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This is my first story i have ever made so please go easy on me enjoy :)
Ok so my name is john I am 16 from England. Im about 5'9 and fairly built. Because i used to do a lot of competative swimming and still doing bmxing i
have a fairly musclely body with a six pack.

so there i was in love with Lisa the most awsome girl in my life. she was 15 with long blonde culry hair standing at about 5'6. we had been going out
for about 3 mounths when i invited her back to mine to do some coursework.

"John, Lisa is here" shouted his mum
"ok!" i called back
with that she walked through my bedroom door and my god did she look stunning as ever. she was wearing a white small tank top and black jeans that were
falling off her hips.

"so then shall we get started?" i asked
"yer of course" she said
Lisa walk round my bed to the other side of it and sat down and preparred her stuff ready to work.

"wow your room is tidy for a change" she said
"yer i know i just spent ages tidying it up for a special someone" i replyed
"John we are only doing coursework it aint that special" she said
"thats what you think" i said with a devilish grin on my face

i was sat one end of the bed working and Lisa was on the otherside working. i was finding it rather hard to concentrate though because everytime
she bent down to write i could see down her top at her double D tits hidden by a sexy pink and white bra. This was realy starting to turn me on as
i didnt usually get to see much of her body. I was starting to think that she was doing it on purpose though as she was making it easyer and easyer for me.

"john? JOHN? you finished staring at my tits?" she asked
"oh damn sorry Lisa i must have zoned out there i was slightly disracted" i replyed
Lisa giggled "slightly distracted? you were completly ingrossed. just what was you thinking?" she asked
"oh you dont want to know babe, i dont think you would like the truth" i said
"i think i would. what was you thinking about?" She pressed on
"ok ok i was just thinking on what those bad boys would look like with nothing covering them" i finally answered

With that said Lisa pulled the front of her tank top and bra down and stated "like this"
i was going mad. this was the first time i had seen any of her like this. i wanted her so badly my 8inch cock straining again my jeans trying to get out.
I couldnt help myself i through my books down onto the floor and leaned and and started sucking on one of her glorious pink nipples. its soon became
erect in my mouth. i could feel her shaking and her breathing was a bit unsteady

"you like that do you?" i asked
"yes John dont stop"

i pulled off her tank top and undone her bra to make it more comfortable for her. She then tugged my tshirt over my head and off revealing my toned body.
i continued to suck on her nipple moving from one to another. i then moved up her chest to her neck and pecked it a couple of times, finally moving up to
lock in a passionate kiss. our lips slidding with each other as our tongues fought their battle. Her hands bumped down my six pack feeling every little bit
of it. then with that out the way she unbuttened my jeans and slip her hand down to my throbbing cock.

"wow jesus your big" she said when she grabbed hold of it
"thanks i replyed"
"take those jeans off now!" she demanded

i took my jeans off and then went to her and started taking hers off. once they were off she stood their in her sexy panties, she was wearing a green lacy
thong. my heart raced. she then took off my boxers( i was now stood up) as she took them off my cock sprung out inches from her face. i knew what was about
to happen. she ingulfed my cock with her mouth and started working her way up and down it.

"your really good considering you have never done anything like this before" i said
"i have seen my share of porn mover mr" she manged to reply in a rush between each bob on my cock
"babe stop i dont want to blow, its your turn now"

she stood up and i pealed off her thong. my eyes were blessed with the glorious sight of a hairless small pussy. i pushed her onto my bed on her back
and went down with my head for the kill. i pecked her belly button and continued pecking down to just the top of her pussy, then down one side of it down her
thigh, from there i went back up her leg towards her pussy but stopped just before it and went round it. i was tasing her and she knew it

"John please beg you just go for it"

with that said i went in and licked slowly from the bottom of her slit to the top just brushing her clit with the tip of my tongue making her quiver.
i started lashing her clit with my tongue and then sucked it. her breathing was getting very un even. i knew she was loving it and wasnt far off a thrilling
orgasm. with that her bum started lifting off my bed then she shuddered hard and moaned..... i had just given a girl and orgasm for a first time.

"John Fuck me" she demanded
"are you sure you want to babe, it is your virginity we are talking about here" i replyed
"yes im sure i love you John i want you to be my first"
"ok then if your sure"

i place the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy and pushed slowly in. It felt brillaint like nothing i had ever felt. i stopped when i felt my cock
hit something, it must be her hymen i thought. i wasnt stopped for long though because Lisa wrapped her legs round me and pulled my in braking through her hymen.
her face twisted a bit with the pain. i just stayed there in side her not moving untill i got the all clear to continue. after a while she finally told me to
start slowly so i did. i slowly eased my cock out till just the head was in her then slowly returned back into her. i couldnt believe how tight she was it was
wonderful her pussy gripping my cock like a vice, i could feel every little detail. we continued slowly fucking at first but then we got quicker and quicker until
i was pounding in and out of her. she grabbed my shoulders and dugg her nails into me. she was close to having another orgasm i could tell, i also had the tingly
sensation in my balls... it wasnt going to last much longer.

All of a sudden i felt her pussy walls clamp down on my cock and she screamed... shit that was it i exploded my cum all inside her shuddering hard from a power
orgasm at the same time as she had hers. we slowed down and stopped both of us panting, hot and sweaty.

"fuck me that was good" she excaliamed
"agreed" i said

"fuck....FUCK.....FUCKKK!!!!!" she shouted
"what?" i replyed in a panic
"we used no protection" she said with horror on her face

Go easy on me, i know it doesnt go into a lot of detail. please leave comments, ideas on how to improve or compliments are welcomed but please no insults. This was made in a slight rush and and experiement to see if i should continue to write

anonymous readerReport

2013-07-15 16:34:21
It was good but in every story the girl has double D's and the guy an 8 inch dick be creative and work on your spelling and grammar.

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-12 14:09:20
Ow5kMm Received the letter. I agree to exchange the articles.

Anonymous readerReport

2009-12-03 11:03:44
I got as far as the double DD's...and stopped 'cuz I just knew that in a few minutes I was going to read about his 8 inch dick....For Christ sakes people...if you're going to write smut.....try to be creative....BIG NEGATIVE from me.....

Anonymous readerReport

2009-12-02 18:45:23
yea your spelling needs some work, grammar too, and i dunno how you did your story but if you do it in word with normal sized paragraphs, then copy and paste your story into the uploader it shouldn't do this 3 lines thing......other than that, great start dude, good concept and lookin forward to part 2

Anonymous readerReport

2009-12-02 01:14:54
"wow jesus"

haha no i actually liked it. the concept was good and you did a pretty decent job telling the story.

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