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Hey guys! This is a true story I swear. It happened Last Year in the Canadian Rockies.
Enjoy my true story!

It was an icy morning at the resort. James and I had just woken up from a great sleep. I was sprawled out across my queen sized bed, and James was across his. Both James and I are quite heterosexual, we’ve had tons of girlfriends and tons of hot sex with those girls. James and I are room-mates back at University in Edmonton. It was shaping up to be like any other time we went to the mountains, out of bed, eat, drive to the hill, snowboard all day, come back, sleep.

I stripped out of my boxers and strut across the hotel room towards the shower. James and I have been best friends since birth so we’re totally fine being naked around each other…plus, as I already mentioned, we aren’t gay or anything so what’s the big deal? I turned on the shower and steam began to fill the bathroom. As the warm water ran over my athletic body I took a deep breath in, and breathed a sigh of relaxation. I reached for the soap, but couldn’t see any. Annoyed I slid open the glass shower door, and stepped out. Standing also naked at the mirror, washing his face was James. He had such a beautiful body. He regularly worked out, but wasn’t an iron monkey by any means. The muscles on his chest were all clearly visible, even through the steamy haze of the room. I don’t recall how long I was staring at him, but I remember my eyes fixated on his perfectly formed bum when he suddenly said “uhhh, Justin? You okay man?” Dripping wet, and naked I awkwardly managed to squeak out that I was just looking for some soap. He smiled, and handed me a wrapped bar of hotel soap. “Oh, uh, thanks” I said and quickly retreated to the shower. Trying to not make it noticeable, I rubbed against the glass door as I shut it so I would still have a window to look at his glistening body. As he turned around to leave my eyes immediately were glued to his cock. It was massive! James had a full blown erection at least 8” long and completely shaved. He was turning to leave when he saw me gazing…again, through the glass door. I didn’t notice at first, but my soapy 7” thick cock was rock solid, and pressed up against the door. I was almost completely hairless, as I am a competitive swimmer for the Golden Bears. I wax everything, including my balls. I’m wearing a Speedo most of the time so it doesn’t really matter about that area, but I just like how it feels. James bit his lip seductively, yet shyly and quickly exited the bathroom.

I finished my shower mostly with my eyes closed, imagining what such a big dick would feel like in a virgin mouth like mine. I was so confused. I had never felt any sort of attraction to a man before…maybe it was just the excitement of the forbidden? What ever it was, it felt amazing. I rinsed off all the soap and turned off the tap. I toweled off and walked out of the bathroom with a towel over myself incase James wasn’t as “eager” as I was. “Oh, good you’re out” James said, and with one hand over his penis he scuttled over to the washroom. I heard the shower start up and the glass door close. Secretly I was disappointed that my fantasy wouldn’t come true. I was so god damn curious though. I had to see if James’ erection was because of me or not! I left my towel on the bed and walked with goose bumps on my skin towards the bathroom. I was shaking, not because I was cold, but because I was filled with excitement over what may come of this. I grabbed my toothbrush, and leaned with my weight on one leg at the bathroom counter. Looking in the reflection of the mirror I saw a circle appear on the glass door behind me. James’ bright green eyes were staring back at me. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock, and it quickly grew again to it’s full seven inches. I bent over to spit out the toothpaste, and that’s when I heard the shower door open. James’ hot, slippery hands grabbed my waist and pulled me into the shower. I jumped at first because of the temperature, but was quickly settled by his wet lips pressed against mine. What the hell!? I was kissing my best friend, naked in the shower! It didn’t feel real at first, his hand caressed the side of my face and the kissing grew more intense. His hand slid off my face and he grazed my abs with his fingertips moving his hand slowly closer to my cock. Nervously, I did the same, although I admit I lingered a bit more on his clearly defined pecs. I twirled my hand around his nipple, and I felt them grow firm. His hand was now firmly grasped around my cock. I felt like I was going to explode right there. A feeling of euphoria and ecstasy flowed through my veins. He bit his lip again, just the same as before, and looked down at my cock and then back at me. “would you like to?” I managed to stutter. “With pleasure” he replied, a big smile growing on his face. As James dropped to his knees, kissing my body the entire way down I couldn’t control my knees. They were wobbling, and shaking like I was black-out drunk! His tongue extended from his mouth, and he traced my cock with it. His left hand reached up and slowly and lightly massaged my full ball sack. Opening his mouth he swallowed my cock, and his head bobbed up and down methodically, all the while working on my balls with his other hand. This was the best fucking blow-job I had ever had! I threw my arms to the side and braced myself so I wouldn’t collapse with pleasure. His right hand was now at the base of my perfectly smooth shaft moving to the rhythm of his mouth. I was going to cum! Part of me didn’t want to say anything so it would end up in my mouth, but I know from previous girlfriends that they hate when you don’t tell them. “Oh my god…James…you’re going to make me fucking cum!” Unphased, he sucked even faster until I shot my cum directly down his throat. Four amazing waves of pleasure hit me and I felt more satisfied than I have ever been. James choked on my massive load, and some of it dribbled down his chin, but he swallowed the rest. He got back up from his knees and still stroking my cock he whispered “The water’s getting cold, come warm me up!” into my ear. Already I was hard again, and I held his hand as he led me out of the shower and towards the bed....



2010-04-12 03:02:13
Hey guys! "Escape to the Mountains Part 2" Is now written! Check it out!



2010-04-10 04:08:09

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-08 20:02:19
Fuck... that got me so hard. I loved reading it! Nicely done!


2010-03-20 21:17:19
Very good, make it longer perhaps...also, put more spaces between paragraphs...once again, very good!

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