Our school for girls has a great sex education class.
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Miss Prudence School for Girls

I had been at the Miss Prudence School for Girls since I was eleven years old. There were only thirty-five girls in the whole school ranging in age from eleven to eighteen. There were only five girls in each class and all the same age. We studied everything that the public schools studied plus everything that we would need to know, if we were married to a Governor, Senator, Congressman, or even the President. We learned about art, current affairs, and proper etiquette. We learned about music appreciation and how to ballroom dance. Then when I turned fifteen it was my turn to learn about sex.

Miss Prudence herself taught the classes about sex. The five of us were required to be naked during class. Miss Prudence was also naked as she taught us. We watched old sex films from the fifties and laughed, we looked at old men’s magazines and we were impressed with the women’s bodies. Then we got to examine each other and I do mean examine. Miss Prudence made sure that we looked, touched, and smelled of every part of every girl. She made sure that we pinched, probed, kissed, and licked every part of every girl too. That included after a shower and before a shower, it included after we peed but before we wiped, and it included giving the other girls orgasms orally. Of course by other girls I mean that it included Miss Prudence’s body too.

Every night we were assigned which bed we were to sleep in and with whom. Sleep was only after we had become exhausted having sex with the other girls. It took two and a half weeks to sleep with all of the girls older than us just once and all of the teachers too.

After we had become experts at having sex with girls it was time to learn about having sex with boys.

None of us girls were on any form of birth control and that was the way Miss Prudence wanted it. She said that having sex was supposed to come with risks but that a man becomes much more excited when the girl is taking all of the risks such as pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, and pain.

Miss Prudence explained that we would only have sex with the boys when we were ovulating. She said that the boys would be having sex with all of us as well as their girlfriends and other girls too, so if any of them had a disease then we might catch it too. She said that the boy’s penis had to go into our mouths before and after entering our other holes. She explained that each boy would be assigned to one of our holes and that eventually every boy would cum in all three of our holes. We had broken our own hymens to prepare for vaginal sex and we had slept with butt plugs in our asses to open that hole up too. We were told never to waist cum and that every drop belonged inside our bodies somehow.

The first boy would ‘break us in’ good by performing sex with us all night long in all three of our holes.

We five girls were taken to a strange part of the building where there were no lights. We were naked of course and we were led there by holding hands. Miss Prudence was wearing some kind of night vision goggles as she led us each to a different room. We were told not to speak even if we were spoken too. Failure to obey would result in sever discipline. We were to cooperate fully and satisfy our partner to the fullest. Failure to obey would result in sever discipline. We already knew what she meant by sever discipline.

I was placed in the second room. I found a mattress on the floor in the middle of the room. I had been told to lie on it on my back with my four limbs stretched to the four corners and wait.

It seemed like a very long time before a boy came in and touched my leg. He climbed right in between my legs and just shoved his hard cock into me without any warning. I had not been expecting it like that and cried out in pain. I almost asked him to stop or in the least to take it easy but I knew that if I did I would be severely disciplined. As he savagely fucked into me I remembered the part about pain and realized that I was expected to take it like a good woman, wife, or respectable whore.

My mind adjusted to the pounding that my virgin pussy was receiving. Then I remembered that his cock had not entered my mouth first, that I couldn’t tell him the rule, and that he might not even know the rule himself. What a dilemma.

I started to enjoy his assault and started fucking back at him. When he came in me and collapsed on my chest I thought that he would crush me. After a period of time he rolled off from me and I went right to his cock to suck it clean and swallow any left over cum as Miss Prudence had stressed. It was my first taste of cum and I rather enjoyed it. After sucking his cock I started kissing up his body. He was no boy. He had hair on his chest and stubble from a beard on his face. He grabbed my head and kissed me deeply tasting his own cum on my tongue, but he didn’t seem to mind.

After some kissing and feeling of my tits he fingered my ass and found that it had been lubricated already. He moved me into the doggy position and then forced his cock deep inside me, again without any warning. I had not had anything that thick or that long in my ass before, and again I experienced pain that I had to learn to control. I had not quite gotten it under control before he cum and pulled out. I went right to his shrinking cock and sucked him clean. That time his cum had a bitter taste that was hard to enjoy but I cleaned him as Miss Prudence expected me to do.

I must have fallen asleep because I was awakened by his cock in the back of my throat making it hard to breath. Fortunately Miss Prudence had made us practice deep throating long hotdogs to get control over our gag reflexes. I tilted my head to open my airway and allow him to fuck my throat. He grabbed a hold of my breasts, pinched my nipples until I let out a muffled scream around his cock, and then he tried to pull my nipple off my breasts when he cum directly into my stomach.

That night I was fucked in all three of my holes a second time too. He was in my ass for the third time when a tiny bell rang, then dim lights came on in the room. When my eyes adjusted I turned around to see my father fucking me in my ass.

Dad said, “Hi honey, Miss Prudence let all of us fathers fuck your virgin holes first. Apparently my time is up. Now we get a bite to eat and something to drink before we change partners. You stay here, someone will bring you your food and drink.”

Sure enough I was given food and taken to a bathroom to use the toilet and take a shower before being taken back to my room.

The next father came in and I recognized him as Beth’s father. He stuck his cock in my face and I knew that it had been in Beth’s ass before going into my mouth. I smiled because my father’s cock had been in my ass before he left too. I wondered which girl’s mouth he was sticking his cock in.

I spent five days getting fucked by all five fathers. Then the next two days my father was joined by five of his friends. The sixth morning I was double penetrated in my mouth and pussy by all three pair of men. That afternoon I was double penetrated in my pussy and asshole by all three pair of men. Then the seventh day I was triple penetrated but three cocks at the same time by both teams, twice.

On the eighth day we five girls graduated from our sex education class. The graduation ceremony consisted of us five girls bent over a long table while the thirty men started at one end and fucked our pussies for one minute each, then our assholes for one minute each, and finally our mouths.

Miss Prudence was not lying about the boys though however fortunately she was lying about only doing it when we were ovulating. A hundred different boys fucked me over the next three months. They came from a boy’s school in the next town. Each morning before breakfast the boy from the night before got to fuck me, then after breakfast a new boy took over my bed and my body. I had to attend classes but there was a long enough gap between classes for me to let the boy fuck me in any hole he wished. After my last class I was all his for the rest of the night. Miss Prudence told all of us girls to be sure that the boys were sent back to their school drained of any cum.

When school was over for the summer, two of the girls in my class were pregnant. I had been one of the lucky ones. They would return in the fall a little fatter and when their babies were born they would be adopted out.

I look back on my formative years with fond memories. Now at forty-five I am the mother of three wonderful children and the wife of a State Senator. I have accomplished everything that I had set out to accomplish.

I fixed my makeup, slipped on my dress without my bra or panties, stepped into my high heels, and started down the wide staircase to great my guests as they arrived for our twentieth wedding anniversary. My husband told the Governor that he could fuck me after dinner. He is an asshole and he enjoys fucking them too. He has certainly fucked mine often enough. Don’t worry, his wife knows all about it, she should after all, she was my classmate and my husband will be fucking her ass as we kneel side by side.

The End
Miss Prudence School for Girls
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