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We meet David's new "family"
David, a 15 year old evacuee, was preparing to leave home for the safely of a village in the country side. As sleep started to overtake him, he idly wondered what the people were like in his new home. He wondered what Mrs. Ellis was like?

As David was thinking this, Mary Ellis was also lying in bed, equally nervous about the following day. She had been quick to volunteer to take in an evacuee, but as the day approached she was wondering whether she had done the right thing. She had written to her husband Jack, who was serving in North Africa, and he had expressed his pride at her “doing her bit” as he put it. Her daughters, however, had not been so sure.
“But what if it’s a boy?” Katie had exclaimed when her mother told her the news. Katie was 16 and currently shared a bedroom with her sister Sally who was a couple of years younger. It was the only bedroom apart from their mother’s which meant that whoever came would have to share with the two girls. Her mother had erected a washing line across the corner of the L-shaped room and hung up a curtain to afford some privacy, but Katie was of the age when she valued her own privacy, especially bearing in mind what she and Sally got up to at night…
Mary had to confess she had also wondered what would happen if it was a boy. A girl would be fine – she could share with her two daughters quite easily. A boy would be a bit more difficult but it would provide someone to help around the house, and particularly in the large garden which she had somewhat neglected since Jack had been called up. A boy might also be able to fulfil other needs that Mary had…
She quickly dismissed these thoughts from her head. She had remained faithful to Jack since he had gone abroad six months ago and was determined to remain so. However she smiled to herself as she allowed her right hand to slide under the covers and briefly caressed her soft breasts. She was particularly proud of her body. She had kept herself trim but her breasts, which were quite large much to Jacks pleasure, were her pride and joy. They were large and full and lolled sleepily on her chest. Her nipples quickly came to attention and she knew she was going to have to relieve herself…
With her left hand she gently squeezed and stroked her breasts while her right hand snaked down her flat belly and through the soft curls of her pubic hair to the slit of her pussy. She realized guiltily that she was already wet between her legs and her finger slid easily between the crinkled folds. She closed her eyes and gently squeezed her now erect nipple between her fingers and carefully probed her middle finger between her pussy lips. She eased her legs apart as the finger slid quite easily into the wet folds and soon a couple of inches were sliding deeper into her.
She sighed heavily as she began to rhythmically slip her middle finger in and out of the wet folds of her pussy while her other hand busily tweaked her nipples. She liked to pinch them - the little darts of pain seemed to heighten the pleasure between her legs. She bit her lip, not wanting to make too much noise and disturb the children, as her hand continued to busy itself between her legs. Whilst her finger was still deep in her pussy she was able to bring her thumb up and rub it across the large bud of her clitoris.
When she and Jack had first married he had commented on the size of her clitoris, which he likened to a small penis. In fact he sometimes sucked on it as if it was a tiny cock and this would bring her off in seconds. However this evening she wanted it to last so she gently brushed the bud with her thumb. Her whole body was now stirring and the familiar hot feelings were throbbing deep in her groin. She reached down to slide her middle finger deeper into her pussy, right up to the knuckle, which meant that she now could no longer reach her clitoris. However to compensate for this she quickly inserted a second finger into her gaping pussy and now two fingers were slickly thrusting in and out of her cunt.
She blushed as she heard herself thinking the word…cunt! She never let Jack hear her use it but she loved the word…fuck! There she had thought that as well! Again Jack didn’t like this but she had longed to hear him say it. She longed to cry out to him,
“Fuck my cunt Jack! Fuck my cunt with your enormous cock!” She suddenly gasped and stopped. Had she said this out loud? She felt sure she hadn’t but looked to the bedroom door guiltily, as if expecting one of her daughters to come knocking. But all was quiet. She quickly continued thrusting her fingers in out of her cunt and squeezing her breasts. Now she was very close.
Impatiently she kicked the covers off the bed and gazed down at her body. She particularly enjoyed the visual side of sex and brought her left arm across her breasts squeezing them together and enjoying the sight of her large fleshy mounds crushed together. She lifted her hips up off the bed so she could see her hand flashing between her thighs and she could hear her fingers slurping in and out of her cunt. Suddenly her orgasm hit her and she closed her eyes giving herself up to the gorgeous feelings.
Her climax flooded through her entire body as her hand clamped her breasts tightly together and the other hand stabbed two fingers deep into her. This was a time when she felt sure she would give herself away as she couldn’t help squeaking and whimpering as her orgasm thundered through her. Finally, after what seemed like an age, she felt the last feelings ebbing away and she allowed herself at last to fall back on to the bed. She carefully pulled her fingers out of her pussy and brought them to her nose, enjoying the scent of her wetness. She licked them carefully, savouring the taste.
She realised she was a little different from other women. She was sure other women did not allow themselves so brazenly to enjoy their sex. But she felt sex was her right…she was supposed to enjoy sex and not keep it hidden away like other women seemed to do. As she carefully pulled the covers back over her body she fell asleep knowing one thing…
She prayed to God it would be a boy!


Mary would have been relieved to know that her two daughters had not heard anything of her cries…they were far too busy!
“Are you nearly there sis?” Katie whispered to Sally, her younger sister.
“Almost…a bit more…keep going…” Sally muttered until suddenly she jerked her young hips up against her older sister’s finger and came. Kate’s head was buried in her shoulder and she squeezed her young body to her as her pussy convulsed around Kate’s finger. Finally the feelings slowed and she relaxed back onto the mattress. She turned to give her sister a quick kiss.
“Thanks Kate that was lovely!” she whispered. Her older sister turned onto her back and gazed at the ceiling.
“You realise of course that we might not be able to do this anymore?” She heaved a long sigh, echoed by her younger sister.
The girls had slept in the same big double bed in the same spacious room since they were young. Their mother had offered to exchange the bed for two singles but the sisters had so enjoyed each other’s company that they were quite happy to continue as they were, especially now that they took particular enjoyment in each other’s bodies.
Katie, being the older of the two, was of course the leader and she knew all about the “rude bits” as they called them. On the occasion of her sixteenth birthday last year, her mother had sat her down and gone through the practicalities, with special emphasis on not giving herself up to a boy until she was married. She had also impressed upon her the importance of not telling Sally about any of this, as she was as yet too young. Kate had nodded earnestly and taken it all in, and then of course had told Sally every detail that night in bed.
The girls hardly slept that night, discussing what they had learned and Sally especially went to sleep feeling a little giddy.
The next night they had changed into their nighties as usual and Sally noticed that Kate was giving her an odd look. She also noticed she was glancing into the mirror more often than usual, apparently admiring her body. Sally was envious of her older sister – she was very attractive with a cascade of black hair surrounding a pretty face and breasts which were far larger than hers. She admired the way they bounced around as she walked and did not seem to hang heavily like her mother’s did.
She gazed down sorrowfully at her own a small bumps, which she felt sure were getting bigger each week but ever so slowly! Her nipples were a soft pink rather the dark brown of her older sisters, but she did share her sister’s long black hair. There was no hair at her groin and she noticed her sister had a vee of soft fuzz. Her mother had told both of them about the changes in their bodies they will experience as they got older so she fully understood this, but longed to get hair herself.
She quickly climbed into bed and lay there watching her sister who seemed to be taking longer than usual. Then to her surprise Kate climbed into bed without putting her nightie on.
“You forgot your nightie, silly!” she reprimanded. Kate was now sat up in bed and looked down at her younger sister.
“I’m not wearing one tonight! It’s too hot.” She said in a voice that did not encourage argument and quickly snuggled down under the sheets. It was dark by now and Sally lay on her back feeling rather odd…in fact she felt a little bit like she had the night before when they had been talking about “rude bits”. She wondered if she dared take her own nightie off. For some reason the thought excited her.
“You’re right it is hot isn’t it?” muttered Sally and she quickly struggled out of her own nightie and dropped it on the floor. She pulled the covers back up again and felt a small frisson of excitement at her nakedness. Although, of course, she and Kate always saw each other naked when they got changed this was the first time they had been naked in bed together. Normally they had a quick cuddle before they went to sleep and it suddenly struck her that if they did the same tonight, their bits would be touching!
She swallowed hard, half worried but half hoping her sister would give her a cuddle as usual.
“Shall we say goodnight then sis?” She whispered into the darkness, the usual sign for them to cuddle and say goodnight. She stiffened as she felt Kate turn on to her side and, as usual, her arms wrapped around her young body. However this night was very different…
Kate casually draped her arm across Sally’s chest and the feel of the soft skin against her young breasts was lovely. She could also now feel Kate’s own breasts against her right arm, the hardness of the nipples digging into her skin. She lay there enjoying the warmth of her sister’s embrace, not daring to say anything. It was Kate who broke the spell.
“Your breasts are definitely getting bigger aren’t they? At least they feel big…” as she said this Kate brought her hand back down to Sally’s chest and casually rubbed it across the soft bumps. Sally squeezed her eyes tightly together, shocked at what her sister had done but excited at the feelings that coursed through her young body.
“I think they are. They don’t look very big in the mirror but do they feel big?” She hoped this would encourage her sister to carry on feeling her breasts and sure enough Kate once again stroked her fingers across Sally’s chest.
“They do actually. Not as big as mine of course but very good for your age. I bet they’re the biggest in your class aren’t they?”
Sally whispered that she thought they were. She was rather proud of this and in fact she had been the first girl in her class to get any sign of breasts. Although she had been teased at first, she was now the envy of her friends. Suddenly she had an urge to feel Kate’s breasts. She turned to look at her sister, just able to see the soft pale face in the darkness.
“Can I feel yours?” she whispered nervously.
“Course you can!” Kate replied, seemingly anticipating her young sister’s request and she quickly pulled away from Sally, who turned onto her side. Sally tentatively reached out in the gloom and for the first time felt the soft warmth of her sister’s breasts. They felt very different from her own – larger of course but firm and full. She could only just make out their shape in the darkness but she carried on stroking them and they felt rather wonderful. She hoped her own would be as nice when she got older.
She stroked her fingers around the soft flesh and was fascinated by the firm stalks of Kate’s nipples. They must have stuck out about quarter inch from her breasts and Sally twirled her fingers around them. Suddenly her sister whimpered and she quickly withdrew her hands.
“Are you alright Kate?” Sally whispered hoarsely, wondering what she had done.
“I’m fine sis…” Katie croaked back. Sally was puzzled by the odd tone of her voice. “Remember what we were talking about last night? About sex and that?” Sally nodded dumbly. “Remember I said that when you have an orgasm it feels really nice? Well that’s what I feel when you play with my boobs.” Sally was astonished.
“Am I giving you an orgasm then?” She heard Kate chuckle in the darkness.
“Almost, little one.” This was her pet name for Sally. “You’d have to do a bit more to make me come properly though.” Sally was now anxious to help her sister come properly.
“What do I have to do? Tell me!” She whispered hoarsely. Kate grinned to herself. As her sister had been playing with her nipples, which she had to admit were extremely sensitive, she had clamped her legs together trying to bring herself off. She had discovered the joys of masturbation a couple of years ago although daren’t do it in front of her young sister. This meant she was restricted to playing with herself in the bath and, occasionally, out in the nearby woods when she went for her occasional walk to “get some air”
Now that she knew so much more about sex and had shared this with her sister, she felt sure that Sally would be happy to help her fulfil her needs, and indeed surely it was about time that Sally learnt the pleasures of masturbation?
“I’ll teach you if you like. But you must promise not to tell anybody else, especially Mum.”
“I won’t tell anybody. Honest!” Sally whispered earnestly.
“Give me your hand then…” Katie reached out and took her young sister’s hand, guiding it down the bed as she shuffled on to her back. She placed it on the soft fuzz of her pubic hair.
“Remember where I said that men put their cocks when they make love to women?”
“It’s down there isn’t it? Near were my hand is?” Kate nodded.
“You know it’s called a pussy don’t you? Well if you slide your fingers up and down the lips of my pussy, it’ll make me come.” She waited expectantly and sure enough she felt her young sister’s fingers slide past the soft pad of her pubis and down towards her pussy. She closed her eyes as she felt the first touch between her legs. This was the first time anyone else had touched her there. She certainly hadn’t been touched by any boys, despite various pleadings from some of the boys in her class. She was saving herself like her mum had told her.
“Is that alright?” She heard a whisper.
“That’s lovely sis. Slide your fingers up and down where it’s all wet.” she muttered anxiously, hoping her sister would not be put off by the juices now almost flooding from her pussy. Luckily Sally seemed unperturbed as she started to rub her fingers up and down the lips. The feeling of the hesitant hand was fantastic and every so often Sally’s fingers would flick across the bud of her clitoris.
“Just there sis…that’s it just there…” she muttered as she felt Sally’s finger tweaking her clitoris again. Sally now concentrated on the pink bud, learning very quickly and suddenly she felt her orgasm approaching. She quickly slid her hand under the sheets and grabbed Sally’s hand pressing it hard against her groin.
“Ungghh...!” She grunted as her orgasm burst upon her. She thrust her hips upwards, clamping her sister’s hand against her groin as an incredible orgasm coursed through her. It seemed to go on forever, easily the best she had ever experienced. She felt herself gradually subsiding and as she came down she gently squeezed her sister’s hand before bringing up and giving it a gentle kiss. It was wet from her juices and smelt heavenly!
“Thank you little one...that was gorgeous!” Kate whispered, snuggling down into the bed in the warm afterglow.
Sally didn’t know what to think. At first she had been puzzled by the wetness between her sister’s thighs although she had remembered that this is what happened when women got turned on. It had felt rather nice playing with her sister, knowing that she was turning her sister on and had realized that the little bump she had felt must have been her sister’s clitoris. She seemed to enjoy special attention on this which, perhaps, was why she had come so quickly.
She wondered if she was old enough to have one of these feelings herself? While her sister was recovering next to her, breathing heavily, her breasts rising and falling on her chest, Sally carefully slid her hand down between her own legs. She was disappointed to feel no wetness there but still slid her fingers between her thighs, feeling for her own pussy lips. Would she have a clitoris? She fumbled around and felt a little jolt go through her. Was that it? It felt like a little pea. She carefully rubbed it between her two fingers and it certainly seemed very nice…
“Shall I do that for you sis?” Sally’s eyes shot open and turned to see her sister gazing at her with a grin on her face. She felt herself go bright red.
“I was just seeing if I could…you know…like you did.” Her voice tailed off. Without a word Kate turned on to her side and slid her hand down her sister’s tummy towards her groin. Sally moved her hand away and closed her eyes, knowing what was to come next.
Sure enough she felt her older sister’s fingers slide between her legs and she parted her thighs so she could reach her pussy. Kate’s expert fingers worked at her pussy lips and suddenly she felt them moisten. To her amazement she actually felt Kate’s finger slide between her lips, only about an inch, but it was definitely inside her! She was now spinning, almost as if in another world, giddy and lightheaded. She closed her eyes, giving herself up to the luxurious feelings that were bursting from between her legs.
She felt her sister kiss her softly on the shoulder and she reached out her right arm, curling around Kate’s shoulders and pulling her closer to her. Then Kate kissed her on the side of the face and then on the lips. But she didn’t stop there. She worked down her neck towards her breasts! Her sister was going to kiss her on the breasts!
She couldn’t help giving out a little whimper as she felt Kate’s lips kissing her breasts, and then her nipples. She had never felt anything like this before in her life! She never knew such things went on! She had occasionally felt her own breasts, which felt nice to her, but this was like nothing on earth!
Suddenly she knew she was going to have her very first orgasm and she was determined to make the most of it! She spread her legs as wide as they would go and Katie seemed to sense her approaching orgasm and started to speed up, using her fingers against her pussy lips and her thumb against her tiny clitoris. She began to kiss her breasts more insistently and then she felt Kate’s tongue come out and rasp across the nipples. That was it!
With a squeak she felt her orgasm approaching and suddenly she came. She came! Oh how she came! Her arms were wrapped around her sister who was now almost on top of her, her hand burrowing between her legs and her lips wetly plastered across her breasts. The room seemed to spin and she almost seemed to pass out as the most incredible feelings coursed through her body. She trembled in the sheer ecstasy of what was happening to her, thrusting her hips up as her sister rubbed her, matching her spasms.
It seemed to go on forever but then gradually she felt the feelings fade away. She tried to cling on, tried to prolong the ecstasy but it was no good. She felt her body subside and her sister’s hand slow down. Eventually she fell back on to the mattress and Kate gave her one last kiss on her lips before slumping to her side.
The two girls lay there for several minutes, neither saying anything. Sally knew that this had opened up a new chapter in her life. She would never forget her first orgasm, given to her by her sister. She vowed to learn how to play with herself so she, too, could give herself orgasms as, surely, her sister already did when she wasn’t around.
Kate also realized what a difference this episode would make to them. She felt sure that now she could play with herself quite happily in bed, her sister next to her, as she would now understand what she was doing. She pictured the nights ahead when they would play with themselves, and indeed each other...
So it was with somewhat heavy hearts that the two sisters lay in bed that night, wondering what the evacuee would be like. Would it be a young girl? Perhaps too young to be able to enjoy their pleasures? Perhaps it would be an older girl that they could introduce to the mysteries of sex. Worst of all, perhaps it would be a boy! That would suddenly curtail their activities.
“If it’s a girl the same age as us we can teach her can’t we?” Sally put the girls’ thoughts into words. Kate nodded.
“I hope so… as long as she she’s not too much of a churchie” this was their nickname for the children who went to church every week and who were particularly straight laced.
“What if it’s a boy?” Sally whispered nervously.
“I don’t know sis… I really don’t know…”

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