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Mindy watches a fascinating show with her master
Meeting Master - III - The Trip, Day 1

Mindy shivered in anticipation as she stood in front of his hotel room door and knocked. He had been very specific in his instructions about what she should wear and she had followed them to the letter. She stood there in her 4 inch white leather heels, jean mini skirt and white silk tank top carrying her overnight bag containing two dresses and her brown biking. Her hair was pulled back into a librarian's knot and her eyes were heavily lined with black eyeliner and mascara, pink glossy lips. He opened the door and ushered her inside, glancing quickly over her and nodding in approval.

He led her to the bed and sat her down, she looked up at him and he cupped her face in his hand. "I need to know if you are ready for a commitment." Mindy blinked twice and nodded. "Speak, bitch."
"Yes, my Master, I am ready." He slapped her, hard. Her ears ringing, startled, she gasped and looked up at him.
"I hope you understand what you have agreed to." He grabbed her arm and pulled her to stand. On the way to the door he picked up his satchel and hers and led her from the room.

Master was silent throughout the entire trip to the airport, Mindy didn't even know their destination until he handed her the ticket inside the airport. Brazil, she was very excited, but Master seemed dour, serious and she didn't dare speak without his permission. As they passed from daylight to darkness on their long flight they had drinks and talked. Mindy was happy and excited, he was talking and smiling, but she could tell that he was distracted. In the quiet and semidarkness of the plane she smiled up at him and he smiled back, then he reached over and pushed her legs apart, running his hand up her thigh, pinching and squeezing as he went. Mindy gasped and leaned back in the seat, scooting closer to his hand and spreading herself wide for him. He smiled and leaned back, crossing his arms across his chest.

"Make yourself come, whore." Master's face was cold and hard as he stared at her and Mindy's face twitched and flushed a deep red. She carefully looked around, then gasped as he pinched her thigh cruelly. "I am your only concern" he said through gritted teeth.

Mindy closed her eyes and raised her ass a bit off the seat and pulled her skirt up, baring her bottom and smooth, bald pussy. She reached down between her legs, hands shaking and began to stroke one finger down the glossy opening between her lips, up and down. Grazing gently against her clit then flitting away to the sensitive flesh between her mouth and ass. She watched his face as he watched her finger, and spread her legs further twisting toward him. He licked his lips and she felt her own lips swell and open, the tip of her finger now slipping easily between them. With the other hand she reached down and pulled her lips open and up slightly with two fingers making her clit push hard against its hood, ready to be coaxed into the open. This time as she stroked up toward her clit she pressed tightly on top of it and circled then buried her finger deep into her now, very wet pussy. Holding herself open, pushing another finger in and then pulling them out and up rubbing her hard throbbing clit with them and then dipping them back in. She threw her head back and pinched her clit between the two fingers, stroking and pulling at it like a hard little dick, pinching and rubbing. She was squirming and raising her hips, holding her pussy open wide with two fingers while she stroked her clitoris. She forgot everything but him watching her and came for him, hot cream oozing thickly out of her onto her thighs. She moaned and hummed as quietly as she could through her electric orgasm. Master pushed her legs down and unzipped his pants, pulling his raging hard on out of his pants and pulling her over, he pushed her head down onto his cock and immediately filled her mouth with his salty come. Mindy struggled a bit with swallowing it all so quickly, so unexpectedly. She snuggled against him and sighed contentedly when it was over and they both slept for the rest of the flight, awakening as they landed.

It was early morning when they landed in Brazil and Master rushed them silently to their hotel room, watching his watch. In the room he inspected her clothes, after she showered she put on her bikini bottoms as instructed and stood in front of him. He walked around her, running his thumb over the tattoo at the base of her spine and smiled, he was pleased that it showed. Coming back to face her he cupped her right breast in his hand and told her. "I have something for you, my bitch." He handed her a jewelry box and shaking she opened it. Inside were the most beautiful jeweled nipple clamps. They were nipple covers encrusted with small diamonds and sapphires and he fit them one at a time over her nipples, the clamps small iron jaws biting into the soft areola, tiny teeth of fire. He pulled her to him, facing the mirror, reaching around her he lifted each breast admiring the light as it hit and reflected off of her shimmering rock nipples. She felt him thickening as her ass grazed him. "We're going to be late," he said thickly and pushed her away. He handed her the dark blue halter dress and smiled as he admired her. The dress fit her full tits beautifully and the hard nipple cases pushed erotically against the material, the skirt flared over her hips and ended mid thigh. Hurrying her to the door, he stopped long enough for her to thrust her tiny feet back into the heels she had on earlier.

Over an hour later he led her finally into a red door at the end of a winding alley, Mindy gazed around hot, tired and a little bit afraid. Master was greeted by an elderly man in a dark suit, he was tall and thin with the biggest hands Mindy had ever seen. They were dark and rough looking, the knuckles bony and large, his fingers long and thick. She shivered as his eyes traveled over her. He said something quietly to Master who smiled and took out his wallet. A few minutes later the old man led them through another door and stopped in a short hallway with two doors and nodded. Master turned to her, "Your dress and shoes, give them to me." She was stunned but immediately reached up and untied the halter letting the dress fall to the floor, she bent and picked it up handing it to him with her shoes. One of the doors opened and a woman took her clothes and retreated quickly back through the door. As hot as it was Mindy shivered. She had to trust him, she squared her shoulders and followed as the old man led them through the other door, down another hallway, hard packed earth floor leading into a strangely lit space, and the heat coming from the darkish room was eerie.

As they entered the room they were separated. Master walked away with the old man toward a group of men and women around a bar. She was led to stand in a line of others dressed similar to herself, wearing panties, bikini bottoms or nothing. There were girls and boys, men and women of all ages. She was at the end of a line of what looked like 15 or 20 other slaves. She stood up on tiptoe trying to get a look at what she was heading for and a few of the others had pity on her and moved aside. She saw a girl on her knees in front of three huge men and a fire. She watched as rings were fastened around her neck, wrists and ankles, then she was led away. Mindy stood frozen for a second and fearfully looked around for Master. He stood at the bar talking with the others, but glanced her way. He glared at her fiercely and she caught a sob in her throat. He had asked her if she was ready. If she walked away, it would be forever and she was not ready for that, so she squared her shoulders and turned back to the line. The closer she got to the heat of the fire, the more nervous and wet she became. Finally it was her turn to kneel in front of them. She closed her eyes as one man raised her hair in his fist, twisting it atop her head and another man wrapped a thin, light golden ring around her neck and the third pulled a long set of glowing pincers out of the coals of the fire and pinched the ends of the ring, melting them together. Repeating the process on each wrist and ankle. By the time it was finished she was achingly wet. The three men repeatedly rubbed against her jeweled nipples throughout the process.

After it was finished she stood in front of Master as he admired his pet's new jewelry. The thin gold was beautiful against her skin, delicate and strong. There was no way clasp, no way to remove them. Perfect golden circles with a tiny ring on each. He clipped a long gold chain leash onto her neck ring and Mindy arched her shoulders proudly. Master wanted to slap the pride out of her but that would have to wait, General Peito had invited him to dinner and a dog show after and he smiled knowing what a surprise the show would be to his proud little slave. He led them through another hall and Mindy suspected the whole block was connected when he led them into a large living, dining area. Master and Peito sat and Mindy knelt on a pillow at Master's feet, her face barely above the table and Master fed her small bites of steak nd vegetables with his fingers as he ate. Peito couldn't keep his eyes off her and Mindy squirmed under his gaze. As they finished their meal with fresh fruit and talked, he watched her.

Master noticed too, "I would like to thank you for your hospitality Peito, if you don't mind my watching, I would like to offer my slave for your desert," he pet my hair and smiled at Peito, "please, do as you will with her."
Peito cleared his throat, eyes shining, tongue darting out over his thick lips. "What do you call her?"
"Bitch, she's still in training and hasn't yet earned a name."
"Ahhh," Peito breathed. "Come, bitch." He demanded in his deep scratchy, accented voice.

Mindy dropped to her hands and knees and crawled to him, kneeling prettily in front of him with her hands in her lap and her head bowed. He reached out and she flinched as the hot, dry paper that was his hands touched her breast. He rubbed his thumbs over the nipple covers and she moaned aloud as they pulled, "beautiful," he murmured and slapped her breasts in quick stinging blows, his large hands leaving bright red prints as he smacked.

"Did you get enough to eat, little bitch?" he politely asked in his low voice. He pushed his thumb into her mouth opening her lips, then with the other hand he scooped his fingers into the passion fruit, pushing a cold watery gel-like pulp into her mouth. Mindy expected to gag because the texture was so unexpected, but it was delicious and cool. "The passion fruit has a natural nerve calming affect" he said in that deep, sandpaper tone, his words beautiful in his precise, dragged out accent. "You may need it." He pushed more fruit into her mouth, bending to lick it from her lips and chin. She shivered and glanced fearfully at Master who wore his cold mask; eyes almost black, empty. Again she shivered. Peito pushed more fruit into her mouth as he stared into her eyes, "If we had more time, little bitch, I would make that fear in your eyes blaze into reality." A tear rolled down her cheek and he bent to lick it. She was confused and afraid, and very, very wet.

"Come." Peito stood and patted her on the head. Master pulled at her leash and she rose, following slowly behind him. They were led down yet another hall until Mindy could hear talking and laughing. Peito opened a door and they entered a huge room, there were benches in back, full of men, very few women. In front of that there were tables on pieces of carpet. Men and women sat at these tables with slaves kneeling at their feet, many of them Mindy recognized from the forge.

Peito led them to a table and Mindy knelt at Master's feet. She knelt there facing him and he gazed down on her playing with a lock of her hair. The candlelight on the table glinted off the jewels on her nipples and sparkled against the black cloth covering the table. Directly in front of the tables was a large raised platform. Suddenly there was a loud whistle and the lights went low, then the platform was lit up in bright lights. Mindy turned to see a beautiful young blond girl led onto the platform, age indeterminate; she was fairly short with small hips and breasts, just a tiny bit thick at the waist and thighs, her long blonde hair was caught in a cascading tail on top of her head. At another piercing whistle she dropped to her hands and knees and began to slowly crawl all around. There were loud sighs all around the room and the sound of people straining forward. Mindy's whole body tingled as she heard yet another whistle, sharp staccato bursts and a large dog was led to the platform. Mindy gasped as the dog pushed his nose into the soft white buttocks of the girl, and swore she heard Peito's low cruel laugh.

Two men came onto the platform and covered the dogs paws by tying pieces of cloth on them. The girl pressed her chest onto the platform as the dogs long tongue began to lap at her from behind. Mindy was mesmerized by the site of the long pink dog's tongue pushing into the girl's ass. She was moaning and rocking her hips. The dog was licking frantically and began to whine, circling and sniffing at her and then licking again at her ass and cunt. Mindy was kneeling next to Master and he reached out putting his hand at the back of her neck, running his fingers under the new ring there. She had almost forgotten the rings, and her body tingled as he gently tugged on the one around her neck. She gasped and leaned slightly forward as the dog began to mount the girl. The girl raised herself up so she was braced on her hands and knees and threw her head back as the dog began to hump at her, slowly and then faster and faster, finally his long red dick pushed into her and his mouth opened, his tongue falling out the side over his sharp teeth. He was panting and whining and the girl was keening a low hum. Mindy could see the girl grinding back against the dog, her face a mask of pleasure. The dog's legs were straining and his hips were pumping faster and faster and Mindy dropped down on all fours without even realizing it, getting as close a look as she could at the dog's dick pushing in and out of the girl and gasped as the swelling lump at the back of the dog's long cock popped into her. The dog gave a few more thrusts and the knot was buried into the girls swollen pussy and she screamed as the dog emptied into her, his balls tight and pulsing.

As the dog finished and got down to the floor twisting around, connected still to the girl, one of the men who led her on stage came up in front of her and pushed his hard cock into her mouth. As the dog stood panting behind her she rocked on the dick in front of her, gobbling him into her mouth. He held onto her long ponytail and stroked her face, looking up he groaned and thrust into her mouth. The scene looked so exotic to Mindy, part dog, part girl and part man that she felt her own hot juices soaking her bottoms. As the man began to come in the girls mouth Mindy moaned and Master leaned forward, pulling her back up to a kneeling position by her new collar. Her face, neck and chest were stained a brilliant shade of red in her embarrassment. Master pinched the back of her neck and Mindy almost cried out as his fingers dug into her tender skin. Peito laughed and said something to Master that Mindy didn't hear. Her ears were ringing and she was a bit dizzy. The room around her was buzzing with conversation and it was smoky. One man was leading the dog away and another was parading the girl through the room, walking her on a leash, her head held high she scampered on her hands and knees around and through the tables, stopping now and then as Masters reached out to pet her. Finally she was brought to their table and Peito patted her on the head and said something to the man that Mindy didn't understand. The spoke quickly and the girl was led away.

Mindy followed Master who followed Peito through a myriad of hallways and rooms until finally, she was handed her dress and shoes. Peito walked them to the door and motioned for his car. As soon as the door was closed and the car pulled away Master pulled her toward him and shoved his hand up her dress, pulling her sopping wet bathing suit bottoms aside he pinched her pussy lips cruelly, "You nasty bitch," and his fingers slid into her, "you loved that." He roughly filled her pussy with three of his fingers, opening them and twisting them deeply into her. Mindy threw her head back on the seat, coming and biting her lip to keep from crying out. Master opened his pants and pushed her to the floor of the car. He thrust his cock into her mouth, fast deep strokes into her throat, quickly grunting and shooting a huge load of come, which she swallowed while moaning. After licking him clean he tugged her back onto the seat and held her close to him in a brief hug just as they pulled up to their hotel. Mindy was so glad to be back to the hotel, she was exhausted and it was just the first day. As she climbed out of the cab and up the hotel steps she wondered what would be in store for the next few days.

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2011-01-02 14:12:47
please give us more. this is great! i am so wet

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please give us more. this is great! i am so wet

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Please keep writing - loving this x


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Thank you for the comments, I am happy that you are with me in the direction it is going and it will be lovely, but it is just the first day :)


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I completely agree with Lunalupo. What an abrupt STOP! Please continue it this way though....towards others and the dogs. Thanks

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