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This follows up on the series, The Opportunity, and covers a weekend camping and exploring.
Part 1

If there was anything to be said about the year, "It was interesting" would be appropriate. Early in the year my wife and good friend had agreed that his wife and I were more sexually compatible. In the months following that night, we had discovered a great deal about our sexuality, exploring all our fetishes and finding new ways to please each other. Somewhere along the line, her daughters became interested in their own sexuality, and both surrendered their virginity to me. Now, nearing the end of the summer, I found my self with four lovers, two of whom had yet to gain the status of teenager.

All throughout our blossoming relationship, Kelly and I worked to find opportunities for long weekends together. We did everything possible to keep our spouses happy, ensuring our rendezvous never conflicted with family commitments. Of course, with Cassie and Sarah involved in the affair, it was easier to plan encounters. We no longer had to work around their schedules. In fact, we occasionally made sure one girl or the other was home so they could be part of the weekend. I learned to relish those times when I could include Cassie or Sarah in an evening of sex and play. The girls seemed to look forward to them with the same intensity.

As summer started to wind down, an amazing opportunity presented itself. Allison scheduled a trip including Labor Day weekend so she and our kids could visit with her parents. They would be leaving the weekend prior, giving them nearly two weeks with the grandparents. Then, Jason found out he was going to have to travel for work over the weekend, ruining their plans to spend the holiday at a friend's lake property. In an effort to salvage the weekend, Kelly asked if I was willing to go and play "dad" for the long weekend.

"Let's see," I told her when she called, "Spend the whole weekend in a lakeside cabin, surrounded by girls I love, loving all three of those girls. I can probably fit that into my schedule."

To make the most of the weekend, I took Friday off, allowing us to leave right after work on Thursday. That would give us four nights, and all day Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to enjoy ourselves. Most of what we would need was already available at the cabin, and Kelly took care of getting the other things we would need. All I had to worry about was my own stuff, and I had that ready to go Thursday, taking it with me to work. After work, I headed right to Kelly's to help pack things into the car.

All three of the girls were excited about the trip, with Cassie and Sarah completely wound up when I arrived at the house. They both ran up to give me hugs and kisses that were perhaps a bit more intense than the average tween girls might give a grown man, and I appreciated the attention. Patting them both on the rears, I told them to make sure they had their stuff ready to go. As they ran off to their rooms, I found Kelly and asked how I could help.

"Start with those bags, plus the girls' duffels. And have them put their pillows in the car. The food is in bags and a cooler in the kitchen. I have a bit more to pack, here, and I'll want your help with the last few things."

I grabbed Kelly's gear and had the girls help me get everything to the car. Once the bags, food, and pillows were in the car, I had the girls pick a few videos out, and went back to Kelly's room. Only it looked more like an adult toy store. Kelly had a selection of dildos, plugs, clit stimulators, lotions, and outfits that rivaled any store in our area. As I walked in, she said, "Good, I'm down to the final things. You can help me pick."

"Where did you get all these?"

"I've been shopping ever since we decided to take this trip. We have all kinds of stuff to do during the day, this will make sure we have plenty to keep us busy at night." She picked up one of the clit stimulators, which looked a bit like small butterfly and included a remote to operate it. "Some of them can even be used during the day. I was thinking this might be perfect for Sarah."

"Well, why pick," I asked. "Why not just take it all?"

Kelly smiled, said she liked my way of thinking, and started throwing all of the sex toys into a bin. "Just don't tell the girls. I want it to be a surprise. I have a few other ideas, too."

Once we had everything we would need packed into the car, we piled into the car and headed out. Kelly asked me to drive "so it will be no different than any other family trip." On the way out of town, we grabbed a light dinner to take in the car, and ate on the drive to the lake. A couple hours of silly car games, funny songs, and beautiful scenery and we pulled onto the property we would call home for the extended weekend.

It was immediately evident why Kelly and her family love visiting this cabin. It was more like a good size house, complete with a garage for the car. The girls jumped out and started running around as soon as the car stopped, and Kelly ran inside to open the garage door. I parked the car and started to unload, carrying everything into the huge main living room. The house was set up with a central living space and wings extending to either side. Kelly pointed out that there were two bedrooms and a bathroom in each wing, and said we'd discuss sleeping arrangements after the car was unloaded. She was obviously excited, and almost bounced into my arms to give me a hug and kiss, a huge smile on her face the whole time.

We quickly unloaded the car, putting our things in a room in one wing and the girls' bags in a room in the other. We worked together putting the food away in the huge kitchen, then went outside to see what the girls were doing. We found them hanging out near the lake, dangling their feet in the water off a dock. In addition to the dock, there was a swimming raft about 20 feet out in the water and a slide that went off the dock into the lake.

Kelly suggested we all change into swimsuits and spend some time in the water before it got dark. After that, we could have a snack before settling in for the evening. We all liked the idea of cooling off in the lake, and headed to the cabin to change. The girls headed to their room as Kelly and I wandered toward ours. Kelly grabbed her bag and went into the bathroom while I rummaged through my stuff and grabbed my suits. I was torn between my Lycra "jammer" type suit and my baggier board shorts. Since we were just going to play in the water, I went with the board shorts.

Kelly came out of the bathroom in a new swimsuit that was enough to make me drool. The simple white bikini had barely enough fabric to cover her tits, and left little to the imagination about the area between her legs. She turned, letting me get the full effect. The top was tied in the back, and the bottoms tied on the side. The bottoms were more thong than anything else, with the fabric pulling into Kelly's amazing cheeks. It was far less swimsuit than Kelly would normally wear, and I knew she got it just for the weekend. Perhaps even just for this swim.

We grabbed some towels and headed to the living room, where the girls were already waiting. My jaw dropped as I realized they were wearing suits almost identical to Kelly's. The key difference was in the tops, as both girls were far less developed than their mother. Still, both were in skimpy white bikinis that did little to cover their private delights. Tied at the sides, the bottoms were little more than floss through the girls' asses, and the tops provided minimal coverage of what they did have to cover.

"Wow. How long did you have to look to find three suits that matched?"

Kelly smiled, laughing. "Long enough. But it was worth it, just seeing the look on your face."

Feeling myself reacting to the sight of three beautiful bodies in tiny swimsuits, I said, "Are we going swimming, or just stand here watching me get hard?"

Three sets of eyes went to my crotch as I stood there. "Alright, let's go. I'm sure we'll see plenty of THAT while we're here."

I held the door, urging all three girls outside. While I did want to get into the lake for a swim, my chivalry definitely had an ulterior motive. Holding the door allowed me to bring up the rear, checking out, well, the rears. I walked behind the girls checking out each of their asses. Kelly's round, well developed ass. Cassie's similar but smaller butt. And Sarah's tiny, slender rear. Each was basically uncovered, with a thin strip of fabric running through the crack.

Kelly looked back, giggled, and said, "So, Tom, do you like what you see?"

That got the attention of the younger girls, who turned around to see me staring at them. "Uncle Tom, you can't look at us like that," teased Sarah. Cassie, the more playful of the two, wiggled her butt saying, "Of course he can. Why do you think we're here? You didn't ask mom, Tom. Do you like what you see?"

All three were giggling and laughing, having fun teasing me, so I teased them right back. "Well, let's just say it's a good thing I wore this suit. Otherwise, I'd be giving you three the same kind of show you're giving me. Too bad, for you, I guess."

Then, jumping forward, I grabbed Cassie, who was closest, and started to tickle her ribs, then reached down to tickle her legs just below her ass. Laughing, she bounced and jiggled to get out of my grasp. Through her laughter, she called for her mom and sister to help. Kelly stood back, stating that she wasn't getting anywhere near me while I was tickling. Sarah came close to try and tickle me back, forgetting that I'm just not all that ticklish.

I wrapped one arm around each girls' waist, picking them up and carrying them toward the lake. Both put up little resistance, though they put up a good show. Once I reached the dock, I threw both girls into the water, only to have Kelly come up behind and push me in after. I came up out of the lake just in time to see Kelly's ass and legs go into the water as she dove in. Sarah and Cassie splashed a bit, then swam toward the raft and slide, where their mom was already pulling herself up out of the lake. I waited long enough to watch the entire show of Kelly working her body onto the raft in that string bikini, then followed the girls.

Sarah and Cassie immediately went for the slide, climbing the ladder and sliding into the lake as quickly as they could make each return trip. I joined Kelly on the raft, enjoying the view of the girls nearly bare bodies as they played. Cassie had just enough body to start filling out the bikini, her 12-year old ass just starting to round out and fill in. Her nubile breasts poked the fabric of the top out ever so slightly, and the thin fabric did nothing to hide that her nipples were hard, most likely from the water and breeze blowing across them. Every time she came out of the water, she flipped her curls back with a toss of her head, then looked to see if I was still watching.

Sarah was also a sight, though her slender body looked slightly out of place in the string bikini. Her swimmers physique looks better in a one piece, but nobody was complaining. Her longer hair hung down her back each time she climbed onto the raft, allowing the water to run down her body, running across her back and stomach and down her thin legs. I found myself getting hard thinking about drying her off, whether with a towel or my tongue.

After the girls had played on the slide long enough to satisfy their initial desire, they climbed onto the raft and started dripping water onto my sun warmed body. I stood up and jumped into the lake, splashing both the girls and Kelly. Partially wet, Kelly resigned herself to getting back in the water, and headed up the ladder of the slide, motioning the girls to follow her. She slid into the lake to tread water as she waited for the girls to follow. As Cassie hit the water, Kelly swam over to her, treading water right next to her. Sarah followed, and Kelly swam toward her somewhat awkwardly. She continued to tread water next to Sarah, then swam toward the raft, just as awkwardly.

Holding on with one hand, she threw two pieces of white fabric onto the raft, then sank part way underwater as she let go and reached toward her hips. She came out of the water and threw a third bikini bottom beside the other two. Looking at me she said, "It's your turn." I looked at Cassie and Sarah, realizing they were both naked below their bikini tops, then back to Kelly, who was equally bare. "Give up the suit, Tom, then we'll get to where it's a bit shallower."

I decided to play, and started swimming toward the dock. "If you want my suit, you'll have to catch me and take it." I swam until I knew I could touch, and waited to see if the girls would follow. Cassie and Sarah were only a few yards behind me, and Kelly was swimming in with all three bikini bottoms in her hands. Cassie reached me first, and started to grab hold of me. I grabbed her around the waist, and threw her back into the lake. Not deterred at all, she came back toward me just as Sarah joined her trying to get hold of me. With Sarah hanging onto my back, I grabbed Cassie a second time, using two hands. One held her upper body while the other slide down between her legs. After a quick rub on her crotch I threw her off a second time, then pulled Sarah off and dropped her into the water beside me. As I did that, I felt Kelly come up behind me. Her boobs pushed into my back as she reached around to grab hold of me. Like the girls had, before, I put up a good show of resistance, but did little to actually break out of Kelly's hold. Well, little other than reach behind me and run one hand up her legs until I hit her bare pussy. As I feigned the inability to escape, both Cassie and Sarah got back into the fray, reaching under the water for my swimsuit. Four active hands quickly slid my suit down, and I kicked one foot out, pulling the suit up with the other. Sarah grabbed it and threw it onto the dock with their bikini bottoms.

"Aren't you a bunch of naughty girls, skinny dipping in the lake."

Kelly laughed, replying, "What do you mean. You're the only one who's naked. We have clothes on."

Looking around to make sure we were alone in the lake, grabbed Sarah, who happened to be nearest to me after putting my swimsuit on the dock. I held on to her as she giggled and squirmed in my grasp. Holding her tightly with one arm, I gave two quick tugs on the strings of her bikini top, pulling it free as I let her go. I added it to the growing pile on the dock, and turned to face Kelly and Cassie. "So, are you going to join us, or will Sarah and I have all the fun." As I said that, I pulled Sarah into me with her back to me. As I wrapped my arms around her, I felt her push her hips back so she could feel my cock pressed between our bodies.

"It seems like Sarah wants to be on my team."

"That's right. Tom and I are the 'skins' team."

I laughed, not even knowing what game, if any, we were playing. Kelly's response was to reach up and remove her own top, exposing her 38D breasts for all of us to see. Cassie, not wanting to be left alone, followed her mother's example and they both threw the tops on the dock with all the rest of the clothes. "There," said Kelly, "Now we're all on the same team."

In truth, there weren't any real teams, as there wasn't really a game. We spent the next 20 minutes splashing and dunking each other, spending plenty of time groping each other under the water. What surprised me was that the groping was pretty evenly distributed, both on the giving and receiving end. I had expected to spend most of my time fondling one girl or another while they sought my body with their hands. But with Cassie and Sarah's experiences with each other, they also wrestled with each other, enjoying the naked touch. An even greater surprise was when I realized that Kelly's struggle to dunk Cassie was seriously hampered by the fact that she was also grabbing her daughter between the legs. And watching Sarah go to Cassie's defense by jumping out of the water and onto her mother's back was beautiful.

Though I spent a good amount of time doing my own groping or "fighting off" the roaming hands of the girls, I mostly watched. I enjoyed the sight of three naked female bodies jumping, splashing, and swimming in the water. And the sight of Kelly locked in naked struggle with her daughters was incredible. And the growing realization that Kelly was feeling up both Cassie and Sarah, and that they were starting to do the same to her, led to other growth, mostly just below the water and right between my legs.

All too soon, it started getting late and we started getting hungry. Kelly announced it was time to head to the cabin and prepare a snack and decide how to spend the rest of the evening. We all climbed out of the water onto the dock and grabbed towels. Though I had a strong urge to take either Sarah or Cassie's towel, we each dried off ourselves. Kelly grabbed the pile of suits, and we walked back to the cabin in nothing but the wet towels. For the two girls, they were more than enough to cover everything. I started to wrap a towel around my waist, then realized Kelly was headed toward the cabin naked with the wet swimsuits wrapped in her towel.

With the younger girls giggling as they ran ahead, Kelly and I followed in all our naked glory. Once again, I lagged behind so I could keep an eye on Kelly's amazing ass which swayed from side to side as she walked across the grass.

Though it was still light out, it was well past 7 p.m. and Kelly told the girls to get dressed in pajamas or "lounging around" clothes. She and I did the same thing, then headed to the kitchen to make the nachos that Kelly had planned for the evening snack. Kelly had done most of the preparation at home, and we only had to heat things up and throw it all together. Adding some drinks, we quickly had enough of a meal to get us through the evening.

The girls joined us in the living room and we decided to watch a bit of t.v. then perhaps have a fire by the lake.

Part 2

The living room in the cabin was set up for comfort with plenty of seating including a couple comfortable chairs, two couches, and a love seat. I grabbed a seat on one couch (because it was closest to the nachos) and started eating. The girls grabbed plates, filled them with nachos, and jumped into chairs fighting over the remote. Kelly was focused on some project in the kitchen, so I told the girls to agree on a show or pick a movie from what they had brought along. They found The Disney Channel and settled on that, about like any other preteen girls would.

Kelly finished what she was doing, and came into the living room carrying a cup with three spoons in it. She set the cup down and announced it was time to figure out who was sleeping where.

As we had already pretty much picked rooms, I asked what she meant.

"Well, we're going to be here four nights. The girls and I will draw straws to see who sleeps where, on which night."

I must have still looked confused, because Kelly grabbed the cup and held it out to Sarah. "Pick a spoon, honey." Sarah grabbed on spoon out of the cup and held it up. It had a piece of paper taped to it, with a "1" printed on it. Kelly than had Cassie pick a spoon, which had a similar "Three" taped to it. Kelly than grabbed the third spoon, showing the "Two."

"The numbers tell us who sleeps where which night. Tonight, Sarah stays with Tom and Cassie and I will sleep in the other room. Tomorrow, I'm with you, Tom, and the girls share the other room. Saturday night, Cassie will spend the night with you."

While I looked at Kelly and the girls, not sure how to respond, Sarah jumped up and joined me on the couch. "You mean I get to spend the whole night with Tom?" She was visibly excited, almost nervous she had misunderstood.

"That's right, honey," was Kelly's response. "Just so we're consistent, 'night' will go from dinner, or our snack tonight, until after everyone is showered the next morning. During the day, we'll play around all we want. But at night, we'll focus our attention based on these pairings."

I doubt the girls caught the full meaning behind Kelly's comments, but I realized this had more to it than simply determining who I would be sleeping with each night. It sounded very much like sex would not be limited to one room, this weekend. I'm not sure what made me harder. The thought of sleeping with a different girl each night. Or the thought of what might happen in the other room on each of those nights.

As we turned our attention back to the nachos, yet another silly Disney movie started. While the girls were interested in the remake of "Freaky Friday," it was something Kelly and I had seen more times than we cared to remember. Still, we wanted to let the girls have fun, so left control of the t.v. up to them. As the continued to eat, I got up and went to the bedroom to grab some pillows and a light blanket. Though plenty warm outside, the air conditioning kept the cabin comfortable, if not a bit on the cool side.

Kelly joined me with the same thoughts. She grabbed other pillows and a second throw blanket from a stack she had brought. I was looking at her with a smirk, and she said, "What?"

"Don't 'what' me. What are your plans for the night? You obviously had something in mind from the moment we got here, if not before."

Kelly looked at me with a guilty grin. "Only partially. I got the idea to draw straws for sleeping arrangements the other day. But it was luck of the draw that decided who sleeps where."

"Sure," I said, "But there are other rooms. You're plan calls for only two to be used. And let me guess, the other room has only one bed, too?"

"Well, yeah," she sad grinning even more. "Only time will tell, though. Cassie might want her own room."

"But what do you want. Do you want her to take a room to herself? Or do you want to share a room with her?"

Kelly blushed at that. I could see the color rising in her cheeks, and she looked down at the floor. "I'm hoping that nobody has to sleep alone, this weekend."

I looked at her with new-found understanding. She was just as turned on by her daughters' actions as I was. And she was probably thinking back to her one lesbian relationship in the past. Her girls were already experiencing sex with each other, and Kelly intended to share in it. I walked toward her and leaned in to give her a kiss.

"Not until tomorrow, Tom. Tonight is for you and Sarah. And, maybe, for me and Cassie."

I stopped, frozen in my tracks, stunned. I realized she was totally serious about the "couples" she had established with her little drawing. Of course, a very quick calculation left us one night short. "What about Sunday night?"

Kelly had apparently thought it through, as her quick reply was that Sunday was an extra night, and we would figure that out Sunday night. "Now, let's get back out there before the girls decide we're breaking the rules, already." For added emphasis, she pushed me toward the door and followed me down the hall to the living room.

The girls had abandoned the nachos and were watching the movie intently. Kelly and I finished off what was left and cleaned up the dishes, then joined the girls to watch the show. I asked Sarah if she wanted to make room for me on the couch. She sat up so I could put the pillows against the arm of the couch and lay down. Sarah laid down in front of me, snuggling into my body as I pulled a blanket over us and rested my hand on her waist.

As Sarah and I got comfortable on the couch, Kelly grabbed one of the footrests and positioned it in front of her chair. "Cassie, if you get cold, you can grab another blanket, or I'll share." Cassie thought about it for a moment, then asked if they could use the other couch, instead. Kelly said that was fine, and relocated from her chair. Like Sarah and me, Kelly and Cassie rested on pillows and covered up with a blanket. Kelly hugged Cassie to her and said how she was reminded of when the girls were younger and always wanted to watch shows snuggling with her. Cassie turned slightly, throwing her arms around Kelly and kissing her on the cheek, then turned back to watch the t.v.

For some time, we just watched the movie. Kelly and I were content to let the girls enjoy the show, and I kept myself under control, though thoughts about the evening kept sneaking into my mind. Each time that happened, I would focus all of my attention on the movie, forcing myself to let Sarah indicate she was bored and ready to ignore the show. As expected, that didn't happen until it ended and other shows came on.

Kelly took charge of the remote at that point and put on some home show, ending the girls' rapt attention on the television. Sarah jumped up and said that she would be right back. She went first to the room where she and Cassie had put their stuff, then crossed the living room carrying several of her things. "Mom," she said, "Make sure you get your things out of MY room, in case Tom and I get tired and want to go to bed."

I almost laughed at how direct she was with her mom, and Kelly threw a pillow at me as she got up to grab some things she would need from our bedroom. Sarah had gone into the bathroom on that side of the house, and came out after changing out of the lounge pants she had been wearing. Instead, she had on a pair of loose cotton shorts and a t-shirt. As she joined me back on the couch, it was obvious she had gotten rid of her panties somewhere along the line. As she snuggled back into me under the blanket, she made sure she pushed her rear hard into my pelvis, grinding herself against my solid cock.

Kelly came back from the moving her stuff and rejoined Cassie on the other couch. As they settled back, I noticed that Kelly's hands were no longer laying passively by her side. Both hands were positioned to hold Cassie's body, one hand on her waist near the center of her body, while the other was under Cassie near her waist. And movement of the blanket told me that Kelly's hands were active, though it was impossible to tell exactly how sexual in nature her caresses may have been.

Sarah, obviously bored with the show her mom had selected, most likely on purpose, now started to show her boredom in some very interesting ways. First, she was no longer actively watching the t.v. Second, she WAS actively pushing herself tighter into my arms. Finally, she took my hand into hers. And with Sarah showing her interest had shifted from t.v. to what was happening under our blanket, I no longer fought the feelings fighting for release. My dick sprang to full and erect attention, and my hands responded by beginning their own wanderings.

I repositioned myself so that Sarah could lay down on her back, with me sideways against the back of the couch. I pulled the blanket up so we had our own little tent, and placed my hand, still holding hers, on her stomach. As I looked down at the golden mane spilling across the pillow and her shoulders, I was intoxicated by her innocent beauty. The knowledge that the innocence was a complete facade only intensified my desire for her. Acting on those desires, I started to slowly rub her belly, her hand held against her body by mine.

As I started to massage her stomach with more intensity, Sarah closed her eyes and started to breathe heavily, though quietly. I leaned into her ear, kissed it gently, and whispered, "You don't have to hold back every sound. I don't think you'll bother anyone." I kissed her ear, again, then leaned back up, continuing to caress her with our combined hands. Slowly, I expanded the circles our hands were making, moving down her abdomen toward the top of her shorts. As our fingers slid under the waistband, I learned that my earlier guess had been correct. Sarah had removed her panties.

Once our hands went into her shorts, I made sure we didn't work our way back up. With smaller motions, I continued to guide her hand lower on her young body. Soon enough, I was leading her hand across her bare pubic mound toward the top of her pussy slit. Positioning my hand so my fingers were directly over hers, I guided her hand over the final few inches until our middle fingers were sliding between her lips. Wet from the excitement, Sarah was ready to take our fingers into her pussy. She never hesitated as I helped her push her finger into the moist opening and into her cunt. I kept my hand over hers, encouraging her to work her finger into her pussy, and she responded by slowing fucking herself.

Once I was confident she would continue to finger herself, I reached for her other hand and pulled it toward the opening in my own lounge pants. She needed little encouragement to grab my cock, though I did give her a bit of gentle guidance on how to stroke it gently. Then, I returned my hand to her pussy. Hands together, again, we worked our fingers back to her wet opening. Sarah gasped slightly as I guided her finger back to her cunt and pushed both hers and mine into her hole. With her hand on my cock, and both our fingers in her pussy, I leaned over and gave Sarah the first real kiss we had ever shared.

She was unsure how to respond, so I simply kissed at her lips, gently urging them open with mine. Opening my mouth slightly, I licked softly at her lips until she opened them in response. As she did, I slowly worked my tongue into her mouth until I felt her respond. At 10, she was very unsure of herself, and I gave her gentle, silent instruction to which she responded quickly. The intensity of the other feelings helped her to respond instinctively, and she was soon returning my kiss, tentatively pushing her tongue into my mouth, exploring the sensation of French kissing.

After several minutes of this, I pulled our hands away from her pussy and slid my hand up her body. Slipping her shirt up, I exposed her chest and dipped my head toward her flat titties. I put my hot mouth to her nipple and caressed it with my tongue. As I licked at it, the nipple hardened and stood straight up. I then moved my mouth to her other nipple and aroused it in the same manner. All this time, Sarah continued to play with my cock, exploring the concept of giving a hand job. The excitement of having a 10-year old play with me more than made up for her inexperience. The feel of her tiny hand stroking and squeezing my cock was amazing, and both her hand and my cock were soon covered in precum, creating an incredibly slippery mess.

With both of us wet, excited, and obviously horny, I leaned into Sarah and suggested we go to bed. She had an intense look of nervous excitement as she nodded her head in agreement. Pulling her hand out of my pants, I motioned for her to be quiet, and we stood up to head to the bedroom. As we left, a quick check of the other couch raised my curiosity about what exactly was going on under the blanket. I had my guesses, but wasn't sure. So, I simply mentioned that we were going to the bedroom, receiving a guttural, out of breath "goodnight' in response.

Taking Sarah by the hand, I led her toward the bedroom we would share, excited about the thought of having her to myself for the entire night.

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