of a beautiful sun rise, and the feel of warm lips sliding up and down the length of his hardening cock. He looked down into the eyes of his daughter-in-law and could tell from the look in them that she was enjoying herself. He reached down, placing his hands under her arms, and pulling her up to him. Their lips met as her arms went around him and she held on as his cock again entered her waiting pussy. Looking into his eyes as he began fucking her, she said.

“I still don’t know where all this is going dad, but I sure am enjoying it.”

Later, her hand closed around his cock as he pulled the sheet up to cover them, and he was settling back on the pillows when they heard the door close down stairs. David jumped, but Darlene stopped him from getting up, and they were sitting side by side with the sheet down to their waist, Darlene’s hand still around David’s cock under the sheets, and her hard nipples exposed when the door opened and Penny walked in smiling.

“Well, it looks like you two enjoyed yourselves last night.”

“And this morning” Darlene said.

David’s smile was one of genuine pleasure at seeing Penny, and his cock jumped in Darlene’s hand. Darlene smiled and said,

“Oh sweetie we’re not done yet, would you like to join us?”

Picking David’s robe up from the floor, Penny said,

“Not right now, and you had better move your ass. Your mother-in-law is expecting you to meet her at the mall in thirty minutes so you can pick up Stacy.”

“CRAP! That woman is constantly screwing up my life.”

Then Darlene turned and kissed David on the lips, then leaped from the bed and ran for the bathroom while Penny watched. The bathroom door closed with a bang, and then Penny heard the shower running. She looked back at the bed where David still sat, covered from the waist down with the sheet. She smiled and walked to the bed and offered David his robe.

“Wouldn’t want you to catch cold.”

“Worried about my health, or just want me to cover up?”

He slid from the bed and stood beside her, then turned and she placed the robe on his arms and slid it around him. She smiled as she noticed that he had been watching her as she looked down at his cock before the robe covered it.

“You are a naughty boy; you spent the night fucking my best friend, and then when she’s in the next room, you show me your cock. What’s a girl to do?”

Then, with a smile on her lips and twinkling eyes, Penny maintained eye contact with him as she lowered herself to her knees, pulled his robe back, and took his cock into her mouth. She tasted his cum as well as Darlene’s pussy on it and she moaned as she sucked it deep into her throat, and for the second time in less than twenty four hours David felt the thrill of a woman’s warm soft lips closing around his cock.

The Beginning

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