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Thank you all for your support for my stories. Its been Ten years since these events transpired, the details are still sharp, but as anything that occured in the past its organizing the thoughts. For the person who is so concerned about my punctuation. Ah well, its your life.

Taking Sarah, Part 5

The time is right

The rest of the week was uneventfull, I was able to slip home for lunch a couple of times to tag Cindy and discuss the up coming weekend. We kept tossing different senarios around on how we might accomplish the seduction. We decided against drugging her as Cindy had done with Leslie as we felt the chances of her being agreeable we're much greater then they had been with Leslie. It was a totally different situation in our minds.
Cindy did step up her attention to Sarah during the week and you could see how Sarah looked up to her, following her around like a lost puppy at times. She was carefull not to show to much interest when Anne was around so as not to arouse any suspicions. She combed her hair and sat with her watching TV at night. At times slipping her arm around her and as Cindy said later getting incidental contact with her chest.

Friday finally came and I got home from work and walked into the frenzy of a mother trying to coordinate a orderly departure with and 11 yr old, who wanted to bring her whole wardrobe for a two nites stay. I decided the best course of action on my part was to get the heck out of the line of fire and went to my shop. Cracked a beer from the fridge and sat down to ponder a piece of wood.
About a half hour later Anne came in and anounced that they were ready to leave. She stepped up close for a kiss and said, I know its the weekend, but if you and Cindy decided to fool around, make sure Sarah is none the wiser. I mocked surprise and said, now why would we do that. That got me my ear yanked as she kissed me and said give it up stud, "I Know you"

I went into the house after a bit and Cindy was in the kitchen and Sarah on the couch. I announced as I walked into the house"ok, who's up for pizza" That got a yell from Sarah, as i knew it was one of her favorites. Ok, Cindy come on we'll go get the pizza. Sarah you get into your Pj's and we'll be back. Cindy and I left and as we drove we discussed how we wanted things to go. We had decided that we would do nothing tonight, we would spend a nice quiet evening with Sarah and let her get very comfy. Cindy had alot of things that she felt would work in our favor. And planned to set those ideas into play during the evening. I was good with everything she had planned as I too wanted everything to work out as we planned. We would have a nice restfull evening, then in the morning we would spring our trap.
We got back with the pizza and sat around the living room eating it and watching TV. Sarah had changed into pajama tops and bottoms. After the pizza was finished I picked up the boxes and I went upstairs leaving the girls to themselves. I had some preperations to make for the morning and needed the alone time to get it done.
After about an hr i walked downstairs and Cindy had Sarah sitting between her legs and she was brushing her hair. I walked past and got just a small smile from Cindy. I would keep an eye on the goings on down here over the course of the evening. Every half hour or so i would venture downstairs, citing the need for a drink or some other excuse. At about 9 PM, I walked down and Sarah was now lying with her head on Cindys lap and Cindy was softly rubbing her stomuch. I could see that she was close to sleep, but was still trying to watch TV. She would be asleep soon. I waited a half hr and again went downstairs. Sarah was in the same position but was now laying slack mouthed, sound asleep. Cindy was now rubbing bare skin as Sarah's pj top had riddin up from the hand motion. I went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer and walked out of the kitchen to see Cindy motioning me to come closer, "Do you want a picture" she asked. I shook my head yes and quickly went up the stairs to retrieve the video camera.
I came back down the stairs with the camera running and Cindy motioned me to kneel on the floor by Sarahs knees. I focused the camera on Cindy's hand as she continued to softly rub Sarah's stomuch. As i zoomed in a bit Cindy slid her hand under Sarahs top and slowly lifted it away from her body, there not a foot from me and in clear view were Sarahs soft mounds with the 3/4 inch long puffy nipples.After a moment to get some good tape Cindy dropped her hand and motioned me to stand. Moving her hand she slowly unbuttoned the lower two buttons on Sarah's top and folded the material back to reveal her breasts in another way. both were now right there plain to see and looking soo suckable that i had to restrain myself from doing just that, Luckily Sarah shifted just a bit to break the spell and Cindy covered her back up. I stood and retreated back up the stairs and sat on the bed watching the tape over and over again.
I heard voices out in the hallway and about ten mins later there was a lite knock on my door. I opened it to find Cindy standing there with a wicked grin on her face. Did you like your little look, I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into the room and closed the door. Damn your a tease i told her. She said I know, i just couldn't resist, You know she said, I could have done her right there, I am sure she would have let me, she was so relaxed and enjoying it. Don't even go there I told her, Get your ass over to that bed, Ah, is she asleep? Yes she said, "Out like a light"

Cindy wanted to see the footage I had shot, As she was watching it I slid her pants off and slipped between her legs and began to lick her pussy, Mmmmm she said, you know tommorow, your going to be licking hers. Damn I sure hoped so!

I was up early the next morning, checking all the preperations, making sure everything was in perfect order. I cleaned the lens of the camera in the bathroom and checked the focus. I had two cameras set at different angles in my bedroom. Both set to record at the same time, i had brought more equipment from my shop and made sure everything was set for low light conditions, but i made sure the blinds were open and the drapes pulled back to let as much light in as possilble. There was no rushing as i knew Sarah would get up when she got around to it and we were not going to rush her.

Cindy was up about 9 and went and took her shower. I walked downstairs after i had heard her finish and found her standing on the front porch smoking. Whats up I said, she looked at me and said, my god now I am nervous. I feel like its my first time. I laughed and said, I know the feeling, i think its the anticipation. Well i sure hope she doesn't sleep all day, said Cindy, I will be a wreck!

About 10 o'clock Sarah slunk out of her room like most kids and headed to the bathroom, i flipped on the cam to check and she was as I thought just going pee. She left and headed downstairs. Time to get things moving here. Coming down the stairs i heard cartoons on the TV and saw Sarah sitting on the couch with her bowl of cereal. I walked past and said good morning and got the same in reply through a mouthfull of cereal. I walked into the kitchen and whispered to Cindy who was reading the paper and drinking her coffee. "Game time my dear". Yes I know I am going to wait for her to finish her cereal, we have plenty of time, but i want to make the best of it.

I busied myself cleaning up the kitchen and trying to keep my mind from what was going to happen. Sarah got up from the couch and brought her bowl into me to wash and leaned over Cindy from behind and said "Morning Cindy, I love you". Cindy replied "Morning Sarah, I love you too, did you sleep good" Yes Sarah said," I think its because you rubbed my belly , it felt really good" Good, would you like to go shopping with me today. I said hey what about me, Cindy said , "Its girl time you", Sarah turned and stuck her tongue out at me and laughed, I made to sulk and headed upstairs, as i left the room i heard Cindy say to Sarah, "Ok girl , you need to shower so we can get going" I knew they would be going nowhere and it made my cock twitch just thinking of it

I headed to the bedroom and turned on the bathroom recorder and sat back to watch the show. Sarah entered the bathroom after a few moments.She walked to the shower turned on the water and walked back to the sink to brush her teeth. She finished and walked to check the temp, unbuttoned her pj top and removed it. Dropping her bottoms she stepped into the shower. There was a soft knock at my door and Cindy walked in dressed in only her robe. "Is she in the shower yet" she asked. She just stepped in I told her. "Show time then" she said, gave me a quick kiss and left the room.
I watched the monitor and saw the bathroom door open, "Its only me Sarah" Cindy called out closing the door behind her. She walked to the vanity and took some body lotion from the cabinet and began rubbing some into her legs. She took her time and just stood for a bit as she was waiting for Sarah to finish her shower. The water shut off and the curtain opened , Cindy reached over and grabbed Sarah's towel and handed it to her. watching as the young girl wiped the water from her body. Cindy continued to rub lotion into her legs and moving up her thighs. Sarah wrapped the towel around herself and stepped from the shower. Cindy reached out and touched Sarah's hair and said, oh we will have to brush that out its a little tangled. Letting her hand fall down a slowly trace across Sarah's shoulder, Cindy said to her "oh your skin is so dry, turn around and let me rub some lotion on you" Sarah turned and Cindy began rubbing lotion into her shoulders, slowly working her way down her back to where the towel was. Sarah lower your towel, Cindy said so I can get your whole back. The young girl let the towel fall to her waist as Cindy continued to rub lotion lower on her back. Cindy moved her hands up and began working her way down Sarahs shoulders onto her arms. Now was the moment, Sarah turn around and let me get the front of your shoulders. Cindy had positioned herself so when Sarah turned she would be in full view of the camera. When Sarah turned Cindy stepped back and looked at her and said,"Oh my god Sarah your breasts are beautifull" You really think so the young girl asked, yes I do, the are so perky, just purfect. Cindy reached out and began to rub lotion into the girls shoulders and worked her way down towards her breasts. Without asking she began to rub lotion over Sarah's breast, spending more time then was nessecary around the girls nipples. Sarah just stood entranced watching her do it. I could see Sarah begin to blush as Cindy continued massaging her breasts. Do you like that Sarah, Cindy asked. Yes it feels really good was her response. Without asking Cindy leaned forward and lightly licked the girls nipple, getting no sign of resistance she again licked it and then took it between her lips and lightly suckled it. Looking up at Sarah who's eyes were closed, she asked is this ok? Yes, the girl whispered. Cindy went back to sucking on her nipple and raised her other hand to massage her other. Moving her mouth to the other nippple she again licked and suckled it. As she did she loosened her own robe and opened it. Taking her free hand she took Sarahs hand and raised it slipping it into her robe and placed it on her own breast. "Rub mine too Sarah" Sarah opened her eyes and looked at what was in her hand. Cindy had small beasts herself , but again her nipples were quite pert and protruded nicely from her breast. I saw the towel drop from Sarah's grasp and fall to the floor. Cindy left the girls breast and began to kiss down her body. She got down to the girls waist and stood up and moved her towards the toilet. Sitting the girl on the closed lid she put her hand behing the girls head and pulled her to her placing her breast to the girls mouth. Sarah opened her mouth and began to suck on Cindy's nipple as Cindy threw back her head and told her "oh Sarah that feels so good" She allowed the girl to suckle for a bit and then moved her to the other nipple.While the girl suckled her breast, Cindy was constantly holding her head and with the other hand she rubbed the young girl breats and lightly pinced her nipples. I could her light moans coming from them both and then I watched as Cindy dropped to her knees in front of the young girl and spread her legs, saying to her, "lean back sweetie" She leaned her own head forward and began to lick the girls thigh , moving her tongue up the girls thighs and taking her hands she spread the young girl before her and began to lick her virgin pussy. Sarah's back arched as she was pulled forward and licked by a real pro. I could see that she was not far from her orgasm. Cindy removed her mouth and with her left hand began to rub the young girl clit , placing her finger on her right hand into her mouth she wet it and as Sarah began to cumm she placed her finger at the opening of the young girls pussy and entered the virgin opening, which caused Sarah to come unglued and she bucked against the hand rubbing her. Cindy pulled the young girl to her as she continued to cumm, her finger still embedded in the sweet hole. Slowly she removed her finger and held the girl to her. Slowly Sarah came down from the high of he first great orgasm. I hope you enjoyed that cindy said. Oh I never knew a girl could do that to another girl Sarah said, Well you have alot to learn about sex Sarah. But you have to remember you can never tell anyone or we will get in alot of trouble. I never will Sarah told her, honest. But isn't Stan here, what if he heard us. Oh Sarah, thats the thing, the person you can't tell is your mom, Stan already knows.

What! Sarah said, how does he know! If he knows he will tell mom, I know he will !! I am in real trouble. Cindy held the girl to her, Sarah your not in any trouble and Stans not going to tell your mom, i promise you, believe me. We just need to go talk to him and it will be ok. Trust me!
Now put your jammies back on and we will fix everything ok. Ok if your sure Sarah said. Oh I am very sure Cindy said with a grin.

I switched off the bathroom cam and turned on the other two and slipped under the covers, i would have visitors soon.

Shortly i heard a soft tapping at the door, come in I said. Cindy walked in the door trailed by Sarah. Cindy was in her robe and Sarah had put her jammies back on. I ladies I said, have a seat. Cindy directed Sarah to a spot closest to me and she herself sat behind her on the bed.
Did everyone enjoy themselves I asked, Cindy smiled and said yes, as Sarah just dropped her eyes. Well good I am glad I told them both. So Cindy, what did she say? Well Cindy replied, I haven't told her. Told me what Sarah asked, Well Cindy said, I had to make a deal with Stan so you and i could do what we did in the bathroom, so he would promise not to tell your mom. What is the deal, Sarah asked. I told him you would let him see your breasts if he wouldn't tell. Whoa I said, Ah Cindy said, I told him he could touch them too. You see Sarah I had to otherwise it could have never happened. All the time Cindy was speaking she was smiling behind Sarahs back where the girl could not see her.
So Sarah, What do you say, I asked her. I guess i don't have any choice she said. Good answer I told her.
As I reached out to begin unbuttoning her pajama top I felt a hand slide across my thigh under the covers and begin the fondle my already rigid cock. I continued to unbutton her top and when i had the last button undone I spread her top open to reveal her pert breasts that were much darker pink then i had ever seen them. I reached for them and Sarah looked away as i began to rub them. As I did i felt the covers being pulled off my waist to reveal Cindy's hand stroking my hard cock. Have you ever seen one of these Cindy asked Sarah, the girl turned to look as i pulled her closer and took her nipple between my lips and began to suck on it. Her eyes widdened as she saw what Cindy had in her hand. Cindy continued to stroke me as i suckled Sarah's breast. Would you like to feel it Cindy asked her, giving her no choice she took the girls hand and placed her fingers around my cock. I continued to play with her breasts and Cindy covered her hand with her own and showed her how to stroke me. I let her turn away from me trusting the situation to Cindy, as they both stroked me Cindy lowered her head to take me into her mouth. Sucking my cock into her mouth she followed the motion of the stroking fingers, pulling her head from me, She told Sarah, your turn as she placed her hand on the back of Sarah's head. Guiding her mouth towards my waiting cock, she told her just open your mouth and let it slide up and down. I felt my cock enter the small mouth and was in heaven Cindy was teaching her well and she was taking to it very well. They kept switching back and forth, she liked mimicking Cindy and tried to please her with her actions at the same time pleasing me.

I saw Cindy's Hand slide down Sarah's back and disapear under the waist band of her pj bottoms. I reached for the drawer in the nitestand, opened it and pulled out a very slim vibrator that we had earlier placed there. It was small not much bigger then my finger, but curved to reach all of the interesting spots. Cindy's hand had pushed the pj bottoms lower exposing Sarahs cute little ass. I handed the vibrator to Cindy after turning it on low and she slide it slowly between Sarahs thighs. Sarah gave a start ,but Cindy whispered to her that she was going to enjoy this. Sarah had pulled her mouth from my cock so Cindy took that moment to tell her hop over me and lie back. She followed the girl and when she had laid down she finished sliding her bottom off from her. Sliding up between her legs she spread her and let her see the small vibe, just relax she told her you going to enjoy this I promise. Slowly she slid the vibe across the young girls pussy eventually entering the folds, she jumped slightly as her clit was touched , but kept watching with great interest. Cindy asked me for a pillow, which she placed under Sarah's lower back, thus elevating her pussy off from the bed. Not so much for the present, but for what was to follow. As Cindy massaged Sarah's pussy I leaned over and suckled and lightly pinched the girls nipples. Feeling the rising heat coming from her body, I was enjoying finally having the young breasts in my mouth as much as i desired. Feeling her body lift, I saw that Cindy had turned the vibe and had entered her virgin canal and was slowly fucking the girl as her hips moved in unison with the vibes thrusts. I felt more then saw that Sarah was close to another orgasm and I began to suck and pinch just a bit harder. Cindy lowered her head, taking the young girls clit in her lips she began to suck on it which finished the journey and Sarah gave out one rush of air from her lungs, pushed up against the hungry mouth on her pussy and began to cumm. As the orgasm began to subside i realised Sarah had been puling my head tightly to her chest, pulling away, I looked at Cindy,who spoke and said,"you really need to taste this" Sliding down the bed, I switched places with Cindy and tasted the sweet cumm from the virgin pussy. Cindy went up and began to kiss the young girl, telling her "I knew you would like this". She continued to kiss her and whisper softly to her. then I heard her tell her to keep relaxed and keep your legs spread just like that, there is more to come. Out of the corner of my eye , I saw Cindy go to the drawer in the nitestand and then slide down past me to kneel on the floor behind me. In a few moments I very slowly lifted my mouth and began to slowly kiss my way up Sarah's body. Lifting my hips from the bed, I felt my cock being grasped and the coolness of the gel being applied to the head of my cock. As i moved slowly up the girls body, i spread my legs further apart, forcing her thighs wider, elevated as they were on the pillow. I felt my cock being manipulated and positioned. Sucking the young girls pouty nipples quickly, I then moved to her mouth giving her a quick kiss as I saw light coming from between us.I knew Cindy had the video cam in place to record what was to come next.

Feeling a slight tap on my ass I pushed my hips forward and my cock, which had been purfectly positioned by Cindy slipped into the young girls now no longer virgin pussy. I watched as Sarahs eyes grew wider as she tried to pull back from the invasion, but I had hold of her shoulders and was pulling her towards me. Cindy quickly returned to the girls side, telling her not to try to get away, to just enjoy it. She stopped pulling away and I slowly began to thrust in and out of her. It was the tightest thing I had ever felt and in no matter of time i felt the cumm begin to rise from my balls. I increased the speed and depth of my thrusts and suddenly pushed deeply and began to empty my load into the sweet young pussy. Cindy wrapped her arms around Sarah and as i finished I enveloped them both in an embrace and we three melted into one in the middle of the musk filled bed.
There was much more activity that day and evening, but that is for another time. To say Sarah took to fucking would be an understatement. We all three shared a secret of that day and the details have been kept a secret until now. Though it did serve to take us on other adventures of the flesh in the proceeding months.

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