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This is for all the ladies out there
The Femdom Training Club

Hello my name is Elizabeth and I would like to tell you about the Femdom Training Club that I started about 7 months ago. My husband “CUB” has been after me for years to take a dominating role in our sexual relationship. He wanted me to become the Dominatrix and force him to do things he would not do on his own. He wanted some just down and dirty fucking or as he would say he just wanted some recreational sex.

I really didn’t want to play along with him on this but one time when we were on a trip he asked again and I said show me what you think you would like me to do to you on the internet. He got online and very quickly had some pretty nasty pictures and stories up on the screen. He seemed to be most interested in being humiliated, whipped, spanked and forced to perform for some tough chick that would just abuse him. I had never looked at any porn so this was all pretty shocking to me but I decided that he had a desire that I needed to fulfill so he wouldn’t go looking somewhere else for this stimulation.

I said CUB if we start this tonight you have to agree to do whatever I say for the next 12 months, if at any time you hesitate or question me then we are thru and you will not bring it up again. He said that was great and would do whatever he was told to do. I told him to strip down completely and get between my legs and start to tend to my pussy while I read some of the stories and looked at the pictures. He quickly got naked and got under the desk, it was a tight fit for him but he started to lick and kiss and play with my cunt.

I would read things about spanking and ask him if he wanted that, forced milking, CBT, and so on and he said yes to everything. I found a site that had a guide for having a man prove that he wanted to be submissive to a woman. Some very interesting ideas there, first it said that all submissive males should be hairless from the neck down, shaved and smooth around their cock and balls. So I stopped him and said go get a razor and get on the bed and shave all your body hair off from the waist down. I want you to be baby smooth and I want you to do it now.

He quickly got up and went and got all his supplies and got onto the bed and lathered up his man package and very carefully started to shave his nuts and ass and then his cock, after about 10 minutes he was all done and he looked very different with all his hair gone. I had him get in the shower and told him to wash up with nice hot water because I wanted to see how long he could make his hairless balls hang down.

When he went into the shower I called room service and asked for some more towels but I just wanted for him to get embarrassed by someone seeing his shaved body. I took all the towels out of the bathroom and left the door open. I told him to stay in the shower until I told him to get out. When you get out I want you to come into the bedroom rubbing your eyes like you have soap in them.

There was a knock at the door and lucky me it was a female staff member that brought the towels. I asked her to go put them on the bed and I called CUB to come out. He walked out of the shower and was rubbing his eyes when he almost ran over the woman as she tried to leave. He then realized that she was there and tried to cover up when I told him to put his hands behind his back and let the lady see if she wanted to.
He quickly did as he was told and the lady stood right there and smiled at me as she took in the sight. She knew what was going on and she seemed to like it. She took a good look and said thank you and then walked past him and left.

CUB you get a C on your first test, you are not to ever cover yourself up in the presence of any women your body is just an object for us to look at and talk about and do whatever we want to, do you understand. He answered yes he did and I said that will be good. I had read a few more articles and decided that I could have some fun with this if I just let go of some of the hang-ups I had, my husband seemed to be very willing to let go of everything.

I was still looking at the internet when I found a chat room dedicated to FEMDOM so I entered and just read at first. There were about 70 people online at that time and the conversation was pretty hot. I decided to jump in and posted my first online chat. I said I was new at this and wanted to know if there were any other new women in the group and it took about 3 minutes and I had 4 others admit that they were just checking this out because their husbands wanted this.

One of the women suggested that we get out of the chat room and just IM each other. They all agreed and about 10 minutes later we are all deep into chatting about this new life style. It seemed that we were all being coaxed into this by our husbands. I had CUB stand next to me and to keep his cock hard and erect for me. I told him to get the lotion so he could jack off for me for a long time. We chatted online for a couple of hours about everything and I suggested that we should start a little group and talk some more, everyone agreed and we all signed off for the evening.

I told CUB to help me to get ready to go to dinner so he helped me bath and washed my hair then he helped to dry me off. I had him rub me down with moisturizer and then I had him help fix my hair. He was nude and hard the entire time I would reach over and stroke his cock every now and then just to keep it hard.

I decided to be a little daring and put on a short sun dress that was almost too short and a pair of heels. I had him put on some shorts and a polo shirt and sandals and that was all. We were going to walk to the restaurant and as we went thru the lobby I could see the lady who brought the towels pointing and whispering to another lady next to her about my husband. I am sure she was telling her about what she saw and how he had shaved himself and had to let her see his dick and balls.

We walked about 2 blocks to a nice little caf?hat was outdoors and we sat at a table in the far edge of the patio. The waitress came over and I order drinks for both of us. I told CUB that I was going to really work at becoming a proper DOM and that I had decided that I would get together with some of the other women I had been chatting with to discuss how to best do that.

We had 2 days left on this trip and I would be in complete control of all your sexual activity as well as your body. The table we were sitting at had a table cloth that draped over the side and blocked most view from anyone else in the patio area so I told him that I wanted him to make his cock hard right there and pull the table cloth over himself and then take his dick out of his shorts and to keep it out and hard for the rest of the meal. I also told him not to stop working his cock when the waitress came over but to keep it covered so we wouldn’t get thrown out.

He scooted forward and unzipped his shorts and took his cock out and slowly started wanking it and I just asked him about what he thought the next year as a submissive husband would be like. The waitress came and I think she knew something was up but was not sure what. I ordered our food and asked her a number of questions to keep her there for a little while. I will admit CUB was very discrete but did not stop his wanking the entire time. She left with our order and I asked him how he was doing and he said he was hard as a rock and he couldn’t believe how great it was that I was making him do this. I told him to keep working his dick but he was not to cum unless I told him to do it.

Our food soon arrived and the waitress spent most of her time over on his side of the table serving the food. I am sure she was trying to see if he was doing what she thought he was doing. CUB was a little flushed but did not stop the steady stroking and the waitress asked if we needed anything else. I told her not right now my husband has everything in his hand and she just smiled and walked away. I told him to keep stroking his cock while he was eating his food and we continued to enjoy the beautiful weather.

I had him remove his hand from his cock and I put my foot up into his lap and started working his cock with my foot. He told me after just a minute or two that he was about to cum and I said that was good and worked him a little harder and then I felt his cock start jerking and squirting and I knew he was making a big mess in his lap. I told him to stuff his dick back into his pants and to scoot back from the table a little so he did.

The waitress came over and I asked her for some napkins because my husband had made a mess in his lap and she looked over and could see his cum all over his shorts and she giggled and went to get some napkins. She brought them back and just stood there and I told him to go ahead and clean up she was going to wait to see if we needed any more. She was quite amused by this and asked me if he often made this kind of a mess when we were out. I told her this was the first time this happened but that I was sure it was going to happen fairly often over the next year.

CUB cleaned up without saying a word and then she left. We got up and he had a nice stain across the front of his shorts and we walked the 2 block back to our room.

My pussy was soaking wet and excited from all this and as soon as we walked thru the door I had him get between my legs on the bed and eat my pussy until I came in his mouth. When he had finished I told him to strip and he was to stay naked in my presence from now on unless I told him to put something on. He was not to look at any porn or masturbate for the next year with my permission.

He agreed and said he thought that the next year was going to be the best year of his sex life. I said we needed to go shopping tomorrow to get some things for this new twist in our relationship. We spent the next two days shopping and playing and gathering information for my first meeting with the 4 women that said they wanted to join the Femdom Training Club that I was starting.

I did not allow CUB to cum again while we were on the trip but I had him getting hard and on the edge multiple times each day. I was also Cumming a couple of times each day and he seemed to be very happy with this arrangement.

I had set the first meeting with the ladies for Thursday at my home at 11 am and wanted everything to be ready for them. I had CUB do most of the house cleaning in the nude and he was wearing a cock strap that had a little ring on it for me to hook a leash to anytime I wanted. I had been doing a lot of reading on the subject and was feeling pretty sure of how I wanted the meeting to go so I was excited when the time finally arrived.

Between 10:50 and 11:10 all 4 ladies showed up and it was nice to put a face with the picture I had of each of them from our online activities.

Sonia was 48 about 5’7” and 150 lbs she had short natural blond hair with color enhancers and a nice full shape.

Tara was 55 about 6’ and 190lbs her hair was shoulder length brunette and pulled back tightly she looked like an Amazon women.

Robin was the youngest at 40 and she was probably the largest also 5’5” and 225 lbs she was blond with curly hair to the middle of her back.

Mary was 53 about 5’6” and 165 lbs she had very black hair that was cut short and very stylish she had an English accent that made her sound very sophisticated.

I am about 5”7” 190 lbs and I have natural red hair that I get a boost of color from my hair dresser several times a year.

There was a lot of nervous energy in the room and you could tell everyone was waiting for me to bring up the subject of why we were there. I was eager to get started so I asked if anyone had any experiences they would like to share.

Tara said she has made her husband wear her panties to work one day last week and as soon as he got home she said he gave her the best screwing he had done in years. She actually came while he was screwing her

Robin said she had her man giving her oral sex every night before he can go to bed. He used to never pay any attention to her pussy other than to stick his dick in it then humpty hump and he was done.

Mary said she was making her husband do all the chores around the house in the nude. He never did any chores before and she really liked this control and his willingness to do what he was told.

Sonia said she had put her husband over the arm of the couch and gave him a good spanking for being a bad boy 2 times last week. She said I came from spanking him

I then told them about my little restaurant episode and they were all amazed that he would do that. We talked for a couple of hours and we decide to come up with the rules for the men to follow.

1. They must agree to honor this contract for 12 months and at any time if they complain or refuse to do anything told to them then the contract is over and they cannot bring up domination again.
2. They must be hairless from the neck down and they must keep themselves smooth and stubble free at all times.
3. They must be nude when ever in our presence unless we give them permission to have any clothing on and then we must approve what they wear at all times.
4. They were never to cover themselves up in the presence of any of the other women in this club unless they were told to do so and anything any woman asked them to do they will do without question.
5. They must not look at any porn, no masturbation, and no ejaculation without permission from their wife.
6. They will do all their assigned chores around the house in the nude and will allow their wives to have the club meeting monthly at their homes and do the set up and clean up without complaining.
7. They will take their wife on at least 3 nude vacations during this contract and will make time for all of her desires and fantasies to be fulfilled.
8. They must wear a ball stretcher for 2 hours every evening or until they are told your balls are hanging low enough.
9. They must spend one hour a day working out and start eating proper food to increase their overall appearance and stamina. They must be able to orally service their wife for a minimum of 1 hour without stopping.
10. Anytime they are allowed to ejaculate they must consume their man juice. This is non-negotiable and every man who wishes to have their wife in this club must obey this rule. It does not matter where you cum you must eat it. You will do this to your wife’s satisfaction. There will be verification of this rule to be allowed to remain in the club.

Every woman there was excited by the prospect of taking control of the sex in their homes. We talked about many other things and decided that we should meet every week at first to discuss what we have done and get some new ideas and to help each other out if we were having and problems.

Sonia said she would have the meeting at her house next week and we all left with our copies of the rules. We decided that we would email our husbands the rules today and tell them that if they agreed to the rules that when they got home they were to strip in the garage and get themselves hard and then come into the house and we would then know if they had agreed or not.

We also agreed to text each other as our husbands came home and let each of us know if he was naked and erect or he was out. I received the first text at 6:15 from Robin it said naked and erect. Over the next hour everyone sent texts that said the same thing and then CUB came home and walked into our home office naked and erect and I had him come over and I gave him a quick few strokes and a little kiss on the head of his dick and had him text the other ladies a picture of his erect cock.

That was the ice breaker during the next 2 hours I got 4 more pix messages that all showed clean shaved hairless dicks and balls and they were all erect. That gave me a nice idea and I sent everyone a message that said we should go ahead and measure our boy toy’s dicks and then we would all report back tomorrow to make sure everyone was getting their fair share. We decided that we would take several pictures from different angles of their package and we would be able to share them at the next meeting. Everyone liked that idea and we all got our man as big as we could and then measured.

The rest of the evening was busy with CUB doing all the chores around the house nude and with his ball stretcher on and with a hard on. I made a nice dinner and we enjoyed eating it in the kitchen with him standing so his stretcher could continue working during the meal. He cleaned up after dinner and then went upstairs to the exercise room and we laid out a workout plan for him to follow for the next year.
I was looking forward to seeing how this improvement would look on him. He worked very hard for the next 50 minutes and I could see that he was serious about obeying the rules. I had him remove the ball stretcher and was impressed with how low they were hanging. I had him turn around and bend over with his legs spread and took a couple of pictures for my new collection.

That evening I had him lie on the bed and I sat on his face and had him eat my pussy for about 30 minutes and thru 2 orgasms. I had him get himself to the very edge of Cumming and then I spanked his dick and balls and put him to bed. I told him I was going to make him cum on Saturday at a time and place of my choosing as long as he was a good boy.

We had all agreed that we would make our husbands cum only one time between tonight and next Thursday’s meeting. I was planning on having each woman give a full and detailed report of their first cream pie feeding to their husbands.

We had talked about this and after much discussion we decided that since all of our husbands had wanted us to suck down their cum and didn’t think there was anything wrong with us eating their cum then making them eat it was just the right thing to do now since we were in charge of all the orgasms in our homes.
Part 2 coming soon

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I would love to be shaved of all my body hair below the neck by a strong female to show that I am a submissive male and I belong to her. Likewise, I would love to be paraded naked at a party and made to serve dressed in this manner.

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