I woke up horny and alone... but it was going to be a fuck of a day
This is my fantasy of my day of six times. Three guys, three girls, part one Kyle!

I woke like I would any other day. Alone, in my own bed at 101 Power Road and I say that I usually wake alone only because I don't like taking my partners home with me. I was a young, 16 year old Bi-sexual boy in a very, very small town where sex is probably the only interesting thing available to us.

I rarely seeked out people to have sex with although everyone knew I was always up for it. And this morning it seemed was only an exception for the better. 3 hours early for school and horny as hell, I decided to go for a walk to see whom I could drop in on this lovely November morning.

Cell phone in hand I took to the streets, down the road and onto a new street where I usually got lucky.
I stood across the road from number 71 where my beautiful Rebeca lived. Same age as me, beautiful eyes and perfect tits. However I screwed my nose up at her father’s snob car still sitting in the driveway, not yet left for his day job of making millions for doing practically nothing.

So I turned my attentions to number 68 that stood quite happily next to me. This is where young Kyle lived.
Kyle was 17 and to me he was cute as a button. To the rest of the world however he was an immature teenager with alcohol problems however I saw through all that.

I walked up his drive, ignoring his mother’s car that was still there. The fact the car was there meant in no way that she was. She was a bigger whore than I was and a mother of two. In our minds she is the soul reason my dare friend Kyle having had such problems with alcohol. Well, that and the fact that he still had not told the world that he was gay.

I knocked on the front door and it swung open freely from it's white wood frame. Now I knew his mother wasn't home. If she was here then Kyle's sister/ the only sense of a real mother that house had ever known, would be here too. She was the one that cooked the meals and locked the doors however when her mother went out, she took refuge in the homes of friends whom were unaware of the family status.
I walked up the polished wooden stairs and right up to Kyle’s room where he was still asleep in bed.
Face-down on his pillow as if her were trying to smother himself and covered by sheets so messy the looked as thought they hadn't been straightened up in weeks.

'Get up,' I shouted at him. He gave a delayed deep moan which I ignored.

I strolled over to a set of old draws in the corner yelling all the while. I clasped the bottom draw that sat slightly ajar, ignoring the higher up ones that spewed out items of clothing, and removed it from the dresser completely. A great tip for hiding things, there is enough space between the bottom drawer of most dressers and the floor to hide surprisingly large things. Including in this instance bottles of Jack, Johnny and every hard liqueur imaginable.

I extracted and opened a half empty bottle of Mr. Daniels finest and took a quick morning swig whilst standing over my rousing friend. His thick and messy brown bed-hair and bare shirtless back pointing up at me. If I had to choose one thing about Kyle that really pissed me off it would have to be his chest and stomach. He drank like a horse, deep-fried all his meals with his only form of exercise from sex and yet his body was fucking flawless. No abs mind you but skinny and smoother than the satin boxer shorts that covered his tight little white ass.

I stood over his face and drank a swig more. 'That's my fucking piss,' he murmured into his pillow.

I just laughed at him. He rolled his rounded face up to me. 'What are you doing in my house anyways?'

'Didn't want you to wake up alone,' I exclaimed smiling down at him.

He rolled onto his back and rubbed his eyes. I lay the bottle down on his bedside table and hopped onto his crotch.
'Go away,' he whined. 'I'm sick!'

'Your not sick!' I growled back. 'Your avoiding school again! They will get off your back if you stop skipping!'

'You know how much I like people on my back,' he laughed.

I laughed back and began to rub his chest and soft yet flat stomach. 'Fuck off,' he told me.

I leaned forwards onto him and began to play with his sexy nipples with the very tip of my tongue. I felt his penis jump beneath me and he giggled happily. 'Get out of my house,' he said boyishly.

I slid down him, kissing his chest down to his bellybutton and rubbing his inner thy. I kissed his boxers and felt the satin on my tongue as I felt his penis grow larger and larger. I kicked off my shoes and undid my pants whilst sliding his boxer shorts down and off. Kyles maintained pubic hair showed first then the base of his six inch shaft. Not the biggest of penis' out there but mine only ever got a little over 7 at best and to me it fitted well with his cute frame.

I licked and kissed the shaft was Kyle lay naked on his bed. I put it between my teeth carefully and gently caressing it until it got a little harder. He moved his hands down to my head as I sucked on the end of his uncut nob. I played jacked his cock as he pushed my face into his balls. Liking them awake until my cute Kyle began panting. I pulled back to take off my shirt and pants, leaving my penis in it's cotton boxer home for now.

We were both in the moment now, loving the extacy feeling that sex gave you. I went back in full force, sucking on his cock as deep as my mouth would allow and fondling his testicles in my right hand. Inhaling his scent of sex and cheap deodorant. Grabbing at his soft sexy ass, rubbing it open with my free hand.

He moaned at me and panted and I couldn't wait any longer. I yanked down my boxers and slammed my cock into him. He screamed so loud that Rebcca may of heard him across the street. I slammed him again and again, placing his legs over my shoulders and using my free hands to jack him off. Kyle squealed in agonizing pleasure. He was sweating heavily, loving every fucking second of it. He reached and passed his climax after five minutes of fast and bare sex, shooting a heavy load over his own slim body.

As far as I had known the boy he had never came soo much. Or made so much noise about it. He panted and moaned as I continued to ram his ass. 'Stop,' he gasped. 'Fuckin busted a nut, aaar,' he shouted, shooting a smaller splirt of cum onto his body.

'Fuck,' he screamed.

I loved the feeling of fucking his little ass but he began to scream and curse at me louder and louder. I pulled out still harder than ever and watched Kyle pant heavily on the bed. His mouth left open and me not done, I went in for more. I slapped my hard dick on his stomach, using it to lap up the pool of cum on his flat stomach and chest. It was everywhere and my dick rolled happily around. 'This is what you get for being such a little bitch,' I told my heavily panting playmate.

I walked over to his mouth. 'Suck it off,' I ordered.

He lay there panting whilst I grabbed his thick messy hair and moved his mouth up and down my cum covered cock. It was dripping with Kyles hot smoldering cum and he licked it clean, but I could see he was done.

'You really shot a lot didn't ya?' I asked both amused and impressed.

'I was saving up for you,' he gasped with a painful looking smile.

'But I'm not done yet,' I protested playfully.

'Your never done,' he panted at me. 'What am I not hot enough for you?'

I laughed and put all my clothes back on still with a bulging hard on. Ready to leave, I leaned over the boys naked body towards his semi-hard penis. I sucked on the end of his skin one last time. 'You look pretty hot to me,' I told him. 'Get your hot ass to school and I might come see you again later.' I shouted whilst walking out the door.

Still packing a hard on that was too perfect to waste on my hand I walked towards the rising sun. I smiled. The day was still young, and Rebeca awaited across the street.

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