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Fantasizing about my sister
Wednesday evening after work I went to the store for Nivagi. I bought her a field roast, and when I dropped it off at her house I picked up my laptop and derby stuff. I then went to Jero’s, and she and I went out to dinner. When we got back to Jero’s place we logged onto the MUX and Jero helped me run an early Thanksgiving scene online before we went to bed. We both got undressed and snuggled up beneath the blankets.

Jero and I cuddled up, taking and joking together. I told Jero I didn’t want to drive to Evansville the next day – I’d rather spend all of Thanksgiving cuddled up in bed with her. Jero teased me that I wasn’t going to get any snuggles while I was in Evansville with my mom and sister. I told her I wouldn’t mind cuddling my sister – she’s hot. Jero smiled at me and pointed out I have an unhealthy obsession with my sister.
I didn’t argue, pointing out that my sister is extremely hot.

It’s near-universally agreed that my sister has an incredible ass – although I personally like her belly even better. Most of my girlfriends have wanted to fuck my sister at once time or another. I told Jero that Chhu came over recently to my apartment and paraded about in a wet bikini after using my hot tub. I had to try hard not to stare. Jero said she didn’t really get the sister thing, and I pointed out that growing up Chhu and I moved around a lot, and so all of the “playing doctor” things kids do we did with each other.

Jero asked how that worked, “playing doctor.” Jero remembers having a toy stethoscope as a kid… I told Jero that Chhu and I didn’t really play doctor – it was more of a “you show me yours and I’ll show you mine” that eventually progressed into mutual masturbation. I told Jero how anxious my sister was to show me her pussy when she was little, and how we used to play “skater” (I’d skate my fingers down her thighs and into her panties) and “joystick” (Chhu would play with my cock like it was a game controller).

While I talked to Jero about playing with my sister, my dick got hard against her thigh, and Jero admitted she was getting wet. I asked Jero if she wanted to play before sleeping, and Jero told me it was up to me. I cuddled Jero closer as she stroked my erection. While Jero caressed my penis I told her about how I let my sister masturbate me until I got old enough to ejaculate, but that after the first time Chhu made me cum and semen came out I didn’t let Chhu touch me anymore out of embarrassment.

Chhu did still like to show me her little pussy, and she was so proud when she first grew peach fuzz that she showed it off to me and I rubbed it playfully with my nose. Chhu told me about her first sex dream – with our dog! – and how it made her cum in her sleep. Jero fondled my prick while I described my early sexual explorations with my sister, asking questions and finally exclaiming, “Why this turning me on?” Taking that as a good sign, I shifted my body to lie next to Jero on my side with her on her back.

I massaged Jero’s clit before lining my rigid cock up with the entrance to her pussy. I guided myself into my cute girlfriend, and she took over masturbating while I angled to fill her tight cunt completely. Jero moaned as I slammed myself forward into her. “I I feel like you’re going to split me in half!” she gushed. I thrust into her deeply, still talking about my sister – I told Jero about when my sister was 14 and stepped out of the shower to ask, “Want to see what I look like now?”

Chhu had spread her towel to show off her hot little naked teen body. Jero moaned, and gasped, “Oh! I’m going to cum! Not good! Oh!” I asked what could not be good about her cumming (although I knew Jero was trying to delay cumming and failed, I still like to tease), but it was too late for Jero to answer – her cunt was clenching me as she climaxed. I was going to tell Jero more about my sister and me, but the feel of her cumming around me was extremely distracting, and I began to focus more on the here-and-now.

I slowed my attack, fucking Jero slowly while she recovered from her climax. I pressed into her with deep, even strokes, gradually building her back towards a second crescendo. Jero moaned that I felt so hard inside her, and wondered if I was the hardest in that position. I wasn’t sure, but I was certainly having a good time. At last Jero approached her second orgasm, and I’d paced myself to arrive at the same time. I surged forward, filling Jero’s pussy with hot jets of cum as her cunt spasmed rhythmically around me.

I held myself inside Jero until as we rode out our mutual orgasm, and we cuddled before I gently withdrew. Jero’s cunt was oozing cum, so she got up to go clean up before returning to bed to snuggle. As I nestled up next to Jero, I thought about what a wonderful girlfriend she was, and how nice it was to be able to share my kinky incest fantasies with her. As I dozed off happily, I knew exactly what I was thankful for this year, even if it wasn’t something I was going to mention at family dinner the next day!

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2009-12-05 01:00:48
yeah plan a little more, and whats with the unusual names? 5/10


2009-12-03 20:36:27
You should start with a intro.

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