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An Angel With Devil Ways

an Angel with Devil ways
a heart full of Love that strays
breaking hearts as she goes
looking for, nobody knows
leaving behind a pile of broken hearts
many of them missing parts
some call her a Devil when she's gone
but their all left alone
wondering if that Angel was for real
me,I know cause I can feel
the comfort while under her wing
I can hear the Angels sing,
calling her from high above
telling her to be careful with her Love
that someday she will break the wrong heart
one that will tear her apart
she will hear his heart beating in vain
like thunder heard over the rain

copyright 1983 hippiepoet69

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2012-11-22 21:45:54
A message from David to Daddy Ronald and Mommy DaiseDaddy plsaee don't look so sadMommy plsaee don't cryCause I am in the arms of Jesusand He sings me lullabies.Please try not to question GodDon't think He is unkindDon't think he sent me to youAnd then he changed his mind.You see, I am a special ChildAnd I am needed up aboveI'm the special gift you gave to himThe product of your love.I'll always be there with youAnd watch the sky at nightFind the brightest star that's gleamingThat's my halo shining bright.You'll se me in the morning frostThat mists your windowpaneThat's me, in the summer showersI'll be dancing in the rain.When you feel a gentle breezeFrom a gentle wind that blowsThat's me! I'll be therePlanting a kiss upon your nose.When you see a child playingAnd your heart feels a little tugThat's me! I'll be thereGiving your heart a hug.So, Daddy plsaee don't look so sadMommy don't you cryI'm in the arms of JesusAnd He sings me lullabies.

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