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My wife has always been rather prim until a friend came round for drinks
Sarah and I had been married for some fifteen years. So far we had had a happy and conventional marriage, nothing out of the ordinary. Our sex life had developed with time and was now most enjoyable. It had not always been that way. Sarah’s mother had been a total prude, almost Victorian in her outlook. Sarah was often told by her mother that “Sex was sordid, messy disgusting and degrading but was one of those things that a wife had to put up with”. Sarah is an only child and had been much under her mothers thumb so it had taken several years of marriage to get her to loose the inhibitions that had been instilled in her and to get to the point where she would not only enjoy sex, but would initiate things that she had been taught were ‘disgusting and perverted’. In fact there are times when her now unreserved abandon has been a source of some embarrassment.
Sarah has become very vocal, a fact that got us some very strange looks one time when we spent a holiday in a tent. It became apparent, from listening to exceedingly ribald and speculative comments in the men’s shower block, that she had been heard throughout the campsite. Sarah reported similar comments from the women’s shower block but the comments she herd were acid and were accompanied by an icy silence when she emerged from her shower. We moved on quickly from there.
We enjoy ourselves and she now takes great delight in sex. She adores wearing sexy clothing and acting the slut in the privacy of the bedroom. We had often discussed our fantasies. Her favourite fantasy was of being joined in our fucking another man or even men. She took great delight in telling me all the details she imagined. This always turned us both on and usually heralded a heated session between the sheets, especially if I tell her what I would like to see done to her. I always considered that it was just one of those things talked about to bring extra spice to those intimate moments. That was until one Saturday last June
It all began in a very ordinary way. Bob is an old friend and neighbour and had popped in for a visit. This was nothing out of the ordinary as we would get together from time to time. Tonight it was our turn as hosts and he had come round for a drink, quite a few drinks in fact, and we had been enjoying a very convivial evening. There was much laughter and joking. The conversation, as it always does on these occasions, had got rather smutty and loaded with double meanings. Sarah was, as usual, flirting outrageously with Bob and he was responding in kind. I could see Sarah getting more flushed, it had started in her cheeks and was now spread over her ample cleavage - as it always does when she has had a few drinks.
Bob left to relieve himself of some of the beer he’d been swilling. Sarah leaned over the back of the sofa and put her arms round my neck. She kissed me and whispered that she was feeling very horny. I told her she would have to wait until later. She asked how much later. I replied that she’d have to wait until Bob had left. She smiled wickedly and asked what if she couldn’t wait that long. I laughed and said she would have to wait, as we couldn’t very well disappear upstairs and fuck leaving our guest to await our return. It would be rude and not at all fair to him. Unless, I joked, she was aiming to include him as well. She was about to reply when Bob came back into the room which put an end to the discussion.
A short time later Sarah got up and, as she was leaving the room, I asked her to bring another couple of beers from the fridge. She said that she was off to the loo and what did I think she was, a barmaid? I said she wasn’t dressed right for a barmaid. Bob added that, with a figure like hers, could easily imagine her as an old fashioned tavern wench. She flushed and said that, if we could wait until she came down again, she would see about serving us or we could get off our arses and get our own beer.
I heard her come back down stairs. She called to ask if we still wanted the beer and when I said yes I heard her head for the kitchen. When she came back into the lounge all Bob and I could do was stare in amazement. She had on her skimpy, black, maids outfit with holdups and four inch heels. That she wore nothing else was obvious as the outfit is practically see-through and her full ripe figure was shown off to great advantage. Her tits strained against the lacings and her nipples seemed to be trying to burst through the material. She said she hadn’t got a tavern wenches outfit, and this was the nearest she could find. She held her arms wide, a bottle in each hand, and turned slowly round then asked us if it would do.
Bob sat there doing an impression of a goldfish. For myself I was doubly amazed at the sight of her. It was not the outfit she was wearing; she knows my love of sexy clothing and this was one she frequently wore to tease me. It was her manner; it was so totally out of character. In my wildest dreams I had never imagined that she could act so. I felt hard and eager but still unsure what this was leading to. I had visions of her suddenly scooting out of the room having wound both of us up. I was about to be proved wrong.
She came over to me and, leaning low, placed my drink on the coffee table. To see what she would do I reached forwards and gave the bow of the lacing on her dresses a tug. With the pressure of her tits behind it the front burst open and her ample tits spilled out. She smiled and raised her eyebrow questioningly. I nodded and, grinning broadly, she turned round to face Bob. She stepped round me and, leaning across the table tits swinging, put his beer down. She waggled her bum, almost in my face, there was her cunt, glistening wet and I slid two fingers between its lips. She sighed and placed both of her hands onto the table for support.
She stood there for a few moments as I stroked her. At first she was still, and then she started to sway back and forth, gyrating her hips so that she was thrusting against my hand. As she did so her tits swung around and around. Bob sat staring, his eyes glued to the swinging tits. She had a hungry look on her face and never took her eyes off Bob. Standing up she went over to him, knelt down and undid his trousers. His cock sprang out. She immediately started to feast on it. He lay back on the sofa with a look of bliss on his face. Sarah has a fantastic way with her mouth and tongue, the best I have ever known. She loves sucking cock and always swallows. She sucked and licked at his cock. Then wrapped her huge ‘F’ cup tits round his cock and started to massage it. You could see he was on the verge of shooting his load when she stopped.
Sitting back on her heels she pulled his trousers off. She clambered on to his lap and straddled him. She was so juiced up that she slid easily on to his cock and was soon bouncing up and down on his hard pole her tits bouncing. As I said, Sarah’s tits are very large. They have big juicy nipples that are very, very sensitive. At first Bob watched, mesmerised as her tits bounced and jiggled in front of him. Then Sarah cupped them and offered them up to him and he got the idea. Soon he was mauling one, rolling its nipple hard between his fingers while sucking and chewing in the other. Sarah likes her tits to be handled roughly. After a particularly good session they are often covered in marks and bites and are very swollen. I started to wonder what they would look like by the end of this evening. In almost no time she was clasping hard on to Bob and started to gasp and moan as her orgasm ran through her. He groaned as he shot his load.
Sarah slid off his deflating cock and lay back on the sofa, legs apart, dribbling her juices and his cum over the leather. While she had been riding Bob I had stripped. I now got between her legs and slid into her cunt. It was very wet and accommodating. I rode her hard; crushing her tits in my hands. There was no subtlety. I had just watched her deliberately flaunt herself and fuck with another man right in front of me and was getting a real kick out of watching her behave like this. I was hot and hard and, right now, I felt that if she wanted to act the whore, I would treat her like one. So I rode her hard and she responded. She came again and I came with her.
I pulled out when I had finished, leaving her laying back with her legs wide, yet more juices leaking from her cunt. She stayed that way for a few moments and then put her right hand down to her sopping cunt and started to scrape our combined come off it. She raised her hand to her face and, tipping it, dribbled cum into her open mouth. With a look of joy, and an appreciative sound, she sucked her fingers clean. Her hand went back to her cunt and this time her fingers slipped into its inner depths, moved around inside and came out cupped. They were loaded with cum which she ate. She repeated the process several times, each time her fingers delved deeper until there was very little left for her to suck from her fingers.
Bob was staring at her, watching every move. He knelt between her legs, buried his face in her cunt and started to lick. He alternately licked between her cunt lips and around her clit. She started to respond. As she did so he slipped two fingers into her and worked them in and out. Two fingers became three then four. Then he started to concentrate on her clit. He licked and sucked on it. Occasionally he seemed to be gently chewing at it, all the while his fingers moved in and out in a steady rhythm. Now he had four fingers in her cunt while his thumb and tongue worked on her clit. She writhed more and more. She came with a cry, her shudders making ripples run through her fulsome flesh.
Bob was now re-armed and got her on to her hands and knees on the floor. He took her from behind. At first her arms were straight. Despite this her nipples touched the ground. I watched these nipples dragged across the carpet as her tits swung in time to his thrusting. Bob started get into his rhythm and, as his thrusts got harder her arms gradually bent until she was face down on the carpet, tits squashed flat and her round ripe bum high in the air. As Bob humped her hard, his thighs made loud slapping sounds against her bum and ripples ran through her flesh.
She rolled out from under him and, pushing him back onto the floor, straddled him. She started to rock slowly to and fro. I was standing close watching and she grabbed for my cock. I moved closer and she started to suck on it. As did so she slowly rose and fell on Bobs cock. She was sucking hard now alternating the use of her mouth and tongue with her hand. She wrapped her tits round my cock and sucked the end as it emerged from between them. I came all over her face and tits. She paused, still straddling Bob, and again she scraped the cum from her body and consumed it.
When she had finished Bob flipped her on to her back without withdrawing from her. He threw her legs over his shoulders so she was almost bent double. He grabbed her wrists and pinned her to the floor and started to fuck her once more, sinking all his length in to her willing cunt, slowly at first, but gradually getting faster and faster. In this position her tits were now hanging over her shoulders between her upraised arms and her face and, as his force increased, her tits started to slap against her face. She turned her head from side to side, biting and sucking at each in turn.
She started to sigh and moan as his speed picked up. He thrust harder. The harder he thrust the louder her moans got. Then he started to slow again and thrust more gently almost pulling out each time. She swore at him and told him to fuck her hard. She started chanting “Fuck me, fuck me” in time with his thrusts. This changed to “Harder, harder” He responded. As he thrust harder her noises became more primitive. The “Harder” became a more guttural “Ha”. This turned into “Hu!, Hu!” grunting sound. I hardened again as I watched my normally prim and proper wife pinned to the ground with our friend hammering her cunt while she grunted like an animal. Her grunting got louder and louder. I saw Bob stiffen, pause for a second, and then plunge his entire length hard into her. As he did so she gasped and let out a shriek. Her body spasmed uncontrollably beneath him. She seemed to shake and shudder for ages, her cries changing to whimpers, diminishing until she came to a sudden stop and everything was silence except for the panting of her breath.
Bob withdrew. She lay there flushed and glistening with sweat for several minutes cum and juices flooding out of her cunt onto the carpet. She tried to get up and failed. In the end, we both had to help her. She slumped, exhausted onto the sofa.
Bob left shortly after. In bed we discussed everything that had happened. I assured her that I was not upset about what had happened. Not only that but that I had, in fact, enjoyed the whole event and would enjoy a repeat performance if ever she felt like doing it again. She said that she could see by my face as she fucked Bob and knew I was enjoying it. She said that she got really turned on with the thought that other men might find her worth fucking but that the really erotic part was to know that I was watching her do it. I asked her if that didn’t make her feel like a slut. She said it made her feel like a total whore, but that she was my whore and would always be so. She trusted me and she knew I wouldn’t betray that trust. She promised that any time I wanted her to, she would be only too glad to spread her legs, wherever, whenever and for whomever I chose. Just so long as I was there to see.
We get together with Bob about once a month now. These days there is very little drinking. Sarah always dresses up in something sexy and revealing at the outset. She says it’s not worth wasting time that could be better spent fucking.
I am left wondering what her mother would make of all this. She would have been appalled that her daughter could have sex and enjoy it. I cannot think what she would have made of the fact that her daughter was superb at pleasing a man using her lips and tongue and enjoying doing it (that being the most perverted thing a man would ask of a woman according to Ma) . She could never have conceived that her daughter could, like a common whore, parade herself almost naked, without coercion, in front of her husband and another male and then, of her own accord, fuck that friend and her husband repeatedly and be willing to do it at any time.

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