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erotic adventues at an all-women catholic college
Trixie Goes to College Part I

Trixie woke up with a start when they stumbled into the room and a perky smile quickly crept over her face.

"Are you sure? Are you sure she's asleep?" her roommate's boyfriend Todd kept asking, slurring his words.

"Sure I'm sure," her roommate Tabitha giggled, drunk. "She sleeps like the dead. She'll never hear a thing."

Trixie heard fumbling in the dark and more giggles as the pair slipped off their clothes and into Tabitha's bed on the other side of their dorm room. It was only the second week of school and Todd had come up to see her from the state university thirty miles away where he majored in fraternity drinking. Mt. Chastity was nominally a catholic college for women and as belied its name, men weren't supposed to be allowed into the dorms, let alone into the rooms.

But not Tabitha, Trixie grinned to herself and started to rub her nipples through her night shirt. No, that little slut wanted it all the time, she thought, regardless of the stern threat of immediate expulsion that they'd all received. Todd seemed good enough, good enough for a goon with a sausage and a letter jacket, but he wasn't what Trixie wanted.

"But are you sure she won't wake up? You're sure?" Todd asked again.

He was shushed with a suggestion that Trixie couldn't make out and Todd's queries soon turned to the sounds of licking and moans. Trixie turned on her side to face the bunk across the room. There wasn't enough light coming in the windows to really see what was going on but she could see enough and hear even more. Besides, it also meant that the two lovers couldn't see her either.

Laying on her side she could let her left hand rub the hard points that had formed underneath her nightshirt. It was already hot underneath the covers and growing hotter by the minute but Trixie knew it would muffle any sounds that she might make. Trixie didn't wear panties to bed, she rarely did unless it was that time of the month and figured that it not only cut down on laundry but also provided ease of access. She bent her right leg up at the knee and let her right hand slip behind, letting her fingers caress the firm cheeks of her ass and brush across her asshole before she started stroking her pussy lips and perineum from behind. Across the room the sounds of passion had begun.

Trixie had wanted down Tabitha's pants from the moment that she'd laid eyes on her. This wasn't like high school, she knew, there wouldn't be any more of those drunken, 'secret' liaisons where girls would cum on her face but wouldn't give her the time of day during school. Not like that cheerleading cunt Caroline who announced to government class that Trixie was a 'bull dyke' two days after Trixie had made her cum her brains out with three fingers slamming Caroline's pussy and her tongue down the bitch's throat. No, this was college now, a wide-open all-women buffet and Tabitha was the perfect first target.

She let the fingers of her right hand stroke her asshole one last time before moving to the front. Her clitoris was just too hard, throbbed so much, thinking about Tabitha these past two weeks, watching her in her nightgown or coming back from the shower in a towel. Once Trixie had come back early from class and caught Tabitha up to something. The fevered look and blush on her face were one thing but the hot smell of wet pussy that hung in their dorm room was something else and it made Trixie just about slobber. And now she was fucking her boyfriend in the same room. Her pussy sounded so juicy, Trixie thought, listening as Todd slammed away in to her, any last thoughts of being quiet for Trixie's benefit lost in their drunken lust.

Tabitha was the ideal for just what she had in mind. Tabitha was tall and slender with these perky little boobs that begged to be sucked on and played with and an ass that wouldn't quit. Just wouldn't quit, Trixie thought as she let one finger make circles around her clitoris while another did the same around her fuck-hole. Tabitha was dirty blonde too and Trixie just knew her pussy would be juicy. And tasty. Trixie wondered how far she could get her tongue up that juicy pussy and just what Tabitha would do when Trixie's tongue was on her clit when she stuck a finger up that hot ass. Ideally Tabitha would be shaved down there with that dirty blonde hair tied into pigtails. That would be the hottest.

From the sounds of it both Todd and Tabitha were close to cumming but Trixie couldn't just wait any more. The thought of digitally violating Tabitha's ass until she came on Trixie's face was just too much. Trixie plunged her two fingers inside her pussy and began to finger fuck herself, hard, and kept her thumb rubbing her clit. She bit down her lower lip as her pussy began pulsate around her fingers in waves of pleasure and turned to bury her face into her pillow to stifle her moans.

Todd and Tabitha were still too engrossed to notice that or to hear Trixie's heavy breathing afterward. As Tabitha began her chant of "I'm cumming" in between Todd's grunts and thrusts they wouldn't ever notice Trixie licking the taste of herself from the fingers of her right hand. There was a smile on Trixie's face all the while and she knew that college would only get better.


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so yummy why know eating each other CUMM on get with the program

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