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Emily's Father And Taylor Finally Connect
Daughter's Best Friend, Best Friend's Daughter; Chapter 2

It had been about four weeks since I saw Taylor nude in the bathroom. During this time I can’t say she was avoiding me but she seemed to find reasons not to be around me as much as before. At first I thought I was just disappointed by not getting the brief glimpses of Taylor’s body or the slight physical contact that would happen when around her, but then I realized what I was really missing more than anything else was her companionship. Could I be falling for her? There were so many things wrong at so many levels about that thought; first, Taylor was exactly half my age; secondly Taylor was the daughter of my very best friends Jack and Carol and thirdly, Taylor had been my daughter Emily’s best friend for 10 years now. Nothing good could happen by me falling for this girl. So I began to think maybe her not being around me might be the best thing for me after all. But at the same time I was slightly depressed about not seeing or being around her as much as I wanted to be.

But the senior ball was coming up so both girls were consumed by the preparations for the dance. I could hear them compare which boys had asked them to the dance and when they had asked. I always found it interesting which boys the girls would finally pick to go with but I found that I was slightly jealous of the boy that Taylor would pick. But then they told me they had decided to go without dates!

“Why not?” was all I could think of to say.

“We’ve decided to go without dates so we can dance with every boy there” my daughter Emily said.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Well” Taylor said, “We’ve been timing songs we hear and they last between two and three minutes. If we start dancing at the first song, and dance with a different guy at each song, and only take a few potty breaks, we will be able to dance with almost every guy there before the dance ends!”

“Are you sure this is going to work?” I asked.

“Yeah Dad!” Emily said. “We’ve thought this out. We even made a list. The “A” list is guys that are close friends, the “B” list is guy’s we know but are not close friends, the “C” list is guy’s that we know their name but do not hang around with them and the “D” list is guy’s that we recognize but don’t know their names. Add all these names up; multiply that by 2.5 minutes and we will just about be able to dance with every guy on the “A”, “B”, “C” and some on the “D” list one time each before the dance ends.”

“What about the guy’s who have dates. Aren’t you afraid that the date will get mad at him for dancing with you girls?”

“Nope” Taylor said. “We’ve put the word out about what we’re trying to do. As far as we know all the girls are okay with what were doing since it is a one song type of thing.”

“And Dad,” Emily said and started to laugh. “Several of the girls who got stuck with a guy that they really did not want to go the dance with told us we could have them all night!” Both girls started laughing about which girls had told them that and who the boy was.

Then two nights before the big dance Taylor came over to the house to see Emily but found that she was studying for a big test. Could we watch a movie together she asked? I could not agree quickly enough! Taylor picked out a romantic movie and then sat on the other end of the sofa that I sitting on. As the movie progressed Taylor began touching me different ways. First she put her feet up on the sofa which rested against my leg, then as we began to share some popcorn I had made she began leaning against me to reach the bowl. After the popcorn was gone not only did she not move but then she rested her head on my right leg. I didn’t know what to do with my right hand but eventually I rested it on her right hip. I began to fantasize about what it would be like to exploring her body with that hand as she laid on the sofa and what each part would feel like as I caressed it. I was happy not only to be touching her for once but also in talking with her, it was a wonderful evening.

Finally the night arrived for the big dance. The girls went over to Taylor’s house to dress so Taylor’s mom Carol could help them get ready. After they were dressed they came to my house so I could get pictures of them as we have done in the past years. I was shocked when Taylor walked into the house. Whereas my daughter had picked out a dress that I though looked very classy and sophisticated Taylor’s dress was about pure sex. Not only was I was surprised that Jack and Carol would let her wear a dress like that I was surprised that she would be allowed into the dance with that on. It was shiny red and cut VERY low in front; a good half of her breast was exposed with lots of cleavage showing. There were thin black straps running across her shoulder and the back of the dress was cut low enough so about half of her bare back could also be seen. The tight dress accentuated her narrow hips and small butt. DAMN SHE LOOKED GOOD! The girls were full of energy, all excited about the upcoming night. I took pictures of them together and then they took picture of me with each of them. I was surprised how Taylor stood as my daughter took our picture together. Instead of Taylor standing besides me as my daughter had done Taylor turned towards my left side and put her arms around my front and back the pulled me tight into her. MAN, IT FELT SO GOOD TO FEEL HER BREAST RUBBING ON MY LEFT SIDE! I put my arm across her back and placed my hand on her left hip. After the picture was taken Taylor did not release me as soon as I expected but held me like that for a short time longer but my daughter did not act like anything unusual was happening.

As they got ready to leave I gave my daughter a good bye peck on the cheek. As I got ready to give Taylor a good bye peck on the cheek also my daughter interrupted us to ask if I had seen her phone charger. I told her she had left it in my car and she started walking to the garage telling Taylor to meet her out in front at her car. As Emily walked away I started to finish the peck on Taylor’s cheek but just as my lips were about to contact Taylor cheeks she turned her head and our lips met. I was shocked and surprised at what had happened but it was obvious that Taylor was not as she did not pull away as I did.

“I’m… I’m sorry Taylor.” I stammered.

“I’m not” Taylor said cutting me off.

There was an awkward silence as were stared and held each other. Finally I released her and she gave me a big smile.

“See ya’ after the dance” is all she said as she walked out the house.

Between Taylor’s dress and the kiss I was in total shock. I kept visualizing her in that dress and could not help to think about what she would look like with it off! I knew they were coming back at the end of the dance to change clothes for an all night party at a friend’s house so I was looking forward to seeing her in that dress again. I was downstairs in the game room watching a baseball game when they finally got home from the dance. I could hear them laughing and giggling, still full of excited energy from the dance.

They both came downstairs and I watched as Taylor’s chest bounce as they walked down the steps. They both talked at once about all the boys they had danced with and telling me all of funny things that had happened at the dance. The biggest topic was about how well or poorly some boys had danced. One boy in particular was the most shocking to both of them. Neither girl really knew him but thought he would be a poor dancer based on his mannerisms but said he was the best dancer in the room by far. Taylor admitted she had actually snuck back and danced with him three times which got my daughter laughing when she confessed she had danced with him four times! Both girls were laughing so hard they had tears in their eyes. Taylor went upstairs to use the restroom and as she was gone my daughter asked that I unzip her dress so she could change clothes. After unzipping the dress Emily went up the steps. Taylor then came back downstairs moments later thinking that Emily was still there. I told her that I had unzipped her dress and that she was changing clothes. Taylor asked if I would unzip her also so I started to stand up but she sat on my knees instead. I noticed that my hand was shaking slightly knowing that I would be allowed to touch her bare back. Taylor leaned forward as I slid the zipper downwards exposing her entire bare back to be. At first no one moved, we both just froze. Then ever so slowly Taylor slid backwards on my legs until her bare back was resting against my chest.

The top of Taylor’s head was pressed softly against my right cheek. I wasn’t going to do anything until her aroma enveloped me and I couldn’t help but kiss the top of her head ever so gently. I thought I heard a soft sigh and Taylor cocked her head to the right slightly. Taking this as an invitation to go further I lowered my lips down her neck to just below her left ear and kissed her neck gently under her ear. This time she let out an audible moan. Taylor raised her skinny left arm, put her hand behind my head and pulled my face lower on her neck towards her shoulder. As I kissed her long slender neck again where it met her shoulder I was captivated by what my eyes were seeing. With her dress unzipped the dress was no longer supporting her breast as before; now as I looked down on her breast there was a visible gap between the dress and her chest. Every time that Taylor moved the gap between her chest and the dress got larger. And as she squirmed on my lap her little butt was rubbing my hardening cock through my pants, I quickly was reaching a full erection. I stared and stared at the widening gap between her dress and her breast until I could not take it any longer. I had to touch her breast. I raised my left hand and put my finger tips though the left arm opening of the dress and ever so lightly touched the skin under her arm where the breast meet the rip cage; the breast felt so soft on my finger tips.

Immediately Taylor removed her left hand from my head and I thought I had gone too far; I was sure she was going to put a stop to what was happening. But instead I saw her right hand come across her chest, grab the strap going over her left shoulder and pull the strap down her left arm and at the same time raising her left arm until the strap was off her arm and laying beside her dress. Then she did the opposite thing on the right side. Now both straps were no longer holding the dress up and I saw the gap between her dress and chest increase greatly. If there was any doubt in my mind about what Taylor was wanting me to do it was erased when she put her left hand behind my head once again and then slowly I saw her raise her right hand, grabbed the front of her dress, and pulled the top of the dress downwards so that her chest was now completely bare to me.

I raised my left hand and began using my finger tip to outline her left breast and then I slid my hand to her right breast outlining it also. And I was right about my earlier assessment; Taylor’s breast were only average in size but looked bigger because of her long thin arms and narrow hips. Taylor was moaning softly and grinding her hips into my crotch as I explored the edges of her chest. By now I was fully erect and I wondered if Taylor could feel my cock through her dress. I had never yet touched her nipples but finally as her left breast was resting in my palm I took my left thumb and forefinger and squeezed her left nipple.

“OH GOD” I heard her softly say.

I began rubbing and fondling her breast a little more aggressively and she seemed to respond to that so I raised my right hand and grabbed the right breast also. I began rubbing, squeezing and pinching both breast at the same time and Taylor became louder and more vocal in her pleasure. As she began to rub her little ass even more and harder on my cock I could feel the first signs of a pending orgasm starting. But I wanted to feel more of her, to feel her womanhood. So I released her right breast and began to lower my right hand under her dress towards her legs. I could feel Taylor sucking in her stomach to allow more room for my hand to fit into that tight dress. As my hand got closer and closer to her womanhood I felt her soft flat stomach and then the area just above her vagina. Even before I touched her opening I could feel heat and wetness coming out of her. As soon as I touched the top of her slit she moaned loudly and seemed to have a small orgasm. I ran my right hand down between her legs and my fingers were immediately soaked in her juices. Not waiting what so ever I slipped the middle finger of my right hand into her opening at once. Taylor began bucking on my lap as she had another orgasm so I immediately slipped a second finger into her which seemed to increase her pleasure even more. As I began sliding my two fingers in and out of her I raised my thumb upwards and found her swollen clit and started rubbing it. This sent Taylor completely over the edge; her orgasm became even more intense and she became even more vocal in her display of pleasure. Her right hand had such a tight grip on the seat cushion that her knuckles were white as she thrashed around on my lap. By now the head of my cock was sticking out the top of my jeans due to my full erection and that my pants had slid down slightly by Taylor’s movement on my lap. Taylor reached behind her with her left hand and located my cock and then found the bare cock head and she began rubbing it with the palm of her hand. I wanted Taylor to feel my cock; not only so she would see what she was doing to me but also so she would know what I was about to do to her!

But during all this motion and moaning from both of us in our sexual ecstasy there was a new noise; as if something was trying to suck the air out of the room at one time. I looked towards where the noise had come from and froze in horror.

There staring at me with wide eyes was my daughter; witnessing what her father was doing to her best friend.

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