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M+/F, exh, m/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, beast,orgy
An E-novel: A story of a woman submissive to her own
desires. (M+/F, exh, d/s, inc, mast, oral, anal, bd,
beast, orgy)


Part Eleven

Chapter Fifty

Julie woke up and realized she had been dreaming but it
wasn't like her other dreams! She had been dreaming
that every where she went she was attacked by someone
and they would tear at her clothes trying to get her
naked and wrestle her to the ground or floor trying to
rape her. She would fight until she was worn out, they
always succeeded. But the worse part was that people
were around even Harry and Jimmy but no one helped her!
They just stood and watched. She felt tired and
irritated and had to go to the bathroom.

Jimmy was lying with his cock against her ass and that
didn't help her feelings for it reminded her of last
night. She slipped out of bed and looked at the clock
as she went to the toilet. It was fifteen minutes
before she had to get up, she thought, but as she sat
on the toilet she remembered it was Saturday and she
didn't have to go to work. But now she was awake and
not happy or relaxed. It was just a dream she told
herself. She would be all right after she got some

But there wasn't any coffee made! She got the half cup
that was left from yesterday and warmed it and drank it
down quickly. She got some going and hoped it wouldn't
take forever to make. As she waited she sat at the
counter and thought about yesterday. It was fun doing
the fashion show; she enjoyed walking around with
everyone looking at her, being the center of attention
was great. She would like to be a model or movie star,
maybe even a princess.

When she was young her father had called her princess.
Everywhere they went he had carried her in his arms
until she got to big but he always managed to get her
in his lap when they watched TV. Her mother used to
tell him and everyone that he spoiled her rotten. But
she got to big to sit in his lap! She had always felt
closer to him than her mother, she loved her mother but
it was different than the love she felt for her dad.

A lone tear got caught in her long eye lash and she had
to wipe it away with her hand. She wished Harry was
here. She needed someone to talk to, someone who would
lift her up and make her feel good and happy. She
couldn't wait on that coffee any longer, she got two
cups, one to put coffee in and one to catch the
dripping while she poured some. Of course it made a
mess and she grumbled as she cleaned it up.

The phone rang and she picked it up thinking it was
Harry telling her he was on the way home. But it was


"Good morning Mrs. Cole, I hope I didn't wake you."

"No David not quite, I just got up but Jimmy isn't up
yet, do I need to wake him?"

"Yes Ma'am, he and I are supposed to go to the field
and help coach sort the new uniforms and get the
equipment ready for next week's tournament, did he tell
you about it?"

"No he hasn't yet! Hold on and I will get him."

She heard the toilet and knew he was up, the phone had
awakened him. She went to the bathroom and handed it to
him as he came out. She went back to her coffee at the
counter. Jimmy followed her, naked, and unconcerned
that his cock was swinging between his legs. She
started to tell him to go dress but realized if was her
fault, she was naked and stayed that way most of the
time now. As he talked to David he moved close to her
and turned her stool to face him and put his finger on
his lips and then on hers. She kissed it and listened
as they talked, most of the time she didn't understand
as she only heard a lot of yeah, un huh, I think so,
and piece of cake stuff. Then his free hand was rubbing
her breasts as if it was just the natural thing to do.

He moved between her legs making her spread them and
touched her cunt slit with the head of his cock lying
on the seat. That shocked her a little but the one
sided conversation shocked her more.

"Yeah, I told her, she is okay with it.. Next week when
ever we can arrange it. What! When! How bad? ( A long
silence ) Wow, that is terrible. Sure I can help you
but it will have to be next week I'm going to work,
remember? We could do that, it would be a change of
location. Don't know about outside, she is all ways
ready, you know that. Sure she would, but not today
Dad's coming home this morning. Sunday, you could spend
the night, tell you what, we could swap out, do the
shoot and then you stay here for the night and I'll
stay there. Great, Ok, Ok, I'll hurry. Well I got to
take care of mom first. See you in a couple of hours.
Sure it takes a while to satisfy her you know. Bye!"

"Jimmy that's awful! You talk like that to David about
me!? Like I am a piece of meat?"

"Sorry Mom, but there was disturbing news that changed
some of the plans we were working on. First I need you
to take me and David to the school to help Coach
Robert. Second the people that live behind David, that
own Bravo, went to visit their grandchildren way up
north and he had a stroke and has not returned. They
called last night and said they were going to have to
stay as he can't walk and only one hand will work. They
are going to sell the house. They asked David to check
and see if it needed cleaning before they contact the
real estate people and see if he can find someone to
take Bravo. I'm going to help him!"

"What about' she's all ways ready' -- 'sure she would'
-- would what' not today' -- 'swap out'. And take care
of mom, takes a while to satisfy her. Am I a CD that
you swap with some one for another you want to try?
Sure he can borrow my cunt if he gives you Connie's,
right! What are you thinking? Do you have so little
respect for me that you can just trade me around town
to get things you want?"

"Oh no. You misunderstood! Sure David was asking if he
could come over and be with you, sexually. He loves you
and you love the way he fucks you! You told him that
you wanted him to come and make love anytime he wanted
to, that he could fuck you when ever you could. He was
just wondering if you had changed your mind because you
know Connie now and you and she have been making love.
I'm sorry maybe I should have told him that he would
have to ask you, that I didn't know and I was bragging
I guess about taking care of you and it would take a
long time. I'm sorry."

"He told you that I said all those things?"

"Yes, we are good friends. Didn't you say those things?
David wouldn't lie to me at least I didn't think he
would. If you didn't then I will bust his nose because
our friendship is over. Did he lie?"

"Baby, I didn't say those exact words but something
like that, but I thought that is what you wanted me to
do, I thought you wanted me to be your slave slut, to
fuck whoever you gave me to. You said David for the
pictures and the chain, and then others. You would
blindfold me and I wouldn't know who it was so I
wouldn't feel ashamed when I saw them. More than one at
a time. You would tie me and let them use me and I
couldn't do anything except let them fuck me! You made
me take Bravo so you could make pictures of him fucking
me. Now you want me to let Connie fuck me and whip me
like a slave and then Bravo could have me as long as he
wanted and you would have others ready. I do everything
you want me to. But I didn't know that you talked about
it and it shocked me. I don't want people to know about
all this."

"Oh now I see, now I understand. All this is for you
not me! You think you are doing this for me. But
actually it is for you! You told me that you wanted to
experience new and exciting things, things that you had
never done. I am trying to do and get all these things
for you, because it makes you happy. You have to have
sex more than once a day and I can't be here all the
time and this summer I will be working away from home
and David, Bravo, and Connie are meant to fill in the
gap. Dad and I will be here for the weekend but you
need lovers for the week days and that is why I told
you to get Bravo accustomed to fucking you everyday as
much as he can. Sure we are going to make a movie of it
but that isn't important. What is important is that you
are satisfied and happy. If you don't want David or
Bravo just say so and I will stop it right now. No more
dogs, no David or Connie! Is that what you want, no sex
except weekends and only Dad and I?"

"I don't know. This is so confusing. I am not my
regular self today, I feel jittery and anxious, I
wonder if maybe it might be my body has gotten out of
balance surely I can't be going into the life change.
Let me try to straighten all this out in my mind before
we make a change."

"Ok, can I say one thing and please don't take it as

"Yes go ahead."

"Consider this as you work this out in your mind. You
need sex! I know that and Dad knows that also. He told
me to make sure you were satisfied at least twice a
day. He knows that you have to have two climaxes
everyday. He told me that if I couldn't do it then make
arrangements even if it meant bringing in others. He
said you would never do it yourself and he had tried to
get you to but you won't because you won't cheat on
him. He loves you for that but said it scared him and
was afraid it would destroy your marriage. Please don't
tell him I told you! But I think now it is important
that you consider this for it is a fact."

Julie nodded her head, that made sense since Harry had
tried to get her to make love with Emily and now he was
telling her it was alright to have a lover.

"Mom, did you make the coffee this morning?"

"Yes I forgot to do it last night. Why?"

"Well, I have been making it and I make it a little
stronger than you do and that might be part of your
problem. It doesn't have the caffeine kick you are used
to. A little coffee is a stimulant but more is a
depressant perhaps you are accustomed to more and a
weaker cup is only stimulating you and making you
nervous. Let me strengthen it and bring you a cup to
bed and you drink fast and see if makes you feel

"Am I going back to bed? For what reason?"

"If the coffee helps then maybe some loving will carry
us all the way."

"How do you know that I am in the mood for some

"Your nipples are hard, and your clit is peeking out.
But that doesn't matter, what matters is I want you to
forgive me for being unthinking on the phone. So I
would like to kiss and make up plus I woke up from a
dream of you and I was horny. I want you Mom. Can we
make love? We got time if we don't wait to long."

Julie looked down at his cock still at the entrance to
her slit just touching the lips. That was why her clit
and nipples were hard most likely and it was still
extended and hard. He really did want her!

"Ok, baby, let me brush my teeth first."

She slid forward on the stool and he placed his arms
around her and kissed her. It was a sweet kiss not
demanding and not urgent. As she was pulled into his
arms and from the chair their bodies pressed together
and her nipples began to tingle. When he released her
she went to the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Jimmy
put a couple of drops into her coffee cup and five in
the pot and poured the cup full waited a few minutes
and took it to the bathroom placing it on the vanity
then got in the shower.

As he showered she finished and drank some of her
coffee, this did taste better! She would have to start
making it stronger. That must be why Emily liked it
also. She went in the bedroom and sat on the bed
waiting. He wasn't long, he was still damp when he came
in and walked straight in front of her so she would be
faced with his cock swinging a foot away from her
mouth. He handed her the coffee cup and she drank two
big swallows watching him move between her legs. When
she took the cup away from her lips he took it and
placed his cock against her lips and rubbed it back and
forth until she opened it and let it slide inside. She
sucked on it watching his face, when he was rock hard
he pushed her back on the bed and as she rotated to lay
her head on the pillow he was sliding in next to her.

She rolled to face him and let him get between her legs
and put her arms around him as the hot cock entered her
cunt. Julie felt strangely detached, like this was
another dream and she was being raped, although she
didn't resist and like in the dreams once she gave up
and let it happen it felt good and she knew she would
cum. Jimmy fucked her slowly and deeply, she came,
whimpering as she felt like she was betraying herself.
After settling down and letting him kiss her while he
pinched and pulled on her nipples making her approach
another climax, he began to speed up. She moaned and
moved with him now, soon he was pounding into her cunt
bringing gasps from her. He was near cumming but would
slack off and slow down to save his load and keep her
in the verge of another cum.

But his readiness slipped up on him and his cock
stiffened, she felt it jerk and as he emptied his semen
into her cunt she also climaxed. They lay for a while
and kissed, until he was limp and had to remove his
cock before it slipped out. He went to the toilet and
she lay there trying not to think about it. She was
angry at herself, she wiped moisture from her eyes and
whispered,' you damn spineless slut, can't you just say

"Mom, I need to get to school, can we stop and get
something for me to eat on the way?"

"Sure if you don't have time for breakfast, do we have
to pick up David?"

"Yeah, but you don't have to dress, we can go through
the drive thru. "

Sure she thought, I can just go naked, wouldn't want to
disappoint any body. Who knows, he and David might want
to fuck me in the back seat before they get out."

She went and cleaned up, drank coffee as she slipped
into shorts and tee and they were ready to go. They
picked up David and she felt strange knowing he knew
she had just been fucked. Her mood was mellowed by the
coffee but she still wasn't happy with this. On the way
home she almost decided to run by Henry's cafe but
wasn't dressed well enough. So she settled for cereal
for breakfast. She showered and then went to work
cleaning and straighten the house. At ten Harry drove
up and Heather was sitting in the truck. He came in and
kissed Julie rubbing her body and telling her how much
he missed her. He had to take Heather to her place and
then go and meet Mr. Grey at the shop, he would be home
as soon as possible.

Julie walked to the truck with him, spoke with Heather
and the three talked about work at the factory site.

"Heather, you look great! I believe you are tanner, and
your hair is lighter, are you finding time to lie
around the pool? They aren't working you to death are

"At first! But I got smart and started catching a ride
with a girl that works there and left them to labor in
the hot sun."

"Yeah, and she goes and lays in the hot sun, doesn't
make sense does it!"

"I'm going to take my car back this time and may stay
there next week end. I'm tired of coming home and
working to clean and dust when I'm never there to dirty

"I know what you mean. Same here, we are gone all the
time and when we are here it's just cleaning, cooking,
and washing clothes."

She went inside and vacuumed and in her mind she was
remembering the looks that Heather gave her. She hadn't
been around her much but she always felt like she was
being studied, each and every thing about her being
recorded and stored in Heather's brain.

She didn't know what to do about lunch, was he going to
be here or not? Was Jimmy going to be here or not? Life
was so simple until recently, she worked, Harry worked,
Jimmy was in school or pestering her to go to David's,
and now it seems like it was every man for himself. She
was used to going to sleep with breakfast planned,
lunch planned, dinner planned. Now she didn't even know
if there would be anyone around for any meal. She and
Harry made love every night, sometimes for hours,
laughing, cuddling, small talk, baby talk. Now she
never knew who was going to be in the bed or how many!
It might be Jimmy or David or both and sometimes
Connie. Throw in Charlie and Bill occasionally and she
couldn't forget Bravo!

Julie realized she was vacuuming the living room again!
She had done it first and absently mindedly was doing
it again. She turned it off and went to get some
coffee. It was almost finished so she added grounds and
made more on top of that. She made it stronger, she
should have asked Jimmy how much he put in it. Stealing
a cup and cleaning up the mess, she sat at the table
and sipped at the hot strong mixture. It helped, a
little, she still wasn't real happy but at least not
nervous but her nipples and clit were tingling.


Connie was frustrated, again, Friday was her day but it
hadn't worked out for her. Bravo didn't have to go to
see Julie so she had brought him inside and played
around with him, naked and hot! He licked her, some,
but mostly just walked around her and looked at her.
She had tried jacking him and it helped a little. She
lay on the bench and pulled him on top of her and
finally got his cock inside her and he pumped her for a
while and then just as it was getting good he jumped
off. She had kept on trying and finally he would mount
her back and slam in, thrust for a few times and
dismount. After about the fifth time she was about to

David got home late, there was nothing to eat, just a
nervous dog and a frustrated woman. She explained that
she hadn't been able to get him to stay long enough to
bring her to a climax, he told her to take a shower and
he would fix it. He put Bravo out in his pen, chained,
and fixed some sandwiches for them to eat. After
dinner, if you could call it that he said he had to
shower and get ready for his date. Connie asked what
was she supposed to do until he got back. He said, I'll
fix it.

He laid her on the bench and rubbed a sweet smelling
oil on her body, and something on a cue tip around her
cunt and inside it. Then he went and got the dog, he
could smell the difference the moment he got to the
door. He told Connie to keep her legs closed and
released the dog. Bravo was ready now, she had the
scent of a bitch in heat and he was going to give her a
load of puppy sperm. She couldn't keep her legs closed
he was nosing, mounting, even growling at her, plus she
didn't try very hard.

David went to take a shower after he determined that
her near screams weren't of pain or fear. When he was
finished he walked back to check on them as it had got
quiet. Connie had a death grip on Bravo. He had pumped
her full and wanted to get down but she was holding him
in her, she wanted more. She never knew when he left
the house. She cleaned up and went back to the exercise
room in a robe and took him outside and kept him on
leash until he was finished.

When David got home she was lying on a towel on the
floor, exhausted, damp with sweat that was partially
dried and sticky from dog cum. The cue tip was
retrieved from the trash and laying beside her. Bravo
was dancing he needed to go outside so bad. He took him
out, returned and struggled with her limp body to the
shower and put her to bed wet.

This morning Connie was frustrated! She had been awaken
by the phone, kept awake by David talking on the phone,
then calling someone, then he made her suck his long
hard cock and take it up her ass. She had to get up and
shower then eat cold cereal and finally he left. She
started looking for the bottle but couldn't find it!
Nor could she find the used cue tip! Searching the
house over she was getting close to tears. She went to
refrigerator to get a cola and saw it in a zipper lock
plastic bag in the back of the refrigerator. She almost
shouted with joy. When she opened it she knew why it
was in the bag, it didn't smell like something you
wanted to lick.

When she was ready she went to get Bravo, that was a
job, she had applied the evil smelling stuff and put on
her robe over her naked and hot body, he almost had her
down in the grass twice. Once after she got him out of
the pen and was in plain view of the houses across the
street. She barely made it to the bench and the towel
with him wrapping his paws around her legs and his cock
didn't need any coaxing this time. She and her dog
lover spent most of the morning there, taking turns
panting and whimpering.


Emily was frustrated Saturday morning also. She was
excited and blood pumping when she got home, although
still a little pissed, Kurt was asleep on the couch!
She woke him up and was telling him about the fashion
show and all the people that were there, hoping he
would realize he should have gone also. He just
listened and nodded his head, when she asked what did
he do, he just said nothing.

"Let's go to bed Emily, I'm really tired and I have a
early tee off in the morning plus I promised Gene, (his
boss) that I would meet him at the club for breakfast."

"Sure baby, go ahead. I have to scrub my face first but
it won't take long and I be right in."

She did hurry, dabbed on some cologne and went in the
dark bedroom naked, slipped into bed and asked ; "Did
you have to wait long, sweetheart?" All she heard was
deep breathing, she called his name and nothing, she
waited, then said to the sleeping figure. "Fuck you!"

She woke up frustrated, he was gone! No note to say I
love you or when he would be back, nothing! "Damn it.
One minute I'm a celebrity and everybody is applauding
and then it's ho hum, oh you're back!"

"Well, I have to buy groceries, Julie introduced me to
the meat man, so I can be queen of the fish counter!
Maybe he will take me in the cooler and show me his
sausage." She giggled, got tell Sarah that one.

Sarah was happy, Ben was too! They had spent the night
in the bed, on the bed, and nearly on the bed. At three
o'clock they had made love three times, drank a bottle
of wine and two shots of bourbon, and snuck down to
quietly get in the pool to cool down. They set the
clock for five and he went home to bath and she bathed
also and at six they met Joe, Bill, Hank and George and
went to breakfast. She kissed all five like she hadn't
seen any of them and thanked them for their help with
the snacks and coming to the show.


The weekend seemed to fly by, Harry came home with
chicken and all the trimmings, so Julie didn't have to
cook. He was up in the air, Mr. Grey had said ok to
getting a license and doing some work. If they got
enough business they would rent a shop and set up a
partnership and start building a proper shop and store.
But he said Mrs. Grey wanted to get out of the shop and
asked Harry if he could find some one to train and let
Heather come back or the new girl stay here. Harry
wanted Julie to see if she could find a girl just out
of school that would work and train with Mrs. Grey. She
said she would talk to the senior girl's advisor on

Jimmy came home about two, the coach had taken him and
David to lunch. He and Harry looked at the house and
yard, commented on how the little bit of grass wasn't
growing and it wouldn't unless they got some rain. They
talked about some little things that Jimmy needed to do
before next week ended. Then they all piled on the
couch and watched the baseball game and played with
Julie. She felt a lot better now. Jimmy spent the night
with David and Harry took Julie out to eat and then to
a country music joint and got her good and drunk! She
remembered the good old days and this was a replay of
them, the days when they partied and he would make her
do sexy things!

First it was just dancing, the Texas two step made her
boobs bounce nearly out of the little spaghetti strap
top, of course she was braless. And the flared nylon
skirt would balloon out showing all her legs and some
times her ass cheeks. She might be nearly drunk but she
knew what was happening! She could see all the eyes on
her as she whirled and spun around. When the band would
play one of the belly rubbing slow songs, somehow
Harry's hand would get caught under her skirt and she
would feel the breeze hitting her ass and thigh.

"Harry, you are showing everybody in here my butt. Stop

"And a mighty lovely butt it is my fair wench has."

"Oh, the pirate is back, he hasn't visited for a

"Aye he is, lassie, and he is set on showing this crowd
of scum what a lovely lady looks like."

"Don't you dare!"

"Well, scrub me timbers with brine water. This lass is
one of the fighters. Little good it will do you to
struggle, it will only get you stripped naked the
quicker and lashed with me belt for measure."

She giggled, "Stop rubbing my butt. You making me hot,
you dirty old man."

Then it was carried to the table and she had to sit
with most of her legs showing and him rubbing between
her thighs moving it further and further up until she
would pull it back down, but that covered his hand and
he would get really naughty then.

"Spread your legs baby."

"No! Let's go home, sweetheart."

"Why, are you horny?"

"You know I am. I'll give you a treat on the way! You
haven't had a treat this week, at least you better not

"Sounds awfully good. But it's only a little after ten.
These kids will think we are old fuddy-duddies."

"Who cares what they think, I don't."

"Oh really, then you won't care what they think if I
pull your top down and let them see a real woman."

"Harry!! Don't rub my nipples right here in front of

"I want them to stand out proud when the top comes
down. Don't you?"

"No way, Jose! Stop teasing me, please. You know that I
want you and you are just teasing me. What have I got
to promise to get you to take me home and make love all
night long?"

"You would promise anything?"

"No, that's too dangerous a promise to give you."

"Ok, we'll make it simple and easy. Slip out of your
thong and hand it to me on top of the table and then go
to the ladies room while I pay the bill. I will be
waiting at the door for you."

"But, everybody will see me. There's no way to slip out
of a thong sitting down. Can I go to the restroom and
bring it to you?"

"No way, Jose. You could take the top down and dance
the Texas two step if you rather. No other choices!"

"Ok, when the band comes back I will take it off and
give it to you."

"No, has to be now! Quit looking for excuses."

Julie tried to glare at him, but didn't do it very well
as he was grinning.

"What shall it be, wench, the sharks or the bed?"

"I don't know if I hate you or love you. It's been a
long time since we did things like this. It scares me."

Julie looked around the bar and saw only half the
people were looking but knew the second she started
struggling to get that thong over her hips and ass
sitting down, they would all be seeing her. And worse
the only way she could think of was she had to pull her
skirt up to get to it then wiggle out of it. Harry was
watching her, he knew she would do it. Partly for him
and partly for herself. He moved his hand up a little
and tickled her clit with his little finger.

She said with a smile. "That isn't going to make it any
easier you know. Move your hand, I don't everyone to
see you playing with me."

"Your nipples and clit are hard as rocks."

"Your fault too. Damn you, you know this makes me
excited and scared. God, I can't do this but I've got
to now. I hope we don't get arrested. That would be

Harry removed his hand and sat back. Julie grabbed her
skirt raised up slightly and pulled it up in the back,
then hooked her thumbs in the thong and started it down
until she had to raise more to get it over her ass and
then along her thighs to her knees. She glanced around
the room and nearly every head was looking straight at
her, eyes straining. She had to bend over at the waist
to get it to her ankles and then struggle to get it
over her shoes. Finally it was off and she rose up and
handed it to Harry. He took forever to take it from her
and then unfolded the ball she had it in and let
everyone see it was a thong.

She got up and went to the ladies room on shaky legs,
knowing that everyone was looking at her. She could
feel the eyes on her ass. She stayed in there a long
time wiping her face with a damp paper towel waiting
for him to get the bill settled. She had to make her
exit down the open area of the dance floor and by the
bar and tables, it wasn't going to be like the fashion
show. There everyone looked at her and the others with
admiration and it made them feel special. Tonight the
looks would be lustful every man undressing her and
thinking about sinking his dick in her, it was exciting
but dirty.

That's the way it happened, she didn't look at anyone,
but she could see the smiles and the looks and knew
each one was hoping she would get close or look at
them. Harry was waiting at the door and she was glad
when they got outside. The car was a short walk away
and he put his arm around her, she knew what was going
to happen next as she saw three guys standing at the
end of the building, smoking. She was going to be
exposed as they walked by, his hand was already moving
to her ass and the skirt was being pulled up in the
back. The guys got quiet as they walked by and she just
kept on holding him around the waist and walking as if
she had no idea her ass was visible for all to see.

Harry opened her door but stopped her before she could
move to get in. He took her in his arms and kissed her
as he turned so her back was to the three men. Both his
hands were on her ass and the short skirt was raked up,
Julie shook against him returning the kiss and pressing
against his body. When he got the skirt up to her waist
he held it with one hand and rubbed her ass with the

"Spread your legs baby, just a little so I can show
them your cute little asshole."

"No Harry, please don't. Don't make me do it. They can
see my ass now, don't show them my asshole, why would
you want them to see it?"

"So they will know that I'll going to fuck it, and they
can't have any of it. Spread them just a little so they
can see my finger easing in."

"Please baby, don't put your finger in me, I go crazy
when you touch me there. I'll let you show them but
don't put your finger in me."

"Spread them!"

Julie whimpered as his fingers ran down her rear
cleavage, she plastered her lips to his and her tits
against his chest, slowly she moved one foot apart from
the other and held on to him, trembling. His finger
eased down and touched her asshole and massaged it
gently. He looked at the men and saw they were frozen
looking on silently. He looked at Julie who had her
eyes closed and her mouth open for his tongue.

"Stick your butt back and let me have it, you know you
want it in you!"

Julie moaned softly and arched her back inward and her
butt stuck out opening up her crack and his finger
slipped in to the first knuckle.

"You want to be fucked in the ass bad don't you baby?"


"Jimmy hasn't been taking care of your ass has he?"


"Does my finger feel good in there?"

"Yes. Give me a little more."

"Ok, oooo it's hot in there. I could fuck you now if
you would lean on the hood. Want to do it now?"

"No baby. Take me home and fuck my ass there, fuck it
for a long time."

"Ok, take your top off and show those guys your
beautiful tits and we will go."

Julie waited for him to take his finger out and then
when he dropped the skirt back down she reached and
pulled the top over her head and handed it to him. He
walked around to the driver's side and got in. She
turned her front to the three guys and let them look at
her, naked from the waist up. Then she got in and shut
the door locking it as he cranked up and backed out.
Julie was shaking badly, she slid over to Harry and
cuddled her naked breasts against his chest when he put
his arm around her. She rode home like that, one hand
on his cock and tits crushed against him.

He had her stripped of her skirt as soon as she got out
of the car and tossed it on the seat as he pushed her
across the hood and entered her ass from behind. Julie
was being pounded, making her tits slide over the
almost hot metal before the garage door got all the way
down. Harry rammed her so hard that she was being
lifted from the floor and one of her heels slipped off
her foot. She grunted and groaned and tried to hold
herself up from the metal but he grabbed her hands and
pulled them behind her back and held them with one hand
around her wrists. She was helpless and realized how
easy it was to be raped if you got caught unawares.

She wanted to be fucked, she needed to be fucked, but
she didn't want it like this! She wanted to be loved,
kissed, caressed, and bought to a high passion and then
entered as she pressed back to help the entry. This was
not love this was being used! But she was his wife and
it was her duty to help him and give him sexual relief,
so she endued it hoping when he was satisfied he would
then make love to her, anyway he wanted to. It only
took five minutes for Harry to reach relief, he poured
his hot cum in her ass and then leaned on her back as
he panted.

"Baby, you are just as good as when we were teens and
fucking in the back seat. Maybe even better."

"Thank you sweetheart for making me feel good, you
always satisfy me, I miss our daily loving."

"So do I, so do I."

He eased away from her and her feet could touch the
floor again, she felt dizzy and a little sick and she
staggered with only one heel on. He managed to pull out
of her but still had her arms behind her back. Pulling
her backwards to the work bench she was having trouble
walking and finally kicked off the other shoe so she
could walk and gasped as she felt him tying her wrists.
She decided not to say anything just let him do what
ever he intended. He would do that anyway! It had been
a long time since he and she had played bondage games!
She enjoyed the feeling of helplessness and he was
gentle never hurting her even when he spanked her. She
remembered some of the things they had done and smiled.

"Why are you smiling. I've got you roped and tied, I
can do anything I want to you."

"Sorry, I remembered once when you tied me and put me
in the car and drove me to that old saw mill. That
rough lumber made all kinds of marks on my back and

"Yeah, and I had blindfolded you and lay you on the
carriage bed and made a noise like a saw coming to saw
you in half and you laughed so hard you got choked."

"God, we were just children. We had so much fun just
doing nothing."

"We acted like children didn't we. God you were so
beautiful lying there, so innocent looking and so full
of love for me that you let me do anything to you and
you are still so beautiful and still let me do

"I still love you Harry. Just as much as then. I belong
to you, my body is yours to use however you want. It
isn't so innocent now but it's still yours."

He turned her to face him just as the light went out,
it was black as a cave and neither of them could see
anything. He pushed her back until she was against the
car again as he kissed her and fondled her breasts,
spreading her legs as his hand went to her cunt.

"God, you are wet and hot!"

Julie moaned as he inserted his finger into her cunt as
far as he could get it. He wasn't being gentle, ramming
into her rapidly and rubbing her clit with his palm. He
pushed his half hard cock against her belly and hunched
it against her, his zipper scratching her stomach.

"On your knees and suck me until I get hard again, give
me some throat action and let me fuck your mouth."

Julie whimpered, this wasn't what she wanted! She sank
to the hard concrete floor and his hands went around
her throat as if he was going to choke her if she
didn't do a good job and rammed his cock in her mouth.
It tasted bitter and she almost gagged from the
knowledge of what caused it. She took him down her
throat and rubbed her tongue on the bottom as she
swallowed so her throat would squeeze it like a hand
gripping it. He was rapidly becoming hard again and it
was swelling her throat closed.

Just she was beginning to panic he pulled out and began
to fuck her mouth and it was apparent he was intend on
emptying his balls into her stomach and nothing else.
Julie worked her tongue under his cock and sucked to
put pressure on his cock so he would cum as quickly as
possible but it took almost fifteen minutes before he
grunted and stopped movements to spurt his second load
into her mouth and throat. Julie was thankful that it
was nearly over, her knees were hurting from the
concrete and her lips were sore, also she was thankful
that it was dark so he wouldn't see the tears trickling
from her eyes and running down her cheeks.

Again she felt like she was being raped! Raped three
times in twenty four hours! Raped all night in her
dreams! What had happened to them? She was confused by
her two lover's actions. All her life she had been
forced to do things until she actually wanted to be
forced, looking forward to her weekly sessions because
all of her lovers, co-stars, and those who just took
advantage of the situation made love to her, gently and
with feeling and that made her enjoy it also. But
suddenly the two men she really loved was treating her
like she was just a street whore?

Slowly he was shrinking in her mouth and she made no
effort to revive him. When he finally pulled out she
swallowed the remaining drops in her mouth then asked
him to help her up and untie her. He grasped her under
the arm pits and lifted her to her feet leading her to
the door and inside the dark house. She bumped into
stuff even though she was familiar with where
everything was. Her eyes were slowly becoming
accustomed to the dim light from clocks on the stove
and microwave and stumbled along behind him to the

Harry pushed her down on the bed and dragged her around
until she was lying on her stomach close to the edge.
She whispered to him that she needed to go to the
bathroom. He said hold it until I finish with you. She
asked what did he want her to do. He answered nothing.
She laid still as he left the room and heard him
fumbling around in the kitchen opening drawers then
going to the bathroom and running water.

He returned and she felt him pull her ass cheeks apart
and spread her legs for him. She though he was going to
fuck her ass again but instead something cold was
inserted in it. She whimpered as it slid in deeper and
moaned when her ass closed over it, it was completely
in her! He rolled her over on her back and told her to
open her mouth and a soft rope was placed in it and
tied behind her head. It wasn't big but got in the way
of her tongue. She heard him undressing but still
couldn't see him well enough to read his expression.

To her surprise he got down on his knees by the bed and
kissed her nipples, tits, stomach, and all the way to
her slit, running the tip of his tongue up and down it
until she was shaking with desire. All she could do was
moan not able even to beg! A cloth was placed over her
eyes and now she could see nothing at all, it felt like
a wash cloth.

He stopped kissing and licking and for a while she felt
nothing except the rope in her mouth and the object in
her ass, it didn't hurt, in fact it felt a little like
a cock in her but not very long just an object inside
her ass. Then she felt a slight sting in her nipple it
wasn't bad but she tried to shift away but he told her
to be still. The slight sting grew and she suddenly
knew it was a sharp pointed object touching her nipple
and she moaned loud as she could and move away.

Harry slapped her breast with his hand, it stung, then
he thumped her nipple doing it three times. Julie
twisted and moaned and tried to roll to her side but he
held her down until she stopped struggling. She lay
waiting hoping it wouldn't but certain that he would do
it again. The slight sting was there again and she
whimpered around the rope gag and shook her head but
lay still. Surely he wasn't going to pierce her nipple,
he said that it was sexy but he wouldn't want her to do
it and he sure as hell wasn't going to have it done to

The pressure increased until she was trembling sobbing
as best she could and sweat forming on her body.
Suddenly he stopped and kissed the nipple, rubbing it
with his tongue and sucking it, giving her relief and
surprisingly making her hot as a firecracker. Soon he
had her moaning for a different reason and switched to
her other nipple after a brief pause. Julie thought she
had it now, he was teasing her with pain like when he
spanked her or pinched her nipples and she could take

She got surprised! The sucking and kissing had hardened
her nipples and the sting was multiplied and she felt
like it must be at least embedded half way into her
nipple. Now she was wet with sweat, trembling and
sobbing again, wanting badly to be able to tell him
that she was hurting. He repeated the kissing and she
calmed down only to start again the second he stopped.
This time he kissed down to her navel and stuck the pin
into the skin above it, the place a lot of girls had
pierced to place jewelry, each time she quivered the
pin stuck her harder. Then he moved down to the top of
her slit, kissing it and pushing her legs apart!

Julie began to try and tell him no, not there, please
not there. But she could only mumble and shake her head
until she dislodged the cloth over her eyes which he
quickly replaced. His hand slapped her cunt twice and
she lay still sobbing. He was going to stick her cunt
lips, she knew now it was a pin and it would penetrate
her cunt lips if she jumped or twisted. But she moaned
when he licked her clit which was sticking up through
it's hooded cover, oh god that would be worse!

She tried hard to will it back into hiding but it
seemed to get harder and extend outward until it ached
from the effort. Then it was there, the pin, it was
touching and she froze, every muscle locked to keep
from moving she panted like a dog that had run a mile.
She tried to scream but only to scream in her throat.
It seems liked hours to her before he moved his hand
away but she could still feel it, he must have left it
sticking in her clit, he leaned in and kissed the hard
clit, sucking it into his mouth and loving it as he
done her nipples.

Julie became aware the bed was wet, the sheet was damp
from her sweat and moisture trickled from her open cunt
running down to the sheet below her ass. Slowly Harry
kissed back up her body to her nipples crawling between
her legs as he did and inserting his cock in her wet
cunt. When he was deep inside her hot cunt he removed
the rope gag from her mouth and replace it with his
tongue beginning deep and slow plunges into her. Julie
sucked his tongue and began to move with him cumming
around his cock already.

Harry had no problem in taking his time and making her
cum repeatedly for he had removed the edge from his
passion with his first two ejaculations. But Julie had
been brought to the brink and pushed over it and she
couldn't stop herself from cumming again and again. She
was helpless with her hands still tied and ached all
over but she was horny and wanted to be loved like
this, fucked like this since hours ago. Finally she was
getting it! Each time he moved in or out she could feel
the object in her ass, she lifted her legs and locked
her ankles behind his back and it felt like it shifted
deeper in her but she no longer cared. It could stay
there, she would have a ass fuck with every step she

But it got to be to much for Harry, the sound of wet
cock in wet cunt, her moaning and whimpered as she
came, those hot wet sweaty tits with the hard nipples
whipping across his chest as she twisted and squirmed
against him, he burst a shot of cum in her and she went
wild and they fucked like wide beasts for many minutes.
Collapsing against each other they lay for a long time
not moving, not kissing just trying to recover. He
rolled away from her and she gasped for breath long
denied and they were motionless for a long time.

Harry finally started to get up without looking at her,
he couldn't see her anyway, all the time he fucked her
she was just a dim image but he didn't need to see her
to know how good it felt.

"Harry, please untie me, my hands and arms are dead and
my shoulders ache. Please."

"Ok baby, but the balls go back in, you will sleep with
them tonight."

He rolled her to her side and untied her hands and then
she felt the ball in her ass being pulled out, it must
have a string on it! She had to clamp down as soon as
it was out or make a worse mess on the bed. He was in
the toilet and she had to wait for him to get finished
and she was almost in pain before he came out. When she
was finished and flushed away the messy stuff and paper
she came out and he had the shower going and pulled her
in. She needed a shower, her skin felt sticky from
sweat and she felt dirty. She washed him and he turned
around so she could wash his cock, she hoped he
wouldn't get hard again she had enough tonight, the
first time she had ever wished that!

She finished, he was firming up, stepped closer and
kissed his lips lightly, he got out of the shower and
started drying off. She started washing herself, that
was the first time he hadn't washed her, he loved
rubbed the soapy cloth over her tits. But somehow
tonight was different, maybe he was working and
worrying to much and he was expelling his pent up
stress plus he had drank more than normal tonight.

When she finished she brushed her teeth and used mouth
wash twice then started for the kitchen. He called her
back to the bed told her to lay down with her knees on
the floor and her body on the bed. She trembled as she
saw the object in his hand. It was balls, in fact it
was three balls with a string running through them, two
were close together at one end and the other was at the
other end. They were shaped more like eggs than balls,
now she had heard of balls and beads used to stimulate
women and also to cause them discomfort but these
weren't big enough to hurt at least she didn't think

She kneeled and lay over on the bed as he moved behind
her. She gasped as the first one was slipped into her
cunt, it was heavy feeling then the second was going in
and it clicked against the first one and lay right on
the spot that was so sensitive, the one they called the
G-spot. Then it was the last one in her ass and she had
to work at relaxing her muscle to let the ring open for
it. Now that she was calm and not full of passion she
could feel them much more.

When Harry helped her up she gasped as they rolled
around in her cunt and he kissed her and told her she
could go to the kitchen now. She took little steps and
they moved inside rolling and clicking against each
other. As she got some coffee that Jimmy had made and
warmed it she was almost moaning as each movement was
generating movement in her. It felt like something was
alive in her, the one in her ass just lay there not
causing discomfort but keeping her well aware of it's
presence. She was amazed! By the time she got the
coffee pot ready for the morning she was horny and he
would know, that was why he put them in her! He
intended to fuck her again and she was ready for him.

She got the eggs and all the stuff ready for omelets,
hash browns, and Texas toast placed it all in the
refrigerator; got tomato juice in there also and was
ready to drink her coffee and go to him. She tried to
sit on the stool as she drank but it put so much
pressure on her from inside that she almost came right
there at the counter. She whimpered, it wasn't fair,
why did she always have to be hot and want to fuck all
the time. She had heard of women who never seem to want
sex. They just let their husbands have sex once every
two weeks to keep them happy. But she was like her
mother always ready, always wanting, and usually always
being fucked. The coffee was cool and she gulped it
down in big swallows then turned out the lights and
went to the bed.

She almost screamed, he was asleep! Sprawled in the
middle of the bed, flat on his back, breathing deeply
so she knew he hadn't just dozed off he was asleep as
soon as he hit the bed. Julie wanted to just sit down
and cry! He had done that on purpose! She started to go
to the bathroom take them out, throw them at him and go
sleep in Jimmy's room ; but she knew she wouldn't. She
had to sleep with them tonight.

She turned out the bathroom light and slipped in bed,
clicking as she walked. She was as far away from him as
she could get without falling off the bed, she couldn't
get comfortable lying on her side. Flat on her back was
worse! She kept moving but nothing was working, finally
she reached down and grasped the string and pulled to
get them away from her womb. Only one moved, it helped
but the other was still pressing against her and when
she let go it rolled back and clicked against the other
one sending electric shocks through her. Her nipples
were tingling and when she rubbed them they were hot
and hard.

Maybe if she pulled one out it would be better, she
could say it must have slipped out during the night!
But when she pulled it to the small entrance it felt
like she was fucking herself and she let it roll back,
then she did it again! Oh, hell she almost came that
time, she had to quit that. She rolled to her side and
whimpered softly as they rolled around finding new
positions. She lay perfectly still so nothing could
move with tears seeping from her eyes wetting the
pillow praying for sleep.


After breakfast Sarah went back to the apartment and
got her bikini and headed for the pool, she was going
to do some serious tanning today. The five golfers came
out with their clubs, one at a time, all ended up
talking to her. They flirted, telling each one it was
to hot for golf maybe they should stay and cool off in
the water. Joe said he needed to stay just in case
someone needed saving in the pool. Sarah just smiled
and joked with them.

"Go play golf, I promise I won't get in the water and
drown until you get back. But I am serving notice that
I will never go eat with you again. You never let me
pay my own way, I feel like a kept woman. Also there
were five knees rubbing my legs and five hands on my
thighs, why I could hardly eat. You are worse than a
group of teenage boys that just discovered girls feel
different than they do."

They realized she was joking them and they all had a
comeback, like she was the problem, she was so
beautiful that they just couldn't help themselves.
Finally they realized they were going to miss their tee
time if they didn't get away quick. Sarah loosen her
bikini straps and went to sleep lying on her stomach,
she didn't sleep a lot last night.

Sarah heard voices from way off, then she was suddenly
awaken by Mabel shaking her and she jumped up
forgetting her top was undone and it was lying on the
lounge. She rubbed her eyes as Mabel told her that she
would blister if she lay there any longer.

"Thank you Mabel, I didn't hear you come up, wow I was
dead asleep, my back does feel hot maybe I will get in
the pool and cool off."

"Sarah, you will need your top I think! Mr. Kowolski
will have another heart attack, his teeth just fell out
of his mouth."

"Oh my god, I, I, oh my god."

Sarah was trying to cover her big tits with her little
hands and finally just grabbed the towel she was lying
on and her book and jumped on and started for her
apartment. Mabel called to her and told her it was
alright, it was an accident to come back and talk. They
heard Sarah say "oh my god" just before she started
running for the stairs.

She spent the next two hours cleaning her apartment.
The phone rang, it was Emily saying she was bored, did
she want to go shopping or something. Sarah was
agreeable to that, she needed to get out of the
apartment. So she and Emily spent most of the afternoon
shopping and eating junk at the mall. They ate a lot of
ice cream cones, they would lick the ice cream and look
at each other and laugh, people thought they were

Emily was still pissed with Kurt, she said he must not
have any idea that maybe, just maybe she might like to
do something besides work at school and work at home.
She had more fun at the meat market flirting with the
meat cutter than she had all week at home. Then she had
to tell Sarah about Julie and how she had the meat man
and the bag boy plus the produce guy under a spell.
They followed her around like puppy dogs.

Finally they went home, Kurt was pissed now. She didn't
fix his lunch! They watched TV that night.

Sarah went to dinner with Ben and like a nice girl she
asked him if he would like to come up and have coffee
when they got back. He smiled and said that would be
nice but it was nearly dark and once he got up there
and it got dark he would be afraid to walk home. Sarah
said well she wasn't going to walk him home so he would
just to stay until the sun came up. He reluctantly


Charlie and Harold had a early tee time and they were
teamed against a lawyer and the council president who
were friends and played together a lot. The wage was
that the high team on the first nine had to set up a
round of drinks at the club house. Then they would play
the back nine and the high team had to pay for lunch
and drinks.

Harold didn't intend to lose either time, he knew that
Charlie was conservative in his play and he would need
to take the chances. The first four holes were close so
Harold, liking the fifth hole, decided to put pressure
on the other team and hope they made bad shots. He went
up a club size for the fifth tee shot, his power shot
had a slight hook to the left and the fifth fairway
doglegged to the left. He was going to blast it down
the right side and let it hook into the middle of the
fairway and he should be thirty yards ahead of them.

Everything worked great the ball sailed high and long
but it forgot to hook for some stupid reason and
bounced on the hard edge and disappeared into the
trees. Dammit, he cried out, the wind took it right,
there wasn't any wind. He started walking. The others
seeing what had happened, grinned and hit safer shots
down the middle. They went ahead and played their
second shots and then waited for him, Charlie went to
help him find his ball.

Charlie had wanted to talk to Harold privately and this
was his best chance. They wandered around looking all
over the ground and even up in the trees.

"Harold, could I borrow your camera again Tuesday, I
have some more pictures I want to get. Same deal as
last time except I insist you let me buy some photo
paper and ink cartridge."

"Sure Charlie, same deal, huh. You're not working for
the Russians are you? Taking pictures of key
installations like the city jail and our great library
with the eight books. Tuesday, no problem. Rose took
some pictures of a fashion show at the mall last night
and I promised her that I would download them this
afternoon. I can do that and put it in the charger and
it will be ready for you."

"Good thanks, hey write down the paper number and the
cartridge number so I can get the best kind, the
pictures need to be clear."

"Of course, wouldn't want the KBG to get eye strain
would we. Better pick up some batteries too just in
case to use in case it runs down." Harold murmured to
himself, clear my ass, any clearer and he will go
blind. They won't be able to close the lid on his
coffin without cutting his hard on off!

"What did you say Harold, didn't hear it. Did you find

"Hell no, the dam thing must have dug a hole and
crawled in it. I'm going to have to take a drop and
accept a point addition. Dammit!"

They lost the first nine, but Charlie played the best
golf he had ever played on the back and won it with a
eagle putt of forty feet on seventeen.

Chapter Fifty One

Julie dreamed as she slept, somewhat restless, again
crazy dreams. She was lost and looking for something, a
place, but she wasn't sure what or where she was.
People would pass her or she would go by them and they
looked at her but she didn't know them and for some
reason she couldn't ask them where she was and they
certainly wouldn't know where she was going! Then she
was sitting in a hotel lobby handcuffed to the chair
arms, one on each side. She hadn't done anything, she
was innocent, but no one noticed that she was
handcuffed, some even spoke to her, one woman sat in
the chair next to her and never saw she was helpless.
She didn't mention it either.

Then she was being tormented ; everybody even Harry and
Jimmy! Someone sprayed her with cheap perfume, a dirty
looking beggar bent over and tore her blouse open down
to the waist and pinched her nipple. She kicked at him
and he just laughed as she almost broke her toe on his
wooden leg. A lady came by and pulled her blouse back
over her tits and shook her head at her. Harry came up
and pulled one side open again, Jimmy did the other.
This went on for hours, in her dream.

The last dream was not a dream, at least she didn't
think so, it was a memory of her at home with daddy and
mother. This was right before she was introduced to
making love to some one other than her mother and
father. She had grown accustomed to sex and wanted it
most of the time but it was confined to licking,
sucking, and ass fucking. But one time she was
introduced to sex in a little different format.

She came home from school to a note left by her mother
that she was gone to grandmother's, who was sick, and
would be back Sunday. She already knew about this as
they had discussed it. She and daddy were to eat at the
cafe were mother worked and she would be home in time
to fix dinner on Sunday. She cleaned the trailer and
watered the few pots of flowers they had on the
screened in porch. Did her homework and read the next
chapter in all her books, she liked to stay ahead of
the teacher. Daddy rode home from work with a friend
and bathed and they walked the mile to the little cafe,
ate, and he told her that she could go to the movie and
he would be waiting for her at eight thirty at the
front entrance.

He was there leaning on the wall when she came out.
They walked home. They didn't have but one car. When
they got home she made him some coffee and then went to
take a bath. As she soaked in the tub, it was Friday
night, she was excited about tonight but a little
worried that he wouldn't do anything without mother
there or he might tell her to lock up the house and he
would leave her alone and go to the beer joint. She
could smell beer or something on his breath but that
was normal. She put on her baby doll, it was way to
small for her but when the other one wore out he had
insisted they get a thin fourteen year old one, she
fixed her hair. Her hair was long enough to cover her
tits but he wouldn't hear about cutting it.

She went to the living room and asked him if he wanted
some more coffee and he said sure would you like some.
She said no it was bitter. He said he would fix her a
little and she would see that it was good, if you knew
how to fix it. He puttered around in the kitchen with
sugar and milk and brought her a cup. After it cooled a
little she tasted it and it was good, strong but he
liked his coffee strong so she sipped it until it was
all gone. They watched TV. She felt drowsy and relaxed,
he asked her if she wanted some more and she said ok.
When he returned with hers and his, he had turned off
the light in the kitchen, he pulled her over to lay
across his body and her head on his shoulder. This was
their favorite position, for watching TV, and his hands
could roam over her body until she was gasping for

Of course the baby doll was way to short for this, it
wouldn't even covered her cuntal area and the little
bikini bottom hardly hid any thing. Didn't really
matter as it was pulled above her breasts shortly
anyway. He rubbed and pinched until her nipples were an
inch long and throbbing. He told her to drink her
coffee and she did emptying the cup. It was stronger
and her head was numb but her body was as tight as a
drum. He placed his hand on her cunt and rubbed, Julie
gave a long sigh and turned her face up for his lips.

"What do you want baby?"

"Kiss me daddy."

"Where do you want me to kiss you?"

"Everywhere daddy?"

"Let's get undressed first baby."

Julie rose up and standing in front of him removed her
baby doll and panties, watched as he undressed and felt
her heart speed up when his cock came in view. They
spent the next half hour in the semi darkness either
with his tongue and lips loving her body or hers loving
his, sometimes it was both at the same time. They took
a break and he made some more good coffee for him and
her, she saw the bottle he was pouring into the cups
then filling with coffee and in hers he added sugar and
milk. It almost took her breath to drink it but it was
good and made her stomach feel warm and her head light.
They got on the couch again and she lay in his arms as
he played with her breasts and pulled, pinched, and
rolled her hard nipples.

Julie was ready, she was always ready lately. But daddy
wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to have
her all to his self and do anything he wanted to,
except the one thing they both wanted to do. He had to
go to the bath room and then she went. When she came
out the house was dark, he had turned off everything
and was waiting for her in the living room. She
cautiously made her way to the couch and he pulled her
to her knees between his legs and she kissed his cock
and sucked it. He leaned forward and fingered her
asshole then applied some cream to it. Her heart beat
faster for now she would be bought to a cum and she had
wanted to cum all day. He put something at her anal
entrance, she thought it was his finger for usually he
would work the cream in her first but when it started
in she realized it was something else.

"Oh daddy, what is that. It is bigger than your finger,
will it hurt?"

"No baby, daddy would never hurt you. It is a butt plug
and it will make you feel good back there while I kiss
your sweet cunt."

Julie shuddered as the plug was inserted in her and
gasped when it reached the small taper and popped in to
stay. She almost swallowed his cock when he spread her
cheeks and pushed it in until the dish shaped base was
snug against her crack. It did feel good, just like his
cock in her and she rocked back and forward to fuck
herself on it but it just moved with her, keeping her
with the feeling of being stuffed.

He made her get up and stand as he got up then he took
her hand and led her to the little kitchen where he had
refilled their cups. Julie had never had anything in
her when she walked around and she was almost cumming,
the rubbing sensation as she moved was driving her
insane. She drank coffee and he turned on the little
radio and they danced to country music. Julie was just
about out of her mind for he was constantly feeling of
her cunt and breasts, kissing her with his whiskey
breath and sticking his tongue in her mouth but the
plug was sending a constant current through her ass
into her cunt. She clung to him eager for his hands,
mouth, and cock anywhere on or in her.

She was kept like that for about a half hour, sometimes
he would lay on the couch with her over him on her
hands and knees sucking his cock and licking his balls
as he kissed and licked her cunt wiggling the plug in
her ass. She had cum so many times she felt weak and
her cunt ached from the convulsions. He filled her
mouth twice with hot cum and she swallowed every drop.
Later he took her to bed and removed the plug and
fucked her ass giving her the best cum of the night and
they went to sleep sweaty and sticky locked in each
others arms.

Julie 'wore' the plug the next day for two hours in the
morning and then removed it, promising she would insert
it every day for one hour until she couldn't tell if it
was in or not. The day was spent with sex as the main
project to be taken care of and they worked on it all
day only dressing to go to lunch and dinner. As soon as
it was dark they were naked and rubbing like cats in
heat. They had already tried every position he could
think of, but there were places that heighten the
excitement, like on the screen porch, naked in the
yard, and playing in the grass with the garden hose
shivering from the cold water and then bathing together
in the tub.

Sunday seemed to come quick and they had slept late and
had to quickly couple and then clean up the house.
Mother got home by one pm and they were just finishing
mopping. She slept with them that night all three naked
in the bed and Julie in the middle, they told her they
had been together Friday night and tonight was a bonus
for her. Julie never told mother about the plug, she
kept it hid in her closet and inserted it for an hour
everyday, week days only, until daddy died.

Julie's eyes were matted when she woke up, she felt
awful, she lay in the bed thinking about her crazy
dreams and tears came to her eyes again. She was sad,
scared, confused, and unhappy. She was afraid to move,
she didn't want to get them rolling around inside her,
she could feel the weight of them in her cunt and ass.
Then she realized she felt like a whore, like a woman
who let men use her body, abuse her, a sex slave, she
was stuffed with metal balls and she had to keep them
inside her until she was allowed to take them out. She
might as well give up her ideas of being a career woman
that people would look up to, all that was a farce. She
was just a fucking whore, good only to used for
satisfaction of men, she was traded, loaned out, made
to perform for their pleasure, it wouldn't surprise her
if next she was sold!

She couldn't lay there any longer, she eased out of bed
and went to the toilet. She was in there a long time
after she got them out! Just sitting, miserable, trying
not to think but still thinking. She felt dirty and
decided to take a shower even if it wouldn't clean her
mind it might make her feel better. She put the balls
in the sink to soak in warm water and went to turn on
the coffee pot. She showered and washed her hair then
went to the sink to comb her hair and check out her
body. Amazingly there weren't any marks on her from the
pin and she didn't even find any sore places.

She decided to fix breakfast and wake him just before
it was ready. She picked up the balls wondering what to
do with them, to her surprise her hands were shaking
and she knew that she really wanted to put them back
inside her for him. She sat down and just looked at
them thinking that what was really wrong with her is
that she wanted all these things, she wanted to put
them in and feel them again rolling around as she
walked. She wanted David to spend the night with her
and fuck her all night. She wanted to make a movie of
Bravo and other dogs fucking her and her sucking their
red cocks until they came in her mouth. She was a slut,
a dog bitch, she didn't want to admit it and she didn't
want anyone to know it and it was tearing her apart.

She made a quick decision about the balls and a lot of
other things. Leaning back in the vanity stool she
pushed two in her cunt and then stood bent over and
worked the third one in he ass. Standing looking at her
self in the mirror she felt better now. She had faced
facts and knew what had to be done. Slipping in a robe,
she didn't bother tying it, she went to the kitchen
smiling as she heard click, click. She got some coffee
and started getting things ready for breakfast.

Harry got up and went to the bathroom, he was surprised
she was up, and when he came out of the toilet a
steaming cup of coffee was waiting for him. He went to
the kitchen to kiss the cook. She was clean, smelled
great, and beautiful as ever. He kissed her and cupped
her tits as she leaned back and turned her head to give
him her lips and body.

"Baby, I think I need to ask you to forgive me, I must
have drank to much last night. It was fun but I hope
you weren't offended."

"No baby, it was fun, but scared me half to death. But
that made it exciting. But I am really weak this
morning you drained me!"

"Well, since you have started breakfast we will have to
eat, need to eat it, then I will try to pump you back

"Don't feel around down there. It is filled up, no room
for a finger and certainly not that hard cock you carry

"Well, I'll be damn! You still have them in you? My
god, you are the best woman there is in this world."

"Baby, you didn't say I could take them out so after I
showered I put them back for you. But if you need a
place for that love machine you could take them out and
use their place."

"Let me take them out now so you can rest a little."

"Thank you baby, they really are heavy standing up and
worse when I walk!"

"Do they make you horny baby?"

"Yes, but when you are around I'm always horny, I don't
need anything else."

"Baby, do we have a son, seems like I remember one
hanging around here?"

"Yes and he will come in time to say goodbye, you see
he says we need time alone and he doesn't want to keep
us from having sex when ever we want so he goes to
David's and stays there. He is looking forward to
working with you next week. He thinks he will make
enough money to buy a car!"

"Boy has he got a rude awakening!"

Julie sat on the couch so he could take the balls out
but she was flushed when he got the one from the rear,
she almost came from that one. They sat down to
breakfast. Then they went back to bed!

Heather drove up in her car a little before three,
Jimmy was with her. She had picked him up as he was
walking home. He invited her in and she came. She
wanted to see if Julie was a good house keeper. Harry
was dressing after taking a shower but Julie was fresh
and smelled liked good soap wearing shorts and a nice
looking shirt top. Heather thought maybe she should
save her money and get an implant, she didn't fill out
her top like Julie did! They talked a little while and
then Harry got in the truck and Heather followed in her
car starting the two hour trip to the job.

"Jimmy are you going to be here for dinner? I have to
get something out to prepare. Your father wasn't hungry
and just ate a ham sandwich and drank a beer. I think
he is getting tired of eating out all the time, I hope
he doesn't start eating junk food."

"Sure Mom. But don't go to a lot of trouble. Do you
have a pizza in the frig? Pizza and coke would be

"I've got a pepperoni and sausage, I'll set it in the
refrigerator to thaw a little. Do you want a salad?"

"No, to much trouble. You work to hard, look at the
house it looks like you vacuumed twice and scrubbed
three times."

Julie almost laughed out loud. He didn't know how close
to right he was! He wandered to his room and she was
going to sit down but all the coffee was gone. She
called and asked him how much coffee he used she was
going to make some. He said to let him make it things
were better if someone else did it. He came in and she
watched the amount of coffee he put in the filter but
she didn't watch him get the water. He had it going and
went back to his room. She got the paper and looked for
something to read other than the same old Washington DC
stuff. She didn't like the comics anymore so she tossed
it aside, a waste of money except for the ads.

The coffee was good and by the time she got it cool
enough to drink the phone rang. When she answered it
she could tell immediately that Emily wasn't in a good
mood. She listened as she told her about shopping and
eating ice cream and when she paused she asked; "
Emily, what's wrong you don't sound happy?"

"Hold on and I'll go look."


"Hold on."

Julie realized she was going to another room so they
could talk so she went to her bedroom also.

"I'm confused, again... I just can't understand, it's,
everything was just wonderful and then all of sudden,
it's like some one turned off the switch. Like Friday
night he didn't seem interested at all in what I had
been doing, I was in a upbeat mood and he was asleep on
the couch. Then he half listened as I talked and said
let's go to bed, boy I was ready and when I got
freshened up and naked he was asleep! And this morning
he was up and gone without even a note. I just don't
understand, when I ask about work, well every thing is
just great. He is expecting to be given some good
accounts to manage and a chance for a promotion, so it
isn't that. I just don't know."

"Sweetheart, men are like that, they are wired
different from us. They aren't programmed like we are.
They are job oriented, job means food on the table,
warm clothes, a good house, makes them a good provider,
makes them a man, gives them respect! Job always is
first, they relax on the week end but they get nervous
after two days off, they like to golf, play poker,
shoot the bull, and oh yeah make love to the little
woman when they want to. They haven't a clue that we
are wired for love, we want some one to love us all the
time, to just adore sitting and talking to us, take us
out to dinner, dance with us, and tell us how beautiful
we are and how much they love us and then take us home
and make love all night. They can't handle that but
about three times a year. The rest of the time they are
satisfied that they have done their husbandly duties
and just want to be left alone."

"So I should just be tolerant and in time it will cycle
back around?"

"Unfortunately, that's about it. Unless you want to be
a bitching wife."

"Oh god, Julie I need a vacation bad. Have you reach a
decision on what we are going to do and when?"

"I don't know what to do, it's so complicated. What do
you want to do?"

"I already told you and so has Sarah. We want to go to
Bill's place, it's that simple."

"I want to go also, what's complicated is what do we do
about Bill, it's not right to use his place and not ask
him to go also."

"Then why don't you ask him to go?"

"Because then Sarah would ask Ben, you know she wants
him to go with her!"

"Ok, then let her ask him."

"But Emily, then there would be three girls and only
two guys and that won't work. Plus Joe would find out
and his feelings would be hurt."

"Then ask him to go so it would be three and three."

(A long pause...)

"Emily, think a minute. There are three beds, you and I
could sleep together but then Sarah would have to sleep
with Ben and the other two men sleep together. Kind of
uncomfortable don't you think?"

"No problem, you got something against sleeping with
Bill again?"

"No. But you might have a problem for you would have to
sleep with Joe."

"That's not a problem for me and I hope not for him, I
would be hurt if it was." (Another longer pause) "Julie
are you still there, did you throw the phone down the

"I'm here but I'm not sure you know what you're saying,
you are depressed and frustrated right now. You may not
realize the implication of your statement!"

"I'm not stupid! I know we are talking about going on
vacation with three men that aren't our husbands and
sleeping with them, making love, you know having sex,
good old sweaty, bumping, and grinding sex. That's what
I want to do, just like Sarah and just like you! You
don't think you are going to sleep with Bill and not
touch do you?"

"Are you sure, positive?"

"Yes, yes, yes; how can I say it so you will
understand. I want to have fun, go wild, walk around
nearly naked and have men admire me and want me. I
might even let him fuck me dog fashion in the middle of
the floor while everyone watched. "

"Emily!!!! "

"Just joking, don't blow a fuse. At least the last part
I really would like to do the other. Julie, I want to
be like you and have men look at me and desire me, to
see them undressing me with their eyes and their hard-
on's tenting their pants."

"Oh god, Emily."

"I'm sorry but I can't lie to you, you are my best


"Don't tell me why we shouldn't, I know that. Just tell
me that you will call Bill and either tell him yes or
no. Yes we will and we want them to come also or no we
will find us a place with a cheap roach infested motel
and hate ourselves."

"Couldn't we say yes to using his place but no

"Well we could but you say that's to complicated,
remember those conversations?" (Pause again ) " Julie I
have never seen you like this. You always know what
should be done and do it! What's wrong, sweetheart tell
me, give me a chance to help you for once. Julie?'

"You're right, I not sure but I think it's conflicting
desires. I really want to go and want to have Bill for
a whole week, he makes me feel so good and I want to
just hug and kiss him and give him everything he wants
but I know we can't and it might make him worse instead
of better and stronger. I almost cry when I think that
he might be deeply hurt."

"Don't you think it would hurt worse if he never has a
chance to do those things? Seeing you, wanting you but
never able to hold you in his arms never even able to
go to dinner alone? Always hiding his feelings and
acting like you are just two people who run into each
other once in a while, where is the better and stronger
in that?"

"I don't know!"

"Look you gave me some advice and I took it and it
helped. Take my advice and try it, will you! Give it an
opportunity to work or not. You will never know unless
you do it! If it makes things better, great, if not
then at least you tried and both of you will enjoy it
that's for sure."

"Have you asked Sarah?"

"Don't have to we both know what she wants, she hasn't
been bashful about telling us."

"Ok, I'll do it."

"Ok do what?"

"I'll tell Bill we want to use his place and invite

"What about the others?"

"You and Sarah should do that, don't you think?"

"Yeah, we should. But you will have to call and let me
know if Bill is ok with the plans."



"Maybe tonight, if I have time.

"No when will we go?"

"How about today two weeks from now."

"Great, I'll check that with Sarah and we will wait for
you to call. I'm excited, love you baby! Bye."

Julie wandered around the house like a dazed prize
fighter. Finally she remembered to put the phone down
and got her some coffee. She didn't need it, she was
keyed up like a violin now. But it always seemed to
calm her but then she would get horny, it happened
every time and she was already horny. Well a little
more shouldn't hurt. She could hear the radio in
Jimmy's room and went to ask him what time he wanted to
eat but he was asleep.

She laid on the couch with her eyes closed but she
wasn't sleepy, she was thinking and the more she
thought about going on vacation the more excited she
got. She wished she had a map, it would be nice to know
where it was, all she knew was it was below Las Vegas
and on a lake with a crazy name. She concocted a story
to tell Harry and Jimmy about Sarah's friend who had
offered them use of his, whatever it was, free!

She got up at five thirty and got the pizza out, turned
on the oven and got her some coffee. Jimmy came in and
kissed her and then out to the garage. He hadn't even
touched her since Saturday morning, she was expecting
him to be all over her after Harry left. She wondered
if he was saving himself for tonight and would do a lot
of things to her. Then she remembered he was going to
be with Connie and David would be in bed with her with
that long skinny cock, she was pleasantly surprised at
how calm she remained. It didn't trouble her at all
that Jimmy was going to be screwing David's mother and
David would be screwing her, Jimmy's mother. Traded for
a night, like a CD. She might just be looking forward
to it, after all she did promise David.

They ate pizza in silence and cleaned up, she didn't
ask when but she wanted to know.

"Mom, you are quiet, what are you thinking about?"

"Mostly tomorrow's meeting, there are a few students
that need help but I don't think there are any who
won't be promoted. And also vacation, we are going to
try to go two weeks from now if we can arrange it."

"That sounds great, you need a break to get away and
just relax and have a good time. We will have to get
our session finished this week. Are there any nights
that you will not be available?"

"Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons I will be busy at
school and then Friday night. And I would like to have
one night open if I need it for something. But that
leaves three surely you don't need more than three."

"We might can finish in one night but need to hold one
at least. How about scheduling Monday and Wednesday
nights with Thursday as backup?"

"Ok, but only if absolutely necessary."

"Can I use the phone for a private call?"

"Of course but it is proper to say may I."

"Yes ma'am, may I."

"When you finish I need to call Sarah about when we
will go on vacation. So I will take a walk to exercise
my legs and you should be finished when I get back."

"Thanks mom."

Julie went to get her walking shoes and as she put them
on the phone rang. Jimmy answered it.

"Hello. Hi, Mrs. Johnson! Yes ma'am she is. Hold on a
second, Mom it's Mrs. Johnson!"

"Hello Emily, what's up."

"Julie listen and don't say anything except yes or no
and it better be yes. I talked to Sarah and she is
ecstatic! She is waiting for word for you to go for it.
She said tonight would be to late. When you talk to
Bill see if you can get Joe's number, Sarah doesn't
have it and I will need it. Will you? Gotta go."

"Yes, bye."

She finished tying her shoes and left as Jimmy was
dialing a number. It was still warm outside and she was
covered with a light sheen of sweat before she got
around one block but decided to go for two and then
shower. The blocks were long and she was gone thirty
minutes. Jimmy hung up as she walked inside and took
off her shoes and socks.

"Want me to take a walk."

"No I will go in the bathroom. I need a shower anyway
after I cool down a bit."

She shut the bedroom and the bathroom door, dialed
Bill's number and waited, he answered on the second

"Bill, it's Julie. How are you today?"

"Just fine, how are you?"

"Good! We have got together, Emily, Sarah, and I and we
have made a decision, but I need some input from you
before we confirm it. Have you got time to talk now?"

"Sure. Go ahead. I'm not doing anything worth while."

"Ok, would you have a problem if it was necessary to
let the guys know that you have this place on the lake?
Or would you prefer that it remain a secret?"

"Oh no, no problem. I never told anyone about it
because no one ever asked. But I don't care if they
know. But I didn't want them to know that you were
going to be there unless it was alright with you, you
see they will want to come and visit you if they know
about it and I thought you might not want that."

"Well, that's not a problem. We want to accept your
offer, really it's to good to turn down, but we want to
make sure that we can specify certain things to protect
our privacy."

"Of course and you can do that, you don't need my
permission, just tell me what they are and it's done."

"Listen closely Bill and think about it before you
answer. We want to go on Sunday, two weeks from today
and stay until the following Sunday. We will make sure
it is clean when we leave but you will have to tell us
what all needs to be done. Wait, wait and hear it all.
I want you to come also if you want to and it's not
inferring with any of your plans but you will have to
come in your car. You understand why."

"Bill are you still there, Bill."

"Yes, yes I'm here. I'm, I'm speechless. I never
dreamed, of course I will. You want me to come and,
thank you for asking, I'm honored."

"Oh good, I was afraid that you might be busy or
wouldn't want to. But now comes the rest and you will
understand my first question, Sarah and Emily want to
invite Ben and Joe if you come for me, oooh that's a
bad phrase. But you have to approve."

"You wanted me to be there for you before you told
them? And they want some one to be there for them

"Yes that's it but you have to approve."

"Great that's good, we should have a good time."

"You understand that we aren't expecting this to be a
date type thing. We will pay our own way, our own food
and any fun we have. I just want you to be there and
keep me company."

"Ok great. I would love to do that."

"Are you approving the others coming also?"

"Yes, sorry. I'm still in shock. Yes do you want me to
tell them?"

"No, that's Emily's and Sarah's responsibility. But
maybe you should tell them that you offered us your
place and we have accepted. Don't tell them anything
else not about you and I or any thing else and nobody
other than them."

"Ok. I'll tell them tonight. We always get together for
an night time drink about eight and as soon as we can
get alone I'll tell them."

"One last thing, I'm ashamed to ask you this but you
will understand why we are being cautious. Can the
three of you leave here later or earlier than Sunday
and the same coming back?"

"Sure I'll tell them how we are going to do it as soon
as they have been in touch and accepted."

"Oh thank you Bill, you are such a wonderful person!
It's so nice of you to go to all this trouble for me,
for all of us and I promise to be really, really nice
in return and make sure you have a good time."

"I'll have a wonderful time just being around you! I
always feel good whenever I can be in your presence."

"You're so sweet, gotta go now, talk to you later! Wait
give me Joe's number so Emily can call him. Thanks.

She called Emily and told her it was all arranged, to
make her arrangement and make her call. Also to call
Sarah and tell her. But swear them to secrecy.

Julie took a shower and brushed her hair, she was
thinking about all the angles of this situation and
hoping they could cover all the bases and not make a
mistake. Just as she was finishing Jimmy came in, she
was standing at the mirror touching up her lipstick.

"Wow, you look great! Doesn't help me leave at all.
Say, could you do me a favor?"

"Depends on what it is, seems like I'm already doing
you a favor."

"Well, this isn't really for me, it's for David. His
birthday is next week, Wednesday I think. And this is
kind of like the best gift he will ever get. Could you
have on the white robe you wore for the pictures in
your bikini and let him take some shots so he could
remember this birthday forever?"

"Pictures not movies would be ok. I assume there should
be nothing beneath the robe but me, is that right?"

"You know how to make a birthday special, boy, I can't
wait for mine to get here."

"Thanks, you are all heart, baby."

"Right now I'm all hard, so I better go before I get
carried away. See you in the morning!"

"Don't forget I have to work tomorrow. Don't know how
long it will take to finish the reports and print the
cards for everyone but we have until Wednesday. That is
your last day and it's only for a couple of hours, what
are you going to do besides the baseball games?"

"We also have the tournament and David and I will be
there most all week and until late in the evening, so
don't worry about me. As soon as I know the schedule I
will let you know but more than likely I will be gone
until around six or seven.. But tomorrow we will be
home after our game, around five like normal. Bye."

Julie finished her hair and a little make up, applied
lotion to her body and slipped into the robe and a pair
of black heels. Then she went to the counter and drank
coffee. She was getting bored just sitting and waiting
when David knocked at the door to the garage and opened
it a crack and called to her that it was him. She told
him to come in and he entered. The first thing she saw
was the camera bag. He saw her look at it and he said
that Jimmy had told him it was alright to bring it. She
smiled and said sure it was ok.

She wished him a happy birthday and that she would be
happy to let him take pictures to remember this special
year, but no one could ever see them. He got the camera
out and set the lenses, she asked did he want any
special poses and he said about like we did before.
Julie turned in the chair and faced him and he took one
of her just like that. She loosen the belt and let the
top separate a little to show some cleavage and at the
bottom to show her knee. They advanced from that to
where she was showing all of her breast to the nipple
and her legs to her hip. She asked if he wanted some of
her naked and he said please, if you don't mind.


At that same time Dr. Harold was getting the shock of
his life! He had downloaded the pictures that Rose had
taken of the fashion show and some weren't very clear
and he was trying to sharpen them and noticed that one
of the girls was the daughter of his friend and they
had been his patient, in fact he had delivered the
young lady before he stopped taking pregnant patients.
As he started looking closer at the pictures to see if
he knew any of the others, he pulled one up and there
she was! Charlie's girl!

The one that had undressed as Charlie took pictures,
the one at their cabin, the one he had looked at every
night, the one he wanted so bad to know who she was. He
had thought she might be a model that Charlie paid to
let him take picture of her naked. But now he knew she
was a local person. He pulled up the secure file and
looked at those and then put two side by side in
windows and switched back and forth. There was no doubt
that was her!

He transferred the fashion pictures to Rose's file and
turned off the computer. Went to the bar and made
himself a stiff drink, Charlie wanted to borrow the
camera again for Tuesday! Maybe he should check out the
cabin Tuesday himself. No, hell he couldn't do that,
Charlie was an old friend!


Julie began to let the robe slide from her shoulders
until it was completely down to her waist, she looked
at her nipples and they were hard and straight. She
posed with the robe open all the way down just hanging
on her arms then slid from the stool and gave him some
full frontal and then rear poses. She couldn't think of
any thing else unless she got down on her hands and
knees and let him shoot her that way.

She decided to go to the couch and let him take some
with her legs wide spread and touching her cunt and
finally after she had inserted two fingers for him
David couldn't take it anymore. The camera went to the
coffee table and he was undressing fast, Julie helped
him and then she finally saw it, the long and rigid
cock with a head so red it was almost blue.

All her feelings of being used and traded like a whore
were forgotten as she remembered how that young cock
had felt in her. Taking his hand she led him to the
bedroom and they kissed and explored each other for a
little while but they were to hot to wait long and soon
they were on the bed and she was guiding his cock in
her cunt. It was really good and she gasped when the
hot head hit her womb and rubbed along the entrance,
she believed he had grown in length since the last
time. She began to move against him and heard him gasp
as his passions rose and then she felt his cock stiffen
even harder and knew he was going to cum in her shortly
and she smiled as she arched her torso to rub her
breasts against his chest.

Poor David wanted so bad to make her cum first but he
couldn't stop the gut slamming cum from spurting into
her cunt. He had looked forward to this, the chance to
be alone with Julie again, to have her for his very
own. He remembered how she gave her body to him before
and how she had taken him deep inside and let him fuck
her as long as he wanted and could. But just like last
time he was cumming in her hot body after only seconds.
He hoped she would give him a second chance again after
he had recovered.

When the first hot cum splashed against her womb Julie
wiggled her hips and got the head right against her
womb mouth and cooing into his mouth kissed him and
continued to rub her hot tits on him. She experienced a
light cum from the sperm hitting inside her and his
balls squirming against her asshole. It was very
enjoyable to her but she was hotter now and wanted
more, wanted it longer and harder, she would have to
help him get it up again and then they could go slow
and for a long time.

As his cock jerked for the third time and she humped
against him she felt the head part the mouth of her
womb and slid in about a half inch and she gasped. It
wasn't hurting, his cum had the opening slick like
Bravo's pre-cum did and his cock-head wasn't as big as
Bravo's so she had been prepared by her dog lover. It
made her feel so good, excited, and hot as hell for
more cock.

David jerked once again inside her womb and the cum was
hot inside her. Then he was just pulsing and a small
amount was running from his cock and she could feel it
running out and down the walls. They were plastered
together for a long time kissing and holding each other
tightly. Slowly he rolled to the side, Julie rolling
with him not in a hurry to lose contact with his long
cock. They lay and kissed as their breathing returned
to normal.

"Lover, that was wonderful. Thank you for coming over
tonight. Did you have dinner before you came?"

"Yes ma'am, we had some earlier."

"David, we are naked in bed, your cock just filled me
with come, and is still in me thrilling me and making
me hot, please don't say "ma'am" to me. We are lovers
tonight, call me lover or something else just don't say
yes ma'am."

"Can I call you sweetheart, I would like to have you as
my sweetheart."

"I would like that! We can be sweethearts tonight and
just friends tomorrow. Would my sweetheart like some
thing to drink?"

"Yes mmm, sweetheart!"

They disengaged and went to the bathroom, Julie got a
wash cloth and cleaned him lovingly. She smiled as she
slowly milked his cock to get the cum out and kissed
him rubbing her tits on him. He was regaining stiffness
fast and she knew there wasn't going to be any problem
getting him up again. She went to the toilet, came out
and washed her cunt as he watched and touched her. She
took his hand and led him to the kitchen, getting him a
cola as her coffee was warming. They sat on the couch
drinking and touching each other. David downed his cola
fast and was kissing her breasts as she held his cock.

She pushed him over on the couch and got over him
facing his cock and lowered her nipple to his hungry
mouth and he sucked on them as she licked and sucked on
his little nipples. His cock was standing at attention
and she moved down pulling her nipple from his mouth
and dragging them on his chest until she was over his
cock-head, glistening with pre-cum. She licked it and
circled it with her tongue putting the tip into his
little slit and getting all the pre-cum in her mouth
then let her tongue tip go around his cock-head rim.
David groaned and she was rewarded with a fresh flow of
pre-cum which she sucked into her mouth.

He arched upward when her lips closed around the head
pushing it farther into her mouth, he grabbed her
shapely hips and pulled her down until his lips and
tongue could reach her cunt and began to kiss her and
rub his tongue into the wet slit. They made love like
this for almost five minutes with David exploring oral
love and loving it, he was amazed, all the things he
had heard were true, the flow from a girl's cunt was
different tasting but good.

She felt his cock getting harder and harder and didn't
want to waste him to quickly, so she raised her head
and intended to go back to kissing his lips and rubbed
her body on him but he wasn't ready to stop his new
found place and way to love a woman. He pulled her
tighter and rammed his tongue as deep as he could get
it into her succulent cunt and that mashed her
sensitive clit against his chin.

Julie trembled at his ardor and despite her intentions
rubbed her cunt against his face causing her asshole to
rub against his nose. That removed any intention she
had about lying beside him as she felt the ache move to
her cunt and she wanted to cum badly.

"Oh my god sweetheart, you are going to make me cum.
Fuck me like that baby, it's so good, let me cum for
you please let me cum like this, oh yes, love me

David had always thought she was a hot woman, she
looked hot and she was hot. She had fucked him last
time like a demon and kept him turned on like a five
hundred watt bulb. He was surprised that he could make
her cum like this but he intended to now that the
opportunity was available. He tried to get deeper by
ramming his mouth harder into her cunt and Julie
squealed as she hunched against his mouth and covered
his face with cum.

For a few moments David thought she was going to
smother him to death as she pushed his head down on the
couch, he couldn't back away and his mouth was
completely covered and his nose was in her ass crack.
But he lasted, grabbing breaths of air when she would
raise up and then jam back down, until she finally
began to finish and stopped moving over his face. His
mouth was full of her cum and he let it trickle down
his throat and his retracting tongue made her moan as
it felt like a rough cock slowly pulling out of her.

Julie settled down on his body and held his hot cock
with her hand pressing it against her face as she lay
on his body resting. David was still licking and
kissing her cunt which was right there for him only a
inch from his lips. Julie felt so much better now, she
had really had a good strong climax and the cock she
held against her face was hard and hot and she could
cum again with it inside her. But for right now she was
happy and the lips kissing her cunt would keep her
feeling good. She shifted back a little until her clit
was touching his chin, then raised up and moved it to
his mouth and rotated her hips slowly rubbing it on his
lips. David understood and kissed it and sucked it in
his mouth.

"Oh yes, lover, suck it for me. Oh you are fantastic!
Oohhh, I wish you could feel that. It is so good."

She raised her torso slightly to change the angle for
him so he could get deeper if he wished but he was
content to suck and rub her clit with his tongue. Julie
felt the ache start again and she was surprised at how
quickly he had got her hot again. She was beginning to
tremble from the passion flooding through her body and
kissed his cock head and licked around the crown.

They lost track of time, both enjoying making love to
the other, he was keeping her on the edge of climaxing
and she was keeping him hard and seeping pre-cum. Julie
had mixed emotions she wanted to cum but this was
almost heaven and she didn't want it to end. She wanted
to feel his powerful jerking as he emptied his cum
laden balls in her mouth, taste his cum and let it
slide down her throat as he filled her mouth again. But
then it would be over for a while until she could make
him hard again. She whimpered in joy and frustration.

"Sweetheart I want you to fuck me so bad, but this is
so good I wish we could do it all night! Can you cum in
my mouth and then fuck me after we rest awhile? I
promised you that I would make it up to you for sending
you home with a hard cock and I will fuck you as long
as you want to. You can have me any way you want, do
you want to cum in my mouth now, in my cunt again, or
in my ass? You can have it either way or all."

"I would like to have all. We have all night if you
don't mind."

"I would love it! I am yours tonight, take me any way
and any time and as many times as you want."

David made her get up and took her to the bathroom and
she cleaned him, his face was covered with her juices.
Then they went back to the living room, drank some
coffee and cola, and then he fucked her in the ass from
behind as she knelt on her hands and knees, moaning and

Julie loved it! His cock was in her deeper than any
other and it was smaller but big enough to give her
pleasure, she remembered the way it felt with Jimmy in
her cunt as David slid into her ass and how she had cum
so hard she was in a different dimension it seemed. He
was slow and deliberate, going in deep as their bodies
would allow and retreating to just the head remaining
in her and then starting the inward journey again. She
moaned on each inward thrust and sighed as he
retreated. She reached the apex of ecstasy and remained
there for a long time, cumming often in small and very
satisfying series of convulsions.

David was amazed! He was aware each time she climaxed
as she would start whimpering as it began and get still
with her head down, resting in her hands to keep from
getting rug burns, and her elbows on the floor. She
would softly moan and gasp as he fucked her and when
she had recovered she would raise up and move with him
again to give him as much pleasure as she was getting.
She occasionally would look over her shoulder and smile
at him as she met each thrust with a wiggle and
backward pressure.

"Oh lover, you are so good in me! I had forgotten how
your cock felt in my ass, it's wonderful! You are a
great lover. I will be your sweetheart anytime! Oh god,
I going to come again. I'm sorry baby, I just can't
stop! Oh yes, fuck me, make me want you in my ass all
the time. Oooohhhh, yes, now! NOW!"

Watching her was just driving him crazy. He wanted to
fuck her like this all night but his passion was
getting higher and higher, he was trying to think of
other things, remember songs he had heard but her
moaning was a constant reminder that he was fucking a
very hot woman, the woman he would love to fuck forever
and wished she was his and wanted to fuck him alone
every night.

When Julie raised up and looked at him this time, he
was deep in her and his balls were resting on her cunt,
he paused and leaned forward to kiss her, she arched
back to give him her mouth and he released her hips and
sought her breasts. They were hot and slippery with
sweat and he squeezed them and pinched at her nipples
between thumb and knuckle.

Julie moaned and twisted to arch her spine more and
took his tongue into her mouth and wiggled her ass on
his cock and her tits in his squeezing hands. She was
on fire and her heat was more than he could handle. He
felt the cum start from his balls and begin it's
journey to fire into her grasping ass. When Julie felt
his cock expand and stiffen, she moaned as she
anticipated the hot cum spurting into her and she began
to cum again, pressing back to get him as deep as

They ground against each other, he couldn't remain
still while cumming in her and pulled back to start
pumping frantically to fuck her to climax not realizing
she already was there. The house was filled with gasps,
moans, panting, and the sound of slapping flesh. Julie
felt again the early years erotic ache of balls
pounding against her cunt as her ass was fucked and she
knew she was dripping cum on the towel. When they had
reached the conclusion of this mutual climax, they had
to give it up for neither had the strength to continue
so they settle to the floor and lay spooned together.

David could not help himself, as he kissed her back and
massaged her tits he told her that he loved her. Julie
was silent for a while as she lay in restful peace, her
ass full of warm cock and her lover kissing her and
loving her body. She whispered to him: "I love you too
David. I know I shouldn't, not like this. We should not
want each other sexually, we should not be naked
together, I shouldn't suck your cock and let you kiss
my cunt, and most of all we should not be fucking but I
can't help but want you like this, making love to me.
But I do.

"When I think about being with you like this I lose all
my senses, I just want you. I want you to want me, I
want you to kiss me, feel of my breasts, touch my cunt,
make me hot and then fuck me how ever you want. But we
have to be realistic and know that we can't have
anything else, we can't date, we can't be two people in
love, all we can be is lovers and enjoy each other and
love each other. Do you understand that?"

"Yes, sweetheart. I understand and I will accept that
and take it as long as you are willing and want me to."

"Thank you, and I will be your sweetheart as long as
you want me."

"I will want you forever, just like this."

"And I you. I will also be your slut to fuck whenever
we can. We should have many more opportunities this
summer. Let's shower and rest awhile, unless you are
ready to sleep."

"Don't want to sleep, been wanting you to long to sleep
now. I will warm you some coffee and bring it to the

They disengaged, Julie wiped him and herself with the
towel and took it to the laundry room to soak. She got
the shower going and kicked out of her heels. He came
in with the coffee as she sat on the toilet. She told
him she was finished and he could have it. She wanted
coffee but it was to hot to drink so she got in the
shower and was joined by him very soon. They got wet,
rubbed against one another as they moved around.
Turning off the shower she soaped up a cloth and bathed
him, then let him bathe her and that took a long time,
he wasn't in a hurry to finish. By the time she told
him that she believed she was clean the soap on him was
nearly dry and they rinsed off.

They lay propped up on the bed touching and she drank
coffee as they talked. David couldn't keep his hands
off her constantly touching her breasts, nipples, and
cunt. She kept her legs spread for his hand and
whenever he rubbed she would close her eyes and whimper
as his finger slid in her. She was wet again quickly
and his cock was hard in her hand. Julie sucked him off
this time wanting to save the face to face fuck for
last as it would take a long time and she would have
the opportunity to just let him rest with it snug
against her womb.

When he came in her mouth, groaning with the strain, he
pulled her up and kissed her cum soaked mouth and let
her suck his tongue. They went to the kitchen for a
snack more coffee and a cola. They looked at the
pictures and she was surprised how clear they were.
Some were normal but some extra special, he had caught
her expression as she looked at him just as she touched
her clit and it was a dramatic! She had lust and
wanting shining from her eyes, even she could see it
and she wondered if she showed that often. How many men
had seen that look?

She went to the kitchen and got things ready for
breakfast as he followed her around, embracing her
every time she stopped to do something. Once at the
sink she twisted around to face him and said with a

"Baby, you are trying to seduce me, you devil. You are
making me hot again. You will have me begging you soon
to make love to me. Do you want me again, now?'

He nodded with a big smile on his face. She smiled back
and whispered, ok she was ready also. They went to the
bedroom and she sat on the edge and gave him oral love
for a while until he was stiff and the red cock-head
was big and throbbing. She wanted to follow the pre-cum
with the real thing but twice might to many for one
night and she slipped to the middle and held out her
arms for him. They were face to face as close as they
could possible get, their legs entwined and his cock
sunk to her womb, she knew it was long enough to go
inside again and wiggle against him until the hot head
found the entrance and slipped in to make her ache.

David didn't know what it was but he knew something had
the head of his cock in a vise like grip and she liked
it as she was sucking his tongue out by the root. Her
nipples were punching holes in his chest and for a
moment he was afraid that he had more woman than he
could handle, no wonder Jimmy agreed to swap with him,
he needed the rest.

David's cock was sore and the extra pressure was
keeping him from getting to worked up. But he began to
move in her and the head slipped free. Julie moaned, oh
no, put it back in my womb it feels so good. She
wiggled until she got it back and then clutched his ass
cheek and held him there.

"Oh god, baby that is fantastic. Just be still and let
it stay in there, don't move just kiss me and let me
cum from the pleasure. It won't take long."

It didn't, she would coo and wiggle, crush her tits
against him, moan, kiss him all over the face, dig her
nails in his ass cheeks and suddenly she froze with a
look of fear in her eyes and began to cum. He held her
tightly hoping that would help, he couldn't do much
more than that. When she relaxed it came out of her
womb and she sighed and just held on to him. As she
rested he kissed her and told her how beautiful she was
and how she seemed to radiate when she was cumming. He
moved in her a little to keep her hot and keep his cock
hard and they talked as they fucked. Finally Julie saw
an opportunity to ask him about tomorrow night.

"Sweetheart, what are we going to do tomorrow night?
All Jimmy told me was I was to let maybe two dogs fuck
me and I had to suck one of them off while you made
movies of it. Why do I have to suck a dog cock?"

"We are going to make the next series of the movie
where Mom blackmailed you into letting her fuck you and
rewarded you with a fuck by Bravo. It will show you
being stripped by mom and punished a little and then
you are made to fuck Bravo and suck him until he cums
in your mouth and then he fucks you again. The other
dog is just for backup. Jimmy said he had been making
you practice!"

No use lying, he knew that Connie was letting Bravo out
for her and that he was going straight to her house and
staying a long time. "Yes, he comes over and we get to
know each other so we will be at ease when the time

"Have you sucked his cock, it's not like a man's?"

"Yes, a little, it's kind of messy."

"Jimmy told me that he came home and Bravo had fucked
you so much you were almost passed out. Did you enjoy
him fucking you for a long time like that?"

"Yes but it takes a lot of energy out of you. I went to
sleep once and woke up and he was going at me again!"

The memory and talking about it was making Julie hot
again. She moved against him to get his mind off the
subject and they continued to make love for a long time
with Julie getting hotter and hotter until she was hazy
eyed and panting.

"Sweetheart, I want to cum again, I need you to fuck me
harder and make me cum. I'm so hot that I will be sick
if I don't cum. Can you do it without cumming and then
you can have me all night if you want?"

"Would you let me fuck you all night if I could?"

"Yes baby, I belong to you tonight. You have given me a
wonderful feeling all night and I want you to take me
as many times as you can. If you want to sleep and fuck
me again, then you can, just wake me up and take my
body. But I need to cum now!"

David begin to pump the beautiful woman's cunt and she
lit up as her climax approached. Soon she was moaning
into his mouth and his cock was squishing in her as she
came. God she was a hot woman. But she was becoming a
tired woman also, so she just held her young lover and
let him fuck her until he came into her cunt with a
weak and small amount of sperm. Then they just clutched
each other until they could get enough energy to kiss
again. Julie licked his lips and giggled.

"Baby, you have just about done me in, but you can have
me all night just like I promised but I won't be able
to give you much cum on your wonderful cock."

They had to go to the bathroom again and she washed
both him and herself, then applied some of Jimmy's
lotion to her cunt, ass, and his cock. She could feel
the cooling effect it had on her cunt and it felt good.
She fixed everything for breakfast and had it ready to
go, drinking her coffee and getting him a cola and some
chips. He watched her moving around the kitchen naked
and beautiful. By the time she finished he was
considering maybe trying one more time but she cut out
the light and led him to the bed and kissed him after
they were lying in it. They were both asleep in record

Twice during the night he woke her up, kissing her and
rubbing her breasts. She asked him if he was horny
again and he answered yes. Julie couldn't believe it
but she rolled over to face him and let him enter her
cunt and went to sleep with him thrusting slowly in
her. The second time he was trying to get in her from
behind and she reached down sleepily and guided him in
then took his hand and placed it on her tit and drifted
back into dream land. She dreamed that she was lying on
a beach and all her lovers were lined up and fucked her
one by one and then started around again.

She woke up startled, damp with sweat and nasty
feeling. David was plastered to her and his cock was
stuck to her ass cheek with dried cum. She moaned but
not from passion, she hurt all over and needed to go to
the toilet bad. As she slipped from the bed she glanced
at the clock to see how much more she could sleep and
was shocked to see that it was time to get up.

The toilet and a douche helped her a little, a hot
shower was even better and she applied lotion to her
body while still wet. Grabbing a robe she went to wake
David but he was already up, when she got to the
kitchen she could hear the other shower going and the
coffee pot was nearly finished. She thought maybe she
should marry him and teach him how to wash clothes. But
he would kill her if he fucked her every night like

She started preparing a breakfast of french toast with
bacon and grabbed herself a cup of coffee. He came in
and started rounding up his clothes, they were
scattered around the living room as were her robe and
shoes. The camera was still on the coffee table. He
came in the kitchen and walked to her asking what she
wanted him to do. Julie turned to him and kissed him
and said nothing, every thing was under control but he
could get himself something to drink. He said the bacon
sure did smell good. Julie smiled as she felt he was
avoiding any mention of last night.

"Sweetheart, you were wonderful last night. I really
enjoyed it, I'm sorry I gave out on you but to be
honest I don't think I have ever climaxed that many
times. Did you enjoy being my lover, did I satisfy you,
would you do it again or have I funked out?"

"Yes, a thousand times yes. You were wonderful, sorry I
bothered you when you were sleeping but you felt so
good that I just had to! You are so beautiful and
that's all I think about."

Julie remembered Emily! She grabbed the phone and
called her, explaining that she was going in a little
early and make sure that the reports were ready, so she
wouldn't be at home when Emily came by on her way to
school. Emily said, you mean I won't get any wonderful
coffee? What would she do? Julie laughed and said come
by the office and I will have you some in a thermal
cup. They laughed and said good by.

They left for school but Julie had to stop at David's
and let him change clothes and get his cleats and
glove. Jimmy came out and got in the car, he looked at
her but didn't say a word about last night. Neither did
she. At school the boys had a hour to kill before the
arrival of the others and headed for the field to
pitch. Julie went to the office, it was locked but she
had the keys that Mrs. Lucas gave her and opened it up.
She gathered the folders, Darlene had written each
teachers name on their folder and took it all to the
conference room.

Emily came and they talked and drank coffee. No one was
around so she asked.

"Did you make your call?"

"God, I thought you would never ask! Yes, and he was
like a little boy at Christmas! I think he said yes,
oh, yes a million times but I didn't say anything about
sleep arrangements, let them sweat that one. I told him
that each of us was going to invite some one but not to
mention it as I didn't know who you two were going to
ask, it might be some one we didn't know. He promised.
Sarah and I came up with that! "

"You're excited, Emily!"

"Yes, I am. I had a hard time going to sleep and even a
harder time making love. You might know Kurt would get
romantic when he got back."

"Got back, where did he go?"

"Forgot something at work that he wanted to have ready
this morning, he was cheerful when he got home, said he
was one up on the other guys for the promotion."

"See, he's been worried about it, but he's not going to
tell you that, that's the man in him."

"Yeah, you were right I..."

Charlie came in, smiling and said well look at this,
two of my favorites standing waiting for me. That
starts the day off right. Good morning ladies!

They talked a minute and he got some coffee that Julie
had made in the pot and soon others began to show up.
Every one was ready to get it over with. The coffee was
gone quickly, Darlene had arrived and said she would
make more. The meeting went like clockwork everyone
said it was much better than the old way they did
things and they praised Julie for her work in setting
up and fine tuning the system so it worked for them
rather than them working for it.

Julie and Darlene started the report cards processing
and Charlie had a lot of diplomas to sign. Julie was
running from one to the other helping where ever she
could. As soon as a class was finished she would call
the teacher and they would come and get theirs and then
they were finished, all they had to do was secure the
class room and then go home. Of course they were
hanging around, helping if they could, drinking coffee,
laughing and talking. It was almost finished for three
months of vacation. Except for a couple of training
sessions in August.

Emily and Sarah came by and dragged Julie to the front
door so they could talk. Everybody had been talked to
and every body was going! They laughed as they
described how shocked and happy Ben and Joe were. But
neither knew the other was going. They told Julie she
should tell Bill to casually drop the information so
they wouldn't be lying to each other about going
somewhere and then all go in a separate car. But to let
them plot for a day or two before he told them.

They decided to go to lunch together and the best idea
was to go to Henry's. It took about a half of an hour
to finish all the report cards and then away they went.
Henry's was nearly full but there was a table at the
rear, where they had sat before, and they quickly told
Beth that they were celebrating the end of classes,
they wanted three burgers, three french fries, and
three beers! She smiled and said ok, coming up. Emily
said and bring us the ticket so we can pay now. Beth
said she couldn't do that, Henry would fire her! Emily
told her either that or they would go to another place.

As soon as she told Henry to fix three special burgers
with fries, he looked at her and she nodded. He came to
the window and looked, smiling he said "I'll be damned,
miracles still happen". Beth smiled and said they want
to pay right now. Henry said ok, let them. Give them a
bill that says each owes a quarter and a dance with the
"Aren't you going to talk to them?"

"Hell, I can't right now. I've got seven burgers, fries
and, who in hell wanted scrambled eggs this time of

"That old man with the glasses like coke bottles. I
don' t think he could see the menu so he just ordered
them. But maybe he just got up!"

Beth got three beers and wrote out three tickets. She
took them to the table and set them down and laid the
tickets in front of them. Emily said wait, we will pay
you now and don't tell Henry. They picked up the
tickets and looked at them. Sarah burst out giggling
and started rumbling through her bag looking for a
quarter. She didn't have one. She held out a dollar but
Beth said sorry, it has to be a quarter and it will go
in the juke box for the dance.

"Julie, loan me a quarter, please."

"Don't have but one and I'm not giving it to you."


"No way, cup cake."

"Beth change my dollar for four quarters, please."

"I can't, Julie and Emily will get mad."

"What am I going to do, I've got to have a quarter for
the machine. Julie, what can I do?"

"Go see if Henry will loan you a quarter."

Sarah looked at all three of them and then she smiled
and said, "Maybe he would at that and maybe I just
might dance with him a long time so that my two so
called friends don't get a chance. What do you think of
that, is it worth a quarter not to take a chance?"

"Well Julie, I think we have trained her to well! She
used to be so innocent that we could do most anything
to her but she is getting to good at turning the tables
on us."

"Yes, she is. Here take this quarter and I'll go borrow
one from Henry."

"No you won't. I've going to borrow from Henry. You
just want to get him all for yourself."

"Will you stop fussing over a quarter! Here I've got
five of them, take two!"

"Look at that Julie, just a minute ago she wouldn't
loan me a quarter now she's giving me two! Thank you
sweetheart, you're such a nice person."

"Beth you look tired, are you still working alone,
can't you find any help?"

"We have a girl that comes in at five and helps me. But
I still have to be here, gotta go collect money."

They sat and talked about vacation. They wanted Julie
to find out what was around the place, what could they
do for fun, were there any things they could see, how
was the shopping? Julie said ok but it would be a few
days before she would have time to talk to him. They
tried to make plans for Friday night but nothing
sounded like fun. Sarah said maybe they should just go
to a movie and then go someplace, just the three of
them, someplace they could relax and have fun like a

"Hey, that would be neat. A pajama party! Julie could
we use your place and stay all night?"

"Yeah, we could eat out and go to a movie, have a few
drinks someplace and then crash at your house."

"Well, I could get Jimmy to spend the night with David,
I guess."

"Let's do that unless something else comes up."

Henry came out with their burgers and fries. They went
oohh and aahh and asked him if he had time to sit down.
He said no but he was about finished and would come as
soon as he was and they would be through eating then.

"Henry, you're sweating. Here take my napkin and drink
a swallow of my beer to cool you down."

"Thank you Julie. It's hot over that stove and a
women's work is never done, never ever if a man's doing
it. My god you get more beautiful every time I see you!
All of you! Here let me wipe that bottle mouth."

"No way, I might want to kiss this and pretend it was

"Okay, but you could get the real thing any time you
want it, free."

"Stop flirting with him. Give us a chance, I've got my
quarter, Henry. Hurry up and get back out here."

"Be right out little doll. I see three quarters. That
means I get to dance with Red too?"

"You got that right! And you haven't been danced with
like we are going to, so hurry up."

Henry went to the kitchen without a word. They ate
burgers and exclaimed over every bite. Emily said it
was so juicy you needed a straw. Sarah giggled and said
she thought Henry should get a prize. They looked at
her and waited for her to swallow, then she said, he
sure would like to spend the night with Julie. Emily
laughed and said he would like to just lick the toilet
seat after she had sat on it. Julie said give me a
break will you or you will be spending vacation in the

By the time they finished eating Henry was back and he
sat down to talk, soon Beth had got everybody checked
out and started to gather up the dishes. Henry told her
to leave it and come sit down, she had been running
since eleven. She brought four beers and told him they
could share one as it would put her to sleep as tired
as she was.

When they had finished eating, Sarah said, "Here's my
quarter, come on and let's pick out a song." They
danced and Sarah really put it on him, Henry was
sweating when they finished. Emily said, "Keep your
seat Julie, I'm next. You have the leftovers." She
found a really slow song and tried to push her tits
through his chest so the nipples would show in his
back. Henry told Beth he wasn't going to live through
this! He said to Julie, "I bet I know what song you
want to hear." She smiled and tossed him the quarter.
They danced just like they had done before and Henry's
eyes were glazed over when the song ended. They made
him dance with Beth and slipped out as they moved
around the room among the tables loaded with dishes.

Emily and Sarah took Julie to school and they left for
home. Julie had a few things to take care of and she
wanted to talk to Charlie about tomorrow but realized
it didn't matter they both knew the routine. Darlene
had come in and she finally said she was ready to go
home early unless there was something else to do. Julie
said no, go ahead and take tomorrow off, Wednesday they
needed to finalize the retirement party and she would
take off early then.

She went home about two, she could hear the bats from
the baseball field as she left. She wondered if Bravo
would be there waiting but he wasn't, she was a little
let down. There was a stapled sheet of paper sticking
on the garage door. She had to let it down again to get
it and then back up. It was a list of things she was to
do to be prepared for tonight. She thought it was
Connie's hand writing but wasn't sure. It wasn't
Jimmy's but it could be David's but it looked feminine.

Dinner will be at Connie's at seven.

There are four bottles of soda in the refrigerator,
each has a ounce of vodka.

Drink one at four and one each hour to relax you.

Drink all the coffee in the pot.

Rest and sleep if you can but don't do any house work.

Take a hot tub bath for at least twenty minutes at six.

Wear only the robe and shoes on the bed after your

Watch the DVD on the bed at six thirty. Naked.

Jimmy will be late, he will be home about six thirty.

Julie was flabbergasted, not at the note but because
she knew Connie had been inside the house! She looked
in the refrigerator and sure enough there were four
bottles of soda there. Oh my god the bed, she didn't
have time to make it and left it because she was going
to wash the sheets. But the bed was made up. There were
clean sheets on it. She went to the washing machine,
nothing. But the dryer was filled with the sheets,
pillow cases and towels. Connie had came, got the
hidden key, washed the cum stained sheets and must have
seen the towels soaking and took care of it all. She
saw where her son had fucked Julie! Oh my god!

Julie felt humiliated, knew she shouldn't it was a
swap, a trade, her for Connie, one slave for another, a
strange piece ; but she did! She went to get some
coffee, the pot was full, still warm in fact, a note
was lying beside it, it said, this is strong, put a
quarter teaspoon of sugar in it to kill the bitterness
unless you like it that way. Drink it all before seven.
She poured a cup and sipped it. It was stronger than
she was used to so she put in the sugar and it was much
smoother. It was warm and she drank it like it was
water and got another cup. She checked the time it was
a little after three.

Chapter Fifty Two

By the time it was four Julie was feeling very good,
she had adopted a, oh well, so she knows we had a real
good time last night, bet Jimmy fucked her brains out
anyway. The coffee always made her calm for some reason
but she kept thinking about last night and tonight's
movie session and she was horny, calm but hot. She had
undressed and put the clothes away but couldn't decide
on a top to wear and it was senseless any way she would
just have to take it off so she sat on the couch and
thought, occasionally catching herself rubbing her
nipples which were tingling and hard.

She got up and got the soda and drank it slowly for it
was strong. By the time she got it down she was dizzy
and giggling. She went and got the packet under the
mattress and read about oral sex with a dog, she
thought the author must not have ever done it for she
had found it to be both appealing and scary. She wished
she had Bravo now so she could check it out before
tonight. To her surprise she woke up not even realizing
she had napped. She still had the instructions in her
hand. She looked at the pictures again and realized,
now that she had experienced it herself, that they were
actual not staged. The ones of the large dog cock
stretching the woman's lips made her wish she had a
large one to try like that and it must feel good
stuffed in your cunt.

Julie was now wishing she didn't have to wait for three
hours she was ready now! But she didn't have to wait
for three hours she had slept longer than she realized
it was almost five now. She couldn't believe her eyes
as she looked at the clock on the stove as she poured
some coffee. She forgot to warm it, just drank it down
and got another one. Then she got the second soda and
was ready to drink it, for some reason she was really
thirsty! She forced herself to drink it slow. It didn't
seem to be as strong as the first one and she giggled
like Sarah, she would have to buy some vodka, it was

By the time six came Julie had been to the bathroom
four times, the coffee was working on her plus all the
liquid was looking for a way out. She was hot,
physically, emotionally, and sexually. She drew a tub
of water with bath oil, putting a lot of it in it, got
a cup of coffee and her third soda and placed them by
the tub. She decided she wanted to look good for her
lover or lovers and shaved her cunt before climbing in
the water and started drinking her soda.

Soon she was sweating, she drank some coffee, finished
the soda and decided to see if the bottle would fit, it
would and she was lying in the tub cooing when it came
to her that she had to be out by six thirty which was
two minutes from then. She dried off drained the tub,
blew her hair dry and made it to the couch with the DVD
and got it started playing.

She gasped, it was a movie of Bravo and he was licking
Connie, she was lying on the weight bench that Julie
laid on as she was fucked by the dog. Connie was coming
unglued from the tongue on her cunt. Once when he
looked around Julie saw that her cunt was running wet
and dripping and he went right back to licking it. It
made Julie hot to see this, she could almost feel it
being done to her and it made her jealous, he was her
lover and she was stealing him!

She hardly realized when Jimmy came in the door, she
was sitting with her legs spread and a hand rubbing
between them, engrossed in the movie. He quickly
undressed put on a pair of gym shorts and went back to
her. As she looked up at him from the movie he could
see the fire in her hazy eyes, then she looked back at
the screen and watched the hips of Bravo pounding
Connie's ass cheeks and listened to her moan as she
came for Julie's dog lover. Jimmy went and got her last
bottle of soda, noting that she had just about finished
the coffee and poured the last cup then fixed another
pot to be made later.

Returning to the couch he gave his mother the last
bottle and she drank some and handed it back to him as
she watched Bravo pumping his sperm into Connie as she
whimpered and whispered how good it felt. Bravo waited
only a few seconds and he was getting off and there was
a great picture of his knot popping out of her as she
cried out from the pain and cum running from her wide
open cunt. He walked away not even licking her as he
did for Julie giving her a little satisfaction, he only
needed to cum in a available cunt and she wasn't there
for him.

The movie ended and the screen went black, Julie looked
at Jimmy just realizing he had pulled his gym shorts
off and his cock was rigid. He gave her another swallow
of the soda as he straddled her hips with his knees and
took the bottle away and replaced it with his cock at
her lips. Julie kissed it, licked it once, and then
sucked him into her mouth pulling him forward so she
could lay her head on the couch back and feel his cock
slid deep to her throat and his legs brush the sides of
her breasts.

She sucked and rubbed along the bottom of his cock with
her tongue and held his balls in her hand with the
other on his ass. She wanted him to cum in her mouth
and he wanted that also but tried to hold out as long
as he could. He was doing good until Julie let him
slide into her throat and tighten her swallow muscles
around it making him groan and lose it all into her.
She let the first spurt go down and then pushed him
back until the head was in her mouth and she could suck
to get it all and taste it with her tongue rubbing the
underside of the head.

Jimmy had a big load and she was rewarded with a lot to
swallow. She sucked and licked at it for a long time as
he slumped over her until it was shrinking in her
mouth. She massaged the underside of his balls and ran
her finger up to the cock in her mouth milking out the
last drops that he had. He pulled away and gave her the
soda and she drank it down feeling it burning down into
her stomach.

"Thank you baby. I needed you, I missed you last

"I missed you also. Did David satisfy you?"

"Yes baby, David was very good to me and he is special
to me but I love you and want you."

"I love you also, Mom. I never want to leave you or
know you are with some one other than me or dad but
sometimes it has to be, you understand."

Julie nodded but she didn't. She knew it only applied
to her, they could tell her to do anything they wanted
to but they wouldn't be so happy if she was doing it
herself, that didn't make sense. He gave her the coffee
and told her that they needed to get ready to go. She
drank some of the coffee and took the rest with her to
the bathroom, that's when she felt the wetness running
down her leg, she must have been more excited than she
realized. Cleaned up and wrapped in her robe and those
high heels on her feet she was ready to go as she
downed the last of the coffee.

Jimmy said ok, come here. Expecting a kiss she went to
him and he kissed her and removed her robe. He had
taken a sack from his backpack and it contained the
cuffs and collar. When she saw them she held out her
hands for the cuffs as she had expected them tonight.
He put them on her and then turned her around and
placed the collar around her neck and fasten it, took
her hands and pulled them behind her and hooked the
cuffs together.

"Baby, I can't drive like this."

"Don't worry I will drive. You are letting me get
experience so I can take the test in three weeks."

She submitted, also when he told her to kneel and put
her head on the couch she did as he said. She spread
her legs thinking he was going to play with her cunt to
get her hot. But she was surprised when he touched her
asshole and then he slid the dildo in her! She gasped
as it seated it's self inside her ass. She remembered
it and the memory made her tremble for she knew she was
going to have to wear it to David's house, he and
Connie would see it! But she steeled herself as she was
aware that she was destined for a lot of humiliation
tonight and all she could do was let it happen and hope
it didn't take long. She had once been taken by mother
and father to a warehouse where there was a temporary
studio set up and they had made a hour length movie, it
had taken five hours to do it! But maybe this wouldn't
be that bad. Some of the scenes they shot over and

Jimmy helped her up and replaced her robe but it
wouldn't stay closed as her arms made her to big for
it. Nevertheless he helped her into the car and hooked
her seat belt, she sat there red faced as her entire
front could be seen with the six inch opening. She
gasped when he opened the garage door for it wasn't
dark yet but at least her nipples were covered.
Arriving at David's they saw the next door neighbor out
watering his shrubbery, she immediately tried to sink
in the seat and told him to back in so she would be on
the opposite side.

Jimmy waved at the man and went around to her door and
helped her get out and they hurried inside the garage.
Julie was trembling, she knew he had to see all of her
legs as the robe was open all the way down and even
with Jimmy between them they would be in full view as
she walked. Jimmy shut the garage door and they went
inside, David was coming to meet them and he walked
straight to her and kissed her, telling her how great
she looked. He also opened her robe and slid it from
her shoulders and placed it on a chair, rubbing both
breasts and her nipples.

"Did you get it all set up!"

"Yeah, every things ready, we can start as soon as we
finish eating. Go get Mom. She is in the computer room
and needs help to get up."

As soon as Jimmy turned to go he wrapped his arms
around Julie and kissed her and rubbed her all over. He
told her that he had really enjoyed their night
together and could hardly wait until next week so they
could spend more time like that. Julie remained silent
but she did smile, also his hands were driving her
crazy, she thought it must be the vodka, it wasn't that
much but something sure had her tuned up high. Vodka
and coffee maybe, mixing caffeine and alcohol was
messing up her emotions.

Jimmy and Connie came in the door and it was obvious
that she was near her boiling point, Julie felt like
she had been watching DVD's. Connie was also in cuffs
and collar, she came straight to her and kissed her as
David moved away. Then she stepped closer and rubbed
against her. Her breasts were hot and the nipples hard.
She rubbed against Julie making her hot also and soon
they were kissing and rubbing tits together and rubbing
their faces on the other's body and face, they looked
like two cats and you could almost hear them purr.
Connie turned her back to Julie and rubbed her ass
against her then bent forward and thrust it back
against Julie's crotch. She wanted to be fucked bad and
she was raising Julie's level of need also.

The guys said they seemed to be ready, let's eat and
get started. David started getting food from the oven
and refrigerator and setting it on the counter. Jimmy
unhooked Julie's and Connie's hands and led them to the
counter and told them to fix their plates and go to the
table and eat. He went to the refrigerator and got them
a glass of something that looked and tasted like
lemonade. They ate in silence and as soon as it was
finished, there weren't any second helpings, no time
for that. The lemonade was strong and Julie could taste
the vodka in it.

As Jimmy put the stuff away, David told them what they
were to do and gave them some lines to read and say but
said they were just suggestions if they thought
something else was better then just say it. They went
to the computer and looked at the last one they did
which this one was to follow. Then they got ready.
Collars and cuffs were removed, Jimmy motioned for
Julie to kneel at the couch and Connie kneeled beside
her and they began to kiss. Julie heard her moan and
realized she had a dildo in her ass also and it had
just been removed, then she gasped as hers was pulled
out slowly, the kissing was at a fever pitch now both
of them were hot and horny. They were cleaned, first
legs and cunt then asshole then pulled to their feet

Julie was trembling and she saw that Connie was pink
all over the chest and boobs. They were helped into a
wrap around dress, nipples caressed until hard as
rocks, then taken to their places. Julie was outside
the front door standing and waiting. It was dark now
but she was covered. The lights came on and she heard,
ok sound on. She rang the bell and hung her head a
little. Connie came to the door and opened it.

"It's about time you got here. You are three minutes
late, you will have to be punished. Get in here, before
someone sees your dog loving ass at my door."

"I'm sorry but the traffic was slow and I had to sit
through one red light twice.. Please don't punish me! I
left as soon as you called."

They were inside now and David had the camera, Jimmy
had a hand held light on them. Connie grabbed Julie by
the arm and started towards the bedroom snatching her
along. David said, Cut. Very good, great. Let us get in
the bedroom and come in on cue. While they got ready
with cables, Connie was rubbing Julie's ass and telling
her how beautiful she looked. When David said ok,
sounds on, they took a deep breath and went in. Connie
pushed her to the bed and snatched her around.

"I guess you couldn't follow my instructions about what
to wear either, if you have on anything other than that
dress I will whip you for an hour! Take it off, now,
slave! Or would you rather the world sees you fucking a
dog and cumming like a fountain?"

Julie hastily untied her wrap around and pulled it off
and threw it on the bed. She stood there in the bright
lights trembling with her head down slightly but her
tits stood proud and the muscles in her stomach looked
like a washboard. She was wound up tight and turned on
high, she wasn't dreading this now she was into it.
David had his hand up holding the action as he wanted a
good long shot of this magnificent body and he wanted
Jimmy to get in a lot of stills that they could sell.

But he couldn't hold it to long so he waved Connie into
action. She had been told to drag this out a little so
she stepped to Julie and ran her hand over her chest
and between the breasts down to her stomach and finally
to her crotch to rub the cunt. Julie's legs spread
automatically. She whimpered as a finger caressed her
slit and she wasn't acting.

"Very good, dog slut, you are taking care of your body
for me, I will lessen your punishment tonight for that
but don't mess up! What did you come for tonight,

"Mistress, I came to give you my body to use how ever
you wish."

"What will you get in return for me using your body?"

"I will be made to cum many times as you fuck me."


Almost sobbing, "I will be allowed to let your dog be
my lover and fuck me as long as he wishes."

"Yes dog lover, that is what you want isn't it? Tell me
how much you want his cock pounding into you."

"I want him to love me with his hard hot cock, make me
cum, tie me with his wonderful knot and fill me with
his hot cum. I want him bad."

"You will suck him off in your hot mouth after he fucks
you tonight also, if you are good and give yourself to
my pleasure willingly and without complaint."

"Oh yes please, let me suck his beautiful cock. I will
be good for you and let you do any you wish and I will
make you cum with my tongue and lips. Oh thank you,

"Remove my clothes and get your slave gear on!"

Julie untied the wrap dress and removed it to join hers
on the bed and reached for the cuffs and collar handing
them to Connie and holding her wrists out to them to be
placed on her. She decided to add something to the
instructions and as soon as the cuffs were on she
slipped to her knees with her hands on her thighs and
her head up for the collar. David was overjoyed, she
was a natural! He squatted so the camera would be at
her level and zoomed closer.

When the collar encircled her neck she closed her eyes
in submission as it was buckled and her hands went to
Connie's hips causing her to shudder as she felt
herself being pulled gently towards Julie. When she
finished with the collar she took a small step and
Julie's lips kissed her stomach just below the navel
and her hands went to Connie's tits.

Connie was about to lose it! She wanted to shout fuck
you to David and Jimmy and fall on Julie and ravage her
cunt with lips, tongue, fingers and just her whole
body. But she managed to hang on telling herself that
it would come just wait a little. Julie was well aware
of the quaking of the woman standing in front of her
and she knew the camera was focused on her lips so she
pinched the nipples between her fingers and thumbs as
hard as she could bringing a gasp from the struggling
woman. Connie loved to be fucked with her hands tied
and clamps on her nipples and she was in heaven. Not
only was she getting what she loved but it was coming
from the one person in the world that she would give
everything for, just to have her do it.

David had good shots of the action and long views of
the tits and nipples that occasionally brushed against
Connie's legs and he wanted the action to continue so
he was motioning for them to move on to the punishment.
But Connie wanted to carry this farther on and she
raised her right leg and placed it on the side bed rail
and turned so her exposed cunt was in view of the
camera. Julie delighted her by moving her hands, one to
the back of her left leg and the other to her ass and
her lips began to move down to the opening slit.
Unknown to the two camera men the little finger of the
hand on her ass was slipping into her crack and seeking
the anal orifice to slip in slowly just as her lips
reached the shaven cunt and the tongue tickled along
the slit.

Unknown to Julie and the guys, who were mesmerized,
Connie was working her tits over with her hands,
squeezing, pinching, and twisting the nipples, she was
about five heart beats away from a powerful cum. Julie
realized that they were getting away from the story
line so she backed away and removed her finger.

"I will be good for you Mistress. I will make you feel
really good and you can fuck me, I will cum for you
again just as I did before. I belong to you, you are my
Mistress and I am your slut, I want you to fuck me and
I want your dog to fuck me, I belong to him also. I
will love his cock just as I did your cunt. If you want
to punish me I will stand and let you and I will beg
you to fuck me."

Connie was coming down but her breathing was still
heavy and her leg was getting wet but she managed to
gasp out.

"Get the dildo and put it on me and I..." She saw David
frantically waving like he was whipping something and
quickly added, "will punish you as you suck it."

As Julie rose from the floor, David followed her up and
staying away from Connie's face showed her getting the
dildo strap on from the bed along with the crop and
sinking back to her knees in front of the flushed woman
and holding it for her to step into. She pulled it up
and connected the velcro straps and held the crop until
she took it and leaned forward to lick the dildo head
and slowly let it slip into her mouth. David said, cut,
let's take a break and get something to drink. He had
focused in on Julie's lips slipping up the ivory head
and faded to black.

"Hey, that was great! We will pick up right there and
then go on. That was a very good fifteen minutes, we
shouldn't have to edit any thing on that. I will get
you some thing to drink, just take it easy."

"I have to go to the bathroom."

"Ok, mom, but don't wipe that streak down your leg, let
it stay, it was in the last shot and we need it there
to start up again."

Jimmy squatted beside his mother and asked her if she
was ok and did she need any thing. She shook her head
and smiled at him. He told her she was great and she
was a natural born actress. She smiled again and said
well you and your father have helped me a lot, but it's
fun too, except for what's coming now. He said that
they had told Connie to take it easier than last time
and showed her how to make noise without hitting hard.

"Baby, I feel weird, I think it's the vodka but it
might be the excitement. Do they have any coffee? It
seems to help."

"I'll go check, relax a little. Are you cold?"

"No, it's warm in here, almost hot."

"It's set high so that you will be comfortable and also
so you will sweat just a little. It looks great on your

Julie nodded as he went away to check the coffee. David
came in with glasses of the vodka lemonade and she
drank half of hers, she was thirsty. Oooo it was
strong. David sat beside her and she waited until he
leaned to her and gave him her lips. She was getting
used to being kissed all the time, she didn't mind but
she wished they would put a little emotion in it
because it always meant a hand was going to caress her
breast. Sure enough it did and she smiled at him as he
rubbed it and then kissed her again.

"You want to fuck me, I can see it in your eyes."

"I sure do. When we finish do you think it would be ok,
I'm so hard now it hurts."

"I think so, I may be so worn out that I can't do any
thing except lay for you but you will have to clear it
with Jimmy and Connie."

"God, you are so beautiful and hot looking, I can't
help it. But if you are to tired to enjoy it just tell
me and I will wait until some other time."

Connie came in from the bath room, she had regained
some composure. She took a quick look at Julie sitting
leaning back on the bed and David's hand on her breast.
He didn't move it either. She sat on the other side and
when Julie looked at her she kissed her and placed her
hand on the other breast. David handed her the glass
and she took a couple of big swallows and said whoa,
that's powerful stuff. Julie lifted her glass to clink
and they toasted, "Might as well get drunk, can't dance
there's no music." Connie kissed her again and said she
loved her as she rolled the nipple with her fingers.

"Do you love me enough to fuck me, Mistress."

"You're going to find out in just a minute or two."

"Then be gentle with me, I'm still a virgin."

They burst out laughing and Jimmy came in wondering
what was going on. He said the coffee would be finished
in a second and he would bring a cup for her and
Connie. Then asked why they were playing with his
mother's breast and they said sorry but she only has
two but a beautiful pair they were. Julie smiled and
said come to me baby and let me kiss you, I may be
getting drunk but I love you. He did and as they kissed
and the others watched, his finger found her clit and
she moaned. This was to much, both breasts and her clit
and three lips to kiss and they took turns until she
was squirming.

"We had better stop guys. She doesn't need to get to
hot right now."

Jimmy went to get the coffee and they finished the
lemonade. Julie was dizzy, she hoped it was the vodka.
But she didn't care any more she just wished they would
start again she was actually looking forward to being
punished she was being a bad girl and when that was
over she could have Bravo, she really wanted him it had
been four days without her dog lover! Jimmy came in
with two cups of coffee, he explained he had made it
really strong and then put a ice cube in it so it was
ready to drink. Julie gulped hers down not stopping
until it was all gone. Connie drank half of hers and
gave the rest to Julie and it was gone within a second!

They starting returning to the position they were in,
David was telling his mother to get her up on the bed
so her knees wouldn't get sore and also she would lean
farther down and her ass would be higher. Just as they
were ready the phone rang! David ran to get it. Jimmy
helped his mother up and told her to grasp the dildo
and put her tit against Connie's and then put their
lips to just touch for a shot. They got in position and
just touched lips, then Julie opened her mouth and let
her tongue touch Connie's lips, Connie opened her mouth
and let just a little slip in.

Jimmy was taking pictures like mad. Connie cupped her
tit and rubbed the nipple against Julie's who moved the
dildo in to her cunt area and rubbed it around then she
lifted her leg up to and the dildo head was between her
legs. It looked liked she was being fucked but it
wouldn't go in as the angle was wrong but it sure felt
good as she swayed forward and back rubbing it along
her cunt slit. They were both hot now.

David yelled for Jimmy to come there a second and he
hurried away. Julie and Connie mashed against each
other and kissed deep trading tongues and spit. Julie
backed away and said she didn't think they would ever
get to the good part and Connie yes and she wanted to
fuck her so bad she was ready to cry. They kept each
other boiling until the guys came back. David and Jimmy
got them in position again, Julie on the floor and her
lips just over the tip of the dildo head and David said
ok sound on. Julie moaned for them and then her lips
started up the shaft but Connie stopped her and ordered
her on the bed on her knees. When she was there had to
bend over to get to the cock-head and her ass was up in
the air.

She sucked a little on the tasteless plastic wishing
she had put it inside her cunt so she had something to
taste and then the crop hit her ass cheek with a loud
smack she stiffened but realized it was mostly noise
and when it came again she went uhhh for the sound
effect and flinched. Connie smacked her ass on both
sides many times as Julie sucked on the ivory cock
jutting from her cunt and she worked at making it seem
worse than it was. But when it moved up to her waist
and back it did sting and she had no problem with
flinching and jerking or the groans. Jimmy was about to
say that is enough when David held up his hand and
motion to move on.

"Alright slut, stand in front of me and take your
punishment. Hurry, your lover is waiting!"

Julie climbed down from the bed and stood with her
hands behind her back, her head up and her breasts
sticking out. She was trembling again, this was going
to be the hardest part for her. She didn't have to
worry about her cunt or clit, David had said no
punishment on them she didn't need them to be sore. The
crop came down on her left tit and she cried out, and
began to shake, the next was on the right she cried out
and twisted her torso. They couldn't tell if she was
acting or really in deep pain, Connie hit her stomach
and she flinched from the change as she expected the
tits to continue. There was a pause and she peeked and
saw the indecision on her face.

"Hit me Mistress. Make me suffer, make your slut hurt,
prepare me for your dog's cock. Hit me!"

Connie knew she was telling her it was alright and she
rained blows on her tits, trying not to hit the
nipples, on her ribs, and her flat tan stomach with the
washboard abs. Julie thought for a while she was
getting carried away like she did last time.

"Beat me, whip me and make me fuck for your dog. Whip
me into submission, fuck me with your cock and give me
to your dog to be his bitch!"

"Beg me slut, beg for your dog lover."

"Oh yes, please give me to him. I will be his bitch
forever. I will work and keep him in food and any thing
he wants just to have him on my back fucking me like a
bitch dog. Please Mistress, let him have me. Please, I
beg you please."

David almost cried out himself to let her have the dog
for a lover. He was forgetting this was just a movie.
Suddenly he realized that the whipping had gone on
longer than he intended. He held up his hand to Connie
and motioned that it was enough. She hit the breasts
one last time watching them jump and jiggle then settle
down to quiver. Julie was marked all over with slight
red marks but her breasts were still sticking out and
the nipples were so hot they seemed to glow.

"On the bed, bitch. Hands and knees. I'm going to fuck
your hot cunt until you can't walk."

David paused the camera and said great that's another
wrap. Want to rest or continue? Connie was silent,
Julie murmured as she looked back from the bed,
continue. Jimmy nodded. Ok said David, we'll start as
soon as mom is in position. Connie hurried onto the bed
and got behind Julie and the dildo touched her cunt,
Julie whispered oh yes hurry. David ok sound on make it
good. When the dildo started in Julie moaned and
twisted her ass and hips.

"Oh yes, I need it, give it to me Mistress. Fuck my hot

Connie did, she fucked hard and Julie responded in
kind. Soon they were both covered in sweat and both
were moaning. Connie came first and it was running down
her legs and squishing around the base of the harness
at her cunt. Julie had lost a little of her high from
the crop smacking her but it was coming back, she tried
to be calm and not cum twenty times as she wanted to
save it for Bravo as he would make her cum whether she
could or not. She didn't understand why just a lick on
her ass hole would sent her into outer space and she
would land on her knees with her legs spread and
begging for him to fuck her. She didn't understand but
boy she loved it! And soon it would be time for him and

She was lost in her thoughts and the good feeling,
Connie was lost in having her. She could hold those
hips, rub her ass, run her hands over her back and
reach around and cup those magnificent breasts and
nipples. They both were lost to time and the guys were
also, watching them was erotic and spellbinding. It was
obvious that Connie was giving all she had to fucking
her and Julie was taking all she was giving and both
were enjoying their role.

David was ready to call an end to it but suddenly
Julie's head flew up and she gave out a groan that
could only be one thing, a deep and shaking climax and
he had to get that in the movie. She was frozen except
for her stomach muscles which were knotting, rolling,
and quivering. Then she dropped her head and began to
pound back at Connie and now she cried out as the full
backwards thrust was smashing the dildo against her
cunt lips and clit. They fucked like that for a full
minute and begin to almost scream out their climax
until it began to fade and then they continued to fuck
getting slower and slower until they fell as one flat
on the bed. Cut said David unnecessarily.

Jimmy said he needed a drink of cola, David nodded that
he did to plus he needed to go to the bathroom but his
cock was so hard it would take ten minutes. They went
to the kitchen and each got a cola, they could hear the
dogs whining in the closed exercise room they were
hearing the sexual cries of the two women and were
wanting out.

"Jimmy, I've got to have some of both tonight. That is
the most erotic thing I have ever seen in my life. Can
we both do both. I mean is it ok with you?"

"I was thinking the same thing. We can slip it to them
after they are worn down by the dogs and swap around a
couple of times. We had better keep the lemonade handy
and coffee too. So they are ready even if they are
tired down."

"Did you doctor the coffee. The lemonade is double now,
that's a lot of punch. What if we can't get them down
and they want to fuck all night?"

"You and I and two dogs ought to be able to keep up.
Plus we got dildos and butt plugs."

"Ok, I hope this next thing goes as well as the first."

"Does Connie know she is going to get fucked by both,
if they can get it up twice? I know Bravo can, he can
do it many more than twice if he wants to and he does
with Mom. God, I'm afraid he will fuck her to death one
day and she doesn't ever try to stop him just let him
do it again and again."

"You hate that don't you?"

"Yeah I really do, dammit just jealous I guess. You
didn't say does she?"

"No, she thinks maybe she might get a little from one
of them but she doesn't know that we plan on putting
her down and tying her so they can take her any time
they want."

"How are we going to show that she got tied down, how
can we explain that?"

"We will finish the movie and do this separately, it
might work into another later or just a clip."

They went back and found the women sleeping, the dildo
was out of Julie but not far. The sheet was a mess and
the pad underneath it. They woke up the women and took
them to the bathroom and when they were finished, to
the kitchen for coffee and a glass of lemonade. They
said they were fine but seemed to be far away until
their bodies were touched and they would sigh and hold
on to who ever was arousing them.

"What would you like now, Mom?"

"Baby, I want Bravo to fuck me. I have been waiting all
night for him. When will he come for me. I need him to
satisfy me and give me his knot. Can he have me now?
Are we ready to do that part of the movie?"

"Yes, we are ready to start but we can wait until
another day if you want."

"No, no, I want it now. Tell me what I have to do and
lets do it."

"First you have to let him fuck you. But then you have
to suck the other dog's cock while Bravo recovers and
then you have to suck Bravo while the other recovers
and let him fuck you. Connie will be there to help you
and she will take one if they both want to fuck at the
same time and the same with sucking. Can you do that
and just listen and we will tell you what is happening
next. Both of you, can you do that?"

"Yes." Was the answer from both.

"Ok, we start here in the kitchen. Mom, put your cuffs
and collar on, just for impact, when we start and then
go to the exercise room. Let's do it!"

He got the camera and adjusted for the lower light
value and said ok start sound is on. Julie had nothing
to do so she drank her lemonade and felt it burn down
her stomach, she decided she liked it and she liked
being a fuck toy but she was a little worried that she
felt so distant from every thing, it was like she was
dreaming a real dream but back away from it watching
herself. She watched as Connie put on her cuffs and
collar and picked up the crop.

"Ok slut, it's time for your reward. Get up and get
your dog's cunt in there and let him fuck you."

Julie was shocked but also glad to hear it, she needed
Bravo to stop the ache in her cunt. It had been hours
of fucking and whipping and she had only came once! She
needed relief that only a good cock could give her. She
downed the rest of her coffee and went towards the
exercise room where she hear the whimpering coming
from. She opened the door and Bravo was all over her,
licking and hugging her leg with his fore paws and she
had to struggle to keep him from wrestling her down
right there.

Jimmy was in shock! He never had really believed her
when she said that he raped her. He thought she was to
willing to fuck him to call it rape but now he saw that
she didn't really have a chance unless she killed him.
The dog was determined to fuck her. Now! Julie made it
to the bench holding his head and petting him and
talking to him and dragging him wrapped around her leg.
She sat down with some difficulty and fell back on the
bench when he licked her cunt between her wide spread
legs, moaning and saying yes, baby, yes. She wasn't
acting now.

The other dog was chained to the weight machine. He was
a big dog, bigger than Bravo. Thick body and powerful
legs with a lot more weight than Bravo. But he was much
calmer. He whined wanting to get in the action but
didn't bark or jump around.

Connie went to Julie and kneeled beside the bench and
rubbed her breasts as she lay whimpering from the
licking she had wanted so long. Her cunt was leaking
juice already for her lover. Jimmy had hurried to the
other camera which was on a tripod set up and ready all
he had to do was hit the power button and then record
and it was on and recording. He checked the focus and
moved in a little closer to show the long tongue
slurping up her cunt and pick up her whimpers and
moans. David was shooting from a different angle and
panning over to show the big new dog.

Bravo was reluctant to stop licking as there was plenty
of wetness for him to lap up but he wanted to get her
knotted quickly before some other dog got to her.
Usually she was his alone and he could take his time
and go again and again and she was always waiting for
him and would open herself up for his cock. But tonight
there was competition and he had to hurry. She was
waiting for him like she always did and he bounded on
her crushing her tits beneath his front legs and
slammed his cock into her without a miss. Julie grabbed
his neck and pulled his head against her face and
whispered to him. " Yes lover, fuck me, oh god I love
for you to fuck me."

Connie heard her whisper and almost choked up for she
understood now that she had laid there and took that
same cock in her cunt and flooded it with cum. She
understood why Julie would suffer through being dildo
fucked and whipped to get her dog lover in her cunt.
Connie wanted some also and she would suck a dog cock
if it took it!

Bravo was going at his usual breakneck speed and he and
she were oblivious to all the others there. David
finally got his mother's attention and motioned for her
to get the other dog, which were her instructions but
she had become entranced by Bravo fucking Julie. She
got up and went to the big dog and unchained him, he
was powerful and pulled her across the room as she
struggled to hold him away from the couple. When he got
near, Bravo stopped and snarled at him, he lowered his
head and turned away tucking his tail. Bravo was
smaller and out weighted but he was the dominant male
in this house and the big dog was respectful.

He could fight and most likely win but he would save
that for another time. He turned and let Connie lead
him away to another padded bench, she talked to him and
rubbed his sides. She had bathed him today and spent
some time with him and he was comfortable with her, she
had given him a pound and half of ground beef. This was
the second time she had come to him and she was naked
again and smelled good.

Connie rubbed him and massage his ears and he got
closer until he could lick her tit and she squealed
like she did before and he knew she liked it for she
put it a little closer so he could lick it again and he
did. Connie knew she was supposed to get him ready for
Julie to suck so she reached and massaged his sheath
feeling the cock inside. He liked that and turned so
she could get it better and ran out a little for her.

Julie had cum twice on Bravo's cock and she could tell
he was going to cum in her shortly and she was trying
to build up fast to cum with him but she didn't make it
as he slammed in her and blasted her cunt with hot cum
and just lay on her licking her face as his cock jerked
inside her emptying cum, enough for ten thousand
puppies. Julie lay with a smile on her face she was
happy now, her cunt was locked to him by his knot, she
was his alone.

The big dog was getting interested. He ran out four
inches and Connie wanted to see it so she slipped down
to sit on the carpet and was surprised at how red it
was, she was amazed at Bravo's but this one was even
redder, it was red as blood, rich blood. And it was
getting bigger, the tip was funny looking, it was kind
of blunt and there was a sunk in place right in the
middle and a hole where the stuff came out. And it got
big right behind the tip and looked swollen for a ways
and then tapered back small. but that couldn't be the
knot it was supposed to be farther back, not that she
knew of any other dog cocks except Bravo's. The big dog
liked her touching it and running her fingers over it
and he by instinct reared up and put his feet on the

Connie had a big and getting bigger dog cock about six
inches from her face. She stared at it, it was so heavy
it was beginning to hang down wards and the balls
looked like they were squirming around in the black
sack. She massaged it and was given a little more. She
now had six inches of hot dog cock in her hand for she
had released the sheath and gripped the bare cock. It
was hot and when she lifted it only one inch remained
separating his cock from her lips. She jacked it like
she would a man and squeezed it, a drop of almost clear
fluid hit her between the tits.

She was breathing hard now and had forgotten all about
the movie and that she was supposed to take this big
hot cock to Julie to suck. She lifted it again and it
brushed against her lips, her tongue came out and
touched the end then she was licking it on the end and
heard the big dog whine. She opened her mouth to kiss
it around the edge and just as she got her lips to it,
a jerk, and a stream of pre-cum went all the way to her
throat and down. She pulled it down and shut her mouth
and another stream of hot pre-cum stung her tits and
soon she was covered with it and watched as it shot
stream after stream on her body.

David had squatted when she sat on the floor to cover
her action in getting the dog ready and he decided
quickly that they would go for this it was just as good
as their original plan. He cut the sound off and
whispered to her, suck it, take it in your mouth and
suck it. She never looked up or around it was like she
never heard him but she lifted the still dripping dog
cock and placed it to her lips and sucked in about an

He could tell by the dazed look on her face she was
lost, she was becoming a dog's slut right before his
eyes. Soon she was reaching to get the hind quarters
and pull him closer so more cock was stuffed in her
mouth and she was stretching her lips to get around the
biggest part. She couldn't get all of it in her mouth
not even get to the smaller portion so she sucked a
while and took it out to rest her jaw and licked it all
around, finding that the recessed tip was always wet
and tasted different than any thing she had ever
tasted, she worked on it and the flow became heavier
and stronger in flavor.

She realized this was her opportunity! She had taken a
dildo this large and it was hard and unbending she
could take this cock also. But she had to get up on the
bench! She began to raise and bend and push herself up
on the bench beneath the huge dog and get her head
between his front legs, she used both hands, rocked and
wiggled until she was almost there. David realized what
she was doing and eased back to show all of her
struggle. The cock was leaving a wet trail from her
throat down between her tits and all the way to her
lower stomach.

Jimmy had stopped his camera as Julie and Bravo lay
together and the action was them trading kisses once in
a while. The dog lay on her with his head against hers
like two lovers would lay. He had positioned the camera
to show the knot coming out and just waited. But seeing
action he went over and motioned to David to ask what's
going on. David cut off the sound and whispered that
they needed the bitch smell to start the dog. Jimmy
hurried to the refrigerator and returned with it. He
sprayed it directly on Connie's cunt and she jumped, it
was cold!

She knew what is was and was glad but it smelled
terrible. The big dog stirred and started humping his
hips making his cock slide up and down her belly. She
whimpered she wanted it inside her not on her but he
was to tall, he was to high, she was to low and she
couldn't get up far enough. She wiggled to get farther
up on the bench so she could bridge up and get it in
but all she could get was to get to touch her cunt
mouth. She moaned in desperation and heard a voice say
raise up. It was Jimmy and he had two pillows that he
slid under her ass and as she positioned the hot cock
he pushed the dog forward and the cock went in. She
gasped in delight but quickly cried out when he humped
and buried half of it in her.

"Oh my heavens, it's so big. Oh no, it's to big it's
killing me. Aarrrggg!"

She slumped on the bench clenching her fists and the
next hump slammed it in all the way and her cunt closed
around the smaller taper. She was whimpering and saying
oh, he stuffed me, oh he's so big, oh my, it's so good.
The big dog thought he had found a bitch in heat but he
wasn't upset or in a hurry he just slowly pumped it to
her, pushing in and pulling back. She wasn't upset or
in a hurry either, but she was cumming like crazy
around that hunk of dog meat in her cunt. David had it
all recorded the puffed out cunt lips, the lust crazed
eyes, and straining legs lifting her a little more to
try and get more cock where there wasn't any room for

Jimmy saw Bravo lift his head and look to see what the
commotion was about and he rushed to the camera. It was
time for him to get off he had a lock on his mother's
cunt and she was in a swoon from his fucking. But there
wasn't another dog for her to suck she would have to
wait for him to get it up again. Finally the dog raised
up and dismounted, it was quick and he wasn't sure if
he got it or not but he had a good shot of a lot of cum
flooding out. Still Julie just lay there so he stopped
the camera and went to bring her a cup of coffee. When
he returned he noticed that Connie was still moaning as
if she was cumming and cum was dripping constantly from
the small room that the taper left at her entrance.
David nodded his head when Jimmy raised his eyebrows,
yes she was still cumming.

He shook Julie and helped her to sit up and drink some
coffee. He asked her if it was good and she nodded. He
said I mean was Bravo good for you? She hugged him and
kissed him but didn't answer, he knew the answer
anyway. He heard a whine and Bravo was back from the
corner and licked her wet dripping cunt. Julie clung to
Jimmy whimpering and shaking but she kept her legs
apart for him. Jimmy rubbed her shoulders and kissed
her temples until she turned her face up and parted her
lips to kiss and suck his tongue, he cupped a tit and
rubbed the nipple and she moaned into his mouth. He
wasn't sure if it was from his caresses or from the
dog's tongue. Suddenly Bravo was mounting and pushing
against Jimmy, Julie released her arms from holding on
to Jimmy and put them around Bravo's neck and lay back
pulling him to her moaning as his cock claimed her and
she submitted to her dog lover.

"Do you want him again now? Do you want him to fuck you

"Yes, baby as many times as he wants."

Jimmy got up and went to turn the camera on again. He
was dejected. David was getting concerned that Connie
was still pumping up to the large dog's hind quarters
and apparently still cumming she would slow down a
little but immediately start again. But she wasn't
crying out or seem to be in pain in fact it appeared
she was enjoying every minute of this but no one could
cum like that with out some kind of injury occurring.
He saw Bravo mount Julie the second time and thought
that was sure quick. He checked his watch and realized
she and Bravo had been fucking for forty five minutes
counting the brief rest and his mother had been cumming
for about twelve. Something was wrong with this! All
the research said a dog usually came quick, in the
first minute and would do it three or four times in
about fifteen or twenty minutes until he was empty and
then he knotted and stayed for a while to give the
sperm time to work to the eggs. These dogs weren't

Checking his amount of time that had been recorded plus
what Jimmy had he realized they had a hour almost and
the only oral was what he got with Connie. Jimmy was
just standing looking at the couple on the bench he had
the camera set on them and they were not going to move
so all he had to do was change the angle and zoom in or
out. He motioned for Jimmy that they needed to move to
mouth, he nodded but lifted his arms in the what can we
do manner.

Cutting off the camera he went to her side and kneeled
down to whisper in her ear. Bravo wasn't happy with him
being so close but he was to busy to fight right now.
Jimmy said to her that she needed to suck him now. That
he wants you to suck his cock and let him come in your
mouth. He wants to fill your stomach with his cum just
like your cunt. Julie moaned but she didn't open her
eyes. Bravo licked her face and lips, she said yes
lover fuck me just a little more, make me cum again and
I will suck you and take your cum in my stomach.

Jimmy hardly got back to the camera before he heard her
gasping as she reached a climax and humped against the
pounding dog cock. She have known that Bravo was close
for she immediately started moving him up off her body
and raising up. Bravo was whimpering he didn't want to
stop he needed to fill her with cum. But he finally
realized she wanted up and he had to give her what she
wanted so he reluctantly slid off her and turned but
the knot was stuck and Julie moaned at the pressure as
it slowly twisted in her and then slipped out wet and

Bravo was confused that was the first time she had ever
made him stop, she always gave him all of herself for
as long as he wanted. But she was sliding under him and
touching his cock then her lips touched the tip and
kissed it. He loved that! She had done that last time
they were together. Finally she got in the best
position and Jimmy was ready to catch it. Her tongue
bathed his red cock from one end to the other and all
over it, she licked him like he licked her with the
full width of her tongue to cover as much as possible.

David crawled over and lying on the floor was also
recording it. He pushed a pillow under her shoulder so
she didn't have to strain so much and they watched on
the little screens as she made love to her dog lover's
cock. Neither she or Bravo were really aware of the two
camera men.

Julie tongued the tip with the tip of her tongue and
lapped up the dripping cum he was giving her. She
placed her lips over the first inch and sucked to get
it in her and let the wetness roll over her tongue,
Bravo whimpered and his cock expanded with the knot
growing hard. She took it all in her mouth and felt him
lengthen as it slipped partly in her throat. Backing
off she licked the knot all over twisting his cock to
get all sides and quickly engulfed it to catch the
dripping cum. Julie was moaning deep in her throat, she
felt him swelling in her mouth as he approached his
climax. She tried to force the knot at her lips into
her mouth stretching her lips until it made it just
inside her teeth and the tip was jerking in her throat
and she could feel the hot drips dropping down each
time it jerked.

Bravo pranced on his back legs just as he did when he
pumped cum in her cunt. Julie extracted the cock and
let it slide out sucking it hard all the way to the tip
and then circled it with her tongue. The dog humped and
the first spurt hit the back of her mouth hot and hard
enough to sting. She pulled it out and held it at her
open mouth and the cameras caught the second stream
shooting back into her throat and picked up the whimper
of the lust crazed woman.

She let the next one hit her tongue and lips
splattering her mouth and chin to drip onto her tits.
Quickly she rubbed the cock over her face smearing cum
and then letting the next one hit her lips as she
opened her mouth for half to go in. She directed the
four or five dying streams on her tits, licked and
sucked it and pulled it away after each one to let the
next coat her upper body. When only a dripping came she
sucked it and continued to suck him for a long time
taking her lover's cock deep in her throat until his
knot began to subside and he whimpered for relief.

Finally she released the dog cock and as he walked away
she laid down on the pillow and closed her eyes. David
eased up and focusing on the peaceful face with the
small smile and all the cum on her face and tits slowly
zoomed back for a full length view of a beautiful fresh
fucked woman. Just as he was going to fade to black,
Bravo walked back into the picture and settle down
beside her and lay his head on her stomach. A fitting

David and Jimmy were dazed, they never had dreamed that
it would turn out like this! They were prepared to do a
lot of cheap shots with out actual having anyone suck a
cock but it had worked out amazing well. They also were
a little doubtful that they wanted to put this up for
sale, it was to good, way to good.

David looked at his mother, it had escaped him that she
was cumming while he was watching Julie obviously
loving to suck the dog cock. No way she was faking
that. He saw she was still and the big dog was still
also. Apparently they were finished. The dog was
patiently standing, looking around with his monster
size cock still embedded in Connie's cunt. She was
lying limp both arms off the bench hanging loose. There
was a pint of cum puddled on the floor under her cunt,
it had to be a mixture of hers and his. They were
finished and looked like they were finished for the
night. He recorded the scene and cut the camera off.
Motioning to Jimmy he went to the kitchen, he needed a

They decided that they should take what they had and
call it a night. They could work the two camera shots
into a movie taken at the same time and switch back and
forth from one to the other. All they had to do was get
them up and cleaned up, maybe some water to ward off
dehydration and in bed. They put the cameras in the
computer room and got the dogs out, David said he would
get the big one back to the place he borrowed him from.
They carried Connie to the bathroom, David would shower
her later. She never moved! Then they put the robe on
Julie and got her in the car.

When Jimmy got home he had to shut the garage door and
get her like a sack of potatoes over his shoulder and
carry her to the bathroom tub. Carefully added water to
cover most of her body and cleaned all the cum from
her. She would open her eyes and smile a little and go
back to sleep. By the time he got her to bed and rubbed
the lotion all over her, it was eleven thirty. He fixed
the coffee pot and went to bed beside her.

Chapter Fifty Three

Morning came in a second it seemed, Jimmy was jarred
awake by the clock alarm. Julie raised up and saw him
cut it off then fell back on the bed with a groan.. Her
head felt like it was basket ball size and stuffed with
cotton! He got up and went to the kitchen to turn on
the coffee and then to his bathroom. He got in the
shower and got it hot as he could stand it. He dressed
quickly and went to get her coffee and took it to the
bathroom. She was in the shower.

"Coffee's on the counter, Mom."

"Thanks baby."

"What do you want for breakfast, I will get it

"Two aspirins, coffee, piece of soft toast, coffee, fig
preserves, coffee. Why are you so helpful this morning,
did you dream a monster was coming for you?"

Jimmy grinned, at least she had a sense of humor and
sounded ok. "Well, I was thinking yesterday that with
school out I should help you while I am here. You are
always working, always doing something. You should rest
a little plus I'm going to miss you. It isn't going to
be any fun sleeping with Dad."

Julie to herself thought, wow he is getting slicker and
slicker. Con you right out of your panties! "Thanks
baby, maybe Dad will let you share a room with Heather
so you will have a breast to hold."

"She would throw me through the wall, you know that
young women don't want to play with kids."

"Hand me the towel, please..."

"Let me dry your back and you drink some coffee, ok..."

"Sure, but no fooling around. Got it!"

"Got it, beautiful!"

He dried her back and then gave her the towel which
surprised her! As she dried her breasts he kissed her
back and went hurrying to the kitchen. She was almost
dry when he appeared with two aspirins and some water.
Julie wrapped the towel around her wet hair and sat
down at the vanity. She looked at her self, dropped her
forehead to the cool counter top and said softly, oh
god I look horrible, Charlie's going to run in fear.
She forced herself to start her morning routine.

"Hey Mom. Do we have to be there at seven thirty or is
that during school only!"

"Only when school is in session, baby."

Jimmy's lotion helped, it was getting low. Eye drops
stopped the burning and she hoped it would get the red
out. A very generous coating of silk and shiny put some
glow in her skin and made her legs look great. She
started on her face. She almost cried. To her there
were bags under her eyes the size of grapes, crows feet
in the corners like a road map, her lips looked like
they had been hit with a baseball bat, and oh no, no
not that, her tear dimmed eyes saw lots of graying
hair. She just wanted to die, she couldn't possibly go
where people could see her! As she got her robe the
phone rang. She threw the robe on the floor it smelled
like a, well you know.

By the time she got shorts on and went to the kitchen
Jimmy had hung up. He said Connie was tired and wanted
to sleep so he invited David to have breakfast with
them. She went to get a shirt, put the cuffs and collar
in the closet and gathered up the robe and some other
items for the washing machine. David came in the garage
door, Jimmy must have opened it for him. He came
straight to Julie and took her hand.

"Good morning, Mrs. Cole. Wow, you look magnificent
this morning! May I kiss those beautiful lips? I
promise I won't do more than just kiss."

Julie smiled as he pulled her slightly to him and then
kissed her. He didn't fondle her or take any liberties
with her body, not even crushing her breasts against
him but the kiss was electrifying. She was breathless
when he let her go.

"Ok, ok, you two break it up and let's eat. I'm

Julie sat down and they sat on either side of her as
usual but didn't take the liberties they had before.
David refilled her coffee cup when she drank what she
had. She began to feel special.

"Guys, are we finished with the movie? That was rough,
I don't look forward to doing one that is that long

"We haven't looked at it. We were all tired. You're
right that was to much for one shooting, Jimmy and I
miscalculated on that and we owe you and mom an
apology. You were fantastic and a real trooper."

She glanced under the table as he sat near her and his
knee was only six inches away from hers as was Jimmy's
on the other side. She wondered why neither of them
moved closer and rubbed hers. They finished eating and
said they would clean up while she got ready. Julie
went to dry her hair and prepare it, that was all she
had to do and they had time to fool around she would
like to at least kiss a little, David had really put a
good one on her.

With her hair fixed and a little eyeliner she was
ready! She went to the closet and looked for some to
wear that would be causal but also sexy for Charlie.
She smiled as she thought he would prefer she wear
nothing. So she chose a light material dress with a
flair bottom that buttoned all the way down. She could
remove her thong and bra and be naked underneath as
they ate. The buttons would give him a good view! She
went to the bedroom and got a thong and a bra from the
drawer and could see the two guys at the counter, they
were talking baseball, something about choking up to
get around faster. Didn't make sense.

"Baby, could you bring me some coffee?"

"Which baby are you talking to?"

"Either, but neither of you look like babies anymore."

She was undoing her shirt when both came in. Jimmy had
the coffee. She stopped and waited for them to leave.
Jimmy put the coffee on the dresser and started telling
her that they would play a game today after the
tournament and they wouldn't get home until about six.
As he talked he finished unbuttoning her shirt and
pulled it from her shoulders. Then he started on her
shorts. Julie looked at him and then at David but
didn't resist, she wanted to be naked in front of them.
She wanted to have them play with her a little this

Jimmy said they had decided to take her and Connie out
to eat and they would pay so she should be ready at six
thirty and they would go as soon as they could shower.
Julie stepped out of her shorts and waited.

"Sweetheart, I shouldn't allow you to do this to me.
But my body is not a mystery to either of you so I
don't mind but we don't have time to make love. But if
you want to play a little it's ok, I would like for you
to if you want to."

Neither spoke in response but Jimmy moved to one side
as David approached and took the other. Two hands
grasped her breasts and began to rub and tweak nipples.
Julie closed her eyes and enjoyed the hands on her and
felt two more start at her stomach and race down to her
cunt. She couldn't help but moan as she spread her legs
and let them do what ever they wanted. Apparently both
wanted everything. Her head was turned and her lips
kissed and then the same from the other side. A finger
went in her cunt and she gasped as she felt the wetness
and knew it was hers and she shook having to hold their
shoulders for support as her asshole was massaged by a

"Mom, tonight we are going to fuck you. As soon as we
get home from eating. Both at the same time. If we can
hold off we will make it slow and take our time for
maximum enjoyment. Do you understand?"

Julie nodded.

"Wear the dress you have on the bed. No bra and no
thong. Put your chain on your nipples and go to dinner
like that. Connie will be similarly dressed. When we
are finished she will also make love to you, oral love
only. Tell us that you understand and want it."

Julie whimpered, she hated to have to say these things.
They knew she wanted it from the way she swayed and the
wetness of her cunt but they wanted her to say it.

"I understand and want it."

"Want what?"

"Oh god! I want both of you to make love to me and then
Connie can make love to me also."

"You're almost cumming now, aren't you? Do you want us
to make you cum or stop."

"Please make me cum, give me relief. Don't leave me
like this all day. Please."

A second finger joined the one in her cunt and the rear
finger wiggled in as deep as it could and seconds later
she was moaning and trembling as a mouth claimed a
nipple and one claimed her lips. She shook and trembled
a long time as she was flooding the hand in her cunt.
It felt so good, like the dam of pent up emotional
frustration had been released and relief replaced it.
She swayed against them smashing her lips and nipple
against their hungry mouths. When she was drained and
limp in their arms the kissing and sucking became less
demanding and she enjoyed the feeling that they were no
longer taking from her but giving her back their

Finally they broke their mouths away from her and she
stood bathed by the sensations of peaceful pleasure
from the impalement. Jimmy removed his hand and went to
the bath room, David claimed her lips and she turned to
him slightly and gave him her cunt and body for his
enjoyment was hers also.

Jimmy returned with a washcloth and placed it over
David's hand and the two fingers slowly emerged and the
cloth covered her cunt. She was cleaned standing there
and then moved to the bed and pushed back to lie with
her legs spread as he continued to administer to her
cuntal area. David brought the lotion and they massaged
it in covering her completed front. She lay with her
eyes closed, naked, alive but peaceful, limbs askew,
loving to be treated like a princess and it they wanted
to fuck her now she wouldn't resist.

But they raised her up to stand, confused but
submissive, as they massaged lotion to her back, ass
cheeks, and legs. Some one placed the coffee in her
hand and a voice said drink it all. She did. Her thong
was pulled on her and she was giggling as they
struggled to get her bra on and never were able to get
her tits in the cups without a nipple showing. Finally
she stopped them and slipped them in and stepped into
the dress David held at her feet. All that was left was
her sandal heels and she sat on the bed as they kneeled
and fumbled with the little straps.

"Ok, we are ready to go! Man, it's a job dressing a
woman! But it sure is a lot of fun."

"I have to check my makeup. Won't take but a minute."

"Sure, we'll get you some coffee. Let David drive this
morning, he is going for his exam tomorrow and needs to

"Tomorrow's your birthday isn't it. Happy early

David just grinned. She went to the mirror at the
vanity and was amazed! The bags were gone, no wrinkles,
no gray hair, and she felt really good. Her whole body
was tingly. She smiled, maybe she had a few more good
years! She went to the kitchen and Jimmy had got the
coffee cooled down and she took a couple of swallows as
they stood and looked at her.

"Why are you two staring at me, is something wrong?"

"Mrs. Cole, we can't help it, no one can help but stare
at you. You just don't know how beautiful you are. It
doesn't matter what you wear or don't wear you just

"Oh my god, I'm going to be seduced again. Why did you
dress me if you going to heap praise and lies on me and
fuck me again."

"No mom, we are going to resist all day! But we plan to
make up for it tonight and we hope you will be looking
forward to it. We are ready if you are."

Julie gave David the keys and they went to the car. She
was placed in the middle and Jimmy raked her dress up
to her hips, her knees were high from the hump and he
could place his hand on her thighs almost to her butt.
She said that David couldn't drive carefully with her
dress like that and he allowed her to cover her knees
and hold it. They made it to school and it looked
strange as there were only three cars in the lot and no
students. Julie was disappointed that Mel wouldn't
there all summer. They went to the field and she went
to the office. Charlie was already there.

"Morning Julie, why are you here! You should have taken
the day off. You look wonderful this morning!"

"Thank you. I have some thing I want to catch up on and
learn and I had to bring Jimmy and David for the game
and tournament so I thought I would add them to
together and take tomorrow off."

"Ok, I'm glad it gives me a chance to see you. I will
be in and out, have to run an errand but I will be here
most of the morning. If you need me, just yell on the
announcement system and I'll come running."

Julie nodded and went behind the tall counter and put
her bag down on the - her- desk. Charlie came right
behind her and she looked up and realized he was going
to more than stand and talk as he touched her arm.

"Charlie, we can't kiss here and you can't rub me.
Someone might see us. There are windows all around.
Don't Charlie, oh god, you've got my heart thumping
like a drum. Stop Charlie, please don't touch them,

"I'm sorry, I can't control myself. You just don't know
how much I love touching you, I dream night and day
about you and want you so badly."

"Charlie, I want it also, but we can't do it here! We
have to wait, we don't want to but we have to!"

"Let's go in my office for just a minute, just long
enough to kiss and let me touch your ass. Julie I need
it! I need it also, but we won't be able to stop,
sweetheart. Oh god, that feels so good. Oh no, don't
pull my dress up. Let me look at you, turn around and
let me see it and touch it for just a little. I... We
can't oh baby! Promise it's just for a minute, please
promise. Promise, just tell me when and I will quit."

Julie turned and leaned against the high counter and
pulled her dress up above her hips and heard his breath
explode from his mouth and then both hands were on her
ass cheeks and rubbing all over them and hips and
thighs. She was watching and looking in near panic and
didn't realize he had kneeled until she felt his lips
on her ass.

"Oh my god, Charlie that's not fair! Don't, no don't
lick my cr... oh god you're driving me crazy. Baby
don't kiss my ass. I will let you have it at the cabin,
you can kiss it all day, baby I will let you fuck me
there, please fuck my ass, you can do anything you
want, any way you want, just stop now please stop now,
before it's to late."

Reluctantly, Charlie stopped and rose up, Julie was
leaning on the counter, her head on her arm and the
other hand holding her dress up to bare her ass. Her
legs were shaking, he didn't know how close to
climaxing she was. She was ashamed to look at him for
he would see the lust in her eyes. She needed a moment
to compose, she needed to go home but what she wanted
wasn't there. She wanted to go to the cabin, right now!

"I'm sorry Julie, I lost control. You must hate me for
that, I took advantage of you and I am sorry." He
looked at her beautiful ass and legs and wanted it
right now. She had promised him and he wanted it.

A small voice whispered. "Charlie." "Yes." "Could we,
could we go to the cabin now?" "Yes, we can go and stay
all day." "Will you fuck me as soon as we get there, I
need you!" "Yes, leave now and I will lock up and tell
the coaches that I'm gone for the day. I'll meet you at
the deli, order us something to take for lunch."

Julie nodded. Charlie waited but she didn't move still
exposing her ass. He asked was she ready and she said
yes to go, she would be gone by the time he got back.
He backed away looking at that beautiful ass and went
out the door. She remained like that until she heard
his footsteps fade down the hall hurrying. She took a
minute to remove her thong and wipe with it and slip
out of the dress to remove the bra. Then she was gone!

When Charlie got to the deli she was sitting completely
composed drinking coffee and smiled at him. All the
stuff was on the table bagged and ready. She had a huge
container of coffee to take also. He paid the bill and
they went to his car. He opened her door and she
unbuttoned all the buttons on her dress except one at
her waist and smiled at him as she brushed pass to sit
and slide over to the middle. When they got to the open
road she let the dress fall away from her legs and
folded that leg over in his lap and squirmed around in
the seat to face him and pull the top away from her
breasts. She was completed exposed to his eyes which
had a hard time staying on the road. One hand didn't
touch the steering wheel very much, it was busy!

When they reached the cabin, he grabbed the camera from
the glove box and told her that he didn't want to miss
her getting out of the car this time. When he opened
the door for her she waited until he took a picture
then slid to the door and turned pausing as he took
another, slid to put her feet on the ground and let him
snap one of her dress caught behind on the seat and
both breasts in view. Then she opened that last button
and let it come all the way open and he took about five
until she gave up and got out completely. She reminded
him to turn on the hot water and the air and waited
naked on the towel covered lounge for him.

Charlie came in from the bathroom naked and ready. He
went for her cunt immediately and she thought he was
going climb in tongue first, he loved to kiss and lick
her wet cunt. She was moaning in seconds! She could
take a lot of this kind of sex, she loved it! Charlie
was loving it also, but he remembered that she had
asked him to fuck her in the ass, and it had kept him
hard until they got in his car. Her body kept him hard
after that. He rolled her over, it surprised her, and
she felt his lips and tongue on her ass again. She

As he kissed her ass cheeks he placed his hand between
her legs and rubbed her cunt. He needed something to
put under her hips to raise her but nothing was handy
so he had to do with just short little strokes. He
kissed around and got to her crack and licked along it,
she moaned like she had at the office he tried to worm
his tongue in far enough to reach her puckered anal
opening but wasn't able to. Her beautiful ass cheeks
covered it and it was deeper than you would think.

But she could feel his efforts and wanted to feel him
succeed and began to lift her ass by pulling her knees
under her body. Charlie's head came up with her ass
like a cork in rising water, she paused when the tip of
his tongue reached it's goal but the tip wasn't enough
for either of them. The upward journey continued and
she was lying with her head down and her ass up as high
as her knees would take it and he was on his all fours
behind her and licking from the cunt clit all the way
to her asshole just as Bravo would do. She was
whimpering and murmuring to her lover.

"Baby, oh yes, baby, you're driving me crazy! It's so
wonderful, yessss, ooooooooo, you can't fuck my ass
with your tongue. Aaaaaggghhh! Charlie! You're going to
make me cum, baby, oh my, this is awful wonderfully
awful. Baby, don't hurt yourself. Fuck me. You can fuck
my ass if you want to, sweetheart. You've got me so hot
I want something in me, in my ass! God baby! Charlie,
please fuck me in the ass! I've been wanting you to
fuck me there again ever since you did it.. Please!"

Charlie wanted to! He raised up and immediately knee
walked to her upturned ass and tried to get his cock
head in the tight little pucker. She groaned and asked
him did he have any thing to ease it in and he said he
was sorry he forgot and didn't have any thing. He
kneeled there with his cock in his hand wondering why
he was such an idiot! She said wait a minute baby and
got up going to the table for her bag. She returned
with a small tube and coated his cock with the slick

As she rubbed in all over his cock, really playing with
it some, she smiled at him and told him she loved his
cock and was going suck it later, adding until he
couldn't walk. The excess she wiped on her cunt leaning
back on the lounge and letting him watch her rub it in
the inside lips.

Charlie said to her that she was so beautiful as he
stared at the opening that bought him so much pleasure.
She smiled and took his hand and put a little on his
finger. She asked him if he had ever prepared a girl to
be fucked in the ass and he said no. She said just do
what I tell you, kissed him and arranged herself back
on the lounge as she was with her ass up high.

"Put just a little on the outer rim and rub it in
slowly, going a little deeper until you can slide your
finger inside me as far as you can and twist it to get
lube spread around. Yes just like that, go slow, baby.
Oh Charlie that feels so good, oh my god, I can't wait
for you to fuck me there, your finger feels so good I'm
going to die when you put that big hard cock in my ass.
Slowly baby,"

Whimpering, she twisted against the finger. "As deep as
you can slowly, oh yes, oooooww, oh I love it. How did
you know I would love this, oh baby, yes do it fuck me
with your finger. Aaaahhh, I love it, oh Charlie I-I
love you dammit, I loovvveee you. Take it out! Put your
cock in my ass and fuck me to death. Fuck me in the
ass. Baby Baoabyyy Aaaaaagggggg.... yes so good."

Charlie's cock slick with the lube went in her ass all
the way and she bowed her back and then swayed it,
raising her head and letting her waist sink down and he
was able to ram in all the way until his balls swung
and bumped her cunt which was wet with her secretions.
It felt so good to him he almost missed the words' I
love you' but when he realized what she had said, his
cock lurched and she thought it grew an inch in length.

He pumped holding her hips and she twisted, he grunted
and groaned and she whimpered and gasped. But he didn't
make five minutes, close but no cigar, until he gave
her all the cum he had saved since the last time they
were together. Unknown to him she had cum twice.

He was trembling from a overload of emotions, he wanted
to fall on her and kiss her back forever. She was
prefect, just what he needed, his life wouldn't be
worth living without her. Slowly they settled down on
their side still coupled and neither cared about
disengaging. He did kiss her back and she reached back
and rubbed his hip then pulled his hand to her breast.
Slowly his cock was shrinking and they would have to
get up soon. Just as he slipped out, she raised and
kissed him and hurried to the bathroom. After a period
to expel his cum she flushed and called out that she
was finished to come to the shower. He went to the
toilet and then joined her under the water spray.

Julie had a soapy cloth ready and she washed him,
spending a lot of time holding his cock and washing it
as she looked at him, smiling at the expressions on his
face as she rubbed the cloth around the rim of his
cock-head. She was surprised to see drops of cum still
collecting at the little slit. She kept cleaning it!
Finally she gave him the cloth and turned to let him
wash her back as she was aware he would stand there
forever as long as she had him in her hand. Charlie
started washing her back and she reminded him to put
some soap on it first. He grinned sheepishly, and told
her he couldn't even think when she was naked with him.

They went to the living area, and she suggested that
they eat the sandwiches and drink something. He asked
if she would like to eat at the dock or on the deck.
She said the deck would be better. He went out and came
back for a blanket for them to sit on and got some
drinks and she told him to get two cups for the coffee.
She settled on the blanket in the sun and laid out the
sandwiches. He sat down and just stared at her.

"Charlie you are burning me with your eyes again. You
see me all the time and you have seen me naked a lot,
don't you ever get tired of looking at me like this?"

"Never! Julie, would it asking to much to take a few
pictures of you now, I would like to remember this

"Of course not, sweetheart. I will pose for you if that
is what you want. But hurry I'm hungry and the sun will
dry out the sandwiches."

Charlie ran inside and came out with the camera. He
stopped and put it to his face and fumbled for the
shutter button.

"Wait! I'm not ready and the angle is bad, you are too
high up, get down lower and let me get set, you don't
want a picture of me sitting cross-legged and humped
over it would look horrible."

He wanted to say oh yes he did because cross-legged her
cunt was in full view and wide open. But he squatted
down to the same level as she and waited as she got
settled and took the picture when she whispered ok. He
took more and realized as he took one she would move or
twist into another pose for him. Sometimes she looked
at him and smiled and sometimes she just looked pass
him. She had learned early how to keep her breasts
displayed for the camera and profiles of them and the
nipples were extremely sexy.

Realizing he would take pictures until the camera
burned up she moved around, lying on the blanket front
and back legs straight, bent, knee drawn up and on her
hands and knees looking back at him smiling and a look
of lust like she wanted a cock in her back there.

"Charlie, how many pictures are you going to take? We
will die of hunger if you don't finish soon."

He apologized and put the camera in the shade and
crawled over to her and kissed her. He was a little
carried away and they fell over kissing. Julie was
laughing and rolled to him to kiss him again and his
hard hot cock rubbed against her stomach.

"My god Charlie, you are horny again! Look at you, that
thing is big as a fire hose! I hoped we could lay
together and just join together in easy loving but you
are like a rampart stallion and will fuck me to death
with it! Oh god, let's eat fast, I want it! You're
making a slut out of me, I can't think of anything
except you fucking me and it's that big cock's fault."

Charlie was in heaven! His ego was swelled and almost
bursting his chest, she made him feel like he was ten
feet tall and could stop a stampeding herd of buffalos
with a switch. If this beautiful woman loved him and
wanted him then there was no end to what he could do or
how many women he could bewitch, but she was the only
one he wanted! They sat shoulder to shoulder eating
cold sandwiches, chips, and sweet pickles fishing them
from a jar with their fingers and washing it down with
soft drinks. They touched, bumped shoulders and looked
through the deck railings at the lake smooth as glass.
She fed him pickles and he licked her fingers. She put
a chip half way in her mouth and let him nipple the
other half. It was like being sixteen again and naked
in broad daylight!

When they finished, coffee polished off the meal and
was better than a sparkling wine. Charlie wanted to
walk to the pier, he wanted to do that every time, she
didn't understand why but didn't resist. They walked
the short distance and waded in the water spending a
lot of time kissing and a little time splashing to cool
off. Then Julie took his hand and without a word
starting back to the cabin, he didn't resist at all.
They made love on the lounge for a long time, slowly
and deeply, giving and taking, talking and not talking.
After they were satisfied they napped and started
again. The day was spent like that and as it wound down
both were happy to just be plugged together, it didn't
matter if they climaxed anymore.

When she reached home it was five thirty, it was a good
thing that Jimmy was going to be late! That last loving
had taken a long time, Charlie had a hard time cumming,
she finally had to suck him a while to get him really
hot and he was slightly embarrassed. But she lied and
told him she was glad for she had wanted to suck his
sweet cock and she finally got the chance, he was ok

She took a quick shower and redid her hair and touched
up the makeup. She finally found the chain in Jimmy's
night stand and placed it on her nipples when she heard
the motor of the coach's car and slipped into her dress
quickly. She appeared at the steps to wave so he would
know she was home, not knowing the setting sun showed
her naked body outline to him and he tried to keep her
talking as long as he could.

Jimmy had to shower and then they left to pick up David
and Connie. Connie was dressed similar to her in just a
dress, obliviously she had nothing on under it. She
kept looking a Julie and smiling, they had a shared
secret. The meal wasn't elegant but it was good, most
of the people were older and they all looked at the two
women, the men stared. They got home, Julie's home,
about eight thirty, there was a message from Harry so
she excused herself and called him. They talked a while
just about general things, Julie heard water running,
then she heard the toilet flush but it was away from
the phone, it puzzled her.

When she finished and came back to the kitchen for some
coffee, she saw Connie sitting on the bar stool, naked.

"Julie, they are getting ready in Jimmy's room, I am
suppose to undress you and caress you until they come
in. Is that ok with you?"

"Do we really have a choice, Connie?"

"No, unless we want to fight!"

"Come on in my bedroom. At least we can be comfortable.
They told me this morning that they were both going to
fuck me and then you and I could be together when they
finished. Is that what they told you?"

"Yes, but you don't have to make love to me if you
don't want to, I can get by. I will do you and then we
will go home."

Julie smiled and turned the bed down, she slipped out
of her dress and laid it on the chair and surprised
Connie by kissing her and slowly pulling her to the bed
and making her lay down. They embraced and she slipped
down in the bed and kissed Connie's breasts.

"I remember kissing and sucking these when Bravo fucked
me and I liked it. Did you?"

"Oh yes, you made me cum it was so good. Julie it was
so good of you to make him fuck me that time. I loved
it and I love to watch him fuck you, he won't fuck me
like that! I know it sounds crazy but he loves you and
would fuck you all day. He only fucks me a little and
when he cums he wants to get down but he stayed on you
and fucked again."

"Cum for me now, did you bring the dildo? I could use
it and make you really feel good."

"No, but you can use your finger if you want to."

Julie knew from experience that a tongue would be
better and she needed to get hot before they took her
so she raised up and crawled over Connie and put her
knees on each side of her head and lowered her cunt to
her lips at the same time dropping her head and putting
her mouth on Connie's cunt. She heard Connie groan in
her throat and felt her tongue stab into her cunt. She
did the same.

Jimmy and David came in and stood watching the two
women making love in the sixty nine position. David
whispered that they needed the cameras to catch the
action. They got on the bed and begin to rub the bodies
of both women and played with tits and ass until they
came and slumped to the bed. Both guys were really hot
after watching and feeling their bodies. Julie didn't
get long to rest, she was pulled up and turned and
pushed down on David taking his cock in her tender ass
and then pulled to lay on him as her son mounted her
and fucked into her cunt. She felt strange fucking with
Connie sitting there watching, but soon she was getting
turned on and when she felt her hands on her breasts
she became to become aroused.

They both came in her rather quickly, they kept their
cocks in her until they were small again. After
cleaning up she was again taken by both, one at a time,
she felt like a whore, just a womanly body to use for
satisfaction. She wasn't going to cum unless something
happened to get her aroused. Connie sensed her
predicament and tried to help by rubbing her legs and
any body part she could get her hands on. They just lay
and rested, she was given coffee and Connie cleaned her
with a warm rag. Then she was placed on her hands and
knees and both fucked her from behind., Julie was
submissive, she gave them herself, and they were good
but she just wasn't overjoyed with being used, she
couldn't see what they were trying to prove except that
she was their slave, fuck slave.

Connie cleaned her again, she pulled her down and as
they kissed she whispered to Connie to love her and
maybe they would go to sleep. She was tired but Connie
wasn't. Soon Julie was feeling better as her still wet
with cum cunt was being kissed and sucked. When it was
over she sleepily asked it they wanted to spend the
night, they decided to. Julie and Connie showered and
crawled in the bed with a son on each side. All were
asleep shortly. Once during the night Julie was awaken
by the bed bouncing and realized that in the darkness
Connie was being fucked! She had no idea who it was.

When the alarm went off, Julie had a hard time reaching
it as Jimmy was lying on his back and didn't wake up.
She crawled over him and reached to cut off the noise,
her breasts were over his face and that woke him as he
couldn't breathe. She said she didn't have to go to
school today but would fix them some breakfast, David
said no don't, he had to go and get his license and he
would drop Jimmy off at school. She asked him how he
was going to drive without a license and he answered
that everyone drove to take the test as you had to
bring a car.

He and Jimmy got up and went to the bathroom on the
other side of the house. Julie stretched out and
relaxed and Connie rolled over and placed her hand on
Julie's cunt. They dozed back off. Julie woke up again
and lay listening, it was quiet not a sound to be heard
so she knew the boys were gone. She still lay on her
back legs spread but now her arm was around Connie and
resting on her waist as she lay with her head almost on
Julie and still had her hand on her cunt. In fact her
middle finger was slightly inside. Julie was incredibly

She and Connie eased out of bed, both were stiff from
lying in one position so long. On her way to the toilet
Julie looked at the clock, it was a few minutes after
eight, she hadn't slept that later in a long time. She
was rested and as soon as her muscles limbered up she
would be ok. Connie was in the toilet a long time and
Julie smiled as she knew she was full of cum. She
wondered how many times those guys had emptied a load
last night in the two of them. She checked the coffee
and it was ready and still warm. She yelled and asked
Connie how she liked her coffee, she replied black and

Returning to the bathroom she picked up a note from the
counter, it said they were the two sexiest women alive
and thanks for a great night! She gave it to Connie and
they drank coffee and giggled.

"I woke up last night and the bed was bouncing and
swaying, some one was giving it to you!"

"Both of them, my butt hole is so sore I can hardly
wipe it."

"Twice in the ass, didn't they do you normal and let
you come for relief!"

"Yes but woke me up later and did my ass, I was afraid
we would wake you. They both did you too, didn't you
wake up? But they couldn't cum any more, I don't think.
They just gave out."

"Mercy! I can't believe I slept through that."

"Julie, can I take a shower? I feel sticky and dirty."

"Sure, I need one too. Let's do it together!"

The shower was good and made both feel good, also they
played around. Julie fixed some toast and they ate that
with jam and coffee. Julie was still horny but she had
to get some shopping done and then get ready for the
cabin trip. She could make it until then. On the way to
the grocery she dropped Connie off at home and spent a
fast hour getting supplies and flirting with the meat
manager, produce manager, and the bag boy. She gave him
a special treat with a really good look down her open
shirt to her unencumbered breasts.

He followed to car and held it for her and they talked
about school and what he was going to be doing this
summer. She sat leaning forward with one foot in the
car and the other on the ground. When she said well I
have to run she reached and took his hand and pulled
him down and kissed his cheek. She said she would be on
vacation week after next but maybe she would see him
before she left.

She just had time to get the stuff put away, drink some
coffee as she showered and fixed her hair. A pull over
top with a scoop neck and a short mini with heels was
all she had on except a white thong as she drove to the
deli. She carried a cup of coffee to drink. It was so
strong that she was dizzy and her nipples itched and
her cunt was tingling, she shook her head. She didn't
have a reason to be this horny!

Charlie was there and he met her at the door. She
looked and saw a few people sitting inside, he said he
ordered and they could eat here or take it with them.
She said let's eat here. They talked, she asked did he
had everything ready for graduation tonight, like his
speech, he grinning and said yeah, it's ready not so
sure I am. They ate and left, you would have thought
they were in a hurry. Of course his hand was between
her legs and she had them spread before he got in the
car. By the time they reached the cabin she was
pressing her breast against his arm with her head on
his shoulder and eyes closed, whimpering as he stroked
her naked cunt after pulling the thong to he side. Her
hand was on his cock, hard inside his trousers.

Charlie was a man possessed, he stripped her pausing
just long enough to get a sheet for the lounge, and
pushing her on it was between her legs kissing and
licking. Julie moaned and she was cumming by the time
he got his lips around her clit and his thumb in her
cunt. She lay trembling spread out and wet, he fished
the camera from his pocket and was taking pictures of
her lying there freshly satisfied by his tongue. Julie
realized what he was doing, but she didn't care if he
would just hurry and get undressed and fuck her. She
was a little taken back that he hadn't asked or
anything and these were dirty pictures but she knew
there would be more today.

"Charlie, you can take pictures later, come to me, I
need you!"

"I just want to remember every second, can I take more

"As many as you want, anyway you want. Hurry."

Charlie stripped and plunged into her cunt as he was
lying down. They made love for as long as he could last
fast and furiously. They lusted after each other as
though they hadn't been together for months. Then they
lay facing making love with their hands and mouths, he
kept his cock in her cunt for he had learned she loved
it like that.

To his surprise it stayed hard enough to stay in her
and to her surprise it began to gain size and strength,
she gave him her tits to play with and it got a little
larger, her stomach to rub on his gained a inch in
length, and when she held his ass and slowly did a bump
and grind on his cock he was back to full strength.
They fucked slowly this time kissing and sucking lips
and tongue lost in each other's sex. Julie felt her
climax building and it came slowly but steadily and as
she shuddered and moaned with her convulsions thunder
rolled and flashes of intense light filled the room.

"God Charlie, you are so good that I felt the earth
shake and saw stars!"

"I wish it was true sweetheart but that is a
thunderstorm and it's starting to rain, at last."

"Baby, I got so carried away, I almost passed out. I
think you came in me again, did you?"

"Yes, every drop I had, we will have to re-supply."

"Oh, I hear the rain. Let's watch it!"

"Hold it and I will get you a cloth."

Charlie first got the camera and as she looked at him
in shock he took a picture of her lying with her hand
over her cunt. He said take your hand away, she told
him it would be messy, he smiled and held the camera
until she moved it and he got one of cum dribbling out
of the bottom. He motioned her to open her legs and she
did for a picture and then shifted to her side
reclining on her elbow and hand with the upper leg
pulled up to open her cunt and he took several. She
squeezed her tits and smiled at him, let her head fall
back with her mouth open as though she was climaxing.
Finally he had enough and ran to get her a cloth and
two towels.

When she had wiped up what she could, he took her hand
and pulled her to her feet and kissed her and led her
to the door and opened it. The sweet smell of rain and
the cool wet air was wonderful. Suddenly Charlie walked
out on the deck into the rain and turned to look at
her, smiling he held his arms out for her to come to
him. She shook her head but he stood, wet now, waiting.
Julie ran to him and into his arms as if that would
keep her dry. They kissed and embraced for a long time
breaking away to laugh and she said we are going to be
killed standing here wet and no shoes on.

Charlie said let's go for a swim, can't get any wetter,
she answered you're crazy. Yes he said, crazy about
you, and crazy in love with you. Come on, it may not
rain again this summer! They went to the lake in the
rain and waded into the water, it was warmer than the
rain and they swam a little and played a lot. Making it
back to where they could stand with water up to her
chin they did a lot of kissing and touching, Julie
grasped his cock and it was hard and hot even in the

"Charlie, you are superman! Are you horny again? I
can't believe it, I love it but I can't believe it."

"Let's wade up a little and put it in for me for a
little while."

"No baby, not in the water, it wouldn't be good for
lake water to get inside me. Can't we go back and do it
there or if you really want me outside we could do it
on the pier."

"It's going to feel cold out of the water, we better go
back to the cabin."

"I'm sorry baby, I ruined it for you didn't I. Please
forgive me, I'm just to practical I guess. Do it to me
now, right here."

"No we better not, don't want to cause you to have
problems, medically."

"Sweetheart, I feel awful, please take me now. I want
so bad to make you happy, it doesn't matter about the
other just how we feel and enjoy our time together.
Please, make love to me now. I'll do anything you want

"Anything, all I have to do is say it and you will do
it?" She nodded. "Ok let's go to the cabin and I'll
tell you what I want to do."

They walked slowly to the cabin with their arms around
each other, just as they reached the deck a roll of
thunder sounded and he said must be another one coming
in. They stood in the rain at the railing and watched
the dark cloud in the distance, naked, wet, and with
chill bumps. They finally got their feet clean under
the run off from the roof and stepped inside to the
towels on the floor by the door.

Charlie said to her, pose for some pictures wet, I love
the way you look with the water beads on you like that.
She smiled and said she would, just tell her how he
wanted her. Charlie had her go out side and let the
rain splash on her tits, lean back on the table, let it
hit her body, he got great pictures of the rain
dripping from her cunt. Then she turned without him
telling her and stood with her feet together, then
apart, then spread wide. Julie got down on the deck in
the rain and lay her head on the floor with her ass up
and knees wide apart so he could get her ass hole and
cunt at the same time. She reached back and spread her
ass cheeks for him and then reached between her legs to
insert a finger in her cunt as she looked back at him
with smoky eyes, she wanted to fuck!

She rolled over to sit there in the rain leaning back,
feet drawn up and open knees and fingered her cunt and
asshole as he took picture after picture. She looked at
him with sultry and closed eyes, head up and back,
mouth open, every way she could think of, finally lying
on her back and fucking her self with a finger in both
cunt and ass.

Charlie couldn't concentrate on taking pictures, he
tossed the camera on the table and rushed to her and
pulled the dazed woman up and took her inside, wrapping
her in a towel and carrying her to the lounge and
ripping the towel away and slamming his cock in her.
Julie moaned and clutched him to her as he fucked her
as hard as he possibly could. She came three times in
the next forty five minutes and he came twice, never
stopping, pounding into her wet and hot cunt. They lay
and kissed, not talking, not playing or fondling, just
holding each other and looking into each others eyes
and kissing, long deep tender kisses.

"Baby, we have to go, we both have to get ready for the
graduation tonight."

"I never want to leave you again, I wish and want us to
stay like this forever."

Julie kissed him, there wasn't any good in talking
about it, she wiggled against his crotch but his cock
was not going to answer. She kissed him a few more
times and gently urged him to get up and they went to
the shower and bathed. They didn't talk just washed,
dried off, and dressed. They rode back in silence,
Julie holding his arm and snuggled against his
shoulder, his hand on her thigh. Charlie asked if he
could have her thong for memories, she smiled and
slipped it off and stuck it inside his shirt. She
kissed him and said see you at school and she was
dashing to the car in the dwindling rain.

There was a message from Jimmy on the machine, he said
David aced the exam and had his temporary license! He
said they wanted to take the girls out for a movie and
hamburgers, Connie would let them use the car. He would
be home at six, not to prepare dinner!

Julie dried her hair, didn't want him to think she had
been playing in the rain like a kid! She sat at the
counter drinking coffee and remembering the afternoon.
She loved it, it was like being young and no
responsibilities, just live life as it came, but also
it scared her, they would get caught some day! She
found herself unconsciously rubbing her nipples. That
scared her also, she shouldn't be horny, but she was.

Jimmy came in almost running, he was still in his
uniform, and it was dirty, dirty, dirty. He stripped it
off in the kitchen, talking a mile a minute about a
close game and that they almost got in a fight, he
played the entire game, all the seniors were getting
prepared for tonight, they only had eleven players,
David pitched three innings, they had to play eleven
innings, he got four hits! She assumed that they won.
He didn't say, running naked to the shower. Julie
thought, poor Tammy, he was so pumped up he would be
like a octopus, she wouldn't mind very much though!

Julie sighed, he didn't even notice she was braless
under the dress and it wasn't buttoned until it was
below her tits so she could get her hand inside. She
went to the toilet with her douche bottle and played
with it, then showed again, she should be really clean
today! As she was drying off he came in, naked, holding
his pants and asking if he could use some of dad's
cologne and got it without waiting for her answer. He
poured some in his hand and splashed over his face,
under his arms, and rubbed some on his crotch, smiling
as he caught her looking.

"Don't want to smell musky, can we stay out until
eleven so we don't have to hurry straight home after
the movie?"

"Ok, but you have to ask Tammy's parents and what ever
they say is law, understand?"

"Of course, and they will agree, I'm sure. You see we
were going to Tammy's after the movie, with one small
stop over, and sit on the porch and swing."

"That small stop over wouldn't be on The Bluff would

"How do you know about the bluff, Mom?"

"I'm not deaf, I hear about all those things that go on
up there on Friday nights, you didn't answer."

"We have to Mom, it's required but we will only stay a
little while."

"Ok, stay a little while and stay completely dressed,
all four of you."

"Mom, Tammy's not like that."

"I know she isn't but I also know that you can charm a
girl out of her clothes and love doing it."

"There is one girl I want to charm out of her clothes
tonight, do you think she will be awake after eleven?"

"She has a date with two girl friends and might not be
home by then, but you could check with her when she get

Jimmy started to pull on his pants, she said, never
leave home without clean underwear and always with
underwear. He grumbled it was to hot for underwear but
went to get some and dressed in his room, he saw what
he what to see, her nipples were firm and her eyes were
constantly drawn to his cock, she was drinking the
coffee. He needed to fix it before he left. Julie
dressed very smartly, she wanted to make a good
impression on the parents and it wouldn't hurt to look
sharp around the teachers and coaches. Also she wanted
Charlie to be proud of her. She wore a bra! She had a
hard time finding a thong, her supply seemed to be
dwindling. She called Emily and Sarah and told them
that they had to wear a thong. She was feeling good,
now. She needed some more coffee and by magic Jimmy
appeared with the last cup and said he would load it

A few minutes later a horn was blowing and then David
came in the garage door. He was as excited as Jimmy, he
spoke to him and said hurry we don't want to be late.
When Jimmy went to ruffle up his hair, David went in
searching for Julie. He found her applying lipstick in
the bathroom and said oh no, to late. She said wait,
you deserve a kiss for acing the test and wiped it off.

He did a little more than kiss her, and whispered bye
leaving her shaken and worse off. Jimmy added to her
problem in a few minutes as he was leaving, her bra was
to tight and it made her nipples ache, at least she
accused it of that. She killed the last of the coffee
and almost turned the pot on but decided to wait until
she got home. On impulse she called the number seared
in her memory.

Bill answered. She apologized for worrying him but she
needed to know if he had plans for tonight she wanted
to talk about the trip and get instructions on how to
get there. He said he wasn't busy only trying to decide
what he was going to eat. Would she like to go out and
eat some place they hadn't been? She explained about
the graduation and that it would be later before she
could talk. She realized he was trying to help her but
didn't want to come right out and ask if she wanted to
come to his place.

"Bill, I'm lying to you again. Baby I want to see you,
can I come there after the graduation is over and sneak
in the back like before. I want you to hold me in your
arms, that's all I ask, just hold me and kiss me.
That's not true, it tears me apart to admit it but I
want you to love me, make love to me, I need you Bill!"

"Come when ever you can get away. Park in the driveway
of the place next door towards the back, they aren't
open at night and I will be watching for you."

"Thank you, sweetheart, I hope to make it by nine. See
you, love you."

Bill sank down in a chair, he was so happy he wanted to
cry. Crazy! Julie finished getting ready, she felt good
and looked forwarded to going to the graduation. She
was early but saw that Sarah's and Emily's cars were
all ready there so they must have got hooked into
helping. She went to the lounge and talked to some
other teachers and their spouses for a while. She
wandered down to the girl's bathroom and it was a
madhouse! Excited young girls all wanting autographs
for their year book from everybody, cameras were
everywhere, they all had cameras hanging on their
belts. Kim latched on to her like she owned her and had
people take a lot of pictures, she told them Julie was
her other mother.

Emily and Sarah came in and tried to quiet them down
and said we have to go and start getting in the caps
and gowns, people were arriving! They begged Julie to
help them, this was worse than trying to trying to hold
a dozen eels in your arms. They told everybody this was
the last chance for bathroom time.

Kim walked with Julie talking a mile a minute, she was
accepted at Colorado U they were going to D. C. for the
class trip, she and mom went to Jane's and looked at
every dress she had and she finally decided to get the
last one she wore at the show, and she got it at cost.
Now she had to find some shoes, she needed some clothes
for school, it was cold up there, they had snow six
months of the year, she was so happy, she wished Julie
could go with her. She wished everyone could go and be
there. Then she got silent and whispered almost
fearful, I'm not going to know a soul up there.

Julie stopped her and took her a few steps to the side,
she told her to not be worrying, she was a beautiful
young lady and that she would make friends instantly. "
I have only known you a short time and I love you, you
are a wonderful person and everyone will see that the
instant you step in a room and you will have more
friends than ever. All you need to do is be yourself,
and I am sure you will have so many friends that you
will have trouble remembering us down here in the
desert wasteland. We will have to send you a card so
you will know our name."

Kim grabbed her around the neck and almost strangled
her, hugging and kissing her and saying thank you, so
much. You are so wonderful. Julie said come on let's
get that hot gown on you and take some pictures you
need them for memories and to show the grandchildren.
It was almost seven thirty when they got everyone ready
and went to the hall and lined up in the proper order.

The boys were there spinning the tassels on their caps
like it was a helicopter blade, nothing ever seemed to
bother them. Some of the girls were giggling nervously,
some had got quiet and eyes were misty. The class
teacher motioned for them to approach the door and then
they heard Mr. Hale saying,' this is undoubtedly the
best class ever to graduate from this school. Ladies
and Gentlemen I present to you our senior class, our

The march started, Julie, Emily, and Sarah sat in the
back. Sarah cried a little and they cheered for the
best this and the best that and it was over, caps
flying across the room and whooping shook the building.
All that was left was collect the caps and gowns and
line up to wish every one well as they left. Most
parents were waiting and went through the line also and
it took up a lot of time. There was a lot of hugging.

At the end all the coaches were at the start and they
came by to say good by and have a nice vacation to
their fellow teachers. The three of them had got hugged
so many times they were hurting! After the coaches got
by Julie was afraid her bra was on backwards, those
manly chests had rubbed it around to the back. There
was a momentary lull and Sarah looked at them and
giggled, Emily whispered, I think I had an orgasm.
Julie smiled and said, never had sex in public before.

They made it to their car and talked about their
schedule for leaving on vacation. It was all set for
them to go as soon as Julie could get clear. She said
she would tell Harry and Jimmy that she would be
leaving at one pm that should put them there about
dark. She asked if they were through torturing the men,
could Bill tell them that they were all going so they
could make arrangements. They laughed about it, said ok
tell them but not about sleeping arrangements, make
them think they would have to sleep in one bed all
three. Julie said they had mean streak in them.

"Sarah, are you ok, I saw tears in your eyes? Is
everything ok, we can change it something worrying

"I'm fine. I was remembering when I graduated and how I
thought the world was so beautiful and I was going to
have such a wonderful life and then it all went to hell
in six months. Five years of pure misery until I met
you two. And I was sad and happy. So I cried some for
sad and a lot for happy. Life is wonderful again, I
love you two, don't talk about it, I'll cry again!"

They gave her a quick hug and whispered, I love you
too. Julie said she had to go so she could call Bill
and tell him to let the cat out of the bag. She would
tell him they had to go on Saturday and come back on
Saturday. They said bye and looked for their cars.
Julie went to the service station and got gas, she used
the pay phone to call Bill and told him she would there
in about ten minutes to not leave, he chuckled. When
she pulled up he was standing at the rear of the drive
and she drove down to him. He opened the door for her
and she hugged him, they walked to the rear of his

She smelled the fresh made coffee and saw he had got
some finger sandwiches from someplace along with some
glazed donuts. She remembered she hadn't had any
dinner, she had completely forgotten to eat. She kissed
him and they stood embracing for a long time. He told
her that he thought she might like a snack and she said
she was starving for food and him but if they snacked
she might have more energy for him, he said that he
would most likely die but they would eat and see.

He pulled out a chair for her but she motioned for him
to take her dress off and then she turned her back so
he could unhook her bra. They drank coffee black and
ate the sandwiches, all of them, starting on the donuts
and she fed him a bite and then one for herself after
she licked the sugar from his lips.

They only got one and a half donuts eaten before they
were in the bedroom and making love and it was truly
making love, slow and easy, with a lot of feeling. He
sighed a lot. She whimpered a lot as that huge cock
stuffed her and bought her to climax after climax. She
wasn't thinking about anything just enjoying being
filled with love, cock, and soon to be with cum. Lying
together as they slowly recovered was the same, full of
love and sharing.

They returned to the living room and drank coffee and
ate another donut and the half they left. Sitting on
the couch they talked about the trip and how it should
be handled, Bill laughed about the sleeping arrangement
and not telling them, he loved to get something on
them. Julie was sitting on his lap and leaning on his
chest and that made her taller than him and she could
hold his face and kiss him just like she wanted. He
didn't mind at all for he had a breast in his hand and
the other could roam over her ass and back.

Julie felt his cock getting stiff under her ass and it
was hot! She was afraid it was getting uncomfortable
for him so she raised up and put her knees on each side
of his hips and positioned the cock so she could slide
down on it. She was moaning softly as it speared up
into her cunt. Bill slumped farther down on the couch
so he could get it all in and she leaned forward
pushing a hard hot nipple against his lips. He sucked
it and she whimpered for he was so much tenderer than
other males. She was moving up and down on his cock but
holding her nipples steady for him. She came in a gush,

Bill never let up his loving of her nipples and
breasts, he couldn't move very much like this but she
moved at the pace she wanted. She was on fire and
wanted to free him so he could really put it to her,
she said to roll over and pulled him to the side and
they got situated lying on the couch facing and he
picked up speed and strength.

"Oh yes baby, you are so good. Just like that, when you
want to cum pound it in me and fill me up. I want your
cum in me."

Bill was so full of love that he couldn't pound her
like she was a common slut but he could make her gasp
and moan just by pulling out until only the head was
still in her and then going in until his balls bounced
against her ass cheeks. He also held on until she came
twice but that was to much for him and his balls
emptied his load of cum in her cunt as she shuddered
and murmured how great he was to her, she called him
her lover over and over. They lay on the couch kissing
and smiling for a long time!

They ate the finger sandwiches after cleaning up
sitting on the floor like kids and feeding each other.
Julie knew she should go home but it was just to good
and that huge cock would raise up each time she touched
it, she touched it a lot! She touched so much it was
standing straight up! She asked if he would like to lay
on the bed with her and he looked at her like she was
crazy, he said he couldn't think of a thing he would
rather do!

But she didn't lay on the bed, rather she crawled on
her knees beside him and caressed his cock until it was
hard as a rock and he was trembling as he watched her
head getting lower and lower until he could feel her
warm breath on the head. When she licked the velvet
plum colored head and kissed it he groaned and she
smiled at him and blew him a kiss then slid her lips
over the head and stoked it with her tongue as she
engulfed it slowly. Bill knew he had to do something to
get his attention away from the marvelous sensations
running through his body or he would blow her away in
seconds with a mouth full of cum.

He grabbed her leg and ass pulling her around until she
was straddling his head and pulled her ass down to kiss
a very wet cunt and insert his tongue as deep as he
could. He worked at bringing her to a climax to keep
his mind from realizing how great she was sucking his
cock. Julie was already hot and she moaned raising her
head long enough to tell him that he was the greatest
lover in the world and she was going to cum all over
him if he didn't stop. Of course he didn't!

She plunged back down and took his cock all the way in
her throat, now she didn't care if she died from lack
of breathing! It was big, very big, to big to hold
there very long for she couldn't get any air around it
at all, she would pull up and take a couple of deep
breaths through her nose and back down to swallow with
it in her throat.

Bill suddenly stiffened and his cock swelled as she
pulled it into her mouth to catch the hot cum, his
tongue was lashing her cunt like a crazed snake and she
rocketed into a shattering cum just as he filled her
mouth. She ground down on his face and bruised his lips
as her hips humped to rub her wet cunt against his lips
and tongue.

Finally they reached the peak and began a slow decent,
she swallowed all his cum and licked to get the seepage
and he tried to get every drop of her moisture but a
lot was on his face and neck. They had to clean up
their selves again, spent a little time talking and
holding each other, finally she had to say the words
neither wanted to hear and she dressed as he did and
walked to her car.

Julie barely made it home before eleven and was
hurrying to the shower, she was in the bed and
pretended to be asleep when she heard Jimmy enter. She
could peek through the long lashes of one eye and saw
him look into the door at her. She was surprised to
hear him say," She is asleep, let's surprise her!"
There was a rustle of clothes, shoes hitting the floor,
belt buckles clinking and then he came in the door
followed by David. Both were naked and had stiff cocks
swinging in front of their crotches.

The sheet was pulled away from her body to reveal her
nakedness as she lay on her side. David from behind her
whispered, "My god, she has the most beautiful ass in
the world, I never get tired of looking at it!" "You
want it tonight? She loves to be fucked in the ass. "
"Do you think she will get mad?" " Never! Go get some
lube from the vanity but be quiet, I will wake her
slowly and tell her I bought her a surprise and you rub
some on her ass and play with it a little. She will be
begging for it."

Julie lay listening, she didn't know if she was
disgusted or thrilled, but she knew today was some kind
of record, four men and gallons of cum. The bed sank as
Jimmy laid down, she peeked and saw his cock right at
her lips, he grasped it and rubbed the head on her
lips. She didn't move she was supposed to be asleep. He
continued to rub and parted her lips rubbing along her
teeth, she stirred a little and moved her head back,
his hand rested on her head and held her as he pushed a
little harder.

"Mom, wake up! I'm home just like I promised and I'm
still hot for you, open your mouth and let me feel the
warmth of your tongue for just a little. "

"Baby, I dozed off. Oh you're horny and hard as a

"Please mom, love it just a little, I've been thinking
this all night. I'll make you cum and you will rest
better then."

"Baby, my throat's dry get me something to drink and

"Aaaahhh, yes that's so good mom, your mouth is hot as
you are, you are the best at loving cocks there ever
was. I'll get you some coffee in just a second, oohh so

He put his hand on her face holding it and partially
covering her eyes. As she loved his cock she heard the
microwave and knew that David was warming the coffee
for her. Soon she felt the bed sinking behind her and a
finger touched her crack and slid to her asshole and
massaged it with the cool lube. She stiffen as if in
fright but Jimmy held her face and whispered that he
had bought her a surprise to just relax and enjoy it!

She looked at him in the semi darkness and he nodded
smiling and said yes it's your other boyfriend, David.
Soon the finger was sliding inside her and she couldn't
stop the moan in her throat as it rubbed around and
wiggled. Out it came and then back in with more lube,
it went in deep this time and she couldn't have stopped
them now if they were selling tickets to her

Soon the finger was replaced with his cock and as she
was adjusted and spread, still sucking Jimmy's cock,
David sank slowly to encase all of his long slim cock
in her ass. Jimmy rose and pulled her up to rest on her
elbow and David's hands encircled her breasts and he
was plastered against her back slowly fucking in her
ass. He kissed her back and shoulders and massaged her
tits, tweaking her nipples. Julie whimpered as Jimmy
removed his cock from her hot mouth, she wanted him to
fuck her but she couldn't like this but she knew they
would find a way for they were going to double fuck her
for sure.

He got the coffee from the table where David had put it
and held it to her lips to drink, she was thirsty and
the coffee was strong and good. Julie was in pain, her
ache was in her stomach and it was strong but David was
taking his time and easing in and out of her ass
driving her crazy.

"Is it good, do you want it all night? We can take
turns and give you a ass fuck every thirty minutes all
night long, you never been fucked in the ass all night
have you?"

Julie refused to answer. She didn't want it all night
but what she wanted didn't matter, it never had, what
others wanted always took priority. She was just along
for the ride or more exact just there to be used. Thank
god, she enjoyed it? He gave her more coffee and she
felt a glow flooding through her body and the cock in
her ass seemed to be sparking like an electric probe.
She arched back against David and reached to pulled his
hip harder against her ass as she climaxed twisting to
get her lips on his but keeping her ass centered on his
pumping cock. She slumped on the bed as she began to
recede from the high and just lay cooing as he
continued to fuck her ass.

They only gave her a minute to rest before pulling her
up again, giving her more coffee, raising her leg as
Jimmy slipped in between her legs and then pulling it
over his hip as his cock slid in her cunt. She was so
wet and loose that he was in her before she realized
what was happening, pillows were pulled under her upper
body to help support her and both of them were wrapping
their arms around her. She was sandwiched between them,
impaled on two cocks, David pressing her forward onto
Jimmy's cock and he in return pressing her back onto

Julie felt faint, she wanted to just lie down and let
them have her until she passed out. But Jimmy was
kissing her and feeding his tongue in her mouth,
David's hands still had her breasts and the nipples
were clamped between thumbs and knuckles in a vise like
grip, the pain in her stomach grew in intensity. She
wanted them to let her rest, she wanted to cum, wanted
to feel them cum in her, she wanted to sleep, she
wanted to be fucked all night, she wanted a cock to
suck, she wanted it over with, she wanted it to go on
forever, she wasn't sure she was ever going to know
what she wanted again.

She responded to their pumping cocks filling her cunt
and ass with warm cum with a gut wrenching climax which
didn't have much to excrete but felt like her womb was
tearing out and then drifted away into blackness.


Julie woke up the next morning with the alarm going
full blast, that irritating electronic sound that makes
you want to shoot it with a machine gun. Jimmy came
running in and cut it off.

"Morning mom, coffee's just about ready, I'll bring you
some to the bath room."

She threw the sheet back and started to get but felt
back on the bed, she was stiff, sore, and a mess! She
could feel the crusty dried cum all over her crotch.
She groaned as the memories came flooring back to her.
No wonder she was sore! She tried once more for she had
to go to the toilet, while she sat on it with her head
in her hands, he brought the coffee and she heard him
filling the tub. She told him she was going to shower,
he answered that he knew, she and he were going to
shower and then she was going to soak while he fixed

The way he said it she didn't really have a choice,
besides she was to tired to argue. When she came out he
was waiting, naked, and handed her the coffee. She took
a few swallows and put it on the vanity following him
into the shower. He set the water got her wet and
washed her with a bath mitten and body wash.

"Baby, don't rub so hard, you're taking the skin off my

"Sorry, turn around. Boy you are sexy as hell in the
morning just like you are all day!"

"Thanks bab, don't kiss me sweetheart, I haven't
brushed my teeth. Hummmm, god your lips are hot as
fire. Easy, don't rub hard I'm really tender down
there, someone was mean to me last night. Back there
too, I'm sorry baby but really it's, oh god Jimmy don't
please, aaaaagggghhhh, oh baby don't hurt me your
finger is rough why are you doing me like this, are you
horny so early?"

"I'm always horny for you, that's right spread your
legs and let me finger fuck your ass. Oh yes, you're
hot in there. Turn around and lean on the shower wall,
a little more, ok here it comes. Oh yes it feels so
good sliding up your ass. I didn't get any last night,
David hogged it all, you loved it didn't you? You love
to be fucked in the ass. We can do it again tonight."

Julie leaned against the shower wall her head down and
her ass sticking back to him, she had some pain when he
was entering her but the pleasure washed it away. She
was ashamed to be standing in the shower letting her
son fuck her ass, it wasn't even seven o'clock yet. She
heard herself whimpering as he told the truth, she did
love it! Worse than that was that she also liked the
pain of being fucked while she was still tender from
last night. She moaned and raised her head and bowed
back at his cock, it was so good!

Jimmy felt her opened herself to him and also the
slight wiggle against his thrusting hips. She was
approaching a climax! He held his cock deep in her for
a second and she wiggled again. He pulled out of her
cunt slowly, all the way out and she groaned. He raised
her and turned her to the shower and rinsed her body as
he kissed her open mouth.

"I have to get breakfast started and you have to soak a
little to remove the soreness. Come on."

"Baby, we'll get the floor wet, dry off first."

"I'll wipe it up. Come on, get in the tub!"

She followed as he led her by the hand and checked the
water. He turned on the cool water for a little and
gave her the coffee cup and said drink it all. She did!
Then she was being helped into the tub. It was hot! She
told him it was to hot, but he urged her in it and
submerged her, cutting off the water. He arranged the
tub pillow and pulled her hair out of the tub as it had
bath oil in the water. He went back in the shower and
washed, grabbed a towel and dried off. She was sweating
by the time he came out.

He kissed her and went to the kitchen, bringing her
some more coffee and then returning. She saw his cock
and drop of pre-cum on the edge as she reached for the
cup, he had stopped just before he was getting ready to
cum! He had purposely left both of them hanging. She
tried to relax but the hot water was burning her cunt
and ass. Her nipples were also tender. She closed her
eyes and tried to wait.

But when she started feeling dizzy and a little
nauseous she called him. She told him she was feeling
like she had to throw up that she was to hot, to help
her out. He pulled the handle to drain the tub and
helped her out but led her to the shower instead of the
vanity. She was thinking that maybe cool water would
help her but screamed when the icy cold shower hit her
and he held her under it letting it run from her head
to her feet.

Julie clung to him for his body was the only warmth she
could find but he made her turn around and her breasts
were now being frozen but she could feel his hot cock
in her ass crack. Suddenly he turned the water back to
warm and she sighed as it hit her breasts and ran down
her stomach leaning back against him and found herself
turning her head for his kisses and letting him give
her his tongue to suck, she realized she was horny just
like him!

She turned to let her back and ass get warmed and gave
her body to his hands and lips pressing against his
cock with her stomach. He whispered in her ear asking
if she was needing some loving, she didn't answer but
crushed her tits and hard nipples to his chest. Jimmy
turned the water off and they kissed, playing with her
ass cheeks until she was whimpering in his mouth as she
sucked his tongue he gently pushed her away and reached
for a towel blotting the water on her body. He did the
same to himself and opened the shower door to go out.
She told him she was still wet and he said you need to
be wet for the lotion.

Jimmy led her to the bed and she laid on the straighten
top sheet expecting him to also lie down but he got the
lotion from under the vanity and another bottle that
had a milky green looking substance. The first went on
her cunt and ass plus a generous amount on her nipples.
Then he rubbed the second all over her body front
rubbing it in thoroughly.

He told her to let it soak in, kissed her and went to
the kitchen with his cock wobbling from side to side.
She reclined on the bed and just lay there, conversely
relaxed outside but trembling inside, she wanted sex
but was confused. For once she didn't know if a man was
going to fuck her or not. She wasn't in control, before
even when she was submissive she was in control but now
she was being played with and left hanging, wanting but
not sure she would get what she wanted!

She could hear things in the kitchen but could only
wait. Soon he came and helped her up leading to the
counter where a stool covered with a towel awaited her.
Hot coffee, a glass of red liquid, and a plate of
waffles covered in syrup was there and he told her to
drink the drink and eat it all.

"What is this in the glass it looks weird!"

"It's a breakfast power drink, tomato juice, vitamins,
minerals, and herbs. Don't sip it, chug it down like

He was eating his waffle like he was in contest to
break the world record. Julie discovered the weird
drink was pretty good but she didn't want another one,
plus she was hungry and ate all her waffles. Jimmy was
up and gone to the bedroom, reappearing with the sheets
and pillow cases to put in the washer. That meant they
were washed twice this week already! As soon as she
finished eating he took her back to the bed with the
towel and made her lie down on her stomach. The lotion
on cunt and ass was repeated, she was surprised that
already a lot of the soreness was gone, and then her
back and ass cheeks along with her thighs and legs were
covered with the other lotion rubbing it in. She
couldn't help but giggle when he spent a long time on
her ass making it wobble and jiggle around as he rubbed

"It's not funny mom, it's sad that you have such a
perfect ass and keep it covered up so much. God, I love

He kissed it! Then his finger slipped in her crack and
gently rubbed her asshole, she gasped. He whispered to
her to just relax and think about tonight, she would
get more than a finger. He left her lying there, still
trembling. She relaxed slowly and wondered what was
planned for tonight! She bet it included another movie.

Jimmy came in and told her that they had to get ready
for school as he climbed on the bed and spread her legs
to rub his cock on her ass up and down the crack. Julie
slowly drew her knees up to elevate her ass and make
her asshole and cunt available, which ever one he
wanted. But he just placed the head at each one and
rubbed enough to make her squirm repeating that they
had to get ready.

"Baby, why are you doing me like this? You are playing
with me and making me hot and horny but you aren't
going to give me relief, are you?"

"I want you ready for tonight, aching for it! So you
will do any thing to get it."

"What am I going to be made to do to get it, are you
going to make another movie and you want me ready for

"Will you take two dogs and cum all over them for us?
Fucking and sucking both?"

"If you want me to. You don't have to tease me, I will
take two if you want me to."

"Ok, I will tell you what to do while you dress."

Julie went to the bathroom and dried her hair, styling
it with a brush. She was applying makeup and drinking
coffee when he came in and stood behind her touching
her naked body where ever he could. He was dressed and

First she was to put her chain on when she got home,
along with the collar and cuffs. Next she had to insert
the balls that Dad left for her and leave them in until
they were ready to go to Connie's. Julie trembled at
the memory of those balls, how did he know about them.
She needed to have the healing lotion on and some baby
oil inside both cunt and ass before she inserted them
and by the way she was supposed to wear them Friday
night until Harry took them out! Julie shuddered, she
had no secrets anymore, she was just a cunt.

She was dressed, it was little early but they left any
way. Arriving at school there was only a couple of cars
parked down at the end, the coach's cars. She parked
near the main entrance and was going to get out but
Jimmy stopped her. He spoke to David, telling him that
they were lined up for tonight and should have a good

He asked if everything was lined up at his house. David
said yes, Connie would bathe the dogs at five and keep
them separated in different rooms. Julie was
embarrassed to be sitting here listening to them
knowing that they were planning on her fucking dogs
like she was going to sit for a evening gown photo
shoot. David asked Julie if she was comfortable with
every thing, should they do any thing different. She
murmured no it's ok.

Jimmy put his hand on her leg and slid it up under her
dress telling her to lean her head back and close her
eyes, she felt a hand opening the buttons on her blouse
and then rubbing inside her little half bra to find her
nipples. It was David's hand. She whispered to them
that it wasn't necessary to make her hot, she was going
to do what they wanted. Jimmy told her it was for them,
not to just keep her hot. That they wanted to fuck her,
maybe they could sneak in the bathroom or a empty
classroom and do it now. Julie moaned oh please no, not
here. The guys smiled at each other, they knew she
wouldn't stop them if they took her now, she would
plead with them not to as she opened her legs, which
she was doing now for Jimmy's hand. The coffee and
power drink were doing their job!

When they stopped and got out leaving her sitting with
her skirt at her hips and her nipples out of the bra
top, she sat there in a daze until she realized she had
to fix her clothes, she was frustrated, they hadn't
even kissed her. She walked to the door on trembling
legs and fumble for her key finally getting it open
just as Darlene drove up. She was inside the office and
sitting at her desk when she came in.

"Good morning, Julie. Did you have a good day off?"

"Yes, I got a lot of things done but need about two
more to just get even."

"I know the feeling. Are you ok? You look flushed like
you were running."

"I'm not used to coming in at nine. I got up at the
regular time and had breakfast, washed the sheets so
they would be ready to put on the bed when I got home,
took a nice slow shower, just enjoying not having to
rush and suddenly Jimmy yelling that I better hurry or
we will be late. An extra hour wasn't as long as I
thought it would be."

"Yeah, you can't get much done that's for sure. I'll
make us some coffee. Charlie will be late he said
yesterday! One of those planned lateness's."

"Ok, do you have anything that we need to do first. I
want you and I to sit and discuss the budget report
this morning. I just don't like the way it is arranged.
We can make it be more meaningful and self explanatory
and do it quicker on a spread sheet I believe."

"Good, I never have understood the thing. It doesn't
tell you what your position is against the plan. But I
couldn't change it without approval, but you can. You
know how to show people how to do things better and
they will do it. No I don't have any thing urgent to
do. Mostly we just hang around and answer the phone
during the summer."

"Are you all set for vacation? When are you leaving?
You can sneak away tomorrow it you want to."

They talked about vacation, Darlene's and Julie's for
the next half hour. Then the coaches came in for coffee
and they spent a half hour talking and flirting. They
were in good spirits and sat on the desks laughing and
carrying on plus hoping a few buttons on Julie's blouse
would pop off and that those hard nipples would burst
through looking for sunshine. Julie wouldn't take a
deep breath because she was afraid they would.

They left and the talk got around to the budget, they
reviewed it and made notes on what it should tell them.
Darlene asked if she really could make it have charts
that showed progress against planned expenditures and
the percentage of each line item of the total budget.
Julie said yes and they needed to know that, for this
year the athlete department had used over it's budget
but apparently no one realized that, yet. Charlie came
in and listened to them explain it and he said simply,
sounds good go ahead and get it done, I trust you two
more than I trust myself. Just tell me what we got when
you finish. He had to leave to go to make an appearance
at the tournament.

"Can we do it before we go on vacation, Julie?"

"No, and we don't need to either, we can do it after we
get back and settled down. Let's take a break and get
ready for lunch."

Charlie burst through the door with Coach Robert and
the Assistant Coach right behind, he said lock up and
go to lunch ladies, but first we have two teams that
want to eat but are tired of fast food burgers. Tell me
if you know of a place that can fix good food and good
burgers without taking all day to do it. Julie said
sure and she told him of Henry's Cafe and if they
hurried they could get in before the crowd. Charlie
said get them on the buses to the A.C. and she told him
where it was. Robert said he knew it but had never
stopped there.

Julie got the phone book and called. "Beth, it's Julie.
We have about twenty or twenty five youngsters and
coaches that are looking for good food, can Henry
handle them?" Beth said sure, after yelling to Henry
that Julie wanted to send twenty five hungry boys over,
tell them to hurry and I will set up a row of tables.
Julie said they're on the way in a yellow school bus.
Beth yelled at Henry and Julie heard him say tell her
to come with them. Tell him I have to work. Beth
yelled, she can't, working! Julie heard him yell back
tell her I love her! Tell him I know but he shouldn't,
bye. She hung up without hearing his response.

Charlie and Robert were already going out the door. She
said to Darlene. "Well the boss said to go to lunch and
we don't want to disobey, let's go!" Darlene said she
had a sandwich, cheese spread, she would just eat it

"No you won't, get your handbag. I don't want to eat
alone, I don't want to go home and come back. I know a
deli where we can get some delicious sandwiches and
they are low calorie and they have really great coffee
blends, it's my treat to celebrate our first week
together. No way you're not going!"

Darlene smiled and said I'm going to like working for
you, it's exciting. Julie said, as they locked the
office and left, that she didn't work for her, they
worked together. Arriving at the deli the counter girl
smiled and said hello, good to see you again. Darlene
said oh look at all that variety, order for me please,
I will never make up my mind. Julie ordered a light
cheese sandwiched between chicken and turkey breast
with sweet pickles light on the mayonnaise, Dijon
mustard, a squirt of catsup on toasted wheat cut in
quarters. She ordered the same for herself except she
wanted honey cured ham.

They got coffee after discussed the different tastes of
each and went to a table after Julie paid. The girl
brought their sandwiches and some BBQ chips. When they
finished, Julie said she could eat another one but
better not and Darlene smiling said she could eat five
more, they were delicious. She said she had a eating
problem, she never saw any thing that she didn't want
to eat.

"This summer I was going to start walking and jogging a
little to tone up my legs, why don't we walk together
and we can talk and make it a little more fun. Also I
was thinking of using the weight room not to build
muscles but just keep my arms and stomach toned up and
tight, we could that and it wouldn't be so hot. What do
you think?"

"Well, I think it's a great idea, and I would like to
do it with you! But you really don't need to tone up,
my god, if you look any better there will be people
breaking in the office just to look at you! We will
have to hire bodyguards for you."

"Darlene you are so nice, to be honest I have lost five
pounds this summer and don't want to lose any more but
toning up never hurts anyone and it makes you

"Well, you didn't lose any from those tits or ass, they
look great. Must have come from the bottom of your

"Darlene! Shame on you."

They laughed and talked, but soon it was time to go
back. The afternoon went fast and at two they locked up
and went home.

Charlie was having a great time with the kids and
coaches, he hadn't done any of this for a few years and
it was good to get out and watch them playing hard and
having a good time. As they waited for everyone to get
their order in to Beth, Robert told him that he sure
was glad that he hired Julie for the office manager
job. It was great to go and get coffee in the morning
and see her there, that was the most beautiful woman he
had ever see in his life and it was all natural beauty
and she didn't seem to be aware of it. Charlie smiled
and said you're right but don't let me catch you up
there more than twice a day or I'll call your wife on

Charlie had been to the photo supply store that morning
and got some paper and ink cartridges and taken them
along with the camera to Harold's office. Harold had
teased him unmercifully about being a spy or a
terrorist but promised he would call when they were
ready but he didn't know how he would do that without
looking at them. Charlie said oh no, he would come over
and do them and he would be there tonight at six.
Harold said he would tell Rose that they were working
on a personal budget for Charlie. Harold grinned for a
long time after Charlie left.

Chapter Fifty Four

Julie had some house work to do, but she also had her
instructions. She sat drinking coffee and thinking she
didn't really have to, she could refuse. Also she could
wait until he was almost there and do it then, no
reason to do house work with collar, cuffs, chain, and
balls. Oh god those balls! The more she thought about
it the more coffee she drank and the more coffee she
drank the more she wanted to drink. She went to the
bedroom and the bed was piled with the comforter and
pillows for the sheets and pillow cases were in the
dryer. Sitting at the edge of the foot was a bag, one
she got from the Saucy Lady, she looked inside and
there were all the things she was supposed to wear plus
a note that simply said, I love you!

Julie undressed and put her clothes away getting the
robe that she wore for David before getting in the
shower. She applied lotion again after she got out and
the healing lotion. She also got some scentless baby
oil and put it on her cunt and ass using her finger to
get it inside. She was panting by the time she finished
and cleaned her hands, she went to get more coffee. She
walked around the house drinking it and just walking
nervously inside wondering what she should do.

Three hours wasn't long she reasoned so she went to get
the collar and cuffs on, they weren't painful. Looking
in the mirror she realized that she was sexy as hell
like that so she put the chain on also. She had a
little trouble, loose and she was afraid it would slip
off her nipples with the slick lotion, tight made her
nipples start enlarging and a slight ache. Finally she
had to leave it tight! Her lips were dry and she was
thirsty so she went for more coffee. Thanks to Jimmy he
had made a full pot.

Julie liked what she saw in the mirror. She walked to
laundry room and got the bed stuff and went to make up
the bed. When she moved the bag and sat it on the
dresser the metal balls rolled together and clicked,
making her heart beat faster as she remembered the
click as she walked with them. She got the bed half
made up and gave up, going to the bag she rushed to the
vanity with them and washed them in warm water. Lying
on the bathroom floor she inserted the first and lay
there almost in a swoon from the feeling, then did the
second one and it clicked against the first causing her
to whimper in passion. She was very still for about two
minutes then slightly rolled her hips and moaned as
they rolled inside her.

She picked up the third one and sat up moaning again
and rose to her feet. Walking to the bed she delighted
in the action she was getting and the sudden passion
flooding her body and mind. She gently let the last one
hang between her legs but knew immediately that it
wouldn't work for the weight pulled the other against
her cuntal lips and it felt like Bravo's knot tying her
to him. Plus no way she could make up the bed with that
swinging around bumping her thighs.

She lay on the carpet and worked it in slowly, she was
glad she had put the baby oil in! Once it popped in she
lay there still, afraid she was going to climax right
then. How was she going to make two and one half hours
without cumming. Moving very slow and carefully she got
up and made up the bed. She drank some coffee and
checked the laundry hamper.

Jimmy's uniform was in it and it was filthy, she put it
in to soak with bleach. Working around the house,
cleaning and dusting she would have to stop and lean
against the wall or something occasionally. She was
either dizzy or about to climax all the time. Starting
the washing machine she sat gingerly at the bar and
drank coffee, she only had one cup left and an hour to
go. But she had to prepare dinner!

She got some hamburger helper, meat, cheese, and
seasoned it. Mashed potatoes would be quick. It was
hard to concentrate, bending over made everything shift
and she would gasp, stirring jiggled things around and
she moaned as she felt moisture running down her leg.
Moving the uniform from the washer to the dryer was
pure torture she just wanted to lie down on the floor!

Drinking the last of the coffee she gathered her
thoughts, she had put the hamburger what ever in the
oven, the rolls were ready to be boiled and the mashed
potatoes only needed eight minutes in the oven to
brown, no it was the other way around but that was all
she was going to fix. But Jimmy had to make some coffee
the minute he got home, she was dying to cum and
usually the coffee calmed her down but it wasn't
working today. She was getting hornier and hornier it
had to be those damn balls, they were driving her
crazy, clicking every time she moved!

She heard the horn blow, she wasn't going to the door,
she was naked, looked like a slut slave and was ready
to fuck who ever came in the door. It was Jimmy! He
stopped at the door and waved back at the car, then
turned to look at her again.

"Wow, you look fantastic."

"Baby, this is awful! Please let me take them out, they
are driving me crazy, please!"

"But we want you just like that when we go to David's,
the look is perfect. Can't you take it another couple
of hours?"

"No please, I did what you said. I've been like this
since three o'clock and it's awful, let me take them
out and rest. I'll put them back when we go there, I
can't take another two hours."

"Ok, come here."

Julie rushed to him and he took her in his arms and
kissed her as she whimpered and gave her hot body to
him. Rubbing her breasts against his chest, the nipple
chain hanging on his shirt buttons and hurting her, she
had both arms around his neck and mouth open wide for
his tongue. Jimmy wasn't sure she was wanting them out
as much as she was wanting to be fucked. They had done
exactly what Harry had said they would do, make her
horny as hell! He turned her to the couch and bend her
down towards it and she went willingly.

When she was prone, still holding him glued to her
mouth, she opened her legs wide one foot on the floor
and the other over the couch back. He grasped the
string and pulled to remove the two balls in her cunt
and as the first bulged through her cunt opening she
began to cum. His neck was almost breaking from the
grip she had on him, she moaned so strongly that she
was blowing air in his lungs faster than he could
exhale it through his nose.

Jimmy played with her pulling the string so the last
one in her cunt would appear at the opening but release
it to roll back to the bottom of her cunt. Julie didn't
care, she was way up high climaxing, her body shook and
trembled as her muscles knotted and relaxed in rapid
contractions. But Jimmy didn't want to wipe her out,
she had a lot ahead of her tonight so he pulled hard to
make it pop out and she collapsed moaning and shaking.
He let her lie there and went to get a towel. She was
still when he returned and he decided to wait a little
before removing the one in her ass.

He checked the dinner and cut off everything, putting
the rolls in to warm. He saw the coffee was empty but
decided she didn't need any more right now, they would
make some at David's. He went to the bathroom and got a
towel and a warm wet wash cloth, returning he cleaned
her wiping all the moisture from her, she never moved.
He got the dinner ready taking the rolls out last, put
the towel on her chair at the table and went to the
couch to get her up. When he wiggled the last ball in
her, she opened her eyes and watched as he removed it
slowly and cleaned around the opening.

They ate in silence, Julie was surprised at how hungry
she was, the food seemed to clear her head and she felt
a lot better. He urged her to lay down and rest while
he cleaned up the dinner dishes, she went to sleep on
the bed. It was eight o'clock when he woke her rubbing
oil on her body. She discovered again how good it felt
to be rubbed and massaged but when he rubbed her cunt
and ass last penetrating to put some inside she felt
the ache start in her lower stomach. He put sandals on
her feet and then she heard him clinking the balls as
he washed them. She automatically opened her legs when
he returned with them.

The first one was warm and wet and went in easily, he
pulled on the string making it come forward and then
releasing it to roll back a few times. The second was
just as smooth and she felt them hit together, he saw
the small smile on her face. When he whispered turn
over she did and drew up her knees to elevate her hips
and whimpered as he rubbed the last one on her asshole
for a while before pressing it inside. She settled down
on the bed seemingly calm but she was boiling really.

She was ready, ready to be fucked by Bravo! She heard
him say here's your dress and rose to her feet biting
her lower lip as the balls moved to her cunt opening.
He held a wrap around dress made of shiny polyester,
white and thin, she slipped in it and tied the strings
at the side. He made her tie it tighter, she
automatically looked in the dresser mirror and saw that
the dress didn't hide much. Her nipples were prominent
and the material clung to every curve of her body, she
looked like a slut, she felt like a slut!

It was dark enough that no one would really be able to
see the collar and cuffs when they arrived at David's,
Jimmy was driving, Julie was sitting as still as
possible but she was well aware of each bump and sway
of the car. He asked her to slide over closer to him
but she said no baby please don't make me move, I don't
want to make a wet spot on the dress. But she rubbed
his thigh as they rode. Every thing was ready when they
got there.

David came out to the garage and as soon as they walked
in, he shut the overhead door. He asked if they were
ready and watched Julie as she nodded. He saw she was
ready, she was dressed, obviously naked underneath, but
her eyes showed she was ready for something else or
maybe anything else. Connie came out when the door
shut, she was dressed in a wrap around dress also and
she was naked underneath also.

David explained the set up, she had been ordered to
come by her Mistress and told what to wear as a test to
see if she would obey. After checking and doing a
little nipple play she would be rewarded for being a
good slave by allowing her to be fucked by Bravo and
then suck him if he was ready. If not the second dog
would be bought in to service her and then she would
suck both to cum in her mouth and over her body.

She was to pretend that she loved it and wanted it bad
and moan as she was fucked and suck them. The dogs
would be kept separate to avoid problems so she would
have a little time to rest after each one. Julie nodded
that she understood. She and Connie kissed rubbing
their tits together. Connie whispered that she would
help her get ready for the shooting. Julie said thank
you, she really didn't need to get ready for she was
ready now, Jimmy had seen to that.

"Do you have them in you now?" Julie nodded. "Can I see
them?" She nodded again and pulled her dress up to her
waist, she watched as Connie sank to the concrete floor
to kneel before her and finger the string. She felt
proud now, she spread her legs so she could get a good
look. She saw David looking also, she smiled at him and
asked if he would like to feel them. He came to her and
felt of her cunt then put a finger inside, he could
feel the ball moving away when he touched, Julie
whimpered and leaned to his lips. As they kissed she
felt Connie's finger on her asshole and rubbing it and
knew she was going to be doubly impaled shortly. She
whispered against David's mouth that she needed to be
fucked, please start the movie shoot. He nodded.

He pulled away and told his mother to let's get
started, they could play afterwards. Connie rose and
rubbed Julie's breast, feeling the chain she pulled the
dress away and looked at it, saying it was beautiful.
David and Jimmy came in with the cameras and said to
fix her clothes so they could start. Julie dropped her
dress back in place as Connie pulled the lapels back to
cover her breasts. A few instructions and they were
ready, the door was shut leaving Julie in the garage,
alone. She heard the call for action.

Connie opened the door, "Well, bitch you are on time,
good for you. Your punishment will be less for being

"Thank you Mistress, I hurried when you called, but the
traffic was heavy."

"Quiet, you don't speak unless to answer. You had
better be exactly as I told you to be also. I see your
collar and cuffs, bet you got plenty of looks sitting
at red lights, strip bitch, you should be naked the
minute you walk in the door."

Julie hastily untied her wrap around and pulled it off
to stand naked in front of her. "Oh yes the chain is
very nice, now you are another step into being a fuck
slave. The collar and cuffs show you are a bondage
slave and now the chain is adding you as a punishment
slave who loves to be made to suffer pain. Do you have
something else you wish to show me?"

"Yes Mistress."

"Well show me then, take them out and let me see them!"
Julie wasn't sure how to do this, she needed to lay
down but all she had in the small area they had walked
to was a floor, so she kneeled, sat, and lay down on
the cold tiles biting her lips as the balls moved

"Wait slut, let me take them out." Connie moved between
her legs and bent the knees outward as the cameras
moved in close to zoom in on her cunt. David had a
close up and Jimmy had a full view, he was eager to get
her expressions as the balls were removed and replaced.
Connie grasped the string after they were set and
played with it, she pulled a little and stopped, pulled
a little, then a little more, let go of the string and
the balls clicked together. Julie whimpered. Connie
looked at her eyes and saw the need in them, she
smiled, Julie knew she, Connie, was going to milk this
for all she could but she could always say she was

Connie played around with the movement, pulling them
until the first was visible and almost out and then
letting it disappear back inside, Julie would moan,
groan, and squirm ; she got wetter and wetter until
David was able to see the moisture trickle from her
slit. Jimmy was focused on her face to catch the many
expressions of lust, need, and passion. Finally Connie
let one ease out and lay on her crotch, lifting it with
the string and letting it bump against her slit,
swinging it like a pendulum. Julie was beginning to be
in pain from her need the ache in her cunt becoming
almost unbearable.

Then it was play with the ass ball! And that was worse
for her but not as much fun for Connie as it would pop
out if she pulled it far enough to be seen. She then
went back to the second ball, she had been instructed
to pull it to the opening a few times so both could be
seen and then put all back in. When David nudged her
she knew it was time to move on, so she pushed the
first ball back in Julie and smeared the wetness over
her slit and pushed the slit open to expose the clit
fully. It was nearly an inch long, standing straight
out, red with stored blood. She touched it gently with
her finger and made Julie's stomach knot up and a loud
gasp issue from her mouth.

"On your hands and knees, dog fuck. Quickly." Julie
didn't want to move at all much less quickly but she
scrambled until she was in position and spread her legs
so the cameras could get a good shot of her stuffed
cunt and ass, she wondered how she looked with a string
running from her cunt to her ass. "You are a good fuck
slave today. You haven't complained the first time.
Keep that up and I will reward you after your
punishment. You have to be punished every day, you

"Yes, Mistress."

"What would you like for a reward?"

"Whatever Mistress desires to do to me."

"You are a dog fuck, so you must love to have my dog on
your back and his cock in your wet cunt. Is that right?
Do you love my dog?"

"Yes Mistress."

"So that makes you a dog's bitch, doesn't it?"


"Tell me what you want my dog, your lover to do to you
and what you will do while he does."

"I want him to love me."

"Dogs don't love you, they mate you, they fuck you."

"I want him to fuck me, mate me, take me, make me his
bitch, knot me and make me his forever, fill me with
his hot cum as I cum for him, taking his cock and knot,
and keeping his cum in me as long as he wants."

"Very good dog bitch! You must remember that and when I
ask you what you want you will say exactly that! I will
let you have your lover but you must also suck him and
let him cum in your mouth as you did a few days ago."

"Yes Mistress."

"And it would not be fair to my other dog to not let
him fuck you and be sucked by you so you will do him

"Yes Mistress."

"Very well, I will punish you now and you will kiss my
cunt until I cum, if you can't make me cum then your
punishment will be long and painful."

Connie walked around in front of Julie with a strap in
her hand, Julie was shocked this wasn't what she
expected she didn't know she was going to be whipped
and have to kiss her cunt. The first stroke was loud
but not painful but it caused her to flinch and the
balls when crazy in her. She realized the strap was
split causing even a little stroke to make noise as the
two pieces came together but she didn't want a lot of
it. The second stroke on the other ass cheek still sent
shock waves in her and the balls moved causing cunt
muscles to flex and her ache increase.

Connie was still a foot away from her, intent on her
job of making it look good but not hurt her. Julie
crawled to her and started kissing her slit and Connie
moaned and almost dropped the strap. She swayed back so
she would be accessible and tried to swing for Julie's
ass but hit her back instead and that caused her to
jump and the balls to hit against each other. Both of
them moaned.

David and Jimmy almost laughed, they could see two
women that were highly aroused, neither faking now,
there wasn't any acting going on. They hoped it showed
on the movie. Connie slowly sank to the floor with wide
spread knees, hitting half heartedly at Julie's ass or
back or thighs as she leaned back feeling her climax
coming like a freight train. Of course Julie found out
soon that she was pass the point of any more strokes as
the last one missed her ass, back and thigh going
underneath her body and hitting her swinging tit and
snatching her chain to pull hard against her swollen

Understanding the feeling of being abandoned in midst
of cumming she continued to kiss and lick the cunt
before her until Connie lay still and limp. David held
up his hand as a signal to Jimmy and slowly closed his
fingers one by one as they zoomed in for a fade out.
Jimmy had a great shot to end on with Julie's ass
reddened slightly from the strap and her exposed
asshole and bulging cunt with small drops of moisture
on the lips. David closed his fist and they faded to

"Great, great, rest a minute while we set up the next
one. That is fantastic, you two are fabulous actors!
Rest, we will bring you some thing to drink."

Julie and Connie remained on the floor drinking pink
lemonade that had a lot of vodka in it, it also had
some thing else that they didn't know about. The next
scene began with them walking into the exercise room,
the two benches had been pushed together to make a
wider surface and there were cushions of different
thickness' plus two wedge shapes like people used to
read in bed. Connie made Julie lie on her back on the
benches and she spread her legs wide apart. The guys
moved in close for a good shot of the balls being
removed. Julie was trembling from walking in with her
heels on and the anticipation of them being pulled out
and Bravo's cock replacing them.

She moaned and whimpered as Connie played with them
like she had before. The one in her ass was removed
first and left swinging to pull the other tight like a
dog knot. Then after a few more minutes came the
removal of both very slowly until she lay empty again
breathing deeply. The cameras were stopped and Jimmy
went to get Bravo, Connie waited at the door for them.

She entered the room with him on a lease and stopped to
unsnap it, freeing him to rush to Julie. He bounded on
her and was licking her face, she held him rubbing his
sides and neck, she could feel his cock tip brushing
against her and touching her cunt lips. Once it touched
her clit and she felt like a electric shock had hit her
there. He was hot and gaining length and size rapidly.

He dismounted and was immediately licking her cunt, she
was wet and wide open still from the balls and
extremely sensitive. His tongue felt like it was
tearing the skin from her. She sat up and reached for
his cock finding it was almost all out of his sheath
and hanging slightly downward. But she didn't get to do
anything to it, he was mounting and pushing her
backwards to lie down so he could crawl up her body
until his legs were over her tits and shoulders pinning
her to the bench. His cock got centered on the second
thrust and he rammed into her cunt as she grunted from
the heat and hardness. Then he was pounding her so hard
her tits would have been moving up and back except he
had them pinned down.

"Oh yes baby, fuck me, fuck your bitch, fuck me hard.
Yes, I have been missing this, it's so good. Knot me
lover, hurry and knot me, my oh my, I cumming. Oh, oh,
oh, aaaaagggghhhh."

The knot was slamming in her and back out, and she was
tender there but she wanted it no matter how much it
might hurt. She came twice, the second time was quick
for he was quick also and she gushed when the hot dog
cum hit her womb inside and out and all over it. Bravo
was whimpering as he filled her cunt with watery dog
cum. Jimmy would almost swear he was crying because he
came so early. He wanted to stay on her for a long time
but he was to glad to see his bitch again.

But he didn't dismount, he stayed right there
occasionally licked her face and lips until he could
get ready again which wasn't long. Julie could tell
when suddenly his cock jerked and he thrust a few times
and it lengthen and after a few seconds he scalded her
cunt with pre-cum. She moaned as he began to thrust in
her banging the knot against her lips from the inside.
But soon it swelled to large to come out and just
caused her to ache from the pressure inside.

Jimmy and David had the cameras ready and they were
trying to get a clear shot of the red cock buried in
her cunt. He lasted longer this time and Julie was out
of her mind with the joy of being under her dog lover
and taking his cock and knot. When he entered inside
her womb she cried out and let her arms fall to the
bench, she was sore there from the balls rubbing
against it as she moved and they rolled around, she
wanted it again but it was longer this time and deeper.

She lay motionless as he pounded her cunt with his head
laying alongside her face panting in her ear. She could
barely be heard whimpering each time his knot banged
against her cunt. He fucked her for almost ten minutes
and cum dripped from her slit constantly, his or hers
or both. Julie was limp in complete surrender to her
dog lover's cock, she climaxed, little ones, many times
but lay still taking her lover's passion.

When he came she clutched his hairy sides and moaned as
he filled her womb to overflowing. This time his knot
went down quickly and he was dismounting as she groaned
from the pain of the knot expanding her slit. She felt
the cum spurt from her and flow onto the towel. Then he
was gone after licking himself and her cunt a few
times. She was at peace now and would have drifted off
in sleep but they made her sit up and drink some more
lemonade. As they prepared for the next dog, Connie
helped her to the toilet and flushed her out as she sat
there dazed. She was the kitchen drinking lemonade next
but didn't remember walking in there and Jimmy was
telling her to just let the dog have her cunt, lie
still and let him stuff her for he was big. Connie
would help her, she nodded.

Soon it was back on the bench and Connie had a dog
between her legs and he was licking her cunt, making
her moan over and over. Connie made her turn around and
lay her head and chest on the bench with her large tits
hanging off and the dog licked some more. He seemed to
like her asshole and tried to worm his big tongue in it
and she was panting as bad as he was. Connie was
jacking his cock and had it big when she helped the dog
on her back and guided his cock to her cunt. Julie's
head shot up when she felt the size of it as it entered
her, then it got smaller like a butt plug and the knot
was at her entrance. She was stuffed, she realized that
this dog was as big as Bill's cock, oh how she loved
that big monster in her, she wished she was at his
place and it was his cock in her cunt.

The dog was not in any hurry but he definitely was
interested in this human bitch, she had the bitch smell
and she smelled like a dog had been with her and he
wanted to fill her with puppy making cum. Julie cried
out and shook as his pre-cum spattered all over her
cunt inside, she was afraid that he wouldn't cum in her
but now she knew better. The knot kept spreading her
lips but didn't enter. She wanted it but was afraid of
it, she didn't know how big it was but it must be
bigger than his cock and it was huge! As she wondered,
Connie solved the problem by pushing against the dog's
ass and ramming it in her cunt. She grunted and lay
still. She heard a voice saying over and over, take me,
take me, fuck me to death, she wondered why Connie was
saying that.

When the big dog spurted his cum in her, it was a small
stream hitting her cunt wall, it felt like a needle
sticking her. And he came and came, she couldn't
believe how long he came or how much. Connie held him
on her for a long time to let the knot go down and she
sighed when finally he could get off her back. Connie
rearranged her to sit on the floor leaning back on the
wedge shaped object and her head on the bench.

She was given something to drink and she just closed
her eyes and was limp as she waited for Bravo. Soon he
was there and she played with his cock as he licked her
then she lay back as he was positioned with his feet on
the bench above and behind her head and Connie moved
him up until his cock was at her mouth. She waited
until they said action and began to kiss the tip.

Bravo got still when he felt her lips on his cock, he
remembered this and he would stand here all day for her
loving mouth around his cock. Julie kissed and licked
the stiff rod putting her lips over it from the side
and slid them up and down it like playing a harmonica.
He began to whine as the knot grew bigger and Julie
licked it also.

He coated her face with his pre-cum until it was
dripping from her jaw and chin onto her chest and tits,
she moved it about so it would be all over her and
caught some of the last in her mouth and swallowed hard
so it showed on camera that she took it down into her
stomach. When it was just dripping she licked the tip
and let it remain on her tongue for David and Jimmy to
record, she then let the tip enter her mouth and slowly
slide deep until the knot was against her lips.

It only took about five minutes of sucking and tonguing
the tip until he began to bow up and pump into her
mouth rapidly. When the cum streamed in she let the
first run out and splash on her tits but the next was
with a open mouth, extended tongue, to show her taking
it and she swallowed each spurt. When Bravo begin to
reach empty she closed around it and sucked him until
his legs trembled and his head dropped down.

He backed away from the demanding mouth until he was
freed from it and then licked her face as she lay back
on the bench with eyes closed. The cameras zoomed in to
record the dog tongue on her lips and then as he licked
her chest and tits they followed to move back to the
face of the resting woman. Zooming back as Bravo moved
away they showed her cum slick body and the bulging
breasts with nipples like steel and the small contented

Another short break to remove Bravo, give Julie some
more lemonade and rest while Connie prepared the big
cock dog. A small amount of bitch in heat smell was put
on her chin and she grimaced as the big dog licked her
face and whined. Connie helped position him as Bravo
had been and put Julie's hand on his red cock and moved
it to start her jacking him. She moved him up until the
cock was at her lips and Julie opened her eyes to look
at the angry red cock in her hand and touching her
lips. She moaned as she squeezed it making it even
bigger and saw a drop of cum appear at the end. She
kissed it and touched the indented tip with her tongue,
she licked it to taste the cum and it was similar to
Bravo's, maybe a little stronger.

A few licks caused it to quiver so she enclosed her
mouth over the end and began to feed it into her mouth.
It felt funny because of the odd shape, she could close
her lips around the small area but her mouth was
stuffed with the big portion. She moved her head back
and forth fucking the cock with her mouth tightening
her mouth and lips as she listened to him whine and
whimper. It wouldn't be long until he gave her his cum
for her mouth and stomach. But he wasn't just any dog.
For a while he was still, just standing and looking
around but it got to good after about ten minutes and
he pranced a little and began to thrust into Julie's
mouth. She responded with renewed effort and she mouth
fucked his cock as he fucked her mouth.

David was getting worried, he and Jimmy had calculated
that they would have approximately one hour and ten
minutes apiece and they could cut it to make one hour
and a half or maybe three quarters. But now it was
going way pass that! They were going to run out of
storage capacity before the dog finished or Julie would
give out and collapse.

She was growing tired and her lips were beginning to
feel sore from the knot banging against them but she
began to taste his cum or was it just pre-cum. She
whimpered with him now and felt her stomach began to
ache, oh no, she couldn't cum again and from a dog
fucking her mouth! This was supposed to be just a movie
and it would be over but she had loved it with Bravo
and then this dog's big cock in her thrilled her.

Bravo had poured his love in her mouth and now this,
did he have a name?, big monster was going to flood her
stomach, she remembered how much he had cum in her
cunt. More ran in and over her tongue and his thrusts
pushed it down her throat and she had to swallow it.
But he wasn't streaming like he did before, it was just
running in, at least she wouldn't strangled! But she
got surprised, suddenly he whined loudly and the
stinging stream hit her throat and down it. She had to
quit breathing to keep it from being pushed up her

She gasped for breath on the out stroke, swallowed and
prepared for the next one. She managed to push some
forward to dribble from her lips onto her tits as he
retreated but had to swallow as he pushed forward
again. And he was getting faster and faster and pumping
more and more in her mouth, throat, and stomach.

Julie whimpered along with the dog and her cunt
convulsed with her own cum, fucked by a dog, made to
cum with a dog cock in her mouth, swallowing dog cum
like a starving animal, she came harder from the
thoughts of being recorded as a helpless dog slut. She
couldn't ever do much more disgusting acts than this.
But still she came and came, swallowing and licking,
moaning and whimpering. Suddenly she realized she was
moaning from the fucking and cumming but she was
whimpering because she knew it was ending.

End it finally did although the dog wasn't in any hurry
to have her let go of his cock and he would just stand
let her suck on it but Connie saw David's signal to get
him down and she moved him off to the side. Julie lay
with her mouth half open and cum dripping from it as
she settled down, she was a nasty mess, dog cum all
over her, some dried and some still making rivers
across her body.

David panned along her body to show a completed dog
fucked woman, Jimmy zoomed out and saw the pool of cum
on the towel with some still clinging to her cunt. It
was like a fist in his stomach to see how much she
responded to sex with dogs, and how she would let them
do anything to her! And how would she react to them
while he was gone and all she had was David and Connie?

Julie was waiting, she was tired but if they wanted her
to do Bravo again she could handle it. Also she was
dizzy and Connie was holding her head up and giving her
more lemonade she drank thirstily and it burned all the
way to she stomach. She was almost asleep but was in
the tub and it was bubbling like mad and some one was
bathing her.

It was Connie, but then it was David, and Jimmy and
David both helped her up and dried her. Her eyes
wouldn't stay open but she saw Connie standing
watching, she had on that dildo. She was drinking
lemonade again, no it was coffee, oh thank you she said
to someone, it was hot and smelled so good but she
didn't remember anything else. She dreamed she was
being fucked by some one as Bravo sat and watched, she
wondered why he was on Connie's bed and why she was on
Connie's bed.

She woke up Friday morning in her bed naked, as usual,
she was clean so it must have been a dream. She started
to get up but fell back on the bed, her head was as big
as a football stadium and was stuffed with dry cotton
balls. She could hear the coffee pot gurgling in the
kitchen and hoped Jimmy would bring her some to drink
before she had to get up. But then she realized that
she couldn't wait, she had to potty and bad!

She groaned her way to the toilet and sat there a long
time, at least her bladder felt better but her mouth
was dry as Death Valley and she needed that coffee, she
could smell it now. Grabbing a towel she went to the
kitchen. Jimmy was pouring coffee in a cup, he hastened
to pull a stool out for her and she pointed to the

Along with the coffee he gave her some tablets and
water, one was a pain killer and one was a
decongestant. She gulped them down. Taking the coffee
she went for a shower and in twenty minutes she was
feeling better. He had fixed breakfast of eggs, bacon,
hash browns, and toast and they ate. He told her that
he and David were going to cut grass at both houses and
then go for the game right after lunch. Also they
wanted to go to a movie tonight. Julie assumed that it
was a date and he answered yes. She got ready and went
to work dropping him off at David's.

The morning went fast for her and Darlene. She called
Emily to ask about the best mathematical way to arrange
budgets and got some good ideas to try on drafts. They
decided to meet with Sarah next week and make sure that
they were ready for their trip. She and Darlene did the
last minute checking on the retirement party and
everything was ready. Charlie came in and back out
several times and the coaches came by.

"Julie, you look pale, and you have moisture on your
forehead. Are you sick? Can I get you something?"

"Thanks Darlene but no. I'll be honest, I went over to
visit neighbors and we had some punch with vodka in it
and I'm not use to drinking, it knocked me for loop. I
woke up this morning with a stuffy head and a wish I
hadn't done that attitude."

"My god, you are human after all! I was beginning to
believe you never suffered from the common ailments
that I have. I have never seen you with a cold or

"Well, I'm better now. But it scares me. Usually, once
a blue moon, when Harry and I go out and eat we have a
few drinks and dance. It never affected me like this
did. Hope I haven't lost the normal tolerance for
alcohol or worse I could be getting old."

"Well, it might be that you aren't used to drinking and
sitting around talking. Also some people punch the
punch a little to hard and it will slam dunk you while
you are asleep. It's certainly not that you're getting
old. You still look like a teenager."

Julie smiled at her, kissed her finger and put it on
Darlene's cheek. They forgot about break until eleven
thirty and it was to late for one then plus there
wouldn't be any thing in the lounge anyway. They went
to lunch at Henry's and Julie had a cheeseburger with
fries and sweet tea. That helped her feelings a lot.
Darlene had a salad, a hamburger, fries, apple pie with
ice cream, and a diet cola. Henry fussed at Julie for
coming during lunch, said he didn't have time to talk
to her. She promised she would have dinner here next
week and he could tell her his life story. He said she
would be bored to death.

They worked until two, closed up and left. Julie went
by the Saucy Lady and got four pair of thongs to
replace her missing ones. She and Jane talked but there
were customers coming in and out so they couldn't have
a private conversation. Jane didn't want her to pay but
Julie insisted and finally they settled on half price.

Arriving at home she found the grass neatly mowed and
everything looking great, the plant Bill had given her
had grown a foot and had a flower pushing up, well it
was a flower but it looked rather weird. She gave it
some water. She cleaned the house, washed clothes,
drank coffee and began to think about what clothes she
would need for vacation. She decided on some and made
sure they were clean and neat but couldn't decide on
what others she would want. She called Emily and they
discussed it, they decided on being casual most of the
time. But needed at least one dress for Vegas, it
should be smart, sexy, and wrinkle proof.

"Are you as excited as I am, Julie?"

"Promise never to tell a soul, I am excited. Honest!
God, sometimes I can't believe we are doing this. But
it's so thrilling, remember when you went on a date and
knew the guy was going to play with your breasts and
you were going to let him get them out of the bra? And
you almost came just thinking about it?"

"Oh yeah. The first time was a jock and I had heard he
had screwed every girl in school. But when he slipped
my tit out he came all in his pants, I thought he had a
heart attack or something. He had never see a girl's
tit before, it was all lies. I never went out with him

"That's the way I feel, I know we shouldn't but now
that I decided to do it I am looking forward to it."

"Julie, I'm going to sunbath topless. There's something
about being topless that makes me sweat and my stomach
hurt. Do you think I'm crazy? You won't be disgusted
will you? Will you do it with me? In front of all three

"Slow down, I can't remember all those questions. Wow,
it does sound exciting but I want to wait and see what
their attitude is first. You know I love to get sun
topless and bottomless but never in front of someone
other than you. If the mood is right, you know not
crass and disgusting, I'll join you."

"I'll tell Sarah to be prepared, I bet you even money
that she will do it in a heart beat."

"Ok, tell her no bra, all week, take one for emergency
but don't plan on wearing it. That should set the mood,
you know, what you see is what you get. Oooooww, that's

"Yeah, and I love it! Ok. I'm in. Julie? Are you going,
to, you know!"

"You mean will I if he wants to?"

"Yes, hell you know he wants to, just like I know Joe
wants to and wants to and wants to."

"And you want to and want to and want to, right?"

"And want to and want to some more, I'm going crazy."

"Do you really want to let him fuck you on the floor in
front of everyone?"

"No! You know I was just joking. Julie, you are
changing the subject. Quit playing with me, do you want

"You're a hard woman Emily. Yes I really want to and I
am! If you knew what he had you would want to also."

"But there's more to it than size isn't there?"

"Now you're playing with me! Emily, there is so much
love in him, it just pours out all over me and I feel
so good, it makes me feel good. I want to just feel it
all the time. I can feel it when we are just talking,
all of us together. It's like there are soft waves of
love just washing over me and they are coming from
Bill. I feel it in his hands when he touches me, it
scares me but I want it again and again."

"I know Julie, we all know. It's so obvious that we all
see it, from him, you hide your feeling well but I have
believed that you knew what we were telling you all
along. And you were so kind to him, well enough of
that. I'm glad things worked out like they did."

"Me too, I think. Call me but remember Harry will be
home tonight and until Sunday so I can't talk. Bye."

Julie made a list of things she was going to carry.
Checking her makeup to see if she needed any thing she
added to the list, including suntan lotion and
sunglasses to make sure she got them from the car. Oh
my god, they didn't decide whose car they were going
in! She called Sarah, the line was busy, she called
Emily, the line was busy. They were talking to each
other most likely. The phone rang and Sarah burst out.

"Julie, are you serious? We are going to sunbathe
naked, no clothes at all? No bra, no panties all week?
I don't think I can eat dinner naked with three men
staring at me. Are you going to make them eat naked
too? Oh god, I won't be able to eat at all."

"What are you talking about? What has Emily been
telling you, girl? Haven't you learned that she will
pull a joke on you, she's sitting at home laughing her
self to death right now."

"You mean we're not going to sunbathe naked at all. She
lied to me?"

"You sound disappointed. You really want to sunbathe
topless, don't you?"

"Yes, we've been talking about it for a month, I was
looking forward to doing it and getting a full tan.
I've never had a full tan."

"We still can do that, sweetheart. She and I discussed
it and decided that if you agreed then we would take
off the tops but keep the thongs on. Plus we would not
wear a bra all week unless we went some place that one
was necessary. This is freedom week! Nothing was said
about eating nude but you can if you want to."

"I'm not! I hate Emily, she does this to me all the
time. Makes me feel like a dumb blond, I don't why I
trust her at all."

"Because you love her just like I do. And that's a part
of her way of showing you that she thinks deeply about
you, you don't see her doing it to anybody else do

"Thanks Julie, I love you! You are so wonderful and I
know that I can trust you. Say, it's been crazy around
here. Those guys are all smiles, when Bill told them,
he took them inside his apartment to get a drink and
suddenly there was a whoop that almost shattered the
windows. He must have quieted them down and made them
stay inside until they recovered. All three dashed to
Joe's car and away they went! Came back in a couple of
hours smiles as big as a horse's mouth on their faces
and announced they were going fishing up in Montana
week after next and be gone all week. Anyway we are

"Did you and Emily talk about cars? We can go in mine."

"We're going in Emily's, it's good on gas and not many
miles on it and she said the windows are tinted, to
keep it cooler I guess."

"No, so people won't see your tits. We're going to make
you keep your top open all the way."

"Oh no, I'm going to ride in the back seat, I won't be
able to talk if you two start playing with them."

"I'm teasing you sweetheart, but we might do it you
know how much we love to make you hot, you are so
beautiful when you are cumming."

"I love you, you always make me feel special. You can
do any thing you want to."

"Ok, I will want to do anything we can get away with
without wrecking. Gotta go almost time to start

Julie hung up and went to the refrigerator to get out
some meat. While she was looking the phone rang.

"Hello, sexy lady. This is the man you are going to
sleep with tonight."

"Harry! I was just thinking about you. What time will
you be leaving, I will try to have dinner ready but not

"Already left. We are at the gas station filling up.
Quit a little early so we should be home by six thirty.
Want to see my baby bad! Did Jimmy give you my

"Yes and it shocked me. How could you tell him about
that, I was embarrassed and he smirked at me!"

"Don't let it bother you baby. You have to admit that
the balls in your cunt turned you on and kept you
boiling, I could see in your eyes that you wanted to
fuck really bad and I want you that way when I get

"Harry, can anyone hear you? Are you alone?"

"No Heather's here but she is inside the store, I will
tell her if you want me to."

"You're a dead man when you get home, just remember
that if you decide to let anyone else in on our sex

"Gotta go, baby. She's coming. Do it now and you will
be so hot that you won't want to kill me by the time I
get home!"

Julie didn't want to, she kept telling herself that.
But after finding some pork chops to thaw and getting
the rice ready, she made the salad and put some baby
limas on simmer, then she didn't have any thing to do
for a while and found herself in the bedroom. She was
looking for the bag that had her collar, cuffs, and the
balls in it. Finding it in the closet she got them out
and hid the bag, she didn't want Harry to know about
the others.

She sat on the bed holding them in her hands, she knew
she had to put them in. Not because he said to for he
wouldn't know, but because she wanted to. Hurriedly she
undressed and warmed them in hot water for a few
minutes before getting some coffee and lying on the bed
to insert them. She lay still adjusting to the
unaccustomed weight inside her and could almost hear
her heart beating! She moved and felt them roll around
making her gasp, it was going to be a long week end!
She was going to need a diaper!

Ben took Sarah out to dinner, they left at seven,
neither of them cared anymore if someone saw them. But
they still slipped around to spend the night together
at least three times a week. He knew her body like the
back of his hand and kissed every inch of it.

Emily and Kurt also went to dinner, they talked about
Kurt's job mostly. Kurt watched TV when they came home.
She bathed and put on some perfume and lay on the couch
across his lap with just a loose robe until he lost
interest in TV.

Charlie ate at his favorite Friday night spot with a
couple of drinks then went home to look at his new
additions to his secret photo album. Harold also looked
at Charlie's new pictures! Finally Rose called him and
asked was he ready for bed, he reluctantly shut down
the computer and muttered, "Charlie, you are a lucky
son of a bitch!"

Bill and Joe got together with Hank and George and went
to eat. Joe kept looking at a Bill and grinning.

Julie worked on dinner, it was hard to concentrate on
cooking but she got it all done by six thirty. Jimmy
had come in and headed for the shower, she was glad
that he didn't even notice her condition for he would
have made it worse. He finished dressing and grabbed a
pork chop and a biscuit and was wolfing it down. She
poured him some tea and just as he was going back from
brushing his teeth Harry's truck pulled in the drive
and he blew the horn. Jimmy and she went to the garage
and David was pulling up to get Jimmy, quick hello and
quick goodbye between Harry and Jimmy and he was gone.

Julie was surprised that Heather was in the truck, she
explained that she wasn't going to come but Mr. Grey
called and wanted to see Harry and her tomorrow. Harry
said she could use the truck and save her money. He
asked if dinner was ready and Julie said yes and then
he asked Heather to stay and eat dinner so she wouldn't
have to cook. Julie said yes stay, there is plenty and
it's ready to eat right now.

There was lots of talk about work and what Mr. Grey
wanted to talk about tomorrow. Heather insisted that
she should help clean up and she washed the pots and
pans while Julie put them away. When she left they
stood in the garage until she was out of sight. Harry
kissed Julie and she told him that she was going to
kill him, she was miserable sitting at the table making
small talk stuffed with balls. He picked her up and
carried her straight to bed.

To be continued... One more part to go

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Loved it. The ending was kinda sad. Was hoping she ran off with Bill and his horse cock. Love me and older man than treated her like Bill did. Or even Charlie. Wish it wasn't over.


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great story but too long and way too much sex it became very boring at times, no build up to create an excitement., that takes days not minutes. Girls do get sore from too much sex and it become painful for them. I want to read the earlier episodes of
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