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The end of the story
As we drove home from the city Mr. Miller explained to me his plan to get my parents to let me go live out at the farm with him on a full time basis. I knew what he was talking about was wrong, but I also knew it meant I’d be able to fuck and suck as much as I wanted and I was excited. Not only about that, but about how we were going to do it. From the car Mr. Miller called my parents and apologized about getting stuck in the city, he told them we were on our way and he’d bring lunch for all of us as an apology to them. My parents still thought the Miller’s were just nice guys watching out for me. They were about to find out that wasn’t true.

When we got home there were hugs and kisses all around, and as Mr. Miller spread out the food he’d bought from a local caf?I went upstairs to take a shower. I came down dressed in a skirt and a t-shirt, having left my bra off as Mr. Miller instructed. My heavy 32C breasts were swinging and my hard wet nipples were clearly visible through the thin cotton of the t-shirt. I hoped that Mr. Miller’s plan was going to work because once I walked into the kitchen dressed like this there was no going back. My parents were going to freak if he hadn’t done his part. Of course I shouldn’t have worried.

I stepped into the kitchen to find my parents still sitting at the table, though Mr. Miller had cleared all the food away. My mother was laying on the table, just like the girl last night. Mr. Miller had drugged them both, and mom was out cold. Dad wasn’t, but I could see his eyes were glazed over as they tried to track on me. Mr. Miller just smiled and motioned me to stand at one side of the table facing my father. I could see the confusion in daddy’s eyes as he mumbled. “What…is happening?”

Mr. Miller walked up behind me and put his hands on my waist. He looked at my mother’s prone form on the table, then he laughed. “You’re about to get what most father’s only dream of. How the fuck does your daughter have such great tits when your wife has none?” He moved and pushed my mother back in her chair, then roughly ripped her blouse open. Mom does have tiny tits, she doesn’t even wear a bra. Her little A tits popped out as Mr. Miller ripped her shirt away, and my father’s eyes widened but he was too drugged to do anything but verbally protest. “Stop it Charles, what…what?” Mr. Miller ran his hands roughly over my mother’s little titties and shook his head, then looked at me. “Show us your tits cunt, let’s compare.” My father groggily turned his head to look at me, and I pushed my t-shirt up, letting my large tits fall out into the open. “Hmm …” Mr. Miller said as he pinched one of my mother’s nipples making it hard. “Pinch your nips slut we need to get a good comparison.” I raised my hands and began rubbing my tits, then pinching my nipples hard. My father’s eyes were bugging out of his head, but I realized he wasn’t looking away. He swallowed hard when Mr. Miller said “Enough, come here.”

I walked to stand by Mr. Miller and my half naked, unconscious mother. My father’s eyes tracked me the whole time. Mr. Miller lifted a hand and cupped one of my big tits, he rolled the nipple and roughly squeezed it while doing the same to one of my mother’s smaller tits. “I still don’t see it. Put your tits closer to hers whore.” I heard my father make a strangled sound as I straddled my mother and leaned over. I pressed my hard nipples up against hers and started rubbing against her. I moaned as her perky little nips rubbed against mine. Mr. Miller laughed. “Well isn’t that a sight, but I still don’t see the resemblance. Do you?” He asked my father. My father was panting and breathing hard, but all he said was “You sick fuck, stop this.” I couldn’t see my father but I heard Mr. Miller laugh at him. “Really? Part of you doesn’t think it’s sick.” My father moaned and said nothing more.

Mr. Miller came to stand by me again. “Maybe the resembleance is lower down. Strip cunt.” I stood back and took off my t-shirt then shimmied out of my skirt while Mr. Miller roughly pulled my mother’s skirt off along with her panties. I’d never seen my mother naked of course, and was surprised that she was so slim but her cunt was covered in a thatch of hair. Mr. Miller made a gagging sound. “How can you fuck that bush when you have a tight, slick hole in the house?” He asked my father. “No resemblance there, unless….” He laughed and pushed me to my knees in front of my mother. “Spread her lips open cunt.” I reached up spreading my mother’s legs, then rubbed her cunt. My father made a strangled protest behind me but I was hot. I knew Mr. Miller was getting off on this, and from the heavy breathing I thought maybe daddy was too. As I rubbed my mother’s hairy cunt with my small hands she moaned slightly, and I felt her get wet. Mr. Miller laughed. “Hurry up whore, she’s going to come out of it soon.” I spread her lips wide open, showing her red wet hole to Mr. Miller and my father. “Nope, doesn’t look like your daughter’s fuck hole at all. Maybe it tastes like it. Try it cunt.”

I leaned forward and shoved my entire tongue up my mother’s cunt. I was feeling so nasty with my father watching me as I raped my mother with my mouth. I reached down and slid two fingers up my dripping cunt as I begin to lap my mother’s pussy juice. I heard my father moan softly as I buried my head between my mother’s legs. “Still sick Dan?” Mr. Miller asked my father. “You think it’s sick, you want her to stop?” I heard Mr. Miller moving around, heard a zipper go down and then my father moaned loudly. “I didn’t think so. Look what you’ve done to your daddy cunt.” I pulled my head away from mom’s juicy pussy and looked over. Mr. Miller had unzipped my father’s pants, and I saw a stiff nine inch cock standing straight up. Not only that but my father’s fist was wrapped around his cock, and though he was too drugged to move much I could see he was gently squeezing his now released cock as he watched me eat my mother’s pussy.

“You heard him cunt, don’t stop. Lick it till she cums, let her wake up cumming in her baby girl’s mouth.” He moved away from Daddy and pulled the chair out from my mother roughly dumping her onto the floor. He bent over and positioned her naked body with her arms above her head, and her legs spread. I got back between them and started lapping her old juicy cunt for all I was worth. “Hmm, I think she likes it Mommy’s nipples are hard.” Mr. Miller said. She was coming around a little because her hips were rocking back and forth as I tongue fucked her. I couldn’t help myself as I felt her getting wetter and wetter I pushed two fingers into my mother’s cunt. It wasn’t anywhere near as tight as mine though I was sure she’d never had a horse cock I guess she got stretched by other ways. As soon as I pushed my fingers in and rubbed her big clit with my thumb she moaned loudly and spewed cum out of her cunt. I lapped it up greedily moaning as I did. The cum woke her up but she was humping my mouth moaning in pleasure, too drugged to understand anything except her orgasm for the moment. Her hands wrapped around my head pulling my mouth closer to her greedy hot cunt and I heard Mr. Miller laugh then clicking as he started taking the pictures. “You ever eat that nasty cunt Dan? She sure seems to enjoy it.” My father said nothing. “That’s enough whore. Let your mommy taste you now.”

My mother was moaning from her cum as I lifted my head and straddled her body. I crawled up her and was able to see my father now. He’d gained more movement and was stroking his hard cock up and down though I don’t even know if he realized he was. As I settled my bald fourteen year old cunt over my mother’s mouth she regained enough consciousness to start to whimper and complain. “Stop…what are you doing?” But I pushed my dripping snatch over her open mouth and shut her up. Mr. Miller laughed, took my head and pushed it towards my father’s lap. “Haven’t you dreamed about this baby cunt’s mouth sliding over your hard dick Dan? Don’t you want her to suck daddy’s juice out and swallow it?” My father’s eyes widened, he shook his head. “No…no baby, no…” But Mr. Miller pushed my head down and I was greedy for it. I opened my mouth and even as he said no my daddy grabbed his hard cock and held it up for me. I slid my mouth all the way down his shaft, gagging on the nine inches. I blew cum right then, my father’s cock was buried in my throat and my mother’s mouth was hot and wet at my cunt. Mommy wasn’t eating me but every time she struggled to get away her lips and tongue reamed my cunt. I was in heaven, being a nasty dirty slut with my parents.

Mr. Miller stood back, letting me gobble daddy’s cock on my own and he took more pictures. As I began to ride my mouth over daddy’s cock, he moaned. “Stop baby, don’t…do it” But he managed to put his hands on my head and instead of pulling it off he pulled my hair and forced my mouth back down. The pictures said it all, I was a teenage girl being ‘made’ to have sex with her parents. That’s what it looked like. Soon daddy stopped talking and he panted hard pushing his hips up as my mouth rode his cock. “Hmm, daddy likes it cunt. He loves fucking his baby girl’s mouth.” Mr. Miller taunted as he put the camera down. My mother whimpered under me hearing what was happening. “Stop now, and get up.” Mr. Miller instructed. I stood, letting daddy’s cock pop out of my mouth. He moaned in disappointment. My mother took deep breaths as I stood up freeing her mouth from my cunt.

She didn’t get a long reprive, Mr. Miller straddled her neck his eleven inch cock pointed at her mouth. “Suck it bitch, or the whole town will know about this.” My mother whimpered, but I saw my father’s eyes light up. He licked his lips as he watched Mr. Miller force his huge cock down my mother’s throat. Mr. Miller looked at my father. “Bet she doesn’t give head does she Dan?” He thrust hard gagging my mother, then pulled out and fucked his cock into her mouth again. “Cold bitch, does she let it give it to her up her ass I bet not.” He gagged mom again, and my father watched fisting his cock and shaking his head. “Your baby girl does, she loves it up the ass. Show daddy how much you like it up the ass whore.” I was so ready, I couldn’t believe how wet I was watching Mr. Miller rape my mother’s mouth. I looked at daddy and smiled, and he didn’t protest at all his eyes roamed over my naked body and he held his hard nine inch cock straight up. I walked over and straddled my father’s lap, he moaned and leaned forward a little. I knew what he wanted, and I lifted one of my large tits up to his mouth. Daddy’s mouth was hot and greedy as he sucked my nipple, biting it a little and moaning. Mr. Miller moaned behind me. “Yeah, suck the whore’s nipples. Get ready to fuck your daughter Dan, you perverted sick fuck.” Daddy just moaned around my tit as I eased onto his lap, rubbing my dripping cunt over his hard cock.

Mr. Miller got off my mother and pulled her into a sitting position. I heard her whimper and looked back in time to see his eleven inch cock disappear into her hairy wet bush. “I don’t fuck anyone over thirty but I’m making an exception bitch. What your husband fuck your baby girl’s ass.” As he pushed his cock up mom’s cunt he forced her to watch me squirm on daddy’s lap. After I had rubbed my cunt all over daddy’s cock, getting it good and wet I reached down and popped it out, rubbing it against my ass. Daddy moaned, and let go of my tit looking up at me. His eyes were drugged and dazed and full of lust. “Oh baby, shove it up your ass for daddy. Put daddy’s cock deep in your ass.” I moaned. I’d won, daddy wanted me to be a fuck slut. I pushed daddy’s cock head into my asshole and he moaned while mommy screamed out behind me. “No…no don’t do this, it’s so..” Then she screamed in pleasure as Mr. Miller fingered her clit making her cum as he fucked her and made her watch me lower my ass over daddy’s cock.

Once I had it all stuffed up my ass I started trying to ride it, but the position was weird. Daddy was moaning and bucking in his chair, the drug having worn off a little. Mr. Miller pushed my mother off him and left her weeping and moaning on the floor. He walked over and pulled me off my daddy’s cock then just grinned. “Come fuck her if you can Dan.” He pulled me down atop him, and stuffed his cock up my bald cunt laying me over him and spreading my ass wide. My father growled like an animal and half fell off his chair. He got behind me and pushed his cock up my asshole. I creamed. “Yes, daddy … oh god fuck my slutty ass daddy.” He did, he started moving back and forth as hard as he could while Mr. Miller fucked my cunt from under him. I loved being double fucked, and the fact that one of them was my daddy just drove me wild. I looked over at my mother, and realized she was actually fingering herself as she watched daddy and Mr. Miller fuck me. She was quiet now, not protesting but she didn’t seem inclined to join in any further. Suddenly daddy roared, and he shoved his cock deep into my ass. “Baby slut, daddy fucking whore take my cum. You nasty little girl.” He pumped hot cum deep into my ass as Mr. Miller exploded as well shooting hot cum into my cunt as well. Daddy collapsed on top of me leaving his cock in my ass moaning. “So good…so fucking tight. Nasty, lovely baby….”

So Mr. Miller’s plan worked like a charm. Mommy never was into it, but she obeyed daddy and ate me whenever he told her too. Daddy and Mr. Miller worked out a plan where I’d stay with my family during the week and the farm on weekends like before. But now Mr. Miller came for dinner a lot and had cock all the time. We don’t know who got me pregnant, daddy hopes it was him. Mommy wanted me to get rid of it, but the men liked my tits swelling up and they loved milking me. Mommy won’t help train the little girl she says, but Mr. Miller, Daddy and I are all excited to have another young cunt. It’s funny to think, that all this happened on a dare to go into a cornfield, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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2015-02-01 22:36:16
I enjoyed the storys. I'am curious did the sheriff go out and find his own sex toy? And on the other side it would be nice if this went to Mr Miller's Slut the Next generation ^ o ^ thank you for posting Such a great story.

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2013-08-17 01:02:15
Would anybody like to be my slutty slave? I will mark u as mine

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2012-11-20 02:28:56
for those who think it was sick, then why the hell did you read it? they told you there was rape, incest, young. if you werent into that kind of thing then you SHOULDNT HAVE READ IT!!!!

SUZETTE - good job on the entire story line, i was a little sad that old miller died, but glad she was still being sexed... one question though, What happened to DUKE?

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2011-11-28 15:02:26
You are an excellent story writer keep up the good work. I hope to read more of your stories in the future, Thank you.

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2011-01-11 18:30:42
I liked the parts before this. After part 3 when the first Mr. Miller died everything became stupid.

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