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This is the story of a rape and snuff victim who survived.
I knew Tabby couldn’t stay angry with me for long. She loved me as devotedly as I loved her, but I would have to have a heart to heart talk with her about the nature of our relationship soon. When I pulled on my pants and came out of the bathroom I saw it would have to be sooner, rather than later. She was still naked, lying prone on our bed and crying into a pillow. I pounced on her, pinning her to our bed and wrapping her in my arms. “I love you, Princess Tabitha Jackie Moore! Who has dared to upset my beautiful Princess? Your faithful knight will hand you their head!”
Tabby got down to basics rather quick, and far too openly for my own liking. “I was good enough for four rapists and murderers but not good enough for you, Jack? Am I someone else's used trash now or what?” I could tell this little genius had been formulating her arguments, and I dreaded their effects on me. I rolled off her, thrust my arms toward the ceiling, and pleaded, “Lord, please take me now!”
Tabby wasn’t buying that line of crap, she knows I’m not the religious type, and I was only stalling for time to think. She straddled me, and got right in my face with hers. “Okay, so I’m not a virgin anymore. Yes, I’m still a kid in years, but not in experience. I’ve been forced to do things career prostitutes refuse to do. I am a snuff rape CD that needs overwriting, Jack. I was introduced to sex in the most horrible way anyone could ever imagine, and I desperately need the one man I have been in love with all my life to overwrite those horrid memories with good ones! You are my Godfather, and I was named in your honor. Do you love me enough to make love to me as I’m asking you to do and protect me from my own memories and nightmares?”
What could I say to that? I gave it my best shot. “Darling, as I’ve always told you, you are dearer to me than life itself, and I will kill for you or die for you without hesitation or thought, but you don’t understand what you’re asking of me! I’m twenty years older than you, and I’m a physical and mental wreck. You may be in love with several boys your own age before you reach an age I could legally touch you. Your parents named me your Godfather because they trusted me to always protect you with my life!”
The brat snickered and looked down. My hands were holding her hips and she was sitting naked on my bare belly. I was doing my best to ignore the mind blowing heat from her little pussy and the sight of her delicious looking little breasts and puffy pink nipples. Damn it, I had changed the diapers on this baby girl more times than even I could remember!
She leaned forward onto me and kissed me passionately for a moment, while she purposely rubbed her erect nipples into my chest. “Now tell me you didn’t like that, Jack! Things have changed since my parents named you my Godfather, you’ve been teaching your military tenets to me for thirteen years and one of them is ‘adapt, adjust and overcome’ and I’m asking you to protect me the way I need you to now!” I think I’ve already mentioned Tabby is a strong willed child, haven’t I?
Yes, I’d liked feeling her body on mine, I loved it, but I didn’t dare admit that to her! Instead I told her, ”Be careful with those pointy things you have on your chest, Love, you could poke someone’s eye out.” She laughed, kissed me again, then she bounced off me. She rummaged through my bag and came up with another extra large T-shirt. She wiggled into it, doing much more wiggling than seemed necessary, so I knew it was done for my benefit. “Take me and feed me something, Sir Jack,” she said, “while you think about what I told you your princess needs you to do for her.”
I was beginning to wonder which of us was running this gang. I finished dressing, including a shoulder holster and pistol, then loaded the weapons back into the truck. Tabby stayed within arm’s reach of me the entire time. We got into the truck and I asked her, “What are you hungry for, Tabby?” She thought that over for a minute, then asked, “Could we do breakfast? I’d love some pancakes with lots of butter and syrup.” I knew where there was a good place, but I cautioned her we’d have to rush right in and sit down before anyone noticed she wore only one of my shirts and was barefooted. This put her into Bonnie Parker mode again, because she answered me, “Let’s do it, Clyde!”
I parked near the entrance to the place and we went in fast. Tabby cased the scene quickly and darted into a corner booth with me right behind her. We had gotten away with it, because a girl came to take our orders. Tabby spoke right up to her and ordered pancakes, bacon, and milk. My preference wasn’t on the menu, so I pulled a ten from my billfold and told the girl she’d earn a ten dollar tip if she could bring me two grilled cheese sandwiches, with fried egg, bacon, and tomato on them and coffee. She grabbed the ten, winked at me and headed to the kitchen.
Tabby pinched my arm hard. I asked her, “Hey, what was that for, Shrimp?” She told me, “Doh! That was for flirting, dummy. You already have a woman with you, me!” I couldn’t argue that point, after what the darling had survived that week. Tabby remarked, this seat is cold, Jack!” I had to laugh at that. I told her, “Don’t worry, Doll, your hot little body will have it smoldering within minutes! Pull my T-shirt down under your bottom, and try not to burn a hole in it.” I would have given her my light jacket to sit on, but it was concealing my shoulder holster and pistol. Our orders came and Tabby devoured the three pancakes and bacon while I was eating one sandwich.
“Wow, I guess you were hungry! Would you like more of those or something else?” I had noticed she had been admiring my sandwich, so I picked up one of the remaining two halves and then slid the plate to her. “Here, Love, I’ll share with Miss Bonnie Parker any day.” She thanked me for the half sandwich, and then declared herself full when she’d finished it. Our check arrived and it was close enough I gave the girl a twenty. I was lucky my gun moll cut me some slack and I didn’t get pinched again.
Our next stop was a clothing store. Tabby was familiar with this one and headed for the right area as I pushed a shopping cart behind her. She rushed back to my side and hugged me as one man passed by. “You’re doing fine, Sweetheart, you’re a brave girl.” I reassured her. “Maybe you think so, Jack,” she said, “but I nearly peed on the floor when he got too close!”
I held her close to me for a minute and bent to kiss her. She made sure it was on her lips instead of the cheek I had been aiming for. We made our way to the clothing racks, and timid Tabby became a practiced shopper, pulling items out and scanning them for prices and sizes with her eyes. She approved several dresses, blouses, skirts, and pants and put them into the cart. She turned to me and asked, “Do we have a money limit on our shopping, Jack?”
I laughed and told her, “Not for you, Darling, you get everything you need or want from me.” My namesake looked at me with fire in her eyes and I knew she was thinking of our earlier conversation.
She bought underwear, socks, and several pair of shoes. The one thing I did suggest was a beret. She looked so stunning with it on, and I knew it would help with her self-image and self esteem. I urged her to buy several colors of them, which she took me up on. She told me she thought she had enough clothes for now, and we checked out and loaded her loot into the truck. My brazen girl pulled my shirt off her and changed into one of her new outfits as I pulled out onto the road.
Our next stop was the shooting range. I gave her a basic safety lecture, and I had ear protectors and adjusted them for her before we ever began firing. I showed her how to load ammunition into a .22 semi-automatic rifle and let her punch holes with it for a while, while I explained to her about squeezing the trigger and not jerking it. She asked me, “Can I write something with it?” I told her, “Sure you can, if you’re good enough with it.” That kept her attention for quite a while. She wrote “Tabby Loves Jack” on one target and her doing so brought tears to my eyes. When I noticed her concentration seeming to fade I asked if she’d like to try a .22 pistol and revolver and she was all for that, too.
I showed her the grip to use and a combat stance. Tabby liked the pistol best because I had two extra clips for it and I reloaded them as she fired. She went rapid fire at one point and still held the group on the target! “You’re a natural, Tabby!” She had an explanation for that, too. She smiled at me, “It’s the beret you bought for me, Jack. Take that you bastards!” She fired off another clip rapid fire and I knew she was shooting murderers and rapists in her mind. She proved that to me when she said, “This is great therapy, Jack, thank you!”
“At the rate you’re learning I’ll start you on the .9 millimeter semi-automatic and the .38 Special revolver tomorrow,” I told her. “If you do as well as I think you will we’ll have you double tapping the man shaped silhouette targets with a .357 Magnum within days.” She asked curiously, “What’s double tapping, Jack?” I told her, “That’s what you do to the likes of those sorry bastards who hurt you and your family. You fire two shots quickly, a bullet into their chest or back, another into their head as your barrel and point of aim comes back down from the recoil. Tap, tap!” Tabby squeezed off two rounds at her target quickly, then she turned her angelic face to me, her sweet lips parted in a precious smile. “I could do that!” I had to kiss her, she was too damned beautiful and brave a little warrior for me to resist!
Where Tabby learned to kiss I was afraid to ask, but she’d learned it well. She must have been a natural at that, too. When we broke the kiss we were both breathing hard. She looked at me hopefully and asked, “Does that mean you’ll do what I asked and make love to me?” I didn’t know yet. I told her, “What it means is I’m stark raving madly in love with a beautiful girl who is young enough to be my own daughter, and I’m going straight to hell for it.” She grinned happily, and told me, “I’ll follow you straight to hell and back, Jack! I’m just as madly in love with you!” She kissed me again, and I let her do it, and I kissed her right back. “Girl, you do know how to kiss!” She sheepishly admitted to me, “Marcie and I have been practicing, but it’s much more fun kissing you!”
“Oh hell,” I laughed! “I’d give anything to watch that sometime!” She quickly told me she could arrange it, and as tempting as it sounded I had to tell her no, that was something private between her and her friend.
As bad as it sounded I knew it was time for us to face reality for a while. It had just struck me her parent’s funeral was scheduled for the next day. I wasn’t sure how to pull this off without exposing her to danger, but I had an idea. We loaded the weapons back into the truck and went by one of my friend's bike shop. Rex was behind the counter when we entered. We exchanged greetings, then I asked him, “Rex, is my bike ready yet?” It had been in for a major tuneup, and the murders had prevented my staying in touch. “Yep, it has been ready for two days. I knew you’d be in soon,” Rex said. He was eyeballing Tabby, probably wondering about our relationship.
I knew I could trust Rex, he’d been Airborne, so I leveled with him. “Do you remember Bob Moore, my Bro, the cop? We’ve ridden in here a few times together.” He responded, “Aw, hell yeah, we’re closing the shop tomorrow and riding over there for the funeral. I’m sorry you lost him, Brother. He was one of us, even if he was a cop.”
“It wasn’t only us who lost him and his wife, Brother. This beautiful creature here is Tabby Jack, their daughter, and my Goddaughter and namesake. She’s really spooked by men right now after her ordeal, so she’ll just stay out of your way. I was thinking we might attend the funeral with you guys, We still don’t know why Bob and his wife, uh, why this happened and Tabby Jack is very special to me. I’d rather not do this openly.”
“Sure, Jack! We heard all about it, and Tina has been upset about it for days. I’m sure we can fix her up with some riding clothes and makeup. Tina’s in our back office, I’ll call her in.” Tina is Rex’s beautiful little blonde wife. She is a very sweet lady and adored Tabby immediately.
We quickly caught Tina up on our tentative plans, and we found out Tina was not on Tabby’s long list of people to be terrified of. She was built very small and she talked to Tabby a few moments. Tabby got her first hugs and kisses of condolence from anyone but me since the murders. Tina had some good leathers, jacket and vest, in Tabby’s size, so I bought them. I bought her some riding boots, too. Tina gave her some of those sexy looking pre-faded hip hugger denims and a belt, and several new women’s Harley tank tops and scarves. She showed her how to tie a scarf onto her head for riding. I bought her some dark riding glasses to help with the disguise and protect her eyes. Tina recommended a good purse to carry her accessories in and gave us a veterans discount on everything.
Tina summed it up, “All she needs now is the biker broad makeup, and if you’ll get her here by 9:00 a.m. I can do that in five minutes. I’ll even draw a peace sign ‘tattoo’ on her cheek with a pen. Something like that helps draw attention away from your features.” I was damned grateful for all their help, as was Tabby, and we both thanked them profusely. Before we left Tina hugged both of us, and she and Rex assured us we were welcome to stay with them if we needed another safe house.
I asked Tabby if she was hungry again yet, and she answered, “Could we do Mexican food this time?” I assured her it would be my pleasure to. I took her to my favorite place. I noticed as we walked in several men’s eyes checked out the little hottie. Undoubtedly they all assumed she was my daughter. She ordered a cola and I asked for a frozen Margarita with salt. I realized this was the first alcohol I had indulged in in days. Tabby is good for me, I reflected.
I surveyed the menu and remarked, “You have to try this fried avocado, Honey. They peel them, take the seed out, stuff it with cream cheese, put it back together with a toothpick, then batter and deep-fry it. It’s almost better than sex.” I realized what I’d said and told Tabby I was sorry. She answered me, “I wouldn’t know, Jack, I’ve only had rape torture snuff sex to remember, you are going to change that for me, aren’t you?” Have I mentioned Tabby knows how to push all my buttons? I reached for one of her precious hands and held it, then told her, “I love you, my Darling.” We both had the enchilada dinner with refried beans and Mexican rice and a fried avocado. Tabby loved the food and thanked me for recommending them.
I drove back to our motel where Tabby attacked me. We’d gotten everything unloaded and into the room when I stupidly turned my back on her. One rule I’ve always tried to follow is to never let a good-looking woman get behind me. You can trust the less beautiful ones more, because they’ll try to stay on your good side. Tabby is gorgeous and knows it, I’ve told her that for years and she trusts my judgment implicitly, unless it doesn’t agree with hers. She shoved me onto the bed, rolled me over and pinned me. That is amazing if you consider she was a young teen girl weighing at most ninety pounds and I was an armed combat vet weighing about twice that. I found myself helpless to resist her frenzied efforts as she forced her affections on me. She relentlessly kissed me and hugged me as I fought desperately to escape!
I had warned Tabby earlier in the day while she was sitting naked on me about those pointy things on her chest being dangerous and likely to poke someone’s eye out. She used my own words against me now. She stripped off her clothes as I removed mine, then she warned me, “Resistance is futile! Don’t make any effort to escape or I’ll use my pointy things on you!” She viciously poked one of them at me and thankfully she missed my eye and other vital organs. It went into my mouth. I did my best to defend myself by licking and sucking on it. She pulled that one out and poked the other one at me. It went into my mouth, too. I knew I was up against overwhelming odds, but I’ve never been a quitter, I was willing to keep this fight up all day and night if I had to!
I hoped she might be vulnerable now, She’d begun making purring and mewling noises as I fought those pretty pink pointy things with my lips and tongue. With the last reserves of my strength I rolled her off me and attacked her mouth. We tongue wrestled frenziedly for several minutes as I manhandled her pointy things with both hands. I continued massaging them and playing with her nipples then I moved lower between her legs to make another frontal assault with my mouth at another strategic site.
I attacked her sweet pussy with my lips and tongue, alternating between her pussy lips and her clit. I showed her no mercy! She was doing her best at retaliating with her pretty pussy smashing against my face, but she did me no permanent damage. I inserted one finger into her pussy then added another one as she lubricated. Finding her G–spot I concentrated on it and sucking her clit. Then I deployed a moistened finger in a surprise attack on her rear defenses. The sounds she was making let me know the battle was nearly won! I pressed my attack as she began screaming my name and clenching my hair in her hands. A short time later she was thoroughly defeated. I moved back up beside her, holding my sweetheart, and kissing her sweet face.
I held her close and watched her as she slept. I adore that look of satiation on a woman’s face after she’s just been made passionate love to. In my ruder moments I call it the fresh fucked look, but what was between Tabby and me was mutual love and adoration. I fervently hoped with every fiber of my being she had been right in insisting my making love to her would help her get over being raped. I so treasured this darling child I had helped raise. After about an hour she stirred, then her beautiful eyes opened.
I whispered, “There’s my Love! How are you feeling, Sugars?” She purred, “Much better now, Lover, thank you! Sex can be a beautiful thing! That was all sort of one sided though, wasn’t it?” I honestly told her, “The chance to worship at the altar of my Darling Princess’s body was worth more to your humble servant than diamonds and gold! Besides, I love playing with your dangerous pointy things and your sweet pussy. This wasn’t about me. It was all about you feeling loved and wanted and having something beautiful to remember. I’d do the same for you every day for the next forty years and you know it.”
“Yes, I do, Jack,” she said,”which is why I’ve always wanted you to be my first and only lover!” She started crying then. “My precious love,” I told her,”I could still be your first and only husband.” That stopped her crying immediately! She asked me, “You would do that for me, Jack? I’m damaged goods now.” I wasn’t about to hear any of that! I told her,“Tabitha Jackie Moore, I’d marry you for you and for me. You are the most precious person in my world! Will you marry me?” She didn’t even hesitate. “Yes, my darling Jack!”
I told her, “Thank you, Precious! We’ll pick up the license as soon as we can. You’re underage, but I have your parent’s power of attorney and can sign for that myself. Does my being your fiancee rate any kisses?” The little vixen whispered, “I will do more than kiss you, Jack. It’s my turn to worship your body now.” My hand came up to touch her lovely face, could I allow her to do that for me before we were man and wife? We’d have to have a very long and thoughtful discussion of this, and I’d try to persuade her to wait for any other kind of sex until after we were married. This situation was so different now. I had pictured myself being a jealous, but proud part of her wedding party as Bob gave her away to some lucky man when she was grown up.
Something struck me then, I remembered something she’d said and my stark fear for Tabby hit me so hard, I felt nauseous. I grabbed for my pistol. I took Tabby’s hand then I staggered blindly into the bathroom leading her. I put the pistol on the counter, and ran cold water in the lavatory and stuck my face in it.
I ran water on my wrists and the nausea began to ease. I had faced death in combat any number of times, and had been blown into bloody rags by a mine and rehabilitated, but just now I had learned what true fear felt like. I held my precious love tightly to me as I considered what to do next. Three suspects had been arrested at the Moore home. When Tabby had first asked me to make love to her that morning she’d told me then it had been four men who raped her!
To be continued

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