The Thanksgiving holiday is winding down for Joe and his friends. Was it productive in helping him figure his life out? Does he now understand the complicated family dynamics next door?
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My Neighbor's Incest Part XV

Even though I had all but lost hope for their return, five minutes after my uncle's car had vanished out of view, I still stood by the road staring at the memory of the back of their car. Maybe they forgot something?

A late November cool breeze blew from the north, yet the sun still warmed my skin. A cool front or even a cold front in my part of Florida normally only called for a sweatshirt. I wore short sleeves and a pair of gray gym pants. The pleasant memory of my cousin Cindy warmed my soul beyond the sun's rays on my arms.

I expected I would have been deeply troubled or at least felt some remorse for what I had done with Cindy, but I could only find the joyful memory of our night together. The wonderful feelings of laying peacefully all night with a girl in my arms wouldn't allow me to find fault with it. I knew she was my cousin, and that alone should have been taboo, but on top of that I had cheated on my girlfriend. There should have been a double dose of guilt, yet there was none. My emotional state was more at ease than it had been for months. Cindy had filled a hole in my heart, in such a beautiful, loving way that it felt like my heart wasn't leaking love anymore.

I knew I would miss her for a little while, but in a strange way that was all right because she was family. She would always be family. In light of what should have been such a complicated thing, it was simple. Cindy had whirled me back to our simple childhood love and touched my heart with her genuine concern. It had been so simple, uncomplicated and peacefully. The way first love should be. Cindy had given me a second chance to follow my heart.

My time of deep reflection was interrupted by a speeding volleyball. Right before the ball struck my head, I threw up my arm and blocked it. I turned to see Jasmin wearing gray sweatpants like mine with her neatly tied strings hanging down in front. Her yellow shirt failed to cover her belly button and her amazing teenage tits taunted me.

"Wow, I thought I was going to knock your head off. Didn't you see me?" Jasmin closed the distance between us quickly with her ball back in her hands.

"Actually, I didn't until that ball almost KO'ed me. I don't see how I could have missed that shirt. It's as bright as the sun." Even in my mocking, my voice lacked emotion.

"What's wrong with you?" Jasmin's concerned face acted as a mirror to my lack of outward excitement.

"You bummed because the weekend is almost over?" Jasmin suspended the ball between our bodies, pressing it against our stomachs. We were the prefect height for each other.

I hadn't even considered that there was only the rest of Saturday and Sunday before school started again. "No, I was just thinking about my cousin and how simple things used to be."

Jasmin's dimples formed and called attention to her infectious smile. Without any effort on my part, my lips curved up and returned her smile. "You mean before you met us?" Jasmin's eyes moved to the ball between us as she spoke.

I hadn't even considered the possible interpretation of my statement. The truth was, Jasmin's words were right on, but not what I meant. I wasn't trying to blame anyone else for the path I had taken. It had been me who had shoved my cock in every hole that opened for it without considering my heart's desire.

"Jasmin, that's not what I was saying. Do you remember back when things were simple and fun?" As my words finished, I wanted them back. Jasmin had been in this sexual whirlpool since she was a little kid.

The ball between us hit my foot. Jasmin's foot kicked the grass like her younger sister normally would
when she was uncomfortable about what she needed to say. "I do, except it was a long time ago and probably not exactly like you're talking about. When we all lived together, Jesselyn and I were very close. We played dolls and did normal girl things." A giant teardrop splashed on the ball as Jasmin gasped for air.

"That was before that dumb ass started teaching her things. He ruined all that was simple for us." Jasmin's hand wiped her face before she looked back up. She did a great job of holding back her feelings, yet the red on her cheeks foretold of the powerful tirade she wanted to unleash.

"Joe, speaking of simple times, you want to hits some balls with me?" Jasmin plastered on her normal beaming smile and picked up her ball.

"Sure, as long as they're not mine. Let's go in my backyard, so when I miss the ball, I don't have to chase it far." I did my best to ignore the obvious pain that had surfaced and determined I'd let Jasmin set the mood.

"So, Cindy is really special to you? Susan said she was in love with you when you were little." Jasmin smiled and turned towards the back of the house.

I wondered if there was ever going to be an end to my regret for leaving Susan and Cindy alone together. "Well, I guess. You know how kids are? It was nice to see her after such a long time. She's so different, yet exactly the same. She gave me some good advice too." Is this the time to start following my heart?

"Hum, I guess I do. I wish I could have met her." Jasmin's somber voice made me wonder if she had been jealous or felt left out. I suddenly knew I would have. All the complication of my life is back.

"I wish they could have stayed until tomorrow, and we could have all spent time together." I knew that wouldn't have been a good thing, but I wanted to steer away from Jasmin's hurt feelings, if at all possible.

Jasmin's expert volleyball skills showed up as soon as we started walking towards the backyard. She bounced the ball off her forearms as we walked. I silently walked and admired her perfect figure. Even in plain gray sweatpants her ass mocked me. The girl had so much going for her, yet she didn't even have a boyfriend.

Jasmin popped the ball a little higher each time she hit it off her clenched fists. Her melons jiggled a tiny bit each time the vibration reverberated up her arms. Finally, after about fifteen hits, she passed it high in my direction. I used my head and returned the ball in her direction. Jasmin hustled to the ball and returned it my way with a two handed, over her head shot.

After I got the hang of it and stopped playing soccer we had a pretty good volley back and forth. Then, I screwed up again and hit it short. I started running to save my own shot. At the last second, I saw Jasmin charging the ball also. I hit the grass face first, and Jasmin kicked me in the shoulder and fell on me.

Although I was glad I hadn't smashed heads with her, I thought my collar bone was broken and Jasmin's knee had probably ruptured one of my kidneys.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?" Jasmin stooped whispering in my ear while I looked at the grass.

Her hand tenderly rubbed my back, and I instantly felt comforted. I groaned and rolled over. Jasmin sat with her legs crossed looking down at me. I held my right shoulder with my left hand, while my right arm lay limp across my body. Jasmin's hand picked up my hand and slowly moved it to her lap. She held it with both hands and let her index finger circle my palm. An unfamiliar tender look showed up on Jasmin's face.

"Joe, I'm sorry you got hurt. I'm sorry about the other night. I should have never let you do what you did. I promise I didn't plan it, I wanted to stop you, but you." Jasmin paused like she might have been sorry she started the conversation.

An electric current traveled from her circling finger tip all the way to my toes. Her warm hands and sweet face made me want to stay there on my back forever. I knew where she was going with her apology, but it wasn't her fault, I had seized the opportunity to make love to her.

"Jasmin, I slept with Cindy last night." Jasmin's shocked face indicated what she understood my words to mean.

"I mean together, on the couch. We laid together all night on the couch. It felt so wonderful and simple.
Now, she's gone and that's it. Nothing complicated." Jasmin's finger stopped circling my palm, but her grip tightened.

"I wish things could be that simple. I'm sorry I put you in that position with Susan. I should have never done that, but you always make me feel so different. Special. But, I know you're in love with Susan." Jasmin's voice was strained like she was holding back a flood of tears.

"Joe, I have given myself away to so many people, but I don't do that anymore. Not since you, you know what you did to me before Halloween." Jasmin paused, but never looked up from her hands.

All at once, she let my hand go and spun herself around on the grass, so she was facing away from me. "I'm sick of you having to watch me cry. I'm sorry I'm, um, I'm not simple. I'm Screwed up!"

While I contemplated my next move, I gazed at Jasmin's lower back. I had never noticed the smooth indentation at the very top of her ass crack. It was like a funnel to collect water running down her back and direct it through her crack. It was a sexy groove that marked the end of her back, and the beginning her ass. Every inch of the girl in front of me was beautiful, and I wanted to kiss her all over. Not for me, for her. I wanted to make her feel special, like the perfect creature I thought she was.

"Jasmin, I like to see you cry." I knew I had done it again, and I wanted to change my words.

"I mean, I love you." Darn it, I did it again.

"I want to be there for you, even if you need to cry. I know enough about you to know that things aren't simple. Please turn around." My feeling like a babbling fool was only heightened by the blank look on the back of her head.

I didn't wait for her to move. I pulled my sore body up and knelt behind her. I pushed my face over her shoulder and kissed her salty cheek. When she didn't respond, I grabbed her under her arms and lifted her to her feet. I turned her around and put my hands on her shoulders.

Looking at the top of her tilted head, I spoke. "Jasmin, I'm prepared to make an inappropriate display of public affection, so come with me."

With my arms straight out and my hands on the back of her shoulders, I marched her to the end of the carport. Then, I turned her left behind the storage building at the end of the carport. It wasn't the most private place, but it was out of the view of the back windows of my house.

I pushed her hair back from her face, picking off the clumps matted down by her tears. She still didn't look up. "Jasmin, what I was trying to say before was that I don't mind if you cry. It makes you real. You're not screwed up."

Jasmin finally looked up with a staunch look. "Joe, I gave myself away when I was a little girl. To the lawn guy, who I never saw again. I never have that to give again! Nobody will ever get to be my first special love, like you are to Susan."

I grabbed Jasmin and pulled her close to me, so I didn't have to watch her crumble. I played her words over in my head as her sobs rumbled in my ear and her tears littered my shoulder. The girl who I thought should have everything going for her was a broken vessel who envied her kid sister. I thought my heart had been leaking, but Jasmin's was gashed open like the Titanic.

"Jasmin, you know it's not your fault you did that, don't you? Your dad should have never done what he did." I squeezed her when I reached the end of my ability to help her with words.

"I have messed thinks up so bad, and I have no excuse. I spent the whole night holding my cousin in my arms and this morning I realized how little I knew about love. I wanted to follow my heart, but I never thought you would love me, so I followed my head. I love Susan too. I'm screwed up if anybody here is screwed up." I paused when I realized I was pouring my guts into Jasmin's ear. I was ready to tell her about her mother and me.

Jasmin pulled back and looked at me. Mascara was smeared around her eyes and down her cheeks. "Joe, I haven't slept with any guy since you and me. That's why I came outside before. Jeremy has been trying to fuck me since he got here, but I can't do it. I don't want anyone, unless they are, well, you."

I couldn't believe my ears. The girl I wanted but didn't think I could have, wanted me all this time. But, what could I do now? I was in love with Susan.

When I heard the car start, I remembered that my parents were going out. I listened for them to drive off, then I escorted Jasmin to the back door and to my room.

I stood three feet from Jasmin. Our outstretched arms connected by our finger tips. The grass stains, smeared make-up and disheveled hair did nothing to make the shell of a person before me any less beautiful.

"I'm sorry I don't know any other way to show you how special you are to me." I pulled the string on the front of her sweatpants. The bow untied and her pants fell a few inches.

I lifted the bottom of her shirt and her arms raised. After her shirt dropped to the floor, I reached around her back and fumbled with her bra. Jasmin, silently, with one hand, reached between her breasts and unhooked her bra. I smiled appreciatively and slipped it down her arms.

When my hands reached the top of her butt cheeks, they pushed her pants past her hips. My heart raced like it was the first time all over again. I dropped my own shirt to the carpet and scanned from the pants stranded at her knees, up her soft thighs. I stopped at the golden V shaped patch of hair. It looked so delicate and new being it had only been growing back for a couple of weeks.

The circles of pink flesh raised to a perfect cone on top of her grapefruit sized breasts. I looked at Jasmin's face and almost shook. I lowered my pants and stepped out of them. I knelt in front of her with my hands wrapped around her thigh. Slowly, my hands moved down her calf, pushing her pants towards the floor. When I reached her ankle, she lifted her foot, and I worked the pants off her pointed toes.

Before I could move, her other foot lifted, and I set that leg free also. As I rose to my feet, I paused at her stomach and kissed her above her pubic hair. I moved my lips to her belly button and let my tongue circle it. I forced myself to pass up her melons and looked deep into her eyes. I took in a deep breath of her sweet and sour scents of that day. I knew the smell of grass, sweat and peach body wash would forever access this moment in time for me.

Our flesh pressed together as our arms reached around each other's backs. She held me tighter than any girl had ever held me. Her lips ignited a fire in me when they kissed my ear. I thought I might break her as I squeezed her against my body. The commanding feeling between us took my breath away and almost made me cry. I kissed her mouth without breathing. I wasn't sure I could continue beyond holding her.

With a hand on each side of her face I kissed her forehead. Then, I pushed her face to my neck and wrapped both arms around her head. A tremor ran through me as I played Cindy's words over in my head. I wasn't sure I could break the embrace even when Jasmin's hot tears sizzled on my neck.

I watched her happy tears trickle down her cheeks. Then I kissed her below each eye, and we shared a salty kiss. I turned her around and reached under her arms. My arms crisscrossed her chest and pulled her against me. Jasmin flipped her hair to one side and tilted her head forward. I kissed her ear, neck and the top of her shoulder. My own tears splashed down her chest and pooled against my arm. With my cheek pressed to hers, my arms strained not to crush the girl in my love.

Twenty minutes later, Jasmin and I were in the same position, except, we were under the covers in my bed. I couldn't move. I was paralyzed by the power of my feelings. Whatever they were, they were beyond any sexual desire.

Jasmin forced her head around until we made eye contact. We kissed and she spoke softly into my open mouth. "Joe, make love to me."

Jasmin rolled onto her back and adoringly looked up at me. I slipped between her inviting legs with my swelling flesh pressed between us. I was at home. Instinctively, when I lifted her hand guided my now steel cock to her spread opening. The heat pulled me to the center of her wet pussy. A billion pulses of pleasure raced up my dick as my flesh joined hers. A warm completeness settled in my heart.

My dick sliced through the burning hot flesh until my balls press against her ass. I laid still in the depths of her body, looking down into her consuming eyes. Every single one of the millions of nerves in my dick rejoiced at the incredible feeling that surrounded it. At that moment, my every need seemed met.

I kissed Jasmin with my eyes wide open. "I love you." I spoke against her lips at the same time she spoke the same words.

Slowly, I started moving my cock out of her body, then back in. Our bodies stayed pressed together as my hips humped my lover. Jasmin pulled her knees up and rotated her pelvis as her needs increased. Her fingers gripped my neck while her short panting breaths in my ear begged for more.

Without any need for instructions, my body increased the speed and force of my pounding rod. Jasmin's legs opened wider as her feet locked to the inside of my thighs. Her short breaths became heavy moans of pleasure. Time and space ended, leaving only the need to be satisfied.

Jasmin's fluid flooded her tunnel and sent a wave of pleasure that triggered my balls to release what I had been trying to hold onto. Yet, a peaceful comfort grabbed hold of me, I knew I was going to freely fill Jasmin's pussy with my hot cum.

When my perfectly time forward thrust hit bottom, my nuts seized control of my body. My back arched and forced my gorged cock as deep as it could go. All I could do was grunt as my stomach jerked and I pumped sperm inside the deepest reaches of Jasmin's body.

As my mind came back, I stayed still on top of the delicate flesh below me. Our sweat sealed our skin together as our hot orgasm juices mixed and sealed our love.

Without separating, Jasmin rolled me over and laid on top of me. She pulled her knees up to my sides and tucked her face in the crock of my neck. When she finally looked at me, she said, "You did it again."

One of her tears collided with my face before she collapsed on top of me and pushed her legs out straight. She slid off to my side, with her leg over my groin. Jasmin held me tight while my hand tenderly moved over her back. I knew in my head everything was still complicated, but my heart said, "I don't care." I wanted to fall asleep holding Jasmin, and wake up with only Jasmin. No Susan, Jesselyn, Jeremy, Cindy, Mrs. Davis or the baby in her belly. Maybe I can will us to a deserted island together, alone.

I woke up to Jasmin's white face and bulging eyes. "Did you hear that?"

I didn't know what she meant, but her tit resting on my chest and her silky thigh on my cock was a wonderful way to be woken up. "What do you mean?"

"Joe, when are your parents coming home?" Jasmin's words and facial expression reminded me that I wasn't a castaway living happily ever after with a beautiful girl.

"Shit, get dressed." I put my clothes on while admiring the womanly figure as she dressed.

"Calm down. I'm getting pretty good at this sort of thing. Cry!" Jasmin looked confused.

"Just look upset and not terrified. You be polite, but hurried. Say you have to go, and look upset." I led Jasmin to the front of the house. She said, good bye and I shoved her out the door.

"Mom, you are really going to have to teach me something about girls! I don't understand how they expect me to help them with their boy problems. I'm clueless."

My mother looked cautiously, trying to figure out if I was going to be upset like last time. "Maybe you should ask your father?"

"Oh no, not me. I've been married sixteen years, and I still don't have a clue!" My dad chuckled.

My mom launched a dishtowel, yelling, "Seventeen years!"

The brainless exercise of vacuuming the living room for my mother was the perfect way to enjoy the pleasant feelings soaring through my heart. My brain wanted me to choose who I was going to love and figure out how to break up with the other girl. But, as I pushed the Hoover around the room, I denied my brain the satisfaction of solving such an impossible task.

The truth was, there was no way I could pick between Jasmin and Susan, or even say what would happen over Christmas break with Cindy. My heart had given me a new freedom. My head had been demanding everything make sense and my dick just wanted to fill every hole in front of it. My love for all the girls in my life made me feel warm and happy. I could love them all and figure out who to have sex with when the time came. I've finally got this thing figured out. A confident smile prevailed on my face and the memory of holding Jasmin so tight made my heart pound.

After I put the vacuum away my mother called me. "Joe, your patient must need another therapy session. Call her back as soon as you can. She wants you to come over for dinner."

My mother had upped the level of transparency in her tone lately. She used to be easier to read, but since her talk with Mrs. Davis, she seemed like she was holding back some understanding she had, or maybe didn't have, but wanted to get. "Did she sound upset?"

My careful question was more to find out what my mother thought than to find out what Jasmin's frame of mind was. "No, she sounded fine, I was just joking. Remember, don't worry if she seems crazy at times, she will get all that worked out in time. She is a girl, you know."

I hated it when my mother out smarted me. She had implied all kinds of knowledge that I didn't expect she had. Now I had to figure out what she knew and didn't know before I could talk to her again about the girls in my life. "Mom, isn't it amazing how much Cindy has grown up? She's really hot, you know, in a cousin sort of way."

I gave my mom something to really think about. Hoping to keep her from any kind of figuring she might want to do into my love life. I headed for the phone before my mother had a chance to fully process my statement.

"Hi, you rang." I was smiling uncontrollably at the sound of Jasmin's voice.

"I know, but I was doing my domestic duties, so I couldn't call back right away." Jasmin seemed like she had been waiting anxiously for my call.

"Sure, I'll be over in a minute. I'm sure she will still be thinking about my cousin and will not even think to ask if your parents are home. Give me a minute. Yes, I'll remember, the front door." I wanted to tell Jasmin I loved her before hanging up, but I saved it. I felt uneasy for no reason other than her front door urgency.

Before I could ring the bell the door opened and Jasmin stepped out and closed the door behind her. She was completely cleaned up. Her hair and makeup perfect. Her breasts were free in her flimsy button up shirt. The cool evening air sent her tremendous nipples up like the hair on a scared cat. The already strained buttons on her shirt were being tested further.

The powerful atmosphere of our love immediately seized me. I wanted to hesitate in case it was only me feeling it, but simultaneously we hugged without any restraint. In the middle of our embrace I felt a shiver run through Jasmin's body. I pulled back and looked at her face to see if I could read it.

"Joe, Susan told me that she told you about our parents. I have known you were special for a long time. But, I had no idea how special until now. I can't believe you didn't even mention it or ask me any questions today. You just loved me. I wish I had figured my feelings out before you and Susan." Jasmin looked pained like she was breaking up with me. We're not going out, so she can't dump me yet.

Jasmin drew in a deep breath. "My family is crazy. Even more than you know, but I don't want to be, I don't want that to stop our love. I mean, well I can't explain it now. Just trust me, and let me lead the way. I can't come between you and Susan, but I can't let you go either."

I tried to piece together Jasmin's fragmented thoughts, so I would know what to say or do next. Even though my heart was in charge, things still weren't easy. I was still in the middle of lunatic central.

"Jasmin, I have loved you and Susan both for longer than I knew. But, you never knew, so what we had was separate and secret. Now, I don't know what to do. It hurts, here, when I think about it." I pointed to my heart.

"Joe, I have known longer than you. I just couldn't trust myself with your love before." Jasmin hugged me and kissed my lips with her most passionate kiss ever. A fire raged between us within seconds of her tongue slipping between my lips. My hands easily slipped inside the back of her loose pants and found her glorious round butt wrapped in nothing but skin. It was just like the days I would kiss Susan behind my mother's back, and we would instantly be ablaze. I lifted her and her legs circled my waist as my mind flashed to Jesselyn and Mr. Davis. My old friend, lust, acted like Novocaine for my aching heart.

"Trust me Joe. Everything is going to work out. I love you and I love Susan too. I promise it will all turnout fine. Come on, let's go inside." Jasmin let her legs unwrap from my body and her amazing blue eyes took control of my will. I'd do anything for her right now.

Jasmin turned around without releasing my hand. She opened the door and led me like a puppy on a leash into the foyer. I glanced at all the pictures on the wall like I had that day Jasmin's mother had unraveled my teenage life. That day, I had only focused on the pictures of Jasmin and Susan, but suddenly the family picture with Mr. and Mrs. Davis, Aunt Jane and four kids made sense. Susan is the baby in Jane's arms. I thought, Jasmin is right, I just need to trust her that things will workout.

The range of emotions that hit me at the sight of Jesselyn, Jeremy and Susan were bewildering. A rush of excitement zipped through my already hard dick, while a green streak of envy collided with jealousy. I knew in my head instantly that I had no right to be upset after everything I had done. Even that very day I had made love to Susan's sister, what right would I have to expect her to be true to me?

I looked over Jasmin's shoulder as she stood behind the high backed couch in front of us. Her sister and cousins were across the room on the other matching parallel couch. Jesselyn was under to Susan's slumping body, holding her head as she fed her one of her perky breasts and kissed her forehead. Jeremy was on the floor with his face between Susan's legs, eating what I wanted to consider mine.

My hands gripped each side of Jasmin's waist as I tried to reconcile with myself. A magic feeling tingled in my fingers and up my arms at the feel of the smooth skin above her hips. I stepped forward until our bodies touched, which provided more comfort for my soul. My hands eased around and caressed Jasmin's flat stomach, which provided a warm peace. Jasmin glanced over her shoulder with an affectionate look that told me she felt it too.

The sound of Susan's familiar moans at the tongue of someone else stirred the pot of conflict again for a moment, but my groin pressed against the firm ass of my other lover soothed the swells. My right index finger traced circles around Jasmin's belly while my left hand pushed inside the top edge of her pants. I smiled at the feeling of Jasmin's fresh shave. My fingers slipped up the bold hill of her pubic mound without encountering one prick. A hot spark went off as my finger tripped over the tiny groove at the edge of her slit. My hand turned the sharp curve and tucked underneath her body. Both my arms responded to my passion and pulled tight. Jasmin's lips released a pleasant sigh and her feet moved further apart.

The hot moisture greeting my middle finger as it opened her flaps caused my brain to remember that first time with Susan in my attic. How ironic was it that six months later I stood holding Jasmin's bald pussy while watching Susan? With my face buried in the pile of freshly washed hair hanging over Jasmin's shoulder, I inhaled deeply. Jasmin's smell consoled me, and I felt like everything might somehow be all right.

The top half of Susan's body was leaning back between Jesselyn's legs. The back of her head was pressed between her tits while Jesselyn's bent legs held Susan's sides. Jesselyn's hands held each of Susan's bent legs behind her knees. Jesselyn wrestled them up almost to Susan's chest, so she could feed Jeremy's thrashing mouth. I swallowed hard as he devoured my girlfriend's tiny pussy.

Susan's eyes snapped open after several powerful orgasms, and she seemed to notice me for the first time. She had seen me several times before that, but for the first time we locked eyes. Both our faces shared a confused expression, yet not a concerned look. Finally, after a few seconds, Susan's biggest, "I love you," smile spread across her face. I hadn't understood most of the things that had happened for six months, her look was just one more for the list.

I was content to just hold Jasmin tight, and she seemed to feel the same as she breathed softly, gently rubbing her ass against me. My finger was just barely inside the two warm slices of pussy meat. I could feel her fluids flowing generously as she watched Susan's body thrash against Jeremy's face.

Jesselyn's hands released Susan's legs and softly stroked the inside of her thighs, causing them to fall wide open. Jeremy knelt next to the couch with his giant tool standing tall. He touched himself, stroking the length of his swollen dick as he watched his sister and cousin.

Air rushed from Susan's mouth as Jesselyn's hands found the very top her thighs and then her mound. Jesselyn's hand massaged downward over the high bulge of fine pubic hair. The heel of her hand pressed in hard above the hair line and then eased as it reached the top of Susan's slit. Susan's head started turning side to side and her breathing increased in speed. Fast, short gasps of air raced through her lips as her cousin's fingers tweaked her tormented clit.

Gently, Jesselyn's finger moved around the gorged nub at the top of Susan's open pussy lips. Every few seconds a deliberate flick would attack the sensitive flesh, causing a jerk in Susan's stomach and legs. Jasmin's legs opened wider and her hand gripped my hand over her pussy. She drew in a deep breath and squeezed my finger, forcing it further into her hot flesh. Susan's eyes responded to her sister's gasp and a telling smirk found her lips.

I felt excited at the sights, but it was like watching Susan jerk me off. I wanted to get off, but I felt like I should have been more involved. My other hand gripped Jasmin's hand over her pubic mountain and my hips jerked forward.

Susan's hole spread open before my eyes made my mouth water. The faster Jesselyn's finger twirled around her pink flesh the more juice made its way down to Susan's ass crack. Jesselyn spoke softly in Susan's ear while pinching her cherry red nipple with her other hand. Susan's eyes opened wide at whatever words Jesselyn spoke. At the same time, Jesselyn's finger slipped deep inside Susan's drenched hole.

Jeremy's bulbous cock head captured the excessive fluid deep between Susan's butt cheeks as he forced it up towards her pussy. My breathing stopped and I jerked my hand free from Jasmin's pants at the sight of him about to impale Susan's body. Jasmin grabbed my hand and motioned with her calm face for me to be still. She tranquilized me with her searing eyes as she drew my hand to her mouth. My soaking wet finger touched her lips. I took a breath as she sucked the length of my middle finger into her burning mouth. Her tongue circled my finger while her teeth held it at the back of her mouth. I moaned when the tip of her tongue caressed the soft skin between the two neighboring fingers.

We both looked at Susan as Jasmin extracted my shinny finger in the most sexual way possible. Jeremy's dick was just pressing against the pink opening to Susan's soul. Nobody else has ever been in there, except me.

Jasmin whispered, "Don't worry, it's not going to hurt her." Her look comforted me momentarily.

Susan's eyes were locked between her legs while Jesselyn gently caressed her body, like she was comforting her before a painful procedure. Like a midwife. My thoughts were disrupted by Susan's piercing eyes. Jeremy's fat prick punched through the tight resistance, and I gasped in Jasmin's near by ear. Susan looked up into Jesselyn's eyes and her hands reached over her head and wrapped around her cousin's neck. Susan pulled Jesselyn's face to hers, and they shared an upside down kiss. Susan's smile in my direction turned to a slight grimace when Jeremy's pussy wrecker bottomed out inside her hole.

Jasmin reached behind her back and her multi-purpose fingers made quick work of my button and zipper. My dick was like a steel rod as it stood against my belly. With a thumb tucked in at each hip, I pushed Jasmin's pants towards the floor. When they slipped past her shapely hips I left them there. I stepped forward until my dick nestled between Jasmin's round ass cheeks.

Jeremy's hips slowly moved in and out. Each time his pole pulled out of Susan, it shined even more with her fluid. Jesselyn turned each of Susan's nipple sacks forcefully between her fingers while she looked mesmerized at her brother's thrusting cock. Susan's legs were wrapped around her cousin's body. Her ankles crossed, her heel dug in between Jeremy's ass cheeks as she helped him do her even harder.

Jeremy leaned in and wrapped his large hands around her waist. He pulled her body towards his hips as he shoved them forward. Susan's hands reached for him, grabbing his neck as she rotated her hips upward. "Yes, do it to me. Jeremy, make me scream."

Susan's demanding aggression surprised and excited me. I wondered if I ever really knew what it looked like when I fucked her? Or, if I had ever really fucked her? My teeth took hold of Jasmin's ear as my hand pulled the front of her shirt open. Several buttons flew. Susan's depraved act of incest aroused something unpleasant in my soul. I wrapped both my arms around Jasmin under her breasts. "Help me." I squeezed her tight, not even knowing what I meant.

Jeremy's cock plowed faster and faster into Susan's amazing hole. The opening that seemed too small earlier, now appeared totally adequate for her cousin's powerful, thrusting flesh. Susan's moans increased as she grabbed at Jeremy's neck and shoulder. Her legs jerked in rhythm against his ass, like she was trying to pull herself into his body. I had never seen such vulgar body language from her. She seemed hungry for every painful inch of Jeremy's dick.

When Jeremy suddenly stopped, I kissed Jasmin's neck and tightened my grip to express my affection for her. "Who is going to wash the couch?"

Jasmin turned back from the growing wet spot on the edge of the cushion, "Not me, not this time." She smiled and kissed me on the lips.

After a quick repositioning, only Susan's head was propped up against the back of the couch. Her whole lower back and ass were off the couch and supported by Jeremy's hands. Her feet were over his shoulders. Jesselyn sat next to her, watching as Jeremy's dick reentered her body. After a few long thrusts, Jeremy's fucking became almost a violent assault on his young cousin's pussy. He grunted and shoved every inch deep inside Susan's gushing hole.

The wet slapping sound thrilled Jasmin, and she reached behind her head and grabbed my hair. She pulled my head around to meet her lips. Our eyes watched her sister while our tongues batted at each other. She took my tongue between her teeth and held it while her tongue circled it in her mouth.

When she released my tongue, she spoke softly, "You want to cum on my back?" Jasmin's smirk immediately tipped me off to her detailed knowledge of what happened in my attic with Susan.

"Smart ass!" I couldn't help wonder how much the two girls had shared. It appeared they had no secrets, which troubled me.

Jeremy's grunts increased as did the volume of Susan's moans. Slap, slap, slap his groin pounded her tiny body, shaking it from head to toe. I could see Susan's eyes rolling back in her head as her orgasm rocked her body.

"Get ready, get ready." Jeremy's words set Jesselyn in motion. She moved her head down closer to her brother. His steady speed made it clear he was ready to empty his balls. I just hoped he didn't do it in my girlfriend. Is she my girlfriend? I glanced over at Jasmin's perfect face as it glistened with sweat, and asked myself the same question again.

Jeremy stood up and dropped Susan trembling body. Jesselyn's face quickly moved to his pussy juice cover rod. Like a perfectly timed mission, Jeremy's balls exploded as Jesselyn's mouth opened. I saw a stream of white fluid blast into the opening and then her mouth covered the top of his shooting cock. He took her head and forced it further onto his pulsing dick. Jesselyn eagerly gulped down every drop of her brother's sperm as his hips jerked towards her face.

Susan's limp body slid off onto the floor while Jesselyn finished drinking everything she could suck from her brother. Jasmin exhaled an exhausted breath and leaned onto the back of the couch in front of us. She reached behind her to pull up her pants, but I slipped my hands over her two half moons and lovingly rolled them in my palms. I smiled wildly at the potential and helped her cover one of her great assets.

Jasmin's fingers exhibited the same care when she traced my pained cock from my balls to the tip. She beamed with a foretelling sparkle in her eyes, tugged my pants up and zipped them. "We have plenty of time to deal with that later."

I gulped at the thought, but more so at the sudden realization that love was building between us. She really does love me.

Jeremy collapsing to the couch drew my attention away from the overwhelming presence in front of me. Jesselyn huddled up next to him, her toes gently rubbed Susan's nearby legs. My focus shifted to my young girlfriend laying spent on the floor. I took hold of Jasmin's hand as I tried to comprehend all the strange emotions that attacked me.

What is happening? My thoughts snatched control back from my heart with a vengeance. A few days before I was jealous of the thought of something that happened before Susan was even my girlfriend. I didn't even want to leave her alone with Jeremy. Jasmin was an unattainable goddess who I secretly cheated with. Yet, there I was holding her hand in front of her sister, my girlfriend, who had just been used as Jeremy's fuck doll. What do I do now?

Somehow, Jasmin's super intuitive powers perceived my predicament. "Help her up."

Jasmin walked with me over to Susan's limp body and I pulled her up by her arm. A smile cautiously emerged from her distant face. As she came closer to me, it was like a lost friendship was being restored as each inch of distance was closed. She kissed my cheek and flung herself onto the other couch.

When I covered her naked body and sat next to her, I felt like I needed to protect her, and hide her. She was more like my little sister than a girlfriend at that moment.

Jasmin sat on the other side of me and pulled the cover over her middle section, also. The three of us sat packed together looking across at Jesselyn and Jeremy. She looks so sweet and innocent, and beautiful. Regardless of what I thought and saw in front of me, the only thing I could picture was Mr. Davis forcefully bending her over a table and shoving his dick in her.

My right hand rested on Susan's thigh, with her hand grasping it. My left hand rested on my thigh, with Jasmin's hand holding it. Even though we were under a blanket, the lumps made it obvious to all. I wasn't sure how Susan and Jasmin could seem so comfortable when I was upside down with questions about what to do next.

"What happen to Stacy today?" My voice trembled even though I tried to force a casual question to break my discomfort.

"Oh, that whoe stood me up! Ever since she found dick, she doesn't have time for me." Jasmin's giggle revealed the less than halfheartedness of her comments.

I gave Susan's hand a squeeze to remind her of the conversation we had about Stacy. Susan turned her head and kissed my neck right below my ear at the exact same time Jasmin's lips found the same placement on the other side of my neck. Their lips sent a shiver down to my gut. Then with what seemed like it would have had to have been twins telepathy, they each whispered in my ear. "Stacy can't have mine." Their hands met in the middle over my crotch.

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2016-10-31 12:52:40
I hate that Jeremy. He ruined the story. It was so romantic yet lustful before him. This character just made mess.

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2016-09-26 07:58:32
What a story full of twists and turns!
I had sort of hoped Joe was going to turn out to be the one that ended up with Jasmin, straightening out her perverse life, while Susan found a lovely guy that led to her avoiding all this deep incest.
I think I'll stop guessing about any possible outcome. Obviously I'd be wrong!


2016-06-11 22:02:01
wow! ch xv is dynamite! never expected susan to do that,,,,really indoctrinated into family incest or just scratching an itch. jasmin led joe into the house knowing what was going on in the living room! what a hot scene! aand then joe helps her up and sits together with jasmin,,,,so young to be so jaded about indiscrimanate sex!! no wonder joe is mixed up, but in a great sexual way!! love it!!

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2016-05-11 08:29:59
at the beginning of this series, right after things started getting serious I was as confused as Joe seems to be now. now.... I think I have a bit better an understanding of how this story is flowing. I've got a suggestion, with the dialogue you use in the segments where the characters are on the phone it may be a good idea to add the "absent" party's words (put them in italics or something like that) it may actually make the conversations easier to follow

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You still amaze with the twists and turns!

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