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A guy rapes a girl who looks just like his sister.
For as long as I can remember I have wanted to fuck my
sister's brains out. She's gorgeous. At 5'4", she looks
like a pixie, sweet and delicate. Petite features that
look like they would break under my hands. Creamy, white
skin with pink rose petal accents. She has slight
breasts, firm and perky B cups. A tiny waist with
hipbones gently rounded. Long legs that end in perfect
feet and delicate toes.

Her eyes are round and innocent looking and they're blue
like the color of the sky. She has white blond hair that
looks silver in some lights, cascading gently over her
shoulders. A cute little button nose and dimples that
make my hart pound. I want to fuck her so badly, but I
could never hurt her.

It started as a fascination. I started looking for
females that looked like Amber. Nameless to me, but
gorgeous like my sister. I needed one. I needed to
fantasize it was her, to feel her under me, around me.
It was a need that became an obsession.

I found her about a year after I started looking. God,
she could have been Amber's twin! Even down to the pixie
toes painted a light pink in the sandals. Her body, was
perfect. Her hair was just right, but her eyes were just
a bit greyer.

I watched her. She flirted with her friends, her short
shorts almost showing her cute little butt-cheeks. I got
hard imagining slipping them off of her. She wore a blue
tank top that could easily be torn of off her. I saw her
breasts wiggle delightfully as she moved.

It was getting dark when she finally left her friends.
She walked, alone, towards her car. Her tiny back pack
hung down over her ass and swung back and forth in time
to her hips. I had parked my van next to her car. All I
had to do was make my move.

I waited until she bent down to unlock her door, at the
moment she was distracted and then struck. I grabbed her
from behind, my hand wrapping around her waist, careful
not to hurt her. That would come later. My other hand
held a rag soaked in chloroform over her mouth and nose.
She didn't even have time to scream before she went limp.

I quickly moved her into my van. I handcuffed her to the
seat-brace and then gagged and blindfolded her. Her
backpack and keys I dropped on the floor of the van in
the back. I backed up slowly, making sure not to arouse
suspicion. My hands were shaking inside the leather
gloves I wore. I had done it! I had kidnapped her! God,
this would be so sweet.


It took me over two hours to get to the room I had been
renting for almost a year. It was little studio
apartment, in probably the worst neighborhood. Crack
dealers littered the corners, but I knew no one would
bother us there. She had been making little noises for a
while and I knew she was awake.

I put the chloroform over her noise again and waited for
her to pass out. I checked her breathing and got excited
again as I watched her chest raise and fall. She was
small enough that I got her into a huge gym bag to take
her inside.

The stairs weren't that many, but they seemed endless as
I carried her up in the bag. I unlocked the deadbolts and
opened the door. I had furnished it sparsely, with only a
mattress in one corner, a video camera and tripod, which
I turned on, and my contraption.

My contraption was a work of art. I had built it myself.
It was metal pipes, shaped like a sawhorse but with a
table. I had put padding over all the edges to make it
comfy. She would be leaned over it, so I could access her
ass and pussy without obstruction. Holes in the table
would allow access to her breasts. It was made so she
could kneel. I had used Amber's measurements to make sure
it would fit. It also had a crank, with a rope attached
to it. I could handcuff her and then crank it so she
would be bent over and held firmly.

I quickly set the bag down and pulled her out of it. I
stripped her and redressed her in a leather corset and
zippered panties. All I had to do was unzip her and
expose her to me. The corset pushed her breasts up but
didn't cover them at all. I replaced the gag in her mouth
and the blindfold with a mask I had found on the
Internet. It was a ball gag, but it was a hood too. I
buckled the gag in her mouth, then pulled the face part
up. It had an opening for her button nose and then came
up and went over her head. It had an opening on the top
that I pulled her hair through, like a devilish ponytail.
Then, I zippered it into place.

I manhandled her onto my toy. I strapped her legs onto it
first as I laid her over it. Her knees were strapped to
the bottom pad, as were her ankles. A strap went across
her middle holding her back and hips in place. It was a
perfect fit! I had access to her from the front and the
back. I felt her breasts through the holes, pulling her
nipples until they were hard and long. Another strap went
across her upper back so she couldn't pull away.

She started to move and groan through her gag. She would
be waking up soon. I quickly got under the table and
attached the nipple chain to her breasts. I relished the
feeling of those clamps biting into her skin. I tightened
them until her nipples turned white. I added weights
until I felt they were pulling her nipples enough.

Her body twitched and I knew she was awake. Her still
free hands started flailing, trying to reach her breasts
to tear away the pain. when they couldn't, she tried
pushing herself up. I watched in delight as her hands
then went to her mask, trying to pull it from her face.
She was panicking and I relished every moment of it. I
finally grabbed her wrists and held them. She stiffened
as she felt the cold metal of the handcuffs click into

I suckled on her fingertips, teasing her, testing her. I
bit one of them and she stiffened and tried to pull away
again. She fought more when I began cranking her arms
tight. I saw her shoulders straining and the metal
digging into her wrists. I cranked once more and locked
her into position.

"Amber, you have been a naughty girl. You've been teasing
me for years and now I'm ready to play my own game."

She shook her head at me. I slapped her ass. Her whole
body jerked with it. GOD, did this feel good. I was gonna
cream myself, but I needed to hold on, to see her squirm.

Out of another bag I pulled a wooden yardstick. I had
always fantasized about breaking one across Amber's ass.
Now I would.

SMACK! Her body jerked violently. The leather panties
must sting against that spot. SMACK! Oops, I hit the
zipper. SMACK! Oops, again. SMACK! Oh, I slipped and hit
her pussy area. SMACK! Damn, I did it again. Her body was
shaking and I knew she was sobbing. I went and undid the
panties, letting them fall to the floor. OOH, she had

I let the yardstick hit her again across both cheeks. Her
entire body jerked and stiffened. I paused for a minute
in my spanking and with the tip of the stick, pulled down
a touch on the nipple chain. Her entire body seemed to
arch. The yardstick came back on her ass, this time
breaking into pieces. I threw it away and started licking
and sucking at her ass. OH, it was so hot.

I quickly stripped, throwing my clothes across the room
into the corner. I spread her ass cheeks now. I wanted
her, NOW. I had the Vaseline ready and spread it all over
her ass and pussy, then all over my dick. I strapped on
another one, above my own. It was thinner than my own and
shorter too. My own meat was probably about nine inches,
this was only eight.

I lubed both up and positioned myself. My cock head
teased the inside of her pussy, running up and down her
lips. The fake one gently pushed at her ass. She was too
tense for me to enter her. DAMN! She too tight.

I reached into my bag and pulled out a clit vibrator. I
turned it on high and pressed it against her. She tried
to resist, but I could feel her body responding as I
pressed against her special spot. When she relaxed
enough, I plunged into her hard.

GOD! She was so tight! I felt her hymen rip and then the
blood from both holes as she was spoiled. Her back arched
and her head was whipping back and forth. she was trying
to move, trying to dislodge me. GOD! She was so tight!

"Amber, oh God Amber! AMBER!"

I exploded with such intensity that I nearly passed out.
I felt her shaking as I pistoned myself, trying to get
deeper and deeper. Even as I started softening, I
continued to thrust, not wanting it to end. I finally
fell out of her and collapsed on the floor, my breathing

"I think I'll keep you Amber. Yes, I definitely think
I'll keep you... for a while at least."

I saw her body shaking and knew that I would have her
again and again. Amber was finally mine.

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