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The story of my sister's return home after many years apart.
Part 1

It would be safe to say that my family had been through the wringer. If I had to point at a single point in time and say, "That's it, that's where it all started," I'd have to say it was when our dad died. Now, that wasn't the first tragedy to hit the family, as our mom had died the year before that. A little more than a year after our dad passed, Susan's husband was killed in a tragic plane crash traveling home from overseas.

But it was dad's death that was really the root of the problem. When I was trying to resolve my dad's estate, my brother and my wife questioned why I had to clean his house out before anyone else was allowed in to look at things. Simply saying that our dad asked me to do it that way didn't cut it with either of them.

They pushed the issue, and I had to break to them that our dad was quite the porn fiend. His house was filled with magazines, books, videos, computer files, pictures, and sex toys that reflected his various sexual fetishes. If it had been "run of the mill" pornography, I wouldn't have worried about it. But dad, he was freaky. His collection included stuff on transsexuals, domination (of him), cross-dressing, young kids, and incest. He had strap-on dildos that wouldn't raise too many eyebrows, until seeing the pictures of one mistress or another using them. On him. I never even had the stomach to look at his video collection, but saw some of the titles. Even the names made me uncomfortable.

My brother happened to be visiting when our dad died unexpectedly. He was staying with dad, and it got a bit hairy when I asked him to stay out of the house for a day so I could take care of some things. Because there is no delicate way to put that. I didn't have any bad intentions, but understood how it looked. My sister had some understanding of what was in my dad's house, but my brother, the oldest of the three of us, was completely in the dark. And my wife was right there with my brother, wanting to know just what the hell was going on. I did everything I could to deflect the issue, but finally had to just tell them the truth.

My brother, Mike, was speechless. My wife, Allison, was inquisitive. She was inquisitive because she had, on a couple occasions, gotten awfully close to learning about skeletons in my closet. It was those same skeletons that made it possible for me to handle the knowledge my mom had shared with me many years before, when she asked me to make sure that I cleared all of the porn out of my dad's house if something happened to him. I spent years getting a feel for where I had to look, and never let my dad know I was aware of his fetishes. And I didn't judge him. How could I?

Unfortunately, as my family asked more and more questions, things got ugly. My brother saw some of the things my dad had, and dug up some long buried memory of something he had seen. That something was my sister and I engaged in sexual play on the floor of our living room. He had been pretty drunk when he walked in on us, and Susan and I convinced him it never happened. There, staring at my dad's collection of incest books and magazines, he remember that situation and asked me about it, point blank, with my wife standing in the same room. My heart leaped into my throat, and I attempted to downplay his memory, saying he must have been drunk. He admitted that, yes, he had been drunk, but that he was certain he was right in his memory of the night.

Once again, my brother's damn comments set wheels to turning in my wife's mind. She now put two-and-two together, recalling a time she had found a story on my computer. A story about my sister and I involved in a sexual relationship. At the time, I had convinced her it was just a story, a complete fantasy. Now, more than a decade later, my brother had brought doubts about that back to the surface. That led to other questions and other discoveries.

My wife remembered a program she had installed on our computer and never mentioned to me. It was an Internet monitoring program for when our kids were using the computer. She had installed it, set it up, then forgotten about it, figuring our kids rarely used that computer, anyway. But I did use it. I used it when I was surfing porn sites, and those frequently included incest sites. One of the features of the program was password retention. While I routinely cleared the history in web browsers, I didn't even know there was another program tracking passwords. I don't know that the program ever dumped a password, because it had the history from years of Internet use. That allowed Allison to find not only current sites I had visited, but some I forgot I had ever seen.

Using the site and password information, my wife discovered the many stories I had written, including stories on adultery, underage sex, and incest. She accepted that the other stories might be fantasy, but now firmly believed that the incest stories were based on real situations, if not completely true stories. That ended our marriage, and I didn't stand a chance in the custody hearings. Rather than fight, I simply worked to get the most favorable visitation I could, and even that wasn't very favorable.

Allison packed the kids up and left the state, moving back to her parents' house. The one silver lining was that my dad's estate was enough for me to pay cash for most of our marital property. That allowed me to save the house and pay off most of the mortgage. I didn't have much else left, but I figured I could rebuild. It helped that my wife remarried pretty quickly, and her new husband adopted the kids. That eliminated both spousal and child support.

Alone for the first time in many years, I struggled finding ways to fill my time. I took time off from writing the stories that had ended my marriage, and focused on working out and fixing up my house. With nobody else in the way, and the extra money of being single again, I fixed up a lot of the issues that needed fixing. And I put some effort into making it better. It's amazing what can be done when you have time, money, and nothing else to do. New windows and siding. Rebuilt bedrooms and bathrooms. A completely ripped out and rebuilt basement, including a guest room and home theater. I put a lot of work into the house, and it showed.

I did, of course, have to take a break when Susan's husband Ted was killed. I dropped everything, jumped on a plane, and was at her side before they even recovered all of the wreckage. Susan was devastated. Despite the on/off relationship she and I had had over the years, her husband was her life. It had always been that way with us. Ours was a secondary relationship. When we were dating, those people came first. When we married, our spouses came first.

I burned through a good bit of vacation staying by Susan's side to support her during the recovery efforts and then the funeral. In addition to Susan losing a husband, my niece, Amelia, was left without a father. She was as hurt as my sister, and there was little I could do to help. I did the one thing I could. I stayed with them.

Eventually, though, I had to return home. I left Susan's home reluctantly, but told her to let me know if there was anything I could do to help. Once back home, I jumped back into the same rut, spending my days working, training, or fixing my house. It passed the time, and kept my mind off all the bad things that had happened. And it diverted my attention from the silence that invaded my home after my wife and kids left.

Several months after my brother-in-law died, I got a call from my sister. We'd been in touch while she took care of all those things that have to be done after someone dies, but this was the first time she called looking for help.

"Tom, I've been thinking a lot the past few weeks. I've been trying to figure out what to do. Amelia and I don't have any ties, here. Really, we don't have anything to tie us down much of anywhere. Everywhere we've lived was because of Ted's job." I could tell Susan was struggling, most likely crying over the death of her husband, and told her it was okay and that she should take her time.

"Thanks, Tom," was followed by a pause. She then continued, "With mom and dad gone, I don't have any ties back home, either, and I don't know where to go. The only time I've felt whole since this all started was when you were here with us. And since you're the only real connection we have, anywhere, Amelia and I started thinking maybe it was time to head home. Well, not quite 'home,' but to your home. With Allison gone, I'm sure you need someone to look after the house."

I laughed, then assured Susan I wasn't laughing at her or the idea. "I was laughing about Allison taking care of the house. Neither of us was very good at that, but I've done remarkably well on my own. I must be channelling dad."

I could hear Susan start to cry, again, and she mumbled through the tears, "So, what do you think? Would you mind some guests for a bit?"

The thought of having a full house again was scary after so long being back on my own. But I was sure Susan knew I would never turn her down for anything, and that I would certainly help her out in this situation. "Sure, Susan. We'll have to work out the arrangements, but I'm sure we can handle it for however long it takes you to figure out what you want to do."

So, after three deaths and a divorce, Susan and I made a positive change to find a way forward. She put her house on the market and started packing. She also sent information on Amelia so I could start getting her enrolled in school. I started cleaning house, getting rid of junk that wasn't needed, preparing to convert offices back into bedrooms, and finishing up the last of the home improvement projects that couldn't be put off. Once Susan had everything packed, we hired a moving company and had everything shipped to my house. She turned the house over to the real estate agent, and told her to use her best judgment when it came to selling. Her and Amelia jumped into their car and started the long journey from the east coast to the Midwest, and arrived at my house several days later on a Friday.

Part 2

As Susan and Amelia pulled into the driveway, I jumped up and ran out the door. They were barely out of the car before I grabbed them both into a hug, squeezing them tightly. Backing up, I stood next to Amelia, amazed at how she keeps growing taller. Though only 13, she stands nearly 5'7", three inches taller than Susan, halfway to reaching my 5'10" height. "You really need to start slowing down, sweetheart. You'll be taller than me, soon."

Grabbing some of their bags from the car, I led them through the garage into the house. "Just throw your things anywhere. We'll figure everything out in a bit. I'm sure you guys are hungry, so I'll throw some stuff on the grill? My favorite niece gets to decide, steak or hamburgers. We'll have fries with it, either way."

"We've had plenty of burgers the past few days, Uncle Tom. How about steak, tonight?"

I pulled several steaks out of the fridge, went out to the already warmed grill, and threw them on, lowering the heat. As I went back into the house, I told Amelia and Susan to think about where they wanted to room, so we could put their things away. "Let me get the fries in the oven and I'll show you your options."

The fries were ready to go, and the oven was hot, so I threw them in and went back to the living room. "I'm really sorry about making you stand here. I promise we'll at least start settling you in before I have to check on dinner. Now, how about the short version of the grand tour? How about we start downstairs, in what I like to call my masterpiece?"

I took Amelia's hand like I was going to escort her and led her to the door to the basement. Leading the way, I told them how I had been working on a basement bedroom for some time, and finally got it finished. We walked through the family room, stopping to check out the entertainment system, then went into the bedroom. Amelia fell in love with it immediately, calling, "Dibs! This is awesome, and I have to have it." The room wasn't huge, but it probably was perfect for a teenager. It was within feet of the home theater and gaming system, downstairs, and well insulated from noise.

"Okay," I said, "Assuming it's okay with your mom." At Susan's nod, I pointed to the emergency exit and told her we'd talk about that, later.

Leading them back upstairs, I pointed out minor things like the downstairs bathroom, the laundry area, and the computer desk. Upstairs, I told Susan that we'd have to figure out which of the two rooms she wanted for a bedroom, and set it up. I'd let her take my bed until that was done, and sleep on the couch, myself.

Susan nudged me in the ribs and said, "You don't have to sleep there, Tom. It's your house. I can sleep on the couch."

"You two just drove half-way across the country, sleeping in hotels along the way. I'm not going to have you sleep on a couch your first night here."

"Fine, but you still don't have to sleep on the couch."

I looked at Susan knowingly, but said nothing. With Amelia standing right there, I couldn't believe what Susan was saying. But in my disbelief was hope and desire at what she was saying.

While I checked on the steaks, Susan and Amelia tackled the rest of dinner. Amelia pulled the fries out of the oven and put them in a serving bowl. Susan found ketchup and steak sauce in the fridge, and grabbed a bottle of wine off the wine rack. When I walked into the house with the steaks, Susan took the plate and handed me the wine saying, "Let's trade."

"I hope everyone is fine with medium, because that's about the only way I know how to cook steak." Both girls said that was fine as I wrestled with the cork in the wine bottle. I grabbed two glasses, filling each about half-way. As I set them on the table, Amelia started pleading with me, hoping I'd let her have some. "Ask your mother," was my response.

Susan told her she could have half a glass. "That's it, young lady, don't ask for more." Amelia grabbed another wine glass and I poured for her. Like any good uncle, I poured a very generous half glass. Susan glared at me. "Don't go getting her drunk. Save that for the adults."

"Trust me, Susan, we have plenty of bottles in the rack, we won't run out of wine to go with the dine."

I grabbed some plates, silverware, and napkins and set them on the table. I put a steak and fries on each plate, and set them at the table. Before we sat down, my sister made a toast to family and new beginnings. Then, we tackled dinner, with most of the conversation centered on their trip. It was nice to have someone to share dinner, and even better to be able to talk over a meal. I'd had little of that for quite some time, and the playful banter made the meal much better than eating in front of the t.v. or while surfing the Internet.

After dinner, Susan told me to relax while she and Amelia took care of the dishes. Rather than relax, I used the time to unload more things out of their car, get luggage where it needed to go, and park the car in the garage. With Amelia's luggage downstairs, I struggled with my sister's things. Until the moving company arrived with their household goods, still a couple days off, we were a bit limited on dresser space. Amelia would be fine as the guest room had both dressers and closet space. But I really needed Susan's dressers to provide sufficient room for her clothes.

In the end, I moved about half my stuff into a built in dresser in one closet, giving Susan room for at least some clothes. She would have plenty of closet space, and I resolved to let her figure out what she wanted to put where. So long as I had one dresser for myself, I could handle just about anything.

Once the dinner dishes were put away, Susan did some additional cleaning while Amelia went to her new room. I heard music coming from the basement, meaning she had also figured out how to operate the stereo. Figuring she would be fine on her own, I left Amelia to her own devices, and went to see what help Susan could use.

She finished wiping the counters down, threw the sponge in the sink, and told me she was going to make a few "Susan" changes in the kitchen. "I hope you don't mind, but I will move things around, a bit, and see if I can't organize it a bit better. You know me, Tom, all mom when it comes to keeping a house neat and tidy."

I didn't really care, and figured we would have a lot of decisions to make when the movers arrived with a second house full of furniture, dishes, appliances, and other household property. Besides, most of what was in my cupboards was the leftovers from the divorce. Allison had taken most of the "good" dishes, including all of the formal dining pieces. The china and silver had been her grandmother's, and a bunch of crystal without the rest made little sense. I'd also let her take the formal dining room furniture, which gave me more room in the house. A small dinner table is more than enough for one person, and plenty for three.

Susan finished washing her hands, then turned and threw her arms around my neck. "Thank you for letting us come, and thank you for making Amelia feel at home." As she broke off the hug, she pulled my head toward hers and brought her mouth to mine. Our lips parted as we shared our first real kiss in more months than I could count. Susan's tongue was frantic on mine, and I squeezed her back into my body.

We stood there, kissing, for several minutes before I broke off the contact and pointed out that we had to figure out a few things about sleeping and storage. Susan joked about me being no fun, then followed me toward the bedroom. I showed her the drawers I had cleared out in my bedroom, as well as the closets in the rooms that used to belong to my kids.

"Once we determine which room will be yours we'll paint it, and make it more appropriate for an adult woman. They're perfect for little kids, but I'm not sure how much you can appreciate powder blue and pink."

Susan looked at me with a gleam in her eye and said, "Perhaps I'll just make over your room."

I returned the stare and replied, "When you're sleeping there on a regular basis, I'll consider it."

Susan stuck her tongue out at me, then grabbed some luggage to determine what to get out for the short term. I helped her as she unpacked, mostly so I could find out what she was wearing in the underwear, bra, and nightgown departments. As I was unpacking, I would take sexier items and tell her to put them in the drawer, and the more "sensible" items I would throw back at her to get packed away. Susan said that if I was going to do that, she wanted to go through my underwear and pajama drawers, too.

Rather than endure that embarrassment, I told her I'd let her unpack, then headed downstairs to see how my niece was doing. She had already unpacked her suitcases, made a few changes in her room, and switched into lounge pants and a t-shirt. She was sitting watching t.v. and I joined her on the couch.

"This is cool, Uncle Tom. Thanks for letting me have the room down here."

"Don't thank me, young lady. Thank your mom. She didn't have to allow it. So don't take advantage of it. And while we're on the subject, let's talk about the emergency exit module." I explained how she could get out of her bedroom through a small door that leads to an enclosure with a ladder and hatch at the top.

"Both of the doors are locked from the inside for security, and you should learn how to unlock them. But they are for leaving the house in case of a fire. Nothing else. Do you understand. I'm pretty sure that your mom will change her mind about you being down here if we find out its used for anything other than that."

She nodded in agreement, and I gave her a big hug. "I'll let you get back to your show. Don't stay up, all night, okay. It's been a long day and I'm sure you could use some rest. If you need anything, just let me know. For the time being, I'll leave a desk light on, out here, so you don't have to worry about finding things in the dark."

Confident Amelia was comfortable, I headed back upstairs, hoping Susan was done rifling through my closets and dressers.

Part 3

I walked back into the living room to find that Susan was, in fact, done with her unpacking. Like Amelia, she had changed into more comfortable evening attire. Unlike Amelia, Susan's clothes couldn't really be considered "lounge" pants. Susan was in pajamas, and I was fairly certain they were silk. The dark blue material looked amazing on her, playing against her dirty blond hair. Her smile at my return lit up her face, and her blue eyes sparkled. "I picked out some of the stuff you included in the 'keep' pile, though I went a bit conservative. Well, at least for the outerwear. Amelia will probably come up for a snack at some point. I don't want her to see me running around in what's under this outfit."

I could feel my cock starting to push against the confining fabric of my underwear as I thought about the offers implicit in some of Susan's comments. There was little doubt Susan was open to redeveloping our relationship, and living under the same roof without the obstacle of parents or spouses presented some interesting opportunities. Then again, I wouldn't make any assumptions, and would allow things to happen naturally. Of course, the kiss we had shared earlier highlighted Susan's natural desires.

"Why don't you change into something for the evening. Unless you plan on going out, somewhere. Then we can watch a movie or something."

Obviously, with Susan and Amelia showing up, I had cleared my calendar. I went to my room and changed into boxers, lounge pants, and a t-shirt. I noticed that Susan had claimed about half my dresser drawers, straightened the room up, a bit, and even put the bed back in order. I grabbed some pillows and went back into the living room.

Susan had laid claim to the couch, and I threw one pillow at her. I put another against the couch, on the floor, then turned on the t.v. and stereo system. I pointed out the movie selection to my sister, and waited for her to pick something out (Castaway). After starting the DVD, I sat down on the floor.

"You have a recliner, why not sit there?"
"After so many years with kids stealing my chairs, I tend to sit down here, a lot."

"Well, you're free to take your recliner. Or you can have some of the couch, there's plenty of room."

The movie was starting, and I told Susan I'd be fine. "Besides, I always liked sitting on the floor with you on the couch."

"That's true, isn't it. I wonder why?"

Some time after the movie started, we heard feet on the stairs and Amelia came into the living room. As my sister had suggested, she was searching for a snack.

"More food, already. I guess that would explain why you're getting so tall." I joked with Amelia as I went into the kitchen to show her where various snack options were, as well as help her gain a bit of familiarity with the layout. "Of course, don't get too comfortable with it. If I know your mom, it won't stay this way long." Amelia found some popcorn and I showed her the drink options. "With all this food you eat, how do you stay so thin?" Even at 5'7", I wouldn't put her anything over about 80 pounds. Amelia takes after her mother, and I always wonder if it's diet, exercise, or wildly out of control metabolisms that are responsible.

Once Amelia had her snack, she went back down to her shows. "That's probably the last we'll see of her," Susan said.

I opened the door and asked Amelia if she would be back up, or if I should turn the staircase lights out? She said she would probably just be going to bed, so I flipped the lights out, noting the need for two-way switches in the future. I closed the door and sat back down in front of the couch.

My sister laughed quietly, saying, "Still checking for potential interruptions, I see."

"What do you mean? I just wanted to know if I could turn the light out, or if she wanted it left on."

"No. You wanted to know if she was going to come back upstairs. You wanted to know if we would be left alone." She looked at me, trying to hide the humor she saw in the situation. "Well, just FYI, she isn't likely to be back up here until morning. And unless you have a window I missed, it will be late morning. She's a teenager, and won't move until she sees the sun."

Susan then switched ends of the couch so she was sitting right behind me and said, "So, you can go ahead and do whatever you were thinking about."

"I don't know what you're talking about. I'm just watching the movie. Why? Did you have something in mind?"

Susan looked at me like I was crazy, and snuggled into her pillow. "No," she said. "I'll just watch the movie, too." But as she said it, she lightly pushed at my back with her feet. I didn't respond, so she pushed me again. After a third nudge, I reminded her that I was still older and bigger, and quite capable of restraining her. "Ooh, scary," she said, then pushed at me, again.

I turned slightly so that I could put my hand on her leg, gently trapping it against the couch. I wasn't really applying a lot of pressure, but Susan stopped trying to push me over. She had what she wanted, my physical response to her advances. As I absentmindedly caressed my sister's leg just above her knee, my eyes took in her body.

Susan laying there on the couch took me back to our younger years. She hadn't changed all that much, and it was easy to imagine those nights that found us in situations very similar to this. Of course, we didn't have silk pajamas and a house of our own, then. Still, my sister looked much the same as she had as a 12-year old girl playing games with her brother. Her pert, beautiful smile and pert upturned nose highlight her face. The silk top covered the small 34A breasts that were barely any larger than what she had in high school. Always slender, it was difficult to imagine Susan weighed anything over 100 pounds, if that. Her flat stomach and tiny waist led to well proportioned legs and a perfect little ass.

Looking at Susan's shoulder length, dirty blond hair, I wondered if she still groomed her pussy as she had in the past. She had never been fond of bushy hair, so always shaved most of it off, leaving only the barest of patches on her abdomen. These thoughts were enough to get my hand in motion, and I started to massage her leg with a bit more determination. In addition to applying more force, my hand started to wander more freely. Rather than just rubbing her leg in one spot, I focused on the entire leg between her knee and waist. Each time my hand approached my sister's inner thigh, I would lightly brush against the fabric of her silk bottoms, though not with enough pressure to actually push against her pussy.

That approach had the desired effect, with Susan starting to wait expectantly for the next time my hand would massage her inner thigh. Her body anticipated the moment when I would shift from her leg to the box between her legs. While Susan always enjoys a good massage, she was obviously ready for something more and anxious for me to please her with my touch. Sensing her desire, I moved my hand closer to her pussy, brushed my hand across it, and moved my hand up her hips just as she tensed from the touch of my hand to her silk covered mound. I shocked her by tickling her hips instead of grabbing and caressing her hot lips.

Susan jumped at the touch, and pushed back into the couch. I took that opportunity to hop up and lay down next to her, and our bodies pushed against each other. As I pulled my hand back, Susan attempted to fight back by tickling me in the exact same spot. Though not ticklish, her touch did affect me. Almost as quickly as she started, Susan stopped the tickling, and I again tickled her on her hips. We went back and forth several times, teasing each other with the ticklish touch. Each time I went to tickle my sister, I went for a spot slightly lower on her body, following the line of her hips toward her crotch.

The game ended when I went to tickle Susan one more time and she grabbed my hand, forcing it down her pants and into her panties. She didn't let go until my hand was on her pussy and she had pushed my fingers hard against her wet mound. No longer holding back, I rubbed my fingers across her lips, then slid two inside my sister's cunt. Susan, after months of sexual inactivity, released all of her pent up energy, surrendering to my eager touch. She reached up and pulled me to her and our mouths came together, tongues dancing, in a frantic kiss. All the while, my fingers slid in and out of my sister as we reconnected on a very physical level.

Easing my fingers out of her pants, I slid off the couch and motioned for Susan to join me on the floor. Playfully, she threw the pillows at me and grabbed a throw blanket from the couch. When she was next to me on the floor, I shoved my hand back into her pants, again sliding my fingers into her cunt. Susan fell into the pillows, and pulled me back to her for another passionate kiss. Breaking off the kiss, I slid my sister's silk bottoms over her ass and down her legs. As they came off, I noted she was wearing a skimpy red g-string, and marveled at how it barely covered her pussy, but hid enough to be very erotic.

"Now," I said, "What kind of games shall we play?"

Looking at one of the drinks, I noticed the largely melted ice in the cup. Reaching in, I grabbed one of the larger pieces and held it over Susan's stomach, letting a couple drops of the cold water drip onto her. She was so worked up that the water hitting her body further aroused her. I moved my hand lower, letting the water drip onto her panty covered mound. Then, I hooked a finger into the fabric and pulled the g-string down off her pussy. As she kicked them off, I positioned the rapidly melting ice over her hot, naked mound, allowing the water to now drip directly onto her wet lips. Each drop made her flinch, but she didn't ask me to stop or push me away.

As the ice melted completely, I grabbed another piece and started to rub it directly onto my sister's pussy lips. She jumped, saying it was cold, but she relaxed quickly, allowing me to work the ice up and down her slit. Much to my dismay, the heat from her pussy melted the small ice cube in a matter of moments. I jumped up and went to the freezer in the kitchen, grabbed a brand new ice cube, and ran it under the water for a second to start it melting. I returned to my sister in the living room and asked, "Do you think it still takes the same amount of time to melt a brand new ice cube?"

Susan looked at me, hunger in her eyes, then laid back opening her legs. "Let's find out."

I laid down next to my sister and started running the ice cube through her pussy lips. She jumped, again, at the cold touch, then started to breath heavily as she got used to the feeling. Once I was sure the ice cube was melting and wet, I started to work it deeper into Susan's pussy. Her legs were spread, so I had plenty of room to work, and I quickly worked the ice past her lips to the opening of her cunt. Pushing gently, I forced the ice into her hole, causing Susan to squeal with cold pleasure. She was caught between the cold of the ice and the heat of her pussy, with hot winning out. She closed her eyes and started to quietly voice her pleasure as I worked the ice, fucking her with the small, cold dildo. After several minutes of fucking her this way, the ice cube was completely melted inside her.

I looked at Susan, telling her there was nothing left. I continued to rub at her pussy, causing her to become even more aroused. Leaving subtlety and romance behind, Susan demanded, "Eat me, Tom. Eat my pussy."

Needing no additional urging, I dove between my sister's legs and shoved my tongue into her hot hole. I didn't start slowly and work my way into a tongue lashing frenzy. I quickly shoved my tongue as far into her pussy as I could. Forcefully flicking my tongue into her cunt, I took advantage of my sister's pussy warming up after the ice cube. As her nether regions warmed, the blood flowed more freely and my sister became very senstive. Her clit, engorged from the cold ice was most sensitive of all, and I rubbed my nose across it while I ate her out. This pushed her over the edge and she clamped her legs tightly, squeezing my face into her cunt. I continued to drive my tongue into her while she screamed and moaned through the orgasm. Eventually, she could take no more and had to almost pry my face off her mound.

I sat up, grinning, pleased to once again give my sister an orgasm through oral sex. Perhaps my love of eating pussy stems from the way my sister responds to oral sex. Or, perhaps, it's the fact that my sister tastes absolutely incredible, and always has. Regardless, I laid down on my back, next to my sister, glad I had been able to do that for her.

She leaned up, looking down at me and said, "You're evil! But you know that, don't you?" She shivered with sexual joy, and continued, "That ice cube had me worried. It's been a long time since we did that, but it's still wonderful. Let's not wait so long until next time." Then, looking at the tent in my lounge pants, she added, "And what have we here. Is it my turn?"

My sister got to her knees and grabbed my pants by the leg bottoms. Pulling back, she yanked my pajama bottoms down, taking the boxers with them. My cock, already hard from the actions of the past half-hour, stood at attention, ready for anything Susan had in mind.

Unwilling to waste another moment, Susan straddled my waist, still on her knees. Reaching down, she grabbed my cock and positioned it at the opening of her cunt. She lowered herself down, enveloping my shaft first with her pussy lips than with her cunt. I moaned in pleasure as I felt my dick slide inside the body of the one woman who has always been in my life. The combination of decades of love and months without sex created the most intense feelings of pleasure imaginable.

Susan slid up and down a couple times while sitting straight up, then lowered her body to mine so she could initiate an intense kiss while she fucked me. Our tongues chased each other as we savored tender lips and fueled carnal desire. Susan continued to drive herself down onto my cock, impaling herself completely with each thrust. Breaking off the kiss, I lowered my mouth on her body and began to lick at her tiny tits, teasing the nipples into standing up for me to suck. I took first one, then the other nipple, sucking at my sister hungrily. The image of my cock inside her cunt and my mouth on her nipples quickly brought me to the point of climax.

I dropped onto the pillow as Susan drove down one more time. I pulled her tightly into me as I felt the climax tear through me, from head to toe. Hugging her tightly, my cock pulsed as it squeezed spurt after spurt of cum into my sister's cunt. After so long without any sex, the orgasm seemed to last forever. As it finally subsided, I relaxed my grip on Susan and collapsed into the pillow. Susan, with my cock still inside her cunt, leaned into me and put her head on my shoulder, saying, "Thank you, Tom. That was amazing."

"No," I said. "Thank you."

"And welcome home."


2017-05-05 07:03:40
A Very rich and erotic flavor. Had us wet and hard. Made me wish I had a sister to play and grow with.
To paraphrase Paul Harvey, "Now...for the rest of the story."

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Great read. I was horny.

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ll2RC1 Looking forward to reading more. Great blog.Thanks Again. Keep writing.


2013-10-31 14:24:39
Thanks for the good reads, start pretty good!
Looking forward to reading the rest.

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8hyL62 Muchos Gracias for your blog article.Really thank you! Really Great.

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