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Taking Sarah, part 4

I never saw Cindy or Leslie again that nite. I did tell her where the camera was and after that nothing. At one point I did over hear one of the guests ask Anne where Cindy was, her answer was that she wanted to spend some quality time with Leslie and was upstairs in her room.
I thought to myself,"quality time", from what had occurd I surely wondered what was going on upstairs.

As was normal, I was the first one up Sunday morning, I made coffee and jumped on the computer to get some work done. Anne woke up a bit later and I got her her tea. Around 9 I heard Cindy's door open and someone go downstairs. I got up to follow to see who it was and maybe find out about last nites events. When I did Anne followed me down the stairs, so even though it was Cindy that had gotten up all we exchanged was good mornings and a bit of small talk. Leslies father was to pick her up in about an hr, so Cindy went upstairs to wake her and the rest of the morning was uneventfull. Leslie left giving both Anne and I hugs and saying she enjoyed her stay. She whispered in my ear thanking me for her Margie the nite before, but that was it. Cindy left soon afterwards to meet a girlfriend for brunch and I was left to wonder and as everyone was home for the day, i couldn't even view the tape of Leslie in the bath from the nite before. It was a truly frustrating day.

I was at work Monday morning trying to get things in order when the phone rang, it was Cindy she wanted to know if I was coming home for lunch, I said I was. She said kewl see you then, I said hey ah, isn't Anne off today. She said "yes". Oh and Anne knows about Leslie the other nite, we are both waiting for you.

To say i was both very nervous and excited about lunch time would be to put it mildly, an understatement. If Anne knew about Leslie? How much did she know about our pursuit of Sarah?

Arriving home I found no one downstairs. Heading upstairs I opened my bedroom door, there on the bed, naked we're Anne and Cindy. They we're locked in an embrace and i could hear a gentle buzzing noise, they both turned to look at me and giggled, they each had a vibrating egg in hand and had been pleasuring each other. Sorry Anne said, "we are just getting ready for movie time. Get naked and come over here." ,but before you do turn on the tape of you spying you bad boy!

I still did not know what was going on with this whole situation, but I did as requested retrieving the tape from the closet and putting it in the machine. Slipping out of my clothes I got between the two of them just as the tape started. Leslie walked into the bathroom. Layed her towel on the chair and went over to start the water. After she felt the temp was right she turned directly in front of the camera and began to disrobe. She couldn't have been standing in a better position as she revealed her body completly to us. Small but firm pointy breasts and a beautifull light blond covered pussy, there was no sound from the girls as we watched, I asked what do you think she is for breast size. 34B Anne said, Cindy agreed. All i knew is that she was one beautifull young girl. She slipped into the shower and it gave the girls a moment to comment them selves. Anne said, wow if I had seen this before we talked Cindy, I really would have wanted her too. Talked?, I asked. Oh Anne said when we went to the store the other nite Cindy mentioned how much Leslie had matured, I told her that I would do her, she laughed. Ya Cindy said, I told her I wished and then told her she was so shy and concervative I had never seen her naked for years. I hope your not mad, but i told her i asked you to tape her.
Ah I guess its ok, Anne doesn't seem to be too upset, Ah are you? Nooo she said, in fact I told Cindy how she might get a real good look at Leslie. Ya she did Cindy said. I asked "Oh really and who was that"?
What do you think you put in Leslies drink the other nite Anne asked. I really didn't know what it was. Cindy and I crushed up two of my sleeping pills, she said. You know how one puts me out and Leslie is alot smaller then me. Ahhh, now i was getting the picture.
So Anne said, do you want to see Cindy's movie? I damnned sure did. The tape was still in the camera, so i got up and hooked the camera to the tape machine and turned it on and dove back into the bed.
The tape started and i could see that it was shooting the wall in Cindy's room. I was picked up and the picture panned over the room, coming to rest on the bed. There sleeping on her back was Leslie, the camera got closer. The only light in the room was the bedside lamp, but it shown dirsctly over Leslie, so there was very little shadow. Cindys hand reached out and lifted Leslies hand and let it drop she was definatly out. Cindy moved her hand to Leslies waist and you could see the outline of it as she slid it up under her pajama top coming to rest over her young breasts, moving from one to another. She moved her hand from underneath and began to unbutton her top. When she had all of the buttons undone she pulled the material to the side to reveal her breast, which firm and still pointy laying down. She massaged the breasts and then bent to suck on first one then the other. Pulling the cam back, I could see that she had slid her hand under the young girls waist band. Again you could see the outline of her hand under the material as she rubbed in the area of her pussy. Cindy took the camera back to the dresser and focused it on leslie. She then walked to the bed and grabing the waist band of the girls pajama bottoms pulled them down and off from her. Spreading her legs she slowly eased the crotch of her painties over and leaned down to lightly lick her. She quickly pulled away. Had I heard a knock.
Cindy went out of the picture and i could hear hushed voices. Then into the picture walked Anne!
I looked over to her and said , "How did you do that"? Hey she said you were yuckin it up with the guys on the porch and I excused myself to go to the bathroom. Oh you are a sly one, I said. Hey she responded, I told Cindy how to get her , the deal was I got some too.
I watched as Anne went to the girls breast as Cindy removed her panties. Anne began to suck and fondle her breasts and Cindy was between the girl legs and licking her pussy. Anne taped Cindy on the shoulder after a bit and said, lets switch I need to hurry. They switched places and Anne began to lick and suck on the young girls pussy, while Cindy disrobed herself and when Anne was finally done tasting her fill Cindy straddled Leslies leg so that her leg was rubbing Leslies pussy while her own rubbed on her thigh. She began to rub off on the girl as Annes fingers reached back and found Cindy's pussy. It seemed like just seconds that Cindy began to cumm and she left a large wet spot on Leslies thigh. Anne bent down and kissed each of Leslies breasts one more time, kissed Cindy and left the room. Cindy got up, walked to the camera and the screen went dark. Wow, how hot was that I said. They both laughed and said, hot, you should have been there. I can tell you i damnned sure wish I had been.
I rolled over and planted my cock into Annes pussy and fucked her like a mainiac dumping my load in moments.
When I left Cindy was between Annes legs licking what I had left out of her, All I could say was, Hey when you two come up for air, call me! I had to go back to work dammit.

They didn't, but Cindy did. All she said was, Hey Annes going on a class trip with Crissy this weekend, got any plans. I surely did. Sarah!


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2014-07-26 13:20:52
absolute drivel......use a spell checker 0 out of 10.

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2010-06-29 20:25:53
Thanks for using parigraphs this time. Good story


2009-12-07 22:30:56
come on -when some more


2009-12-06 11:49:14
What a pity a good story is spoilt by lazy writing (how much longer does it take to write "hour"?)
Then do me and yourself a favour by Googling "apostrophe" and learn how to use them.
Finally use your spell checker


2009-12-06 01:04:10

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