A Father Becomes Attracted To A Teenage Girl
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Daughter's Best Friend, Best Friend's Daughter - Chapter 1

Towards the end of the school year when our daughter Emily was in second grade she told my wife and I that she had made a new friend. The girl’s name was Taylor and they had met on the playground. Although they were in different classes Emily spoke of Taylor often during the remaining of the year. During the summer between second and third grade Emily did not mention Taylor again until the day before school, Emily wondered if she would see Taylor on the playground again. But Emily came home very excited after the first day of school; not only was Taylor in her class but they sat next to each other. What seemed to cement their friendship even more was when they found out they shared the same birthday! During the third grade the friendship between Emily and Taylor grew more and more until it was clear that they were best friends. My wife and I met Taylor and her parents, Jack and Carol, during some school functions and we seemed to hit it off. In talking with Taylor’s parents we determined that Taylor was an only child also and that we shared some of the same interest. During the Christmas break our daughter Emily was invited to spend a Saturday at Taylor’s house. My wife and I had planned to drop off Emily at Taylor’s house, hang around long enough for Emily to feel comfortable there, and then go on a “date” the rest of the day. But we ended up having so much fun with Jack and Carol that we spend the entire day at their house also. We felt like Jack and Carol were close friends that we had not seen in a along time. As time progressed the friendship between our daughters, and ourselves, grew and grew until my wife and I considered Jack and Carol to be our best friends also. As the months turned into years we began doing more and more thing together. Jack and I entered golf tournaments together and Carol and my wife took art and craft classes together, we met every Friday night at each others house for drinks and supper and Jack and I began buying power tools together for home improvement projects (we probably had more and better tools than most contractors). We began taking weeklong vacations together and then we even bought rental property together. And all during this time our daughter’s remained the best of friends. Taylor was at our house so much that my wife and I considered her to be a second daughter just as Jack and Carol considered Emily to be a daughter to them. One time by a slip of the tongue I actually introduced Taylor as my daughter; both girls got a good laugh at that. After that Taylor began to call me dad as a joke but over time the name stuck and then she began to call my wife mom. Then our daughter also began calling Jack and Carol mom and dad so it seemed natural to all of us. I could not have been happier in life; I had a wonderful wife and daughter, a great job that paid well, Jack and Carol were the best friends a person could ever hope to have and Taylor was a true friend to my daughter.


And then a few weeks after the girl’s 15th birthday my world was shattered when I came in from mowing the yard and found my wife dead on the kitchen floor. Later the autopsy would reveal at she suffered a massive brain hemorrhage; a close friend of mine in the medical field read the report told me she was probably dead before she hit the floor. I seemed to be in a daze for the next year. I cried daily and at times the only thing keeping me going was the knowledge that my daughter needed me. I would have never made it without Jack and Carol coming to my rescue during those times when I felt the most depressed and I know that my daughter felt the same way about Taylor. It was two years after my wife’s death before life started to return to normal. We started getting together on Friday nights again and Jack and I began playing in golf tournaments once again. Jack and I even took on the largest project we ever attempted; we built a large detached work shop at his house that took months to finish. I realized that this was how my life was now going to be; daily routines that I did not have a wife to share with. Close friends, and my daughter, began encouraging me to start dating again. I did not feel like going on dates yet so friends began finding subtle ways to introduce me to single woman that they knew, such as while dining with them there would be a chance encounter with a female friend of theirs. Some of the women they introduced me to were very attractive and intelligent but I just had no interest in female companionship, or sex, at that time

Then about three years after my wife’s death I was sitting at the kitchen counter one summer day eating lunch. Taylor came in the house and stopped to talk with me on the way up to Emily’s room. She had done this many times before but what was different today was that she was licking on a sucker as we talked. I became enthralled watching her lips and tongue as they wrapped themselves around the candy licking the favor off. And as Taylor walked off an involuntary thought popped into my head; I wish that was my cock in her mouth instead of that piece of candy.

WHAT? Where in the HELL did that come from? Why would I think of something like that about Taylor? I felt so guilty about having that thought pop into my head. What kind of pervert would think of something like that about his best friend’s daughter; HIS daughter’s best friend? I was so shocked and felt so ashamed of myself for thinking of something like that, that for the next few days I was embarrassed to be around Taylor thinking somehow she might have read my mind. But during the next few weeks no matter how hard I tried I began see Taylor more and more in sexual terms. I found myself doings things that allowed me to around her more often so as to be near her. And then I began to wonder; what would she look like when nude? Whereas my daughter had the typical hour glass figure Taylor had less definition in the hips while standing behind her. Jack had joked in private with me that Taylor was a bean pole with boobs, and boobs she did have! Taylor had narrow hips, long thin arms and legs and the smallest little butt of any of the girls that came around the house. But her breast looked bigger than normal. Several times I found a reason to have my hands near her breast and realized they were just average size but they just looked large on her thin body. And although Taylor looked taller than normal she actual was no taller than Emily; again being thin just made her look taller.

As the weeks turned into months I found myself trying to catch glimpses of Taylor’s body under and through the clothes she would wear around the house. I would watch her chest hoping that she would be braless so I could see her breast sway under her shirt. A few times I could tell she was braless by the nipples causing bumps in her shirt. I was not sure if Taylor was intentionally dressing in a way to allowed me to see her body or had she always dressed like that and I never noticed. Which ever way it was I was getting more and more aroused. It seemed like everything she did I was able to turn into some kind of sexual performance for my benefit.

Then came one morning after she had spent a night. I was up and eating breakfast when she came into the kitchen. It looked like she just woke up and came downstairs to the kitchen. I was surprised to see that she was wearing one of my old tee shirts. As she rested her elbows on the counter across from me as we talked I could look down the stretched opening of the neck and see the top of her breast as they hung free. And when she would move I could see her breast swaying back and forth slightly. I was mesmerized by the sight and movement of her breast; I so wanted to reach through the opening of that shirt and fondle her. Then as I walked behind her to go the refrigerator I saw that a little of her bare butt cheeks were sticking out from the bottom of my tee shirt. I wondered; was she nude under the shirt. I suspected so. All I could focus on was what it would feel and look like to walk behind her, bend her over the counter and enter her from behind. I was actually walking toward her with this thought before I was able to stop myself. I looked down and saw that I was fully erect so I turned to the sink and began to wash some glasses that were left on the counter to hide my erection. After Taylor went back to Emily’s bedroom I went to my bedroom, closed the door and dropped my pants and lay on the bed. I began to masturbate and for the first time it was not my wife I was thinking about. All I could think about was what I had seen and what I so wanted to do to Taylor. As I reached my orgasm I imagined that my cock was buried deep inside Taylor as I shot my load onto my chest and stomach.

For the next 5-6 months nothing really changed between Taylor and me. If there was a legitimate reason for me to be in close proximity to her I always took it and was rewarded by getting more revealing glimpses of her body every now and then. A few times Taylor caught me glaring at her and she would just stare back at me blankly. She would never turn away; it always me that had to break eye contact and turn away. One day towards the end of their senior year I was upstairs in the office working. I knew the girls were in the house somewhere but was not paying any attention to them. As I walked down the hall to go downstairs I passed the door to the bathroom that could be accessed though the hall or by my daughter’s room. The door was open to the hallway and movement caught my eye and I glanced in the bathroom as I was walking pass. What I saw stopped me cold; Taylor was standing there nude and facing the mirror. I was a few feet to her right and slightly behind her. I’ve never saw anything beautiful, sexy, erotic or appealing in my life. I knew I should walk away but I could make myself do it; I just wanted to admire that body. At first she did not see me but then she saw my image in the mirror. We stared in each others eyes through the reflection in the mirror and although I knew at the very least I should keep looking at her face I was unable to do so. I let my eyes roam over her body as she watched me. I was staring at that cute small ass when ever so slowly she turn towards me giving me a full frontal view of her nude body. Again I let my eyes wander; to her perfectly shaped large breast, flat stomach, hip bones protruding from her narrow waist, the long thin toothpick arms, her smooth shaved crotch and those long, thin shapely legs. Taylor never moved, she just stood there with her head tilted slightly watching me devour her with my eyes. After what seemed like hours but was probably less than a minute I walked away and went downstairs. As I walked down the steps I heard the water start running in the shower. I sat in the kitchen in a complete trance over what I had just seen. I kept replaying the event over and over in my head. I had so many mixed emotions about what had just happened; on one side I knew I should feel guilty about thinking about my best friend’s daughter in sexual terms but the reality was that I was very sexually aroused.

But I knew that I would have to be say something to Taylor when she cane down the steps. We could not act like nothing happen. I mean, I just saw my best friend’s daughter, my daughter’s best friend nude and neither one of us turned away in embarrassment. In fact I stood in front of Taylor acting like a young boy who just saw his first nude woman. I had no idea what I was going to say to her nor could I even come up with a reason why I stood there and stared and didn’t turn away immediately. I was at a complete loss. Then another terrifying thought came into my mind; what if the next time I saw Taylor my daughter was standing beside her? What was I going to say then? But as I was thinking this I heard steps coming towards me and was partially relieved that Taylor was by herself.

“I’ve got to run over to my house. See ya’ later” and with that she was out the door.

Part of me wanted to stay seated and say nothing; the other part knew we had to talk about what had happen. I followed her out the door into the garage.

“Taylor” I said softly and she stopped and turned towards me.

“I’m sorry; I should have turned away as soon as I saw you. I don’t know why….” was all that I got out before she interrupted me.

“Paul” she said. It was the first time I could remember her calling me by my first name.

“I didn’t mind that you got to have a look.” Taylor then walked down the drive to her car, got in and drove away.

I thought about that comment for days afterwards thinking of every possible way it could be interpreted. And I also had such mixed emotions about what all the possible scenarios could mean. There was a part of me wanting to take it to the next step but another part of me sacred to death about what would happen if it did go to the next step. But within a few weeks I realized one thing for sure, Taylor might have said she didn’t mind me having a look but she was making sure that I didn’t get another look. She was now dressing in a way that no longer gave me any possibility of seeing her body. Before this she would wear hip hugging jeans and a short shirt that would show lots of bare skin above and below her naval, now her stomach was always completely covered. And before she would be bra less most of the time allowing me to see her breast move under her shirt; now she had a bra on at all times. And I noticed that Taylor did not spend as much time around me any more as before. There was a time that I thought that Taylor might have been flirting with me also but I finally accepted that my flirtations with Taylor had peaked. It was all over and I was sadden by that thought.

I would have never guessed how wrong I was, nor how quickly it was about to change!

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well written, but as exciting as watching the grass grow.


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a great start now for part 2 please

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