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Sophies parents go away for a week and gets intimate with her pets
My names Sophie im 16 and i have long blonde hair and sparkling blue eyes. My tits are 36c and i have a gorgeous figure.
I first had sex a few weeks ago when my parents went off for a weeks holiday leaving me to look after the house and the dog and pony. I took a shower in the morning just after they left to freshen myself up. I put on a pair of white lacy panties and one of my dads large shirts after i got out. Feeling hungry i went downstairs for some food and let Bobby our great dane in. I sat at the table to eat some toast id prepared when Bobby came under the table to poke his nose into my pussy. This startled me but i ignored it but he did it again inhaling my scent.
“Bobby go lie down!!” but he was oblivious. This time i pushed him away and it worked. For awhile.
I finished my toast and went back up to dress fully. I bent down to pull my jeans up when he stuck his nose inbetween my legs again. I jumped up startled by his cold nose. What is up with him i thought?? He came again this time he licked his huge tongue right up my slit. I couldnt help but let out a moan. I fought against having him lick me more and managed to get him out of my room while i dressed.
I went and did my chores whilst on and off being harassed by Bobby. I went and sat on the couch after dressing down to my lacy panties and shirt, Bobby sitting in front of me wagging his tail. Theres nothing wrong if i let him just lick is there? Were both animals to some extent? How could i be thinking this though...a dog lick me!!
Id already thought of having him lick me though and my pussy wanted it. Ive never been there with a guy although i hit off a lot im a hopeless romantic. I slid my panties down my thighs a bit to expose the pink flesh of my pussy. To my surprise i was already wet. I rubbed my lips with my fingers and released a slight moan. Bobby didnt need an offer he was already there knocking my fingers out of the way so he could lap up my juices with his huge tongue. Each stroke ended over my clit causing a ripple of pleasure. Id never of thought that id have my dog please me. But hes damn good! He dug his nose whilst pushing his tongue in further. I helped by spreading my legs to open my pussy up fully to him. My breathing had increased and my face burned red by now my pussy was leaking its natural lubricant for Bobby to lap up. I groaned. He struck my clit again. Aaaahhh. My heavy breathing now became moan after moan his huge slimy tongue running up and down my slit. I caught a glimpse of his dick my heartbeat thumping in my throat as i thought of him fucking me. No he cant fuck me. He cant...
He stopped and backed off. Yearning for more i took my pussy to him leaving only my head and shoulders on the couch. I cried out to him to eat more of my slick wet pussy. He licked his lips. Then he did something i didnt expect. Bobby jumped up me and clamped his legs around my curvy waist his body pressing down on my taut thighs. I didnt want him to get off me though his fur tickling the insides of my thighs my pussy aching to be searched. He moved forward positioning himself his cock just inches away from its goal. I could feel the heat of it. He shifted forward again his front legs now held onto to me just underneath my breasts. I arched my back to lift my waist up. With this i felt the tip of his precum soaked dick. I gasped when it brushed my folds. We both looked into each others eyes as he thrust his 8 inch cock home his powerful hindquarters pushing halfway in. I let out cry as it stretched my lips open. He thrust again and with a squelch he was fully home his precum oozing into me. Ive used a dildo before so i didnt have to go through bleeding this time. Bobby started to set a fast pace humping my wet pussy. My orgasm started to increase once more my body hot all over from the wonderful sensations Bobby was giving me. Our lubricants started to trickle out and down through my pubic hair onto my pert ass cheeks. His balls slapped against me adding to my pleasure and the squelch of my soaking wet pussy aided it. By now i was crying out my moans and my shouts to him. Fuck meeee uhh fuck mm eee bobby!! Uhhhh. This seemed to spur him on as he thrust harder and deeper slamming my cunt with everything he’d got. The couch now pressed up against the wall it was my breasts that shook from his powerful thrusts. My hips were meeting him the both us slamming each other. Aaahhh oohh i cried again Fuuuuckk me aaarrggg. Bobbies knot was swelling and pressed against my outer lips this i was new too. He thrust harder to pop the knot inside me for when he sprayed his seed up the walls of my cunt. With one hard thrust he drove it home causing me a painful pleasure that drove me over the edge. Fuuuuuuck bobby im mmm ahhhahhh comiiiiiing!!! Uuuughgh!! My cum squirted out around his knot with a loud slurping noise. Bobbies thrusts became shorter and even harder until his cock twitched and fertilised me with a ton of hot goopy doggy cum. We stayed locked for another 15 mins before he managed to pull out allowing our trapped juices to dribble out onto the floor.He licked my pussy clean of our juices as i sucked his clean. The taste and aroma was overwhelming.
The next day i was out in the stable cleaning my pony out when for some reason i had an idea of him boning me too. My pussy stirred at the thought and started to become moist he mustve smelt my juices as his cock grew beneath him. What the hell i thought. I got down on my hands and knees unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them and my panties down. Jake my pony didnt need much prompting and took one sniff of my sex scent and mounted me. I looked underneath myself to see his huge donkeydick spring up to prod at my rear. He couldnt find my now wet hole so i stuck my ass up exposing my cunt more. Jake probed once more and found his target. He thrust forward and slipped his huge cock up my slick pussy. Gahahhhh!! He humped away at my rear with long powerful thrusts my orgasm building. Id been horny all night since Bobby had his way with me. His thusts were harder but a lot slower than bobbies. Juices once more caught in my pubic hair. Jake thrust one last time making sure to get his cock as far in me as possible before his leathery balls released copious amounts of horse cum inside me his cock spasming as it shot out. There was so much it squirted out of my pussy and soaked the backs of my legs. Not long after he pulled out as i came my orgasm as strong as last night’s my juices flowing out of my cunt and onto my stomach. Boy id turned into a right horny mare now that i was by myself in the middle of the countryside. I pulled my panties and jeans back up letting my panties soak up our juices. Bobby was waiting for at the door whining waiting for me...


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