..........." Damn fine coffee you brewed this morning buddie"
"Thank's Bob, I like a good cup of coffee to start the day."
" So you want to here about my fetish for women's asses "
" Yes I do ...... I got my curiousity factor up. I seem to be following you down that same pathBobbie."
" Lets go outside and sit on your porch .... seems a shame to waist such a fine morning inside Willie."
Willie an I seat ourselves on the cabin porch, bringing the coffee pot with us. I take a sip of my coffee before I begin.
Willie gets comfortably seated and waits for my story of anal assualt upon the ladies to begin.
"" ...... it really is a two part senario Willie. The first part occurred when I was fourteen and fifteen. The second part occured about ten years later. ""

Just then several pigeons flew by and Willie and I watch them.

"" I had a friend, his name was Barry Jones. We where very close and spent most of our time togerther. We spent many nights sleeping over at one anothers houses. Barry's mom was a very nice women. I grew to love her dearly, as much as my mom. But with added sexual overtones as I reached puberty.""
"" Barry had a sister, Collene. Barry's dad, whose name was Walt, was in sales with all the trappngs that go with that life style.
As Barry and I grew older we assumed the chores in our respective households. We would help out at each others house's as well. Our two family's were one family in many ways.""
................I stop for a sip of my coffee...............
.............. Willie gets into a chair ..........
"" Our birthdays where a month apart so when we hit fourteen the neighborhood threw a big party for us. Any excuss in my old neigborhood for a party. From that day on Barry and myself where included in all the adult parties. There where allot of drinkers in our neighborhood. That led to some misbehaving.
Jones's mom, that is what I called Barry, had always been special to me. She treated me like her own with all the usual hugs and kidding that goes on in most familys. By fourteen I had developed a real crush on her. Her hugs always felt so nice. I just loved it because my head would press up against her breasts.
One afternoon I was over and in jest patted her behind. She called me a rascal. From that time on Barry's mom and my relationship seemed to change. By that I mean we seemed warmer toward on another in a adult manner.
Like I said, our neighborhood had lots of drinkers in it. There was at least one party every month at someone's house. Becasue of this it was a pretty touchy feely neighborhood. There had been a few fights but in general everyone got along. ""
............. another sip of coffee, which was starting to get cold so I topped it up....
................ Willie waited for me to continue ..........
"" The Independence Day party when I was fourteen was in full swing. The party was at Jones' and I was helping out big time. Late in the afternoon I was taking a breather in the kitchen when I heard voices. I looked upstairs and noticed my mom and Barry standing close together. For some reason I stepped back into a shadow near the stairs.
Mom took Barry's face with both hands and gave him a long kiss. " that's all you get ' .. I over heard mom say to Barry.
When mom turned to leave Barry grabbed her ass. Mom turned quickly grabbing Barry's arm and pulled him to one of the rooms .. .... ........They did not close the door so I could tell she was giving him hell although I could not make out her words.
I moved closer to the room by slithering into the living room near the staircase. There was no way I could sneek upstairs so I had to be content with listening.
I heard mom say, ' Barry stop... ......damn it let me go."
Then the unmistakable sounds of a tussle. I heard foorsteps ..... a pause .. more tussling.
' .. stop, ..... damn it Barry ..............
....... Barry, ........ if you say anything I'll kill you, do you understand .'
' Yes ' ... I heard Barry say.
The door closed to the room they where in.
No one else came into the house .... I heard the door open about five minutes later and someone went to the bathroom upstairs. I went outside and joined the party. Mom came out about five minutes after I did and Barry never did show again. I never said anything but I could tell that mom and Barry where warmer toward each other after that party.
I think Barry's mom got wind of it somehow because she started to be more affectionate towards me after that party.
"" The next big party wasThanksgiving. My fourteenth year. ..........................
I was a hockey player and had a game late that evening so I missed the beginning of the Thanksgiving party. When I arrived the party was in its usual mode. It was so big that year that we held it a three adjacent house's. Jones' was in the middle of the three house's. Ours was one of the three homes in use. I pitched in and helped out. I seemed to be on the go for most of the night.
As the party wound down I was busy putting things away. Most everyone had gone home or where passed out in one of the three homes. Maxwell's was the third house. Someone had looked after Maxwell's so I steered clear of their home...... plus I was not close to them so I did not feel comfortable prowling around their house at night. I had finished my own home and was going to go see how Jones' was.
I heard a noise. I stopped to listen ..... it was Barry and mom getting it on somewhere in the house. Not in a bedroom .............. I quietly left for Jones'
There where still a couple of people up at Jones'. I worked around them. It was about two AM when I finished with the clean-up. I went upstairs to see who was who and where they where before I locked up.
As I came up the stairs I saw Mr Jones, Walt, carrying his daughter into her bedroom. The Jones' had plants situated at the top of the stairs on the second floor so Walt could not see me. He paused and looked back, then went into Collene' room with her in his arms and closed the door. I thought that odd.
Collene was two years younger than Barry and myself.
I went to the washroom for a piss ..... when I came out I could hear Collene ......
' No daddy please, please don't ' ........
' Daddy loves you honey, don't you know that .... '
I panic'd Willie ....I knew what was happeing but did not know what to do. I spun around and looked to see if anyone else was hearing this. No such luck.
I thought to myself ..... ' 'Barry is at my house that's ok' ..........'
' Where the hell is Mrs Jones .....she loves her daughter.'
I crept back toward the top of the stairs and looked about ...listening I could hear no one ... Walt and Collene where quiet now.
I walked quietly toward the Jones' master bedroom .....the door was closed ..... I gentley opened the door to see if Mrs Jones was in there. At first I couldn't see ....... I tip-toe'd into the room and found Mrs. Jones on her bed .... she was snoring so I turned on the table lamp.
She must have gotten real drunk. It seemed to me that she had tried to go to bed but had trouble so she just fell onto the bed as she was ... Her feet where dangling off the edge of the bed. The bed clothes where bunched up in what appeared to be a vain attempt to get them open for her to get under them. Her skirt was on the floor where she had stood I surmised. Her black panty hose where part way down her thighs. She still had her top on.
Willie, there before my eye's was my love, her bare bum exposed. I forgot all about Collene and Walt. I was excited ... to say the least. I stood there and stared at her ass. Her legs where held tight together by her panty hose. However, I could still see her pussy lips from where I stood looking at her behind. I moved my face close to her bum.
Willie I just stared .. ...I was fixated on her bum.
Willie, this was THE defining moment in my life sexually. ""
......... I sip at my coffee, empty .........
"Can I get you some more coffee buddie" ......... Willie say's to me, rising form his chair ..... stretching with a man sized yawn.
" Yes, ........ thanks " ............ I need to take a piss anyhow."
"Me too Bob, back in five."
... Returning to our chairs I get set to resume my tail .......
' ......... where was I ? '
' Staring and Mrs. Jones '
'" ........ I don't know how long I stood there but it was for many minutes. I was brought to reality by a severe ache in my balls .... God it hurt Willie ... my balls where aching and my stomach had that weird hurt one gets when sexually aroused to the n'th degree.
I touched her bum ... ..... I touched her again ...... soon I was feeling her bare ass. Gentle loving touches ... feeling the roundness of her cheeks. I looked at her crack .. running my fingers up and down her crack ... each time getting closer and closer to her lips.
The magic moment ..... I touched her pussy. I nearly fell on her Willie. My knees went week on me .. I was atingle. I braced myself with one hand ..... and kept the other hand on her. Slowly pushing my hand between her legs .... her thighs and crotch gripped my hand. I remember her heat. Her softness. I held my hand between her legs for several minutes without moving.
At this time I had to go to the bathroom ..... I ached so much. I left her and went to the bathroom ...... I was gone several minutes ...maybe even one half hour .... I tried to beat off but could not. I was so horny. I could not get her out of my mind ... her shapely ass ... God she was gorgeous .... I was so in love with her I felt like I was floating Willie.
I returned to her bedroom expecting to find her exactly as I had left her. I must have woken her with my touching becasue she had gotten up and taken off her clothes. Mrs. Jones was completely naked. She was lying on the bed with her bum slightly elevated. The bed spread was under her and her legs where spread .... I could see her entire pussy. She had some hair between her legs but mot much. Her cheeks where slightly open and I cold see a hint of her anus.
I was shocked, afraid, and very very horny. Mrs. Jones was snoring so I figured she had fallen back to sleep and I would try feelng her again.
I slipped my hand between her legs and spent many minutes just feeling up the crotch of my heart throb. She startled me with a moan, she moved a bit. Her legs opened even further. I was surpized to feel how coarse her pubic hair was. I wanted to fuck her. I was fourteen, horny and in love.
I did not want to get into trouble ....... then I remembered what Mrs.Jones said to me one time ...........
' .. Bobbie, I have had two children and my husband has a big prick. If you ever have sex with me put your little pinus in my bum ..... you'll get a nice tight fit ... use vaseline to lube me.' . .......she was drunk at the time of this comment.
I went to the bathroom and fetched the vaseline.
The first touch of Mrs. Jones bum hole was weird .....I was so horny I overcame that feeling and soon was into rubbing her anus. Mrs. Jones moaned several times during her lube job .......... I was confident now as her snoring kept up .... ..stealth-fully crawling upon the bed .....between her legs ..... looking at her could see she was right ..her hole was big .... I aimed at her bum and pressured her ... it took a few tries before had my pinus head was against her anus .... I push into her bum ... I slipped in easily ....
It was unbelievalbe Willie ... so tight, so warm, so soft and yet still firm .. she gripped my pinus with her bum hole ... I moved slowly in her like I had read on the NET.... I ached so much ....I was having trouble cumming ..... soon I was moving faster ... it felt so good. ..... I was rapt. .......... I never noticed she had stopped snoring ... finally I came was out of this world .... I do not know how many times I shot into her but it was allot.
I laid on her ....loving her more than anyone in my life .. ... When her hand moved and touched my hand I did not even freak ....
Mrs. Jones had me turn the lock on her bedroom door. She told me that she had hoped we could have anal sex together. She said she wanted my virginity. She also told me she had never had anal sex and wanted us to experience this new feeling together.
We had a brief discussion. She told me what she wanted and hoped I could give her an orgasm .... She called it an "O".
I bum fucked her three more times that night and she did have an "O" .....
Mrs. Jones let me stick my pinus in her vagina ... I even got to fuck her a short while.
For more than a year Me and Mrs. Jones had hot sex. I fucked her pussy a couple of times ..but her bumhole was by far my favourite. ....She gave me head a few times ..she liked to taste me.
Mrs. Jones and I carried on until the accident. ""

.............. '' the accident ? " .....
" Yes .............
............. " Willie .........., let's take your boat out ... .. I want to see some of the shore line ...I'll continue my story when we're afloat on the lake ... "

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