Abducted by aliens, sold as a sex slave. Andrea is forced into a life of never-ending sexual servitude and it's the best thing that ever happened to her.
Andrea Smith sighed. She had come home after another disaster of a date. She knew that she was pretty, but there was something wrong with her. She worked in a bank, had light brown hair that was long and silky. Her breasts were a solid C cup and still perky for her age. She had bright blue eyes that were intelligent and compassionate. Andrea was 28 and still hadn't had a long term relationship with any man. She had had many dates which sometimes led to sex, but it was often awkward or painful.
Tonight's date had looked right, a large man who took care of his body. But he wanted someone to take care of him. He wanted her, but was looking for someone would mommy him. Andrea wanted to be the submissive one, the one being possessed. Andrea wanted a big strong man. Someone who could take control and give her pleasure, someone who would cherish her while making her feel totally loved. But nobody could do that for her.
As Andrea got ready for bed she thought about the ideal man for her. Large, really big. Smooth chest with well developed muscles. Kind heart, but strong willed. Someone who would love her and dominate their sex life. Someone who would fuck her in a frenzy of passion. She settled under her covers, stroking her clit as she imagined what it would be like to be taken by a gigantic cock.
Andrea was gone in a bright flash of light. One minute she had been lying in bed, masturbating to her favorite fantasy, the next she was lying on a hard cold slab with a bright light shining down on her naked body. She was slightly chilled and her nipples were hard and tight with the cold. She couldn't move, her body would not obey her commands. She couldn't even turn her head, she could only blink.
A scream died in her throat as a metal probe descended from out of the bright light, silencing her, filling and stretching her mouth with a flexible yet hard substance. Andrea's gag reflex was pushed past as the probe expanded into her throat. It spurted liquid into her throat that she swallowed involuntarily. Smoothly it retracted and Andrea could breathe again. Andrea wanted to scream, wanted to cry. This wasn't a nightmare, this was real. The terror invaded her mind as she was able to watch the metal thing touch her body, make her body react against her will while she lay unable to move.
The probe traveled down her body and the cold tip molded into a nub that vibrated. The bright lights shone down on the shiny metal as Andrea's body shuddered with erotic desire from the stimulation to her clitoris. Andrea's mind was caught in a loop of feeling incredibly aroused, but sickened by the almost rape from the metal probe, but it had felt so good, would it do it again? Oh God, please do it again. Her body warmed as desire flushed through her.
The probe then adjusted to a thin, almost human looking phallic shape and smoothly glided into Andrea's vagina. The cold, hard head of the probe warmed as Andrea's body shuddered with arousal. The feeling of fullness grew as the probe expanded and lengthened inside her body. Andrea felt her body stretch with the invader and then start to hurt as the stretch continued past anything she had ever felt before. Andrea's body lay passive as the probe settled deeper into her body and the burning of stretched tissues died into a soft ache.
Andrea let her mind wander as all movement seemed to stop. Why had she been taken, what kind of experiments were they going to do to her? Andrea had always laughed at alien abduction stories, telling herself that the sad and lonely individuals who talked about it needed to get a life. But now she was one of them. No human technology could do this, what else was going to happen to her? Why were they making her body feel so good?
Slowly Andrea became aware of a throbbing pulse issuing from the probe inside her vagina. The throb echoed along her body, the soft need filling her core as the pulse started to deepen in tone and her body started to shudder with its echo. Andrea's body throbbed in time to the rhythmic pulse at her center. Her body was aroused and on fire. She wanted to touch herself to bring herself to climax, but she still couldn't move.
Andrea panted with need as the throb became faster, she wanted to move but couldn't. Then the end of the probe started to increase size again. As each pulse throbbed, Andrea could feel the stretch again. The pain/pleasure brought her closer to climax as the throb and stretch gave Andrea's body more stimulation. She was awash in a sea of sensation. Her eyes closed as she allowed herself to forget that she wasn't here by choice, forgot that it was a machine doing this to her.
Andrea opened her eyes as she felt the hard slab she was lying on move into a seat configuration. The slab pushed her shoulders and head up as the seat formed around her bottom and thighs. The newly formed chair split between Andrea's legs and held her thighs apart, cradling her knees and lifting them higher than her hips. Andrea watched fascinated as the chair extended arms from the side which then clamped onto her breasts, molding and supporting their shape as she was brought almost upright.
The throb from between her legs grew more intense as gravity pushed Andrea's body down onto the probe. The soft stimulation from the chair on Andrea's skin increased as the chair seemed to stoke and tease her skin. Andrea's breasts were subjected to a humming vibration as the vaginal probe withdrew and then pushed back in.
Andrea's body shuddered as the metal cockhead started sliding in and out. Andrea wanted to move, do something, but the inability to move only fueled the erotic fire dancing through her. Andrea had a favorite fantasy that was similar, but this was even better. Andrea surrendered to the physical and closed her eyes as her knees were lifted higher and the phallic probe grew bigger and plunged in deeper and deeper with each stroke.
Andrea's breathing was reduced to harsh pants as the long awaited climax came near. Andrea wanted to tighten her internal muscles, but the lack of control over her relaxed body had drawn out what would have taken minutes into what seemed like hours. Andrea was running with sweat and she could feel her juices dripping down from the curve of her bottom as the vaginal probe thrust in and out, faster and faster.
'Oh God, nearly there, just a few more'. Andrea's internal cry came just as the vaginal probe dived in with a painful thrust that went deeper and expanded wider than before. Andrea was shivering with need as the probe stopped moving again. Andrea wanted to scream. The need burned through her body.
Andrea felt a tiny movement at the tip of the probe as a small tube extended from the probe into her cervix. The small tube injected a gush of warm liquid into Andrea's womb and then retracted. The liquid heated her center and seemed to flow through her body. The vaginal probe slowly reduced and pulled out, leaving Andrea's body screaming with need.
Andrea burned with unfulfilled desire as the chair once again turned into the flat slab and her body was left lying flat with her thighs together again. But now Andrea ached with emptiness. She wanted to be filled again. She wanted to feel more, the fire of need sang through her body.
A door opened in the darkness beyond the lights. Two plainly dressed beings entered carrying a full body harness. The suit looked like a diving wetsuit except that the front was missing. The suit would cover her back, legs and arms, leaving her crotch and front free. There were attachment fastenings on the shoulder, knees and side that looked as if they would be matched with something else.
The workers were both taller and broader than Andrea, neither male nor female, but a mix of the two. They didn't look like the stereotypical Grays, but they definitely looked alien. Silently they started to attach the harness to Andrea, fitting her arms and legs into the suit. Andrea wanted to ask them to touch her, help her climax, but Andrea's body still betrayed her. Her eyes met the worker's and she was surprised to see a warm understanding shine from them, but the worker didn't touch her the way she wanted.
Finally the harness was fastened and the workers pressed a small button on the suit and it powered up. The dark material changed and molded to Andrea's skin as it warmed. It felt like a second skin, holding her tight, but without putting any stress on it. The suit tightened on Andrea's flesh, making it feel incredibly sensitive and it increased the desire that was driving her out of her mind. Her whole body throbbed with unfulfilled passion. There was nothing else in her mind, all thoughts about what was happening to her were concentrated on the need for sexual climax.
The two workers reached back and brought forward a rolling stand that had straps dangling from it. The workers pulled Andrea upright and attached the shoulder fastenings of the suit to the stand and Andrea's body was lifted and held dangling nearly 5 feet in the air. The worker lifted Andrea's knees and attached them to the stand. Both thighs spread to their widest extent. The metal stand held her tightly with her aching vagina exposed and wanting, dripping with need.
Andrea's body ached with the stretched position, but was overridden by the throb from her center as the position she was harnessed into suggested erotic possibilities. The two workers grabbed the stand and started to push it out of the bright room.
The door swooshed open and Andrea was brought into a room where a creature of fantastical proportions was waiting. He looked humanoid, almost human except for the red tint to his skin and the slight horn-like bumps on his forehead.
He was dressed in a similar fashion to Andrea, his black suit was open at the front, with matching fastenings, but this male was huge. He was impossibly tall and broad, Andrea estimated nearly 8 feet tall. His engorged cock stood stiff and weeping was nearly as wide as Andrea's thigh at the base and looked longer than her arm. There was no pubic hair. Large heavy, hairless balls hung below the cock, she could swear they throbbed. The man looked like her fantasy come to life, a perfect mate. Andrea's body wanted that cock inside her, but her mind knew that her body couldn't accept anything that big without a lot of damage. But she would willingly surrender to him if he would give her the satisfaction that she desperately craved.
The large man walked up to her, grabbed her face and brought her eyes to meet his. "Will you be mine, my slave? Will you accept me as your Master?" The words sang in Andrea's head, but the man hadn't spoken aloud. "Think your answer. Will you submit, give yourself to me, mind, body and soul? I will own you, your body. I will possess you, your passion, your arousal." The fire in the large man's eyes burned into Andrea, she felt consumed.
The look of impatience on the man's face tinged the mental voice. "Your past life is over. If you submit to me, I can give you satisfaction. Do you want completion?" The large man leant his body closer, bent his knees slightly and started rubbing the tip of his cock across Andrea's clitoris, she gasped as the bloom of desire screamed into her brain.
"Yes. Oh God, fuck yes." Andrea didn't care anymore, she wanted to climax. She no longer cared about what happened after. She wanted his cock, wanted to be possessed. She would surrender, she couldn't help herself. Andrea needed his cock inside her.
The large man adjusted his hold on her face and watched her reaction as he spoke in her head. "I release you." As the man said that, Andrea could move again. The large man leant closer, his breath brushing Andrea's lips. He spoke to her in mindspeak again as his eyes bored into Andrea's brain. "Say, Take me Master." Andrea's mind drowned in this man's eyes as she was captured and all she could do was obey.
Andrea thought the words. "Take me Master." The large cock slid down to the opening of Andrea's wet and willing center. The feel of the hot flesh was incredible. The heat and then the incredible pressure of the giant cock forcing its way into Andrea's body only drove her arousal higher. The flash of pain from her stretched vagina was replaced by the increased sensation that the tightness brought. Andrea heard her Master's voice in her head. "Mine." Andrea's body wavered on the pain/pleasure edge.
Andrea could feel the thick cock sinking deeper into her body, stretching her wider and forcing her body to accept the hard, thick intruder. The throbbing of his pulse was pounding in the veins of his cock and Andrea could feel every ripple, every notch of the hot cock as it slid slowly into her tight tunnel. She couldn't think, the feeling of being possessed drowned out thought, she could only feel.
Andrea was stretched and full as the flared tip of his cock settled against her cervix and pushed harder, penetrating deeper into her body. Less than a quarter of his cock was inside her. The feeling of being split in two was accompanied by the need for more, it sang in her body, but the harness didn't allow for movement. The Master pulled out slightly as his gaze filled Andrea's mind as his cock filled her body. She had some sexual experience, but this was far outside anything she had ever felt. She was owned, a slave. Her world shattered in a bright light of orgasm as her Master's cock thrust up hard into her body and claimed his slave.
Andrea's sight was filled with her Master's eyes penetrating her consciousness, as orgasm after orgasm was pounded into her body by her Master's cock thrusting in faster and faster, again and again. The hard cock pulled almost right out and slammed in, again and again. Andrea's body tightened on the hard cock with unending passion, as she felt the satin steel of each thrust with every cell and nerve in her tight and wet vagina.
As each wave of orgasm rolled through her body, Andrea's brain was invaded with another different feeling of pleasure, as her Master fucked her brain as well as her body. Her Master's gaze held her captive as he dived into her brain and made each harder thrust of his cock more pleasurable than the last. The throb of each heartbeat echoed in the pulsing sensation of her Master's cock as it pounded away at Andrea's body and mind.
As Andrea's world faded away on a wave of pure pleasure she heard her Master's voice. "What are you?" Andrea could only reply. "Yours, Master. Your slave, your body Master." Andrea's body was rammed by a final lunge of her Master's cock as he orgasmed.
The feel of her Master's cum burned into her body as it was shot straight into her womb under incredible force. The rush of fluid filled her with warmth and she felt it moving into the rest of her body as the jets of cum overflowed through Andrea's fallopian tubes. Her body was bathed internally as the Master's cum possessed her whole body. She felt like her whole body had turned to liquid, her body totally relaxed as the hot cum was absorbed by her body. With that Andrea faded out as another orgasm rolled through every single cell of her body.
Andrea became aware again as the pleasure simmered inside her body. She was pressed up against something warm and moving. She could feel her body sing with pleasure with her Master's cock buried deep within her body. It pulsed and throbbed as her Master walked. Each movement sent a ripple of heat into her center.
She was attached to her Master. The fastenings of her suit were connected to her Master's. Andrea's knees were lifted and attached to the sides of her Master's suit. The side attachments under Andrea's shoulder blades were attached to fastenings on the Master's side. As the Master walked the small movement caressed Andrea's internal lining of her vagina which had increased a hundred fold in sexual sensitivity. She lifted her head from where it had rested on the warmth of her Master's bare chest and looked up to find her Master smiling down at her as he walked along the corridors.
"Come for me." The Master's eyes locked with Andrea's as a huge orgasm rippled through her body. "And again." Andrea's body obeyed the mental command. Her fists grabbed at the handholds on her Master suit, as the second orgasm shuddered through Andrea. The throb of her Master's cock pulsed through her body. The wash of orgasm relaxed Andrea and she felt her Master's hand on her head. "Sleep, my slave. All will be well." As Andrea drifted off to sleep she felt the push of her Master's cock deeper in her body as he walked along. Her Master's cock was still growing. Andrea felt a thrill as she thought of pleasuring her Master's cock as it grew even larger inside her body.
The Master settled into the pilot's seat of his craft. He secured himself and his sexy attachment using the approved configuration for Master and slave. He powered up the controls for the short flight to his home planet. He had been lucky to find a sex slave so soon after coming into his sexual maturity. He had only reached maturity five cycles ago and only went to the slave market on the off chance that one might be compatible and available. This slave would do well, her mind was wonderfully refreshing. This slave had never been touched mentally, such a rarity and well worth the price he had paid.
She would be easy to train as the mental stimulants and hormones she had been prepared with, were almost perfectly compatible with her species. Her mind had been so open, it was like slipping into a soft comfortable glove. He had been worried that she would fight her new life, but so far it had been better than expected. The Master looked down at his prize and stroked her beautiful hair, he liked it a lot. If it got too long he would braid it, but at the moment it was very pleasing to him. The Master felt the first mental stirrings of his slave as the craft started its ascent.
As Andrea woke, she realized that it hadn't been a dream, but was now her reality. Her Master was now seated and she was now sitting in his lap, still impaled on the monster cock. Andrea was aware of added pressure across her back and could see that they were in some sort of spaceship. She could see the world turning black as the ground disappeared. The strain of increased G forces pressed down on Andrea. The feel of her Master's cock buried deep in her body increased as she was pressed down into his lap.
The Master looked down at his slave, tilted her head back and kissed her. The soft mouth opened eagerly and the Master's tongue dove in as he mentally called to his slave. "Feel my cock throb, tighten your internal walls, caress my cock inside your tunnel of need. Stroke my cock with your muscles." The Master stroked his tongue inside his slave's mouth as she obeyed his commands.
Andrea's body obeyed. Not that she would refuse, not now. Her body tightened around her Master's cock and then relaxed and then tightened again as the G forces pressed her onto her Master's cock. Andrea was aroused and needy as the tip of her Master's cock vibrated her cervix. Then the Master put his tongue all the way down her throat and she felt a liquid being forced into her throat and into her stomach. She climaxed and the sensation was intensified by the Master's mind-spoken command. "Come now, slave." The feel of her Master's cum filled her again as the pulsing jets of cum spread inside her relaxed and totally obedient body.
As Andrea's body shivered and shook with the orgasm the Master pulled back from her throat and allowed Andrea to inhale a deep breath. "Good slave." The Master mentally stroked Andrea's pleasure center for taking his tongue first time and not panicking. The liquid he had sent into his slaves' throat was more hormonal stimulants to increase her sexual desire. As the Master stroked along Andrea's mental pleasure center he projected a mental image of what he wanted to do when they got to his home.
The mental image that invaded Andrea's mind was enough to send her crashing into another orgasm. The white light of pleasure sent Andrea into the calm of sleep as a small mental chuckle from her Master was heard. "Rest now, slave. You've had a hard day."
The Master landed his craft on his small homeworld and left the droids and servants to unload his supplies. It has been a very profitable journey, now he was going to take some time to get to know his slave, learn her body and bond.
He entered his home and set the privacy lock in place. His servants were well trained and his Major Domo could be trusted to carry on without his supervision. The Master took his slave into his large bedroom and carefully undid the fastenings of the harness suit. His slave stayed asleep as he pulled his cock from her body, but that wasn't surprising considering the energy she had expended.
The Master peeled off Andrea's suit, laid her on the huge bed and covered her with a light sheet. The Master went to the bathroom and showered. He had lots of time to get ready as his slave was still sleeping deeply as he returned and ordered dinner from the cook. The Master put aside his slave's meal and ate his with relish, he also had lots of energy to replenish.
Andrea woke to a wonderful smell in the air, but an empty ache inside her. Andrea's body ached with physical discomfort and an unidentified emotional loss. With a start she sat up realizing that she was no longer impaled by her Master's cock. Andrea swung round as she heard a chuckle come from the other side of the room.
"Come over here and eat slave, you have lots of energy to catch up on." The Master spoke aloud as he sat at a table, Andrea crawled off the huge bed to sit opposite her Master on the seat indicated. The seat had been made especially for her, she climbed the steps and gingerly sat on the cushion. Sitting was slightly uncomfortable, but tolerable. She was surprised that she hadn't been particularly hurt by the monster size of her Master's cock.
Andrea drank the highly concentrated energy broth from a bowl and ate the unidentifiable food as she looked at the large man who was as naked as she was. He was very pleasing to her in an alien almost demonic sense with a cock that was more than obscene, and all hers. Andrea was aroused as she remembered what it felt like when her Master had taken her the first time. After Andrea finished eating, the Master took her hand and led her to the bathroom. She felt child-like in size, her head only came up to the Master's chest. Andrea could swear he was taller than before.
As her Master turned, Andrea realized that his cock had somehow disappeared. There was just a small little bulge in the pubic hair. The disappointment flooded her, was that all the sex that she was going to get? The Master patted Andrea's head. "My species has a different physiological structure. At this stage of my sexual maturity my cock only comes out when aroused and grows to fit the available space. I am just starting my sexual development. Don't worry my slave, you'll get more pleasure later, first let's get you clean." The Master's voice was gentle and soft, just like his mental voice. Andrea could only think of pleasing her Master. Andrea's body was cleaned thoroughly, inside and out. By the end she was aroused and aching with need again. The space that felt empty had grown, she needed her Master to fill it again. "Take me Master." Andrea wanted to be filled, completed, possessed. The Master smiled a predatory smile, lifted his slave into his arms and walked back into the bedroom. He lay his slave down on the bed and crouched over her as she lay looking up at him.
As the Master watched, his slave spread her legs and placed her hands above her head. She was totally exposed and wanting, her vagina wet and waiting to be filled. The Master's cock unsheathed from his body and grew to an impressive size as the slave watched and groaned with need. The Master bent his head and started to lick and tease his slave's clitoris. Using mind speak he commanded. "Don't come until I tell you to. No orgasm until permitted." The Master was pleased when his slave mind-spoke in reply. "Yes Master, anything for you Master."
Andrea surrendered to her Master, her need for fulfillment overrode her need for identity as she felt her Master's mental touch stroke and fill her mind. The touch of his long, hot tongue made her body sing and then his tongue dived into her vagina, licking up into the hot tunnel. Andrea trembled with the repressed need to climax. The ability to climax had been surrendered and so her body shuddered on the edge of orgasm for what felt like hours. "More Master, please, more." The slave begged. The Master knew his slave had been very patient, so he would give her more. The lick and thrust of the Master's tongue was removed and the slave was able to calm slightly as the Master moved up to her breasts. With one hand the Master teased one nipple and he sucked the other breast into his mouth and stroked the flesh with his tongue. The slave's breasts were just the right size. The slave panted and groaned as the orgasm was denied. The feel was incredible, Andrea had never felt like this before. The Master crawled over Andrea's body, licking and sucking across her skin. Finally he lifted her legs up high and wide as he pressed his weeping cockhead to his slave's vagina.
Andrea's body was vibrating with need she opened her legs as wide as she could and mentally pleaded. "Take me Master, make me yours. Fill me Master, possess me, fuck me." The slave's plea was rewarded.
"Yes, my slave, you can come now." With a massive thrust the Master slammed his hard wide cock into Andrea, sending a crash of pleasure through her brain as he hammered her brains pleasure center while slamming into her cervix with his hot shaft.
The Master leant over his slave and thrust into her body with long hard strokes, faster and faster, harder and harder as he matched each stroke with a mental slam into his slave's brain. She was so incredibly responsive, each thrust brought an orgasm, piling one on top of another, overlapping and burning away all thoughts but her Master and the pleasure he was bringing her. He felt his climax coming and thrust in again as his seed was fired into the small channel of his slave's cervix, filling his slave to overflowing. The limp body under his was still shuddering as the orgasms rolled through her body.
The Master rolled onto his back pulling his slave on top and he rested, slightly propped up on the headboard as he watched his slave struggle to stay awake as the sated feeling overwhelmed her. The Master stoked through his slave's long hair. "Sleep now my little slave. When you awaken you can pleasure me again."
When Andrea woke and could feel her Master's cock throbbing inside her. She could feel some of the changes in her body that the hard and massive intruder had wrought. She smiled at her Master. Andrea's heart had never been this full of love and desire. What she remembered of her past was nothing in comparison to what she was feeling now.
The Master smiled back and put his hands under his head. "Pleasure yourself on my cock slave, keep moving until I tell you to stop." The Master commanded his slave's body and it moved as he commanded.
Andrea's legs had straddled the Master's body and her feet were just touching the bed. She had propped her hands on his chest to get traction to move and she lunged forwards and then backwards. The effort it took to move was overridden by the pleasure as the first orgasm rolled through Andrea's body. Andrea could feel the throb of her Master's cock as she thrust backwards. The hard velvet flesh felt so good as she slammed back onto it again and again. The mental command of her Master allowed Andrea to concentrate on the feeling that coursed through her body as she moved backwards and forwards to her pleasure. Andrea's body was operating under the Master's direction and she could just enjoy the ride as time and again she was brought to climax.
The Master controlled his slave's movements with his gaze as he locked her gaze to his. The swinging hair and shuddering of her body counterpointed the unbroken stroke as his slave pleasured him. The Master shifted his hands to his slave's breasts as she thrust onto his wide cock. Pinching and rubbing his slave's breasts increased her pleasure as the Master watched the orgasms shake his slave's body, over and over.
Again and again Andrea drove herself back onto her Master's cock. The shaking of her thighs, the rasping breath, the sweat running down her body all were small things compared with the endless pleasure of being allowed to pleasure her Master. Orgasm after orgasm thundered through her body as her Master placed his hands on her shoulders and started pushing her down even more firmly. One final hard thrust and her Master's cum tore into her body, filling and warming every crevice inside her. Andrea's final orgasm was blindingly enhanced by her Master's mental shove against her brain's pleasure center that shook Andrea to the core and she fainted even as her body still trembled with orgasmic shudders.
The Master lay back with satisfaction. This was going to work out well indeed. The mental pathways were open and free in his slave. She was pleasing to the eye and took enjoyment from the act, her uncensored mental shouts of pleasure were even more arousing to him. Her pleasure was echoed back to him freely. His slave apparently had no mental barriers of any sort, a perfect sex slave.
The Master now had to do some work. A large estate didn't run itself, even with the best help money could buy. The Master eased his new slave off his rapidly dwindling cock and went to clean up. After a bath and more food he picked up his new possession and carefully bathed her in the deep water of the bathing pool. He kept his slave asleep by a mental command to the autonomic part of her brain as he carefully washed and cleaned her body, inside and out.
He carried his slave out into the bedroom and dressed her in the harness suit again. The Master pulled his suit on as well and he gently fastened his slave back into the tight position. His cock was not aroused, but he would be as soon as he allowed his slave to wake. Until then he had work to do. With a gentle brush of her face with his fingertips, the Master settled his slave into his chest with the restraint and stepped out into the main house.
The Master was pleased with his workers. There was very little to correct from the two cycles he had been away. Sitting down and doing the paperwork was a chore but it had to be done. His slave was still in deep sleep, so he might as well do all the work while he had the time. If he didn't allow his slave enough rest she wouldn't be able to stand the rigors of her duties. Besides the old saying, 'denial makes the cock grow bigger' might be true.
Once the paperwork was done the Master decided to do a patrol of his property. He decided to go on beastback, as they needed exercise after his time away. By the time the Master reached the stables the beast was saddled and ready to ride. With a strong heave, he was seated and his slave was settled on his lap. Swiftly the Master rode out of the yard on the beast.
As he trotted along the Master felt the slave wake to the rhythm of the beast. The groan of her arousal was pleasing to the Master. The slave tightened her grip on his hips with her knees and bore down on his pubic bone. "Oh Master, yes Master." The Master could tell her clitoris was being pounded by the bounce of the beast. Her hot wet juices bathed his hidden cock.
The slave's arousal was being broadcast as her groans and panting complimented the mental cry as she neared orgasm just from the friction. Her arousal called to the Master and his cock unsheathed and slid into the hot heat of his slave's wetness. Andrea's body felt every pulse as the expanding muscle throbbed and pushed into her body while being pounded on her clit. As his cock grew in length and breadth, his slave's mental calls grew in need. "Oh God, oh yes, more, oh God fuck me, yessss." The frantic need of his slave was incredibly stimulating to the Master.
The Master kicked the beast and they started to canter. The pounding changed rhythm, but grew faster and harder. The Master's cock was full, wide and still growing, the bounce was slamming the tip into Andrea's cervix. Andrea's body had been altered and changed by the Master's cum and now her cervix was even more sensitive than her clitoris. The pounding that the ride was giving it, brought orgasm after orgasm as the Master rode the beast in a fast canter.
Andrea's orgasms were so intense that she was insensible, almost unconscious as the canter dropped to a trot and then slowed to a walk. The Master waited until his slave had got some awareness back and then kissed her. The Master's tongue slid into Andrea's mouth and filled her with the hot muscle. As her jaw was forced wider the Master stroked her mental pleasure center as he thrust his tongue down his slave's throat and kicked the beast into a trot.
The pounding of her cervix and clitoris from the ride, the feel of her Master's tongue filling her plus the mental stimulation, brought Andrea an orgasm of fearsome power that shook her until she passed out. The Master pulled his tongue out and rode back to the stables with a hard canter which aroused his slave as she woke again. His slave was making mewling noises as he held off her orgasm by a mental block, while feeling his throbbing cock expand even further than ever into the hot tight body of his slave.
The Master was able to hold off his orgasm until he finally rode the beast into the yard. With a tight hold on himself and his slave, he lifted off the animal and walked back to the house. He loosened the harness as he neared the bed. He dove down, shoving his cock with all his strength into his slave, releasing his climax.
The pleasure/pain of the thrust and orgasm brought a scream from Andrea's lips that was stifled by the hard weight of the Master collapsing onto her. As the Master's cum slammed into her body another more intense wave of orgasms rolled through her. The Master's cock twitched and grew harder as his pleasure was increased by his slave's mental echoes.
The Master held himself still and rested on top of his slave. The shuddering slave could feel the hard cock pulsing with arousal as the Master lay on top, keeping just enough weight off her to prevent crushing. The desire flowed between their minds as the slave gave up her passion to the Master. "Your body is mine slave. You cannot move, you cannot speak. You are relaxed and limp, but aware." The command was greeted with the limp form of the slave gazing up as the Master pulled up onto his knees.
His hard cock was still buried deep in his slave, but was trying to stand upright, even with the weight of the slave holding it down. The slave's long hair was spread under her head, fanning out on the bed. She was slowly being raised as his cock thickened and hardened even further as his desire grew. The sight of his sex slave impaled on his cock, being lifted off the bed by the sheer strength of his desire flowed through him. With amazement he watched his limp slave orgasm as she was lifted by his cock. She hung limp and shuddering with passion as the Master's cock was visible through the soft belly of his slave.
Andrea could feel the command take control of her body and she gave it up willingly. She wanted to please her Master. As her Master pulled back she could feel his cock throbbing and hardening even further. The limpness of her body allowed her to feel everything, the throb of her Master's cock stimulated her cervix. The Master's cock grew and pushed further into her body as she orgasmed.
Suddenly the Master slammed her down again as hoisted her legs up onto his shoulders. He thrust his larger and harder cock into her body over and over again. Deeper and harder each stroke, again and again. The bright flashes of orgasm after orgasm rolled over her limp body as the Master pounded in, again and again. With a loud cry of completion the Master buried his burning cock into his slave's body and shuddered with a climax that was the hardest and longest in his life.
The wave of cum pushed Andrea's body into a haze of pleasure as each throb of her Master's cock felt like a thrust. Each twitch of his body felt like a slam into her body. Andrea was so aroused that she was past orgasm. As she lay feeling everything as one giant pleasure, the Master stoked her face with his hand. "I release you." The mental call relaxed the slave and she sighed, feeling the throb of his cock still hard and throbbing inside her wet heat. As his slave lay on the bed she looked at him with large hungry eyes that pleaded for more. The Master slowly crouched over his slave and slowly withdrew the large head of his cock back to his slave's wet opening. "Tell me who I am." The Master commanded mentally.
The slave gasped as the arousal for more burned through her body. "You're my Master, my world, my everything, my life, my love. Oh God, more, faster." The slave's mental voice trailed off as the Master slowly stroked his cock in and out of his slave's wet pussy. Very gently, very slowly, but deeply. The rush of orgasm was held just out of his slave's reach by the slow steady thrust in and out, deeper and deeper. She could feel every single inch as it slid in deeper each time.
Andrea was floating in a burning sea of arousal and desire. She burned with need but was denied the completion she craved. She opened her eyes and saw her Master's lust capture her body again and felt the wave of desire in her Master build as their gaze burned into each others brain and the blinding orgasm that they shared tumbled them into a frenzy of need. The Master thrust again and again as his cum spurted and filled his slave's body again and again.
The slave, locked in a cycle of orgasm that was never-ending, could only shiver and shake as her body reacted to the pounding of the hard, hot muscle as it possessed and filled her body, again and again. Finally she drifted away as a final thrust from her Master poured her body into the darkness.
The Master once again washed and bathed while keeping his slave asleep. He took his time washing her long hair, then the Master permanently removed all her body hair, except for a small strip around her vagina. After drying his slave's long beautiful hair, he woke her as the evening meal arrived. The meal was eaten with relish, as his slave was hungry. The energy being used was partially replaced by the nutrients in his cum, but the slave would still need real nourishment.
He finished his meal and held out his hand. "Come here, slave." The command was hastily complied with as Andrea hurried to the bed and was positioned on all fours. The Master came up behind his slave and unsheathed his cock. On his knees the Master pulled his slave backwards onto his cock and sat on his heels as he pushed his slave down onto his cock.
Andrea was dripping with need as she felt her Master's knees fit between her legs. As he pulled her back she felt the warm cock glide into her body. Her Master's hands cupped her breasts, tweaking the nipples as he pushed her down further onto his rapidly expanding cock. The Master leant over her shoulder and kissed her mouth as he shifted his knees apart, pushing her thighs even wider. The slam of her Master's cock up against her cervix brought a fast tight orgasm as her Master thrust her down again onto his cock.
As her Master's tongue invaded her mouth his cock pulsed and grew, pushing up into her harder and thicker than before. Andrea could now feel her Master's cock everywhere. Her fingers and toes tingled with the feel of his cock inside her body. Her hands covered her Master's as they stroked and kneaded her breasts. Her whole body throbbed in time to the cock that still pushed and grew inside her body.
As the Master arched backwards he pulled his slave up into an arch that brought a groan of delight from her as the hard throbbing cock shifted inside her body, changing the angle of penetration, putting pressure on different parts of her body. The Master dived into his slave's open mind and felt as the movement inside her body allowed his cock to expand again. The throb against his slave's cervix pushed his slave into another orgasm as the Master leaned forward and rocked backwards and forwards, making his cock shift inside his slave's body.
The Master leaned forward, pushing his slave face down onto the bed and he started stroke into her heat from behind. The Master held off his slave's orgasm with a command. "Don't come until I tell you." The reply from his slave was loud in its mental shout. "Yes Master. Yessss." The slave was held down as the Master thrust in and out, making his cock pound his slave's cervix in the tight tunnel.
The Master pulled out and flipped Andrea onto her back, lifted her legs wide and slammed back into her. The need was screaming in Andrea's body as her Master's cock pounded at her cervix. She felt the small hole twitch open as her Master's cock thrust against it.
The Master could feel the aching need in his slave's mind. "Relax every muscle in your body, don't come till I tell you to. Relax completely, your bones are liquid, your center will open for my cock." When his cock was tight and hard against his slave's cervix he paused, pressing down on her body. The Master dived into his slave's mind and stroked her pleasure center while denying her the orgasm her body screamed for.
The shaking and panting slave gazed up at her Master as he filled her vagina with his shaft. The pressure on her cervix was continued as her Master leant on her body heavily. Andrea's cervix relaxed and twitched as its opening accepted the head of her Master's cock into the tight space. The surprised look on the slave's face showed the Master that she had felt the final stage start, but obviously had no idea what it signified.
The Master kept the pressure bearing down on his slave's body as her cervix stretched more and more to accommodate the intruder. The pain of the stretch was eased as the Master stroked his slave's mental pleasure center over and over while still denying her climax.
With a lunge the pressure was translated into forward movement as the Master's cock suddenly shot through the virginal cervix and his cock hit his slave's womb. The Masters large balls finally hit his slave's buttocks as his cock was all the way in. "Come now." The mental command was complied with as his slave screamed as her body convulsed with passion. The Master's release was blinding as his cum poured out into the waiting womb, spurt after spurt of cum, wave after wave of release flowed out into his slave. Andrea's body convulsed with unrestrained passion as the feel of the Master's cock and hot cum inside her womb sent wave upon wave of orgasms that shook and tore at her body and mind.
He rolled onto his back, taking his limp slave with him, his strength weakened as cum still jerked out of his cock into his slave. Andrea could feel the warm rush of more cum flowing into her body, and still more came. Her body eagerly absorbing the hot fluid into each and every cell of her body. Her Master's cock pulsed out his seed into her again and again, as she lay jerking and shuddering on his stomach as the never-ending orgasms continued. The feeling of being swamped by the warm cum flowed through her body. Her Master's cock throbbed and pulsed, still growing thicker and longer as both their bodies pulsed with the Master's seed.
The mental connection was strong and getting stronger. The Master sent comfort and reassurance to his slave as the warm glow from the last stage of bonding flowed through them. The Master was satisfied, now he had a slave who could take his whole cock and was completely his.
"Come for me now, slave." The shudder of climax shivered through his slave's body as his cock again spurted more cum into her. "Again, slave." "Anything for you Master." The faint reply was almost lost as his slaves' orgasm rippled through both their minds as his slave's pleasure center was bound to his. As her orgasm rolled through her, his was triggered as well as they both gave into the need for sleep as their bodies shuddered with the last of their orgasms.
The Master woke to the dawn chorus of birds as his bedroom grew light with the sunrise. He was now bound to his slave as she was bound to him. With great care the Master carried his slave to the wash pool still joined. They couldn't spend much time apart as the need to mate grew quickly. The never-ending need to be joined was now part of their lives. After cleaning in the bathing pool, the Master pulled out of his slave, dressed in his harness suit and pulled his slave into hers. With care, the Master once again entered his slave with his hard cock.
Andrea woke as her Master's cock pressed against her cervix which slowly opened, the flared cockhead slipping through the ultra sensitive tunnel. The sudden and huge orgasm that seared through them both brought a hard thrust from the Master and a wild scream from Andrea. The pulsing jet of cum reawakened her body as it trembled with a need that was even higher than before.
The Master quickly fastened the harness closures and tightened them to the tightest setting he could achieve. He rolled onto his back as his slave's orgasm rolled through him and his cock throbbed and pulsed with cum. His slave's internal muscles clamped down on his cock and massaged it as her orgasm finally died away.
Andrea looked at her Master and grinned. She could now understand the small flashes that she had seen in his mind. She now could see into his mind as he could see into hers. "Take me Master, take me again." The slave's call broke through the Master's tight control he had been keeping over his body's urgent needs and desires. He rolled over, released the hip fasteners, crushing her body under his as he thrust into her hot and willing body.
Andrea's orgasms rolled over her body in a mind shattering haze. Her Master's cock thrust in and out of her whole body, from tip to root, over two feet of hot, thick, hardened muscle, pounding through her tight and extra sensitive cervix, over and over again. The final scream came from the Master as he erupted through Andrea's body and mind. The Master's orgasm expanded his cockhead to fill his slave's womb completely. The now extra sensitive flared head of his cock was more than doubled in size and took up every bit of space in the soft lined womb.
The Master's orgasm left him on his back watching his slave's panting body try and take in more air. With a shaky hand he refastened the harness and stood on his trembling legs. His slave, barely awake tucked her head into his chest and let her body relax into sleep with a sigh as her Master's cock settled deeper again into her womb.
The Master walked out into the main house to start the day. It was the start of the rest of his life. He and his slave, tied and bound to one another for life. Mated for life to a perfect sex slave. He now had the perfect life. He sat down at his dining table and started his breakfast as his slave opened her mouth for a spoonful of his food. He fed her as he ate, feeling the shiver of desire burn through them both as his cock twitched inside her body.
Andrea drifted in a haze of satisfaction. This was the way her life was now going to be. She was a sex slave to an alien. She was warm, fed, clean, happy and was having the best sex that any human had ever had. She knew what her Master wanted and how to please him. When her Master was pleased, she was sent spinning out of this world with pleasure. It sure beat working for a living.
After a satisfying breakfast, the Master worked at his desk, he still had the daily routine things that needed his attention. His slave slept deeply against his chest, settled into the now routine position in the harness. The Master shifted as his slave twitched in her sleep, but it was a nice zing. From now on, his cock would always be aroused, as his sexual maturity was complete with a mate. He and his slave were now almost symbiotic and entwined. The Master finished the paperwork and waited for his slave to wake. The Master sat watching the newsvids as the day crept by as the tired slave restored her precious energy.
Andrea woke with the knowledge that she never wanted to lose this feeling. She was impaled upon an enormous cock, being kept in a state of almost constant sexual pleasure and aware of a constant craving for more. She knew she would never lose interest, would always be cared for and loved by her Master, who would remain totally dedicated to her pleasure as it increased his own.
Andrea thought back to the conversations of the women she had known and worked with at the bank. Most of them were married or in long term relationships. Most of them were bored with their partners and complained at the lack of sexual passion in their lovemaking. Andrea had seen this as one of her reasons for staying single. Now she knew that the Master's passion would stay fresh and pure, this heat and fire of her Master's cock would always be all consuming for her. Andrea's thoughts heated her body with arousal.
As the Master's slave awoke, her body caressed the Master's cock and she was rewarded with a deep penetrating kiss that stroked down his slave's throat. Now that they were mated, his slave could now reap the benefits of the changes that the mating had made in them both.
Andrea felt her mouth being filled with her Master's tongue and eagerly opened wider to take more. The Master mind-spoke. "You can breathe, there's an air-tube now running through my tongue. Just relax and breathe." The Master's tongue filled her throat and with the tip of his tongue he vibrated the small newly formed nodule at the back of her throat that brought his slave instantly to orgasm.
Andrea felt the wet invader fill her throat and found that she could now breathe through her Master's tongue. It felt strange, but okay. As the Master found the nodule, Andrea's body spasmed in orgasm that didn't roll off, but held her in its tight and high climatic peak. "Master, oh God, yes. Master, oh, oh, fuck, oh, ohhhhh..." Andrea's mental shout died off as her brain lost the power to think, all she could do now was feel, every single cell in her body screamed in orgasm.
The slave's continuous orgasm brought the Master to climax that held him in its thrall as well. The two bodies shivered and bucked as each was held at the height of completion. Andrea's mind was stunned as it was kept totally at sexual peak as the flood of burning cum from her Master's cock continued, wave after wave flooding her womb, spurting into her body from the fallopian tubes under incredible and constant force.
The Master was burning with arousal as his slave's body clenched and squeezed his cock as it pulsed again and again. Master and slave's mind blended and heightened the sensations to an incredible and explosive end as they passed out when the overload took them past the point of consciousness. The two bodies relaxed and the kiss was broken.
It was many hours before the Master woke. His slave was still deeply asleep. The effort from all the activity had worn her out. The Master ate and fed his slave as she slept, the slave automatically swallowing the nutrient broth as he spooned it into her mouth. After eating, the Master slept some more, lying on his back with his slave straddled comfortably on top.
Andrea woke after the sun had set, she had been asleep almost all day, but that wasn't surprising after all the fantastic sex. Andrea had noticed that the Master's skin had a much darker red tone, it reminded her of demonic pictures of the devil. Andrea was sure that her Master had grown broader and taller as well. The thrill of having her own large alien Master was transmitted across to the Master who smiled, stood and took them into the bathroom.
Andrea was surprised when the Master stepped straight into the water without removing the suits or releasing her from the harness. The Master caught his slave's mental question and answered it. "It will be hard to stay disconnected for any length of time from now on. We are bonded and that brings with it a need to always be together. That's why my species needs sex slaves. Once we hit sexual maturity it becomes imperative to find a mate. Only with a mate can we be complete. Our species needs sexual completion many times in a period, otherwise we get unwell, sometimes the unlucky ones die through lack of a mate." The Master's explanation quieted many of the questions about Andrea's new life.
The Master showed Andrea how to disconnect the harness and power down the suits. As the Master's cock carefully pulled out of Andrea, she felt a huge ache in the center of her body where the Master's cock had been. The overwhelming need to feel his cock inside her was only tempered by the necessary functions of cleaning her body.
As Andrea climbed out of the bathing pool she was caught by her reflection in the full-length mirror on the wall. Her hair was growing faster than normal, it almost was past her breasts which were fuller and perkier than when she had been taken. Her nipples had darkened and now were constantly erect and incredibly sensitive. Her skin was now flawless, her hairless body felt sensuously smooth and the small strip of pubic hair looked nice and neat. All of Andrea's curves were more defined with her ass very tight.
The Master stood behind the slave as she inspected the changes to her body. "Is there anything you want to change? I can make almost anything different." The Master had left his slave relatively unchanged as it might have made her adjustment more difficult if he had done too much and he was pleased with her appearance as she was.
Andrea inspected her body, the gap between her thighs was nearly a hand span across whereas before her thighs had just slightly brushed together. There was only one thing she could think of to change. "Master, can you make my internal muscles stronger, so I can grip your cock harder?" The smile that bloomed on the Master's face brought a flush of desire rushing through Andrea's body. "Yes, my slave. I can do that. I'll also strengthen your thigh muscles so you can grip tighter with your knees." The Master watched in the mirror as his slave started to pant with arousal as her imagination showed her the possibilities.
The Master could feel the burn of need in both their bodies. He was going to ease the ache now. The Master grabbed his slave under the knees and lifted her body up, parting her thighs as he looked at her in the mirror and she returned the gaze.
With a gentle shift Andrea saw the Master's cock being aligned with her pussy and was awed that her body could accommodate such a huge, thick cock. It brought her to sexual peak just by seeing and feeling her body lowered onto the hard smoothness. As Andrea watched and felt the slip and stretch of her body swallowing up the ribbed tree trunk of muscle, she arched her back trying to get more sensation. Her arms fell to her sides she watched her Master's shaft slowly breach her sensitive cervix. Andrea climaxed as the Master watched her in the mirror.
As the Master's cock settled into his slave's womb and again swelled to fill the space, he very slowly lowered his slave's knees and felt the strain on his slave's body as her pelvic girdle was stretched. The Master could feel the increased pressure on his cock as he stroked his slave's pleasure center. The climax that rippled through Andrea's body eased the pain as the pleasure overran the pain. The groan from his slave was accompanied by her mental litany. "Oh Master, oh God, oh Master, yes, oh, don't stop, oh, oh, ahhhhh."
As the stretch on the slave's pelvic girdle was transmuted into orgasms, the Master allowed the slave's legs to dangle freely as she hung suspended on his cock. The Master moved his hands to the firm breasts, pinched and stroked the nipples as his slave shuddered and groaned.
The Master held his climax off with difficulty as he waited for his slave's body to adjust to the new position. The Master watched the draped lids of his slave's eyes flutter with the orgasms that still rolled through her body. The Master stopped manipulating his slave's pleasure center and let her rest. The Master tightened his hold on his slave's breasts. The ripple of another orgasm rolled through her as her body settled deeper and took in more of the Master's cock. The Master watched his slave's eyes finally steady and lock with his. "Don't come until I tell you." The Master heard the mental affirmative reply from his slave. The Master turned and slowly walked into the bedroom using all his mental effort to hold off his orgasm and his slave's.
Andrea's body screamed with sensation as the movements of her Master's body set her legs swinging, grinding her hip bones against her Master's cock inside her, feeling her Master's cock shift and twist inside her as he walked. Andrea was chanting in her mind as the sensation took over her body. "Master, Master, yours, only yours, God, oh fuck, fuck, fuck me, take me, Master. Fuuuuck."
The Master reached the bed and carefully crawled onto the bed pulling his slave up between his legs. With a sigh he lay his slave flat on her front with her legs only fractionally apart. The position was incredibly tight on them both and the strain on his slave was almost too much. The Master pulled out of the tight tunnel fractionally and thrust back in with a command. "Come now." The slave's mental chant became a scream as she climaxed again and again as the Master's cock filled her. The Master thrust into the tight channel again and again as the incredible pressure took his arousal higher and higher.
Finally with one large thrust the Master collapsed onto his slave, driving his cock even deeper into her body, sending her screaming into the void as the pressure of his cum filling the tight space, pushed her over the edge. With an effort the Master rolled over onto his side and lay panting, trying to recover from the intense climax.
They slept for a while and the Master woke first, as his body didn't need much sleep compared to his slave's. The Master carefully moved his slave around to the normal chest to chest position. The Master ate a late evening meal as he kept his slave asleep, not that there was much chance of her waking. The Master bathed them in the pool, letting his slave's legs slip down his thighs in the water, creating a less stressful way to stretch her pelvic girdle.
He once again dressed himself and his slave in the harness suit. Slowly he entered his slave's hot tunnel and felt the extra room that was now in her hips. Pushing through the cervix was getting faster, but still extremely sensitive as his slave orgasmed in her sleep just from the sensation. The Master heard a small soft sigh from his slave as his cockhead stretched her womb slightly larger again as it filled up all the internal space it could.
The Master fastened the harness, using the loosest setting for her knees. The Master walked out to the main house and he fed his slave the meal of nutrient broth while she slept, using the same technique of unconscious swallowing. His slave's body obeyed him completely, even when in the deepest of sleep. The Master was thrilled that his slave had given herself so willingly and so totally to him. They were mated and bonded, a perfect match.
The Master was going for a moonlight evening ride. The beast was ready and the Master mounted the beast and settled his slave onto the saddle, but leaving lots of slack in the harness. With a mental caress the Master woke his slave and trotted out for a night patrol.
Andrea woke to the marvelous sensation of the small thrusts of her Master's cock and gentle clitoris pounding of the ride. The first orgasm rolled through her body as she groaned with satisfaction. The Master commanded her. "Relax every single muscle in your body except for your vagina and pelvic floor. Tighten your vagina muscles, but every other muscle is totally and completely relaxed."
Andrea obeyed. "Yes Master, this body belongs to you to command at your will." Andrea could feel her body flop along with the movement, her internal muscles squeezed tighter as the thrusts gained in depth and the increased grip brought orgasms crashing through her body again and again.
The Master kicked the beast into a fast canter as the slave's body moved up and down on his cock, pounding away at his control. As the Master neared his climax he kicked the beast into a gallop that smoothed out the jerks but brought a harder, longer stroke as his slave's body glided up and down to the rhythm. The Master held tightly to the beast as his orgasm was pulled from his body by the screaming bundle of sex moving on his cock.
Andrea could feel every slip and glide of her Master's cock. She could feel every inch of his hot manhood inside her body. Every thrust, every pulse brought another orgasm as she screamed her devotion to her Master. "Yes, yes, oh God, yes. Master. Oh yes, my Master, anything, all yours, yours. Oh God. Fuck, fuck, fffuucckkkkkk." The hot cum of her Master filled her again and again as the beast sped along in moonlit twilight.
The stables finally loomed in the distance as the beast slowed and the Master thrust his slave down onto his cock for a final spurt of cum that poured out into the limp body of his slave. The beast came to a standstill and the Master slowly climbed off with shaky legs. The Master looked at the barely conscious slave and instructed. "I release you." The slave sighed as she lost the battle to stay conscious and the Master loosened the knee fastenings slowly letting his slave's legs swing down loose and relaxed. The Master walked slowly back to the main house using his slave's deep relaxed sleep to ease the discomfort of the constant stretch on her pelvic girdle that was grinding her hip bones into his cock as he walked.
Once in the house the Master undid the harness and stripped them both of the suits. As the Master lay down and entered his slave's body, it tightened around his cock with a small orgasm. With a rush of heat he slowly started stroking in and out of her wet heat as the moans and mumbles of the unconscious slave excited him. The Master thrust into the heat again and again as the need to possess and own his slave's unconscious reactions burned through him. Wave upon wave of cum swept into his slave's body as it jerked with orgasm even as it was unaware. The Master thrust time and again as he thrust his tongue into his slave's throat and stimulated the tiny nodule at the back of her throat. The slave's orgasm crested and held for endless minutes as her body answered the call. The frantic thrusts of the Master finally ended, as he rolled onto his side and passed out.
The next morning Andrea woke to the throb of her Master's cock as it pulsed in her body, full and tight with arousal. She was sitting on her Master's cock as he leaned back on the headboard. Andrea's knees were high and pushed up close to her body. The Master's knees were drawn up and spread wide, letting Andrea's ass sit in the space between her Master's thighs, driving his cock deeper into her body. Andrea could feel the press of her Master's cock deep in her body as her womb throbbed with the cockhead pulsing with constrained desire.
Andrea looked up into her Master's eyes and mind-spoke to him. "Master, can you increase the thickness of your cock? Can you spread my hip bones with your hard muscle?" Andrea felt the throb of her Master's cock intensify with his raised arousal.
The Master's desire flooded through Andrea's mind as his eyes held her body in its thrall. "I am sure I can." The Master's species had cocks that grew to match their mate's ability to accept the size. The Master spread his knees wider and Andrea felt the press of her clitoris on his pubic bone. The Master's cock throbbed inside his slave and she panted as her arousal grew. The full feeling in Andrea's body grew as she felt the pulse of her Master's cock slowly stretch her little by little as each throb increased the width of his cock.
The Master leaned down and pulled his slave's mouth closer and thrust his tongue down her throat. He stroked the small button that exploded their world into orgasmic delight as they were caught in the whirling storm of orgasm. Andrea's body clamped down on the Master's cock as the storm tightened on her body and she lost her mind as her body shattered with never-ending orgasm. Her mental litany inflamed the Master as she screamed into his head. "Fuck, oh God. Master, Master!! Fuckfuckfuckfuuuuuu."
The Master's cock pulsed jet upon jet of his seed into his slave's tight womb as his cock pulsed and grew wider and thicker, stretching muscles and forcing sinew and bone to be remolded under his cocks pressure as his body forced a wider tunnel in his slave.
The Master's tongue continued to twitch and stroke the magic button inside his slave's throat as his slave lost consciousness, but her body still spasmed and shook with orgasm as it obeyed its reflexes. The Master never noticed, as his cock ached and burned with desire as it grew wider and wider still, pumping out seed with every jerk, flooding his slave's body forcing the cum into every cavity of his slave's body. And still more was pumped into the already full vessel.
Finally the overload reached critical mass and the Master lost the battle to stay present as his tongue slipped out of his slave's throat. They sat perched upon each other locked into place by the hard tight fit of the Master's cock as it pulsed and twitched with the urge to spread even further. The Master's body was possessing his slave's body, inch by inch.

The Master woke to find his slave sleeping contentedly as his cock still grew with tiny pulses and twitches as each throb increased its girth fractionally. The Master had no idea how wide his cock would finally grow, as no-one that he knew of had a slave from the same species as his. The slave traders who had supplied his slave hadn't given much information with her purchase, and the doctors at the auction house had only slightly more understanding of her species.
The Master watched his slave's face twitch and smile as she dreamed. The Master caught flashes of what she was dreaming about. The erotic dream was tightening her body and the Master gently stroked her pleasure center to orgasm as she slept. The slave's body shuddered and she sighed and relaxed even further onto the deep intruder. The Master didn't even have to use a mental command to keep her asleep as she was worn out.
The Master could see where his slave's hips were much wider than they had been. He concentrated on the changes he wanted in his slave's body. His cum would do the work for him, but he needed to command it first. With a sigh the Master slowly lowered his slave to the bed and withdrew his cock from her body.
The Master went into the bathroom and showered. The came back to the bedroom and picked up his slave and carried her into the bathing pool and gently washed her body inside and out. As he laid her on the bed she woke in a yawning stretch. The Master helped her languid limbs into the harness suit and dressed himself.
Andrea had had the first dream she could remember since being taken. She wanted to see if her Master would agree to try what she had dreamed. She watched her Master shrug on his harness suit. "Master, can I taste your seed?" Andrea didn't know if it was an insult or compliment to the Master's species to ask this.
The Master smiled as he heard his slave's worries behind the request. "My species are very free with sexual matters as we depend on sex for daily living. Yes, you can taste my seed. I'll teach you how to swallow it all." The Master knew that training would have to be gentle and slow because of his size.
The Master lay down on the bed beside his slave. "Suck on the tip to taste my seed." The Master didn't know if he could control his output. He didn't want his slave to drown in the viscous clear fluid, but it was an all or nothing situation.
Andrea sat up, crawled over to her Master's body and used both hands to pull the stiff shaft off his stomach. Andrea straddled her Master's chest, facing away from him and levered up the cock head to get face to face with the small hole that would release the seed. Andrea felt her Master's hands stroking her breasts as she pressed her lips around the hole and teased it with the tip of her tongue, she sucked and imagined what it would be like to fit this monster into her mouth.
The Master's arousal was high and the tiny stimulation was enough to release his orgasm. He had enough control to send a mental warning to his slave as his cock jerked with climax. The small orgasm swept over the Master quickly and was gone fast.
Andrea heard the warning as the hard meat in her hands pulsed and her mouth was filled with syrupy gel that tasted slightly like chocolate and coffee, but tingly. The struggle to swallow and accept the flow that instantly overwhelmed her mouth was lost as the excess flowed down her chin as she swallowed again and again. When Andrea realized the flow had stopped she licked her chin and looked down to see the trails of clear gel running in rivulets down her body. The tingly feeling was arousing and Andrea rubbed the cum into her exposed skin as her head spun with a dizzy buzz. With cum coated hands she stroked her breasts and down to her clit. She felt light and floaty with a drugged feeling of arousal. Almost like being stoned. Andreas vision took on a golden hue and she felt drunk.
The Master had lifted his head and watched over the slave's shoulder as she drank and then played with his cum. At least she appeared to enjoy it. He had been worried that she wouldn't like the harsh bitter taste. Alien species had notorious difference in taste capabilities. At the moment his slave was humming quietly as she stroked herself. Time to get moving. The Master swung his slave around and onto her back.
The Master slowly entered his slave and again felt her languid orgasm as his cock stroked through her cervix. With a contented sigh from them both, the Master's flared glans filled the slave's womb with throbbing tightness. The Master pressed down harder and felt his cock pulse and swell until tight and hot in the tunnel.
The Master connected the harness fastenings and took them both to eat. The Master's slave rested against him in a soporific daze as he fed her the broth. The Master sat and ate his meal as his slave drifted in peaceful contentedness. She was just slightly aroused, but not enough to do anything about it. She accepted what the Master offered and sent a warm feeling of pleasure back to him in reply, but not needing anything in the psychedelic bliss that she floated in. She could feel her Master's cock throb and stretch as they moved through the daily duties. As the Master walked doing his errands the languid heat soaked into her bones and she could almost feel the groan of expanding cartilage, bone and sinew as the pressure of her Master's cock continued to press against her body.
The Master could feel the added size of his cock and was still surprised by the amazing adaptability of his slave. Had she no limits? She seemed content and the Master was happy to let her rest as she needed it. Through the day the Master watched and listened as his slave slipped in and out of sleep with moans and sighs as the twitches of his cocks expansion teased her arousal, but never took her to full alertness.
The Master sat feeding his slave the midday meal. She happily took his offerings but didn't initiate any other movement. Using a mental command the Master sent her into a deep sleep. The Master undressed himself and his slave, laying them down on his bed to join her in slumber.

When Andrea woke it was near sunset and the drowsy feeling had lifted to be replaced with a burning need. She lifted her head to see the Master looking at her. Andrea's eyes glowed with desire. "Take me Master, fill me with your cum, make me yours over and over again. Fuck me." The tightening of her internal walls around the Master's cock sent her arousal higher as she could feel every single twitch and spasm as it throbbed.
The Master rolled them over and crouched above his slave, he lifted her knees high and wide, pushing down to spread her hips wider. He drew back and slowly sank back into his slave with a firm pressure. His slave shivered with need and tightened her internal muscles as the Master started a firm but slow thrust. The slave's cervix clamped down tight against his shaft and the nerve endings in the incredibly tight tunnel were being blasted with stimulation as the hot cock thrust in and out. As each thrust hit the top of his slave's womb she orgasmed.
The Master's mind was bombarded with his slave's pleasure as it was broadcast back to him. He lost control, he started to plunge in harder and faster as his slave's body keened and wailed with delight. The slave's scream ripped into his body as she triggered his orgasm. "Master, now. Please, now." The Master's cum slammed into his slave's womb as his cockhead was imprisoned by her tight cervix as his orgasm shot wave upon wave of cum into his slave as she slipped into the void.
Andrea woke once again nestled up against her Master's chest, impaled on the living throbbing cock deep inside her body. She was content to just feel the warm heat soak into her as she thought about her life now. Fantastic sex, loving life partner and no need to ever work again. A fantasy come true. Andrea sighed and let her body relax into sleep again, she would need the energy real soon.
The End.

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2014-01-28 11:03:56
So this was really hot. I like your writing style quite a bit. And please excuse all the inconsiderate jerks (LOUD THROAT CLEARING) who only come here to advertise. Just know that we arent all jerks. See, me, I like to represent the human race well and shit. (STARES AT JERKS) Anyhow, there are people out there who like this a lot, and I'm one of them. Round of applause.

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2013-05-08 03:06:00
I liked it a lot but I found that it was kind of repetitive after a while… only really different scene was when she gave him a blow job… and the whole being carried around thing reminds me of a kangaroo I don't wanna think of any mommy tendencies when reading a story …other than that it was a good story

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