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Amy gets raped by her boss on a business trip
Amy had been working for Jake McKnight for two years, a golden opportunity for her. McKnight was the CEO of a Fortune 500 company and she was his Executive Assistant. Amy took care of the high-end, business-related aspects of Jake's life. She was efficient, hard-working, and under-appreciated. She had fantasized about Mr. McKnight's cock for months, but the opportunity had never presented itself.
Jake McKnight was 45 years old, married to a stay-at-home drunk wench named Karen. Karen didn't put out anymore. And to make matters worse, Karen smelled like alcohol all the time. Jake had taken to sleeping at the corporate suite or on the couch in the den rather than sleep with his slobbering wife.
Amy never noticed Jake eyeing her legs wrapped in nylons. Nor did she ever notice the slight movement in his crotch whenever she bent over in front of him, surreptitiously exposing her ample breasts. Jake, in turn, never noticed that Amy wore her skirts one size too small, to enhance the look of her smoking hot body. He also never noticed that Amy's nipples were rock hard when she would bend over in front of him. The two wanted each other, that much was certain.
In June, Amy and Jake were forced to take a trip to London on business. Amy handled all the arrangements. She put Jake in a beautiful suite overlooking the city. She put herself in a modest room a few floors down. Jake flew first class, Amy flew coach. A week of tough negotiations followed. Amy was turned on by Jake's authoritarian air. He spoke in strong language and, at times, slammed his fists down on the table to emphasize his point. She admired his hands, strong yet soft. She admired the ripple of muscle through his shirt-sleeves. She watched his mouth, especially when he licked his lips. She was so turned on by him that she wished she had given herself the adjacent hotel room.
With only a couple of days left in London, Jake suggested to Amy that they attend the hotel's masquerade ball. This would be a real masquerade ball, with masks and black ties and lots of dancing and drinking. Jake rented a tuxedo and Amy found a gown that highlighted her ample cleavage and her sexy curves. The masks were provided by the hosts and Jake and Amy entered the ballroom together. As the evening progressed, the two became separated. Amy danced with a dashing local while Jake spied on her from a distance.
"Man, your assistant is smoking hot," a gentleman said, eyeing Amy as well. "You fucking her?"
Jake just shook his head and continued to watch Amy and her partner twirl around the dance floor. Jake thought: What was the slut thinking, flaunting her body that way to everyone? Someone needed to teach her that you can't just do that. You can't just show every man in a ballroom how great your tits look when they jiggle without expecting them to get turned on.
As Jake watched Amy he formulated a plan, to get her alone, to get her to see that her cock-teasing ways were getting her into trouble. When Amy and her partner took a break, Jake left the room for some quiet and called Amy's cell phone.
"Hello," Amy answered.

"Amy, this is Jake," he said.
"Oh, hi Jake, are you..." she started.
"Listen, Amy, I need you to go upstairs and start making arrangements for Mr. Clarkson and I to play a round of golf on Sunday. Call Clarkson's assistant and set it up right away. Okay? Thanks." He ended the call and walked back into the ball room.
He watched Amy scramble to find her bearings. She had only a few hours of opportunity to make the arrangements and she needed to do it in her room, where it was quiet. Amy excused herself from her dancing partner and made her way to the back of the ballroom. She didn’t notice Jake standing near the back door. Amy rushed out of the back door toward the elevator. She pushed the up button and tried to concentrate on the task at hand. It was past 10 PM on a Friday, how the hell was she supposed to set this up? Damn him, Jake was ruining her night.

Suddenly, Amy felt a presence behind her. A man, dressed in a tuxedo and a rather large mask, approached Amy from behind. Amy kept her back to him, looking up at the indicator, the elevators were nowhere near them. The man cleared his throat and Amy turned to look at him. Suddenly the man pushed Amy up against the wall. Amy was so stunned that she couldn’t scream. “Don’t you scream bitch,” the man growled in her ear.

Jake, the masked man, pushed up against Amy and his cock grew hard. Amy felt this hard cock against her back and gasped again. Amy shook her head, “Don’t hurt me, please.”

“Just like a cock-tease. You prance around in your tight dress, showing your tits to everyone, but when a man gets turned on enough to do something about it, you beg for mercy.” Jake was breathless, he was growling so as to disguise his voice. There was a bell and one of the elevators opened.
Jake pulled Amy into the car, keeping her back turned toward him. He put her in front of the buttons, “Which floor is yours cunt?” He rumbled.

“F, f, five…” she whimpered. Jake hit five and pushed Amy’s face against the elevator wall. He pushed her dress up with his hands. His cock was aching now, throbbing with anticipation of being inside his assistant’s pussy. Jake’s hands found lacey boy-shorts riding high up Amy’s rock hard ass. Jake gave it a couple of yanks and ripped them from her body. They were black, and Jake put them up to his face, taking in the smell of Amy’s musk. She was wet, but surely not from Jake, more likely from her dance partner. Jake enjoyed the smell while Amy, pushed up against he wall of the elevator car, cried softly.
The elevator reached the fifth floor and the doors slid open. Jake grabbed Amy by the back of her neck and pushed her out into the hallway. “Where?” was all he said.
Amy pointed to the right and Jake pushed her down that hallway. Amy stopped in front of her room and Jake’s cock grew harder still. He was about to pummel this bitch’s cunt with his rock hard cock. He couldn’t wait any longer. “Where’s your key?” he grunted in her ear.
Amy reached into the top of her dress and produced the key card. “Slut!” Jake exclaimed, “Open the fucking door, now!”
Amy managed to unlock the door and Jake opened it and pushed her inside. The room was smaller than his, but it would do. It had a bed and a couch and that’s all they needed. Amy’s fear grew exponentially with every word this mysterious stranger uttered. He was going to rape her, and according to him, she deserved it. She found herself in an untenable position. If she screamed out for help, she felt sure he would harm her before anyone could reach her. On the other hand, if she didn’t do something, this man was going to rape her.
Amy found herself up against the wall next to the door. He had already yanked off her panties. Did he leave them in the elevator? Why was she so concerned about where her panties ended up? She tried to ignore the fact that the man was pushing his hard cock into the small of her back. She felt him pushing her dress up again and she whimpered again. “Please, don’t,” she begged again.
Jake was tired of hearing her beg him for mercy. He wanted her to shut up so he could savor the feelings of her body against his. Jake removed his cummerbund and tied it around her mouth. There, that would keep the slut quiet. He reached around front of her and rubbed her pussy lips. She was shaved, of course she was, because she’s a whore, he thought. Only whores shave their cunts. He parted her lips with his fingers and found her clit. He began rubbing her with his thumb; meanwhile he slid two fingers into her warm cunt. “Mmmmmmmm,” he moaned into her ear. “You are tight aren’t you?” Maybe she wasn’t such a slut. Oh well, he was too far gone to care.
Amy’s hair was pushed aside with Jake’s free hand and Jake kissed her neck softly. He was moving against her in a rhythm, wishing he was already inside of her. But he wanted this to last, he figured he would never have another opportunity to feel her cunt around his cock. So he wanted to go slowly. For her part, Amy was crying and trying to move away from the man’s kisses. The cummerbund was tight around her face and she could feel it biting into her cheek.
Jake pulled his hand out of her pussy and used both hands to pull the dress away from Amy’s breasts. With her body firmly up against the wall, Jake reached up and pinched her nipples until they were hard. Amy was not enjoying his treatment of her body. She was not one of those women with rape fantasies. She just wanted him to be done with it.
Jake continued to manipulate Amy’s tits with his hands. Amy pushed back against Jake, trying to free herself from his grip. She felt a sudden push against her head as Jake pushed it hard against the wall. “What are you doing slut? You trying to get away from me? Don’t bother, I’m gonna have my way with you no matter what you want.” He was growling at her. He was so hot for her. Her body, pushed up against his, was so fucking sexy. His cock was harder than it had been in years. He wanted to do so many things to her, to take out all of his sexual frustrations on her. He deserved it, and he had convinced himself that she deserved to be treated like a slut, a whore, a piece of meat to be used how he wanted.

Jake turned Amy around to face him and to get a good look at her D-cup tits. Oh man, what a rack. He couldn’t take it anymore. Jake grabbed the neckline and yanked down hard. The material tore easily, leaving Amy’s tits exposed and leaving Jake breathless. He bent his head and took her left nipple into his mouth. He sucked and nibbled on her nipple, while using his thumb on her right nipple. Amy, having learned her lesson, stood there without moving, but continued to cry and whimper softly. Jake reached down and pushed her dress up again, putting two fingers into her cunt rather roughly. Amy grunted and pulled away. Her resistance, even as little as it was, was enough to put Jake over the edge.
He grabbed her by the neck and pulled her into the dark room. He found the arm of the couch and bent Amy over it. He held her down with one arm and undid his pants, liberating his cock from his tuxedo pants. He pushed the dress up again and exposed her tight ass. He would have to try to get into that asshole later. Amy continued her futile attempt to get up and Jake held her down roughly. He slapped her ass twice, “Keep fighting me cunt, I’m gonna make you pay,” he growled.
Jake pulled her ass cheeks apart, exposing her pussy and asshole. He licked his hand and wet her entrance. Jake positioned his cock and prepared to slam into his whore of an assistant. He reached forward, grabbed a handful of hair and yanked her backward while plunging his rock hard, 7 inch cock into her tight pussy. Oh she felt so good. How the fuck could she have been so hot and he didn’t notice?
Jake was deep inside of Amy, she was screaming into his cummerbund wrapped around her mouth. Her pussy was not prepared for such an assault. She hadn’t even had sex in six months. And now, here she was being raped in a foreign country by a man in a mask. He was hurting her, perhaps even tearing her and he pumped his massive cock into her tight, dry pussy. Her head was pulled up violently several more times as the man continued his assault on her.

Jake was trying desperately not to cum. Her pussy was so tight and her involuntary lubrication was making it so much easier to push into her. He pulled Amy up to a standing position by her hair, his cock buried deep inside of her. He grabbed at her tits and pinched her nipples hard. She cried out and he continued to pump into her. “Fuck, you feel so good. Whore.” He grunted into her ear several times. Suddenly Amy felt his hot cum shoot up into her. She cried out again. Why would he want to cum inside of her? But Amy figured it was over, that now her attacker would leave her alone.

Amy had no idea what she was in for: Jake had plans for her.


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