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This story is about me and a female friend that I've known since middle school. This is my first story so let me know what you think.
"Whats up, Ciara" I said

"Nothing still half sleep, you get my text last night?"

"Nah what it say, I was probably sleep for real"

"Nothing I just wanted to talk its aight" she said as the bus rolled up to the stop.

It was 6:55 in the morning and we was probably twenty or thirty deep on the bus stop on our way to school. My names Tony and me and Ciara have known each other since we were 11 years old and now both at 17 I guess you can say we were bestfriends. Ciara stood about 5'6" and weighed around 140lbs and was sexy as shit, she was a pretty ass light brown complexion, with these eyes that just grabbed you when you looked into them even though they were just a regular brown color, long hair, a flat stomach, a nice little butt and her titties had to be atleast a C-cup. Even though we're friends I'm still a male and still got to look you know...

As for myself I'm 6'1" and weigh about 180lbs,light brown skin, a low cut some light brown eyes with a few tatoos, I play on both the basketball and football so I work out a lot and try to keep everything in shape. As we reached our normal seats on the back of the bus me by the window and Ciara next to me the bus took off on our way. As usual even though it was early barely no one on the bus was quiet except the few people way in the front. My homeboy Shawn sat across from us talking to this cute ass girl Brianna of course trying through whatever game yo thought he had to her.

"Shawn your dick probably aint even big of to handle me boy please!" she said loudly with a smile on her face to make sure everyone heard her.

"Man whatever Brianna, you know you trying get it" he threw back at her quickly.

"You can ask any chick at school, they all hooked the dick!" he continued before she cut him off...

"That aint what I heard" she said, "from what I heard you a one minute nigga, now it is one person on here that do got some good dick" as she looked over at me with a little smirk on her face. Me and Brianna had messed around for a little bit over the summer but even though she was cute I wasn't trying take it to seriously at the time, but dame her pussy was good. We pulled up at school and everyone kind of went in all different directions.

I was sitting in my second period class, listening to my health teacher talk about everything under the sun except shit related to health when I got a text from Ciara.

"what u doing clown" she texted

"shit bored 4real ready to go already lol"

"u betta be doin that work, but why Brianna look at u this mornin on the bus"

"what u talkin bout?" I texed back knowing what she was talking bout.

"u actin dumb now? when she was talkin bout good dick"

Me and Brianna only talked for a about a week or two so Ciara didn't know we fucked over the summer even though she wouldn't have cared I think. "i mean i got some good dick, and girls talk 4real LOL" I texted back.

"let me find out" she wrote.

"u can, when u ready lol" I texted, now I damn sure ain't expect what she wrote next seeing as we were bestfriends and everything.

"meet me at the back staircase afta this period"

"aight".. I wrote not really knowing what she wanted, now the back staircase was on the bottom floor all the way on the other side of the building nobody ever used it unless they were skipping a class or smoking, I finally got there after having to go throw what seem like everybody in the damn school.

"Yeah so what u want" I said with a smile.

"You said I can see right well show me" she said back with this sexy ass look on her face.

"Stop playing Ciara" I said thinking she was fucking with me until she came closer to me and put her hand on the front of my jeans rubbing my dick through the material, it felt so damn good I couldn't help but get hard.

"Yo Ciara stop before you start something you can't finish" I managed to get out between light sighs and a couple small moans.

"I'm going finish it if you just let me" said Ciara, and with that she undid my belt and unzipped my jeans and began pulling my dick out through my boxers, her grip got a little tighter and her storke sped up.

"Mmm damn boy atleast its big, but do you know what you doing with it" she said lighty in my ear.

She started to kiss at my neck while she continued to stroke my dick, damn she knew what she was doing, then them soft, pretty lips of hers touched mine and we kissed deep and hard. I couldn't let myself get caught up and not think about her so I slid my hand under her sweat pants and felt the phattest and wettest pussy I've ever felt and I had'nt even went under her panties, she let out a moan in my ear and whispered "damn baby, slide them in" and with that my hands went under her panties and two fingers slid into her dripping wet pussy. We played with each other for another 5 minutes, until I couldn't take no more I had to get in it.

"Damn Ciara! I want that turn around" I said breathing heavy, she nodded her head with her eyes half closed. I pulled her sweat pants and panties down farther and damn her pussy was prettier than I thought it would be she had the hair trimmed neat and short and her pussy lips were super phat. I slowly slid the head of my dick up and down her slit to get it extra wet before slowly sliding inside her.

"Mmm shit! Tony go deeper!" she let out, I continued sliding in until I was completely inside her. I slid out to the head, grabbed her hips tightly and slammed back deep inside her.

"Ahh! shit, get me that dick" she screamed, I began to go faster and harder each time I slammed inside her pussy would make this smacking sound, I reached around and began to play with her clit while I fucked her..

"Shit! Ciara damn this pussy good" I let out followed by a few grunts, she began to throw her pussy back onto my dick. Twenty minutes into I felt my nut began to build but knew I wanted her to cum first, so I began beating her pussy up like crazy..

"Shh...iii....ttt! To..nnnyy! don't stop Im bout to cuu...uuummmmm! she scream as I felt her pussy tighted around my dick, I looked down to see all her cum on my dick and that put me over the edge I could't hold on any longer and exploded deep inside her.

As we came down from our orgasm's she turned to me and kissed me deep and whispered in my ear how she had been wanting that for the longest and needed some more. She reached into her purse and got some napkins to clean us both off, we put our clothes back on and finished the school day...


2009-11-29 22:26:22
a goos start now do part 2 please

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