One girl seduces others and forms a lez club
Cindy was a very popular girl in school but it was known that she preferred girls
to guys even though she was not a virgin and had been fucked by several guys from school.
She had actually lost her virginity to some idiot jocks that raped her at a party. There
were 3 of them. Cindy was a blonde, blue-eyed 16 year old with a very well developed body.

After being raped at age 14 she turned to girls for love because of their gentleness. She
had already seduced three 16 year old girls named Patty, Becky, and Judy. She then formed
a club with these girls and went on the hunt for other young 16-17 year olds. Although Cindy
was in high school, Patty was her neighbor and they had been friends for 5 years. Cindy had
invited her to stay for a sleep-over and seduced her. She then asked Patty if she knew any
other Junior high school girls they could seduce. Patty then introduced her to Becky and Judy.
Cindy and Patty seduced them at a sleepover and after that they formed their "pussy hunt club".

The 4 girls were at the mall one day when Cindy spotted a blonde at the food court she liked
and asked the girls if they knew her. Becky said it was a 16 year old friend of hers named Jackie.
They went to her table and Becky introduced everyone to her. Patty sat next to her and told
her they had a club and wanted to know if she would like to join it. Jackie asked what the club
was about and they said it was a secret and she would have to be initiated if she wanted to join.
Becky told Jackie it was a lot of fun and that she would like it. Since Jackie was Becky's friend
she told them ok and asked what she had to do. Patty said she was having a sleep-over this weekend
and for her to join them so they could show her the club. Becky told Jackie she would go to Patty's
with her since they were neighbors.

Becky and Jackie went to Patty's Saturday evening. When Patty came to the door she invited them in.
When they went to Patty's room they saw Cindy was already there, They all said hi and then they
all sat on Patty's bed. Jackie asked where they would be sleeping and Patty said she was going to
put one mattress from her bed on the floor and they would each share a mattress. They had already
arranged it so that Cindy would end up on the same mattress as Jackie. They played a variety of
games and then they heard Patty's mom saying it was time to go to bed. Patty then got a deck of
cards and pulled out 4 cards. She said they would all draw a card and whoever got the 2 high cards
would share a mattress and the 2 with the low cards would draw a mattress. As arranged, Cindy and
Jackie were paired up as were Becky with Patty.

Patty and Becky jumped in bed and were laughing. Jackie went to her mattress on the floor. Cindy
said she had to go to the bathroom but turned off the light in the room as she did so. When she
came back to the mattress Jackie was laying there. Cindy laid next to her, said good night and
then pretended to drift off to sleep. She purposely got close enough to Jackie to feel her body
close to hers. Cindy rolled over and let her arm fall over Jackie. Her hand nudged Jackie's tit
which startled her/ As Cindy lay still she could feel Jackie's nipple harden. This was a good sign
that Jackie liked her hand there. Cindy then let her arm drop lower on Jackie's thigh. She felt
Jackie twitching around and as she reflexively jumped, Cindy let her hand drop to her pussy. She
left her hand there and could feel Jackie twitching. She also felt Jackie part her legs a bit more.
This was a great sign that Jackie liked the feeling she was getting.

Jackie was getting turned on much more than when she masturbated herself. She kept twitching and
as she looked at Cindy she looked to be asleep. Jackie then placed her hand on Cindy's and
moved it over her pussy. She let out a low moan and wondered if she could get one of Cindy's
fingers inside her cunt. She moved her body so that Cindy's fingers were right on her cunt.
Jackie then took Cindy's finger and slowly inserted it in her pussy. Cindy could feel how wet
she was and smiled. Jackie fingered herself with Cindy's finger as she moaned and lifted her
cunt to meet the finger. She was so excited that she quickly came. Cindy could feel the juice
on her finger and suddenly rolled over toward Jackie making contact with her body as she threw a
leg up over Jackie's legs. Her arm again fell over Jackie's tits. Jackie was on fire but did not
know what to do.

Cindy then opened her eyes and looking at Jackie said "did you like that Jackie"? This startled
Jackie who didn't know what to say. "Spread your legs for me Jackie". As Jackie let her legs
spread a bit more Cindy rolled over completely on top of Jackie and laid on her pussy-to-pussy.
Cindy then started to grind herself against Jackie who started to moan. Cindy then lowered her
face and gave Jackie a soft kiss on the lips as she continued to grind her cunt into hers. Now
they were both moaning. Since Cindy got no resistance from Jackie when she kissed her she again
lowered her face and kissed Jackie on the mouth again, but harder this time. THeir grinding
pussies were bringing them both off and as Cindy felt Jackie going into the throes of an
orgasm, she kissed Jackie again and slid her tongue between Jackie's lips to stifle her moans.

Cindy then slid down Jackie's body and put her face between Jackie's legs. When Jackie felt her
mmouth on her pussy she spread eagle. Cindy began to feast on her pussy as Jackie grabbed her
head and began moaning. Jackie closed her eyes and began to hump her pussy up at Cindy's mouth.
Cindy was sucking up all the juice in and around Jackie's pussy as she felt her coming again.
As Jackie was coming for the 3rd time tonight and opened her eyes, she saw Becky and Patty
standing next to their mattress smiling. "Well you passed the first part of the club
initiation" said Becky. Jackie looked embarrassed but smiled. "Do you want to finish the
initiation"? "Yea I guess so".

Patty told Jackie to go lay down on the other mattress. The other girls were going through the
dresser. Becky was putting on a belt of some kind. When they turned around Becky had a dick
hanging from the belt. The girls had already agreed to let Becky be the first to fuck Jackie
since it was her friend. "If you want to join the club you have to let me fuck you with this
strap-on dildo". As Jackie looked at it her pussy got wet but she was afraid because it was a
good 8-9 inch cock. The other 2 girls had smaller dildoes in their hands. "What if I get scared
and ask you to stop"? " Then we will. But I think you are going to like it and beg for more".

Patty and Cindy got on the bed with Jackie. Patty told her to relax and just enjoy the moment.
She opened Jackie's legs and Cindy started to suck on her nice titties. Patty put her head
between Jackie's legs and began to lick her cunt. This caused Jackie to twitch upward. She
began to moan as both girls were licking her. Patty then turned on the vibrator she had and
ran it across Jackie's clit. She was moaning and fidgeting. "Oh my God. You're going to make
me cum". Patty took a dildo and put it in Jackie's pussy all the while passing the vibrator
over her clit. Patty began to shove the 4 inch dildo in and out of Jackie's pussy. Cindy was
biting her little nipples. Jackie was going crazy with lust and with a big arch upward started
to cum. Patty and Cindy kept working on her and made Jackie have a second orgasm. Patty
looked at Becky and said "She's ready".

Jackie saw her friend Becky climb up on the bed and get between her legs with the dildo. She
lay down on top of her like a man and put the dildo at the entrance to Jackie's pussy. Becky
then pushed the dildo in and got a couple of inches in. She thrust forward and got another
2-3 inches in. The dildo was wider than the one Patty used on her so it stretched Jackie's
pussy. Becky waited a bit so Jackie's pussy could accomodate the dildo. She looked at Jackie
and then fell forward top give her a kiss on the lips. As Jackie met her kiss Becky lunged
forward and drove another 2 inches of fake cock into her. Necky arched her pussy upward as a
reflexive spasm. Becky broke the kiss and told Jackie she was going to start fucking her now.

As Becky started fucking Jackie she began to moan and arch her pussy upward meeting the thrusts.
Cindy came over and started massaging Jackie's tits and Patty lowered her face to kiss Jackie.
Jackie was writhing as she felt the dildo being driven up her cunt and the other girls' actions
were driving her wild. Becky started driving harder. Patty got up and took the vibrator. She
rubbed it across Jackie's clit as Becky was fucking her hard. This drove her over the edge and
she squealed as her orgasm hit her. Cindy quickly kissed her to shut her up as Jackie rode out
her wave. As she calmed down Becky pulled the strap-on out and all Jackie's juices were on it.
Cindy went to Becky and took the dildo in her mouth to suck off Jackie's pussy juice. "MMMM she
is delicious".

Patty got up and said "well now for the final initiation". Jackie looked puzzled saying "you
mean it isn't over"? "Do you want it to be?". "Oh no no. I have never cum so hard in my life.
Do whatever you want to me". "That's a good girl honey" said Patty.
"Stay on the mattress".

Becky took the strap-on off and Patty put it on as she smiled at Jackie. "Get ready for the
ride of your life". Cindy got on the bed and told Jackie to thro her legs back. She did as
told and Cindy held on to them. Patty then got on the bed and got between Jackie's legs and
shoved the dildo in her cunt about half way. Jackie moaned. Patty shoved the rest of the dildo
in her and began to fuck her slowly. Becky meanwhile picked up the vibrator and rubbed it
across Jackie's clit. Cindy then sat on Jackie's face and told her to eat her pussy. Jackie
started to feast on CIndy. Patty was fucking her harder now. Cindy grinded her cunt on
Jackie's mouth as got Jackie to find her clit. As she flicked at it Cindy felt an orgasm
coming and signaled to Becky. Becky then took the vibrator and slowly started to insert it in
Jackie's asshole. Jackie twitched and as the vibrator drove into her asshole her muffled
scream indicated that she was cumming. This set Cindy off as Patty and Becky began to shove
in and out as hard and fast as they could.

When they felt Jackie wind down from her orgasm, Becky and Patty pulled out the dildoes and
Cindy got up off her face. Cindy's pussy juice was splattered on Jackie's face. Becky got
down and kissed Jackie on the mouth and they drove their tongues into each other's mouth.
As Becky broke the kiss she said "well want to join the club"? "Are you kidding? Of course
I want to join. I can't wait til I bring Amanda to the club. I'd really like to fuck her".

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2010-09-19 14:13:29
Wow, brought back memories of my girlfriends in school and me exploring each others' bodies and having our own Lez Club of sorts, lol. We all have boyfriends or husbands now, but we still get together and enjoy each other, we all still love pussy as much as we love cock.

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2009-12-02 21:41:27
damn hot


2009-12-01 21:06:49
I liked your story, especially the clever idea about Cindy pretending to be asleep and Jackie using her hand, and how they then start getting off. However, I think you need to give some descriptions of the girls, otherwise there is nothing to distinguish them from each other apart from their names - so it is harder to imagine the scene, or care as much about who does what to who. Maybe a bit more background too, about how Cindy seduces the first three, or about the room they are in, that sort of thing - it makes it more real.


2009-11-30 22:19:59
not da best

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2009-11-30 22:18:11
not da best

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