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My wife was feeling kinky and I give her more than she expected
It was a Saturday night. Sarah and I had enjoyed a quiet, candlelight, meal in and had consumed a good deal of vodka and a couple of bottles of rather potent red wine so we were feeling somewhat pissed. We were now relaxing in front of a roaring log fire in the lounge

Sarah stretched and said “I feel kinky tonight. I want some really wild sex”. “How kinky?” I asked. “I feel very, very, very, very kinky. I can’t think of anything I wouldn’t do, given the chance”. She replied “tie me up and use me….any way you like. Just make it something different” She kissed me, all tongue and passion.

In our lounge we have a sort of seat, without arms or a back, which we use. It was wonderfully shaped and we had modified it so I could attach Velcro restraint straps and tie her hands and ankles to it so she was bent gently backwards with her legs spread wide. She can hardly move but I can penetrate deep.

She rapidly shucked her clothes and lay down. I fastened her in place, legs spread wide and then I blindfolded her. I began fingering her and licking her out. I had smeared parts of her body with chocolate body paint and had spent quite some time slowly licking it off. I love to do this as it drives her wild. Usually I do it until she is begging to be fucked. But she didn’t start begging for fucking instead she said “I said want something different, come on think of something kinky to do to me”. “If that’s what you want,” I said “I can think of something I’d like to try but its ”. She interrupted “I don’t care what it is just do it!”

I went through to the kitchen and woke Sam our Labrador/Alsatian cross, who was snoozing in his basket by the stove. I grabbed his collar and took him back through to the lounge. I positioned him between her open legs. He has always had a bad habit of sniffing crotches and he lost no time getting in to this one. Soon he had its nose pressed hard against her clit and it was licking away for all it was worth. Sarah had stiffened at the first touch of his nose and started to struggle. “What the fuck are you doing, what’s going on? Is that the dog? Tell me its not the dog…Oh that feels good, oh so good. That’s filthy, that’s…. fantastic”. It was an amazing sight, the dog licking away as she moaned and yelled and bucked, she was really getting off on it. S suddenly she came with a yell.

The dog was really excited now and I could see its cock extending. I looked like it was going to try and hump her leg. I moved him so that his forefeet were on the seat by her waist. As it started to try to hump, its cock was getting nearer and nearer her cunt. She cried “What’s happening?” but I said nothing I just guided its cock towards her cunt. She felt it there hard and ready. She froze but the dog didn’t. He slid in She yelled “NO you bastard that is so sick GET HIM OFF ME!” She started to struggle but the straps were too tight. Anyway it was too late, the dog was in her. Sam started hammering away at her with his hard pointed cock and very quickly she started to respond. “Yes, yes, yes”. Sam continued pounding her. She started to grunt like an animal. Then her eyes opened wide. “He’s splitting me! OH GOD! He’s so big, suddenly he’s so fucking big!” she screamed By now Sam had sunk his entire length in her cunt his knot was jammed hard in. He continued to pound away at her. All Sarah could do was go with it. She grunted and screamed. She seemed unable to form any words. It was so animal. I just stood there excited as hell. Here was my sexy little wife being fucked like a bitch. “He’s coming, OH GOD he’s filling me. I’m coming” and she let out a wordless scream.

Sam stopped pumping and tried to dismount. Sarah yelled. He was still tied to her and it was almost ten minutes before he finally pulled free. A gush of dog cum issued from Sarah’s cunt. She still lay there seeming stunned by it all.

I undid the straps and pulled her on to the floor and astride me. She slid on to my cock and knelt there slowly rising and falling, the dogs spunk oozing out of her cunt as she did so. She seemed still to be in a sort of dream. I started massaging her huge tits. Sam started to lick her back. The body paint lay close by and I slathered this on her big bouncy tits. The dog was in there like a shot, licking away at her tits and her nipples. I pushed her back so that she was leaning back with her hands on the floor and slathered it round her clit. The dog followed its nose and was soon licking away at her while I was firmly embedded in her cunt. We came together.

We lay there for a while the dog sniffing round us. It licked the juices off my flagging cock, I started to stiffen again. I got her onto all fours and covered her cunt in chocolate. Once again the dog was licking her and as getting very excited. He mounted her. If you have ever watched the way two dogs fuck that was what was happening now. She was in the place of the bitch and was acting just like one. At every hump she was grunting and was urging him on between yells of excitement. She came once more and collapsed forward onto the floor taking Sam with her. Finally when Sam was able to withdraw he sat off to the side and started to lick himself clean.

Still lying on the floor she said “God I cant believe you would do that to me. For that matter I can’t believe I let you do it. That was so totally filthy, dirty, disgusting, perverted and degenerate. But I loved every minute of it. What does that make me?”
“A filthy, dirty, disgusting, perverted, degenerate slut, I’m glad to say. I just hope you don’t decide to stay that way. It was fantastic watching your reactions as it licked you, and you looked and sounded so animal as he humped you.”
“Do you really want me to be that disgustingly filthy?”
“Yes I do it was fantastic. If anything I’d like you to become more filthy, dirty, disgusting, perverted & degenerate.”
She paused and looked very thoughtful for a long while then smiled wickedly. “Ok then, I’ll do it. You want it, I’ll do it. Tonight you deliberately degraded me, you made me feel like a dirty slut and, as I said, I loved every minute of it, I want more of it. After all what have I got to loose I’ll need to work hard at being totally depraved as you seem to desire. I just loved the licking and a dog’s cock feels so different from a man’s, I wonder if it tastes different? If I am to work at being degenerate this would be a good place to start”. At this she leaned over and started to suck and lick at him. Soon he was stiff and thrusting into her mouth, very shortly she had his spunk running down her chin.

“Yes very different. But I think that is enough for now, I’d sure like to be fucked a dog again. It will make a change from my vibrator when you are working away from home”. It does make me wonder one thing, even dirtier, though”
“What’s that?”
“I wonder what a horse cock would be like?”
“If I can get hold of one some day perhaps we will find out”.
“That would be great, and you can rest assured that given the opportunity I’d grab it with both hands”

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No more s***. All posts of this qulatiy from now on


2009-12-06 17:02:02
I was able to read it...just have to use your imagination...good story


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Sorry. Numbers have appeared from nowhere when the story was put to page. Some of them are punctuation marks. Ive asked for it to be rectified


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Sorry. Numbers have appeared from nowhere when the story was put to page. Some of them are punctuation marks. Ive asked for it to be rectified

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