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The story of what happens after I sleep with my lover's daughters.
I led Kelly toward the bedroom, anxious to tell her about the night's events. I could sense her intensity as she considered my comment that neither of her girls was a virgin. Though we had been honest enough that I trusted she was open to the concept of underage sex, even sex between her daughters and me, I knew I had caught her completely off guard. I shut the door as we walked into the bedroom and had her sit on the bed.

I turned to the dresser where all Kelly's pajamas and negligees are kept and picked out a sheer purple top that I liked on her, as well as a g-string I knew would barely cover her pussy. I had her stand up then slid her shirt over her head. Reaching behind her, I unhooked her bra and slid it off, as well. I briefly sucked each nipple as her massive titties sprung out, then helped her into the top I had selected. Working my way down, I undid her pants and slid them over her ass, down and off. As I slid the pants down, I knelt in front of her and licked her pussy through her panties. As Kelly stepped out of her pants, I hooked the waistband of those panties and slid them down, as well. Licking her now bare pussy lips, I ensured they started to get wet, then had her step into the g-string and slid it back up her legs.

After Kelly was dressed in the sexy outfit, we laid on the bed and I began to share with her what had occurred with her daughters. I started by detailing my encounter with Cassie. Kelly, knowing what she had discovered about her daughter's self-exploration, was little surprised to find out that Cassie had so easily made the decision to further explore her sexuality with me. I could sense Kelly's arousal as she listened to me describe the encounter in great detail. Talk of my caressing Cassie's tits led to Kelly's nipples becoming erect under her silky top. As the story continued, moving from Cassie being finger fucked to me eating her pussy to the final conclusion of Cassie taking my cock into her 12-year old cunt, Kelly became more and more aroused. I noted that the fabric of her panties was becoming damp, and Kelly seemed eager to do something, anything, with her hands. I finished that part of the story detailing how I fucked Cassie until I came inside her.

Kelly was obviously turned on, whether by the thought of me fucking someone else, or the very specific fact that it was her young daughter. Regardless, she was flushed and breathing heavily, obviously aroused. "My goodness, Tom, that's incredible. I can't believe she actually fucked you."

"I was surprised, too. But when I fucked her, I didn't break her hymen. It had already been broken. Apparently she knows where you keep your dildos and has been using them, herself."

Kelly looked at me, stunned. "You mean I've been fucking myself with a dildo my daughter had in her pussy?" Rather than freak out, Kelly rolled over and pulled her dildo out of a drawer. "This has been inside Cassie?"

"Honey, it's been inside Cassie AND Sarah. They've both been using it. Although Sarah only used it on her outer lips. She never actually got it inside her."

"How do you know that?"

"That's the second part of the story. Things didn't quite end when Cassie went to bed."

Kelly leaned back against her pillow, and I noted that she hadn't put the dildo away. She set it on the bed, resting one hand on it. As she settled back, I resumed the story where we'd left off.

Starting at the decision to change my pajama bottoms, I explained how I found Sarah still awake. Kelly looked a bit surprised when I shared Sarah's reason for still being up, including my realization that Sarah was wearing my t-shirt, what Cassie had said about them, and Sarah's confession that she wanted to do what Cassie had done. I also shared the fact that both girls had been exploring their sexuality, and that they had been doing it together. Kelly became even more turned on as I revealed the secret Sarah had told me, that Cassie and she had been involved in sexual play with each other. Somehow, the thought that her baby girls were pleasuring each other manually, orally, and with dildos really started to get Kelly wet.

In fact, as I talked, Kelly's hands started to leave her side. One moved to her erect nipples, which she started to rub through the silk of her top. The other hand moved down and into her g-string. I watched Kelly quickly finger herself with two fingers, then shove both deep into her cunt. "Don't stop the story, Tom. Tell me the rest."

As Kelly sat there finger fucking her own pussy, I continued with the story. I explained how Sarah and I discussed what she had seen, what Cassie and she had experienced, and why she should go to bed. Kelly was no more surprised to find out Cassie was involved in the night's conspiring than I had been, and gave a laugh that was a mix of aroused pleasure and motherly understanding when I described Sarah's attempt to sway my thinking with her pouting.

When I told Kelly that I had given in to Sarah's wishes, she looked at me with awe in her eyes. "Go on," she said, as she slid her panties off and picked up her dildo.

I proceeded with the story, talking about removing Sarah's panties, and the exploration of her body. Kelly positioned the dildo at the opening of her pussy and started to push it in. As I talked about fingering Sarah's pussy and clit, Kelly responded by using the dildo to toy with her clit. All the while, her other hand was caressing her tits, rubbing at the taut nipples. I described the effort to get a finger into Sarah's cunt, and Kelly started to work the dildo in and out of hers. Kelly's arousal increased with each new realization about her youngest daughter. Learning just how tight her little pussy was, Kelly slid her hand down her body and started to rub at her clit while she fucked herself.

Kelly moaned with pleasure as I weaved the tale describing the night. She leaned back further as I told about pulling Sarah to the end of the bed so I could bury my face in her pussy. Her hips started to buck into the dildo as I talked of Sarah rubbing her slit up and down across my face. The description of Sarah's first climax and the continued finger fucking pushed Kelly closer toward her own orgasm.

And when I began to describe Sarah rolling on top of me and sliding her tight, wet, 10-year old pussy across my cock, Kelly could no longer restrain herself. She began to slide the sex toy into her cunt with abandon. She was rapidly and forcefully rubbing her clit, and gasping in ecstasy. Nearing the end of the story, I explained in great detail how Sarah mounted my cock and slowly worked herself down onto my shaft. I painted a picture that helped Kelly see just what it looked like to have that bald, tight cunt sliding onto my cock. I continued the story, leading up to that incredible moment when I climaxed, pumping my seed into Kelly's second, youngest daughter.

By then, Kelly was in the throes of her own orgasm. She started to scream as the contractions hit her. She convulsed, pulling the toy cock deeper into her cunt as she reveled in the feelings. Thinking of the fucking I had given to each of her daughters, Kelly laid there emotionally drained. Between the story she had just heard and the pleasuring she had given herself, she was completely wiped out.

After sharing the entire story with her, I laid down next to Kelly and kissed her deeply, passionately. Pulling back, I added one comment. "Apparently, the answer to your question about 10-year old girls is, 'Yes,' if it's the right girl."

"And what about that little girl's mother? Are you ready to fuck her? Because good as that orgasm was, I'm ready for something more. Something involving you."

I hesitated, not sure if I would be able to go again, so soon. Even sharing the story about Cassie and Sarah had barely aroused my cock beyond its totally limp state. "Well, if you're alright with the possibility that I might be done for the night."

Kelly jumped off the bed and said, "I'm sure I can find something to get you going one more time." She went to the closet where we keep the real stash of sex toys and rummaged through the small box. She stood up, empty handed, unsatisfied with what she found there. Half naked, she left the bedroom and I heard the door to the garage open and then shut a few minutes later. Kelly returned to the room and set a box on the floor. Closing the door, she joined me back on the bed after grabbing one of her massage aids and some baby oil.

"Let's start with a back massage, and see if we can't encourage your dick to get hard, again. Strip down and it can be a naked massage."

Always receptive to a massage, I removed my clothes and rolled over onto my stomach, throwing my arms over a pillow. To my surprise, Kelly reached into the closet and grabbed the same restraints I had used to tie her down when we role played the rape. She quickly tied my hands and feet, leaving me spread eagle much the way I had left her so many months in the past.

Once I was securely restrained, Kelly took her massage device, a hand held piece with four separate arms, each with a balled end, two smaller and two larger. She drizzled baby oil on my back, ass, and legs, then rubbed it in with her hands. Squirting a good amount more for good measure, Kelly started to massage my shoulders and back, using her hands and the massage toy. After several minutes of working on my neck and shoulders, she worked her way down my back, focusing extra attention on my lower back and butt muscles.

As she massaged my lower body, she added a bit more baby oil, ensuring a good amount worked it's way into the crack of my ass. Now, when she worked her way across my body, she allowed her hands to wander toward my butt. Each time she moved from one part of my body to another, she would work the massage toy further into my rear, until she finally spread my cheeks wide and ran one of the arms directly over my anus, working baby oil into the tight brown hole. Eventually, Kelly gave up any pretense of continuing the back rub and simply turned the massage device into an anal toy.

I closed my eyes as I felt her work the toy back and forth on my anal hole, working to lubricate the area and loosen the muscle holding the hole closed. As my ass relaxed, Kelly gave a push, shoving one of the smaller arms into my rear. I gasped in pleasure as I felt the bulbous arm pass my anus and surge into my rectum. Kelly worked it in and out several times, then slid it out and repositioned the toy so the larger arm was pushing against my ass. With all the lubrication, the larger object slipped right in, drawing another moan from my lips.

Kelly continued to fuck my ass with her toy, then reached under my body with one oil covered hand. She gripped my cock and started to stroke it with her slippery fingers. Her playing with both my ass and cock had the desired effect and I started to get hard, again. Kelly continued to rub my cock for a short bit, than asked if I was ready to fuck.

"Well, you have your hand on my cock, so know the answer to that."

Kelly pulled her hand off my cock, and slipped the massage toy out of my ass. I felt her climb off the bed, and waited for her to untie my arms and legs. I could hear her doing something beside the bed, but was unable to see because of my position on the pillow. Then, Kelly stepped into my view by the side of the bed. I was shocked by what I saw.

She had what appeared to be a strap-on dildo, though a bizarre one. Of course, my experience with strap-ons was very limited, so I was making a guess. The dildo had what looked to be to ends, one of which would have to go inside the user. Kelly confirmed by suspicion when she took the strap-on and slid it on, easing the shorter end directly into her pussy. She gave a soft moan as it slid home, then fastened the straps that held everything on tightly.

I looked at her, stuck somewhere between eager and appalled. I had enjoyed the times that Kelly toyed with my ass, but this was something entirely different. Kelly, seeing the look in my eyes, said, "I asked if you were ready to fuck. I didn't say who would fuck what." And with that, she rubbed a bit more baby oil in the crack of my ass and knelt behind me. Tied down as I was, there was little I could do except lay there and try and take the fake cock she intended to use to fuck me.

Kelly put her knees between mine, forcing my legs open a bit more. She spread my ass cheeks apart with her hands and rubbed the tip of her pretend dick up and down the crack, lingering teasingly at the opening of my anus. I worried about how the dildo would fit in my ass, as it was considerably larger than my cock and way larger than either Kelly's fingers or the massage toy she had used earlier. Guessing it had to be at least 8" long (probably 10"), I knew it was also wider than my cock. Kelly continued to rub the tip around my opening, then started to gently push it into my ass.

Feeling just the tip try to force my anus open, I tried to push away and off the dildo. Kelly sensed my desperation and back off slightly. But she kept the tip near the opening and pushed again, making small motions to give my ass time to stretch. And it little choice but to stretch as Kelly kept up the pressure, pushing the dildo further into my ass.

I couldn't escape, so I did the one thing I could, rocking my hips up slightly to give Kelly easier access. I grunted in pain as the massive cock started to slide further up my anal hole. Kelly backed out, again, giving me a bit of relief from the pressure. She then started pushing back in as my anus relaxed. She made sure there was plenty of lubrication on the dildo, and began pushing it further into my rear. I was sweating from the effort, and concentrated on allowing my anus to relax.

Kelly backed out one more time, then pushed hard, burying her "cock" in my ass as I let out a gasp of pain mixed with pleasure. I felt Kelly's body come into near direct contact with mine and knew she had shoved the entire 8 to 10 inches of the dildo inside my hole. I tensed as she rammed it home, then gave in to the pleasure as she started to rock her hips, sliding the sex toy in and out of my ass. It only took a few minutes for my ass to loosen enough for Kelly to start fucking me for real. I could feel the massive cock easing in and out of my body, and soon grew anxious for each thrust.

All the while, Kelly was experiencing her own sensations as the pressure of the dildo in my ass caused the dildo in her cunt to push and pull on her pussy. Though it wasn't sliding in and out, the pressure generated intense feelings in her vagina.

As she continued to fuck my ass, Kelly reached around and grabbed my cock with her still slippery fingers. She started to jack me off in rhythm with the dildo sliding in and out of my body. The pulsing of my hard-on caused the pressure from the dildo to multiply, and I was soon on the verge of cumming.

I started to moan out loud as Kelly continued to fuck and jerk me at the same time. She was pushing herself toward her own orgasm as the dildo in her pussy stimulated her to continue her rocking motion. Finally, just as I lost control and ejaculated onto her hand and bed, Kelly achieved her own orgasm and collapsed into me. That rammed the dildo deep into my ass one last time, forcing one final spurt of cum out of my cock.

Kelly laid there for a few minutes, her dildo still buried in both our holes. Unable to move, I had to wait until Kelly recovered, at which point she pushed off me, sliding the strap-on out of my ass. I groaned in pleasure as the massive cock slipped out of me, and my ass shrank back down. I could only writhe in ecstasy thinking about what had just happened.

Kelly slid the dildo out of her cunt, then quickly released me from the ties that held me down and joined me on the bed. I held her close to me, though we could afford only a few minutes of post-sex snuggling. Kelly got up to change the sheets while I took a quick shower. Once dressed, Kelly and I checked in on both girls. They were sound asleep, still wearing the t-shirts they had taken from my things. Overwhelmed by the events of the evening, I pulled Kelly into my arms, gave her a passionate good-night kiss, and headed for home.

This ends the series "The Opportunity." There will be follow-up stories under other names. As some have responded about another series, questioning name changes, I will try to be clear about what stories relate to another series. I am already planning the next series in the story of Tom, Kelly, and the girls Cassie and Sarah. It will be titled "Camping with My Girls."

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2013-11-26 19:27:09
Loved the story you should now write one about your two children I believe you have a son and daughter, so you could start fuck your daughter and Kelly could fuck your son and then get the two girls to join in and have a family orgy and fuck one another.

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2013-06-30 22:50:04
Well, I see that you have already written "Camping with my girls." I have one wish, that you do not let the story wind up with his wife and her husband ending up being screwed for the gift they have given their husband and wife. Maybe the best think if they could just swap mates without divorces, like they are doing through this story. Of course, Kelly's girls already know the story, I don't know about his kids. Thank you for writing. I did not care for the adult male and the young girls but it is your story and you wrote it like you wanted to. I cannot fault you, I have the choice to read it or not. Bfreetorun

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Looking forward to your other stories


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You are truely a great writer. Likeemyoung!!!

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