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In town on business, I call my favorite escort service, but my date is a total surprise.
As a successful businessman, I travel often. I enjoy the many locales I visit, usually for
business, except for a significant drawback. I have little time to date or put into a
relationship. Predictably, as a man in my mid-thirties, I get quite lonely. i found myself
searching out the better escort services in the cities I frequent. One of those cities is also
the home of a very good, long time friend and his family. It also happens to be the home of my
favorite escort service.

Steve and I met during my first job right out of college. He was a few years older than I but we
got to know each other well. He had a wife, Jan and a daughter named Megan. We all got along
well and Megan seemed to look up to me like a big brother. And why not, I was at their house for
dinner at least twice a week, since Jan was a wonderful cook and generous person. About three
years ago I left to start my own company in another city. So each time I make my way back we
always go out and catch up on things. This trip back was no different.

As I'd been accustomed to, I called the escort service as soon as I arrived and set up a date for
Tuesday night at 9pm. Instead of requesting a particular girl, I just told them to send me their
newest, youngest escort. Now, the only night Steve and Jan could meet for dinner was also Tuesday
night. So I told them that would be fine, but we'd have to finish by eight.

Tuesday night arrived and we met for dinner as usual. But since Megan was now in college she was
too busy to join us. So the three of us enjoyed a nice dinner, reminisced, and caught up on the
latest happenings in our lives. A few minutes before eight we said our goodbyes. I went to a
local liquor store and bought a good bottle of wine in preparation for my "date".

I arrived at the hotel restaurant a couple of minutes after nine and spotted an attractive young
brunette, hair a little below her shoulders and wearing a tight black dress that barely reached
her thighs. Assuming this was my date I walked up and sat next to her. "Hello, I'm Derek", I
said. As she looked up and turned my way I recognized her instantly. "Megan! I didn't expect to
see you here. How are you?"

I expected her to be excited to see me. Instead, her face turned suddenly pale and deflated.
"What's wrong? Aren't you happy to see me?" I asked. She feigned a smile. "Of course I am,
Derek. It's just that ..." she turned her head back toward the bar and looked down. "I think I'm
your date for tonight."

"My date?" I thought to myself. Then it hit me. When I realized it was Megan at the bar I just
assumed I was mistaken about her being my date. Once the initial shock wore off I managed to
break the silence. "You work for the escort service?"

She nodded. "College is so expensive and I don't have time to hold down a real job. I didn't
know what else to do." I put my hand on her shoulder and reassured her. "Hey, there's nothing to
be ashamed of. But I have to ask, do your parents know?"

"No! And please, you have to swear you won't tell them!"

"Don't worry, Megan. I won't say a word. Besides, I don't exactly want them knowing I use an
escort service!" I say with a light chuckle, bringing a smile to her face and clearly loosening
her up a bit.

"So why is a good looking guy like you using escorts?" she asked. I sighed before saying, "Why
don't we go up to my room and we can catch up." She nodded and we got up from our barstools, left
the restaurant and boarded the elevator.

"So are you going to answer my question?" she asked. "I just don't have time for a real
relationship and I can't deal with the lonliness." She nodded again. "I understand." As we rode
up the elevator I assessed this awkward situation. I couldn't get past the fact that when Megan
reached her middle teens she really blossomed into a gorgeous young woman. I was attracted to
her, no doubt, and sometimes found myself fantasizing about her. And now here we were. Her an
escort and me her client.

We reached my floor, got off the elevator and walked to my room. I unlocked the door and we both
went inside. Megan went over and sat on the bed, seeming relaxed and comfortable. "Care for a
glass of wine? I got it for you, errr, my date ... well, you know what I mean." She laughed and
said, "Sure, a glass of wine sounds nice."

I poured us each a glass, handing her one and sitting beside her. "So what do you think about
being an escort?" I asked, hoping she felt comfortable enough to talk about it. She took a sip of
wine and replied, "I was real nervous at first. But my first client was nice and understanding.
I actually enjoyed it. Since most of the guys are businessmen, and frequent customers, they are
pretty decent and respectful."

As she talked and drank, I was getting a better look at her. Still positively gorgeous and even
more so in that tight black dress. I couldn't help but wonder what she was wearing underneath.
Do I dare try and find out? The last thing I would want to do is harm our friendship. But there
was no denying the fact that I was getting aroused listening to her talk about her work and
imagining how good she might be at it.

"So my little Megan likes to meet total strangers and fuck them for money?" I asked boldly, hoping
I didn't just terminate a friendship. She looked surprised at first but laughed. "Yeah, I guess
I do!" I wasn't sure if she was just that comfortable around me or the wine was having an effect,
but I didn't care.

I put my hand on her leg and confided, "You know Megan, I have held this secret crush on you since
you were 16." She looked down at my hand, then directly into my eyes. "Derek, you have no idea
how often I imagined that the guy I was with was you." My heartrate jumped in an instant upon
hearing that the feeling was mutual.

I took her wine glass and set it on the table before pressing my lips to hers. Our kiss was
filled with lust and I could already feel her hands tugging on my shirt. I helped by removing my
tie and loosening the buttons so she could push my shirt off my shoulders and to the floor. I
kicked off my shoes and removed my socks while Megan did the same.

I stood her up and reached behind, lowering the zipper on her dress. I pushed it off each
shoulder and stared as it fell to the floor around her ankles. I had to catch my breath as she
stood before me in a matching black lace bra and panty, with ultra-sexy thigh-high black
stockings. It was the most gorgeous sight I had ever seen.

In a moment Megan was on her knees unfastening my pants. She quickly freed my growing cock and
wasted no time taking it into her mouth. I moaned as the wet warmth enveloped my engorged member
and her sexy, lust-filled eyes looked up at me. It wasn't the best head I'd received, but it
might as well have been. After all, this was Megan, the daughter of my good friend and girl I'd
fantasized about. And now she was licking, sucking, devouring my cock.

After a few minutes I pulled her up. I just had to see her naked body. She smiled as she
playfully pushed me back on the bed. She reached behind and unhooked her bra. She turned around
before letting the bra drop to the floor next to her dress. she then hooked her thumbs under the
waist of her panties and as she bent over, slowly worked the them over her hips and ass, then down
her legs. She stepped out them, backwards, toward the bed and wear I sat. I reached out and took
her ass in my hands, caressing the smooth, soft skin before standing up. I reached around and
cupped her lovely breasts as my erection pressed against her lower back.

She reached around and managed to grab my cock. I gave her enough room to gently stroke me. My
hands slid down her stomach until I felt a nicely manicured patch of hair on her pubic mound. A
little further and found her treasure, a slit that was already moist and two smooth, puffy pussy
lips. I rubbed it for a few seconds but Megan wasn't in a patient state of mind. "Derek, I've
wanted to feel you inside me for so long. Please ... I need it now."

I wasn't about to deny her so we spun around and I bent her over the bed. I knew she was wet and
ready so I rubbed my cock head on her pussy just enough to get it wet. I entered her slowly but
fully. we moaned simultaneously in what sounded like lustful harmony. Both of our fantasies were
being fulfilled.

Grasping her hips I fucked her slowly but gradually picked up the pace. Both our bodies were
rocking, her ass pushing back to meet my thrusts. Our grunts and moans filled the air. "Oh, oh,
ohhhh", she repeated with each stroke. I marveled at how tight Megan's pussy was in spite of her
work. And from her moans I could tell she was more than satisfied with my cock.

Fucking my fantasy girl from behind felt fantastic, but I just had to see her face. I pulled out
and she instinctively turned over and laid back on the bed. I climbed on and knelt between her
knees. I took a couple of calming breaths before re-entering her perfectly presented pussy. As I
resumed thrusting I watched as her lips invitingly wrapped around my shaft. I looked up and again
gazed into Megan's lust-filled eyes. I knew I wouldn't last much longer so I took as much of her
in as I could.

Barely a minute passed before I felt my orgasm was immenent. To my delight her squeals became more
numerous and intense. I knew she was about to cum, too! I announced my climax, "Ohhh, Megan, I'm
going to cum!" This excited her enough to push us both over the edge. Our bodies tensed, our
eyes clinched shut, my thrusting became harder and faster. Within a few seconds of each other our
voices cried out in ecstasy as our orgasms overwhelmed us. I felt her pussy tighten, which
triggered my cock to erupt, sending streams of cum deep inside her. She shook and her hips thrust
upward from her own orgasmic bliss. From that high point of climax our bodies began their descent
back to normalcy. I fell on top of her and we managed a brief kiss before I rolled over.

We laid there several minutes until our breathing returned to normal. I was the first to speak.
"Wow, that was incredible." Megan responded, "No guy has ever made me cum. That was awesome!"

We eventually cleaned up and got dressed. We shared another glass of wine while we brought each
other up to date on our lives. Before she left we embraced and reassured one another that our
friendship was still intact.

My only regret from the evening was that I didn't get to taste her succulent flower. But her
scent remained on my fingers. And that would have to do until the next time I'm in town on

Anonymous readerReport

2015-02-28 16:48:09
If Derek has enough money and cares enough about Megan, then he should offer her a four-year "contract" to be his mistress and pay her rent on her apartment (assuming she doesn't live at home, since her new "career" is very likely to get her in trouble with her parents). He should think about the possibility that she will eventually encounter someone who's violent or carrying a sexually-transmitted disease, even if she never becomes pregnant by a client.

I suppose a really good friend of the family would figure out a way to offer Megan a "straight" or conventional job, but you have already established that Derek is not a paragon of virtue, eh?

Anonymous readerReport

2014-08-21 07:41:24
The'ers nothing like the relief of finding what you're looking for.

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2014-08-21 03:11:32
Yo, good looikn out! Gonna make it work now.

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2012-07-24 15:00:15
Megan - Wow Courtney, I am absolutely sphlceeess. You have such an incredible talent. You have captured our personalities and our love for each other so well! Our pictures are beautiful. Thank you! We are so excited for you to capture our wedding Thank you for making it such a special time!

anonymous readerReport

2012-07-23 08:05:31
Pretty good but too much of a short story, inspired me to write one. :)

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