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I arrange to meet paul and show him the footage frome my phone..............he soon sees sense and we strike an arrangment.............either that or his wife gets too see him fucking alice
I’d arranged the meeting with Paul after getting his mobile number from Alice. No way did I want to miss out on Alice getting fucked. As much as I loved fucking Fiona and Alice myself, I found it such a turn on watching them getting screwed by other people. Fiona was a fully fledged whore now and would fuck and suck any cock I told her too, where as Alice, she was still only 18 yrs old. She had a lot to learn and a lot of cock to learn on.

Paul was left speechless as I produced the footage of him fucking Alice from the night before, he was also very apologetic, and he made it quite clear that his wife or Alice's parents could ever find out about this. Paul began offering me money and allsorts before I cut him dead and explained the situation fully.

“Look Paul, don’t worry about the missus or anybody finding out ok?”

“Ok, ok”

“It’s like this Paul, I know that you saw me and Alice together in the car park a few weeks back, when she had her tits out?”

“Yes, yes I did see you”

“Well I’ve been fucking Alice for a few months now Paul and to be quite honest she is one hell of a fuck, now I know you know this after last night’s antics, am I right Paul?”

“Your right yes, Alice is a very good fuck”

“Right Paul, that’s good. The thing is that little whore is mine ok? But I get off on her getting fucked by other blokes you get me Paul? I’ve been telling her to dress like a slut for work hoping it’d catch your attention and funnily enough it has. I didn’t think you’d make your move on her so soon though Paul I was kind of enjoying watching you squirm at the sight of her parading to your customers.”


“Hold on Paul. What I’m saying is simple, fuck her as much as you like but I watch ok, Simple. Anyway I’ve got a little treat for you Paul. You and me aint the only one’s that’s been fucking pretty little Alice, when she knocks off tomorrow follow my car I think you’ll enjoy.”

“And my missus won’t find out?”

“Promise, see you tomorrow. I’ll be in about 9:30pm do you think you can keep your hands off her till later?”

I didn’t wait for a response I left Paul in the pub just before he had to open up for the evening customers. Alice went to work that night dressed as requested by Paul but instructed by me.

Again she had the regulars drooling over her fit young body. I couldn’t wait for her shift to finish. I was just hoping that the farmer would be patrolling the lane as usual because we hadn’t been up there for a week or so. Alice was in for a double dose of cock tonight if he was around.

She finished her shift around 10:45pm and joined me in the car.

“Open your blouse then take out my cock and suck me off whore”.

She didn’t need asking twice her tits were soon on show, her nipples hardening in the cool air. Alice reached over and unzipped my jeans and pulled out my floppy thick cock. Wanking it slowly in her soft palm my cock began to stiffen and rise, as it grew to its full thick 6” Alice bent over and began sucking my dick.

“Arrrggghhhh that is what I needed, a nice blowjob from my little whore”

Alice continued sucking me whilst I sat back enjoying the wet, warm sensation of her sweet mouth working up and down my shaft. I then noticed Paul come out the back door and lock up. I held Alice's head down on my cock as he peered in on his way past to his car.

“Time to go Alice, let’s have a trip up cottage lane shall we, see if your farmer friend is about?”

“Oh can’t you just fuck me tonight please?”

“I’ve all the time in the world to fuck you Alice don’t you worry about that”

I carried on down cottage lane a little further this time, pulling into a slightly larger gated area with access to a farm track which wasn’t gated off and also two gated off farmers fields. I swung my car round and reversed up to one of the gates. I switched off the engine but left the headlights on. Paul’s car went by and pulled into another access point down on the left. I don’t think Alice paid it too much attention as I was busy kneading her beautiful 36c’s.

“Out the car slut”

I stood in front of the bonnet and dropped my trousers and boxer shorts, I felt the chill of the air whirl around my shaven bollocks and cock.

“Suck me off”

Her wet warm mouth was soon slurping away on my thick shaft, bobbing up and down in a smooth rhythm greasing my pole nicely. Alice was still wearing her open blouse and I mauled her teats as she bent before me like a common slut. I heard Paul’s car door shut away to the left and knew he’d be joining us shortly.

“That's it Alice keep sucking my thick cock, suck that salty spunk from my balls there's a good little slut”.

“Nice of you too join us” I said to Paul as he entered the headlight beam. “Come and get stuck in mate”.

Alice had stopped sucking my cock and turned to look at Paul.

“I see your putting that mouth to good use for once tonight your dirty whore” Paul aimed at her as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed it back down onto my waiting cock.

Paul knelt down on the gravel and sucked on one of her breasts whilst pulling on her other cold, hard nipple. Alice moaned at the tit play but continued to suck my cock making my load rise all the time. Paul was on his feet after a few minutes and standing behind Alice, he reached round and unbuttoned her black trousers followed by the zipper.

“Let’s have these off shall we, get a look at this fine ass”.

Her black trousers were soon in a heap round her ankles and Paul caressed her smooth 18 year old ass cheeks, stroking each in turn before kissing them all over. Her red thong was then pulled from her gusset and added to the trousers round her ankles. I slid myself further down the bonnet, making Alice bend over more hoping to allow Paul better access to her pussy hole. I watched as struggled to push her legs to far apart, what with the trousers round her ankles.

“Take one of her boots off Paul”

After struggling with her boot for a moment he eventually freed one leg from the confines of the trousers and pushed her legs apart. Her sex was now on display in all its shaven moist glory.

“That's more like it bitch, now I can get at that cunt of yours”

Paul buried his head between her ass cheeks and licked her sweet hole; Alice began writhing around, her legs becoming weak as an orgasm built up in her body. Paul then pulled her ass cheeks apart and stuck his tongue into her asshole and rimmed her out. This made Alice stop sucking my cock and scream out as she came hard.

“Fucking bitch loves it round her ass, maybe she’ll like some cock up there too?”

“Hey I aint fucked that ass yet Paul and I will be the first, so when I’ve done it then other people can ok”. I had no intention of fucking Alice's ass yet and I wasn’t about to let some others bloke fuck it before me, she was still new to the whore game and didn’t want to scare her off too soon. There would be plenty of time for sweet little Alice to start whoring out her asshole.

I was getting seriously close too blowing my nuts when I heard a car and spotted some headlights not too far away coming from the right. We’d all heard it and Alice tried to pull away and Paul went to stand up.

“Don’t you two fucking move, keep sucking slut I’m going to come all over your face, suck me faster, Paul lick her cunt”.

“Arrggghhhhhhh here I fucking come bitch hummmmmmffffffffff arrrrghhhhhhhh” I pulled out and fired a torrent of sperm into Alice's face; as my fourth spray splashed into her open mouth the farmers Landover skidded to a stop on the gravel right next to us. Pauls looked up to see who the hell it was and almost ran off.

“Fucking hell I nearly missed out tonight I was just on me way back farm when I saw the headlights in the distance” the farmer grunted in his gruff voice. “Looks like this little whore is having some fun though hey? Where's the old scrubber tonight you wore her out?” he said laughing to himself.

The farmer didn’t wait for an invite, he pulled down his jeans and pants and fed his cock straight down Alice's uncomplaining throat and told her to suck him good.

“Get some dick in this whore one of you” the farmer grunted as his 8” cock vanished in and out of Alice's abused mouth.

Paul dropped his jeans and his 8” sprang up into view, it was about the same size as the farmers, maybe a little thinner in girth than the farmers but solid and ready to plough Alice. He shuffled in behind and forced his cock into her vacant pussy chamber

“Oooooohhhhhhhhhhh fuck” moaned Alice as Pauls cock sunk into her womb for the second time in as many nights. Paul gripped her hips and began ploughing into the back of Alice hard and fast, almost knocking her off her feet, the farmer did his best to hold her steady by firmly gripping her either side of her head and pumping her come covered face up and down his engorged penis. Paul then reached into his jacket pocket and took out his camera and got some more snaps of himself hammering her from behind. He also got a couple of snaps of her sucking on the farmer but was sure to not get his face in shot.

“Get some from the side, no faces though” I took the camera fro Paul and got a few snaps of her being spit roasted what a dirty little whore she was turning into and I loved it as I stood stroking my cock.
Paul began to puff and pant a lot after about 15 minutes of fucking Alice from behind, I knew he was getting closer to dumping a load in her womb.

“Here I come slut, here I come deep in your cunt....hmmf hmmf hummff oh yeah there it goes”

Paul held himself in Alice his come flowing into her womb and Alice came moments later, her cunt contracting around Pauls wilting old cock. The other old boy at the other end found it too much and filled her throat with a salty load. Two old men had just roasted her in the country lane and filled her with come.

“Clean our cocks whore” barked the farmer, Paul joined the farmer on my bonnet and Alice's alternated her mouth between their cocks, cleaning them of come and her own pussy juice.

“Make me hard I want to fuck you before I go home bitch”

Whilst Alice tried to coax the two old cocks back to life I took the opportunity to fill her sticky hole with my thick cock, she moaned loudly as my penis stretched her out, pulling her cunt wide open and forcing Pauls gooey spunk out the sides as I stroked my cock in her tight cunt. I reached underneath Alice and strummed away on her sensitive clitty, forcing another orgasm from her body. Fucking her hard and fast it didn’t take me long to add my seed into her already over flowing womb, I pulled out my thick shaft and let the come cascade from her hole and down her sticky thighs.

“Right bitch, time for the last cock off the night”

I took the farmers place in front of Alice on the bonnet and offered her my slimy cock, she readily took it in her hands and then in her mouth. She continued sucking off me and Paul as the farmer fed his 8” into her well used cunt. She was fucked at a slow pace by the farmer like he was savouring every moment of having his cock in a tight 18 year old pussy. I then noticed the farmer spit down onto Alice's asshole and before I could say anything he’d rammed his dirty calloused finger into her dark hole.

“Arrrggghhh fucking hell Arrrrggghhhhh”

As much as I hurt her she came uncontrollably, her legs shaking and buckling beneath her sending her onto her knees against the car bonnet. The farmer rushed in behind her and slammed his cock back into her cunt, and squatting over her he fucked her hard and fast, slamming her into the car and calling her numerous degrading names over and over. Me and Paul could do nothing but watch as he violently assaulted her abused pussy.

“Time for some cock up her arse I reckon” grunted the farmer. He bumped his helmet at her tight entrance twice before I grabbed his shoulder.

“No mate, nothing in her arse except fingers and tongues ok, pussy and mouth or nothing at all you understand?”

“Ok ok I understand” the farmer reluctantly slipped his cock back into her cunt and continued his furious assault; he also entered a finger into her anus.

“Soon enough bitch I’m gonna fuck your tight asshole and I can’t wait”

Alice came again just before the farmer emptied load number three into her whoring hole. Paul got a few more snaps of Alice on all fours up against the car, her pussy stretched and leaking 3 lots of come. What a slut. What a very good whore Alice was becoming.

For the following three months or so Alice was regularly used by me, Paul, the farmer or any combination of us. I was also still servicing the original whore Fiona on as regular basis as possible but it was just one on one fucks at the minute so not worth writing about.

That was until she caught me fucking Alice........................I thought my days of using these sluts were wrong was I?


2010-11-25 01:23:40
So hot. I love these stories.


2010-11-25 01:23:32
So hot. I love these stories.


2010-06-01 09:45:43
By the way ........... Mom still single??????? and do the 3 of you want to visit me and, or move in?


2010-06-01 09:42:35
Absolutely love it . Love the way she is. Mothers the same ? Love it too. I would love to have a family like that and or a wife and daughter like that. That would be absolutely perfect as I like sex just as much and love to watch and join in as they are being satisfied and cumming many times let alone to see their pussies, and mouths dripping with cum. I absolutely love it.

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