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First of all, don't be put off by what seems to be a slow paced story! I've decided to write a series of shorts under the title "Naked Society", which will involve all kinds of different characters and will be from many different perspectives. My aim is to write sensitively, without losing any of the eroticism. This is the first of many, I hope and I thought it best to take it easy. I have big plans for the characters introduced here, so if you read and like this, have a little patience and perhaps leave some positive feedback, the dirtier, more hardcore stuff that you're after will soon follow!
"Zack? Zack!" I shouted, almost desperately. One moment he'd been there, then he was gone again.

We were in his garden, at the back of his house. Or at least, that's what I thought, but everything seemed a bit hazy. Like I couldn't quite focus properly.

"I'm right here Isaac." Came the soft yet masculine reply from behind me. I smiled and turned to look into those intense, dark eyes and there he was; my best friend, the coolest person in the world. To me anyway.

Immediately I began to relax, having been reunited with Zack. But something was wrong. There was a passion and a hunger in his eyes that I hadn't seen before and it seemed to be directed at me.

"Don't worry Isaac. You're mine and I'm not letting you go any time soon!" The older boy purred.

"What?" I started. "What are you- hey, Zack, ge'rroff!" I tried to be commanding as the other wrapped his arms around me. I was used to sharing hugs with Zack, but there was something so sensual about his touch and he didn't usually press me so close against his chest. Speaking of chests, mine seemed fit to burst as my heart pounded against my ribcage.

"I want you, badly!" Zack grunted, nuzzling and nipping my ear, his heavy breath making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. I was surprised to feel one of his hands slide over my butt, giving a gentle squeeze, but I expressed no wish for him to stop. What can I say? I didn't.

I didn't? I don't... Do I?

I don't know what I want. Not anymore...

* * * * *

I woke with a start, a thin film of sweat coating my naked body. I'd half kicked the covers off in my sleep and as I glanced down my slender form I saw I'd got a raging hard-on, all five and a half inches of my young dick standing proud. Then the throbbing sensation hit me and I groaned.

This had happened twice before now. I'd known Zack for about five years, having met when I was nine and he was ten, quickly becoming best friends; pretty much inseparable since then. But not until this time last week had I dreamt about him. And they always turned sexual and I never refused him but we never got far enough for things to get interesting. What was I thinking? He was a guy! My best friend! I guess I did love him, but in that way?


My phone.


Great timing.

"Yeah- err, hello? Who is it?" I tried not to pant.

"Hey, Isaac?"
"Yo Isaac!" Came their voices. The twins. Other than Zack, Kyle and Kieron were my closest friends. They were two of the most beautiful boys I'd had the pleasure of meeting, not that I thought about them in that way!

"Are you alright, dude? You sound kinda outta breath." Kyle sounded genuinely concerned.
"You been spankin' the monkey?" Kieron sniggered.

"Don't be dumb, Ki! I'm fine." I replied, a little harsher than I meant to.

"Alright, no worries," was Kyle's calm response. "You wanna hook up later?" He asked.

"Nah, can't today-"

"Oh, that's right, today's the day Zack gets back. Well, we know when we're not wanted, don't we Ki?" Kyle joked.

Zack had been touring the US with his dad over the summer. I'd gone almost six weeks without seeing him!

"Maybe we can all get together later?" I suggested.

"Yeah, sure."
"Just drop us a line when you two are done smooching. Be safe!" Kieron's banter went straight over my head, I was too distracted by my aching cock. I hung up the phone and dropped it on the bedside table, before throwing off the covers completely and heading into my bathroom.

I enjoyed the sensation of the hot water pattering on my young body, especially on my dick. I thought that might send me over the edge there and then, but it didn't, so I wrapped my hand around my cock and started to pump it rhythmically. I wasn't thinking of anything in particular, when all of a sudden the sound of Zack's voice filled my ears. I spasmed slightly and a feeling of pleasure shot up my spine, but I wasn't quite done yet. Without deliberation I tried to undress my best friend in my mind, even though I'd never seen him fully naked before. I tried to imagine what his dick would look like and what it would feel like to have his nude form pressed against my own.

Without warning my whole body seemed to tense as the awesome power of an orgasm ripped through me. Thick, ropey strands of cum hit the floor of the shower and were quickly washed down the plughole. I continued to stroke myself as the image of Zack faded, my abdomen and my cock twitching longingly.

I gave myself a glance in the mirror after drying myself off. Standing butt-naked, I tried to imagine what Zack saw when he looked at me. Did he find me attractive? I was a good height: five foot seven inches, with a lithe, sinuous body. I was a runner. I ran in the school athletics team. I ran when I'd got something on my mind; when I was angry or upset. But I didn't have bulging biceps or a six-pack. I kind of had a two to four-pack. In the right light.

My eyes were my most striking feature: honey-coloured; almost golden. People told me I had honest eyes and they often betrayed the truth of what I felt. The rest of me? Rather normal, really: choppy chestnut hair that was messily swept over to the right; a slender nose; strong jawline and slightly bigger-than-average ears.

Something that I was pretty embarassed about was the fact that I had no body hair to speak of yet, other than on my arms and legs. I felt a bit backward and childish for it, which was stupid, especially since whenever I pictured Zack (yes, it had happened before) I always imagined him being perfectly smooth.

I shook my head sadly and sighed, before pulling on a pair of black Calvin Klein boxer-briefs and getting ready to go meet him.

* * * * *

It was ten-thirty. Zack was due back at eleven. I was facing his arrival with a great deal of excitement and happiness, but also some anxiety and tripidation, after my solo session in the shower. I'd not seen him this way before, until recently; never even been curious. But now I couldn't get him off my mind. I couldn't get him and me, together, off my mind! It was enough to make me start to go hard. As I walked to Zack's house I had to shove my hands in my pockets to try and hide it.

The journey to Zack's should have taken about twenty minutes. I'd accounted for ten just in case he arrived home early, but I'd shaved five minutes off my travel time somewhere anyway, so I had a quarter of an hour wait. But I didn't mind. I just wanted to see him - for real - again.

So I sat on his front doorstep and waited...

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