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Sarah get's caught playing with herself by Mr Don, and he decides to play with her.
This is a true story told to me by my friend Sarah. It has been embellished according to her wishes, but essentially remains accurate.

Sarah was terrified. While her parents were away for the day, Mr Don from next door was looking after her and he had just cought her playing with her foufou in mummy's bedroom.

Sarah liked to push the handle of her pink hairbrush into her little hole a bit while she rubbed herself, and Mr Don was threatening to tell her mummy what the ten-year-old girl had been up to.

"Please don't tell, Mr Don," sobbed Sarah, " I'll do anything, please!"

Mr Don said he wouldn't tell if only Sarah did something for him and, to her surprise, he unbuckled his belt and dropped his trousers to reveal his stiff willy sticking out! It was much bigger than when she had seen her daddy's willy when he got out of the shower that time and, what's more, he had a massive ballbag the size of a grapefruit hanging below!

Mr Don told Sarah to suck on his willy just like it was a big lollipop.

The little redhead slowly walked up to her fifty-year-old neighbour and lowered her face to his cocky. She closed her eyes, opened her mouth wide, put his cock inside and started sucking. It wasn't anything like a lollipop. More salty than sweet!

Mr Don looked down at the young girl sucking his prick, her mouth stretched wide to fit over his bulbous bell end. It felt so good he could feel his balls twitching to release the months of pent up sperm into her throat. But he didn't want to deposit his spunk in her mouth. He had other plans for his load of hot jizz.

Sarah felt the big, stiff, salty willy being pulled from her lips as Mr Don ordered her to take off her nightie. She did as she was told and stood before him in her nuddie. He gazed at the young girl's little nubbies with their coral pink nips and at the ginger fuzz which was just beginning to grow above her prepubescent fanny lips.

Mr Don told Sarah to kneel over the foot of the bed so her bottom was stuck up in the air. He got some cream off her mummy's bedside table and slathered his stiff willy with it, then rubbed some more on Sarah's foufou and up to her tiny pink botty-hole.

Mr Don put his cock up to the little girl's cunt and slowly pushed the purple head into her tight hole. Sarah gasped and bit her lip at the feeling of her cunny being stretched so wide. Mr Don's willy was so much bigger than the handle of her pink hairbrush!

He pushed his cockhead further into the little girl's cunthole then pulled out till his tip was at her lips. Her pussy was so tight it gripped his prick like a hand. Mr Don pushed his buttocks hard at the little girl's pink slit and Sarah squealed as his hard rod shot halfway up her hole until it reached the point where her hairbrush handle used to stop. She felt tears roll down her cheeks as Mr Don pulled out of her foufou and then she gripped the duvet knowing that another lunge was coming.

Mr Don looked at his cock stretching Sarah's tight pussy. He knew he was going to have to push hard to break the girl's hymen, so he steadied himself, drew his prick out of her hole until only the tip was inside, grasped hold of Sarah's small hips... then gave an almighty thrust which buried his cock up to the balls inside the young girl's pussy.

Sarah shrieked in pain as she felt her maidenhead penetrated and, for the first time, a cock buried deep within her virgin womb. It felt like Mr Don's hard willy was pushed right up inside her tummy. She could still taste his salty cock in her mouth.

Once he'd got his dick right up Sarah's tight cunt Mr Don began to pump her pussy hard. It sounded as if her fanny was squeaking as he pulled out to his bell end, revealing his blood-smeared shaft, and thrust forward yet again into the little girl's tight pink hole. He could hear her sobbing into the duvet as he fucked her quim and his balls twitched with every lunge deep inside her hot hole. Sweat dropped off his forehead onto the child's back as he pounded her pussy. He gripped Sarah's bumcheeks and spread them apart to get deeper up her hole. Her puckered pink anus pulsated with every thrust. He knew he would come soon - the pressure in his balls was so intense. But Mr Don didn't want to shoot his wad up her twat, which had now loosened from the power of his pumping cock. He wanted to fuck a tighter hole. Sarah's little pink sphincter was what he desired.
If this little bitch liked to play with her foufou, Mr Don was intent on making her regret being caught in the act.

Mr Don pulled his cock from Sarah's cunt and smeared some more cream over it, and her other tighter hole, then positioned the bulbous purple head against the young girl's pink, puckered, creamy anus.

Sarah felt Mr Don's willy move from her fanny up to her botty-hole. "What are you doing, Mr Don?", she said quietly, her face streaked with tears.
"I'm going to teach you to leave your private parts alone until you are old enough to be responsible", the old goat replied.

"Now, I want you to squeeze your bottom as if you were going to poo, so that your botty-hole will open up.

Sarah was frightened. What would Mr Don's big willy feel like up her botty-hole? It was painful enough inside her cunny and she felt sure her bum was smaller than that! But still, she didn't want her mummy to hear what she had been up to on her bed... so she pushed out as if she was having a poo...

Mr Don looked down at the little girl's pink anus as she strained to push out. Her bumhole bulged a bit, then opened just slightly. He put his purple bell end, lathered in cream, up to her arsehole and slowly pushed it up Sarah's rectum. God it was tight! The little girl's sphincter gripped his cock like a rubber band as he tried to force the rest of his meat into her.

Sarah tucked her arms underneath her belly and held herself. Mr Don's willy up her bum made her feel full up and aching, like she did when she wanted to go to the toilet desperately.

Mr Don gradually eased his fat, greasy cock into Sarah's guts. He got up to his big, hairy ball sac with his full bollocks stroking the young girl's pussy lips. And then he pulled out till just his knob end was clutched by her anal muscle. At this point Mr Don started to sodomise Sarah mercilessly. He thrust his prick into her guts like a pile-driver, powerfully buggering the poor girl viciously.

Sarah cried out loud... her stomach spasmed in pain with every lunge of that stiff willy into her bottom hole. She wept into her mummy's duvet as, again and again, Mr Don's hard cock pumped up her tiny bum hole.

Mr Don started to grunt as he arse-fucked the girl... his face getting bloodshot and sweat streaming down him onto the pale skin of Sarah's back. He heard Sarah's fanny farting each time he plunged into her fundament, forcing out the air he had fucked up her cunt before. Mr Don's balls were boiling with the desire to come up the girl's rectum, to shoot his seething spunk deep inside her guts. He was sodomising her violently so she could never again be fucked without thinking of this moment. His balls twitched ferociously as he buggered her tiny bum... and then he could hold back no longer... aarrgh..! he grunted bestially as six months-worth of hot jizz jolted up the poor girl's intestines.

Sarah cried out again as she felt Mr Don come inside her belly. She could hear him growling like a dog behind her. Then he sighed long and hard, and slowly pulled his softening willy out of her botty-hole with a slurpy fart.

Mr Don looked down at Sarah's ravaged cunt and red raw arsehole as he pulled his cock out of the tight pink hole, swiftly followed by a stream of creamy spunk dribbling down between her milk-white thighs as Sarah sobbed quietly.

"There, there", he said softly, "Let that be a lesson to you.."

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2016-02-21 03:50:14
I think I know why people make bad comments to stories likes this, they got off to something so wrong and figure it will make it better by saying how wrong other people are for liking it.

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2013-02-17 01:12:32
I want to fuck her young ass

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2011-01-20 08:18:40
That is horrible. If this story is really true then the guy that did that to her I hope he rots in hell for what he did to that poor little girl.

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2010-07-25 01:26:57
Bo Bo thats more of a story than a comment.

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2009-12-10 09:57:32
good story

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