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day 1 of 7. my time spent in japan.
The Beauty Of Japan: fragile and innocent

It's winter here in Korea. If you look out the big picture window in the loft area you see a blanket of snow covering the ground. The smell of hot chocolate and pine fill the house. My daughter loves Christmas. We celebrate it every year together. It doesn't snow much here and she's excited. But this year i have to go to japan on a business trip. She's upset that she has to spend Christmas with the elderly women who lives downtown. A women who was very kind to me through my harsh life. " Mom, i don't want you to go. Please don't go" she cried as i walk into the airport.

I felt bad that i was leaving her. I've never left her side till now. I can't imagine how she feels. When i board the plane i take a deep breath and try to relax. I stare blankly out the window to watch the snow fall. It didn't take as long as i thought it would for us to land in Japan. Maybe because i slept most of the way. I've never been one for flying.

When i get off the plane i notice how different Japan is from Korea. It's average -7 degrees in Seoul during the winter, while in Tokyo year round it doesn't even drop below 30 degrees. It's strange that it snows often here and rarely in Korea. Just another strange wonder of the world. Now it's in the 50 degree range. I would have hoped to be coming here in April for Hanami, or cherry blossom viewing. Seven days before Christmas and I'm not home with Ana. But i guess it's normal for any parent to feel guilty.

I'm staying in the Imperial Hotel. For seven nights, on the 31st floor, and for one person It's roughly 32000 Japanese Yen (354.90 US) per night. It's not that bad when you think about it. I had nothing to do for the night so i ordered a couple movies on TV. There was mostly porn of course with all the rich business men coming here. One caught my eye. It had a two Japanese girls on the cover. And before i knew it i was laying on the bed with a hand in my pants fingering my pussy. Japanese girls seem to love eating pussy. I imagined me being there with the two of them. Eating their cunts and playing with their clits. I heard a door open. Without even thinking i jumped up and checked who it was. It was the bell boy. He was cute. Petite frame, pale skin, big eyes, short black hair that swept across his eye, and a little shy.

He began to put away my luggage as i sat back on the bed. I couldn't help but watch him. He blushed when we made eye contact. I went to the bathroom to change into a large T-shirt and some boxer shorts. When i came back he was almost finished. I don't like to wear anything under my pajamas so i can imagine he seen my erect nipples pointing threw the fabric. I pulled my hair back and began to lotion my legs when i noticed a fairly large tent growing in his uniform. His name tag said " Mizuhashi" like Sou Mizuhashi from After School Nightmare. I've always been into Manga. He looked up at me and said " good evening". Realizing I'm Korean. " you speak English?" i asked as i got up off the bed.

" a little"
" Mizuhashi, how old are you?"
" I'm 23 " he answered. I giggled at his accent a little. ( twenty shree)
" we're the same age"
" was your name?" ( what's your name?)
" Tiffany" i said as i pulled him in for a kiss. He was so young and innocent much how i used to be. I have only just met him and yet i can't resist him. He seems frightened, but he still kisses back. We break away and he looks into my eyes. " I'm virgin" he said. " I won't hurt you" i said in reply. I lead him over to the bed.

For about twenty minutes we've been making out non stop. His hands caress my breasts and lower back. " grab my ass" i whispered. He followed my every command. It's something i wasn't used to. I grabbed his throat and felt a guilt of energy. I wanted to dominate him. Make him never forget his first time. " do you trust me?" i whispered in his ear.

" yes"
" do you allow me to do anything i want to you"
"good" with those two yes's i began to take advantage of the young virgin. He looked deep in my eyes and said " take my innocents". I needed no further motivation. Stripping him naked i began to play with him body. Bitting his nipples and pulling his hair. Every touch he moaned in pleasure. I scraped my nails down his chest and abdomen. Which to my surprise were well sculpted. I used his belt and tied it around his neck like a collar. He seemed to be enjoying it. I never put it too tight. Just tight enough to feel pleasure. I used some sheets to tie his hands to the bed. He seemed nervous.

I slapped his face and told him he was my bitch. " Yes ma'am" he said. I shoved his cock down my throat and started pulling on the belt. His face turned red as he yelled out in pleasure and pain. He loved every second of it. I pulled his hair and pushed my pussy against his face. Forcing him to eat me. His tongue moved frantically. I pulled his hair harder and told him to stick out his tongue. As he did what he was told i bounced on his tongue and fucked my self. I slid down and sat on his cock. It wasn't too big or too small, but average size. I rode him so hard i thought i would break his small fragile body. Rolling my hips and grinding i felt his cock twitch. " not yet bitch!" i yelled and got off of him. I untied his hands and told him to lay on his stomach. When he was face down i started slapping his ass. His cheeks turned red with each hit. I knew he loved it. He bit down on the pillow and gripped the sheets.

After quite a bit a spanking i got right back to fucking the shit out of him. I bounced on his dick until i came all over the bed. I ignored my orgasm and shoved his cock down my throat once again. He yelled out as his load filled my mouth and flowed down my chin. I pushed him from the bed and told him to go get cleaned up. Again he did as he was told. I was beginning to love this mistress thing. I've done it before but it seems different here. When he was finished he came in the room. I was propped up on the bed watching him. " Thank you my dear Mistress" he said as he walk out of the hotel room and back to work. This is a night both of us won't forget.

* next: day 2*

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