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This is a full novel style story, please limit your comments at the end untill you get the rest, IF YOU DON'T LIKE THESE, PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO VIEW, will continue with good review.
The compound wasn’t like many others, lots of steel little sheds, spread out through the Forrest; the entire thing was surrounded by large steel walls, ex military, so most of the compound was underground. Paid for by some rich man, then left to his family in their will, they sold it to the highest bidder. Lucky for this man, he was wealthy, had unusual clients who paid lots of money for his merchandise. He specialised in little boys, American, white, from the ages of six to thirteen. He would pick them up from orphanages, always under different names, sometimes he would pick up the runaways’ from the side of the highway. They were especially fun, knowing what life really was like at home, parents who loved them but ignored them, they were easily influenced into doing what he wanted.

In each shed, contained some kind of torture, or breaking machine. Designed to break the will of the boys or girls he took, he didn’t care what happened to them so long as he got his money, that’s all that mattered. Most of the kids wouldn’t last out the year, supply and demand. Some of them did, and they were the ones who were returned to him, in trade for new ones.

On this particular evening, Michael, was down at the pub, getting a drink, everyone here knew what he did, they didn’t try to stop him, because he kept the so called riff raff out of their town. He never touched their kids, and occasionally the mayor of the town got an added bonus waiting for him in his office. The mayor liked little girls, so Michael always made sure there was one available to him once a week. The county sheriff liked boys, and he got his fill when they came to “inspect” Michael’s land. Sitting at the bar, joking with the barman, and a boy of seven walked into the room, he looked about, found a booth, and sat down. The barman, earl, pointed the boy out to the man, yet another run away. They sat there and watched the boy for a couple of hours; he simply lay down on the bench and slept. Michael got up, walked over to the booth and sat down opposite the boy, and nudged him awake.
The boy bolted upright in no time, staring around at his surroundings, taking in everything, he obviously hadn’t realise that he’d walked into a bar.
“What’s your name, kid?” Michael inquired politely.
“Jessie” the boy answered meekly.
“You know where you are?” Michael asked.
“No sir” Jessie replied;
“Your sitting in a booth, in the county bar, kid, how’d you get ‘ere?” Michael asked,
“My dad dropped me off” Jessie replied, head down in shame.
“Where is he now?” Michael started, “Why isn’t he here?”
“He left” Jessie said, starting to cry.
“He said he didn’t want me...”
“I see” Michael said, feeling a pang of regret for the boy. “Do you have any money?”
“No sir” the boy replied.
“Where is your mother?”
“Dead sir” Jessie replied, “She died when i was born, dad said it was my fault, i should have died instead of her”
Michael got up an sat beside the boy, an put an arm around him, the boy began bawling on his chest, tears running down his face and onto Michael’s shirt. Jessie cried until he fell asleep again. Michael picked him up, paid his bar bill, smiled at the bar tender and left, he put Jessie on the back seat, laying him down gently as to not wake him up.
Getting in the driver’s seat, he put his key in the ignition, but just before starting the car, Jessie woke up. He stared about in fear, wondering how he got in the car.
“Where are we?”
“Still at the bar kid, I’ll take you back to my place until we can figure out what to do with you.”
“I can’t leave”
“Why not?”
“My brother is out the back” the boy replied.
“Your brother?” Michael asked.
“Yes sir, my big brother is out back, trying to get some money”
“I see”
Michael started the car, reversed up a bit, then took off forwards, he drove around to the back of the building, spotting the nine year old boy, near a dumpster, kneeling down in front of the bar tender, his head was bobbing back and forward, the bar tender was exceptionally content. Michael pulled up in front of the pair, and waited until the bar man got what he wanted, paid the boy. The child turned around, cum leaking down his chin, he looked at the car, and saw his younger brother.
“Jessie, get out of that car!” He shouted.
Michael hit the central locking button, locking the car.
“It’s okay, you two can come to my place, sleep, wash up, and I’ll call a few people who can take you in” Michael said, sincerely to the boy.
Edward, not convinced, but his eyebrows raised a little bit,
“What do you mean, take us in?”
“I’ll find someone you can live with, somewhere your wanted”
“Jessie, get out of the car, please” Edward pleaded with his little brother, who simply shook his head.
“Come on kid, get in, i’m leaving in five seconds with or without you, but your brother is coming with me, he’s far too young to spend a night on the streets, he’d never survive.” Michael said impatiently.
The ploy always worked with brothers. The elder one would always do what he could to protect his younger brother. Edward walked towards the car, Michael hit the central locking button again, unlocking the car, and Edward climbed into the back with his brother, Jessie put his head in his brother’s lap, closed his eyes and fell asleep. Edward sat there, as Michael took off, stroking his little brother’s hair, looking at the back of his head.
He looked up towards Michael.
“Promise me you won’t hurt him?” Edward said.
“What?” Michael asked, surprised.
“You can have me, but don’t hurt Jessie.” Edward said pleadingly.
Michael shook his head slightly, and kept driving.

It took them about ten minutes driving to reach the compound, hitting a button on his dash, the large steel doors slowly wound themselves open. Michael motored inwards, the gates shut behind them, sealing everyone inside. As they passed the small steel sheds, Edward looked out and caught a glimpse of a boy, tied upright, hands and feet spread wide, naked. Edward had tears running down his cheeks.
“I’m afraid, while I may not harm Jessie, I will be harming you” Michael stated, with a glint in his eye.
Nine year old boys were his favourite, he liked his boys old enough to know better, but still too young to do anything about it. They pulled up to the house, one of the slave boys approached the car, wearing nothing but a small towel around his groin. The boy opened the passenger side back door, and offered his hand to Edward, Edward shook his brother to wake him, both boys got out of the car.
“Six,” Michael said to the almost nude eight year old. “Take Jessie here up to the guest room”
“Yes, Master” The boy replied, he grabbed Jessie’s hand and pulled him into the house.
“Edward, come with me.” Michael said, walking off towards the nearest shed.

Edward followed him, the sheds weren’t fully enclosed, they were missing a wall, and they could see right into the shed, where two boys were being trained currently.
“These two are from an orphanage in phoenix” Michael explained. “Newest acquisitions, well, not anymore anyway”
Edward watched in terror as the boys were beaten, a ten year old and a twelve year old, they were both bruised and bleeding, utterly beaten. Screaming for all they were worth, the boys were subjected to electro-static shock right in front of Edward, hundreds of volts passed through their bodies, causing them the convulse, their bodies let go of their last meal, the boys pissed and shat all over the floor. One of the compound’s slaves cleaned up the shit, but left the urine to dry.
“What’s my name” Michael said to the ten year old
“Master” the boy gasped, “You’re my master!”
“Correct” Michael stated, “And your name?”
“I am Five” The boy stated, head hanging.
“And you?” Michael said, turning to the twelve year old.
“Go fuck yourself!” The boy spat.
Michael grabbed the boy’s exposed genitals, and pulled roughly on the child’s balls. The boys face didn’t betray an ounce of pain, he simply glared at Michael.
“Very well” Michael sighed, “Untie him”
The slaves untied the twelve year old, setting him free, he collapsed on the ground. Michael grabbed him by the hair, and dragged him forcefully out of the shed, he got half way to the house, when he stopped, kicked the boy in the stomach, the boy groaned in pain.
“What’s your name?”
“FUCK YOU!” the boy screamed as the foot connected with his chest, knocking the wind out of him, he was gasping for breath. Edward stood there in shock, watching it all.
“Kick him!” Michael said looking at Edward. Edward shook his head, Michael reached over, grabbed him by the hair at the back of his head.
“Kick him or take his place” Michael snarled in his face.
Edward gently kicked the boy.
“Harder!” Michael screamed.
Edward put a little more into it, kicking the boy in the ass.
“HARDER!” Michael shouted even louder.
Edward drew his leg back, just as the boy rolled over, and threw his fist into Michael’s face. The boy struck out at Michael. His lip bleeding from the impact, Michael reeled backward, in surprise, then turned and punched the boy in the face, knocking him out cold. The nude body lay there on the ground, bleeding from a deep cut on his cheekbone.
He dragged the boy over to four pegs in the ground, tied his wrists and ankles with what looked like fishing wire, to the pegs, pulled the twine tight, and left the boy there.
“Lesson number one, do what your told” Michael Said.


2010-05-12 02:24:07
This child abusing asshole should be skinned alive,what right does he have to treat a boy like that fucktards like that should have thier balls and dick cut off with a dull knife then executed.

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2010-03-21 23:57:42
pretty sure i've read this before... not sure if it was on this site or not, or if you're even the original author, but yea

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2009-12-08 15:32:37
i like it, i'll keep an eye out for you.

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2009-12-08 15:32:14
i like it, i'll keep an eye out for you.

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its different but its still good i gave it a positive

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