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Chapter 8

“What are you doing Gwen?” Ben asked, sliding across the bench so he could see the screen of her laptop. Ben let his hands wander over her body, focusing on her milk filled tits and belly bulge with an occasional dip between her legs to tickle her wet pussy through her pants.

“I’m checking up on the results of your summer victories so far,” Gwen said with a soft purr of pleasure.

“What do you mean?” Ben asked, frowning at the chart on the screen.

“Well, starting with the first week of our vacation you fucked Kathy in Uncle Gary’s office and according to the e-mail he sent me a few weeks ago he’s confirmed her pregnancy.”

“I already knew that,” Ben said with a snort, “I always know when I knock a girl up.”

“Knowing and confirming are two different things,” Gwen pointed out with a gasp of pleasure Ben slid his hand into her pants and panties to stick a finger between her cunt lips. “Anyway, your next victim - I’m sorry, conquest - was Mandy and she e-mailed me to say that she confirmed her pregnancy with a home pregnancy kit. So far she and Andy have been able to keep the pregnancy secret but she says she’s so horny right now that she doesn’t know how long she and Andy can keep their fuck sessions secret.”

“Joey was the hardest one to confirm,” Gwen continued. “Even though she promised to e-mail me when her pregnancy was confirmed she didn’t do it.”

“Did you really expect her to?” Ben chuckled, “Joey is a criminal and you can’t really expect her to keep a promise like that?”

“Not really,” Gwen said with a shrug, “that’s why I cracked the security on the prison medical files and checked her records. I suspect she was almost as surprised as me when it turned out that she’s pregnant with twins.”

“My second set,” Ben said with a grin.

“Yes,” Gwen said with a nod, “but Jane didn’t try to have your babies aborted.”

“Joey did that?”

“Twice,” Gwen said, “but it didn’t work, and the state refuses to pay for a third attempt since Joey’s a convict. As near as I can tell Joey’s already looking for someone to adopt the twins as soon as they’re born, and I don’t think she intends to let you know the truth.”

“Well I’m glad you found out the truth at least,” Ben said, “do you think you can keep track of where my twins end up?”

“You’ve got it,” Gwen said, “in fact I already put a trace on it, as soon as the babies are adopted we’ll know who the parents are. In fact we can make sure the babies end up with the family of our choice if you want.”

“As long as I know where they end up that will be fine with me,” Ben decided. “So what about Kai?”

“Wes confirmed her pregnancy a couple weeks ago,” Gwen said, pointing to the proper point on her chart, “he said he gave her a home pregnancy test as soon as her morning sickness started. He also said that he hoped you were wrong about the baby being yours, but he’s sure it is. He also said to make sure you keep your distance until Kai’s pregnant with her second baby because it’s the only way he can be sure the next one is his.”

“And last but not least we have Kevin’s half sister Stephanie,” Gwen said. “This is the reason I was working on the chart because I just got an e-mail from Kevin to say that the base doctor confirmed Steph’s pregnancy earlier today after she rushed to the bathroom this morning to throw up.”

“So all the girls I’ve fucked this summer are pregnant?”

“That’s right,” Gwen said as she turned off her laptop and closed the lid. “You’re still batting 1000, and I don’t think that’s going to change. Not when the Omnitrix is telling you when a girl is fertile and ready to be impregnated.”

“I do enjoy that part of the Omnitrix,” Ben said with a grin. “So, I wonder who’s going to be next?”

“Don’t look at me,” Gwen said, patting her swollen belly, “I’m already pregnant. Jane should be ready for another baby when we get home, but that’s still a month away.”

“Hey kids,” Grandpa Max called from the front of the Rustbucket, “we’re almost to the ranch so if you’re in the middle of something you better finish up before we get there.”

“Thanks grandpa,” Gwen called back. She watched as Ben pulled his fingers out of her pants and licked them clean. “I should be good, but it looks like you’ll have trouble hiding that lump in your pants. I can take care of that problem if you want.”

“Thanks Gwen,” Ben said with a sigh of relief when his cousin zipped open his pants and pulled his hard cock out of his briefs and stroked it in her fist a couple times. “Hard to believe it’s been a year since we were here for Joel and Camille’s wedding. It will be good to see them again.”

“Yeah it will,” Ben said with a groan of pleasure as Gwen sucked his cock into her mouth. “It’s too bad Joel’s parents are gone on a mission, it would have been fun to see them again.”

Gwen nodded her head as she sucked Ben’s cock. She cupped his balls in one hand and gave them a gentle squeeze to encourage his orgasm and she swallowed his cum as it spurted into her mouth.

“There’s Joel now,” Grandpa Max called as he brought the Rustbucket to a stop.

Ben quickly zipped his pants closed before he joined Gwen at the back door to give their cousin a wave before they jumped out to give him a real greeting.

“Ben, Gwen, good to see you again,” Joel said as he gave his two cousins a quick hug. “I wish I could stay and give you a real greeting but I have to get to the store with this shopping list Camille just gave me. The food my wife is eating right now, you’d never believe the combinations she comes up with. Anyway she’s back in the guest house, you may remember my parents gave it to us as a wedding present, and I’m sure she’ll be happy to see all of you again.”

“In that case we’ll go pay her a visit right now and keep her company while you go to the store,” Grandpa Max said.

“No me,” Ben cried as he ran off across the lawn toward the main house, “I’m going to hit the pool before anyone else has chance to ruin it.”

“Ben,” Gwen called after her cousin, she tried to grab him before he got away but stopped herself when she realized that taking her arms away from her body could reveal her pregnant belly to Joel.

“Let him go,” Max sighed, “he’ll come back when he gets tired.”

“I know,” Gwen said with a sigh of her own, “but I wish he’d be a little more responsible.”

“He wouldn’t be Ben if he was,” Joel chuckled. “Don’t worry, I’m sure Camille will be happy to see the two of you right now and Ben later. And I’m sure Lucy won’t mind the company either.”

“You mean Camille’s cousin is here too?” Gwen asked. “I haven’t heard from her since last summer when she was the flower girl at your wedding.”

“She’s been spending the summer with us,” Joel admitted with a smile. “In fact Ben will probably see her first, she went out for a swim a few minutes ago so she’s should beat him to the pool. I’ll see you later, I need to get these things for Camille before she changes her mind.”

As soon as he was clear Ben brought the Omnitrix up and dialed in the alien he wanted and seconds later he was rolling across the lawn as Canonbolt. A year earlier Ben had used the same form to fight a rogue alien who tried to stop Joel and Camille’s wedding and Ben had almost got himself shot when Joel’s parents caught him after he smashed into the caterer’s tent. That was when he found out that Joel and his parents were Plumbers just like his grandfather and that Camille, Joel’s bride, was actually an alien, a shape shifting race usually referred to as Sludge Puppies. The wedding crasher turned out to be one of Camille’s ex-boyfriends who’d been tricked into stopping the wedding by Camille’s parents who secretly opposed the wedding and the treaty it represented between their planet and Earth.

Ben rolled along the same path he’d used to chase Camille’s old boyfriend the year before until he spun past the site of the caterer’s tent and headed for the pool. As soon as the pool was in sight Ben kicked his speed up to full roll and headed for the diving board. He hit the hand rail leading up the stairs to the diving board and spun up through the air to hit the end of the board and spring off it and over the pool. As he catapulted into the air Ben snapped out of Canonbolt’s rolling ball form to cry, “Canon ball!” before he tucked back into his ball form to hit the water with a big splash.

“Good one,” Ben heard someone giggle when he came up for breath. He shook the pool’s chlorinated water out of his eyes to turn to the sound and saw a blond girl in a skin colored bikini watching him.

“Who are you?” he asked the teenager while she pulled her wet hair away from her face.

“Can’t you remember?” the blond girl asked with a mischievous grin that made the freckles on her cheeks stand out.

Ben looked carefully at the girl and the way her breasts pushed the top of her bikini out while the bottom clung so tight to her hips that he could see the cleft of her cunt in the fabric. After a few seconds he realized who she was and couldn’t keep the shock out of his voice when he said, “Lucy? You look so much older than you did last year when you were the flower girl and I was the ring bearer.”

“I am older,” Lucy snorted, pushing her tits out when she saw the way Ben was looking at her. “Actually when you saw me last year I was working on my first level mastery of the human form.”

“What does that mean?” Ben asked, deactivating the Omnitrix and settling back against the side of the pool in the shallow water so he could enjoy the view of Lucy’s body as she settled so close to him that their hips touched.

“In our society it’s normal for someone to focus on one alien form,” Lucy explained, “Camille and I both decided to focus on the human form. Most of our race don’t bother learning more than the shape of the alien they want to copy, but I decided I wanted to master the human form and Camille is my trainer.”

“So,” Ben said thoughtfully, watching the way Lucy’s tits shifted under her tight fitting bikini top. He could actually see her nipples pushing out against the fabric of her suit. “Just how deep do you mimic other races when you master their form?”

“A true master,” Lucy said, “can mimic a race right down to the genetic level. That’s what I’m working on right now.”

“That still doesn’t explain why you were a little girl last summer and a teenager this summer,” Ben pointed out.

“Every race has certain ages that are harder to mimic than others,” Lucy explained. “For humans it’s easy to mimic children and elderly people because they don’t have the rush of hormones and emotions that you have to deal with at other ages. Last summer - like I said - I was working on mastery of my young human form. Unfortunately I failed because I wasn’t able to hold my form when we were dancing at the reception.”

“I remember,” Ben said with a frown. “When your feet shifted to their natural form I slipped on them and fell to the floor in front of everyone. Gwen still has the video on her laptop and she plays it all the time just to annoy me.”

“Come on Ben,” Lucy said with a soft chuckle, “when you think about it it really was pretty funny.”

“I guess so,” Ben said with a sigh, “at least it’s funny if you’re not the one who slipped. Someday I’ll be able to laugh at it, but not yet. So the teenage form is the next level after child then?”

“No, the adult form comes after the child form,” Lucy said. “I managed to fulfill the requirements for my first level mastery after the wedding and then I moved on to the adult form. As an adult I had to deal with human hormones, but they were pretty steady so they weren’t that hard to deal with. But as a teenager the hormones are uncontrolled and rush and ebb with no warning.”

“So if you’re able to copy the human form down to the genetic level and you have the same hormones as a real human does that mean that you can get pregnant?” Ben tried to make it sound like a real question but thanks to his specialized senses he already knew the truth before Lucy opened her mouth.

“Yes I can,” Lucy said with a knowing grin as she reached down to rub the bulge in Ben’s pants. “In fact some of my people think the real test of mastery is to have a baby in your alien form.”

“Is that what you think?” Ben asked hopefully while Lucy continued to rub the lump in his pants.

“Well I wouldn’t mind having a baby and proving my mastery that way,” Lucy said. “What do you think Ben, care to help me with my final exam.”

“I’m always ready and willing to help a girl out with this kind of test,” Ben said, finally giving in to the temptation to reach out and touch Lucy’s breasts through her swim suit.

“Good,” Lucy said with a triumphant grin, leaning forward to give Ben easier access to her tits, “because I’m so horny I was actually thinking about raping you to get what I want.”

“Trust me Lucy,” Ben said with a muffled laugh as he pulled his shirt off and tossed it onto the pool’s walkway before he added the rest of his clothes to join his shirt, “no girl will ever have to rape me to get what she wants.”

“I guess that means you know what you’re doing,” Lucy said, removing her bikini and tossing the two pieces to the side of the pool.”

“I could give you the names of over a dozen girls who could tell you just how much I know about fucking,” Ben said, taking in Lucy’s erect nipples and pale blond bush of pussy hair. “Of course that list does include Gwen so you could just ask her when you see her.”

“I will,” Lucy said, moving forward to stroke Ben’s already erect cock under the surface of the pool, “but for right now I think I’ll take your word for it. After all, it’s obvious that you know what you’re doing, so I’ll trust you to do the job.”

“I will,” Ben assured Lucy, “in fact I can tell you that if we fuck right now, you will be pregnant when we’re done.”

“Good,” Lucy said enthusiastically, “so how are we going to do it?”

“I was just thinking that I haven’t fucked a girl in a pool yet,” Ben said, sliding his fingers down to tickle Lucy’s slit until the girl drew him close with a wiggle of anticipation. “Why don’t you turn around and put you arms up on the edge of the pool.”

“Like this?” Lucy asked, standing on her tiptoes and putting her arms on the cement walkway.

“Let’s move a little closer to the shallow end so you don’t have to hold yourself up while we fuck,” Ben said. “By the way, are you a virgin? Or did you leave out that part of your anatomy when you made yourself human?”

“I did have a hymen when I changed,” Lucy said as she shifted toward the shallow end of the pool while Ben held her steady with his hands on her hips, “but I got rid of it over a month ago with the handle of my hairbrush.”

“That means that technically you’re still a virgin since you haven’t fucked anyone yet, but since you don’t have a hymen your first time won’t hurt as much. But your pussy will still have to stretch for my cock.”

“I don’t care,” Lucy said, opening her legs and turning her head to look over her shoulder when Ben came up behind her. As Lucy’s body shivered in anticipation Ben slid the head of his cock between her thighs and guided it to her quivering cunt lips.

“Ready?” Ben whispered in Lucy’s ear, holding the tip of his cock against Lucy’s slit while he brought his hands up to cup her tits, twisting her erect nipples between his thumbs and index fingers while he waited for her to respond.

“Ready,” Lucy said, pushing her ass back against Ben’s stomach and forcing the first half inch of his prick between her pussy lips. “Now slam that hard cock in my cunt and make sure I’m not a virgin any more.”

“With pleasure,” Ben said, shoving his cock into Lucy’s slick cunt with enough force to send ripples skittering across the surface of the pool. With his cock buried deep in Lucy’s body Ben played with her nipples and leaned forward to whisper in her ear. “Do you want a boy or a girl this time?”

“This time?” Lucy said, her voice purring with pleasure, “this time I’d like to have a girl. Do you think you’ll be available to give me a boy next year?”

“I don’t know,” Ben chuckled, sliding his cock in and out of Lucy’s slit and groaning with pleasure as her cunt muscles massaged his shaft with every stroke. “I think I can work you in.”

“Good,” Lucy said with a groan, “it might be a good idea to keep this date open on your calender every year from now on.”

“Sounds like you plan to keep busy,” Ben groaned, “a baby a year won’t give you much time to yourself.”

“Oh, I’ll manage,” Lucy said. “I’m sure my parents will be happy to help me out, they always wanted a big family and they keep asking me when I’m going to give them grandchildren.”

“And I’ll be happy to give you - and them - as many babies as you want,” Ben said. “I always enjoy knocking a girl up.”

“I can tell,” Lucy moaned at the pleasure running through her body with every stroke of Ben’s cock. “If you’re enjoying this fuck as much as I am than how do you keep yourself from fucking every pussy you meet?”

“Well I do need to recover between fucks,” Ben chuckled, “but on top of that I’d never fuck a girl if she didn’t want to fuck me. But if girl’s interested, I’m there and ready.”

“I’m glad you came along when you did then,” Lucy groaned, her belly starting to jump with her approaching orgasm, “because I was too horny to hold out much longer.”

“Lucy,” Ben said when he noticed the familiar itch in his balls, “I’m almost ready to shoot my load here, are you sure ready for this.”

“Ready to get pregnant, willing to get pregnant, and able to get pregnant,” Lucy replied. “Now fill my belly with your cum and give me my baby.”

“With pleasure,” Ben said with a grunt as he slammed his cock deep in Lucy’s body and held it there as he shot spurt after spurt of baby juice into Lucy’s alien womb.

When Ben’s prick shot it’s first wad of cum into her pussy Lucy felt her belly spasm with her own orgasm and she clamped her cunt muscles down on his shaft to milk every drop of baby juice from her lover’s balls. “Oh yeah,” Lucy hissed as the water rippled around her shoulders and neck. “Thank you Ben, that’s just what I needed.”

“Happy to oblige,” Ben said, leaning forward to give Lucy a kiss on the cheek as he held his slowly softening cock in her pussy to hold his sperm in place.

“Ben, Ben where are you?” Lucy and Ben heard Gwen call as she approached the pool at a run. “Ben come on, there’s something important you need to know about Camille and Lucy.”

“We’re over here Gwen,” Ben called to his cousin.

“We? Does that mean Lucy is . . .”

“Right here Gwen,” Lucy said, waving her hand above the side of the pool so Gwen could see where they were.

“Did you two fuck?” Gwen asked, kneeling next to the pool and revealing her swollen belly as she looked down at the two naked bodies in the water.

“It’s obvious that you did,” Lucy said with a giggle.

“Ben do you know what you just did?” Gwen asked, looking down at where she could still see Ben’s cock embedded in Lucy’s yellow haired pussy.

“Of course,” Ben said with a shrug, “Lucy told me that her form was accurate right down to the genetic level and my senses told me that I’d knock her up if we fucked. So what was I suppose to do when she asked me to fuck her and give her a baby?”

“Knowing you, you just did it,” Gwen said with a sigh.

“But Gwen, how did you know about Lucy and her fertility?” Ben asked.

“I didn’t know until a few minutes ago, that’s when I noticed the slight bulge of Camille’s belly and realized that she was pregnant. That’s when Joel’s comments about Camille’s cravings finally made sense and I realized that Sludgepuppies can copy other aliens so well that they can actually breed with them. Then when Camille told us that Lucy was working to master her teenage human form and that she wasn’t just fertile, but horny as hell.”

“My cousin knows me so well,” Lucy moaned as Ben played with her nipples again.

“I guess she does,” Gwen agreed, “that’s why she didn’t seem too worried when I told her that Ben would probably fuck you if he found you. She said she’d be surprised if Ben put up any resistance when you tried to seduce him and I had to agree. In fact I told her Ben might end up seducing you first. So, who seduced who?”

“I’m not sure,” Ben said after exchanging looks with Lucy. “I think we seduced each other. By the way Gwen, there’s something I’ve been thinking about since you showed me that chart with all the girls I’ve knocked up in the past year.”

“What’s that?” Gwen asked with a knowing grin as she removed her shoes and socks and slipped her bare feet into the water with a sigh of relief.

“Well,” Ben said hesitantly, “the chart isn’t complete. I’ve been fucking other girls at school and all of them are knocked up too. Why don’t you seem surprised?”

“Jane, Keesha, and I knew you were fucking other girls Ben,” Gwen said, splashing her feet in the water of the pool, “but we weren’t sure how many. So many girls ended up pregnant at school this year that we knew you’d been busy, but we also knew that not all the pregnancies were yours. Once we get back to the computer we’ll update the chart with the girls from school and Lucy. But right now the two of you might want to get out of the pool before you prune up, especially since Joel will be back with dinner any minute now.”

“Great,” Ben said, pulling his wilted cock out of Lucy’s tight pussy, “I’m starved after that fuck.”

“So am I,” Lucy said, pulling herself out of the pool with Gwen’s help. “By the way Gwen, if you don’t mind, could I borrow Ben again? I pretty sure I’m already pregnant, but it feels so good when Ben fucks me I’d like to do it again.”

“And again and again,” Gwen said with a knowing grin. “I feel the same way when I get his cock in my pussy. Of course that’s why I ended up with this,” Gwen added, patting her pregnant belly.

“In that case do you mind if I ask you for advice when my belly starts growing?”

“Sure, all of us stick together when Ben’s babies start growing in our bellies,” Gwen said, “and after this summer you’ll have plenty of us to get advice from.”

“Good, I’d hate to be alone for this,” Lucy said, patting her flat belly. “Now let’s go get some dinner.”

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