A girl's love for a classmate has nasty repurcussions
This is a very nasty story. If you don't like the genres listed for the story, please don't read it and complain about, stick to what you like.

Amanda looked down at her belly, admired the new ring through her belly button. It was her first "real" piercing. Oh, she had a little ring through her left nostril, but that didn't count, everybody had something in their face pierced these days.

"Cool. That is just so cool." She was grinning from ear to ear as she looked over at her friend Rachel. Rachel was smiling back at her, but she there was no way she was going to get that excited over a little thing like a ring through the navel. Rachel was sixteen, the same age as Amanda, but she'd started getting piercings and tats when she was thirteen. Of course, it helped that her parents were bikers and knew people that did things like that.

Rachel already had a ring through her belly button, with jewels hanging from it, a post through one of her nipples, and ink on her left boob (a rose) and just below her navel (a butterfly). And then there was the latest and greatest. She had her clit pierced, with a little post. She hadn't been able to have sex for a month while it healed up, but she said it was totally worth it. Amanda believed her - the first time Amanda's tongue hit Rachel's clit after it healed, Rachel jerked like she'd been shot. Amanda couldn't wait until she could get hers done.

Amanda had always idolized Rachel, ever since they were little kids. They lived next door to each other and had been BFFs ever since either one of them could remember. Rachel had always been the more adventurous one, the leader. Maybe it was the biker parents, Amanda's were straight office-worker types who weren't too crazy about having people like Rachel's family living next door, but Rachel was always the one coming up with the ideas that could get them into trouble. Rachel had been the first to lose her virginity, the first to use booze and pot and E, and the one who decided the two of them should have sex. They weren't lezzies or anything, they both did it with guys, but they were so close that it just seemed right that they should fuck each other, too.

Rachel was tall and slim, about 5'8", with a model's build, almost like a guy, with small breasts and narrow hips. She wore her dark hair long, usually in a pony tail. Her face was narrow, too, with a long straight nose, wide mouth, and brown eyes. She looked like an elf queen Amanda wished she had a body like Rachel's. She was shorter, 5'4", and, not chubby, but round where Rachel was slim and angular. Amanda had big boobs, and wide hips, and a pixie-ish face framed by short blond hair. Her nose was small, her mouth full and sensual, and her eyes a startling ocean-blue.

"So, how does it feel to be Satan's whore?" Amanda had almost forgotten they were at school with other kids walking by. She knew who was talking before she looked up and saw her. It was Debbie Ashton, the blond goody-goody tight-ass Jesus freak who thought holding hands before you were married was a sin.

"Shut up, bitch!" Amanda added a middle finger for good measure. She was getting pretty pissed off. She knew she should do a better job of controlling her temper, but it was tough.

"Hey, girl, take it easy. Don't want to get yourself suspended. Your parents wouldn't like that." Rachel had a snarky grin on her face. She was right, Amanda's parents would get pissed if she got suspended. But if Rachel did it, her parents not only wouldn't care, they'd probably be proud of her. Both girls knew that Amanda had to be more careful than Rachel, and sometimes Amanda got a little jealous.

"Besides," Rachel whispered, "only two more periods to go and you get to find out what happens when I lick that new ring of yours." Rachel flicked her finger across Amanda's new navel ring, and Amanda shivered.

As soon as school was over, Rachel and Amanda headed for Rachel's house. They were fondling each other as soon as they got in the door, and both were almost naked by the time they made it to Rachel's bedroom. They quickly finished stripping each other and Rachel pushed Amanda onto the bed on her back, then climbed up after her.

Rachel dipped her head to Amanda's belly button right away and licked at her new ring.

"Mmmm, nice." Amanda purred as she felt Rachel's tongue glide over the ring. Rachel's lips closed over it, pulled and sucked, and Amanda gasped as a sudden, sharp little pain shot through her belly. "Yeah, I like that." While her mouth worked on the ring, Rachel's fingers slid down Amanda's belly and between her legs, began rubbing against her slit. Amanda moaned, spreading her legs to let Rachel slip a finger inside her. Then Rachel moved away, stopped what she was doing altogether. Amanda was about to complain when Rachel plopped down on top of her, and pressed the front of her hips against Amanda's spread crotch.

Rachel began humping her pelvis against Amanda like a guy would do only without the dick as she slid her mound up Amanda's slit, pressed hard against her clit, then moved back down again. Amanda moaned and gasped as she felt her girlfriend humping her in a way that she never had before. Amanda's clit was on fire. Her pussy was wet, the juices beginning to leak out of her, moistening her ass cheeks, dripping down to touch her asshole. Amanda spread her legs as wide as she could. Rachel was sucking and biting on her throat now, her teeth causing just enough pain to send shocks shooting though Amanda's body.

Amanda felt her orgasm getting close as Rachel's pelvic bone ground against her clit. She wrapped her legs around her girlfriend's hips to pull her closer.

"Uhhee, uhhee, uhhee." She was almost squeaking as her breathing got heavier. She suddenly felt Rachel's hand on her throat, and almost panicked.

"Rach, what..." That was all Amanda could get out. She gasped for breath as Rachel's hand closed over her throat. Rachel was still dry humping her, and Amanda's entire body was starting to tingle. Rachel squeezed, and Amanda thrashed under her. An electric charge skittered through her as Rachel's hips mashed against her pussy and clit, and Rachel's fingers closed off her air. Amanda's body arched up off the bed. She tried to scream, but couldn't, as an unbelievable orgasm ripped through her. Then everything went black.

Amanda came to gasping for air. Rachel was crouched above her, looking panicked. Amanda had never seen Rachel like that, she was always in control.

"Shit, baby, are you okay? I didn't... you weren't supposed to..."

Amanda finally caught enough breath to talk. "Fucking Christ, that was incredible! I never felt anything like that before! Fuck, Rach!" It was true. Her body was still tingling.

"God, a guy did that to me and I came really hard, so I thought I'd try it with you, but I didn't think you'd pass out. I thought you were like dead or something."

"Mmmm, well I'm not, and that was so hot!" Amanda was smiling, but she wasn't completely happy. She never was when Rachel talked about the guys she fucked.

"Well, if it isn't the two biggest sluts in school." That was Debbie Ashton again, of course, her voice dripping with condescension, as she walked past Amanda and Rachel, who were holding hands in the hall, getting ready to head home after school. Amanda reached up and stroked Rachel's face, was rewarded when she saw a shiver of revulsion roll over Debbie's entire body.

"God, I've got to do something about that little bitch!" Every time she saw, or heard, Debbie, she just wanted to take the little cunt and smash her face against a wall.

"Girl, you let her get to you way too much. And the more you do that, the more she's going to tweak you. Ignore her and she'll go away and find somebody else to torture." Rachel gave Amanda's hand a squeeze.

"Yeah, it's not that easy." Amanda knew Rachel was right, but she just couldn't ignore it. She had to do something to make that goody-two-shoes pay for what she was doing.

"Forget about her. I've got a surprise waiting for you." A thrill rippled across Amanda's skin. The last time she'd gotten a surprise from Rachel was when she'd choked her out, a couple of weeks ago, and that wound up being the best orgasm ever.

They were barely in the door of Rachel's room when Rachel pulled out the surprise. Amanda gasped and her eyes widened as she looked at a dildo so big she wasn't sure it would even fit inside a pussy. It had to be at least ten inches long, and proportionately thick. It had a harness connected to it. Amanda had seen strap-ons in the online porn they watched sometimes, but she hadn't expected to run into one in person.

"Uh, Rachel, dear, just what are you going to do with that?"

"I'm going to fuck you with it darling, of course. Hard and deep. After you have this, you'll never even look at a man again." Rachel was grinning from ear to ear, obviously looking forward to ramming the huge tool into Amanda. Of course, Amanda never really looked at men, anyway. It was Rachel who did that, and Amanda was pretty sure by now she wasn't going to get her to stop.

Amanda licked her lips as she watched her lover fasten the straps of the dildo around her waist and legs. They had used toys on each other before, but it was always small vibrators, not anything like this. And honestly, Amanda hadn't had all that many cocks inside her, and they hadn't been very big. Rachel finished with the harness. The hard plastic dick stuck out from her hips like a sword. Without a word, Rachel stepped over to Amanda, wrapped her arms around her, and began kissing and fondling her. Amanda's body always tingled when Rachel touched her, but this time it was something special. The dildo was trapped between their bellies, and Amanda could feel the size of it, how hard it was, and her pussy was practically gushing. Probably a good thing, too, she was going to want to be plenty wet when that monster went into her.

Rachel stepped back and gave Amanda a gentle shove so that she fell back onto the bed, then stepped up to her holding the dildo in her hand.

"You ready, baby?" She was clearly excited about fucking Amanda with the huge strap-on.

"Yeah, do it!" Amanda bit down on her lower lip as she felt the tip of the plastic cock press against the opening of her pussy. Rachel wiggled the dildo so the head popped between Amanda's lips, then shoved as hard as she could. And just kept shoving.

"Oooohhhh fuuuuck!" Amanda threw her head back, wailing, her fingers clawed at the sheets as she felt herself being opened up more than she thought possible. It was so thick that it spread her enough for it to hurt, not as much as when she had her cherry popped, but there was definite pain, and she found out she liked that. And it just kept moving farther into her, she thought it would never stop. Everything inside her belly was being pushed out of the way. Amanda was afraid for a second that it was too big, that it would rip her apart, but then, finally, the hard plastic base banged against her clit, causing her to gasp and clutch at the sheets again.

Rachel pulled back, then slammed the dildo into Amanda up to the hilt again, started a fast, rhythmic fucking. It was different than being fucked by a real cock, and not just because of the size. There was no give at all to the hard plastic, and the surface felt different sliding into her and scraping across her clit, almost like it was grabbing at her skin. Amanda pulled her head up for a few seconds, looked down at her body. Shit, it was so big she could see her belly moving up and down every time Rachel pumped into her. She let her head fall back to the bed, reached up with both hands and began fondling her tits. She spread her legs as far apart as she could, wanting to have the huge rod as deep inside her as possible.

"God, baby, fuck me harder! Pound me like a slut!" Amanda was willing to have Rachel do anything to her, and she was really getting into this now. Rachel was obviously also enjoying it. She was moaning herself as she ground the base of the dildo against Amanda's clit. Amanda figured that part of the dildo must be rubbing against Rachel's own pierced clit.

Amanda could feel her orgasm building now. Her body was starting to tingle, her head was rolling from side to side on the bed. But she wanted more. She forced herself to look up at Rachel.

"Choke me again, baby!" It was almost a plea.

"I don't want to hurt you." Rachel looked a little worried, but didn't miss a beat with her hips pumping the dildo.

"Do it!" A huge gasp. "Please!" Another gasp as Amanda felt her body start to stiffen. Rachel looked reluctant, but she reached down and put one hand on Amanda's throat, squeezed, as she bucked her hips forward driving every inch of the dildo into Amanda's writhing body.

"Fuck, yes, I'm cumming!" Amanda's body twisted around the massive dildo. Her shoulders jerked, trying to come up off the bed, but Rachel's hand kept her pinned, choking her, cutting off her air, so her back arched up instead. She felt a pain inside as her body tried to bend the dildo, which was having nothing of it. She slammed back onto the bed and her body went into convulsions, shaking like she was having some kind of fit. Amanda put her hands on Rachel's wrist, not to move Rachel's hand, but to make sure it stayed clamped around her throat. This time she didn't pass out, but as a last spasm ripped through her and she slumped back on the bed, she was just as wasted as when she had. Still gasping, she had to work to get her eyes to focus. Finally she locked in on Rachel's face, which had a look of amazement.

"Damn, girl, you are messed up!" Rachel was shaking her head now, as she pulled the dildo out of Amanda's gushing cunt.

"Don't care... if I can cum... that hard." Amanda was still trying to get control of her muscles back. Meanwhile Rachel was unstrapping the dildo.

"Well I didn't cum yet, so get your mouth over her on my pussy where it belongs." Rachel rolled onto the bed and as Amanda knelt between her legs and tasted her lover's snatch, a plan started to form in her mind. A plan that would let her get revenge on a certain bitch at school and get more respect from Rachel at the same time.

Actually walking up to Debbie Ashton and talking to her like she was an actual human being turned out to be harder than Amanda thought. Debbie was pretty much the prototypical perfect Christian girl. The perfect blond hair that looked like it was lacquered on, never a strand out of place. The flawless pale skin. The red lips that begged to be kissed, but of course never were. The smile that seemed to have more teeth than would fit into one person's mouth. The prim, demure clothes that made sure no one would get a good look at anything tempting. It made Amanda retch just to think about her, but somehow she forced herself to approach Debbie at school, when Rachel wasn't around.

"Uh, Debbie, can I talk to you for a minute?" She felt like she was going to have a panic attack, not sure if it was being caused by her plan, or just by the fact she had to be around Debbie.

"Well, what would you have to talk to me about?" Typical smart-ass Debbie attitude. Amanda wanted to just beat her down right there, but she had to keep the plan in mind.

"I, uh, I've been thinking about things, and I think that maybe, uh, you're right. I'm just being a slut and I, like, need to turn my life around. I thought maybe you could help." Amanda hoped she was being convincing. She wasn't much of an actress.

"Wow, Amanda, that's great! Are you ready to accept Jesus?" Debbie's face lit up like Broadway on opening night.

"I think so, yeah. But I really need somebody to talk it over with. I thought you could maybe come over on Saturday, like about Noon, and we could have a nice long talk."

"That would be so wonderful, I'd love to." Amanda breathed a sigh of relief. She'd managed to pull it off. She was afraid Debbie wouldn't be able to do it on Saturday, and it had to be this weekend, when Amanda's parents would be out of town.

"Okay, just make sure Rachel doesn't hear anything about it. I don't want her trying to talk me out of it."

Later the same day, while Amanda and Rachel cuddled in the hallway, Amanda whispered, "Come over on Saturday between 12:30 and 1:00. My parents will be out of town, and I've got a surprise for you."

"Mmm, is it like that last surprise I had for you?" Rachel giggled.

"Yeah, something like that." Amanda smiled and nuzzled her face against Rachel's neck. "Just don't come over too early or it won't be ready."

Amanda's parents left for their weekend trip on Friday night. Rachel was busy with her family that night, so Amanda was on her own. The first thing she did was to bring out the big strap-on, which she'd filched the last time she'd been at Rachel's house. She stripped, looked at her body in the full-length mirror on her closet door. Not bad, although she worried sometimes that she'd get chubby as she got older. Sometimes she wished she had Rachel's thin build.

After looking herself over, Amanda slipped the harness of the strap-on around her hips and went to work fastening it. It took her a couple of minutes to get everything right. She wondered if Rachel had practiced with it before she used it, since she had slipped right into it like a pro. Amanda closed her eyes, let her mind wander to the feeling she'd had when Rachel had shoved the monster into her cunt. The movie running inside her head cut quickly from being fucked to fucking, her hips pistoning the dildo in and out of Rachel's pussy, then, suddenly and unexpectedly, Rachel's ass.

Amanda's eyes popped open and she stared at herself in the mirror again, realized she was stroking the dildo like a man might jerk himself off. She felt powerful with the plastic cock sticking out from her pelvis, wondered if this was how a man felt when he had a hard-on and was about to fuck a woman. Her mind flashed back to the vision she'd had of ass-fucking Rachel. She wondered where that had come from. They'd never done anything anal, not even a little touch with a fingertip, but now Amanda wondered what it would be like to touch Rachel's ass, or have hers touched.

But now she had to make sure everything would be ready for tomorrow. She took off the strap-on, set it by the bed. Maybe she'd have time for it later tonight. She made sure she had duct tape and some pieces of rope laid out where you couldn't see them but she could get to them easily. And the knife, a long, thin-bladed slicer from her mom's kitchen set. She didn't plan on having to use it, except as a threat, but she needed it to make the plan work. She'd been doing a lot of reading about things like this, trying to make sure she did everything by the book. The strap-on would go into the pile later that night, after she was sure she wouldn't be using it an more herself. Yeah, Debbie was going to be in for a big surprise tomorrow, and Amanda'd have a real treat to show Rachel.

Everything was ready. She'd checked it and double-checked it. It was all there, and she knew exactly what she was going to do. Now she could take some time for herself. Amanda stretched out on the bed, the dildo sitting beside her with the strap detached. She spread her legs and began running her hands over her body. It had been a while since she'd had a good masturbation session, she'd been getting enough sex lately, mostly from Rachel, that she hadn't needed to resort to self-abuse. But tonight she felt like giving herself a treat.

She started with both hands on her tits, massaging them, milking them. She pinched her nipples, twisted them. Pain shot through her, made her moan, and she twisted harder, gasped. Yes, she was definitely liking the pain as part of sex these days. Still twisting her nipple with her left hand, she let her right run down over her belly, played with the ring in her belly button. She twisted the ring like she had her nipples, and shuddered when she felt the pain shoot through her again - this time it seemed to flow down her belly into her pussy. Now she was ready for something more.

Amanda moved both her hands down her body, stroking her skin as she did. Her right hand slid down over her belly and between her spread legs, her fingers coming to rest against her pussy lips. Her left moved underneath, down past the small of her back. As she moved it lower, she extended her middle finger, let it slip between her ass cheeks, glide through the crack of her ass until her fingertip came to rest on the tight, puckered ring of her anus. She pressed slightly, felt a jolt as her ass clenched tighter, caused her hips to push up, forcing her pussy against her other hand. Amanda thought about pressing harder with her finger, letting it open her sphincter, but she wasn't quite ready. Instead, she spread her pussy lips apart with the fingers of her right hand, slipped one finger, then another inside and reached up as far as she could.

"Mmmm, oh yeah, fuck!" Amanda closed her eyes, pretended it was Rachel's fingers inside her as she felt her juices coating her fingers, her muscles starting to pulse around them. Her mind drifted to the big dildo, and she thought for a second about grabbing it, using it, but she decided her fingers felt too good. Her thumb brushed against her clit as began finger-fucking herself.

"Uh, uh, uh, god yes!" Amanda's body seemed to make a decision for her, as her finger wiggled against her asshole enough for the tip to slip past her anal ring. Her ass spasmed at the unfamiliar invasion, pulsed against her finger like it was trying to spit it out. Again her hips drove up and the fingers of her other hand pushed deeper into her pussy.

"Shit, fuck my ass!" Amanda moaned, still fantasizing about Rachel's hands being on her. She loved the feeling of her fingertip in her ass, it made her feel wild and dirty. She pushed harder, trying to relax her ass muscles, and was rewarded when half her finger slid up into her ass. "Aaaahhh, more!" Talking to herself like a lover, she pulled her finger back until just the very tip was still in her ass, then shoved it in, hard this time, driving almost all the finger into her bowels.

"Fuck me!" Still acting like someone else was doing this to her. She began finger-fucking her ass, as fast and deep as she could. She felt the way her ass gripped her finger, tighter than her pussy, and with more friction. Her ass and pussy seemed tied together, her pussy pulsing every time she shoved her finger back into her shitter. With her other hand, she concentrated on rubbing her clit, feeling her orgasm beginning to build inside her belly.

"Oh god I'm cumming!" The muscles in her lower belly spasmed. She shoved her finger as deep into her ass as she could, feeling a little pain as her nail scraped over the walls of her asshole. Her body jerked, her head rolled from side to side on the bed, and she bit down on her lower lip to keep from screaming. "Uhn, uhn, uhn," one huge, gasping breath after another. The shaking finally subsided. Amanda lay still for a few seconds, recuperating, then slowly slipped her finger out of her ass, brought it up to her face. She inhaled deeply, taking in the pungent smell of her own ass, hesitated for a second, then brought the finger to her lips, let her tongue flick out the tip brushing over her finger. The taste was nasty, but she couldn't resist, she had to be dirty. She sucked her finger into her mouth, tasting her ass, her shit, shuddering a little at the thought of what she was doing, but loving it all the same.

Her dreams were wild, a maelstrom of fingers, dildos, tongues plunging into every hole imaginable. There was choking, biting, slapping, even blood. Amanda woke the next morning bathed in sweat from her dreams. But there was a wicked smile on her face.

Amanda thought she was going to go crazy waiting for Noon to see if Debbie would actually come over. Time seemed frozen, she was looking at the clock like every two minutes. She thought about masturbating, but decided she didn't want to do anything until Debbie got there. Shit, what if Debbie was late and she wasn't ready when Rachel showed up. Or worse, if Debbie didn't show at all. Damn, it's never going to be Noon. She paced, thought about getting into her parents' booze stash, but she needed to be clear-headed when Debbie got there. If Debbie got there. Shit.

The doorbell rang a few minutes before 12:00. Amanda wanted to run to the door, forced herself to slow down. Don't want to do anything to make Debbie suspicious before she's in the bedroom. Just take it easy.

Amanda opened the door and saw Debbie looking almost like a caricature of herself, hair perfectly brushed, teeth gleaming, cheeks rosy. She was wearing a light-pink sundress and looked like she'd just stepped out of an ad for Prudes R Us. Amanda's fingers were clenching reflexively as she tried to calm herself down.

"Hey, Debbie, thanks for coming over!" Amanda almost retched when she heard how perky she sounded, almost like she'd been taking lessons from Debbie. But that would probably help make Debbie believe her. Her nervousness had a good side after all.

"Oh, Amanda, I'm always ready to help someone come to the Lord."

"Great. Can we like go to my bedroom? I just feel more comfortable there."

"Sure, let's go!" Debbie's grin was sickening.

Amanda had intended to actually let Debbie talk for a while before she did anything, but once they got into her room she didn't want to wait, afraid she'd lose her nerve, or let a good chance slip by. She walked into the bedroom behind Debbie, grabbed the girl's long blond hair with one hand, and with the other reached for the knife that she stashed by the bed, held it to Debbie's throat. Debbie was too startled to scream, but her eyes were wide with shock, her mouth gaping open.

"Okay, if you don't want to get hurt, you do what I say, understand?" Debbie nodded, her face pale with fear. Amanda let go of Debbie's hair, but stayed close with the knife. "Get undressed." Debbie just stared at her, incomprehension on her face. "Take. Off. Your. Clothes." Amanda was startled at the venom and threat in her own voice.

Debbie seemed to come part way out of the fog and realize that this was actually happening, and that it could all turn out very badly for her. She still hadn't said a word, but she slowly unfastened the shoulder straps of her dress. She hesitated when it was time to let the dress drop.

"Hurry up, bitch, or I'll just cut it off!" Amanda felt a charge of adrenaline shoot through her as she realized her plan was working, she was in charge, and Debbie was going to suffer. She watched as Debbie slipped the straps of the dress off her shoulders, reached back to unzip it, and let the dress fall to the floor. Debbie reflexively crossed her arms in front of her chest, even though she was still wearing a bra and panties. Very plain, white cotton ones. Well, no surprise there.

"Take off the rest. Now." Amanda was enjoying being a hard-ass. Debbie slowly reached back and unfastened her bra, let it slide down her arms and off onto the floor. She started to cross her arms over her chest again, but Amanda shook her head, gestured with the knife that was still in her right hand. Debbie lowered her arms, and lowered her eyes to the floor at the same time, her face red with shame. Amanda got a good look at Debbie's tits, and was immediately turned on. They weren't very big, she was a small girl, but they were perfectly shaped, upturned cones, with small areolas surrounding tight brown nipples. Amanda licked her lips, looked from the tits to Debbie's tight little belly.

"The panties too." Debbie looked up at her for a second - her eyes flicked to the knife, then dropped again as she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began sliding them over her legs. Her face flushed even more, if that was possible. Amanda looked at the soft, curly blond hair between Debbie's legs. Damn, she had such a stick up her ass she didn't even shave. Amanda's skin was tingling as she ogled Debbie's body, thought about what she was going to do to it. She grabbed the duct tape off the table, stepped over to Debbie. She thought she could smell the fear pouring out of the blond girl.

"Hold out your hands." Debbie did as she was told right away this time, still looking down at the floor. Amanda ripped off a long strip of duct tape and wrapped it around Debbie's wrists. She stooped down, picked up Debbie's panties and held them up to her face, taking in Debbie's smell. Debbie actually looked up and her face twisted in disgust as she watched Amanda sniffing her underwear. Amanda gave her a nasty smile.

"If you make too much noise, I'll stuff these into your mouth to gag you, understand?" Debbie looked even more disgusted, but she nodded. Amanda pushed her down onto the bed. Debbie's legs flopped apart as she fell, giving Amanda a good look at her pussy. Amanda licked her lips, gestured with the knife. "You don't try to move while I get undressed, unless you want me to have to hurt you." It was pretty obvious by now that shock and terror had Debbie pretty much incapable of doing anything.

"Why are you doing this to me?" Debbie could barely squeak out the words, her throat dry, her voice croaking. Amanda was incensed that Debbie even needed to ask.

"You think you're better than I am. You call me a whore and a slut. Then you wonder why I want to do things to you?"

Amanda set the knife down and quickly stripped out of her clothes. No reason to be slow and sexy, Debbie wouldn't appreciate it, and Amanda was anxious to get on with it. She was naked in seconds, and ran her hands up and down her body, feeling her horniness boil within her. She picked up the strap-on, held it up to show it to Debbie. The girl's already pale face completely drained of color and she seemed to try to melt into the bed and disappear. Amanda fastened the straps around her waist, felt the power again as the plastic dick stood at attention. She stroked it, looking at Debbie, a wicked grin on her face. Debbie was trembling on the bed now, tears leaking from the corners of her eyes.

Amanda walked to the bed, pushed Debbie's legs apart. The dildo was resting on Debbie's belly, and the girl was staring at it, wide-eyed. Amanda reached down, pressed her hand against Debbie's crotch. Debbie jerked, tried to crawl away. Amanda looked over at the knife, sitting on the table next to the bed, and Debbie got the message. Amanda curled her finger, slipped it between Debbie's cunt-lips. Debbie writhed on the bed, but had enough sense not to try to move. Her pussy felt different from what Amanda was used to, from Rachel and a couple of other girls she'd been with. Part of it was the hair, she was used to girls who shaved. But she was also used to dipping her fingers or tongue into a pussy that was hot and wet, ready for sex. Debbie's was, not exactly dry, but not dripping either. Amanda wondered if that would make it hurt more for Debbie. She hoped so. This girl needed to suffer.

Amanda slid a second finger into Debbie's virgin pussy, pressed them as far into the girl as she could, then began finger-fucking her, while Debbie twisted and whimpered on the bed. Amanda could see the muscles in her belly twitching, wondered if Debbie was feeling horny at all in spite of herself. She withdrew her fingers, wrapped one hand around the massive dildo protruding from her crotch, moved the head against Debbie's slit. Debbie had her eyes closed, now, biting on her lower lip. She seemed to realize this was going to happen and there was nothing she could do about it.

Amanda moved her other hand to Debbie's pussy, spread the lips with her fingers, and guided the head of the dildo between them. Debbie whimpered again. Debbie pushed forward a little with her hips, watched the head of the dildo spread Debbie apart as it disappeared in her.

"Noooo. God, please don't."

Debbie's whining just irritated Amanda. It was time for the little bitch to find out what she was missing. Amanda put her hands on Debbie's hips for leverage, and shoved forward with the dildo as hard as she could.

"Aaaiiieee!" Debbie's scream was pathetic. Amanda wished she'd shoved the girl's panties into her mouth to shut her up but it was too late now. She glanced down, saw that she'd gotten about half the length of the plastic cock into her victim, was sure she'd popped her cherry. She pulled back a little, saw flecks of blood on the shaft, then slammed forward again. This time Debbie just mewled, like she'd spent all of her strength on the last scream, and the entire length of the dildo forced its way into her. Amanda just stood there for a few seconds, looking down at Debbie, feeling the knob on the base of the dildo rubbing against her own clit - an extra bonus she hadn't noticed before. Amanda felt super-charged as she saw Debbie's tiny body shuddering around her dildo. Amanda began fucking Debbie with long, hard, vicious strokes. She felt the knob bang against her clit again and again, felt almost like the dildo was her own cock, like she could feel it driving into the girl she was raping. She watched in awe as more streaks of blood appeared on the fake cock - she had to remind herself now that it was fake - she was tearing Debbie's pussy apart.

"Uhn, uhn, uhn, uhn. How do you like that, you fuckin' little bitch?" Amanda was moaning from the stimulation of her clit, panting from the exertion of raping her tormentor, almost high from the exhilaration of having power over someone else this way. Debbie's head was lolling from side-to-side on the bed, she looked liked she'd almost passed out. Amanda reached out, grabbed Debbie by the throat with both hands, jerked her head up off the bed. "Answer me, bitch, how do you like that?!"

Debbie shook off her lethargy for a moment. "Hurts - bad - please - stop."

Amanda was in no mood to stop. In fact, having the little bitch beg just made her more angry. She gasped as she felt an orgasm beginning to creep up, her hands tightened around Debbie's throat. She realized that she'd never choked anybody else, wondered what it was like to be on the other end. Her hands tightened around Debbie's throat, her hips still thrusting wildly.

"Fuck, baby, I'm gonna cum in you and make you cum, too." Amanda's eyes were clouding over now, just as her mind was. She could barely see Debbie's face turning white, then gray in front of her as she slammed her huge cock (yes, it was part of her now) into the girl's bloody cunt. "Cumming, god so good. FUCK!" Amanda's body trembled as a vicious orgasm tore through her, her muscles spasming almost uncontrollably. She was vaguely aware of the feeling of something crushing in her hands, of the smell of piss and something warm pouring over her hips. She slowly became aware that Debbie wasn't struggling any more, that something was digging painfully into her shoulders, that there was a noise echoing in her ear.

"Damn it, Amanda, what the fuck did you do, you stupid bitch?" It was Rachel's voice, but why was she screaming at her, saying those terrible things? Amanda shook herself, seemed to wake from a dream. Her hands were still clenched around Debbie's neck, the girl's head hanging at a bizarre angle, her muscles limp, her cunt no longer gripping the dildo that was still buried in it. Amanda slowly release her hands, pulled away from the dead girl, the dildo coming with her, and turned to face Rachel, smiled widely.

"Rach, look at what I did for you." Her smile faded as she saw the look on Rachel's face - part disgust, part pity. She felt pressure against her belly, glanced down and saw the knife, her knife, in Rachel's hand, the point pressing just above her navel.

"Back off, you crazy cunt!" Rachel didn't understand that Amanda had done this to for her, to show her love, to bind them together forever. She had to explain, had to make Rachel part of this.

"Rach, what..." Amanda had tried to step forward, toward Rachel, but the tip of the knife bit into her skin.

"I said back off!" But she couldn't, she had to be closer to Rachel. She started to step toward Rachel again, again felt the steel digging into her. This time she looked down, saw that the tip of the knife had just penetrated her skin, that blood was started to ooze around it.

"But Rachel, I love you." There was serious pain in her belly now. She looked down again, watched as Rachel's hand moved toward her, saw the blade disappear into her belly, felt things being torn apart inside her. She tried to reach out to Rachel, to say her name, but nothing would work any more. She sank to her knees, watched her blood pouring now rather than oozing around the blade of the knife that was buried in her, sticking out like a nasty parody of the dildo that was still strapped around her waist. She felt numb, too weak to even look up at Rachel one last time. As she slipped away, she thought she heard her lover crying.

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I love it. So hot yet so tragic. A truly amazing story. One of the best on this site.

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Loved it but the ending turned me off. Could of ended it better

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Anybody want to fuck me I'm a lesbian 13 years old cmon fuck me already

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A quality story of mixed unintended acts and emotion. Life is very confusing and sometimes we just make some mistakes.

She got carried away, just a little.


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Bitch fucking ass fucker she totally diserved to get fawking stabbed

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